Gunman Opens Fire at LAX

A suspect has been shot and is in police custody after a shooting that prompted evacuations this morning at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The shooting took place at approximately 9:30 a.m. (PT).

The incident began when a man with an unconfirmed type of firearm approached a checkpoint at Terminal 3 and opened fire on a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent.

Unsubstantiated rumors are circulating that the shooter has been identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, of Los Angeles.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Law enforcement officers were flooding the airport, authorities said, and terminals 2 and 3 were evacuated.

Tory Belleci of the television show Mythbusters tweeted: “Heard gun shots then everyone starting running for the door. Not sure if anyone was hurt. #LAX.”

TV footage showed dozens of offficers swarming the airport. Images also showed a law enforcement officer being treated by paramedics. He appeared to be alert. Another officer had a bloody hand.

From NBC News:

NBC News reports that one TSA employee was killed and a second employee was wounded in the gunfire. The report could not be immediately confirmed by police or airport officials.

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94 Comments on “Gunman Opens Fire at LAX”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, “Regular Programming” was interrupted when this Incident happened… Only heard what had gone down and saw lots of Law Enforcement Vehicles piled in the Roadways, and I thought, Oh No, what NOW! This stuff is like an every day Occurrance anymore— Shooting-up Schools and Colleges, Shooting-up Public Events, Shooting-up Office Buildings, Shooting-up Department Stores, Shooting-up Airports…. Leaves you Paranoid to be ANYwhere these days. You can’t stop to get Gas in your Car without finding yourself “scanning” your Eyes around, anxious to finish Pumping so you can jump back in (Not that even being inside your Car makes you much Safer either). I can only imagine what’s on the Minds of people who “Travel” all the time— Airports and Planes and Trains and stuff— No Thanks… It’s Scary enough at the Grocery Store……

  2. zelda Says:

    I watch my back all the time. I try to stay out of crowds and get in the store and out fast……..even art walks make me nervous anymore and I make sure to have my radar on and lock my door every time I go down the hall etc.
    Scary world…nutbars every where.

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    This is crazy shit..I wondered when something like this would happen in L.A. When I go home to see my family I’m always wondering if anything will happen here,Scary to think that this is the NORM anymore.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    LAX…. A New Jersey Shopping Mall (Opened fire/Turned Gun on himself afterwards)…. and now, a Mass Shooting in Detroit (4 Dead, 3 in Hospital)— All in the same Week. And, just in time, the Ban has been lifted in the Community where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, allowing “Neighborhood Watch” to once again carry a Gun….
    We might as well all just be given a Gun at Birth and be called “America… Armed and Dangerous”.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    (PS: Can’t stay… Will try to write more/send E-Mails later)

  6. zelda Says:

    They nailed that creepy doctor………..! I think the girlfriend should have been found guilty as an accessory as well.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    REALLY???…. He was CONVICTED????
    I watched my Recordings of the entire Trial as I could keep-up with it while “Nursing” my Mom, saw the Closing Arguments and knew it went to the Jury on Friday, been flipping TV Channels every now and then to try to get any News, haven’t seen or heard anything (wrong place/wrong time, I guess), and thought they were still Deliberating! DAMN, saw the whole Trial from beginning to end, and missed the Verdict! Would’ve loved to have caught that. So, when did they come back with it?… And what’s his Sentence?
    WOW… All I can say is YAAAHOOOOOO! As “Circumstantial” as it was, THIS Jury got it right.

  8. zelda Says:

    Yep the jury found him guilty…………as for the sentencing I am not sure.You will probably know before I do. The internet went down in my area,,,,,just up now…… be continued

  9. zelda Says:

    Sentencing on Jan. 7th. Anywhere from 15 years to life for first frgree murder and another 15 for obstruction of justice.I think there is another charge concerning rape of his daughter coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    gezus what a scum shittin bag. Creepy shit.

  10. One Op Says:

    I was happy to hear a guilty! Seems the last few top news cases have been getting away to where the killers have come to believe they can get away with anything, as so many have.

    Hope you ladies have been resting easy, I am finally getting huddled in for the months of winter. Things out in the spring and summer back under shelter in the fall. Garden pots all cleaned up and dirt filtered to be ready for next spring to replant, I hope. Some years I tell myself not again, yet growing a few fresh vegetables and salad mix calls me back.

  11. zelda Says:

    Sounds great OneOp.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Well, no matter HOW long he gets he deserves LONGER, but I’m just Thrilled that at least this Jury used their Heads and put the Puzzle Pieces together with good old Common Sense, and we all have the Last Laugh at his Boldness and Confidence in thinking he would get away with all he did— Alot of it the Jury never even Heard. Gotta admit, I was Surprised they came back with a “Guilty”… There was no “Proof” as to what actually happened in that Bathroom, none of the Medical “Experts” or Law Enforcement/Investigators ruled his Wife’s death a Homicide, and the Testimonies of his 4 Daughters and 3 former Prison Inmates could be considered “Biased” and with Self-serving Motives— And The Defense sure pounded these Points into the Juror’s Minds. Thank God they were Smart. I’ll bet his geeky cocky Lead Defense Attorney and his constantly-Smiling “Sidekick” (other Attorney) are still shitting Bricks over the Verdict. I’m Glad for the Family… After 6 long years, their Mission is accomplished, and, for a Beautiful and Loving Mother who can now Rest in Peace.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    The Judge for Jodi Arias denied her Demand to “Fire” her Lawyer.
    Next Hearing regarding the “Re-Trial” is to happen before the end of the Month….

    Don’t quite understand this one, but there’s “new Evidence” in Amanda Knox’s Case— “The DNA found on the Knife does not belong to the Victim” and “Supports Knox’s Case”…. (???)

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Good for you, OneOp. I’m Jealous. I wish I had things in-order like that. I’m so far behind at this point, it’ll be Summer again by the time I get things Buckled-down for Winter. You’ll be Glad you did what you did, again, when you’ve got those Fresh Vegetables next year. And I’ll be Glad if all my stuff doesn’t Blow into the next STATE (LOL!)

