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Casey Anthony: Indigency Hearing Date Set

March 10, 2010

Judge Stan Strickland has scheduled an indigency hearing for next Thursday, March 18 where he will decide whether the tax payers will help pay for Casey Anthony’s defense.

From WESH:

Casey Anthony is one step closer on Wednesday to getting tax money to help pay for her defense.

Based on an affidavit that Anthony filled out, Orange County’s Clerk of Court Lydia Gardner late Monday declared Anthony indigent.

Anthony’s defense would be able to apply to the state to help recoup costs if Strickland gives his approval.

Defense attorney Jose Baez said Anthony has given full financial disclosure. She also signed a form detailing how she has no money to mount a defense. Gardner made the indigency declaration based on the form.

“It’s the most vague and superficial affidavit you can possible have,” Attorney Richard Hornsby said.

Before Anthony qualifies for public funding, Hornsby said Strickland needs to probe much deeper than the one-page form.


Casey Anthony: DNA Evidence Released…But It’s “No Big Deal”

March 10, 2010

Nine CDs of evidence in the murder case against accused murderer Casey Anthony were released by the state this morning.

Unfortunately, there was no exciting news to report 😦

From The TV Guy:

The state’s release of DNA results today in the Casey Anthony case wasn’t that big a deal, TV reporters seemed to agree on noon newscasts. That development undoubtedly was a letdown for anyone following the case closely.

“We’ve already reported on the FBI lab’s take on this DNA evidence, which does not show Casey’s DNA on any of the evidence recovered from the scene where her daughter body’s was dumped and later found in December 2008,” WKMG-Channel 6’s Tony Pipitone said.

From WESH:

The CDs feature DNA charts and graphs with no explanation, and no new photos or documents.

One defense attorney said the discs contain some kind of DNA standards requested by the Anthony defense team. The data on the discs requires special software to view.

From Central Florida News:

The files included charts showing measurements on a chromatograph, a laboratory technique for separating mixtures.

The problem: There was no explanation to go along with the charts. So unless you’re an expert, the graphs appeared to have no context.

The state Attorney’s Office reportedly had similar problems accessing all the files.

Casey Anthony: Found to be Indigent By Clerk of Courts

March 9, 2010

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Casey Anthony is considered to be indigent by the Orange County Clerk of Courts.

I won’t lie, I had to go look up the word 🙂

So…what does that mean? It looks like she could get financial assistance from the state after all…

From the article:

This is the first step needed for Casey Anthony to get state financial help to pay for her defense. Her indigent status allows her access to certain costs, such as hiring expert witnesses and investigators.

However, Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Stickland will have to approve these costs.

Casey Anthony: How People Have Profited From Caylee’s Death

March 10, 2009

A very interesting look by the Orlando Sentinel today about how many have profited from the death of Caylee Anthony.

As those who have followed the case will remember, in the months since Casey Anthony and her daughter became household names, entrepreneurs across the country have seized the opportunity to profit off both the mother and toddler.

I can understand a few things, but there have been so many inappropriate items for sale. It just boggles the mind!


From the Orlando Sentinel:

“There’s a long history of people being interested in high-profile murder cases and other people trying to make a buck off the situation,” said Bob Jarvis, who teaches legal ethics and law and popular culture at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.

The items have outraged members of the Anthony family and others, who say the sellers are attempting to profit off the death of 2-year-old Caylee. “Politicians and celebrities expect to be satirized; it goes with their jobs. The difference for Casey is that she cannot defend herself. God forbid the people who buy and sell these shirts find themselves accused of a crime they did not commit,” Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez said. It’s unclear how much money is being made, but the selling goes on.

‘Keepsakes’ for sale

•T-shirts with various slogans are available at $15 and higher. One features Anthony’s mug shot with the phrase “WASTE HUGE WASTE,” a statement she made during her first angry jailhouse phone call to her family. Another commemorates “Zanny the Imagi-Nanny” — a reference to the baby sitter Anthony says took her child.

•A New Orleans artist created Casey Anthony voodoo dolls and offered them on eBay before the auction site balked. Sandra Lee, the person selling the voodoo dolls, said she sold four of them but did not say for how much.

