Weddings, Yosemite and More…

Well, I’m starting to get used to this traveling back and forth between Oregon and California.

Glad to be here this weekend as it was a fun one with a family wedding at Yosemite. Amazing to see the destruction first hand from the Rim Fire earlier this summer, but the venue, the Evergreen Lodge, was a spectacular site for the wedding (even though the original site for the ceremony was lost in the fire as was most of the surrounding area.

At least 20 miles of road (Highway 120) was charred on our drive in. I can’t imagine the scene when the fire was raging!

Even with the Government Shutdown, we got to see some sites and took some great pictures. No hassles from anyone, which was a good thing.

Anyways, congrats to my cousin Tom and his new bride Adrienne! Welcome to the family!


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72 Comments on “Weddings, Yosemite and More…”

  1. zelda Says:

    Thanks for sharing a beautiful time with us John.!

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Nice! Sounds like the only thing missing was Yogi Bear and BooBoo. Yes, always enjoy and appreciate your sharing.

  3. One Op Says:

    Hi John, Nice of you to join us here on “our” blog. LOL
    Seriously, beautiful outdoor setting, I love outdoor wedding pictures, handsome people here and lovely bride. Hope you and your family are all well and snuggled.

  4. zelda Says:

    Well….I am on this post because our other posts are gone~!!!!!
    Just saw where jodi ass is selling prints of her art work online,,,,WHAT THE HELL????

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I just got on (7:45 am ET/my Time), read the above, went through and checked the last few Posts, and everything is there, including all our Comments. We were last writing on the “Russian President….” Post, and John wrote on there that what happened was probably a WordPress glitch. Anyway, all seems OK at this time (at least on my Computer) and, if you want to go back to that one and at least just make sure you didn’t miss anything that we last said (or add something there) you should be able to now. And Yeah, we all may as well then switch-over to writing on this one where we can be nearer to the top of the Page. I hope Sandy and OneOp catch-on, since I still saw “No public Comments available to display”, under “Recent Comments” on the Home Page. Still don’t know why it says that.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Jodi Arias… What Gall— Not to mention a “Fraud”. From what I last saw and heard on HLN, alot of her so-called “own Artwork” she “Traces” from Photographs of Hollywood “Legends” from old Hollywood Movie Magazines and passes them off as “hers”. They actually showed some of the Magazine Pictures side-by-side with her Drawings/Paintings, and they were Identical. I can’t believe she’s getting away with this. Wonder how many people know… But don’t doubt SOME of them (we know the kind) couldn’t care less, as long as they can have a personal piece of “the Famous Jodi Arias”. UGH! Worse than the Casey Anthony Doll.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of Murderers… I’m watching the newest High-Profile Murder Trial— Martin MacNeill… A prominent Utah Doctor and Lawyer, Father of 8 Children (4 Adopted), accused of forcing his former Beauty-Queen Wife to have a Face-Lift against her Will, pumping her full of a Cocktail of Drugs after her Surgery, Drowning her in the Bathtub, then moving his Mistress into the Home and having her assume the Identity of one of his adopted Daughters he sent back to her Home Country. Hah! You can’t make this stuff up! Anyway, it just started and, you don’t have to Imagine, it’s real Interesting— Especially with the rest of his Children (most of them already Adults) leading the Fight for their own Father’s Conviction. Yep, it’s a good one….

  8. zelda Says:

    gezus……tooooo trippy

  9. Honeydog Says:

    For real, LOL… Just something to help relieve my Anxiety while waiting for Word on my Refinance— After weeks of Questions, Appraisals, and filing all kinds of Documents, things are very “quiet” with it right now. I’m trying to put-up some Halloween Lights and Decorations (mostly to make my Daughter happy) and stay on-top of the falling Leaves in the Yard in-between working at my Job… Nothing much to do late at Night when the Work and Day is done, but Think, so, besides the other Shows I record to watch later, and coming here, this Case IS actually interesting… At least, an Entertaining Distraction……

    So… What’s up with you??? Are you still taking those Pills for your Pain?… Any different with that these days?… Painting anything new?

    Geezzz, I’m Hungry again. Just finished a warm Apple Dumpling with Ice Cream… Now thinking about Popcorn… Ugh my Nerves! HaHa…

  10. zelda Says:

    Not much has changed.
    I hope your refinance goes through! Keeping my toes crossed……….
    Any news on the knox trial?

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Boy, I am NOT with it!… I just “Thumbed-up” my own last Comment! (Meant it for yours). Okay… I’M Okay, LOL.

    I haven’t heard anything lately about Knox… Nor what’s going-on with a Re-Trial or whatever for Arias. On the different HLN Shows I record and watch through the Week, you can count-on them being right on-top of any News concerning these two, but No… No Reports. With Arias, because it’s been so long now, I was thinking that maybe all Parties DID quietly make that Deal (LWOP/No Appeals) and just no one got Wind of it… But No, I’m sure that would be Impossible. And Knox… I’d really like to know what’s transpiring over there. We know they’re Bound-determined to get her, that’s for sure. We’ll hear something sooner or later on both I assume.

