Russian President Warns Against US Action in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West against taking action in Syria but also stated that Russia “doesn’t exclude” supporting a United Nations resolution on military strikes if it is proved that Syria used poisonous gas on its own people.

It has been reported that more than 1,400 people died in the August 21 attack outside of Damascus.

From the Associated Press:

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press and Russia’s state Channel 1 television, Putin said Moscow has provided some components of the S-300 air defense missile system to Syria but has frozen further shipments. He suggested that Russia may sell the potent missile systems elsewhere if Western nations attack Syria without U.N. Security Council backing.

The interview Tuesday night at Putin’s country residence outside the Russian capital was the only one he granted prior to the summit of G-20 nations in St. Petersburg, which opens Thursday. The summit was supposed to concentrate on the global economy but now looks likely to be dominated by the international crisis over allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in the country’s civil war.

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115 Comments on “Russian President Warns Against US Action in Syria”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Alot of “If” “And’s” and “But’s”….
    I stay with my Opinion written on the other Post.

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    I say we stay the Hell out of it..
    I DON’T like what is going on over in Syria BUT if we do anything I think we are gonna get it by other countries.. Obama opened his trap BEFORE thinking(AGAIN)!!!

  3. zelda Says:

    It’s all about Israel…..

  4. zelda Says:

    we need to stay OUT……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Well, that makes three of us (not sure what OneOp thinks). Last I heard was Obama still wants to go for it, and that he may “address the Nation” over the Weekend. Yeah… let’s hear it.

  6. One Op Says:

    Well, I think we should stay out! I think Syria will kill more women and children if we go in. I think we have done too much already with these religious nations that hate our guts yet every time there is a homeland problem they all look to the USA to take our children and have them die so theirs can live. I am a little tired of that scene. Now, about Israel, I am pretty in tow with Zelda on her opinion. I think Israel is also wanting USA to bring down the threat they have next door. Next several doors. Israel will not start it and they will not put any more out than they have to, but they will reap if they can at our expense. However, I guess Israel and USA are the only solid allies. How far does that go, when there is something to gain by defecting on us at a crucial time of attack.
    I think Israel wants us to go to war, Israel is in a hot spot, we can better believe weapons are aimed at Israel and if we go in, I believe Iran and Syria will lay it on heavy to Israel. Israel is well trained, well supplied and they WILL fight back if hit, but scared without USA
    fighting along side them. Not too sure that the other Arab nations won’t side with Syria. Turkey, Egypt. Then there is RUSSIA!!! We got a long way to go to get to the fighting grounds. The Arab nations are already there waiting and have been well supplied by Russia, and China for a long time. THE GOOD OLD USA DOESN’T HAVE ANY “REAL” FRIENDS! Somebody tell me what I just wrote, please! LOL

    Did Israel do anything to help us with Iraq, I can’t remember.

  7. zelda Says:

    we are Israel………

  8. One Op Says:

    Scripture. Miles in distance, Religious extremists Arab Nations, Mohammad. It is ALWAYS a religious fight! Democracy, Christianity. Man believes to have POWER, is to be safe, but WHERE???

  9. Honeydog Says:

    I’m seeing alot of Protesting all over the TV News, with the majority of Americans saying “Hands Off!”. The President’s “Address” is now scheduled for Tuesday Night. Although the Word is that he himself still wants to Go for it, that The Senate agrees but The House is opposed, I’m really beginning to think this long drawn-out game of “Waiting for Approval” has actually become more “Personal” an Issue… More to do with him observing and considering the Nation’s “Reactions” and his own Political “Reputation”— but doesn’t want us to know it. It just makes no Sense to me why, if what happened in Syria was “Intolerable” and “Unacceptable”— not to mention the use of Chemical Weapons being against World Policies— and this “Strike” was considered absolutely “Right” and “Neccessary” from the Get-Go, that there’s all this pussy-footing-around. If we were that “Serious, if it was so damn Critical a Mission, our “Partners” were all “on the same Page” with us and each other, and everyone “Prepared” as they claim they are whenever “Action” is called-for, it would have, and should have, been done already, on the Spot, when the Moment was Ripe for the Taking. How much Time has gone by now— Suddenly they have to “Figure it out”… “Should we or Shouldn’t we”— while Syria is “Listening-in” and being given the Advantage of extended Time to perfect its Retalliation. It just all says to me now that the Hype was bigger than the Intent. No doubt Washington knows where the Public stands (6 out of every 10 Americans are Opposed), but Obama is Keen on racking-up “Points” for himself (as in the ridding-of BinLaden) and, despite everything that’s “Wrong” with his wanting to pursue this Attack, his Mission on Tuesday Night is to Convince and Sway us, I believe, for his own Benefit. Ultimately, going back to what I said at the beginning, I believe it’s now more about “Him”, and that it will all end-up with him telling us he didn’t get Congressonal “Approval” as his secret Excuse for not having gone Forward, when it’s really about not going against the PUBLIC, so he can Bow-out gracefully without looking like he was never Right about the entire matter. The only thing I’m afraid-of after Tuesday Night and all his expected “Clever Persuasiveness”, is a Change in that Public Opinion. This is what it’s about, what it comes down to, and he’s banking on it working. If he gets that Support, The House may follow. I understand Hillary Clinton is backing him also, and is scheduled to Speak to the Public later today— and most of the Public likes her. I have no idea what the hell any of them are thinking… What this will cause. If America is Fooled and Stupid, God help us……

  10. sandy1961 Says:

    Is all I can say is SHIT’S gonna FLY….. You can tell Obama’s gonna do what Obama wants to do!!!!!