•Despite public criticism, a Jacksonville promotions company is still selling a doll inspired by Caylee that, as of Monday, was “back by popular demand.” The Caylee Sunshine doll can be purchased online for $29.99. The promotions company selling the doll — along with “Hope Sunshine,” “Gracie Sunshine” and “Sally Sunshine” — states on its Web site that 100percent of the profits from the sale of the doll collection will be given to charity. But a disclaimer on the site also states “the distribution of donations to any charity is done so at the discretion of and we do so voluntarily.”

•For about $4, you can buy a magnet that is a screen-shot of Anthony’s MySpace page with a poem.

• A CASEY ANTHONY = DEATH PENALTY bumper sticker costs $4.20.

Crime and enrichment

Even before the days of eBay, people have profited off high-profile crimes and other sensational headlines, Nova’s Jarvis said:

•In the 19th century, a reporter wrote a popular play based on a San Francisco murder case while the case was still going on. The defendant went to the California Supreme Court to try to block performances. He lost the case and was later found guilty.

•At the 1935 trial of Bruno Hauptmann, accused of kidnapping and killing the child of aviator Charles Lindbergh, hawkers sold miniature “Lindbergh ladders” patterned after a piece of evidence in the case, according to the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

•Lizzie Borden, accused of hacking her father and stepmother to death in 1892, inspired books, songs, a ballet and even an opera.

Selling the story

Some of the selling around the Anthony case has taken place close to home:

NBC and ABC have paid undisclosed amounts for exclusive licenses to show Anthony family photos and home videos. It is unclear who got the money.

•In November, the ex-lawyer for Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, released documents indicating Larry Garrison, a California actor who early on served as their spokesman, pocketed $6,500 from NBC without the couple’s knowledge.

•Private investigator Jim Hoover, who had volunteered his services to Caylee’s grandparents, has been accused of trying to sell a video of another private eye searching in woods near where the child’s bones were found. Hoover told detectives he took pictures of Anthony’s parents and brother at times when he didn’t think they knew what he was doing.

Casey Anthony: How to Explain Her Skull Fixation

March 10, 2009

This is a full transcript from the March 9 episode of “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren featuring a discussion about the recently released documents surrounding the case and some interesting insight into Casey Anthony’s  skull fixation.

There is some interesting dialogue in this interview between Van Susteren and those involved in the case and I know that we typically have a very lively discussion so please feel free to live your thoughts/comments.

As I said on a previous post, we’ve seen the crime scene photos as well as all the other evidence. What do you think?

Circumstantial case or is there enough evidence to convict? I know that many say that emotion doesn’t determine a case, but I’ve seen it happen before.


From Fox News:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Just when you think the Caylee Anthony murder case cannot get any weirder, it just has. Caylee’s mother Casey sits behind bars, charged with her daughter’s murder.

As you probably remember, a meter reader found Caylee’s skull in December just blocks from the house the toddler was living in. Now we are learning that weeks after Caylee’s disappearance, Casey began collecting photographs of skulls and sketches of kissing skeletons.

Joining us by phone is former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman, and in Orlando, Florida, defense attorney Diana Tennis.

Mark, first to you. Boy, it’s peculiar, is it not?

MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: It is really strange, and I would like to know the source of the sketches and the pictures of skulls, Greta. But sometimes it is just coincidentally things that people do fall into something that they’re involved with. And sometimes they’re not connected, sometimes they’re directly connected.

But it does none get much stranger than this case, I agree with you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Diana, what do you make of this, and is this sort of a weird distraction for the rest of us to be consumed with it, or does it have some sort of evidentiary value for the prosecution?

DIANA TENNIS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I suppose they’re going to try to make a lot of what a bizarre coincident this is.

But even if this were some sort of telling sign, it would have been months prior to the body being discovered or the body even potentially being reduced to skeletal remains.

And I do not know that I give this particular woman the foresight to see that far down the road, whether she had something to do with it or not.

So I think it is creepy, but I do not know that I put a whole lot of weight on it.

