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12 Year Old Schools Tiger Woods

October 20, 2009

Gotta love it!

At an event commemorating the opening of The Cliffs at High Carolina, a newly-designed course in Asheville, North Carolina, Tiger Woods fired his first two tee shots into the trees. He then invited anyone to step up and try to outdrive him. Guess who did?

From Yahoo! Sports:

Most everyone in the crowd pulled that routine that you do when you don’t know the answer and don’t want the teacher to call on you — looking everywhere but at Tiger, taking an intense interest in the clouds above, suddenly staring at their cell phones, and so on. But one brave soul — that would be Mark — stepped up and took his swing.

Two straight 200-yard drives, right down the fairway. The kid didn’t collapse into jelly, like so many of Tiger’s opponents, which makes him a good bet to at least make the cut at next year’s Masters.