    I was just thinking about Sandy. We haven’t heard from her all Week. Hope everything’s Okay and it’s just her bad Internet Service.

    Thanks alot for the Well-Wishes. I’m still Pulling for you too.

  12. zelda Says:

    Yes….where are you Sandy? Everything ok???

  13. Honeydog Says:

    Okay, this is WEIRD… (Well, maybe not, if I’m right about this)— I think Sandy might be reading our Comments but something with her Computer/Service is preventing her from writing or getting it through or something, because I just noticed something with the “Thumb-ups” on our Comments….

    Unless you or OneOp did it (and I’m pretty sure neither of you usually “Thumb-up” Comments, it’s always me and Sandy who do that) it has to be Sandy. Because….

    Not counting the one Comment of my own that I “Thumbed-up” myself by mistake, all my others show “1” (If I didn’t do it, and you or OneOp didn’t do it..?).

    There’s also a “2” on one of yours, and a “2” on one of OneOp’s— I know one of those “Thumb-ups” on each was from me, so who did it a 2nd time on both?

    Is this Confusing??… Are you following me??

    Anyway, I’m just going on how the four of us normally do or don’t “Thumb-up” each other’s Comments, and, since OneOp hasn’t written anything lately either BUT we know she WOULD and CAN after reading yours and mine, it just seems like it would be Sandy who’s doing it, but not able to Comment. I could be wrong. You and OneOp will have to say.

    And SANDY~ If you’re reading this, and it IS you, maybe you can give us a “Sign” (am I Nutty or what) like, do a “Thumbs DOWN” on this Comment, and we’ll know. And, hopefully, you’ll show-up soon, or you’ll find a way to get back here if your own Computer/Service is messed-up, and let us know how you are/what’s goin on. Miss Ya!

  14. zelda Says:

    whew!…….it wasn’t me so unless OneOp did it it must be Sandy.
    Hey Sandy.Hope everything is ok.We are thinking of you and hope you can get back on here with us asap.
    How are things going on the refinance Honeydog???
    I am painting a big 30×40″ painting for Day of the Dead, which happens to be my birthday as well,,,,,,,,hahaha, Oh no,,,,,,,
    Anyway this is a first for me painting skulls and all of that.The art walk is on the same day so we are going all out up here in the building.I need to make a sale but this artwalk will probably be more of a party…I am not too jazzed about that part. That damned rent and bills thing has about put me under,,,,,,,,,,wow.
    I got a notice on my door yesterday that the rent is going UP!!!!!! I have to make a sale NOW.
    Let me know about your house stuff……….I have my toes crossed for you!!!!

  15. Honeydog Says:

    I knew I was at least right about it not being you… We just to have to hear from OneOp now. Kind-of Fun, huh, our playing “Detective”?! I hope it IS Sandy… Even if she can’t write anything, she’ll read and know that she’s Missed (and you BETTER get your Butt back here, Sandy, or we’re gonna form a POSSE!)

    Well, ain’t that a Coincidental Kick in two Asses!… YOU got a Notice, and I just got one in the Mail too– My “Annual Escrow Shortage Statement”, showing that MY Mortgage Payment will be going up in January. Now, this isn’t anything at all against me, nor does it have anything to do with the Refinance… It’s a Statement that I get every year around this time listing the Dispersement of Money within my Mortgage Payments (ie, for Homeowners Insurance, etc) and if a Shortage is anticipated in my Escrow Account to cover the Insurance etc for the upcoming year, my monthly Mortgage Payment has to go up in order to cover it. They do give you the Option to pay the full Escrow Shortage Amount before January 1st, in which case my Mortgage Payment— although it always goes up a little each year anyway— would at least be kept closer to the amount I’m paying now. In any event, even though I have that “Option”, and have been able to take it in years past, my situation has CHANGED… I have to come-up with that Money… And the Financial struggles are why I recently applied to have my Mortgage Re-financed in the FIRST place. So, what I’ll do about this, I don’t know yet, because (in answer to your Question) I still haven’t received any Word as to an Approval or Denial of the Refinance itself. As I mentioned before, things were pretty crazy for a time getting it all together, and it’s been “quiet” ever since. I also mentioned that this is my 3rd Attempt, and I do know it takes Time. I’m just trying to take it as “No News is Good News”. But believe me, you’ll know when I know… Good or Bad News, either way, I won’t be able not to share it. And, again, Thanks So Much for your Interest and Caring.

    By the sound of how you wrote in some parts, it seems like you’re “Lifted-up” a bit… Like you got a “Second Wind” or something. I don’t know how to explain it, but, even though I know there’s Desperation there, I felt as though your “Mood” was better. I felt a good “Excitement” coming from you in doing this new Painting, and a renewed Sense of Drive in looking forward to the Artwalk. That’s the Attitude… “I have to make a Sale NOW”… and I am right here Wishing and Hoping and Rooting with all my Might that you DO. It’s Time!… Rah Rah Rah!!!

