Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

What’s on tap for 2014??? Any resolutions???

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66 Comments on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I could think of a HANDful of ResoLUTIONS for myself, but, based on my past TRACK Record for KEEPING them, may as well forGET it…. LOL!
    Now, on TAP?… Oh Yeah, some big things— It’s the year a big chunk of in-progress Projects get finished in my House, I get my Mother’s House cleaned-out and ready for Sale in the Summer, and I see-to a couple of my own overdue personal needs….
    (Of course, considering how the Tap has been CLOGGED in the past “new” years I’ve anticipated the same THINGS, I just gotta hope it finally FLOWS this year!).

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Zelda, heard the first good News of the Year (well, I heard it on the first DAY, and it IS good)— They’re picking Jury Members for Jodi Arias’s Re-Trial. We’re off to an exciting start! (on here, at least!)

  3. zelda Says:

    yahoo……l am rooting for a smart jury! Up up and awaaaaaay! can’t wait for us to sink our teeth into this next sojourn,
    happy new year Honeydog,

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I’ll definitely sink-in what I’ve got LEFT! (Had some Teeth pulled, more to be taken out, gotta get the “D” word… Ugh! Don’t even wanna go through it, much less type it out. Oh well, I know I’ll feel and look alot better… More than I hope we end-up saying for ole’ Jodi!)

    BIG BAD Snow Storm here last night. They even sent me Home from Work early. I made it, but it was like Driving through a Scene from “Doctor Zhivago”! (sp?). It lookes like the Snow has stopped, and the Sun is out (Yeah, it’s that Late/Early), but it’s SO quiet right now… I don’t hear ANYbody out on the Roads. Naturally, EYE (I) have-to later. Hope I CAN. And of course, more Shoveling… UH-gan. What a Winter so far….

    Time to go upstairs and Snuggle-in for a while… “Yak” later. (And again, the Happiest New Year to YOU!) Hugs.

  5. One Op Says:


  6. Honeydog Says:

    Almost OVER??? What???… Have I been “Hibernating” that LONG!! HaHa. Better Late than Never, OneOp… WE don’t care, we’re always glad when you show-up, no matter when! The same to YOU… Hope it IS a Happy one!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Damn it’s COLD!!!! Record-low Temps… Hitting the lowest here in 20 Years. Not fit for Man or Beast out there!! My Heater is running so much, it’s PANTING!!!

  8. sandy1961 Says:

    WWWWWWEEEEEEE–Today with the wind chill we shall be about -20.. Feelin GOOD!!!!! NOT!!!
    I think our bodies are gonna wearout with ALL this shoveling & shivering…

  9. Honeydog Says:

    I hear ya, Sandy! Same HERE. Man! We’ve had some COLD Winters, but THIS is BRUTAL!… and it’s only JANUARY!! Got all the Faucets on a constant “trickle” for the first time, for fear of Pipes freezing… I threw some old Peanuts out for the Squirrels, and THEY don’t even stay out long enough to eat them… Doors on my Truck keep getting frozen-shut… And I have so much shit to do but don’t feel like doin NOTHIN. Can’t flip the Pages on that new Calendar fast enough!
    Stay Warm too, and don’t hurt yourself Shoveling!

  10. sandy1961 Says:

    Yup-forgot to put my faucet on a trickle before I left last nite–hope I DON’T regret it…. Today we are about a -39 right now,yup doors freezing shut,my car coughed really hard before it turned over this morning(almost didn’t) the birds asking for food BUT leaving before you can get it some bread… Yup LOTS to do BUT no wanna either… STAY WARM & SAFE!!!!

  11. zelda Says:

    Stay warm my friends!!! Hugs

  12. sandy1961 Says:

    You also Miss Z!!!!!
    Thank GOD my faucets work,It’s a bit warmer -we are NO LONGER in the negatives……
    Things are looking up for the rest of the week…
    Hope all is well with you ladies…..