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Well, after listening to him on Tuesday Night, he’s not giving-up TRYING, that’s for sure… Still sees the need to Attack, even though Syria is supposedly considering surrendering and turning over all its Chemical Weaponry. One thing was proven during his Speech— Syria’s Leader lied… He absolutely used it— and I’m not eating my Words here (I’m still Opposed to a Strike) but I had to agree with Obama on his point that SOMEthing needs to be done, whether Diplomatically or not, because, like he said, if one Country is in Possession of such Weapons and isn’t stopped from using them, other Countries will feel it’s Okay for them to make and use such Weapons also, not only within their own Country and between each other, but it will Spread, increasing the liklihood of Chemical Weapons eventually being used against the United States. When you think about it, that part does makes Sense. Obama has since said that he “prefers” Syria to Hand-over everything (in Lieu of a Strike) but Syria’s Leader is now agreeing to it only if we give him 30 Days and we don’t proceed with the Strike. Thing is, Syria’s Leader already Lied once, I would imagine we don’t Trust them, and I doubt they Trust US. We’ve responded to Syria’s “Offer” with, “This is no Game”. But, considering, it looks like Russian Roulette to me….

  12. One Op Says:

    I think Putin just wants to pump his ego with USA going along with his proposal. He has decided to play a game, all the time with his middle finger up at us. What I do not understand is Kerry being so emphatic about striking. What would the political positive be for him, anything?

  13. One Op Says:

    I thought President Obama looked very tired and stressed, and certainly a low key address as if he confused and fearful while speaking of attack. This is his last term and he sure does not want to blow his legacy!!

  14. Honeydog Says:

    I was wondering about John Kerry too, OneOp. We’ve barely seen or heard a Peep from him for how long, then suddenly he comes crawling out of the Woodwork like The President’s “Side-Kick” and “Spokesperson”, pushing for this Action… As if “He’s” someone Big and Important and Influential we should be Listening-to. If anyone should be all over the News providing Information (besides The President and/or Vice President) I would think it should be someone “High-up” in our Foreign Affairs or War Department or whatever. And Yeah, I noticed the “Difference” in Obama also— It WAS a surprisingly Short and “Low-Key” Address… Not at all what I expected… Thought he’d at least be hitting his Fist on the Podium throughout. I don’t know, like you say, if he was Tired and Stressed and Confused and Fearful, but, when he had finished and was walking down that long Corridor SOOO slowly, and with his Head down, it reminded me of someone who was thinking they might get Shot in the Back or something after they turned around (Not that he would’ve, it just looked Strange… Not his ususal Up-right “Confident” Appearance and Stride). And like alot of other Presidents who start-out with “Dark Hair” and end-up with Gray (or White) he’s almost there too. I wouldn’t want that Job for all the Money in the National Debt. But as far as this Last Term and his “Legacy”, I know he’s still in-Debt to US with all his unfulfilled Promises, and had better start Proving himself. He’s way Behind… and Time is running out.

  15. One Op Says:

    Even, Iraq Honeydog, President O’bama will take credit for “bringing the troops home” but he was not the that managed throughout this course to where they were in a position to come home, so it irks me a little that as it all began to settle and turned over to the people of Iraq to vote in their own leaders, (good or bad) and our “job” was finished, all O’bama did was order the return. Please correct me if misunderstanding all this. It just makes me a little irked and would have been better if he did something himself to crow about.

  16. zelda Says:

    President Obama is and has been since day one, under unimaginable stresses… gawd what a job for one man to try to deal with. While I am not happy with all of his ideas I do respect the office and wonder what those who make sport of bringing him down would do in his stead.His first term was trying to clean up the Bush years and all the far right one percenters bent on raping us all to line their coffers. He being black didn’t help…a sore spot for many white guys who just plain hated him for that reason alone. Who the hell could withstand that?I have never seen so much personal hatred for a president in all my years in the game.The One percenters and the Fed and those southern boys began a vicious plan to take him, down at all costs. Poor bastard didn’t have a prayer……..old Bush lined the riches pockets with gold and they didn’t want anything to stop that .The Koch brothers doing most of it.Evil guys.

    Having said that I was hoping President Obama would be a stronger leader and I am not nuts about some of his policies.But the world is an dog eat dog place and there are NO NICE GUYS,,just guys.In one way or another the leaders of the world are all corrupt and they move the pawns around the board to their best advantage.
    Putin is a sly .sharp. old KGB thug that saw a weak spot in the talks about Syria and “pounced” on the US like the clever player he is.But remember he is an evil s.o.b. and has no feeling whatsoever for his people or any others.He is just good at the “game” President Obama looked weak but to be fair OUR guys are shits and are overjoyed that Obama faired poorly.I can’t imagine with our guys and the Other Guys all after him it’s no wonder he looks worn out and gray.
    I am appalled how many Americans are ignorant of politics in this country and so ready to HATE with such fervor.A strong argument for education.