    By the way, when is the “Day of the Dead”?? I looked, but didn’t find it on the Calendar I have. Is it the same as “All Souls Day”, November 2nd??

    BIG HUGS back.

  16. Honeydog Says:

    (PS: Just so you know, the “Thumbs-Up” on your last Comment came from me)

  17. zelda Says:

    Thanks for the “thumbs up”.
    Uh,,,,,,,,,well it’s called a lot of things. One is Dia de Los Muertos., Or the day of the dead on Nov. 1st and 2nd. So I imagine it’s the same as all souls day.As I understand it the 1st is for children’s souls and the 2nd is for adults………in the Mexican culture.
    The fire department made us take our lights down in the hall gallery because there were extension cords here and there even though the lights were only used once a month for about four hours.I suspect the new gal down the hall blew the whistle on us.She is so damned nosey…..trouble maker.I have had to tell her NOT to mind MY business a couple of times.An odd duck.THEN there is yet another gal up here that is a super jealous type that decided not to show at art walks and so she wanted to undermine the rest of us …and she did. Oh my gawd………that is a long story. I mind my own business.Some people just amaze me.
    let’s hope Your financial mire gets freed asap!!! I am pulling for you !!! I still need the rent money..My age and health prevent me from slaying the dragons at this point.I used to be a go getter…….OMG…..I just want to nail my studio door shut. From the inside.
    There is a tinkers chance in hell that anyone will sell up here at the art walk this time……..because it’s party time with this day of the dead thing.Loud music……..costumes and wine and food and weirdness galore.Not my cup of tea.
    The beat goes on

  18. zelda Says:

    Anyone hear anything about the South African guy who killed his girlfriend??Pretorius or something like that.they call him the blade runner.
    Does the trial redo for ariass end fairly soon? WHY are murderers get to sell on Ebay and facebook etc????After the final sentencing will that be taken away from her

  19. Honeydog Says:

    I’m trying to follow that Story of yours about the Fire Department and Extension Cords and the Nosey Trouble-maker down the Hall and the Jealous Broad who Underminded everyone…. and I am SO Lost! You left me hanging with little Tid-Bits… I have NO Clue what the heck is goin on, LOL! (But dyin to know!)

    You know better than me, but I would think that kind of “Partying” at the Artwalk would actually be Advantageous in selling stuff… Kind-of like when people get Drunk and feeling Good in a Bar, they start buying everyone Drinks, and the last thing on their Mind is the Money they’re spending. In that “condition”, I can’t believe they wouldn’t be walking through and not be wanting to Buy everything they saw. Not that you really care to sell any of your Work that way, but, you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m Betting, with the Day of Celebration it is, your large “Skulls” Painting (which I’m sure is going to be Awesome) is gonna catch alot of Eyes, and someone is bound to say “Oh Wow! I’ve gotta have that!”… And then you just mosey-up and say, “Oh Yes, you’ll be the Talk-of-the-Town with this on your Wall, and it’s a great Rememberance of this special Day!” Slay that Dragon, ya hear?!! (Don’t mind me… I’m just getting Excited for you).

    Okay, so now I know your Birthday. hmmmm… What can I put up my Sleeve…… La La La Da De Da…… šŸ™‚

  20. Honeydog Says:

    Haven’t heard a thing about that Athlete who shot through the Bathroom Door and killed his Girlfriend. No word yet about Arias’s Re-Trial either, but something IS supposed to happen sometime this month as to setting a Date for it or everyone agreeing on the Deal she asked for in lieu of it.

    I don’t think it’s Right EITHER that Convicted Murderers— or ANY Imprisoned Criminal—- are allowed to be involved in things like that. I mean, WTF. From what I understand though, it’s not actually “them” who’s physically doing it, it’s “Family” or “Friends” doing it FOR them. But STILL. Stuff like that should be strictly Prohibited. They’re supposed to be being “Punnished”… They’re supposed to be cut-off from the Outside World… They’re supposed to Suffer— Not have an Enjoyable and Lucrative “Business” and make Money from Outside Citizens. But I’ve also heard a Criminal Attorney on TV say that you “can’t take-away all a Prisoner’s Rights”… So, apparently, this is one of them. Unbelievable. Other than that, I don’t know what happens “later on”. Disgusting as it is, it’s certainly a prime Example of “Crime DOES Pay”……

  21. zelda Says:

    prisoners rights…………….sort of an oxymoron don’tcha think?airyass committed a HORRIBLE murder.A tad different than a guy who stole a loaf of bread …………

  22. zelda Says:

    Sorry I was so obtuse in my story about the hall lights…….hahaha. I am really sleepy when I am on here usually.
    The hall lights are a big deal for art walks.otherwise it’s pretty dark and the art does not show worth a darn.We will have to scramble to figure it out.
    Your positive take on the “party ” aspect of this next art walk is nice.From experience it doesn’t work that way…..BUT I will keep positive,thanks Honeydog. I am running on fumes these days……..If I drive off into the sunset one day I will contact you and be in your driveway bleary eyed and hungry……!

