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Casey Anthony: Officially A Felon

January 26, 2010

Some people may have missed this yesterday, but by entering a guilty plea in her check fraud trial, accused murderer Casey Anthony is now a convicted felon.

Any thoughts on how this will impact her upcoming murder trial? Does it make a difference?

From ABC News:

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty Monday to 13 counts of check fraud.  She was sentenced to time already served.

“I’m sorry for what I did,” Casey said. “I sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend.”

She stole hundreds of dollars from  former friend Amy Huizenga. The crimes were committed around the same time that Casey’s daughter, Caylee Anthony was missing in the summer of 2008. The 2-year-old’s remains were found later that year.

During Monday’s hearing, Circuit Judge Stan Strickland found her guilty on six counts and withheld adjudication for the other seven counts.


Casey Anthony Pleads Guilty to All 13 Counts in Check Fraud Case

January 25, 2010

Please note that this post is from 2010. For the most current updates on the Casey Anthony trial, please see my homepage.

Well…finally some news!

Casey Anthony pleaded guilty to all 13 counts in her check fraud case this morning.

Credit: CNN

Judge Stan Strickland accepted the plea deal and sentenced her to 412 days (time served) and also gave her one year’s supervised probation.

She will remain jailed on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

It seems that Casey was also in tears and apologized to Amy Huizenga. Haven’t seen any video yet, but I did see a few photos and I’m sure we will see video throughout the day!

OK…let’s hear your thoughts! 🙂

From CNN:

Anthony admitted stealing a checkbook from a friend, Amy Huizenga, and writing five checks worth $644.25. She wiped tears from her eyes as she spoke briefly in court.

“I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m sorry for what I did,” she said. “I take complete and full responsibility for my actions, and I’d like to apologize to Amy. I wish I’d been a better friend.

Attorney Jose Baez asked the court to give Anthony credit for time served and place her on probation in the check case. The judge agreed that Anthony already has spent more time in jail than any sentence she could receive in the check case.

Anthony has made full restitution, Baez said. Before her arrest, she had no prior criminal record, he added.

From the New York Times:

Casey Anthony, the Florida mother charged with killing her toddler daughter, was found guilty of check fraud Monday and sentenced to time served in jail.

Anthony, 23, was accused of going on a spending spree during the summer of 2008 — around the time her daughter disappeared — after she found the checks while borrowing a former friend’s car. Anthony started to cry as she apologized for using the checks.

”I just want everyone to know I’m sorry for what I did,” Anthony told the judge. ”I take complete and full responsibility for my actions.”

From WESH:

Judge Stan Strickland asked Anthony several questions, ensuring she was aware of what entering the plea meant — that is waiving the right to trial.

Her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, held hands in the courtroom while the plea was entered.

Jose Baez, Anthony’s attorney, asked for “equal justice” for his client, and asked for a one year probation and credit for time served.Strickland sentenced the 23-year-old to jail time served and $5,517.75 in court costs.In a rare moment, a teary Anthony addressed the court.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I’d like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend,” she said.

Casey Anthony: Court Date Today Could Have Important Ramifications

January 25, 2010

Casey Anthony will be back in court today and rumor has it that she could be taking a plea deal in the check fraud case.

A hearing regarding both the check fraud and murder cases against her will take place this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. (ET).

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Casey Anthony could walk away from today’s hearing a convicted felon. Or there may not be a resolution to the check-fraud charges she faces.

It’s unclear what exactly will happen when the 23-year-old appears in court at 1:30 p.m. today.

One possibility is Anthony could take a plea deal, but prosecutors and Anthony’s defense attorneys are not talking.

The accused child-killer is facing several charges in an unrelated check-fraud case.

Anthony is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from former friend Amy Huizenga during the time her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie, was missing and likely dead in 2008.

Casey Anthony: Plea Deal in Check Fraud Case

January 20, 2010

WFTV is reporting this morning that there will be a plea deal in Casey Anthony’s check fraud case.

It appears that the terms of the plea deal might not be until next Monday afternoon. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Very interesting! Does anyone think that she will also accept any plea deal in her murder case? Just askin’ 🙂

Credit: CBS

From WFTV:

A plea deal in the check fraud case certainly could explain why the defense has not yet deposed the alleged victim, Amy Huizenga, and it explains why the judge is not demanding that the trial start first thing Monday morning. He was adamant about the case going on January 25, no matter what, and even mentioned a plea as a possibility in court during one of the last hearings.

Casey Anthony told murder detectives they would never trick her into a confession that she killed her daughter Caylee. That was the day she was indicted for first-degree murder.

Now, Eyewitness News has learned she will take some legal responsibility for allegedly cleaning out hundreds of dollars from the bank account of her ex-best friend, Amy Huizenga. The evidence is clear, including security videos, receipts and canceled checks, and Casey has paid back the $664.25.

From CBS News:

Casey Anthony, the Orlando mother who insists she didn’t murder her 2-year-old daughter, may be prepared to admit to some financial finagling — allegations of check fraud. That case against her, involving a former friend, has been delayed, signaling a possible plea deal.

Anthony’s former friend Amy Huizenga accused her of check fraud. The trial was scheduled to begin Jan. 25, but Orange County court officials said it won’t happen. Instead, there will be hearing in the case on that day, and CBS affiliate WKMG reports the delay could indicate a plea is coming.

Casey Anthony: 3 Weeks Until Check Fraud Trial Begins

January 5, 2010

Casey Anthony is scheduled to stand trial for 13 check fraud counts starting on January 25.

Get excited!!! 😛

From WESH:

The felony charges stem from allegations she drained her friend Amy Huizenga’s bank account of several hundred dollars while her daughter, Caylee, was missing.

Surveillance video appears to show Anthony on several shopping sprees at Target.

Judge Stan Strickland so far has not acted on her defense team’s request to move the trial.

Neither side will comment on whether a plea could be in the works on the fraud case.

Casey Anthony: Check Fraud Trial Date Set

October 16, 2009

A date has been set for Casey Anthony’s trial on check fraud charges: Monday, January 25.

A pre-trial hearing will take place on Friday, December 18. Ahhh…my little brother’s birthday!

From WDBO:

Anthony is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of checks from her friend, Amy Huizenga. Her attorneys are fighting to get the case moved out of Orange County, and they want to interview potential jurors individually rather than in a group setting.

Anthony’s team also wants to prohibit the State Attorney’s Office from using any evidence from the murder case or “prior bad acts” during the forgery trial.

Casey Anthony: Has Stolen Money Been Paid Back?

July 22, 2009

A document filed last week appears to show that Casey Anthony has paid back money she allegedly stole from her friend Amy Huizenga.

From WESH:

Anthony’s legal team has been trying to get the check fraud case delayed in the face of her upcoming capitol murder case. Anthony is in the Orange County jail awaiting trial on charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Security camera images showed Anthony writing checks to buy beer, bras and other clothing before she told her family her daughter Caylee was missing. Later, detectives accused her of draining her friend Amy Huizenga’s checking account to pay for the spending spree.

In a court document filed by Jose Baez last week, Bank of America acknowledged a $664 check received from Baez’s office in reference to the Amy Huzeinga case. Baez denies he’s the one who cut the check, but he would neither confirm nor deny that the check came from Anthony.