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Caylee Anthony: One Writers Trip to Tuesday’s Memorial

February 9, 2009

Great post on Mom Logic this evening.

Writer Andrea Levin, who has been covering this case for as far back as I can remember,  discusses the lead up to her trip to Orlando for tomorrow’s memorial.

Best of luck tomorrow, Andrea. Please let us know how it goes, how respectful those in attendance were and your overall thoughts of the day.

From Mom Logic:

The day before I was due to fly from Los Angeles to Orlando to cover the Caylee Anthony memorial, my three-year-old daughter pointed at the cover of a People magazine on the couch. “That’s Caylee, Mommy.” It’s not surprising really. Caylee is spoken of often in our house — I’ve been covering the story for over half a year. Of course, my daughter knows none of the details — yet in some ways I feel like I know George and Cindy Anthony. But of course I don’t. Not really. Not at all. And yet there I was preparing to attend the memorial of their granddaughter.

As I packed, I tried to figure out what outfit would be appropriate for the services at First Baptist Church — a venue that holds over 5,000 people. Should I wear colors to celebrate  Caylee’s short life — the one I know only by video clips and pictures in the media? Or should I condemn the hideousness of her death and wear all black? I packed both.

Just then, my little girl asked my what I was doing. “I’m going on trip, honey,” I told her.
“Can I come?” she asked. That one was WAY too hard to explain. But in some ways I wish she could come with me, to remind me that life is not all tragedy.

Later that night, I called Dominic Casey, the private investigator hired by the Anthonys, to see if he would be at the services. “I’m in charge of security,” he told me. I had already read security was going to be tight, but Dominic said the church would almost be on lockdown. Particularly from the press. It sank in. That meant me. Suffice it to say I’ve never covered anything like this before. The crime beat is new to me. I’ve certainly never attended a funeral for a little girl whose mom can’t attend because she’s charged with the child’s murder. But I’m not alone when I say this story has had a huge effect on me.

When I touched down in Orlando, I read a report that said Casey, from jail, issued a statement though her lawyers that she disapproved of a public service for her daughter.

It’s understandable. I would be mad too if a bunch of strangers showed up at my daughter’s wake. That is, unless I was responsible for her death.

Do you think it’s appropriate for the public to attend Caylee’s memorial?

TIME Magazine in February?

January 30, 2009

Well, I may finally get my shot at fame and fortune! Well, more than likely it will be neither but still this could be a pretty cool event in my life.

I took a little time away from the Caylee/Casey Anthony case (as well as all the other topics that I cover in my spare time) to be interviewed a few months back by a reporter at TIME Magazine.

Well, it turns out the article is going to be published (fingers crossed) for the February 9 issue! Not 100% sure yet if it will be in print or just online but either way, I’m looking forward to it.

Without ruining the story, it’s about families who have come together to find ways to survive the downturn of the economy. As most of you know, my wife and our two children moved in with my in laws in November, 2006. We’ve lived together since then and it has been very beneficial to us all. Bills and rent are paid and the in laws get to see their grand kids every day. Nothing wrong with that.

We have a photo shoot scheduled for 9 a.m. (PT) tomorrow so that should be exciting. I’ll have to give an update when I find out confirmation on the issue date. I’ve been told February 9, but we’ll see…

Anyways…Hope you all have a great night! And make sure to check out TIME when our inclusion appears 🙂

Casey Anthony’s Lawyers Can View Wooded Crime Scene

January 30, 2009

Judge Stan Strickland has denied a motion from Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys to remove prosecutors from her murder trial but ruled that the defense team can inspect woods where the remains of her slain toddler were found.

From the Associated Press:

The motion alleged that someone in the prosecutor’s office in Orlando filed a complaint with the Florida Bar against Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, in an effort to interfere with her right to effective counsel. The motion also alleged that the complaint was an attempt to taint a potential jury pool and that the case should be taken from the State Attorney’s Office in Orlando and given to the Office of State Attorney General.

Circuit Judge Stan Strickland ruled there was no evidence that Anthony’s rights had been violated.

Casey Anthony attended the pretrial hearing in business attire rather than a jail jumpsuit after the judge this week ordered her to appear at all hearings dealing with evidence and witnesses.

Caylee Anthony’s remains were found last December by a utility worker in woods near where the toddler lived with her mother and grandparents. Caylee Anthony disappeared last June but a month passed before she was reported missing to authorities. Casey Anthony has claimed that a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee.

Forensic experts on her defense team have been wanting to examine the woods where the remains were found for weeks but the property owner has been uncooperative, Baez said. The judge gave the defense team permission to examine the crime scene.

Baez told the judge that he intended to seek a change of venue because of the publicity the case has generated in Orlando. No formal request has been made yet, and both the defense attorney and prosecutor in the case said in court that the trial won’t take place until later in the year.

“We want her to have her day in court,” Baez said after the hearing. “She is innocent and wants her day in court.”

The judge also heard a defense motion to force a search and recovery group to turn over records related to its search for Caylee’s remains. Texas Equusearch organized hundreds of volunteers to search areas in Orlando, including an area near where Caylee’s remains were eventually found. The defense request also seeks records on the volunteers.

An attorney for the search group, Mark NeJame, called the request a “fishing expedition” and told the judge he didn’t have jurisdiction to issue a subpoena for the records because the search group was based in Texas, not Florida. None of the volunteer searchers were in the exact spot where Caylee’s remains were found, NeJame said.

In a ruling issued several hours after the hearing, the judge denied the request.

Casey Anthony Trial May Be Delayed

January 30, 2009

It appears that the expected beginning of Casey Anthony’s trial, set for March, will be pushed back as no decision was made today to set a date.

You ever notice that ALL high profile cases seem to be delayed in one way or another?

From Fox News:

Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland said he would rule on the trial date later and granted a request by Anthony’s defense team to inspect the crime scene where the remains of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee were found.

Caylee’s death was declared a homicide after her bones were discovered in December in a wooded area close to the family’s home. Anthony, 22, is charged with killing the child.

Strickland set another trial status hearing for late February or early March to weigh when the criminal proceedings can begin. Attorneys said they may not be ready to go to trial until later this year.

Click here for photos.

He also said he would consider a change of venue motion after the paperwork is filed and a hearing is set. A change of venue might not be necessary if the trial doesn’t begin by the end of the year, Strickland said.

Anthony has been ordered to appear at all hearings before her trial, despite efforts by her lead attorney Jose Baez to waive her obligation to come to court because of the “media circus” surrounding the case. Strickland on Thursday struck down Baez’s latest attempt to stop Anthony’s court appearances.