  23. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I see your Point (Bread vs. Murder). I suppose it’s not that bad that “some” Inmates are permitted to indulge in certain things, versus affording any Luxuries to the likes of Arias. I don’t get their whole way of doing things when it comes to the “Justice System”……

    Speaking of… That Murder Trial I was telling you about that I’m following— The one in Utah all over the News, of the prominent Doctor/Lawyer Martin MacNeill, accused of forcing his Wife to have a Face-Lift and deliberately giving her a fatal Overdose of Pills after the Surgery, then moving his Mistress into the House to be the “Nanny” to his 8 Children— is every bit the Quality and level of Drama and Intrigue as some of the previous High Profile Cases we’ve known in the past (Not like Zimmerman though… More like Scott Peterson— “Family”-oriented). His oldest (and favorite) Daughter courageously took the Stand yesterday as Witness for The Prosecution, and it was Riveting. Other than Lacy (Scott’s Wife) Peterson’s Mother, I have never seen a more Genuine, “Raw”, and On-the-edge-of-your-Seat Testimony. You should’ve seen the Daggers coming out of his cold Narcistic Eyes as he scribbled his “Notes” like he was writing a Prescription. Today will be quite something as well, as his youngest Daughter (Age 6 at the time of the alleged Murder, now Age 12) and the one who found his Wife/her Mother in the Bathroom and drew a Picture for the Police of what she saw, is scheduled to Testify. I’ve never seen a Witness that Young on the Stand. I can only imagine how The Defense is going to try to Confuse her. Anyway, it’s very Interesting. And, this is another Guy who needs to “Fry”.

  24. Honeydog Says:

    Too bad you all couldn’t line the Artwalk Hallway with Tea-Light lit Pumpkins on Tables… That would be a neat Effect for the Occassion… But then, Money for the Pumpkins etc, Tables, probably not enough Light, and, Oh Yeah, FIRE Hazard (and Visions of Costumes ablaze come to Mind, LOL!). Nevermind. If worse-comes-to-worse, you all could always be “Spooky” and use Flashlights to lead the way and show the Paintings. I don’t know… I’m just trying to Think. In any case, I really Hope things work-out for it. Yes, please stay Positive!

    Are you Hungry???… Tell the Truth and don’t be Humble, because I will not let you go Hungry. I’m SERIOUS, I will send you some “Help” right NOW if you need it. All I need is your Address, which you can give to me in a private E-Mail (you still have my E-Mail Address, don’t you?). I would think NOTHing of it, other than truly wanting to help-out a Dear Friend. Please… Really… Let me know, Okay?

    And, as well, I would Welcome your Bleary Eyes in my Driveway any TIME!! Hey… Who knows… Maybe one of these days we can meet… It’s not Impossible, where you are and where I am. Something to keep on the Back Burner, huh….


  25. zelda Says:

    What a friend you are dear Honeydog………gee.I appreciate your genuine caring believe me.I am ok …..I just eat less. I need to lose weight anyway. Kinda makes me mad that I haven’t lost anything during all this stress etc. etc…..hahahaha. Thirty pounds lighter would be great.’
    I am not sure what we are going to do for light up here but I have decided not to worry about it, I’ll just plow ahead like I know what I am doing.My nerves are shot..I keep waiting for an epiphany replete with radiant singing voices on high and cheering crowds hugging me with welcoming arms. Nothing so far…….hahaha.I may have to dig up money for a winning lottery ticket.Boy I would solve all your money problems in a heartbeat.I don’t forget friends and you are a special friend.Ahhhhhhhhh.dreaming is so comforting.
    I am lucky to have internet right now,,,,,,,,it took all my rent money to get it hooked up again and I just got another bill. I swear they send one every two weeks.And YES……..I have your email. To be sure I will email you tonight to make certain it’s working.
    As for that doctor who killed his wife,,,,,,egad what a story eh? MY gawd.Like you said. you can’t make this stuff up.Terrible for those kids, Gezus.
    I will yak more later ,,,,,,,,,,someone is knocking on my door….
    love ya

  26. zelda Says:

    Your email address has disappeared,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,man o man, Please send me one so I can get it gain,,,,,,,,sorry,,,,,,,,,gee

