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Casey Anthony: Searchers to be Questioned

January 20, 2011

Looks like the prosecution is going to be busy today as they plan to depose ten people who could end up having a huge impact on Casey Anthony’s trial.

From WESH:

Some of the volunteers who searched for Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Anthony, will be questioned under oath about their search.

The depositions come just after the prosecution filed more than a dozen motions asking that specific pieces of evidence be excluded from the murder trial, which is scheduled to begin in May.


Casey Anthony: Prosecution Reveals Key Arguments in Case

January 19, 2011

The prosecution has provided a version of why they think jurors should hear evidence about accused murderer Casey Anthony’s personal life during the time her daughter Caylee disappeared.

Full details can be found at the link below and on the WESH website. Interesting summaries. I recommend checking them out!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The defense wants to keep evidence like Casey Anthony’s history of lying and stealing, as told by her father and others, and details of her sex life out of the trial, arguing that such details would be prejudicial and irrelevant.

But the state this week filed a 14-page response to those motions, which hints at a broad summary of much of its case — by highlighting Casey Anthony’s actions soon before her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie was reported missing in July 2008.

Casey Anthony: Plea Deal in Check Fraud Case

January 20, 2010

WFTV is reporting this morning that there will be a plea deal in Casey Anthony’s check fraud case.

It appears that the terms of the plea deal might not be until next Monday afternoon. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Very interesting! Does anyone think that she will also accept any plea deal in her murder case? Just askin’ 🙂

Credit: CBS

From WFTV:

A plea deal in the check fraud case certainly could explain why the defense has not yet deposed the alleged victim, Amy Huizenga, and it explains why the judge is not demanding that the trial start first thing Monday morning. He was adamant about the case going on January 25, no matter what, and even mentioned a plea as a possibility in court during one of the last hearings.

Casey Anthony told murder detectives they would never trick her into a confession that she killed her daughter Caylee. That was the day she was indicted for first-degree murder.

Now, Eyewitness News has learned she will take some legal responsibility for allegedly cleaning out hundreds of dollars from the bank account of her ex-best friend, Amy Huizenga. The evidence is clear, including security videos, receipts and canceled checks, and Casey has paid back the $664.25.

From CBS News:

Casey Anthony, the Orlando mother who insists she didn’t murder her 2-year-old daughter, may be prepared to admit to some financial finagling — allegations of check fraud. That case against her, involving a former friend, has been delayed, signaling a possible plea deal.

Anthony’s former friend Amy Huizenga accused her of check fraud. The trial was scheduled to begin Jan. 25, but Orange County court officials said it won’t happen. Instead, there will be hearing in the case on that day, and CBS affiliate WKMG reports the delay could indicate a plea is coming.

Caylee Anthony: No Change Of Venue Motion Filed

January 20, 2009

Despite speculaton that a motion will be filed, the Orange County court says right now, there’s been no motion filed for a change of venue in Casey Anthony’s murder trial.

From Central Florida News:

There have been reports the defense wants the trial moved, but in a news release, the court said that hasn’t happened.

If Jose Baez does file that motion, a hearing will be set and the motion will be considered in open court.

The motion is public information, and the court said they will release that information if, and when, it’s filed.

Casey Anthony: Case Being Prepared Against Jose Baez

January 20, 2009

The Florida Bar told television station WESH today  that they have an “active case” working against Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez.

It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming days.

From WESH:

Baez said he knows about the investigation and said it’s been filed by people with an ax to grind.

Baez has signed on world class forensic experts from as far away as Canada, and he will not answer how he’s paying for it, he told WESH 2 he has not done anything illegal in his handling of the case against Casey Anthony.

He said he has done nothing but conduct himself in a most professional manner. He said he has done nothing unethical.

This comes as experts continue to question how he’s getting the money to pay for his legal dream team.

“How is he affording to represent her and are the decisions being made in her best interest and with her permission?” attorney Richard Hornsby said.

Baez has consistently refused to answer where the money is coming from.

“First of all I think it’s an inappropriate question. It isn’t a concern of anyone who’s paying for all of this,” he said.

If Baez has made improper deals, Hornsby said that could provide Anthony grounds for an appeal.

“It would be so easy for Miss Anthony to claim what is called ineffective assistance of counsel,” Hornsby said.

Baez confirms he is the subject of an ongoing Bar investigation. He said it was filed by people with an axe to grind and has nothing to do with allegations of unethical financial dealings.”It’s all a crock,” he said.

Baez declined an on-camera interview, but added that he has nothing to hide.

Caylee Anthony: To Those Who Wish To Profit From Her Death…

January 20, 2009

You should be ashamed of yourselves! Come on, what are you thinking?

We are talking about a 3 year old girl who was murdered, presumably by her own mother. This is not a time to think about making money off her death. Let’s think about the real person involved and the true tragedy of the case.