  15. zelda Says:

    So old jodi can’t control the judge eh?I’ll bet she chewed her mattress over that one.Gawd I hope they nail that witch.She needs to die for the horror she perped on Travis AND his family.Gory stuff with no sign of a conscience.

    I guess I am a majority of one on the knox case.I think she is guilty of much more than most people think. I know it it my bones.While most people are down on the Italians for this I believe they think as I do and are trying to not let her get away with a slap on the wrist and universal sympathy.Things like this stick in our craws.

    I used to love my garden and all my beautiful canning.Seems like another lifetime that I had a husband and a home,,kiddies and a good job.I bear no resemblance to that person now.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah I sure hope the “Arias Players” and the Court get their shit together and the Re-Trial gets going…
    It’s ridiculous how long this has dragged-on, and so unfair to the Alexander Family… I’ve never seen anything like it. “Sentencing” is Due… Not biding Time filing Motions.

    Actually, you’re not completely alone about “Foxy Knoxy”… As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been “settled” on her Innocence. There’s just something there that doesn’t sit right. With the Italians obviously still not Convinced either and bound-determined to stay Hot-on-the-Trail, their (and ours) Suspicions are at least being addressed.

    Man I know exactly what you mean. Oh it WAS another Lifetime… One of a few, matter of Fact, for me. I mean, sure, Life changes, Life changed… But can’t tell you how often I say to myself, How the hell did my Life ever get like THIS. So drastically different now… and I, to match. It blows your Mind, doesn’t it? Can’t wrap your Head around it sometimes……

  17. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I never watch Nancy Grace (and after tuning-in last night I didn’t need to be reminded Why) but MacNeill’s Daughter, Alexis (the one who lead the Fight for her Father’s Conviction) and The Prosecution Team were her Guests. It was worth putting-up with Nancy to hear their Interview, and I finally got to see the Footage of the Verdict being read. Alexis said she got to meet and talk-to the Jurors after the Verdict, and they all told her that it was her Testimony that clenched it for them. She couldn’t express enough how Gratifying it is for her to know that these Strangers believed her, and saw the Story and her Father for what they were. Despite that she appeared “Drained”, it must be a great Sense of Relief and Pride to have served her Mother well, and be able to move forward (in Legal Custody of all her Siblings) and live without the absence of Justice. I’m so Happy for her.
    The same is well-overdue for Travis Alexander and his Family.

  18. sandy1961 Says:

    I HATE Nancy Grace-
    BUT have seen her lately also!!!!
    She’s a turd!!!!

  19. zelda Says:

    She is real “lawyer” material for sure.I have never met one in person I would trust as far as I could toss em.Plus….the personality that goes with the suit is usually rude, self centered,controlling and ego drive. They give a pit bull a run for their money.Alas we need the buggers from time to time………..
    I don’t have a Tv hooked up,,use it for watching movies so I can escape some of the crappy shows it provides. The fake boob reality shows are just horrid. OOOOOOOOOOh man.The violence is off the charts as well.I love my old Doris Day or Alfred Hitchcock movies…..hahahaha.

  20. sandy1961 Says:

    I hear ya Z…
    I just got the old Mama’s family set..
    Can’t wait for a laugh or 2…

  21. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m SO sorry to hear (read) all of whats been going on in your life lately..
    SO sorry to hear of your husbands passing..
    It’s NEVER long reading about what’s going on in you ladies life..
    If I can do ANYTHING for you PLEASE let me know.. It may not be much BUT I will do what I can….
    I care very much for ALL of you without EVER laying eyes on ANY of you..

  22. One Op Says:

    Thank you for your generous heart Sandy, I am good and I have a son who comes to visit every few weeks. I am not down and out, so to speak, as long as I can be on my feet I am grateful, and from what I read not with the troubled issues you ladies have to deal with. I do own the house and to have to worry about rents like some of you would probably send me to the loony pen. Didn’t mean to have anyone worry, because life is the way it is for everyone. I just am in and out of here sometimes. Up to a few months ago was still doing some books for a couple places and some volunteer at the hospital clinic, but the pain in my legs put me on too many pain pills and not sleeping well, I am staying very close to home. You all have been open and wonderful about who you are, just thought I would open up a little and let you know I am not a young smart ass who knows it all. Things just sort of pop out of my head and typing is good for the fingers. LOL you just happen to be the recipients. I don’t think I would enter into any of it if you three weren’t still hanging in here. I don’t have troubles Sandy like so many and so much going on in the world, I am grateful, so far in a safe environment and wish everyone else to be.

  23. zelda Says:

    You are a gem Sandy.thank you for being so caring.Our lives “off the keyboard” are like many people . We struggle, we rationalize, we keep going some how.For me, the fact someone(YOU GUYS) hear me and being able to share is a major factor in putting one foot in front of the other.
    I hear you OneOp…………
    Honeydog and Sandy guys are the bomb.
    Thank you

  24. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Ladies,BUT that is just who I am.. My folks taught me to treat people as I want to be treated… I think WE ALL have a special bond without REALLY knowing one another…Sometimes we ALL just need to know SOMEONE cares & I want ALL 3 of you to know I DO..
    We all need a place to vent & storytell & I think we found it in each other….
    SO have a great day gals!!!!

  25. Honeydog Says:

    Dear OneOp~
    I join Zelda and Sandy in telling you, that sharing our personal Ups-and-Downs and expressing our genuine Care and Concerns about, and Appreciation for, each other here, is a Joy and Comfort among the 4 of us, and I’m sure I can speak for the other two in saying that no one EVER thought you were a “Know-it-all Smart Ass”, and that we’re all Glad you feel Comfortable “Opening-up”. Letting our “Guards” down, being “Ourselves”, and even “Complaining” once-in-a-while, is nothing to Fear or be Ashamed-of in the company of True and un-Judging Friends. It’s nice to know “a little more” about “OneOp”, and we always Enjoy EVERYthing that “Pops out of your Head”.