  13. Honeydog Says:

    I know!… We’re supposed to hit 60 Degrees on Saturday! This is the CRAZIEST Winter!! I sure would like to think that maybe we’ve seen the worst of it… That we got hit really hard early, and the upcoming couple months won’t be as bad. That would be good.
    Oh Goodie! I’m glad everything’s Okay at your House! With the Temps rising, I was glad to turn-off all my steady “Drips” last night after how many Days (Bad enough having to think about the HEATING Bills, but with 3 Bathrooms and a Basement Sink, the extra WATER too. BUT, I have such rotten LUCK, it would’ve been ME who’s Pipes broke in this old House!). But everything’s Okay, so, maybe it helped….
    The Grocery Store where I work wasn’t so Lucky… We lost Power the night before last, had a major Pipe-break, the back-up Generator malfunctioned and never came on, and numerous Cart-fulls of Refridgerated and Frozen Food couldn’t be saved. Went into Work last night and the huge Meat Section (length of the entire back Wall of the Store) was totally BARE, along with parts of Seafood and Dairy. Really a Shame. Lost ALOT of Money. Had to shake my Head though, when goofy Customers were having a PANIC Attack because they “REALLY NEEDED” their “Chicken Nuggets” and shit… Like they weren’t gonna SURVIVE. Geeezzz, some PEOPLE… Never a Dull Moment in that Job, LOL!

    Finally took my wreck-of-a-Christmas-Tree down… Now my VACCUUM Cleaner isn’t working! I’m sitting here looking at a SEA of PINE Needles on the Carpet! Gotta Laugh… Par for the Course! (I think it’s just the Filter clogged though, I checked everything else). At least I finally got rid of the MOUSE, so, YEAH, all is Well!

  14. zelda Says:

    oooooooooooh Honeydog……..your Christmas story ranks up there with the Grinch and Frosty,,,sooooooooooo funny to read,,but not so funny to live it eh? I can’t help it,,,,,It makes me laugh because it is so over the top.
    Hugs and I am glad things are looking up………

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I’m right with ya Z–
    Poor pup!!!
    We are supposed to hit 45 Sat…… BUT RAIN then we drop back down…..
    Crappy about work BUT be glad it wasn’t YOUR fridge….
    Hope you get your pine needles up……..
    You doin good Z????
    How bout you OneOp???

  16. sandy1961 Says:

    Dang that anonymous

  17. zelda Says:

    I’m hangin Sandy. Painting like a mad hatter……..It’s 48 degrees tonight but super windy for a couple of days.Something is banging away on my roof. I am on the top floor of an old brick bldg.so I hear everything overhead,I like it when it rains,soothing.
    Gonna try to go out tomorrow if the wind calms down…….Supposed to meet a friend for lunch.
    Hope you are doing ok,,think about you a lot.
    Hugs and stuff
    Zelda the painter

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks, girls, I’m glad I keep you entertained, HaHa! My Daughter cleaned-up all the Pine Needles with a Dustpan and Brush… I was too tired to fight with the Vaccuum Cleaner. The Kitchen Garbage Can now smells like the Great Outdoors! (Surprisingly, the Tree was actually still fairly Fresh, even though I was lax on giving it Water regularly after it pissed me off when it fell). The Sap on both my Hands is just about worn-off too (Don’t know which was worse— Looking like a “Lepar” with the dark “Blotches” that wouldn’t come off, or them being “Lobster Red”, like I had them in a “Steam Pot”, from scrubbing them so much!). All I have to do now is take-down the little bit of remaining outside Lights that it got too Cold to finish-up doing before, and change the “Greeting” on my Answering Machine— It still says, “Hello, Happy HOLIDAYS!” (People are beginning to wonder if they’ve reached another Country!), then I’ll be all set to move-on to the next “Adventure”….

    My Daughter’s Birthday was this past Wednesday. We didn’t get to Celebrate that either because I had to Work, so we’re baking a Birthday Cake together today, then I’m taking her and a few of her Friends out to Dinner tonight (taking the Cake with us to the Restaurant) on my first night off this week. Looking forward to that… Not being here or dealing with my Mother (a Neighbor will stay with her) or at my Job, and just Eating and RELAXING. I hope you can get out too, Zelda, and enjoy Lunch with your Friend!