VAN SUSTEREN: I guess the plot thickens with that aspect to it.

Let me turn then to the issue of her ex-boyfriend, Tony Lazarro, Mark, who was wired by police and cooperated with police — not that he was in any trouble. I don’t mean that he was in any trouble.

But he was wired by the police and then went and spoke to Casey’s brother. What did the police get out of that?

Watch Greta’s interview

FUHRMAN: Well, I don’t know if they knew what they were going to get out of that, but I think that they have Tony, that either because of guilt that he didn’t know what was going on, that his suspicion or his belief that Casey actually killed her daughter or was responsible for her death.

Or there is some other mitigating factor that the police were able to convince Tony wear a wire.

I think it is good police work that they actually go with as many places as they can, because they really do not know what is going to turn up, because they are still looking for a cause of death. Even though they have declared in a homicide, they would like to fill in between the point the child was last seen in the trunk of the car decomposing and then where she was ultimately found.

VAN SUSTEREN: Diana, there are 1,100 pages of discovery that were recently released, and in reference to part that they had some discussion about what Tony got when he talked to Lee.

One of the things that I thought was interesting, not that there seems to be much question, but it says Lee Anthony-that’s the brother of Casey- said to Tony, the ex-boyfriend, that Casey Anthony never said anything about a nanny.

Although, however, he thought recalled a Zenaida how hung out at the Anthony home. And you know that Lee is going to be put on the stand and this whole Zenaida thing will just be put to rest, right?

TENNIS: I would be curious to see in the transcript of that conversation. I am not sure what terminology was used during it, but he did say that he remembered a Zenaida being at the home.

And it was obvious that her brother Lee, talking to this insider, and he did not know they were being tape-recorded, so obviously, Lee let down his guard a little bit, and still, I believe in his heart of hearts, believes his sister.

So I thought was kind of interesting. I thought it was interesting to see kind of a snapshot of the investigation.

In July 2008, they were obviously in overdrive, because at that point everybody had their suspicions, but they did not have a body, they did not really have a lot. And they were really going, as Mark pointed out, covering all of the bases and then some to try to come up with something.

VAN SUSTEREN: Go ahead, Mark.

FUHRMAN: Greta, you know what was interesting, when I sat down to talk to Lee last August in 2008, he was–in my impression–he was very, very convinced that Casey either knew or was involved in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony, and I don’t believe that he believed that his niece —

VAN SUSTEREN: The story —

FUHRMAN: The fact of what he was presenting when he decided that he was going to do his own investigation, I think actually put himself on the police radar right at that moment, because he was actually, in some regards, obstructing justice.

VAN SUSTEREN: Mark, Diana, thank you both very much.

Casey Anthony: State Questions How Defense Team is Being Funded

March 9, 2009

It seems that prosecutors want the judge to find out where Casey Anthony is getting the money to pay for her defense team.

Many people have asked me the same question. I hate to tell you that I’m out in California and don’t have the answers 🙂

From WESH:

Sources who have seen the motion said it was filed and dated Monday.

They want Judge Stan Strickland to require Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney, to produce all deposit records, retainer agreements and licensing arrangements. If any of these dealings exist, prosecutors want Casey Anthony to sign a waiver saying she’s aware of them. Baez said he’s been consulting an ethics lawyer all the way. Tomorrow he said he’ll file a sworn motion repeating his stance that he’s done nothing unethical.

Repeatedly, Baez has refused to say who is paying for her legal dream team. He said it’s nobody’s business.

As questions persisted, Baez said he has “done nothing but conduct myself in a most professional manner, and that he has done nothing unethical” when asked about the role he played in building the defense fund.

One of the lead prosecutors said this deal could lead to a potential conflict of interest for Baez. Baez this is a “witch hunt,” and the state has “no evidence” to prove their allegations because he’s done nothing wrong.

If Baez has made improper side deals for book or movie rights to the case, prosecutors said the arrangement could be “fraught with potential conflict of interest.” One criminal defense attorney said it could give Casey Anthony grounds to ask for another trial.

For their part, prosecutors said they “are not trying to block Baez from representing Casey.”