    My Sincere and Heartfelt Condolences on the loss of your Husband, and I hope the Aches and Pains you’re dealing-with as well will get better soon. Your Positive Outlook is an Inspiration to us all, and one which I’m sure will carry you through.

    Yes, we’re still “Hanging in here”, and Happy you are too!

  26. Honeydog Says:

    “Ditto”, Zelda… And I know it’s True for me.

    (Hope you know you’re included in being “the Bomb”… Maybe we should Re-name our little Foursome, “The Bomb Squad”!!)

  27. sandy1961 Says:

    I concur with the pup!!!!!!
    On BOTH statements..

  28. zelda Says:

    hahahaha………great group title there Honeydog……….
    my internet connection has been down for a couple of days…….just went on,,,,,,,,,hope it stays ON .Yak later

  29. Honeydog Says:

    Anyone remember that strange News Story about the “McStay Family”???— Father, Mother and their 2 little Boys who mysteriously Disappeared from their Home in California 3 years ago. Investigators had found their Home undisturbed, Food still out on the Table, their Dogs in the Back Yard, no Clothes or Luggage missing, no Indication of a planned Trip or Vacation, their one SUV still in the Driveway— But their other one Abandoned outside the Mexican Border on the U.S. side, and, by Video Surveilence of people walking accross the Border which appeared to show them entering Mexico, they concluded that for some unknown reason they just “picked-up and left”…… If you do remember, it was reported last night that all 4 of their Skeletal Remains have been found in a shallow Grave in the Desert by way of a guy riding his Dirt Bike. I remembered that Story when they all went Missing… It’s now even stranger.

  30. zelda Says:

    Sad…..I was hoping they were alive somewhere. Damn.
    It smacks of a drug deal gone bad………..but who knows. Sometimes I think we are racing backward to the dark ages.

  31. Honeydog Says:

    I agree… You just kind-of knew it had to be something over Money owed or a bad Business Deal or Drugs etc. The Father “imported” Grand-scale Statuary and Fountains— from Mexico— and his Wife was reported to have had “numerous Alias’s”. Yeah… SOMEthing went Bad, and SOMEone got their Revenge. The saddest part is that the innocent Children were taken and Punnished for it also. Must’ve really been “Big Time” Criminal activity/association to result in a “Goodfellas”-type “Wacking” of the entire Family. Kind-of doubt they’ll ever know who did it.

  32. sandy1961 Says:

    I saw the breaking news on Fri. Nite..
    How sad is that,Although just because they saw a family of 4 crossing the border Doesn’t mean it was them,I wondered that from the time they showed the survellience footage….
    Hope you all had a good weekend,DODGED the bullet last night with those storms,REALLY windy & RAINY though…

  33. Honeydog Says:

    The past few days here have been just Beautiful… A nice Break, Sunny and Warm, felt like Spring… Now, as predicted, the Cold and Wind have returned. Really frustrating as we keep trying to get the Yard cleaned-up of Leaves and Pine Needles and they’re all over the place again, and it’s Cold working outside. I love Fall but I hate Fall. No “Storms” but Temperatures are steadily dropping and probably won’t re-bound, and, of course, back to the Furnace running and my old drafty Windows……

  34. Honeydog Says:

    So old Georgie Boy (Zimmerman) is back in Jail… Facing some serious Assault Charges. Supposedly broke some Furniture in his “new Girlfriend’s” House, pointed a Shotgun at her, and pushed her out of her own House. They said he was “Complacent” and “Cooperative” with the Police afterwards, but EYE (I) think he knows how to play the Game and “work the System”, that he’s a “Ticking Time Bomb”, and he REALLY needs to be put away. This guy just won’t Quit!

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Well NOW I’ve heard EVERYthing!… Toronto, Canada’s “Mayor CRACK” won’t step-down, but he’s starting his own REALITY SHOW!! Can you beLIEVE it! (Uh, Yeah, I guess we CAN). The World is really going to POT (Uh, make that CRACK). Geeeezzzzzzus……

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    Hope you get everything done pup.
    I did a bunch of yardwork over at Barb’s on Sat. about 8 bags of mulched leaves then went to my house & mowed the front/back & got ALL the leaves up.Got back to Barb’s & it looked as if I had done NOTHING. The next day at my house ALL my neighbors leaves were ONCE AGAIN in my yard.. I also LOVE the fall.. (also lazy neighbors) My windows are like yours also(cold & drafty)
    OH WELL-It is what it is!!!!!
    As for Zimmerman he is definately ticking!!!!!!
    I heard about ole Mayor man..(I’M NOT AN ADDICT)
    Did you also hear that he gave ALL his staff a $5,000.00 raise BEFORE they stripped the office of ALL power? Now supposedly they will have to reinstate ALL of the people IF he ever leaves!!!!!
    WHAT the F—-….

  37. zelda Says:

    geeeezus…………from crazy murders to crazy Mayors. Yikes!

  38. Honeydog Says:

    Don’t even get me started on “Neighbors”! I’ve got ’em from one extreme to ANOTHER where Yards and Clean-up are concerned— One guy is so OBSESSED, he can’t stand it if there’s a HAIR on his Lawn or if his Grass is longer than an EYELASH… He’s breaking-out the damn Weed-Wacker and the Blower/Sucker and his Lawnmower every five MINUTES, and all you hear EVERY..SINGLE..DAY all Summer-long and until there’s SNOW on the Ground is bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He’s mowed the Grass so much that he’s got some parts down to DIRT… And he STILL keeps Mowing it!… Clouds of Dust flyin all over the place… Hell, we’ve even seen him Mowing in Thunderstorms. And when he blows the Leaves, the arrogant Bastard blows them all up into the Yard of the House next Door to him, and those people DO clean-up their Yard. He drives us all frickin Crazy. REALLY needs to Get a Life…… The other Neighbor doesn’t do SHIT… EVER. Never in the 16 years I’ve lived here, have they cleaned-up their Yard in the Spring and Fall. They just let the blanket of Leaves lay there so they kill the Grass and they don’t have to Mow, and whatever of them don’t get pushed-down into their Ground by the Rain and Snow ALL BLOWS OVER onto MINE. I bust my Ass cleaning-up my Property in the Spring and Fall, and all Summer-LONG I’m cleaning-off my Lawn from their Leaves that worked their way over. The very next day after I Mow the Lawn and it looks nice, it’s sprinkled with dead Leaves. Can’t tell you what I’d like to do to THOSE people! What the hell ever happened to COMMON COURTESY. Too bad there ain’t a Law……

    (Now that I’ve VENTED, LOL! Yeah, I’m getting it done… How long it STAYS done, pphhh..!)

