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Google Android Arrives September 23

September 11, 2008

Reuters is reporting that Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile unit is set to start selling a mobile phone based on Google Inc’s Android software within weeks.

From the article:

“T-Mobile and Google will be making an announcement this month in New York City,” two people told Reuters on Wednesday, adding Sept. 23 was a likely date for the announcement.

T-Mobile declined to comment and Google was not immediately available.

In February, T-Mobile Chief Executive Hamid Akhavan said at a trade fair in Barcelona the company planned to launch a device operating on the Android software platform in the fourth quarter, which Akhavan had promised would not disappoint.

“Early results we have seen have given us all the confidence that it will be groundbreaking,” he said at the time.

The device, dubbed the Google “Dream” phone, is being made by smartphone maker High Tech Computer Corp and is expected to challenge Apple Inc’s iPhone as well as other smartphones that run software from Palm Inc, Research in Motion, Microsoft Corp and Nokia Oyj.

It will operate using T-Mobile’s third-generation network and feature a slide-out keypad. Apple’s successful iPhone uses a touch-screen keyboard.

From Silicon Alley Insider:

Google’s first Android-powered ‘GPhone’ could be announced at a New York press event as soon as Sept. 23, Reuters reports, citing the usual “people familiar with the matter.” We can’t confirm the report, but it makes sense — most consumer electronics brands are announcing their holiday gadget lineups this month and next month, like Apple’s (AAPL) new iPod roster, unveiled yesterday, and Microsoft’s (MSFT) new Zunes, announced Monday.

From InformationWeek:

I am not one for fancy colors. I don’t need a lot of choice when it comes to cell phone hues. But since HTC is making products for everyone else, it appears that the Android phone will come in black, white and brown. A chocolate-colored smartphone?

The Android Guys have dug up a document that they say details the SKU for the upcoming G1. They write:

The internal point of sale system from T-Mobile has apparently been updated to include the SKU/UPC for each version. Typically, these are implemented into the system a few days to weeks before the sale date. The price is not usually put on until the day of release however, so we cannot confirm costs yet. You can also check the UPC code against the national database to find it exists. Not really much in the way of exciting news, but it helps confirm the eventual release is just that much closer.

From Internet News:

Reuters is reporting that Google’s first Android smartphone will debut on September 24th — just two weeks from now, though exclusive carrier T-Mobile and Google of course aren’t publicly commenting on the impending smartphone arrival.

If it does arrive, it bodes well for what’s likely the most anticipated mobile device since Apple launched its iPhone just over a year ago. But whether it’s anticipation level is on par with the iPhone debut is still a huge unknown in my view.

The Android has drawn attention due to its open source platform approach, and of course, because Google’s behind it. But is that enough for the mainstream mobile user to care?

Given what Google is, are mobile users just projecting that its search innovation will transcend into mobility device innovation?

As pundits have repeatedly stated, users want smartphones that offer something better than the last one did, or speedier connectivity, or more exciting software tools.

I mean look what the touch screen design has done for smartphones — one pundit said that feature alone can help propel device sales for players who have been lagging. So it’s no surprise Nokia and Motorola are running touch screen capability to market very soon.

So I’m guessing Android will have a touch screen (what a story it would be if it didn’t right…), and it’ll have some great applications — at least I’m assuming since it’s all about the platform right.

But what else could it have that the iPhone or any other device doesn’t have right now?

Or will the Google hook be enough to cause another product swell in the marketplace?

From Mobile Magazine:

Initial rumors said that the HTC Dream G1, the first Android smartphone, would launch with T-Mobile USA some time in October. It seems that things are actually ahead of schedule and the phone is ready for this month instead. More specifically, current rumors are pointing toward a possible announcement on September 23 by the guys at T-Mobile and Google in New York City.

Bear in mind that September 23rd is the rumored date for an announcement. It’s still perfectly fathomable that the HTC Dream G1 won’t actually launch until October (or later).

New Photos Released of HTC Dream/T-Mobile Android Phone

September 10, 2008

Jose Fermoso at Wired has posted some new shots of the Google Android phone which have been released today. Interesting that these came out at the same time as Steve Jobs was speaking at the Apple event today.