  17. One Op Says:

    An excellent unraveling Zelda. I have my thoughts about the actions of any president, color, Rep or Dem has nothing to do with it ever. There is not one coming into office that does not eat off the last ones failures, and on those failures make their promises knowing they either have no intention, or as you mention both opposing and our own can be so set on negating them that they can’t do. Actually I do not really believe in promises, especially of political hope. How many turn overs in the presidency got their votes on promises, the poor people TRUST ONE MORE TIME! Frankly it is getting quite tiresome, the same old hope!! They should do all they can, they should be tightly observed but not denied just to deny and not supported in anything that is a personal gain while not positive for the country.

    Neither would I want to be nor could I or any of my family ever have the education to be. BUT I do think the position gets a hold on them and they begin to just ride the waves to the best outcome and forget to even “apologize” for promises made while campaigned on, yet, not hesitate to lay blame on someone else. Bush laid blame on Clinton, Obama laid blame on Bush and someone is going to lay blame on Obama. Quite a merry-go-round ride they all take at the expense and the hopelessness of the people. They are elected as a leader FOR the country, if it is too hard on them they have the option to stop and not go on for that second term which usually turns out to be nothing more than accomplishing their legacy. This is what both Clinton and Bush did, spend the last years of their term trying to establish something they could be remembered famously for. I think all this crap stinks! They are a person just like you and I, HIRED to do a job and they do not have to leave famous for a particular thing, just do the best possible for the good of the country they wanted to be president of. Personally Zelda I think he got puny because he ended up giving in to Putin, and that bothered him, to think that this Russian sob. took the reins and it followed through so far, and Obama didn’t even think going that route. BUT, it would not have done any good because I don’t think the SYRIAN leader would have agreed with anything the USA suggested, where they would Russia and Russia knew that because they have been one to supply uranium to Syria and Iran.
    It is not one president or another in my opinion it is the act of our leaders as a whole. Don’t forget Obama and Kerry really wanted to hit Syria immediately, then they wanted approval of the house, they did not have to get it, a president can call the hit without anyone else, but if he does the wrong thing, he would have no one to blame. There’s that word again “blame”, it is the side dish of every president. ok I’ll put my mouth to bed now!!

  18. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ Your point is well-taken about him putting a Feather in his own Cap when all he did was “order” the Return of our Troops when all was finished there anyway… Taking control and “Pulling them out” because he decided we shouldn’t BE there would seem to be more Deserving of that Credit. It is through the Eyes of “blanket” America however, which seems to matter most to our Presidents in the end… In other words, it’s not usually “How” or even whether it was “Earned”— Only that they “did it”— and it still becomes a Feather in their Caps “accross the Board” with the Expectation of being Remembered or “Famous” for it, and, naturally, Who else would America “Thank” for it. It’s not right that it works this way, but it does, and, unfortunately, we’re left with “It Is What It Is” and having to Accept it.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    GREAT Thoughts and Opinions in those last two, Zelda and OneOp. I’ll jump-in later… Gotta catch some zzzzzz’s……

  20. Honeydog Says:

    (Another senseless Mass-Shooting… 13 Dead and 8 others Injured in the Washington, DC Navy Yard. My God… Just NO Thought in the random taking of Human Lives anymore……)

  21. One Op Says:

    Yep, and right in the heart of where one would believe to have Security, Security Security….. leads me to wonder how insecure the rest of the nation is. Wow! Have a good ZZZZZ

  22. zelda Says:

    I “accept” the way things go in politics but I do not “accept” that we have to march in step to it. People can “change” things if they want to.

  23. Honeydog Says:

    Right you are, Zelda… And for sure there are countless others besides us who Accept how it goes but won’t Agree to fall into line and Follow, and are out here trying to make Changes. Getting our “Leaders” to want to… That’s the problem. I don’t know how to explain this right, but, putting it simply, I used to think (long ago now, long before it is what it is Today) that our Government was truly interested in having “Good People” within its Fold… Whether a President or otherwise, who DID think “Outside the Box”, used Common Sense, listened to the People and what they wanted, could and would do what was “Right”, and have the Support to Change whatever wasn’t. I’m not referring to Obama or anyone else specifically, but, in general, I don’t believe— and haven’t, as I said— that our Government really wants anyone like that on the Payroll. They don’t WANT people in the Job who DO want to Change how it is and what’s not Right about it, who want to “Buck the System” and what they’ve got going. If a downright Good and Honest Man or Woman, Loyal to the “People”, with their own Ideas and Determination to “Change” things wants “In”, we can Bet we’ll never see them. They especially don’t want anyone Elected President who is set on making big Waves and upsetting things on the “Inside”. Shit, The President is barely “allowed” and doesn’t even RUN the Country anymore in the Capacity that the Job is supposed to be. And that’s the way I see them wanting and keeping it. Better and more Beneficial to them, as a whole, to be able to “push someone around”. Hell, I even believe our Votes are “Fixed” in Political Elections. None of us know, or can or will ever have any way of knowing, what Transpires between the Voting Booth and who we’re “Told” was the Winner. You’ve got the “Good” and “Right” people who are not only truly dying to Change things, but are just as Qualified for the Job… And you’ve got those who “Fit-in nicely” with what The Government wants— Which one always ends-up with it. It’s on us to keep wanting and pushing for “Change”, but I think, no matter how much WE Try, the “Powers-that-Be” are going to maintain their strong and strict Grip on Who and What they want and don’t want in the “Elite Club” which runs this Country— Because “Change”, in the way it SHOULD be, and anyone who is Intent on “Disturbing the Peace”, is a “Threat” to their Comfortable and all-Powerful Existence.