I thought that I would share a posting from Mom Logic on the topic of “People Who Profit from Casey Anthony”.

What are your thoughts on those who are/will be profiting from this case? Should this people be allowed to profit?

From Mom Logic:

It was only a matter of time. Now that Caylee’s body has been found, people are trying to cash in on the Casey Anthony story.

According to Rory O’Neil with Westwood One, defense attorney for accused killer Casey Anthony is rumored to be seeking an entertainment deal “contingent on the outcome of Anthony’s case.” O’Neil stated Baez’s behavior is strictly prohibited by the Florida State Bar. If the allegations are true, this would be considered an enormous conflict of interest.

Baez is allegedly steering the case in a direction that would make for the best entertainment value, according to a source from Orlando Sentinel.

Sick. As if the case of Casey Anthony wasn’t already twisted enough!

But Baez won’t be the first who has tried to profit from this tragic story, and he likely won’t be the last. Back in November 2008, George and Cindy Anthony
fired spokesperson Larry Garrison for allegedly “secretly profiting from the disappearance of 3-year-old Caylee.” No further details were given.

The woman who shares the name of Casey’s fictitious nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, is suing Casey Anthony for defamation … thus seeking a payday of sorts.

Questions against bounty hunter Leonard Padilla surfaced when he charged a $9.95 fee to enter his website. Padillas’ site said that the proceeds would go to Equusearch, the search firm that was looking for Caylee at the time. However, the founder of the search company, Tim Miller, said he never received a dime.

Casey Anthony: Jose Baez May Be Removed Due to Conflict of Interest

January 19, 2009

WFTV has uncovered allegations that secret entertainment deals might be helping to pay for Casey Anthony’s defense team.

Sources close to the case have told WFTV reporter Mary Nguyen that the funding could be considered a major conflict of interest in the case.

It appears that Judge Stan Strickland may have to decide if there is a conflict of interest and if such a conflict would warrant Baez’s removal. Interesting…

I’ve heard many people saying that Baez and Casey had a “thing” for each other. I thought this may have been the reason when I first started reading the article.


From the article:

Eyewitness News uncovered bold new allegations that secret entertainment deals could be helping to pay for Casey Anthony’s defense. Sources tell Eyewitness News that someone complained to the State Attorney’s Office about the funding Jose Baez is using toward Casey’s defense.

Eyewitness News sources said the judge knows there’s a concern about Baez’s defense fund. He could decide it’s baseless, but if he determines Baez did something wrong he could remove him from the case.

Casey Anthony’s attorney has repeatedly avoided all questions about who is paying for his services, but sources told Eyewitness News the State Attorney’s Office received at least one complaint, a complaint that Baez may have made a contingent deal with entertainment interests that means he gets paid based on the outcome of the case, which is banned by the Florida Bar.

Eyewitness News does know the defense has already received around $200,000, but the terms were unclear.”Because of the nature of this case and, creatively, the abundance of the rumors of the source of the attorney fees,” WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer told Eyewitness News (watch full interview). “This court will probably make an inquiry that they’ll err on the side of caution.”

It’s not clear how the judge will handle it. Sheaffer said the judge will likely look into Baez’s funding source to make sure there is no conflict of interest and to prevent an appeal.

“It is to make sure the lawyer is representing the client’s best interest and not considering the interest of who’s paying the attorney’s fee,” Sheaffer said.

A spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office said the state is aware of the allegations. Prosecutors want to know who is paying his fees and how much money has been spent. The State Attorney’s Office spokesperson also said the court is aware of the complaints and it will be up to judge to decide how to handle it.

Jose Baez’s spokesperson said Baez has not made any contingent deals. He said Baez is involved with coordinating licensing fees and deals with various production companies, but does not profit on those matters

From the Orlando Sentinel:

It was an opening to the 6 p.m. news you wouldn’t forget. The Casey Anthony case was the story Monday, and WFTV-Channel 9 anchor Bob Opsahl trumpeted the headline.

“Right now, you’re the first to hear a stunning new development in the case against Casey,” Opsahl said. “We uncovered bold new allegations that secret entertainment deals could be helping to pay for Casey’s defense.”

The big story: Could Casey’s attorney Jose Baez be removed from the case because of a conflict of interest?

Reporter Mary Nguyen said Baez’s spokesman, Todd Black, denied the allegations, yet added that Baez had brokered some deals on licensing fees.

The source of Baez’s funding has been a prime topic of speculation, because he won’t identify it.

WFTV reported that someone has complained to the state attorney’s office that Baez could have made an entertainment deal based on the case’s outcome.

Judge Stan Strickland would decide if there is a conflict of interest that would warrant Baez’s removal.

What would this case be like without Jose Baez?