Year in Review: My Top 100 Country Music Songs of 2017

It’s that time of year again where I like to take a quick look at my favorite country music songs of the year. We’re just about to the end, so now is as good a time as any, right?

Now, let me preface this list as I always do.

  • I’m not a professional music reviewer.
  • I don’t get paid to promote artists.
  • I don’t go by Billboard or radio airplay charts.

This list consists of the top 100 songs that I liked in 2017. The songs that I wanted to come on my radio while driving to and from work, on a road trip, or when I was just sitting at home. Note that not all songs may be “traditional country”. I listen to all genre’s of music, so I have no issues with country artists who play “non-traditional” country. To me…music is music. If I like it, I’m going to listen to it (and enjoy it).

By the way, my three kids had input into this list so some songs might have ended up higher than I might have put them myself. But hey…I value their opinions!

Also, you’ll notice that a lot of mainstream, radio hits by major artists are not included. No reason except for the fact that my list is not based on how famous you are. Simple as that. It’s the songs that I love (but please feel free to sway me in your direction if I left a song off).

You probably heard some of these songs every hour (on the hour) on your local country station. Others may not have been played much (if at all) when they should have been, in my own, personal opinion. Also, while some of these songs may have come out in late 2016, and may have even landed a low spot on my wrap up of the year, they were ones that were predominantly played (if they made the radio) in the 2017 calendar year.

Others may be primed for success next year so keep your ears open!

Either way, I’m sure that I’m going to leave quite a few songs off this list that could have easily made it. I know this going in and expect each and every one of you to say “hey, what about this song…or that song.” Please do.

Fight for the music and artists that YOU love!!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go through each entry and provide detailed background on the song, reasons for it’s placement, etc…But, feel free to leave a comment and I’d be happy to respond.

Now, without further ado, let’s get this party started:

100. “Ballad of 1892“, Jeremy Pinnell

99. “What I Wanna Be“, Jacob Davis

98. “Better Now“, Jericho Woods

97. “My Ex“, Emma White

96. “Free Drinks“, Faren Rachels

95. “Either Way“, Chris Stapleton

94. “Sky Stays This Blue“, Dallas Smith

93. “Sway“, Danielle Bradbery

92. “We Don’t Sleep“, Denny Strickland

91. “Different Kind of Love“, Casey James

90. “The Way I Talk“, Morgan Wallen

89. “Hillbilly Love Song (Hey Y’all)” Little Feather

88. “Lonely Call“, RaeLynn

87. “Love in a Bar“, Ryan Hurd

86. “Get While the Gettin’s Good“, Bobby Wills

85. “11:59 (Central Standard Time), The Railers

84. “Sing Along“, Kristian Bush

83. “Hide the Wine“, Carly Pearce

82. “Put a Label on It“, Ryan Follese

81. “No Peace in Quiet“, Delta Rae

80. “High Time for a Good Time“, Hillbilly Vegas

79. “Makin’ Me Look Good Again“, Drake White

78. “Stuck in my Head“, Craig Wayne Boyd

77. “Perfect to Me“, Clark Hill

76. “Kiss Somebody“, Morgan Evans

75. “Hell of a Highway“, Jake Worthington

74. “Ring on Every Finger“, LoCash

73. “Rollin“, Jackson Michelson

72. “Stay Downtown“, Cole Swindell

71. “She Got Me“, Cash Creek

70. “Wheels“, Steve Moakler

69. “All on Me“, Devin Dawson

68. “More Girls Like You“, Kip Moore

67. “I Could Use a Love Song“, Maren Morris

66. “Worth the Wait“, Lindsay Ell

65. “Settle for a Small Town“, Mark Mackay

64. “Losing Sleep“, Chris Young

63. “Own It“, Bailey Bryan

62. “Legends“, Kelsea Ballerini

61. “The Fire“, Ray Scott

60. “Craving You“, Thomas Rhett featuring Maren Morris

59. “Written in the Sand“, Old Dominion

58. “You Look Good“, Lady Antebellum

57. “The Long Way“, Brett Eldredge

56. “Three Chords & the Truth“, Chase Rice

55. “God Bless This Mess“, Jillian Jacqueline

54. “Last Time for Everything“, Brad Paisley

53. “Missing“, William Michael Morgan

52. “Old Porch Swing“, Tony Jackson

51. “Diane“, Cam

50. “Think a Little Less“, Michael Ray

49. “When Lonely Calls“, Sons of the Palomino

48. “Wild West“, Runaway June

47. “Our Side“, Michael Beck

46. “Like You That Way“, Canaan Smith

45. “Sunday Morning“, Parmalee

44. “California“, Big & Rich

43. “Preachin’ to the Choir“, A Thousand Horses

42. “WD-40“, Muscadine Bloodline

41.  “Yours“, Russell Dickerson

40. “Bottle By My Bed“, Sunny Sweeney

39. “What Guy Wouldn’t“, Waterloo Revival

38. “Singles You Up“, Jordan Davis

37. “Sweetheart“, Kari Lynch

36. “Dive Bar in Dahlonga“, Ashley McBryde

35. “Getting Over You“, Jackie Lee

34. “Clean Up on Aisle Five“, Mo Pitney

33. “Better Me“, Montgomery Gentry

32. “Love Can Go to Hell“, Brandy Clark

31. “Crazy About You“, The Road Hammers

30. “Ask Me How I Know“, Garth Brooks

29. “Happens Like That“, Granger Smith

28. “Broken Halos“, Chris Stapleton

27. “In Case You Didn’t Know“, Brett Young

26. “How Not To“, Dan and Shay

25. “Five More Minutes“, Scotty McCreery

24. “What Ifs“, Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina

23. “Heaven on Down the Highway“, Halfway to Hazard

22. “Never Land“, Eli Young Band

21. “Make a Little“, Midland

20. “Just a Phase“, Adam Craig

19. “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers“, Brandon Lay

18. “Woke Up in Nashville“, Seth Ennis

17. “Hurricane“, Luke Combs

16. “Body Like a Backroad“, Sam Hunt

15. “Heartache on the Dance Floor“, John Pardi

14. “All the Pretty Girls“, Kenny Chesney

13. “The Hard Way“, Cash Creek

12. “You Broke Up with Me“, Walker Hayes

11. “Drinkin’ Problem“, Midland

10. “Bridges“, A Thousand Horses

9. “It Ain’t My Fault“, Brothers Osborne

8. “Greatest Love Story“, LANco

7. “Every Little Thing“, Carly Pearce

6. “Outta Style“, Aaron Watson

5. “Fix a Drink“, Chris Janson

4. “When it Rains it Pours“, Luke Combs

3. “She’s with Me“, High Valley

2. “Roots“, Zac Brown Band

1. “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart“, Old Dominion


Well that’s it. My Top 100 of 2017!

Where did I hit the nail on the head? Where did the arrow miss the mark?

I want to hear from you!

Let me know in the comments below!

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3 Comments on “Year in Review: My Top 100 Country Music Songs of 2017”

  1. Paula Anderson Says:

    hey Keruzer…… just saying hello……….
    Zelda…..remember me???

  2. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Holy moly! Zelda has returned!!!

  3. mamabee1981 Says:

    That’s a good list. I am not ever sure how to pick just one.

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