  39. Honeydog Says:

    (That’s supposed to be ppfff. You know what I mean)

  40. zelda Says:

    I remember old Viola(in her 70’s)…..she rented a little house next to ours.We owned ours.
    There was an eighty year old fence between us that she decided to toss all her yard waste and cat litter over.I told her to please not do that but she kept it up saying our property was really HER property and she could do what she liked.I wanted to scream. Then I had an idea. The next time she did it I got my shovel and went over to her yard and began digging up the azalea by her front door. She came out yelling that I couldn’t do that to which I replied that she couldn’t toss her crap over my fence any more either and that if she kept it up I would dig up every plant in her yard.
    She was a real mean old thing but she didn’t do it again.Later she tried to cut my trees down….what a nut!! Of course I called the police and they talked to her more than once. Neighbors are very hard to deal with many times.

  41. sandy1961 Says:

    Guess we’ve ALL had our share of IDIOT neighbors.. We can go on & on about them BUT in the end we gotta get it done REGARDLESS of the jerks..
    I like your syle Z….
    Pup NO-one shows common courtesy anymore for the most part & the SAD part about it is WE GET SURPRISED when someone does show it…
    What a strange world we now live in

  42. Honeydog Says:

    Hah! That’s some Story! At least you were Lucky enough to get her good, get your Point accross, and finally have it Stop.
    That same guy who’s obsessed with his Yard???… Nearly every day for years, starting with the first nice Day in Spring, and straight through to Winter, he blasts Music out of his open Garage Door, from Morning till Night— So BESIDES the annoying bzzzzzzzzzz and vrrrroooooooooom of his Power Tools, you hear BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM of the Bass carrying through the Air. My other Neighbors (Elderly and always Home) told me that they once tried to Confront him about it, and the guy boldly said “YOU don’t intimidate ME” (This guy ALSO Mows part of THEIR adjoining Lawn out front when he Mows HIS, to make HIS Property “appear” larger)–(Seriously, I could go on and on about this Jerk). Anyway, I got so Fed-up myself with being woke-up out of a dead Sleep like that every Morning, and then putting-up with it all day every day, that I called the Cops a few years back. I told them in my Complaint that no one minds the playing of Music, but it’s LOUD and goes on from Dusk till Dawn, and that he doesn’t have an ounce of Consideration for his surrounding Neighbors. Well, guess what? SOMEhow he must have found-out it was Me who Reported him, because, not more than two weeks later, I got a Citation from the County in my Mailbox that the Grass in the DITCH along the ROAD which HAPPENS to be in front of my HOUSE was “too long”, and that I had X-amount of Time to take care of it or be FINED! Although I’ve ALWAYS Trimmed it, the freakin DITCH isn’t even my Reponsibility, and it was probably no more than a Half-foot tall. I couldn’t believe this. Then I put 2-and-2 together— This guy’s a REALTOR, from New YORK, “Flips” Houses, thinks he’s a BIG Shot, and no doubt has “Connections” to enable him to find-out who made the Call. In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve NEVER had a Complaint about the Ditch. Yep, it was TOO Coincidental that right after I called the Cops on him, EYE (I) got a Complaint. Well, to make a long Story short, I cut the Ditch down about 3 more Inches, and the damn Asshole continued to rattle everyone’s Nerves with the daily Thumping of Music out of his Garage. Since then, I’ve Reported him again Twice, but he still does what he wants… He just thinks he “owns” the Neighborhood. The Inconsideration and Arrogance of some people. I can actually understand how some people get to the end of their Rope and end-up “taking matters into their own Hands” on those News Stories…..

  43. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Sandy!
    I was still Venting… I mean TYPING… when you slipped-in (HaHa!)
    You’re right… It’s Dog-eat-Dog, Every-Man-For-Himself, and Turn-A-Blind-Eye for the most part. There’s surely still a few left out there with Thought and Respect and Decency toward others— Just wish a couple of them were the TWO I mentioned!
    Overall, it’s a great little Community, Old and Charming, with a quaint little Cafe and several Antique Shops up on the Boulevard, friendly people, out for Walks with their Dogs on Summer Evenings, and I love my House and Property…. It’s just a Shame there’s always “One in the Crowd” (in my case, Two) who have to Aggrivate and Spoil it for the rest.

    So Georgie Boy’s out on Bail, huh. Someone forked-over Nine Grand. He tried to tell the Police that his Girlfriend is Pregnant and SHE “went Crazy” on HIM (SHE denies she’s Pregnant, and told the Judge in Court yesterday that he also “Choked” her a couple weeks ago. They took away his Guns, ordered that he can NOT have or get one, he’s wearing a “Monitor”, and can’t leave Florida. He’s definitely a “Control Freak”, using his “Weapons” and “Wanna-be Cop” on his Women and the Authorities. Gotta wonder what it was that the Jury “Missed” when they let him Walk the first time….

  44. zelda Says:

    This guy is doomed……

  45. Honeydog Says:

    “Doomed”… That’s how I felt a few hours ago. It was the perfect Crappy ending to a Crappy day. Started-out feeling Exhausted when I woke-up, then everything went wrong— including a problem which caused a very important Appointment to be Cancelled— Ran out of the House looking like a Homeless Person (I mean, like total SHIT), My Truck was “shaking” and smelled like something was on-Fire, got nothing done, began not to feel good, and looked like SQUIRRELS had gotten ahold of me when I just HAD to bump-into a “certain someone” you pray you never run-into when you look like that! Oh God, I wanted to crawl into a Hole! I was Evasive, couldn’t look at him when he was talking to me, gathered my stuff at the Cashier and scurried out of the Store with my Tail between my Legs… GREAT Impression on someone I know and would like to “get to know better”, if you know what I mean! I rushed to the Mirror when I got Home… I’M Doomed. Just want to “Erase” the whole Day, and ESPECIALLY that “Picture” of me in his Mind!