  27. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I’M the “Lucky” one that you have Internet… I’d have no one to talk to here! Geezzz, I don’t know what I’d do. I rarely see or talk to any of my Friends anymore because of my chaotic personal life, I have Friends at my Job, but, it’s different— Mostly the usual idle Chit-Chat and Complaints about Work stuff— and my Daughter, poor thing, she’s my “Sounding Board” on which I let everything go at the end of the Day. It seems my “Phantom Sandy” Theory was wrong, and now OneOp has been Missing too. I can’t tell you how Glad I am that you’re here. All of our countless and wonderful Discussions on anything and everything are MY Comfort, and, of everyone we have shared these Pages with, you are my oldest and most-special Friend and Confidante. And I’m the same way too, about not forgetting a Friend… If my Mortgage Refinance goes through, I would gladly pay your Internet Bill to keep us near if the Threat arose! Anyway, you mean alot to me too, and through Hell and High Water (and Jodi Arias, HaHa) we’ll “Keep On Truckin”……

    Oh Yeah! The latest on Arias is that she has filed a Motion, by her own handwritten Letter to the Judge, demanding that one of her two Lawyers, Kurt Nurmey, be Fired. She claims he hasn’t “visited” her in Months, and that, basically, he’s just no good in doing the job the way she wants it done (heh, no Surprise there). Besides that, the parties are scheduled back in Court next week for a Hearing on the status of the Re-Trial, so we’ll know something about that soon.

    In other News, a Grand Jury has concluded that John and Patsy Ramsey (Parents of murdered little “JonBenet”) “Knew” who her killer was and chose not to Identify them. Personally, with all the Evidence in that Case and it curiously not being Solved, I’ve always thought it WAS someone they knew, someone “Close”— a Friend or a Relative… I even suspected JonBenet’s older Brother, although they “said” he was cleared. Whoever it was that they couldn’t bring themselves to not “Protect”, I truly believe it was because of how very “Religious” they were, and that they chose to “Forgive”, rather than live with sending that person to a Life in Prison or maybe Death. I don’t know… That’s just my Take on it.

    Yes, the “MacNeill Trial” is another one for the Books, and another interesting Day of Testimony. The youngest Daughter wasn’t on the Stand as expected… It was the “Mistress’s” turn instead, and The Prosecution will continue with her on Monday. The Jury seems to be a good one, and is already submitting intelligent Questions (like Arias in Arizona, also permitted in Utah). With only a little over a Week into it so far, it’s just Heating-up……

    And, Okay… I’ll shoot you an E-Mail soon!

  28. zelda Says:

    Man o man……..airyass is STILL demanding things.Her atty might not be at her beck and call but hell,she is lucky to be sucking air. I really think the death penalty is the correct punishment.What she did to Travis was beyond horrible.She is cunning and vile.
    casey anthony is still bouncing around out there with her “cult” members footing her bills as I understand it.Neither of these two have a lick of conscience.I know this is old news but like the Holocaust we have to remember the victims.
    Where is OneOp ???? A shout to Sandy also????
    We miss you gals………….
    Honeydog…..I emailed you

  29. Honeydog Says:

    I agree about the DP for Arias, and if a Re-Trial is a Go I hope our man “Juan” is more Relentless than ever and the Jury Nails-It.

    I myself haven’t heard anything at all about Casey. What do you mean, “Cult Members”??… You mean people she’s Befriended and/or hangs around/corresponds-with that she lives off of???

    Yeah, what the heck happened! I’m beginning to think it’s OneOp and Sandy who ended-up “Driving off into the Sunset”— together! Strange….

    I E-Mailed you back. Thanks and Hugs.

  30. zelda Says:

    Yes that is what I meant about casey.I see them in my minds eye as stirring a boiling cauldron .What a pack of goons.
    Love Juan……….
    to be continued
    hugs dear Honeydog

  31. zelda Says:

    wow it;s been a weird day………more than usual. I am pooped.
    Hard not to just “drive off” at times.
    Trying to paint for the art walk Friday……nothing too interesting I am afraid.Ok but not special……
    So glad you are “there” Honeydog.means a lot to me

  32. sandy1961 Says:

    Okay Ladies– Thanks for ALL the worries… That was ME that thumbed up one day BUT didn’t have ANY time to write!!!!
    Just answered the PUPS e-mail in length & want to DEEPLY apologize for the worries…. YOU MISS Z—reading thru the posts you need a little help?????(YOU BETTER BE HONEST) with us!!!!
    I will send it yesterday if need be– just TELL ME HOW & WHERE….

  33. zelda Says:

    OOOOHHHHHHHHHH,,,Sandy!!!! Gee whiz it’s good to hear from you.We were worried as hell. Man 0 man.
    Oh thank you for the offer,,,,,,,,,,,too much going on.I just have to bite the bullet. Thank you dear one.
    Honey doggie has my email if you want to yak.
    hugs!!! I feel so much better knowing you are ok…………

  34. zelda Says:

    Honeydog…SANDY is back!!!! yahooooooooo

  35. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Z-
    I sure hope your being honest with me!!!!! I have NO WORRIES helping out a FRIEND, I may get lost here & again BUT never UNDERESTIMATE my love for you guys,, I would help in a heartbeat….I would LOVE to get your E-MAIL BUT my problem is my connectoin to the net & of course I HAVE TO HAVE this internet service till mid-January….. Contracted BUT my 2 years will be up then & I will get something THAT ACTUALLY WORKS more than NOW & AGAIN!!!!