    (Oh yeah, heard there was a “Closed Door” Hearing re: Jodi Arias, and that Juan Martinez came out of the Courtroom appearing “very pleased”. Hope we hear something soon!)

  19. sandy1961 Says:

    Glad things are on the up & up with you gals…
    Pup did you try using nail polish remover to get that crap off??? OR goo gone???? They seem to work… I had a tube of super glue bust in my hand one day & that seemed to work(4 the most part)..
    ZTP–(Zelda the Painter) I’m so happy your soundin pretty good lately!!!!! Hoping you get some GOOD $$$$ for your artwork!!!!
    You BOTH enjoy your food dates & pup wish your baby a HAPPY BELATED for me!!!!

  20. zelda Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh……….what gems you gals are!!! Honeydog you just crack me up!!!! I love the way you write,oooooooh!
    Happy birthday to your daughter and I am happy you actually get to sit down and enjoy a piece of cake! man o man.
    Sandy you are so thoughtful and are a dandy keyboard babe! Hugs to you from meeeeeeeee.
    ZTP (hee hee)

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks for the “Sap-off” Tips, Sandy… I do have and did use GooGone, along with some SoftScrub and then Lemon Juice for the Stains. Didn’t know about Nail Polish Remover, but I’ll keep that in mind for next time!
    I let my Daughter read your Birthday Wishes, it brought her a Smile, and, because, through me, she almost feels like she knows you and Zelda and OneOp (after all, it’s always YOU guys she knows I’m talking-to when she catches me still up and on the Computer in the wee hours!) she said to write that she appreciates it. So, Thank You! (And, since it’s Saturday now, we did have a nice and fun Dinner out last night).

    How about YOU, Zelda… Did the Weather cooperate with your Lunch plans?? I do hope so, and I’m really glad too that it appears you are enjoying being filled with new Inspirations, and “Painting away”! Busy little Bee up there!

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but want to tell you

    Want to tell you girls that

  22. Honeydog Says:

    (Darn it, I had a feeling those last two lines were still there, even though I didn’t see them when I scanned-down to erase them— Was supposed to be the start of a completely different Comment)….

    ANYway, what I was going to SAY is, I know I mentioned a while back the problems we’ve been having with this Computer, and you’ll remember that I was planning to take it for an Overhaul during my Vacation (but never did). Been getting-by, but with Limitations, things not working right or at all— but NOW, haven’t been able to get into our Mail for several days. Can’t have that… Besides personal E-Mails, there’s Business stuff to keep-up with, and we have no idea what’s there, nor can we write or reply to anything. So, what I want to TELL you girls is that the time to part-with and get this thing taken care-of has definitely come, and I’ll be doing that this Monday. I don’t know how long it will take or actually what to expect (this Computer was provided to us by a special Organization affilliated with both the Hospital where my Daughter was a Patient and the School she attended, they pay for our Internet Service, it’s their Property, we’ve had it for quite some time, and they could very-well tell us our time with it is up). If worse comes to worse, luckilly, one of the Supervisors of that Service is a long-time Friend and Contact, adores my Daughter and thinks highly of me, and I know would either agree to let us keep it, or gladly give us some extra time in the event it’s neccessary to turn this one in and get our own. Just in case, at least you’ll know what’s going-on and why I’m not here for however long it is.

    “Yak” with Ya’s before Monday….

  23. Honeydog Says:

    Hey there Zelda! Just noticed you slipped-in and wrote while I was doing the same with my last two Comments….
    My Daughter is in Bed asleep, but, if you read my first Comment, I let her see what Sandy said, and I will show her yours later too… I know she’d like that and will appreciate it! Although she’s now 27 (Chronologically), because of her Injury her Mind is much younger, and her Face lights-up like a little girl at these things. And Thank You so much, from me too!
    Since I had already written when your Comment posted first, everything I wanted to say and ask is there, and I don’t have anything to add right now… Except that I’m sure Sandy and OneOp will agree with me that you’re a “Gem” also, I’m going to Bed, and, as above, hope we “Yak” a little more over the Weekend.
    Nightie-Night and Hugs!

