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Father’s Day Fun…

June 25, 2013

Here’s what I got for Father’s Day. Love it!


Boston and More…

April 22, 2013

Not much else can be said that hasn’t been said about the Boston Marathon bombings last week. Actually, David “Big Papi” Ortiz probably said it best prior to Saturday’s Red Sox game.

The last week has been very emotionally intense, especially for those of us with friends in family in Boston. To think it has only been a week since the bombings took place. All that has happened since, from the release of the photos of the suspects, to the 24 hour manhunt and eventual capture of suspect #2. It has been a crazy few days!

Makayla and I did what we could to show our support for the people of Boston this weekend. Go Red Sox!


Cliff Lee Rejoins the Philadelphia Phillies

December 13, 2010

According to multiple sources, free-agent pitcher Cliff Lee has reached a preliminary agreement on a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Pencil the Phillies in for 105-110 wins in 2011 and a trip to the World Series where they’ll take on the Boston Red Sox. I’m calling it right now! Their pick up of Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford should put them over the top in the American League.

From the Associated Press:

The deal is subject to the 32-year-old left-hander passing a physical, the person said on condition of anonymity because the agreement was not final.

The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers received telephone calls Monday night telling them they were out of the running, two separate people familiar with those team’s negotiations said, also on condition of anonymity.

Lee 2008 AL Cy Young Award winner turned down longer and more lucrative offers to return to the team he helped reach the 2009 World Series after a midseason trade from Cleveland.

Red Sox Snag Carl Crawford

December 9, 2010

My night just got a little better!

The Boston Globe and other sources, including ESPN, are reporting that the Boston Red Sox have agreed to a 7 year deal with Carl Crawford for $142 million.

One word: Awesome!

From the Boston Globe:

The deal came to fruition late last night according to a Major Source with direct knowledge of the negotiations. The deal will be complete upon Crawford taking a physical, which could come as soon as today.

The deal makes Crawford the highest-paid outfielder in baseball history. His contract language includes partial no-trade protection.

The Angels had been in pursuit of Crawford, the top position player on the free-agent market. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman had dinner with Crawford and agent Brian Peters on Tuesday night. The Texas Rangers also were involved.


Kevin Youkilis Done for Season

August 5, 2010

Sorry Red Sox fans. It’s being reported that first baseman Kevin Youkilis will undergo season-ending surgery tomorrow to repair a torn muscle in his right thumb.

So, how will this affect the Red Sox run for the playoffs? Can they win the AL East or a Wild Card slot without Youk?

From ESPN:

“They took another MRI right in the [thumb] area that left no doubt surgery was necessary,” general manager Theo Epstein told “Youk is a big part of our heart and soul. He’s one of our best players and one of the best players in the league. It’s a big impact but it creates an opportunity for other guys to step up and help offensively.

“If there is a silver lining, it is that it’s pretty routine surgery. He’ll be 100 percent and have a normal offseason.”

When asked if the procedure would end any chance of Youkilis playing in the postseason as well, Francona said the team would “have to drag this out to around Thanksgiving” for his star first baseman to be available.

George Steinbrenner Dies at Age 80

July 13, 2010

UPDATE: Here is the official statement from the New York Yankees organization.

As a Red Sox fan, you’d probably expect me to not care about the death of George Steinbrenner. I’ve spoken to a few people this morning who feel that way and I don’t understand why. No matter what team you support, you have to admit, he knew how to build a winner.

Until the past year or two, George Steinbrenner was the visible leader of the Yankees organization. He brought in the talent needed to win a number of World Championships. He was loved by some, and hated by many.

But he always did what he thought needed to be done to win, and the baseball world has lost one of its most regognizable faces and the game will not be the same without him! I wonder what George Costanza is thinking today 🙂

RIP George Steinbrenner.

From the New York Times:

George Steinbrenner, who bought a declining Yankees team in 1973, promised to stay out of its daily affairs and then, in an often tumultuous reign, placed his formidable stamp on 7 World Series championship teams, 11 pennant winners and a sporting world powerhouse valued at perhaps $1.6 billion, died Tuesday morning, the team announced. He was 80 and lived in Tampa, Fla.

“He was an incredible and charitable man,” the family said in a statement.

“He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again.”

Mr. Steinbrenner’s death came nine months after the Yankees won their first World Series title since 2000, clinching their six-game victory over the Philadelphia Phillies at his new Yankee Stadium, and two days after the team’s longtime public-address announcer Bob Sheppard died at age 99.

From the Wall Street Journal:

George Steinbrenner, the 80-year-old owner of the New York Yankees, died in a Tampa hospital after suffering a heart attack early Tuesday morning.

“It is with profound sadness that the family of George M. Steinbrenner III announces his passing. He passed away this morning in Tampa, Fla., at age 80,” the family said in a statement released to ESPN.

Steinbrenner’s health has been declining in recent years, and he had reportedly given up daily control of the team to his children.

From USA Today:

Here are some of our favorite quotes from George:

On whether he liked owning race horses more than controlling the Yankees: “I like horses better, because they can’t talk to sportswriters.”

On his personality: “I’m like Archie Bunker. I get mad as hell when my team blows one.”

Reacting in 1978 to commissioner Bowie Kuhn’s criticism that he paid too much for players: “I don’t agree with free agency, but it wasn’t my leadership that created it.”

On baseball players: “(They) should be the happiest guys in the world. They’re getting paid magabucks for playing a kids’ game.”

His plan when as president of the American Shipbuilding Company, he bought the Yankees in 1973: “We plan absentee ownership. I’ll stick to building ships.”

His self-parody, on Saturday Night Live, in 1990: “Where is it written that if you don’t get results right away you fire somebody? . . . Only a jackass would do that.”

New York Yankees to Acquire Cliff Lee?

July 9, 2010

Sad…but true! It’s a definite possibility at this time as the teams are in discussions to send the All-Star/Cy Young Award winner to New York. Could Lee be in a Yankees jersey before he leaves Seattle?

As a baseball fan, this news absolutely kills me. To allow the Yankees to “buy” another one of the best players in baseball is just plain wrong.

With no salary cap in place, and the freedom to obtain anyone they want, signings like we have seen over the past few years are ruining the game of baseball. It’s not even fun to watch teams like the Yankees and Red Sox (and I’m a Red Sox fan) play anymore when they’re playing against teams who obviously can’t compete.

I went to the Yankees series against the A’s this week, and although the A’s can only muster up a team of AAA players, there was no competition. The games weren’t even close. It’s the same in cities across the country. Pretty soon, other fans are going to give up and Major League Baseball will be left with only one team who can consistently draw fans (but at least teams will bring in crowds when they come to their towns).


From the New York Times:

The Yankees and the Mariners have made progress toward a Lee trade, according to an official involved in the talks, who added that the final decision is now up to the Mariners. The official was granted anonymity because the deal has not been completed. Joel Sherman of the New York Post broke the story, reporting that the Yankees’ trade package would include catcher Jesus Montero and infielder David Adams.

Lee is scheduled to pitch against the Yankees at Safeco Field on Friday night, so a deal could be finalized quickly. Lee would give the Yankees four All-Stars in their starting rotation, joining C.C. Sabathia, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes. It would also free the Yankees to trade another starter – presumably Javier Vazquez – for offense or bullpen help before the July 31 nonwaiver trading deadline.