  24. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh yeah, Zelda and OneOp, on those two Comments of yours I said were Great… I want to write more (Tired now) but want to at least say that, although both are entirely Different, I agree with the Points you both made and feel the same way in each respect. Be back with just a couple little Thoughts…. Nighty Night).

  25. zelda Says:

    Your references to Government are spot on Honeydog/ The Presidency is a sham and is run by the money mongers behind the curtain.Re: the fed, koch brothers and the like.Greedy ,evil ,blood thirsty bastards that will stop at nothing.absolutely nothing. It’s a sick consuming game these shits play.They don’t NEED anymore money but it’s all they WANT,,that and power.The creepy thing is that they sleep like rocks at night…..jezus.We on the other hand are slaves to that greed and power,yoked as surely as any animal in a field bleeding at being over worked.My gawd………
    Since there are people like us who know this there is no excuse to let it continue……….it’s absurd to think we accept our lot.We need a civil uprising that hits the creeps in their wallets and stakes em out in the town square.
    The secret they don’t want us to realize is the WE have the power to wipe them out.WE can be cerebral and use our technology to wipe them out without shedding a drop of blood……or we can storm the gates or both.
    President Obama’s demeanor tells me that the he sees(BETTER THAN MOST) where he stands in the “Game” and any idealistic parts of him are pelted with realizations that drain him and turn his hair gray and sap his reserves of ability to make a difference.He is a puppet and he knows it in spades.Now he is at the place where if you can’t beat em join em.
    And the beat goes on.

  26. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow love all the jammer on here & ALL the thoughts.Agree with you all. Wonder why NONE of these showed up in my e-mails?????
    Missed a bunch of GREAT comments..

  27. zelda Says:

    Looks like John has redone the site???? I am not getting emails either and everything is out of sync.Took me awhile to get to this topic.

  28. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Nope. Haven’t redone anything.

  29. Honeydog Says:

    As always, Zelda, your gifted way with Words, Flair with Examples, and ability to Condense are better than I can do, and hit the Nail on the Head as to what I meant. And I totally agree that this President, compared to others, seems to be of the Character who is feeling, and showing, the Disappointment and Frustration of his Position “not being the way he thought or planned it to be”. And, right, we certainly DO have the Power to take them all down… We talked about the need for a Revolution before… And I said it’s going to take America getting Flushed all the way down the Toilet— not just being in it— and the collective amount of America-in-agreement necessary, to finally rise-up with Fists in the Air and begin it. The Downfall… There’s always going to be “Hope” in decent people— With every new Candidate, every new Campaign Speech, every new Election-time, every new Promise— and the “Stupid” or “Brain-washed” or “Unphased” or “Uncaring” or “Wealthy” or “Crooked” people etc who make up the rest surely can’t be counted-on either. I’d love to see a “Storming of the Gates” occur. I’d like it to be in our Lifetime. To relinquish this Government of its Power, Money and Greed is a Concern and a Mission “everyone” needs to Embrace and Partcipate in—- And that’s where it gets Tough, don’t you think?….

  30. zelda Says:

    Oh okay John……….things look better now. Who the heck knows why things happen with these computers etc. etc.Thanks for the heads up!!

  31. zelda Says:

    Speaking of long winter days and wanting to stay in “the den”, I and tucked in my little studio as well. Man o man……….People tell me I need to walk more to which I reply with a smiley nod and don’t try to explain my bad knee or aches and pains and then I lie down with a good movie and grab my little knit throw and try to rest.
    Getting old is a mind blower.I admit I DO need to walk more….If I time my meds right I have a little window where I can do a few blocks
    Nice time of year to paint also………..but not this weekend. It’s our famous annual “Oyster Run” biker time.It is tomorrow right outside my widow. Kinda neat because the fellas that do trick riding are on my street right under me so I don’t need to get out into that sea of black leather any more. I used to put on my biker look and fold into the was fun. A lot of gnarly dudes and “don’t mess with me women” I have been hearing scout bikes revving it up for a couple of days,tomorrow the roar is worthy of an earplug investment.Can’t you just see me all clad in the biker look sitting at a bar telling wild tales to sexy dudes as to why I have a slight limp? hahahahaOOOOh!!! My mind is racing.
    Well girlies I am off to wash my hair and forage for food……..yak at ya soon.

  32. zelda Says:

    Yes Honeydog….I agree with all you said…………for sure.