    Where’s the LIQUOR!! Oh that’s right, I don’t have any… (LOL!)

  46. zelda Says:

    I keep a cute little bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey on hand.
    I have never been a drinker but there is aprox an ounce or so left.Oddly it doesn’t say how much was in there but I am guess 8 to 19 ounces????Love the cute bottle…………hahah,

  47. sandy1961 Says:

    I myself had ONE OF THOSE DAYS yesterday.Woke up feeling like I never slepy,got 2 work EXHAUSTED busy as SHIT all day,wanted to rip EVERYONES head off & my attitude showed it as well..Finally decided to take something to calm me down (it didn’t) just made me MORE tired.Got home picked up my pup & went to my friends house,raked ALL the leaves to the treelawn & went to get a pizza… CHOWED down on that (ate like a pig) then was SO TIRED I think I was out by 7:30… (fun person I am huh).. BUT I paid for it I woke up every 1 to 2 hrs.. I think it was the stress I’m under lately….

  48. sandy1961 Says:

    As for CRAZY neighbors I”ve had my share also.. The day I was moving in the girl that lived next door & the guy from across the street decided they would come stand at the truck & WATCH everything that was being brought in.They guy had SNOT running down his face & needless to say a little on the OFF side, Boy I could tell you stories about that family,, Just a tidbit though I will tell..
    One day I hear this god awful screaming coming from outfront & my roommate yells to me to hurry up & see whats going on… I lookout the front windows & this guy is chasing his little sister (only in age) aroung with a butcher knife in his hand.. I say I’m going out BUT she thinks I better NOT… We call 911 & I go out anyways Yelling at him to knock it off & drop the knife… 911 takes forever to get over to the house BUT I got the knife from him & he went to the hospital..
    Another neighbor that moved in from where the girl lived was one of those fanatics like you have pup..
    He wanted to stain MY fence on his side & I told him okay BUT he wanted to do the front part of mine BLACK…. His part was the backyard!!!! I told him NO…
    One saturday morning I hear him hollering into my kitchen window,I look out & he’s HANGING over my chainlink fence trying to finish painting my front yard fence (I just had it put in) the part I told him NO…
    Jackass did it anyways… He figured he liked it better black, So he wanted to come in my yard & FINISH what he couldn’t reach… I told him NO & he said he couldn’t leave it half done.. I said he was gonna REPLACE it again & he said NO I’LL paint it…
    Called the cops explained the situation & HE had to replace it….
    Funny a few weeks later my hedges started dying & you could see the trail of roundup spray FROM THEIR YARD!!!!!!

  49. One Op Says:

    Great stories, except for the stress you ladies were put under in them. I don’t have any neighbors. They all left because I am the nut case. Lonely though, not a sound, and at night it is so lonely, not even a cricket chirps. Loved reading these experiences. I can see how you became close sharing friends on here. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, hope it is a great day for you all and for John and his adorable family. Love ya!

  50. sandy1961 Says:

    One op- Somehow I don’t think your the crazy lady next door..
    By reading your posts I would think you would be awesome as a neighbor..
    So are you saying we won’t be hearing from you till AFTER Thanksgiving????? If not I hope you have a great one also…
    Love 2 you also..

  51. zelda Says:

    Happy Turkey day to all of you !!! I will probably be here but just in case I want you to know I will be thinking about all of you great gals.
    Hugs n stuff(ing) Heh heh

  52. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Hmmmm should probably make plans for Thanksgiving…

  53. Honeydog Says:

    WOW, a Flurry of Comments! Even JOHN got in there!

    Why doesn’t it Surprise me that you Chased— and APPREHENDED— a Knife-wheeling Neighbor, Sandy! After reading your Story about the DRUNK guy you threw in your Car, you’re like a Modern-day Female WYATT EARPP… Cleanin’up the Streets of DODGE!! It’s a wonder you didn’t HANDCUFF the OTHER guy to your Chain-link Fence until the Cops got there! Sounded like the HATFIELDS and MCCOYS! Oh I know none of these things were Funny to you at the time, but I do get a Kick out of your “Spunk”! You seem like a great person to Hang-around with… Never a Dull Moment! (And I mean that in a GOOD way!). Too bad though, that the guy had to be a D**k and kill your Hedges. That’s what makes my Blood boil about those kinds of people and the one’s the three of us have been talking about— It’s Fine for THEM to do whatever they please to US, but don’t DARE do anything to THEM. And worse, it always seems to end-up being the GOOD people who get the Shitty End of the Stick, when it’s THEM who do Wrong. Pisses me off Big Time.

    I know what you mean about “Passing-out” from Stress (and too much Pizza!), and Waking-up every couple Hours… That’s why I’M so screwed-up. Ever wonder why I’m REALLY up all Night??!! I’m not a “Night Owl” by choice… The Fatigue from the Stress of the Day, and my Job on Night Shift, puts me out the minute I sit down when I get Home from Work and have my “Dinner” (not usually occuring until like 2 AM), then sleeping and waking-up… sleeping and waking-up… for the next several Hours, and then I’m wide-Awake (and on HERE!) until Daylight is streaming-in the Windows. I can’t ever just go to Bed and Sleep straight through— My Body’s “Down”, but my Mind is still going. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a good Night’s sleep (and no Stress) since I lived “at Home” with my Parents! And with Life as it has become, it’s gotten increasingly worse over the years. It’s Amazing how we still “Operate” every Day….

