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Casey Anthony: Not a Good Time to be a Look-a-Like

August 9, 2011

L. Concetta Graves says the anger many feel abut last months not guilty verdict is being taken out on her because she bears a resemblence to Casey Anthony.

From NBC:

When L. Concetta Graves runs errands, she throws her hair in a ponytail and puts on a ball cap and some sunglasses but in recent weeks that look has become downright dangerous!

Graves says she frequently gets mistaken for Casey Anthony.

L. Concetta Graves says “some guy flung the door open real fast and he’s, ‘Oh my god, is that Casey Anthony?'”

Unfortunately for Graves, she’s increasingly confronted by suspicious, even angry people. This week she was stalked by a man at her nearby post office who didn’t believe her when she told him she wasn’t Casey. And last week, Graves and her brother, D.M., were walking in their neighborhood, which is on the same side of town as the Anthony’s home, when three men in a pickup truck yelled “baby killer” and then attacked the siblings!