  24. zelda Says:

    Ten four Honeydog. Write when you can, Hope it goes smoothly.
    Yep had a great lunch with my good friend Jessie,,she is a minister of the Science of the Mind church and is a real firecracker.Cool gal. We rarely talk of religion just girl talk and a ton of positives.I swear here and there…hahahahaha
    The wind is REALLY ripping today and the water was off this morning.,egad.It is back now thank gawd.
    HUgs to you and your daughter………..yak later.

  25. zelda Says:

    Sandy,,,,,,,,,,,,,notice I am signing ZTP………hahahahahahlove it!!!

  26. Honeydog Says:

    Good for you… Glad you and your Friend got together (I can just imagine TWO “Firecrackers” at the same Table, LOL!)… (Well, c’mon, we KNOW you ARE! HaHa).
    You’re lucky you can get away with “Swearing” here and there… One of my long-time close Friends did a complete “turn-around” some years ago and is HEAVY into “God and Religion”, and, although I respect her choices and I do try not to, she practically condemns me to hell if I slip-up! Uncomfortable being around her now… Always feel like I’m “walking on Eggshells— You know, the kind who expects everyone to “change” just because THEY did, forgetting the other “person” and who they are inside and what they once meant to them. Personally, I don’t believe that’s what it’s supposed to, or should be, all about, and, needless to say, lots of little things like that have torn-down our once-tight Friendship, and getting-together doesn’t happen much anymore. It’s a Shame, but some people can’t, or won’t, “accept” or “tolerate” certain things, I guess.

    “ZTP”… Like it too! (We just gotta watch our TYPO’s— You don’t wanna be ESS T P (STP, the CAR stuff!) LOL!

  27. Honeydog Says:

    (PS to Sandy: Blame it on me if you get Confused when you’re catching-up with the Comments… I accidentally “Thumbed-Up” my own on Jan 11 @ 1:39 am!) oooops….!

  28. zelda Says:

    Let’s just say I think like you do on the friend and religion stuff HD.
    Any more news on Old jodi > ? Gawd I hope they nail her ass……..What a nutbar she is, Poor Travis! My gawd.
    Rooting for this new jury for sure. What about knox? I know no one agrees with me but she is a sneaky bitch too,,,,,,,,classic and waaaaaaaaaaaay more guilty than she is portrayed.She give me the creeps.Spoiled brat for one thing…………yuck
    All these bitches are writing books and people are actually giving them CASH! Yegawds It’s just nuts.

  29. Honeydog Says:

    Haven’t heard any Updates on either Bitch.
    (SUBTLE, huh?! HaHaHa, I’m cracking-UP!)….
    Arias’s “Closed-door Hearing” was last week— No word yet. Knox… Who knows… Not a Peep since I last heard the Trial in Italy was “winding-down”, and I’m sure that was at least a couple weeks ago.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve never been “settled” about HER. SOMEthing… There’s SOMEthing, “underlying”.
    I suppose what’s currently going-on with both Cases could be found on the Internet, but I’m having enough trouble getting HERE. I just wait for the Reports on the HLN Shows I watch. You can bet if they know ANYthing, they tell it right away.
    Yeah, the “Books”… You can’t feel anything but Disgust.

    Soooooo, what kinds of things have you been busy Painting???

  30. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh well, nevermind answering that Question now… Was just stopping-in one more time before I pack this thing up and am on my way to take it and leave it for Repairs. You girls be GOOD now!! HA HA! And keep your Fingers crossed that the next Post I join you on isn’t “Happy New Year 2015″! LOL! Leaving you now with HUGS… Have Fun! Byeeeeee……….)

  31. sandy1961 Says:

    Bye Pup-Talk with ya SOON.. Can’t wait to get my net working propery ALSO,will be nice to be able to chat on the weekends also…

  32. sandy1961 Says:

    ZTP glad you like your new call tag!!!!
    Happy you had a good time with your friend..
    Things are still cold/warm/windy/rainy here….Wish it would just settle a bit,now of course having water heater problems!!! Keep your fingers/eyes/toes crossed it’s just the weater F—–n with the pilot lite..
    Yes ZTP I noticed RIGHT AWAY your new sign off…
    Yak soon… Stay warm & have a great day..

