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Casey Anthony: $500,000 Offer From Hustler Magazine

July 29, 2011

Controversial Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt has offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to pose nude in his adult magazine.

From CNN:

The pornography magnate told HLN’s “Nancy Grace” show on Thursday night that talks are ongoing that could land Anthony on the pages of his magazine, weeks after a Florida jury acquitted her of murder in her 2-year-old daughter Caylee’s death.

Anthony’s camp denied the report, dismissing it as “nonsense.”

But Flynt insisted he was serious about the offer, which he said would include $500,000 up front plus 10% of all profits. He said any payment that the Orlando woman might receive for interviews with media outlets would be “chicken feed” compared to what she’d receive by appearing in Hustler.

“If they want to get their hands on big money, they’ve got to go through me,” Flynt said.


Casey Anthony: What’s the Cost for an Interview?

July 27, 2011

Not just for Casey Anthony who according to reports has received offers of more than $1.5 million, but her parents as well. According to TMZ, George and Cindy Anthony scoffed at a $250,000 offer for an interview on a popular talk show.

From TMZ:

The bidding war over key interviews in the Casey Anthony case has gone into the stratosphere … because TMZ has learned a syndicated talk show was laughed at with a bid of $250,000 for Casey’s PARENTS!!!

Now ABC News has just released a statement, saying it will no longer pay for photos and video in exchange for interviews.

The announcement comes days after TMZ published a story … that Casey’s lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, taking bids from NBC, ABC and CBS.  As we reported, Baez was in the Hotel bar Thursday night, discussing strategy with famed lawyer Mark Geragos.

Casey Anthony: Offers to Buy Casey Anthony’s Car…

July 27, 2011

According to reports, a number of offers are coming in for key evidence in Casey Anthony’s murder trial…her white Pontiac Sunfire.

From WESH:

The car is still in the possession of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which says the car can be picked up anytime by George and Cindy Anthony, who own the car.

Their attorney, Mark Lippman, told WESH 2 News he’s been getting calls from people interested in buying the car.The car was thought to be key to proving the state’s murder case against Anthony. Numerous witnesses took the stand to say how the car smelled like it had at one point carried around a body.

“There are collectors of macabre things. Apparently this falls into that category now,” Lippman said.

Casey Anthony: Judge Perry Delays Release of Jurors’ Names

July 27, 2011

Judge Perry has ruled that the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial will remain a secret until October 25.

From Reuters:

Judge Belvin Perry acknowledged in his 13-page order that juror names must be disclosed eventually under Florida’s broad Public Records laws. But he took the opportunity to complain about modern-day media.

Perry lamented what he said was the blurring of lines between news and entertainment, saying court proceedings have become just another form of mindless entertainment and a revenue source for broadcast networks.

“It was reported that television ratings for the trial were extraordinary. Clearly, the broadcast of an official and serious court proceeding such as this trial where a young girl was dead and her mother faced the death penalty devolved into cheap, soap-opera-like entertainment,” Perry wrote.

Casey Anthony: Parents Speaking with Rascal Flatts?

July 25, 2011

As I country music fan I’m surprised that I missed this but it appears that country band Rascal Flatts recorded a song as a tribute for the Caylee Anthony entitled “She’s Going Places.”

The song played on Nancy Grace’s Headline News show on July 8.


The lyrics of the emotional song, written by Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox and another singer Cledus T. Judd, say, ‘Just a baby barely two-years-old. A story that shouldn’t have to be told. See that little girl with big brown eyes. Stole our hearts and touched our lives…’

According to TMZ, a representative for the band is not sure whether a meeting will take place with the Anthonys or not.

Casey Anthony: Defense Team Charges State More Than $147,000

July 22, 2011

The defense team for Casey Anthony has billed the state of Florida more than $147,000. These charges added up quickly to defend the woman acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

From ABC News:

Anthony’s lawyers, led by Jose Baez, have tallied their costs at $147,018.60 so far, according to records from Florida’s Justice Administrative Commission. The state has already paid $118,847.75 of that bill. They’ve refused to pay nearly $12,000 of the defense’s cost.

Things that the state refuses to pay for include some of the costs for deposition transcripts, the use of independent contractors and some of the defense team’s travel costs.

None of the money paid by the state of Florida will pay any of the defense attorneys’ salaries.

Casey Anthony: Kentucky Fair Tears Down Anthony Dunk Tank

July 22, 2011

All the people who wanted to dunk Casey Anthony in a tank of cold water got their chance…but it didn’t last long.

The chairman of the fair, sponsored by the Lexington Lions Club, said the booth had become a distraction from the purpose of the fair.

Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up!

From ABC News:

Organizers at a Kentucky carnival have shut down a booth in which a Casey Anthony lookalike taunted fairgoers to dunk her.

Fair Chairman Ron Mossotti said an event management company presented the idea of the dunking booth in which the lookalike sat on a platform labeled “innocent” and fairgoers aimed for a target labeled “guilty.”