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Body Found in California Canal is Missing 4-Year-Old Juliani Cardenas

February 1, 2011

The body of 4-year-old Juliani Cardenas has been found in a Central California canal, ending the search for the child who was kidnapped from his home nearly two weeks ago.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

A water department worker spotted Juliani Cardenas’ body floating in the Delta-Mendota Canal and called 911 around 7:30 a.m., said Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson. The body was found about 30 miles downstream from where a vehicle belonging to the man suspected of kidnapping Juliani was recovered last week.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to find little Juliani alive. That was our goal,” Christianson said. But as the days progressed, “we just knew that wouldn’t happen.”

Investigators have not located the suspect, who is the ex-boyfriend of Juliani’s mother, but they believe his body also will be found in the canal, Christianson said.

Missing California Boy Found Safe

October 18, 2010

Dylan Kurihara, who was the subject of an Amber Alert here in California over the weekend, has been found safe and sound after being reported missing after he attended a wedding with his dad.

From CNN:

A man who had heard about the missing boy found Dylan in a car in a parking deck about 10:40 p.m. Sunday, said Chief Phillip Sanchez of the Pasadena Police Department.

“The great news here is that he was in his car seat. He was asleep at the time we found him. He’s in good shape,” Sanchez told reporters.

Dylan and his father had gone to a wedding Saturday night, reported CNN affiliate KABC. When he did not return home, his mother reported him missing to police Sunday morning.

Police began their investigation and discovered the father had been arrested about 10:30 p.m. Saturday for public intoxication.

I’m Still Here!!!

January 11, 2010

Have You Seen Him????

So it’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been posting at a minimum lately, as you may have noticed. Thanks for all the kind words and concern. I felt like I had my own Amber Alert out for me! 🙂

Whew! At least I didn’t find myself on a milk carton!!!

Just to update…it’s not because anything has happened to me or my family due to the recent Earthquakes…

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve been working 12-14 hour days as business has gotten very busy here!

Also, I’ve been suffering from a major tooth/mouth ache for about a week. Needless to say, I have a 2 p.m. (PT) dentist appointment on Tuesday, January 12, where I’ll get to experience the joy of a double root canal. Sounds fun, eh? 🙂

Not Missing...Just Busy Working...

So most likely, you won’t see any postings for at least a day. But don’t worry, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still here writing when I can. I’m sure you’ll see some more Casey/Caylee Anthony news soon!

Work comes first though…gotta pay the bills 🙂 Those kids are expensive!!! So is living in the Silicon Valley!

But I love my job and the people I work with so it’s all good!

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far!!!

Body of Shaniya Davis Found

November 16, 2009

Sad news out of North Carolina today as police have found the body of 5 year old Shaniya Davis.

It has been reported that Mario McNeill confessed to taking the 5-year-old. Police arrested  Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Davis, over the weekend. She has been accused of human trafficking, prostitution and felony child abuse.

Yet another tragedy surrounding a young child who has died way too soon.

From ABC News:

The child’s remains were located in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road – just south of Sanford – during a second day of searching.

Davis was last seen alive at a Comfort Suites hotel in Sanford last week – the same morning her mother reported her missing from her Fayetteville home. Police say a surveillance video from the hotel showed the child with 29-year-old Mario McNeill.

The area where police found the body is about 7 miles from the hotel.

Police Searcing for North Carolina Girl’s Body

November 16, 2009

According to Fayetteville, North Carolina police, approximately 200 people are searching in North Carolina for the body of a missing 5-year-old girl after reliable information indicates that she may be dead.

From CNN:

The search focused on land near a roadway because “reliable information received that the body of Shaniya Davis may have been dumped there,” the Fayetteville Police Department said in a statement.

Investigators have been searching for Shaniya for several days.

Police charged the girl’s mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, with trafficking and other offenses, authorities said. Davis was “prostituting her child,” said Fayetteville police spokeswoman Theresa Chance.

Other charges against the mother include felony child abuse, prostitution and filing a false police report, according to the Fayetteville Police Department.

The mother told police last week that the child vanished from their mobile home in Fayetteville.

From CBS:

Police have released horrifying still frames from a hotel surveillance video that shows a man carrying missing 5-year-old Shaniya Davis through a hotel hallway and towards an elevator.

Officials say a hotel worker called police to report seeing a child matching Shaniya’s description, but by the time police got there, the man and child had left.

Police identified the man as Mario Andrette McNeill, according to Fayetteville Police spokeswoman Teresa Chance.

Shaniya was seen with him Tuesday, about an hour after she disappeared from her home in Fayetteville, roughly 30 miles away. Authorities are uncertain of the connection between McNeill and the child, said Chance.
McNeill was arrested Friday and charged with kidnapping, but that has not led to police finding Shaniya.

Missing Florida Baby Found Alive

November 5, 2009

Great news this morning as little Shannon Lee Dedrick, the Florida baby who had been missing for days, has been found alive in a box underneath the bed of the his baby sitter.

From CNN:

The sheriff of Washington County in rural northwest Florida carried the 7-month-old girl into the early morning news conference.

“This is Shannon Lee Dedrick. We found her safe; we do not usually get the happy endings that happened here today,” Sheriff Bobby Haddock said.

“If you want to see a bunch of grown men cry, tonight we rushed her to the hospital and we [were] all calling home to our wives to let them know we found this baby safe.”

The sitter, Susan Baker, her husband, James Baker, and Crystina Lynn Mercer have been detained but have not been charged. Haddock has scheduled another news conference at noon Eastern time.

The incident happened near Chipley in Florida’s panhandle near the Alabama state line.