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    Glad you & your daughter had a nice time this weekend!!!!

  34. zelda Says:

    March 17th.,,,,,new trial date for horrid old jodie.It’ll be life or death literally.Start gathering energy to support the jury.
    The judge is not allowing all the video evidence,let’s hope everything else gets in. I am assuming that if she gets life it will be with no parole.She is evil incarnate………
    Travis’s family said they will do whatever it takes to bring her down but wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what an ordeal for them.I gotta tell you I would do the same thing however.One way or the other she needs to cease and desist.
    Yes.knox is really creepy……look at that face.read those eyes and body language. Always holding back a smile…..just like anthony and arias……It’s difficult to be “civilized” when these kind of murderers are in our faces.
    Off with their heads!

  35. sandy1961 Says:

    WHAM BAM kill em man!!!!~

  36. Honeydog Says:

    it’s awf’ly quiet here… HELLO????… anybody OUT THERE????

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    Was thinking that myself the other day!!!!1
    Get the computer ALL better????

  38. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Sandy!
    It’s a long story, but No, after them having it for a Week, just a “temporary Fix”— Basically, too many issues with this old out-dated one, it’s not worth it, so they’re going to give us a new one. At least we can get into our Mail now (AND of course, for the time being, I can be back with YOU guys) so we don’t mind having to wait a little while longer for a replacement and everything to be right. I’d go out and buy us a new one, but, through them, the Computer is Free and the Internet is paid-for, so hey, why not. Just have to wait for the Call now.

    So, what’s been going on with YOU???
    I read your Water Heater was acting-up… Did you get it figured-out?

  39. Honeydog Says:

    Like “Let’s Make A Deal”, C’mon DOWN!

  40. sandy1961 Says:

    Things have been good with it lately….Knock on WOOD!!!
    Glad your getting a new one…I wish I could… At least my internet is UP & I can look for a new service!!!

  41. sandy1961 Says:

    I hear the Knox trial is coming to a close here shortly…..

  42. zelda Says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyy! Here I am,,,,,,,,,,Glad to hear you all sound in good spirits.Everything here is tolerable. heh heh
    I suppose you read that our Seattle Seahawks are going to the superbowl! Everyone is super excited!!I am not into the “twelfth man” thing but I am happy for those that are.
    Soooooooooooo………..I wonder what the knox outcome will be?I AM interested in that.
    I have my 15 year old grandson staying the night. He had to walk a long way and then get a bus to get here.Trouble at home,His mom is my eldest grandchild and I want to take her down a peg or two.I feel very good that my (great grandson) feels he can come to me.His mom is a real control freak among other things,My advice is to hang in if he can til he graduates and then run like hell.His step dad is big and has gotten rough with him too…….bastard.I hope they don’t try to mess with me because I will take em out.You know what I mean.
    Soooooooo there ya go, My nerves are raw.

  43. Honeydog Says:

    Okay then… The Water Heater’s good, the Super Bowl will be Super, the word on Foxy Knoxy is coming, and Zelda’s got her Boxing Gloves on… All is well.

    (Well, sort-of, except for your poor Great-Grandson, Zelda. I feel sorry for him that his Homelife is so unhappy and, at only 15, is obviously in Distress. Thank Goodness he had someone to go to, and you are his Port in the Storm. It’s none of my business, I’m just talking here, but, knowing that his Step-Father has apparently gotten “Physical” with him, I don’t know that I could send him back into that situation. Even if he can tolerate it until he Graduates, I’m sure the circumstances have already done some Damage to him, and he’s obviously desperate enough to feel the need to run out and get away from it. I know it’s tough to be in the middle, and you feel you don’t want to overstep your Boundaries, but Yeah, do stand-up for him and protect him all you can. He’ll rest easy tonight, but it’s a Shame he has to face it again tomorrow, and the next day, and so on. My Mother put me through hell for a period of time when I lived at Home, and, even though my Father was an Angel, I was in a constant state of inner Turmoil being there during those particular years, and just the Thought of having to go Home after being out, was a terrible, sinking feeling. I really hope everything works out… Sad to live like that, no matter any length of time. Keep your Dukes up… For his Sanity, Safety and Welfare. Sometimes you have to step in. Good Luck to you both).