  36. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I’m so Glad I CAN be here. We’ve been having all kinds of problems with this Computer for a while now, and it’s getting worse all the time… Can barely do anything on it anymore. I’m sure it’s because the “Browser” is so “out of Date” and needs to be “Upgraded”. I tried to run the Process myself, but I can’t get it to work. This Computer is actually on-Loan from the Education Department of the Rehabilitation Hospital where my Daughter was a Patient for her Brain Injury, and they said to bring it over to them and they’ll Upgrade it or give us another one, and I’ve just been putting it off (you know, “Separation Anxiety”, HaHa!). I was actually planning on doing it next Month when I take one of my week’s Vacation from Work— We’re not going anywhere… Just going to spend the Week trying to catch-up on tons of things around the House— and thought it would be a good time if we have to part with it while we’re Consumed in those Projects. I’ll give you a Heads-up though, whenever I do it, so you’ll know EYE (I) didn’t “Drive Off” when I Dissappear for a few Days or that Week. ANYway, for now, I’m holding-on to this thing getting me here (and to YOU) for Dear Life!

    I assume you finished your “Skulls” Painting?? And you’re working on ANOTHER one??? Wow! Two new Paintings for the Artwalk then?? You’re like those great Songwriters who can keep coming-up with Lyrics and pumping-out Song after Song. How you do it, I don’t know. Well, Yes… The gifted Mind of an “Artist”.

    Want to tell you that I got Sandy’s E-Mail Address from John and sent her a short E-Mail. I knew, if it went through, she wouldn’t mind, because she offered it to both of us at one point, and my thinking was, since one of her last Comments on the Blog Site was that she was having problems getting on there because of her bad Internet Service, maybe she could at least get E-Mails. I basically wrote that “me and “Z” we’re just wondering about her, miss her on The Korner, and are hoping everything’s alright. I added that, if she’s able to, and wants to, we’d be Happy to hear from her again one of these days. My Computer showed that the E-Mail was “Successfully Sent”— That was the night before last, and I’ve not received anything back. So, God only knows what’s going on.

    I sent you a “Forward” with a Picture… Did you get it? Were you able to see it?

    HUGS Back.

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    Did you NOT SEE the post prior to yours???? PUP!!!!
    I did reply to you this morning…. Check your in-box or your junk mail… Sent a LONG ASS reply to you…..

  38. sandy1961 Says:

    Pup re-sent my message in case it didn’t get thru…. at 12:42 p.m.
    It has to be somewhere… I can only check this at work so I am EXTREMELY limited on what I can do for now… GLAD you have a computer for now- Thanks again for writing.. Will have to get Z’s E-mail from you also….
    Have a great day Ladies

  39. Honeydog Says:

    WELL IF THAT DOESN’T BEAT ALL!!!!!! I JUST FINISHED telling Zelda about writing to you Sandy, my Comment went up, and THERE YOU WERE!!!! The WHOLE TIME I was WRITING, you two were already PLAYING again like two Puppies! WHOOOPIE!!… You were Lost and now you’re Found! Welcome Back, Glad to see Ya and to know that you’re Okay.

    (Your E-Mail must’ve come while I was writing that last Comment. Figures! Okay, I’ll read it then)

    Gotta get some Sleep, Girls. But it’s a Happy Ending to the Day! Catch you both later. Love-n-Hugs!

  40. sandy1961 Says:

    That’s how we roll—
    You will actually have 2 of the same on your personal E-MAIL… I just re-sent the same one…

  41. zelda Says:

    I adore you two gals……gee.

  42. Honeydog Says:

    If anything can bring a Smile and warm the Heart, it’s each of us to each other….
    GROUP HUG!!!

    I know the Comments were a bit confusing there for a minute while we were all writing at the same time and didn’t know it and they were going-up out of order and stuff, but, Sandy, I did get your E-Mail— Just didn’t know it at the time.

    I’ll be sending E-Mail Addresses all around.