From the posting:

First, we found out that Google employees were furiously testing the Android phones. Then we got a look at the sketches submitted to the FCC, and wondered whether HTC and Google were really ballsy enough to attach the love/hate Sidekick keyboard to the phones.

And now, through the magic of secret spy photos posted in a Taiwanese forum (curiously released in the same time frame as an Apple event), we can see what it really looks like — and that someone at Google or HTC really loves their leopard shag carpeting. Groovy.

While it’s likely that the design will still go through a few changes until it is released at year’s end, we think this is close to the final version. And we’re willing to bet twenty bucks that the phone’s white casing will stay (to mirror the minimalist color scheme of the Google home screen) but that the keys of the QWERTY board will change to something that’s easier to read against the gray background.

What Are the 10 Best Google Android Applications?

September 10, 2008

Brad Reed at Network World has a great article on the upcoming Google Android and which applications scored the top prizes in Google’s open source development project.

From the article:

Late last year, Google announced that it would give $10 million worth in prizes to software development companies to develop innovative and useful applications for their open source mobile Android platform.

Roughly nine months later, Google has announced the winners, and the applications it has selected help users do everything from calling their nearest taxi cabs to comparing sale prices at different stores to calculating their carbon footprint.


Utilizing Android’s Google Maps application, cab4me lets users call a cab to their location with a single click. By using GPS capabilities to locate not only the user’s current location, but also the location of the nearest cab company, the application can initiate a call to the cab company with a mere click on the map. The application was developed by Konrad Huebner and Henning Boerger.


Ever get embarrassed at a company meeting when your cell phone unexpectedly goes off? With Locale, you can make sure  your device knows to switch to vibrate mode the minute you step into your office. With Android’s GPS capabilities, Locale adjusts your phone’s settings to wherever you’re located. Thus, your phone will forward calls to different numbers based on whether you’re at work or home, or will send out a status message on Twitter letting people know where you’re located. This application was developed by Carter Jernigan, Clare Bayley, Jasper Lin and Christina Wright, with additional contributions from Jennifer Shu.


Essentially a drop-and-drag picture editor for your mobile phone, PicSay lets users spruce up their pictures with color correction, highlighting, word bubbles and distortion effects. It also can be used to create event invitations or holiday greeting cards that can be sent out to friends, family and associates. This application was developed by Eric Wijngaard.


This application actually lets you set up real, live races with your friends and track their progress in real time while the race is going on. Whether on foot, bicycle or skis,  Softrace uses Google Maps’ location API to track each user’s progress, and can  store statistics of the race onto Android’s SQLite database. This application was developed by Staffan Kjellberg and Thomas Kjellberg.

The rest of the top ten can be found on Network World. We’re getting close to the launch of the platform. Thoughts from anyone on what they expect.

Android Drawings Revealed

August 26, 2008

“Android Guys” has published an engineering drawing of T-Mobile’s soon to be released Android phone (T-Mobile G1).

From CNET:

The images show more information about the device than any of the other mock-ups that have zipped around the blogosphere.

One of the more interesting tidbits from the drawing is a slight tilt of the bottom part of the phone where the trackball is located. The device has a full QWERTY keyboard with nicely spaced buttons. The Android Guys note this is reminiscent of recent Sidekick designs, and the site gives it a thumbs-up.

The blog “Android Community” has used the drawing to calculate the phone’s dimensions and reports that the thickness of the G1, also known as the HTC Dream, is approximately 0.64-inches or 16.35mm. Apple’s iPhone, which doesn’t have a flip-out screen, is 12.3 mm thick. It also looks like the G1’s screen size is comparable to the iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen.

There is also a “menu” button on the G1, according to the drawing, which will likely be used to launch Google services.

The device is expected to be priced at about $399 full retail or about $150 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile. One blog reports that the device will go on sale October 13, 2008, with pre-orders for existing T-Mobile customers to begin September 17.

Credit: Android Guys

The HTC phone is expected to be the first phone that will use Google’s Android operating system. Rumors about the phone have been running rampant over the Internet for months in anticipation of its launch.

Photos, video and now drawings. It appears that Android may actually show up after all. I’m still waiting to see the product before I draw any conclusions whether the product will live up to the hype and be what consumers have been “dreaming” about. Thoughts?