  44. zelda Says:

    OH I will step in……have been for a long time.I have his back. Sorry to let out my personal stuff,,,,,,,,,,I get so damned frustrated,He is my first concern,,,,,,,,,,,I will flatten someone if I have to.
    I am not a physical person,,,,,,,,,,I like to think I am civilized. But if a kid is in trouble I am there.
    Thanks Honeydog…you are such a good person,,,smart and caring. Big hug from me.,,,,,,,,,to be continued.

  45. sandy1961 Says:

    ZTP- I LOVE your style Missy-NObody better mess with our lil ZTP or the wrath of us Korner Kruzers shall begin!!!!
    Glad you got this boys back.I’m sure you will do some ASS whoopin if need be…. That kind of sh– sucks…
    I have to admit I have great parents…. Don’t get me wrong me & my siblings WERE quite the handful growing up & I can’t believe we ALL actually made it…..
    NEVER be sorry ZTP for letting your feelings out to us,WE ALL NEED TO VENT at times……..

  46. zelda Says:

    Sandy…you are the best! Thank you so much.I am truly lucky to have you and honeypup as friends,,,,,,,,
    it’s the wee hours,,no sleep last night,,,,,,,,,,more later when I am fully awake,
    hugs Sandy

  47. sandy1961 Says:


  48. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy’s right… Every once-in-a-while (or more, if it’s how we feel and what we want to tell at the time) there’s no Shame in sharing among close, caring, and understanding Friends. We’ve just about done it all here on these Pages, and that’s what’s so great about it, and so special between us.
    I have never underestimated your Character, Wisdom, and Intelligence, Zelda… Knowing how you stand-up for the Wrong in this World on countless Posts we’ve discussed, it’s no surprise that you would do the same for a Loved One. Your little man is very Fortunate having you for his Great-Grandmother (and no doubt he knows and appreciates it). We know all too well that many Kids in similar or worse situations, don’t have anyone, much less are so Lucky having someone on their side, to turn-to for Help. Sleep tight, and be Grateful you ARE there, no matter how Frustrating I can imagine it is.
    Hugs too!

  49. zelda Says:

    If you could hear this it would be almost a choked whisper. ….”thanks so much…”

  50. Honeydog Says:

    While we’re talking “personal stuff”, and referencing your comment, Sandy, about your Parents, I want to elaborate-on, and need to clarify, what I wrote about my Mother, so you girls don’t get the wrong idea!
    Both my Parents were great also— Wonderful, actually— Overall, couldn’t have asked for better. When I mentioned those troubled years, my Mom was suffering from deep Depression and Anxiety, with extreme Mood Swings, and I was the unfortunate Target. Although it was always Verbally, we fought like Wildcats, she was very Distrusting and always “at me”, and I did mean what I said, that particular time period at Home WAS hell, and, understandably, I DIDN’T want to be there, and I DIDN’T want to go Home when I had to. Hence, what I said— The Sinking feeling, and Sad to live like that. Other than my Dad— who, Bless his Soul, was stuck in the middle and could only “referree”— and a Best Friend who often came and rescued me for a day or two, I didn’t have another Family Member to go and stay with, until much later-on when my Brother and Sister-in-Law got involved. It wasn’t until I became Older and Wiser that I fully understood the extent of my Mother’s illness at that time, and realized that she couldn’t help it. And when I said that my Father was an Angel, I didn’t mean that my Mother never was. It was a “period of Time” I was talking about, and just want to make sure I’m not misunderstood about her or lead anyone to think I had a bad Life growing-up.
    (Believe me, my Life is MUCH worse NOW! LOL!)

  51. Honeydog Says:

    (You snuck in, Zelda)
    All to say is, I know you… I hear… and you’re Welcome.

  52. Honeydog Says:

    Had another big Snow Storm here (Tuesday Night/all day Wednesday)… Got over a Foot this time, still Blowing and Drifting, Stinging Freezing Cold…. GEEEZZZ what a Winter so far.

