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Children Direct Traffic at JFK Airport

March 3, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating five transmissions from the control tower at JFK Airport where tapes demonstrate that the child of an air traffic controller directed planes on a runway.

I understand that it was just in fun and that the kids only said a few words, but seriously? This definitely gets a WTF?!?!

From NBC News:

An air traffic controller at one of the nation’s busiest airport was suspended after his young son was permitted to give radio instructions to pilots. NBC News has learned the controller at Kennedy Airport brought his daughter into the tower the next night.

The man’s daughter communicated with pilots twice, NBC News’ Tom Costello reports.

His young son had several quick exchanges with pilots. The recorded clips were played repeatedly across a variety of news outlets on Wednesday.

“This lapse in judgment not only violated FAA’s own policies, but common sense standards for professional conduct. These kinds of distractions are totally unacceptable,” FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said in a statement. “This kind of behavior does not reflect the true caliber of our work force.”

Southwest CEO: Air Traffic Fizzling in May

May 20, 2009

Interesting article.

CEO Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines says an April boost in travel has fizzled in May, which has forced the company to speed up plans to raise more revenue.

I fly Southwest as often as I can and I’ve seen both Southwest and Alaska Airlines flights that were nowhere near full. Very sad as these are two of the best in the business,  in my opinion.

From the Associated Press:

Chief Executive Gary Kelly said Wednesday that the airline has been hurt by the swine flu outbreak, which made travelers nervous about getting on a plane.

The global economic slowdown has left Southwest uncertain what the rest of the year will bring.

“June is typically our strongest month of the year, so I think June will tell us a lot,” Kelly told reporters after the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

American Airlines parent AMR Corp. also held its annual meeting a few miles away in Fort Worth. Employees — and in one case, the teenage son of employees — challenged CEO Gerard Arpey over AMR’s reluctance to approve pay raises.

Times are tough at American, until last year the world’s largest airline, and at Southwest, which now carries more U.S. passengers than any carrier.