    I like “cute little Bottles” too! I mean, whether they’re filled or not, or with what, I like collecting them. As for myself, my “Party” Days are long over— except for an occasional “Pina Collada” if we go out for Dinner. Sometimes I wonder though, if I wouldn’t be better-off taking some “Nips”—
    Calm the Stress, Ease the Worries, Sleep long and sound… Ahhhhhhhh… Let my Mother “roam Free”, my Daughter run the House…… Oh Yikes! Noooooooooo! LOL!

    Know that You are included in “Close Sharing Friends”! You may not have “Neighbors” (or Crickets)where you are… But here, with us, you never need be Lonely, the “Noise” is Plentiful, and we’re ALL Nuts!! (The BEST Kind!)

    HI JOHN!

  54. sandy1961 Says:

    HaHaHa- bYou cr4ack me up PUP

  55. sandy1961 Says:

    crack me up
    will write later WWWWWAAAAYYYYY BUZY

  56. zelda Says:

    I have only been able to sleep in short jerks of time.I had to go to the print shop yesterday and I got the dreaded” Boy , you sure look tired” response from people. I tried to cover up my dark circles but my cover stick thing sucks. I can’t afford the expensive ones or even the cheap ones these days.It’s all relative. Also I tried to curl my hair and thought it was ok but when I got back to the studio and looked in the mirror I realized I looked like a tired old Little orphan Annie………hahahahahaha,,,,,,,I AM NOT GOING OUT AGAIN TILL THE SNOW FLIES!.I can always sneak into Safeway late at night.OOOOOOOOOOOOOooo!All I want to eat are cup cakes. I am 5′ 1″……..hahahahahahaha.

  57. zelda Says:

    Anyone know what’s going on with airyass,,,,,,,,,,or the knox trial or any of the other goons? What’s up with Snowden?What about shit for brains in Peru…..did he get married in that nice prison?How is old anthony doing……….still being sued etc. etc.
    I hope they fry the kid who killed his teacher in the school bathroom, What a nutbar he is..and only 14.They just keep coming don’t they… gawd.

  58. Honeydog Says:

    What the heck IS it that we have such jerky and messed-up “Sleep patterns”???!! Speaking for myself, I’m sure TIRED enough all the time that I should be able to go to Bed and Sleep like a ROCK— and for DAYS. Makes no Sense (and pisses me off). And oh yeah, it definitely “shows” on the Face alright… Don’t I know it— Mine could be the POSTER for that “Haggard” Look… ForGET the “Concealer” on MY “Luggage”, LOL! My Daughter keeps telling me I should try a “Sleeping Aid” to help (Natural and non-Habit-forming, of course)… I don’t know… Maybe… But I know this shit’s for the Birds. And alot of things would have to change, and, for what my insane Life calls-for, I don’t think they CAN. Did someone mention “Doomed”???!! HaHaHaHaHa……

    Are you really 5’1″ Zelda??? Oh you CUTE LITTLE ADORABLE THING!! You, me, and my Daughter are like little Munchkins! I’m 5’2, she’s 4’9. Lots of Advantages being “Small”….

    I haven’t heard NOTHIN about NObody lately. There was a “Special” on HLN the other night— “Secret Lives with Jane Velez Mitchell: Casey Anthony”… I watched most of it, waiting for something we didn’t already see and know, but it was just more of the same. I’m surprised we haven’t heard anything about the Re-Trial for Arias… I’m pretty Positive the Hearing for a Date was to have happened already, but then, the Doctor’s Trial (MacNeill) took-over the Airwaves, and then stuff about the missing McStays, other Murders in the News (like the one you mentioned), and, of course, the return of George Zimmerman. Yes, that poor Teacher… It’s unbelievable how the “Face” of Killers has increasingly-changed to the “Youth” of the World……

  59. zelda Says:

    Been following the horrific murder of the teacher…….gezus……..looks like the kid that did it will be tried as an adult.Man o man………he is one sick puppy.My gawd.Death row for this kid is really not out of the question in this case as far as I am concerned.

  60. Honeydog Says:

    I agree. I think I even remember seeing his Defense Attorney and hearing him admit, “this is very very Serious”….

  61. sandy1961 Says:

    I guess we are ALL short shits. I’m 5″2 (on a good day)
    As for sleep the black circles under MY eyes droop to the bottom of my chin… Hahaha… maybe NOT that bad BUT close….
    Wow looked at my last post….. NICE writing
    I swear I graduated high school(MANY MOONS) ago……
    As 4 the trials I haven’t seen anything lately either…OR just trying NOT to watch…

  62. sandy1961 Says:

    Oh I did see something with the cops ALL OVER L.A.X. again the other day BUT I don’t know why… ANYONE?????????

  63. Honeydog Says:

    LOL Sandy!… To the “bottom of your CHIN” huh?!!… Since you’ve got so much ROOM, maybe I could put some of MY Eye “Luggage” into YOURS sometime! You’re Funny…
    (Sounds like the three of us could be a “6-Ring CIRCUS” (2 Black Circles on each FACE!) HaHaHaHa…)

    Yeah, that newest “Scare” at LAX was actually the big loud Bang Boom of a CAR that crashed-into a Pole outside one of the Terminals. Naturally, everyone inside thought it was Gunfire.

  64. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I’m heading into Work… First night back after 8 Days Off. I expect it’ll be CRAZY with it being only a couple days before Thanksgiving and everyone rushing to get all their Food-needs… A steady stream, piling Cartloads of Groceries on my Belt for me to Scan… UGH! I’m Tired ALREADY!

  65. zelda Says:

    How did the house thing go Honeydog??You didn’t mention it?Hopefully you got the ok.
    Boy I can just imagine dreading the holiday rush at work,,ooooooo.I went to Safeway last night and it was packed.Took forever to get out of there.And man is it COLD ……my car windows were all iced up and I had to have help backing out of the parking lot. Thank gawd I am only a few blocks away from my studio.Hopefully the heat will come on in here soon. We have old steam heat radiators….I love it.It’s the wee hours here so I will check you gals later. \zzzzzz

  66. zelda Says:

    OJ just lost another appeal….he is staying put.Yes!