    So…. We’ve rounded-up Sandy…. OneOp is still loose from the Herd…

  43. sandy1961 Says:

    I guess that’s a good way of putting it pup,cause I’ve been chasing my tail for awhile now.. NO not chasing TAIL,chasing MY tail… Just thought I would clarify…

  44. Honeydog Says:

    MAN, that MacNeill Murder Trial gets Crazier (and “Juicier”) by the Minute. His “Mistress” is a real Piece of Work— Batting her False Eyelashes at him while she’s Testifying that she was “Sexting” him the day before his Wife’s Funeral, that they proclaimed the day his Wife was Buried as their “Wedding Day”, and admitting to stealing the Identity of one of his adopted Daughters so she could be “Jillian MacNeill” and pass herself off as his Wife (She’s actually currently in Jail for this (a Felony) and had to be Subpoened to be brought to Court). Also found-out that MacNeill’s only Son committed Suicide, that he only left $1.00 to each of his 8 remaining Children in his Will (everything else goes to the Mistress) and (I couldn’t believe this one) that he tried to sexually-assault one of his older Daughters a couple weeks after his Wife died (rather, was MURDERED, by HIM!). The Jury also saw and heard a Video of his youngest Daughter (the one who discovered her Mother/his Wife dead in the Bathtub) being Interviewed by the Police when she was Age 6 and telling what she saw— Which was completely different than her Father’s “Story”. Now Age 12, she’s expected to take the Stand any day now, and be allowed only to be Questioned by The Defense once, then by The Prosecution once, and relating only to the Answers she gave to The Defense. Anyway, if this Jury isn’t already picking-up on the good ‘ole Doctor’s MOTIVE for killing his Wife… Well… They just better be.

  45. Honeydog Says:

    Good Morning, Sandy! Once again you slipped-in while I was writing!
    “Chasing Tail” huh??!!… Uh-Huh, so NOW the Truth comes out why you were gone for a while! (HaHa!)

    Well, I’ve got my Personal “Timer” back— You’re it, you know… I’m seeing you there and it tells me I’ve been up too long again! And I was SO FRIED all day to begin with… I don’t know why I do this to myself! Gonna slither up to Bed now… I can’t Hang-in. I’ll be writing you soon. Bear Hug and Nighty-Night!

  46. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes chasing tail–That is why I clarified myself….
    As I’m ALWAYS saying… GET SOME SLEEP

  47. sandy1961 Says:

    Boy that’s a BAT-ASS trial going on isn’t it?????
    What a piece of work those 2 are…
    Hope they BOTH fry

  48. zelda Says:

    ye gawds what an evil bastard he is…….(doctor fuzzbutt). It’s a case where evil meets evil !!! How twisted……….man o man! Those poor kids

  49. sandy1961 Says:

    Guess that FREAK had 2 gals on the side… MAYBE even more….Your right Z!!!! What an EVIL F—- he is…
    I agree those poor kids,I was listening to a bit of it on the radio while I was at work yesterday,I REALLY feel for those kids…
    SO glad they are STRONG enough to tell the truth,MORE than I can say for him..
    Did I catch you in the middle of a post PUP?????
    You GALS have a GREAT SPOOK DAY!!!!

  50. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Sandy. Nope, I was actually writing on the new Post this time (“Happy Halloween”). Just stopped back here to check things.
    Yeah, how about that lyin cheatin murdering old fart! I can’t believe anybody would even WANT him. Man I really hope this Jury takes him down… He “Disposed” of his lovely Wife, no doubt about it.
    Really Sad for her and his Children.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN, my “Witchy” Friends!

  51. zelda Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOO………..happy scary day to you too!
    Most people like and compliment me on my costume ……..then I realize I am not wearing one………yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa.

  52. sandy1961 Says:

    HaHaHa Z… Hope all is well

  53. Honeydog Says:

    AHHHH HAH HAH HAH Zelda!… (In the words of Ralph Cramden (“The Honeymooners”) “You’re a RIOT Alice”!)

    November 1st…. I can’t believe it. Ugh! 5 long Months till Spring… Noooooooooooooooo……..

    But it’s ARTWALK Day! Good Luck Good Luck Good LUCK!!!

  54. sandy1961 Says:

    Good LUCK Z……..

  55. Honeydog Says:

    That CREEPY GEEKY PLAYIN’DIRTY Defense Attorney tryin to break Daughter Alexis MacNeill (Star Witness for The Prosecution) on the Stand yesterday with stupid nobody-cares Bull Shit… NICE TRY ASSHOLE! SHE HUNG TOUGH with Focus, Eloquence, Likeability and Genuineness, even when he Yelled at her and called her a Liar. Only 3 Questions from the Jury too. I think they believe everything she’s said. I really like The Prosecutor… Quiet, Soft-spoken, Laid-back, takes it Slow… Nothing like Juan Martinez, but Wise, right on-top of things, and his Strategy is Effective in Clarifying and proving Points. Good Show so far….

  56. sandy1961 Says:

    Sounds like a REAL jerk 2 me..Good for her, I heard part of it on the radio,NOT much BUT I do find him to be quite the ASS..

