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Caylee Anthony Search Continues…Monday Update

November 10, 2008

According to MyFoxOrlando, EquusSearch crews are currently at what could be a key location in the search for Caylee Anthony. According to the report, a woman from Texas Equusearch found a cross on a tree back in August. She took a picture of it, and compared the bead work on the cross with a picture taken from an arts and crafts kit at Casey’s house and found that the two matched. I’m sure we’ll here more about this later today but if anyone hears anything, please feel free to share.

Please take this as a RUMOR ONLY.

With all of the rumors of findings yesterday which came out, I don’t want anyone to get excited that they may have some information concerning the whereabouts of Caylee Anthony. We all hope that she is still alive and well but we also know that after so long, it is entirely possible that we may never find out exactly what happened to this sweet, 3 year old girl.

From MyFoxOrlando:

As soon as the crew entered a wooded area off of 417 on a street called Sounderson, they found several garbage bags filled with rotted food. The garbage bags were covering what appears to be a hole created by a few trees.

When the bags were removed an awful smell came out. Equusearch core-people began shaking their heads. “You know how many times we search for one person and find another,” said Mandy Albriton of Equusearch.

Equusearch founder, Tim Miller, is at the scene.

Leonard Padilla , the bounty hunter who helped post Casey Anthony $500,200 initial bond, is at J. Blanchard Park. Padilla said they received some information over the weekend that he contacted the FBI about.

VIDEO: Padilla talks about significance of Monday’s search

When a search team looked in the area again recently, they found more beading on the ground under where the cross was hung.

Padilla says Casey mentioned J. Blanchard Park on three different occasions, and he says she may have dumped Caylee’s body into the water nearby.

The FBI is also attending the dive team’s search.

From yesterday’s Criminal Report Daily:

Meanwhile, there is a lot of chatter and rumors about a beaded cross necklace that was found in the woods. I have been aware of this find but was asked not to share the information. That information got leaked by a blogger on another site today and it has since been twisted into several different versions.