  33. Honeydog Says:

    Actually, Yes, I CAN see you among the Biker Dudes and Chicks, and at a Bar telling your Tales, and I’d Bet they’d love them! Do I sense a tad-bit of missing that “Scene” in the Crowd? I know I do sometimes. I had that Life once. My Husband (my Daughter’s Father) was a Biker, and for years we were part of a large group of tight-knit Riders who rode our Harleys from the Beaches to the Mountains to the Desert, did all the “Runs” for special Causes and Charities, rolled into the Campgrounds and Farmlands for all the wild Motorcycle Club Parties and Live Bands and Events, and thundered up the Highway together every single Friday and Saturday Night to our favorite “Watering Holes”. We weren’t “Bad Asses”, although you’d never know it from our Looks… We were all “good people” and close and trusting Friends, out for a Good Time and the Joy of Riding, but I can’t say I never witnessed a Brawl and everything else that comes with being in and around that Life and the people and places we went. My Husband died on our Harley, hit by a Drunk Driver, but, other than my being in a Band for 13 years at another time in my Life, those times of Leather and Boots and Chains and Bandannas and Riding all together were the best. Lots of great Memories and Experiences and Fun. My now Ex-Boyfriend (Also a Biker and the one in my “Restaurant Story”) keeps his 3 Harleys in my Garage, and, as I mentioned in that Story we’re still very close, and we do go for Rides every now and then, so I get my “Fix”, but I miss all the “Action” of the old days. I still have my 3 Tattoos, and, although my Fringed Leather and Suede Jackets (complete with Pins and sewn-on Patches) are kind-of tight now, I can’t get rid of them. Yeah, there’s something about all of it… The Look and Feel, the roaring Sound, the open Road, the Wind in your Hair, the Events and Gatherings… It was definitely great. I hope you enjoy watching the “Oyster Run”… It sounds Neat, and like you have a perfect Seat for it!

  34. zelda Says:

    My husband was killed on his bike in 1994. Seven months after we were married. Recreation bike……..we were not bikers……
    The “Run” was pretty much rained out this year,,,,,,,,,drat. The trick riders did what they could. Still a few thousand showed up but left pretty quickly.Usually it’s sunny and the fun goes on till the wee hours…….
    yak later Doggie…………..

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Zelda, I didn’t know about your Husband… I just thought you might be Divorced or something. I don’t know what to say… Except I’m so sorry and, having that same “Accident” happen, I can definitely relate— But so soon after you were Married, Oh My, I cannot imagine how that was for you. Total Emotional Devastation comes to Mind. I know it’s now 19 years in the past, but still, I’m sending a Big Hug. It seems we have more of a “Connection” than just here on these Pages…. Mine was Age 29 when he was killed in 1988, just 4 years after we got Married, when our Daughter was only 14-months-old… So, I least know the Experience of the Shock and Emotional Despair after it being only a “short time” together. And “Strength”… We obviously had alot of it, and surely share that Commonality also to have kept going after such Trauma. Survivors we indeed are, and I know for more reasons than just that one Incident in our Lives. Thanks for sharing that piece of personal information and, I know, an unpleasant Memory. What a Small World it truly is……

    That’s a Shame the “Run” was spoiled for everybody. And I was hoping you’d come back saying that after you washed your Hair you went down afterall, and got “Hooked-up” and blew your Hair to smithereens! Okay, well I’ll wait for an exciting report next year….!

  36. One Op Says:

    I am truthfully so sorry Zelda, So soon after married too. So many have, in their life that we never hear of, or in my case I am in and out so don’t follow up as should be. Bless you and all who live with hurts who go on so quietly making their way through.

  37. zelda Says:

    Thank you for your kind words girls..You know I really appreciate it.
    He was 32,,,,,too young as you know Honeydog. Gee whiz…….
    I am exhausted…talk later when I can put a sentence together.,,,I had to use my rent money to get the phone back up this month so I am in a huge bind. I worry all night and can’t sleep……I hate not having enough money…stresses me out big time. I need four hundred dollars……..egad. I need to sell a painting asap…..I have four days to get the rent,,,,,or I am on the street I guess.
    Yak soon………..hugs

  38. One Op Says:

    Yeee Gads Zelda! You have had enough and
    don’t need this!!

  39. zelda Says:

    I will be okay OneOp………..thank you sweetie… are a gem. I will just have to sell a painting…………Thank you for caring….hugs

  40. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t care what the Bull Shit Saying is (“Money doesn’t bring Happiness”) or what anyone claims, it IS what matters most and ya CAN’T be “Happy” without it, OR enough of it. The “Root of all Evil”??… No, Right— More often the Root of Worry and Stress and Sleepless Nights. I myself am just in the process of trying to Refinance my Mortgage. With a ridiculously-high Interest Rate on the original Loan acquired back in 1997, the large Monthly Payment, the Cost of Living anymore, and me being the only “Bread-winner” on a not-near-enough Paycheck to cover everything, thoughts of losing our Home have been swirling in my Head also… And although I have excellent Credit, it’s the “Income” the Banks want to see and where they draw the line. My Parents were Co-Signers when I got the House, but now, with my Father gone and my Mother at 96-years-old, I’m flying Solo on applying, and there ain’t much to “see”. This is my 3rd attempt within the last few years, and I’m Sweatin’ Bullets. Did I say it’s a Small World??… I’m prayin’ hard and keeping my Fingers crossed for both of us, Zelda my Friend, for you to SELL THAT PAINTING!!! and for me to get Good News. Hugzz and Luck Luck Luck!

  41. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of News, I might as well throw this in for a bit of Diversion while we’re on the subject of Sink-or-Swim…. Just heard that Jodi Arias’s Defense is going to propose a “Settlement” to The Prosecution in a Hearing next month, to accept Life without Parole, and Waive her Right to Appeal, in lieu of the Penalty Trial. If The Prosecution agrees, there will be none, and it’s over.