  53. sandy1961 Says:

    I was referring to folks in general.. I wasn’t implying anything negative..SO many of my friends growing up had a VERY HARD upbringing by the folks they had… I had only about 3 GOOD friends that the parents stayed together (including mine) throughout the years…
    I do have to say you & ZTP have actually brought me out of my shell a bit & spoke of things that I care about.. (always been quite) drove my folks nuts cause I was always giving the same answers… nothings wrong,nothings the matter,I don’t care……..
    I was never one to share I guess is the best way to put it!!!!
    ZTP-your the BEST—
    Gotta say for NEVER meeting either one of you I feel a VERY deep connection to you BOTH..
    P.S. Pup tell your lil gal hello…….

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Sandy, No, I knew you weren’t implying anything at all. EYE (I) just happened to think about what I had written after I WROTE it— saying that my Mother put me through hell and I didn’t want to be at Home— and I realized that it sounded like EYE (I) was implying the Negative… That she was a horrible person and that I had had an abusive unhappy Childhood or something. It wasn’t the Impression EYE (I) wanted to give, or leave, so I just wanted to make sure I corrected that. No worries, Sweetie!

    I know I can safely say that we ALL feel that “Deep Connection” with each other. This has been, and is, more than just your “ordinary Blog Site” to each of us…. As we grew to know each other, we “felt it” within us, and we’ve cared enough to honestly WANT to establish more than just “idle Chit-Chat”, taking the Time to really “Listen” and “Give Back”… Enough to Invite each other into, Invest-in, and Intertwine each other’s “Lives”… The Interest we feel and show is Genuine… We TALK, not simply “write”, when we Share and Respond… and there’s a sense between us that the close Friendship we’ve established truly means as much to each of us as between any who have a physical one. It’s wonderfully-Comfortable, and, whether for each of us individually, or for combined reasons, richly Rewarding. I think I can also safely say that we’d all feel a great Loss without each other.

    You’re a Doll, Sandy… I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m happy that you’ve found you can be a bit more “yourself” with us. We each have something to offer, and, likewise, what you bring-out of us and to the Mix is just as Important and Appreciated as what you say we have done for you. And feel that you can come out of that “Shell” any Time you WANT to with us, Ya HEAR!

    (Will tell my Daughter… Thanks, Chickie!)
    HUGS back.

  55. sandy1961 Says:

    I will write back atcha later, I got shitloads to do.. It is whiting out at this moment & I need to go find (unbury) some cars on the lot…..
    I figured that was what you were writing BUT did NOT want you to think I was implying anything…
    Love to ALL

  56. sandy1961s Says:

    Talk about a crappy winter…..

  57. Honeydog Says:

    TELL me about it! And every time you turn on the News, there’s another round coming. I’ve been tryin to “go with the Flow” but I’m really starting to get sick of it all. And I can’t remember when it’s been so DEADLY COLD… My Heating Bills are BREAKING me… Can’t get through 2 weeks without having to get another 100 Gallons of Oil, and everybody’s prices are sky-high due to the excessive Demand. We have a big old Fireplace in the Living Room, and a small one in one of the Bedrooms, but they’re not even helping as much as other years. Still have my Faucets “Dripping” too. VERY Expensive Winter. UGH. I’ll be SO glad when it’s over and we’re complaining about how Stinking HOT it is!

  58. sandy1961 Says:

    I hear ya…. I forgot to leave a drip going last nite & today.. With the wind chill they are talkin -(thats a negative) 30 below….
    I’ll bet the oil is killin ya pup……. this is some crazy shit.. STAY WARM & SAFE>>>>
    What about you OneOp???? You fending off this cold?????

  59. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, where ARE you TWO!!

  60. sandy1961 Says:

    Jury began deliberations on the Knox trial today…..Anyone think a GUILTY verdict will happen???

  61. One Op Says:

    Hi my friends, we have had some very very cold, everything frozen and plant life done to the base, but I sure hope some comes back. Lost six dwarf citrus, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine which were doing so well. I’m ok, and thank you for remembering me. Had some surgery in January, was pretty concerned but results are ok. just takes time for the elderly to get restored. lol I don’t forget you all, just matters that keep me going give less time to sit down and do this. I just hope you are all keeping well above the surface of trying issues. Last month my heating bill went over the roof too and seems like I just couldn’t keep the house comfortable from the cold. Just wanted to drop in for a hello and a hug to you, off for Dr. appointment in a few minutes. Hang tight!

