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Southwest Airlines Checks Planes for Cracks

April 4, 2011

Southwest Airlines expects to cancel approximately 100 flights today as investigators continue inspecting its fleet after a mid air incident on a Sacramento bound flight last week.

Seriously…I cannot imagine being mid flight and losing a portion of the cabin. I’d probably have a bit of a panic attack 🙂

From CNN:

The Texas-based airline grounded 79 planes for inspection after a hole opened on top of a Boeing 737 mid-flight Friday.

It canceled approximately 600 flights to accommodate the inspections: 300 on Saturday and 300 flights on Sunday.

So far, investigators have found indications of cracks in three other aircraft, the National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday.

Of the planes inspected, 19 had returned to service by Sunday afternoon, the airline said.

Computer Glitch Causes Flight Delays Nationwide

August 27, 2008

Travelers across the country are facing flight delays today as the result of a computer issue at the Federal Aviation Administration.

From Reuters:

Air traffic at several major airports across the United States was delayed on Tuesday afternoon due to a glitch in the system for filing flight plans, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The Department of Homeland Security said there was no link to terrorism and the FAA said the computer glitch did not affect safety.

“This is not a safety issue,” FAA spokeswoman Tammy Jones said. “It is a problem with the (computer) system that is used to process flight plans.”

Jones said she did not know when the problem would be resolved.

The problem began at 1:25 p.m. EDT (1925 GMT) when a communications link failed in the system that processes flight plan data at a facility south of Atlanta, FAA officials said.

The FAA has two systems that process flight plans. One is located in Atlanta and the other one in Salt Lake City. The Atlanta system went down at approximately 1:30pm (ET) today, and all flight plans are presently being handled out of Salt Lake City. According to the FAA, about 6,500 airplanes are in FAA system but they have not said exactly how many were in the sky and how many were on the ground when the problem occurred.

As a result of this issue, delays could pile up at airports across the country. Delays up to 90 minutes are already surfacing at several airports with more anticipated throughout the day. Hey, at least its not a story about the rising cost to fly, right? And I’m glad this didn’t happen on Labor Day weekend. Thoughts?

United Airlines Set to Charge $9 for Snacks

August 21, 2008

I guess I’ll have to avoid United now if I want to eat on a flight. The airline announced that it will begin charging up to $9 for snacks on certain domestic and international flights in October.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Rising fuel costs have forced airlines to cut staffing in most employee groups and charge for a range of services that were previously considered part of the ticket price, as well as identifying new ways to extract revenue from airline passengers.

Carriers, including United, also have been forced to slash projected capacity for this year. Critics say the airlines risk making customers feel “nickel and dimed,” but the companies say that the new charges are needed.

In a memo sent to flight attendants on Monday, United said it will no longer offer customers complimentary cookies and pretzels on certain flights and will expand its selection of snacks for purchase on flights lasting about two to three hours, effective Sept. 2, following testing in select markets.

In the memo, United said, “In the wake of high fuel prices and a challenging economic environment, we must continue to examine every aspect of our business and find new ways to improve our day-to-day operations through efficiencies that still meet our customers’ expectations.”

In October, the airline will raise prices of its snack boxes on longer flights. Shelf-stable items will see prices rise a dollar to $6, while fresh items will go up to $9 from $7.

With a struggling economy, and rising fuel prices, the airlines are doing what they can to keep themselves in business. With a family of four, though, I will have to pack snacks for the flight because $36 for a meal would just hit my wallet a little too hard. Thank you Southwest for continuing to be the low cost, family airline. Thoughts?