  42. zelda Says:

    I hear you Honeydog…………I am right there with you.It makes me so angry to see what a mess trying to get through life is for most of us………..gezus. We have such a short time here on the planet and it should NOT be embroidered with all this impossible life sucking monetary stress.The masses are slaves to those one percent bastards who are smacking their lips as their coffers swell with our blood sweat and tears. Shit! I mean we here can’t have shelter without going through the hoops of insurance shits or all the other goons out there feeding off the working people. I hope people wake up before it all blows up and crashes big time.We are living in a Ponzi scheme society……….it’s Got to crash …….
    I am with you Doggie dear……………you have always got me.

  43. zelda Says:

    You mean old jodi will have to chance of parole and gets life???? No appeals ….nada…….????? Hooray if that is so……….the death penalty is my choice but this is a win for Travis and his family too………she is sooooooooo nuts. Remember the “gauntlet run”……..that would be good too…………nutty bitch

  44. zelda Says:

    typos again,,should be NO chance……..

  45. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, my Friend, it’s a “Hard Knock Life”… Try to Live right, do right, be Honest and “Legal”, Work hard, pay your Bills, don’t bother nobody— And where does it get Ya. There was a Skit on “Saturday Night Live” on TV last night having to do with “Obamacare”, and, among other Funny comments, one of the Actors said “I don’t even have to get a Job and I get Free Insurance!”, and another one said “I don’t know what’s going on, I just came here from (some Country) with my Family to get Welfare!”…. You had to Laugh, but, as with all their Skits, they’re poking Fun at the cold hard Truth, and then you can’t help but be Pissed-off at it. All we do is Struggle, and, like you, I’m sick of it, and the Unfairness to those who don’t deserve it, while others AREN’T Right and/or doing NOTHing, and getting EVERYthing they want and need. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. And Damn Right… It’s got to Stop.

    You have always got me too. (So much so that if things don’t Look-up we’ll be living in a TENT together…. LOL!!)

  46. Honeydog Says:

    As for Arias, Yeah, that’s the Deal I heard. Word is, nobody (except her, of course), including The Defense, wants her on the Stand again (not to mention that most of their previous Witnesses refuse to come back and be involved again) and, without the Cost of a Re-Trial and the expected numerous on-going Appeals should she get the Death Penalty, this would save tons of Taxpayer Dollars while ensuring that she stays and dies in Prison. But the other report I also heard is that Mr. Martinez’s “Heart”, “not his Career”, “is in this”, that “Travis’s Family still wants her to get the same she gave him”, and that he probably won’t give-in to this “Settlement”. Have to wait and see. And with both some good Pros and Cons, hard to Predict.

  47. zelda Says:

    I have to admit it’s been more than great to NOT see her silly face in the news but I am behind whatever it takes to insure she never sucks air outside that prison for the rest of her creepy life.Travis’s family has been grinding through this process for so long,,,,,,I can’t imagine how they are keeping it o man.I know if it were me I would want to personally rip old jodi’s head off.
    Let’s hope it’s settled soon.

  48. zelda Says:

    Right now that tent sounds good,,,,,and not out of the question. A sobering thought.Gee………I could do it with you,:)
    Kinda pisses me off to think old arias and others like her get free room and board…….medical and dental while we honest folk are one little check away from the street.Crazy .I think they should have to work in prison and pay damages to their victims and earn their keep in real dollars just like the rest of us. I would call it the”Nine to five law”.
    I am still needing my rent and nothing is selling much in the art world.I get so nervous I can’t paint for beans,,,,a vicious circle,,,,haha.I am giving it all I have got…
    Hugs little doggie
    hi to OneOp and Sandy

  49. Honeydog Says:

    That’s a great Idea, Zelda! (The “9 to 5 Law”). It’s something that would be Beneficial all the way around— To the Prisons, to the Victims or their Families, and, as “Mandatory” rather than being a “Choice” to enroll in a Work Program, no Inmate gets off easy with a Free Ride. You are so Smart! I do have one Question though (which I’m sure you have figured-out)— Would Taxpayers be Funding the extra Money needed to Pay them, or would it come from the Government, or what? (And I can’t believe this but I’m drawing a Blank right now, on from where Prisons get the Money to keep them running). Anyway… tell me how it would “work”… This is very interesting!

    Yeah, just think!… With you and me living in a Tent, no Rent, no Mortgage, no Worries, you Painting the Days away, and me (well, I’d think of SOMEthing), we’d have all KINDS of Time to go out and pull people together and get that REVOLUTION started! (Of course, we might not have any FOOD, but we’d have all kinds of TIME… Ha Ha Ha!)

  50. Honeydog Says:

    So, besides my other Question up there, what do you think about this thing with the Government “shutting down”??? Do you think this is a Sign of things to come? (As in maybe a slight start to the Rise and Fall of how “things” are… The beginning of that possible eventual big “Crash”?)

  51. Honeydog Says:

    (Note to OneOp: Beautiful and Touching last sentence in your Comment on 9/26 @ 3:32pm. That’s why we love and need you so much (along with your Presence and Friendship here of course). You’re always so Caring and Thoughtful of others, trying to help ease our Troubles and Complaints, and Uplift our Spirits. As Zelda said, you’re a “Gem”. Hugs for Who and all you are, and I always wish for you everything Good you wish for us!)