  67. Honeydog Says:

    The Store was busy Monday night (first night back), but it was LAST night (Tuesday) that killed me…. Only 2 days before Thanksgiving, and I was the ONLY Grocery Checker/Cashier the entire night!!! And it was Packed! I didn’t STOP for 6 Hours straight, with only a 15-minute Break, a few times felt like I was going to Pass-out, and, by the end of my Shift, my Eyes were Blurry and I really felt Sick. They do this shit to me all the time over Holidays— Trying to “save a Buck” by scheduling only one Cashier, and they know I’m fast and, being there longer than the rest, they figure I’ll have no problem— But they have no idea what it does to me. Hell, even the “young Kids” feel the Effects when it’s “too much” like that. Doesn’t do any good to say anything… They’d just tell me if I can’t handle it, maybe I should find another Job. Anyway, after 4 Hours now since I’ve been Home, tried to Unwind, had a little something to Eat, watched the News and Weather, and checked-in here, I’m still not feeling well at all— My Head feels like a Thermometer with the Mercury all the way to the top, my Neck hurts, I’m Dehydrated, Hot but have “Chills”, and I still feel “Sick”. I know most of it is because-of how it was, but I hope I also didn’t “pick something up” from a Customer. Don’t wanna be Sick for Thanksgiving. Don’t wanna be Sick at ALL.

    I’ll be back later… Need to take 2 Advil, get under the Covers, put a Cold Washcloth on my Head, Rest and Sleep…

    (O.J. is right where he belongs. I’m Glad, and I hope he Rots there… )

  68. Honeydog Says:

    (Just in case I don’t get back in time….

    Among the things I’m Thankful for, it’s my 3 great and precious Friends here on these Pages….

    Wishing you, Zelda, Sandy and OneOp, a nice Thanksgiving!)

  69. sandy1961 Says:

    Hoping you gals have a SAFE & wonderful Turkey Day..
    Hope your feeling BETTER pup… I went to the store last night on my way home…SUCKED!!!. One good thing is we have about 4 self-check lanes,which helps BUT boy-o-boy,,,,CRAZY.. I feel for you pup I used to work at Albertsons in CA.. SSSSSOOOOO many rude ass people… Think they are the ONLY people in the store 7 you should chat for a few with them…..HATED it…
    O.J. should NEVER get out….

  70. zelda Says:

    Geeeze Honeydog!!! Please rest ALL you can.I feel terrible that you have to endure such stressful days like this. Man o man.I don’t tjink it’s legal to overwork someone like they do you?Seems Orwelliam to me.Are you in a union?Don’t want you passing out etc. etc. No joke!
    PLEASE take care,to hell with anything else.

  71. zelda Says:

    Sandy , Honeydog and OneOp…………happy happy Turkey Day!!!
    You too John and family!
    Thinking of all of you!

  72. Honeydog Says:

    I’m tellin you, I was in BAD shape. Coming-off of a calm, easy-going 8 Days off, to steady over-Exhertion like that, just broke my whole System down. I feel better, but still not right. Hah! You wouldn’t believe the stuff they do to us on “regular” days… Even one of the Assistant MANAGERS is so Over-worked and Stressed at the hands of “Corporate”, his Eyes are half-shut most of the time from the PILLS he has to take just to DEAL with it, and he still runs around at Warp Speed. Yeah, we’re in the UFCW— United Food & Commercial Workers Union. I already decided I’ve put-up with this long enough, and am going to contact my Union Rep on Friday to see what they can do… With the Christmas Holidays coming-up, I can see it now. It’s bad enough the Job already affects your Health (Legs, Feet, Arms, Shoulders, Carpal-tunnel in the Hands and Fingers) every OTHER day, I don’t want to go through this again next month, or anymore. Yes, you’re right, it’s not worth it… I have to take care of myself.

    (PS: Sandy~ Our Store also has Self-Check-Out Lanes— 5 of them— But MOST Customers don’t want to use them (too damn Lazy— or Stupid— I guess). I’ve had people rather WAIT, in my LONG line, with only a FEW little items, than go do it themselves. Oh but they’re sure Huffing-and-Puffing and Yelling “Aren’t there any other CASHIERS open??!! the whole time they’re standing there. I don’t understand people….)

  73. Honeydog Says:

    Oh… and, Thank You, Zelda and Sandy, for Caring.

    I hope your Heat is on now, Zelda. I know… It’s COLD.

    Warm Hugs to all….

  74. zelda Says:

    Everyone ok????

  75. Honeydog Says:

    I’M Okay… Just a lingering Fever, Neck & Headache and a Cough all week, been Tired, and skipped a couple days geting on here. In the process now of trying to put some outside Christmas Lights up. If it weren’t for my Daughter, BAH HUMBUG. HaHaHa (or, HoHoHo)……

  76. sandy1961 Says:

    Hoping your T day was great gals..
    Mine ended up being a burger from sheetz… BUT it was really good..
    Plumbing ALWAYS seems to be a problem in my family on the holidays & this one was NO different..
    BUT made up for it on Friday…..
    Tuesday will be 10 years since my dad passed & getting into that depression mode.. This isn’t a good month for me death, birthdays,christmas will be waiting for the new year to start,Hope you ALL have a great day…
    Z you got HEAT????

  77. zelda Says:

    Yes……I have a half day of heat… works because my space is so little.
    Putting up last years lights today, hope they work! Christmas art walk is this Friday and Saturday.I ran out of steam and so it won’t be a bash up here this year. I tried to get other studioites to do something but they have other fish to fry I guess. I am totally dependent on sales,,they have hubbies etc and bucks unlike moi. My energy is so low it’s dragging behind me replete with sparks ! And a so called friend of mine is undermining me to the property manager because he wants my studio space..bastard. He even told me in a mocking tone that he was going to get it.I am going to chew his butt out as soon as my energy is more that a firefly in a football stadium.If there is anything I hate it’s a two faced friend…..gezus!
    Ok..gotta put my makeup on and forge ahead.
    Thinking of you all.

  78. sandy1961 Says:

    Z-Tell this dude he better get his shit together I’m sure he doesn’t wanna undure the rath of the pup & I….