  62. sandy1961 Says:

    Hope ALL is well OneOp..Just as I posted so did you….
    I think ALL our heating bills are RIDICULOUS last month & this..
    Sorry you lost your plants & trees

  63. zelda Says:

    Man o man,,,,I am so sorry all of you are going through this oddball weather! Is there a chance of the state giving people an energy break for pete’s sake? Seems “disaster ” worthy to me.
    I live in Washington state and we have been getting colder and colder this last week but staying in the wee forties pretty much. It feels much colder today. I guess we are in for a storm or two also…..but nothing like you guys are experiencing.Take care …
    Glad to hear you are doing better OneOp……..!!!We miss you.
    And Sandy…yep it’s a guilty verdict for Knox and her boyfriend.He will go directly to jail but what will happen to her????If she gets off scott free I think it’s a travesty. Poor Meridith’s family.At the VERY least they get the satisfaction of this latest verdict.I guess you can tell I am not a fan of old knox,,,she is just plain creepy.Can
    t look at her face without feeling reviled.She, in my opinion, is a consumate spoiled liar.Her parents are dumb shits in my opinion.They are doing a good job in wiggling out of their goofy spoiled daughters mess, I KNOW my stance on this is not popular,,,,but hey.
    Meridith’s parents said that no one is remembering their daughter and that the others are writing books and getting all the sympathy,,,,,,,sound familiar?
    I for one am sick of it.

  64. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, so glad you dropped-in!… As Zelda said, we miss you! I know what you mean about so many other things consuming your Time, and I’m sure when your Day is done and your Chores and things are finished, you don’t stay up all Night into the wee-Hours like some of us do (especially Me) to get on the Computer. Believe me, if I wasn’t a Night Owl (and still Awake when the Roosters crow), I wouldn’t be here either!

    Such a Shame about your Plants… They were some nice Fruits. I guess there was no way to bring them in or cover them somehow? This Winter is one for the Books, that’s for sure— Alot of Damage in every way, including to our Wallets. I’m wondering too, how much the “Outside” will Bounce-back come Spring, not to mention wondering how long I can afford to keep the INside in Heat until it GETS here. “Hang Tight”, Yeah… You too now (Not much Choice, right?)

    So Sorry we didn’t know of your Surgery beforehand— We would have wished you well… But it’s good at least to hear that you’re alright, the Report was Okay, and you’re on the Mend. Take it easy, and just continue to keep getting Better! You’re in my Thoughts, and HUGS back.

  65. Honeydog Says:

    I already wrote on the other new Post about “Foxy’s” Conviction (Yeah, “Sly” like one, Zelda) but want to Comment on what you said about our States giving us a Break on our Heating/Energy Bills….

    I think your Thought is a real good one, and at least worth checking-into. I don’t doubt there’s a considerable amount of people who have already hit Bottom trying to afford the Financial Perils this Winter has caused so far, and I’m sure more Hardship Cases will continue to climb if this Weather keeps up. You’re right— It IS “Disaster Worthy”, and, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll use your Words and send a little Letter to my State Senator/Representatives (You remember we Correspond from time-to-time on various Issues). Can’t hurt to put my “Two-Cents in”, and I’d Bet others would follow. So, THANK YOU for the Idea! (Shame on Me for not thinking of it mySELF).

    Funny… While I’m sitting here talking about how people are Struggling to afford this Winter, they’re showing Clips of Obama on TV, talking about Unemployment and his Mission to get people Jobs and back to Work— STILL “talking about it”. How long has he been saying THAT. (Eh, just thought I’d throw that in). I suppose, if it’s left up to HIM, we’ll all FREEZE to Death before we get that “Break”!).

    And Yeah, I’m with you on Crimes that “Pay” and Forgetting the “Victims”… All TOO Familiar, and Sick of it also. Ain’t that America….

  66. sandy1961 Says:

    Git er done pup

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