  52. Honeydog Says:

    (Yes… “HI” to you too, Sandy! And, where the heck ARE Ya???) 😦

  53. sandy1961 Says:

    Hey Ladies-Once again I have been getting NO e-mails telling me you guys have been writing..
    I thought this morning(What the HELL) where are you guys?? Figuring EVERYONE is as busy as I have been..
    Z- I just read about your husband..I’m SO SORRY,
    Did you sell a painting???
    I have a bit of cash stashed away if it would help.. I however don’t have all you need,I would be happy to help if I can.. Please let me know..
    Doggie,I’m SO Sorry for your loss also..

  54. zelda Says:

    Wow Sandy…….what a generous kind and loving offer!!! I appreciate it so much. I will figure it out somehow sweet one.
    Friday is art walk……….I am hoping to sell something,I am taking the prices way down,,,,,,,,maybe that will help. Keep your toes crossed.
    The thing is I paint”different;y” than the herd of great painters in this area so my buyers have to go outside the box to buy my stuff. We will see…………I painted a crow sitting on a pumpkin which is classic so I am hoping someone will like it,,who the hell Knows.Honey dog has seen my work…..I think she likes some of it???Oh gee……I don’t know……….I am really insecure right now.
    Staying positive is hard work,,,I am pooped.
    Thank you again Sandy,,,,,I feel you are a real friend…… dear keyboard friend,,,,,,I think I am going to write a book(really) called,
    “Keyboards Are Us”,I am a pretty good writer…….and I think relationships via the keyboard are a new phenomina that is a crucial link in todays cyber society.
    Yak soon! Thanks again…….you are a gem.

  55. zelda Says:

    Honeydog, as for the “9 to 5” law I will crank out a response asap.My tiny mind is on overload at the present………….hahaha.Many of the prisons are privately owned these days…………that alone could fill a 500 page book easily.Lots to think about there.So that is a model to look at in so far as the “money’ part that sustains it.Federal funding I imagine a co-op sense.Not the answer,but worth a look.

    The government shutdown is a neon flag to the people about what is really going on in Washington.The worse the villains get the more they show their hand.Unfortuanaly the people who have let things slide by need this kind of in your face hurt em in someway happening to wake them up.WE are the ones who need to listen up and drive the bums out……….WE have the power……….If a population becomes indifferent to those who run it’s government then we eventually pay the price. There are really sleazy bastards out there. The Fed,and the Koch brothers are leading the pack.I am certain that both of those scum bag entities are manuvering the one percenter republican bastards all the way to ensure their own power and politiacal machine tatics. WE are being swallowed by these guys.I for one am aware and sick of it.There should be a leader in the wings somewhere that can take the reins for the people soon….it always happens when a society takes a nosedive like this.I wonder who is behind the curtain as we speak.WE need him now because the funny stuff aint funny any longer.
    yak more later Honeydoggie………
    hugs gals

  56. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Sandy. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but, about not getting your E-Mail Notifications, are you sure your Settings didn’t somehow change? I had that happen before… I always had the Box “Notify me of Follow-up Comments via E-Mail” checked, and everything was fine, and then all of a sudden nothing was coming. After a while I finally noticed that ALL the Boxes where you fill-in your Details (E-Mail Address, Website “Name” etc) were Blank, and the Box to nofify me was also Unchecked. How and why it all dissappeared I have no idea, but that was the problem (for me, anyhow). It could be something as simple as that, that you just haven’t noticed, like I didn’t. Our Computers do strange things on their own, but I’m guessing that it must have something to do with your Settings being messed-up… I don’t know… Just trying to Help. Anyway, glad ta SEE YA! 🙂

  57. Honeydog Says:

    (Uh, that’s “notify”… Not “nofify”. Our Computers aren’t the only ones that do strange things!)

    (And, Thanks for your Condolences. It’s been a long time… I’m Okay. It’s nice that we all mean well for each other, because I know we’ve ALL had our Losses.)

  58. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, my Thoughts exactly on this current situation with the Government Shutdown— Especially the people “needing this kind of in-the-face hurt ’em to wake them up” part. Yes, that’s EXACTLY right… You hit the Nail on the Head… That’s just what I think too… Let them get Hit hard where it hurts and suffer the Consequences of their Lack of Interest and Knowledge, Blindness, Brainwashing, and Stupid Political Choices. I honestly can’t help but feel Fine that this all happened. Now we just have to Hope that it works— Because, what bothers me is all those people out there I’m seeing on the News, talking to Reporters on the streets, who are still more concerned with the Interruption of the stuff they were getting for “Free”, than realizing or being interested-in anything beyond that. When I went into Work at the Supermarket last night, Management had put up Signs at the Check-out Lanes about us not being able to accept certain “Funded” Payment, and, instead of hearing what you would hope to hear (that “Wake-up Call”… New Thoughts and Opinions… A change in their Political views) Nope, it was all about “them” and being pissed at having to part with their own Cash… That’s all they cared about… They still don’t have a Clue. And, like we’ve talked about before, there’s so many of this kind out there that I can’t help but think that, when this is all over and they get their stuff back, that’s all that WILL matter to them. With this current “opportunity”, we have to count-on the rest who have been aware all along that “something’s not right in Denmark”, and the many others gaining new-found Enlightenment, to Speak-out and hop on the Bandwagon which needs to head for “Change”. I’m with you— This “Nose-dive” should induce a Breakdown of the Power and Greed of the Political Realm as we know it, instigate “Fresh Ideas”, and give way to that someone “waiting in the Wings” who has them, and will take proper Control of the Wild Horses… for nobody’s Benefit but ours. I’m liking that it “should”… Let’s hope it does.