  79. Honeydog Says:

    Be back later, Girls. Couldn’t take it anymore, broke-down and went to the Doctor today, turns-out it’s the Flu, got some Medicine, just took the last Dose for the Day, feelin Sleepy……

  80. sandy1961 Says:

    It’s from all those crazies at work!!!!!!

  81. zelda Says:

    Egad Honeydog! Sorry you feel so poopy but am happy that you went to the doctor and are getting help.Take care,,,,you need rest!
    Must be awful to be “out there” dealing with people and their germs all day.Keep washing your hands,,,,,,man o man, Thinking of you and wish Sandy and I could be there to help ya.
    Thanks Sandy ,,,the guy as it turns out is a louse…..I feel inflated.
    Hugs to you both….
    Keep us informed on your progress Honeydog,,,,Yak more soon

  82. Honeydog Says:

    I know Thanksgiving is over, but I’m sorry yours was reduced to “Plumbing problems” and a “Hamburger”. I really hope you DID make-up for it on Friday and you were able to enjoy it. Mine wasn’t much better, with being Sick since the Tuesday before, and then, I locked my Keys inside my Mother’s House Thanksgiving Day and my Daughter and I ended-up having to break-down her heavy wood Back Door after trying several other ways to get in. We were already late to pick-up my Aunt to go to my Cousin’s House for Dinner, the Keys to my Truck were with the rest inside the House so we couldn’t Drive anywhere, no one in the Neighborhood seemed to be Home, AND our Cell Phone was Dead, so we couldn’t call anyone for Help. Ended-up leaving my poor Aunt waiting for over 45 Minutes with no Idea of what was going-on, being way-Late for Dinner, and, by the time we got there, I felt Sicker than I already was. Both me and Tara (my Daughter) still have BRUISES down the one side of our Bodies from repeatedly “Slamming” ourselves against the Door to break-through. Needless to say, we totally TRASHED the Door, and now there’s ANOTHER thing I have to add to the list to Fix. I can kind-of Laugh about it now, but, what a Day!

    With the 10-Year Anniversary of your Dad’s passing a couple days ago, and all the things you mentioned about this Month not being a good one, I’m thinking of you, and hope you’re doing alright. I know how hard it is (I miss my Dad too, around and at these special Holidays (6 Years for me), my Husband, and my Brother, lost not that long ago). Seems the older we get, the more the Holidays that used to be Fun are filled with more Sad Memories. Tough to overcome, much less really Enjoy. And I know what you mean— Waiting for them to be over and the “New Year” to start. Anyway, I’m sending HUGS during this not-so-good Time for you….

  83. Honeydog Says:

    I’m so Glad you got your Heat, I hope “last year’s Lights” are working, and I’m wishing you GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK with this Weekend’s Artwalk!!!

    Yeah, you just keep putting your Makeup on, get ahold of that Energy I know you can Muster-up, “Chew that Bastard’s Butt out”, and “FORGE AHEAD”! With a “Friend” like that, no Consideration is deserved. “Inflate” to the Max, LOL!

  84. Honeydog Says:

    THANK YOU BOTH for your “Get Wells”!
    Although I’m in-contact with all kinds of people and their Ailments and handling their Money, I rarely ever get a Common Cold, much less the Flu. I just know it was that Tuesday Night before Thanksgiving when it was so Busy at Work and I was the only Cashier and was pushed to the point of Exhaustion, which lowered my Resistence and caused me to get Sick… I was Fine before that Night. Despite my “Appearances”, and even continuing to go into Work, this Flu’s been horrible on every part of my Body, and I knew here lately that I really needed the right Medicines badly. Anyway, Thank Goodness for those and Antibiotics…. I’m finally beginning to feel like I’m at least on the Mend!

  85. Honeydog Says:

    (…. Now, I’ve got a Mouse… and a Cricket! Damn it. Oh the Joys of Winter….)

  86. sandy1961 Says:

    Dang pup-
    I thought I was feeling like shit!!!!
    As they say look at others your problems are NEVER as bad as you make them..
    Thanks for the words of encouragement,today’s my b-day & my pups wrote me the sweetest card it was a GREAT way to start my day!!!!!
    Hope your on the mend!!!!!!
    I hate those rodents myself,NEVER fails in this weather…. GOOD LUCK!!!

  87. sandy1961 Says:

    So sorry your T-day started as it did,glad you & Tara were able to get the door busted in(although your mom may NOT be) sounds like my life….
    No wonder we ALL click!!!!

  88. zelda Says:

    We sure can relate don’t cha think?? Wow……..hugs to you all…I am flat on my back,feel and look awful Art walk tomorrow,,,,ooooooo
    Hope I can open my door,,,,,feel icky…..later girls..gotta lie down

  89. zelda Says:

    whoa Sand,,,,,I am so sorry I didn’t see it was your birthday!

  90. Honeydog Says:

    I’m a Day late, but,

    (with Music now…)

    …. and..maan-neee..mooorrrr……..”

    Hope you could HEAR that (I was actually on-KEY!)

    Nothing like a Birthday Card from the Dogs, and I hope you had a good one!!! LUV & HUGS!

  91. Honeydog Says:

    UH-OH Zelda… Is it possible to get CYBER-SICK?!! I hope I didn’t “pass-on” my FLU!
    Gosh, Take Care… I truly hope you feel better… And again, sending GOOD VIBES for the Artwalk.
    Lots of Hugs….

  92. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for the b-day wishes ladies….
    You were definately on key pup!!!!
    Feeling better gals?????
    How wasthe art-walk Z???????

  93. zelda Says:

    HEY SANDY!..I sold two smaller paintings and a bunch of cards……no great shakes but I am grateful.
    Haven’t been to sleep yet and it’s NOW almost eight a.m……..gawd……gotta lie down,,,,,,,hugs and hope all is well…yak more when I can think straight zzzzzzzzz

  94. sandy1961 Says:

    GREAT NEWS Z~!!!!!
    Every little bit helps
    Hugs backatcha!!!!!!!!!

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