  57. Honeydog Says:

    Personally, I can’t STAND Defense Attorneys in these types of Cases— From O.J. Simpson to Casey Anthony to Jodi Arias to George Zimmerman etc, it’s not so much about “protecting a Defendant’s Rights”… Their whole “Game” is geared to get their Guilty Clients Off-the-Hook and let them Walk Free like they Deserve it. Disgusts me to the Core.
    Testimonies yesterday from the Cardiologist and Dr. Joshua Perper (renowned Forensic Pathologist who also performed the Autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith) at least also scored some points for The Prosecution in strongly defending their Beliefs that the chances of the Doctor’s Wife “suddenly Dying of a Heart Attack” was “highly unlikely”, and that her Death was due to “Drowning”— So that was good.
    I didn’t know it until recently, but MacNeill was Discharged from the Service due to “Schizophrenia” and has been in and out of Jail for “Fraud” (and other Charges I can’t remember). He apparently also told a couple of his “Prison Buddies” that, because he was a “Physician” with Knowledge of the ultimate Effects of “mixed Prescription Drugs” he knew how to “pull-off a Murder” without it being “Detected”, and because he was a “Lawyer” he knew how to “get away with it”… These two individuals are scheduled to Testify soon. That should be Interesting….

    (Sorry I’m stuck on this Topic… Just “into it” and don’t really know what else to Talk about. I’m game for whatever you Girls wanna Bat-around!)

  58. zelda Says:

    I made $ 90.00 at art walk. I am jumping.

    Good news is I was the only one who sold anything.It was a great party and birthday for me. as well.

    One gal wanted this very large painting but didn’t get it after all. That would have paid up my rent, Damn.
    There are people who want my studio and I am scared.Damn money stuff has me crazy.

  59. zelda Says:

    I guess we will never run out of things to yak about Honeydog. One nut after another slides out of the woodwork in these “trials”.My’s unbelievable.

  60. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Zelda, I am SO SO Glad that something came through for you! When I was scanning down the Page and my Eyes met that first line (“I made $90 at Artwalk”) I honestly Gasped out-loud with Joy. GREAT News! And to be the one whose work Triumphed over all the others, well, I know how Good you must have felt! So, by the sound of it, I guess the Lights were up and Bright, and everything you weren’t too “Jazzed” about turned-out Fine and Fun after all. I really am Happy for you that it all worked-out better than what you were expecting. Didn’t I say it was “Time”?! Rah Rah Rah!

    The one thing I don’t feel Good about is that I missed your Birthday… Didn’t even wish you a Happy one. I had a little “plan” and couldn’t do it. Since I was on here last, my Mother has been very Sick, and your Birthday came and went while I was tending to her round-the-Clock. Yes, I was doing “what I had to do”, and No, it “couldn’t be Helped”, and Yes, I know, it’s “Okay”, and “you understand”— But of all things and times, it was your Birthday… You are, and it was, Special and Important to me, and I’m so very Sorry you didn’t so much as hear from me. I just hate it, and I feel Terrible about it. Please know, that if any “Belated” Birthday Wishes are the Sincerest, and brimming-over with Love and Hugs and Hopes for everything you’re Wishing-for and Deserve, they’re coming from me, Heart to Heart, now.

    As for those people who want your Studio, of course, I know you’re Worried… Just Hang-in-there… Where some Good Luck did come, there is more… Things will work-out.

  61. sandy1961 Says:

    Z-How come I didn’t know it was your B-day??????/
    SO very excited you sold something & was the ONLY one to do so!!!

  62. sandy1961 Says:

    PUP- I hope your mom is doing better today!!
    Man I gotta figure out what to do about my internet connection so I can keep up with you ladies on the weekend!!!

  63. zelda Says:

    THANK YOU for the B”day wishes girls!!!!!!!! It means everything to me. You two are very special people. Hugs n love
    your Zelda

  64. zelda Says:

    Honeydog,,I hope your Mom is doing better,,,,,,you are a loving daughter.I am sending my good energy to you both,

  65. Honeydog Says:

    I didn’t know Zelda’s Birthday either… Until she mentioned it in one of her Comments somewhere up there.

    From what I see, I think you’re actually doing pretty WELL, getting on here and staying caught-up… But I know what you mean. Hey, as long as you can still SHOW-UP and do what you can for now, it’s all Good. We’re not goin anywhere (and don’t you EITHER!… No more “Chasin Tail!”, LOL.)

  66. sandy1961 Says:

    AAAAWWWWW come on pup!!!!
    If it wasn’t my own I was chasin I might argue that….

  67. sandy1961 Says:

    Your right Z did mention that last week I think…. MY BAD!!!!1
    SO SORRY Z…..

  68. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda & Sandy…
    Once again I am falling Asleep at the Wheel, and my Head hitting it harder than usual from these past days. Thank You both for your Thoughts (and “Energy” to keep me going). So Grateful for you two. Mom is hanging-in-there.
    Will “Yak” more later….

  69. Honeydog Says:

    (And there you already WERE Sandy, again while I was writing… Right on Schedule!! Catch Ya later…)

  70. sandy1961 Says:

    So HAPPY your mom’s hangin in– Your a great daughter,

  71. One Op Says:

    Happy Birthdays to everybody!

  72. zelda Says:

    Thank you OneOp!!!!!Miss you…..hugs

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