  59. sandy1961 Says:

    I have NO clue as to what’s up with this thing. The box is checked then it’s not.Then it is then it’s not…Who the HELL knows..
    Hope all is well with you ALL..
    GOOD luck with the artwalk Z..
    Lots of keyboard love commin your way

  60. Honeydog Says:

    I wanted to tell you before, Zelda, that, wholeheartedly, if I wasn’t in my own Bind for a while now, I would have offered, along with Sandy, to help you too, without a second Thought… But that’s why I didn’t mention it, and could only wish Good Luck for both of us (selling a Painting and my present efforts to Refinance). And Yes, I DO like your Artwork… Very much… And I’m not just saying that— I know I’ve told you several different times how Amazed I was, commented on the unique Themes and Concepts and breath-taking brilliant Colors, how Talented I think you are, and how much I Admire you for it. Don’t short-change yourself… You have nothing to feel “Insecure” about! I have a good Feeling about the “Crow on the Pumpkin”… And I’ll be thinking of you and sending good Vibes for a Happy Ending on Friday! Hugs back….

  61. Honeydog Says:

    Geezzz Sandy, I don’t know… That’s really weird. It seems something isn’t “Holding”… There’s an “Interference” somewhere. Other than what I already thought-of above to check, is your Browser out of Date?… That would cause your Settings and Commands not to function right or function at all. My knowledge about the workings-of Computers and solving issues is basically Ziltch. Let me see what John has to say, since it’s a set-up on his Site….

  62. sandy1961 Says:

    It may be anything.. My computer at home (or should I say) Internet isn’t in a good area anymore & I may get 10 min. out of it before I loose the signal..
    Have a goodnight ladies & help us pray the Indians WIN the game tonight!!!

  63. Honeydog Says:

    Just realized I need to make a couple Clarifications in what I last wrote about the Government Shutdown— Meant to say “something’s ROTTEN in Denmark” (no big deal but that’s the correct Saying…. And, when I was talking about people being more concerned with the Free stuff they weren’t getting and having no Clue or further Interest as to what’s going on and what needs to be done, I was targeting “certain groups”, not everybody who needs and receives. Basically, my saying getting “hit hard” and “suffering the Consequences” etc was meant to apply to the American People “as a whole”, and meant that this current situation should make EVERYbody, THINK. And, for the purpose of achieving the result of “Waking-up and Shaking-up” the Country, which has been Railroaded for so long by Corrupt Politicians and a Government paid-off by “Big Business” and driven by Power, Money and Greed, rather than their Interest-in, Committment and Efforts to take care of US, this situation IS needed, despite to whom and how “hurtful”, in order to attempt to end it and initiate “Change”.

  64. Honeydog Says:

    I wrote to John… He didn’t indicate that the problem you’re having with not getting E-Mail Notifications and the Check Marks appearing and disappearing lies with a Gliche on this Site, but rather your Computer or an Internet issue. I don’t know how Zelda or OneOp do it, but I myself don’t request to be notified anymore, I just check-in. Sorry we couldn’t be more help. Hugzzz.

  65. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I have no idea, unfortunately. Not very technologically savvy.

  66. One Op Says:

    I suppose you have checked all your hookups, especially on your computer? Sometimes just moving my stuff around there the connections gets just loose enough to act like a light bulb that is ready to flicker out. Also I just check in, no email alert.

    Zelda, how is all going for you?

  67. zelda Says:

    I just check in also…………
    yak soon

  68. zelda Says:

    Hi OneOp…thanks for asking. Things are challenging at the moment. I am on automatic pilot.Good thing I don’t drink or smoke…….haha
    Hope all is well for all of you gals,,,,,,,,,,talk soon.

  69. Honeydog Says:

    How’d the Artwalk go? You were on my Mind…

  70. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydog…………….well we had a lot of people…no sales. I sold three cards,,,,,,,fifteen dollars.
    I still need last months rent……….my head is spinning.

  71. Honeydog Says:

    No… Oh man, I’m so sorry. I was really pulling for you. Geezus, I feel bad for even asking now. I wish I was in a position to lend a Helping Hand. Like I was explaining up there on 10/2 (6:45 am) I truly would if I could. My last scraped-up payment to the Bank was Late, and, right in the middle of trying to Refinance. Great. They were even willing to pay all the Closing/Settlement Costs… EYE certainly can’t, and God KNOWS I need this to go through to get those payments lowered)… Probably just blew everything now. Spinning right along with you… Still Hoping for Relief for both of us. Hugzz.

  72. zelda Says:

    You know I wish you the best Honeydog,,,and ditto I would not hesitate to help out any of you on here as well. It helps to boost each other up when things are difficult for sure.Thank you for caring……….it means a lot.Unfortunately the “games” we are playing here in the U.S. are ripping the people to the core.young and old. Damn money mongers.
    Keeping my toes crossed for you Honeydog…………!!!!

  73. Honeydog Says:

    I know you are, and, in return, I appreciate your caring just as much.
    Hang-in there, okay? Something will give.

  74. sandy1961 Says:

    Something has to give..
    I’m sorry EVERYONE is having such a hard time…
    Sorry you didn’t get some artwork sold Z..

  75. One Op Says:

    I have to depend on my son to help me financially and with other issues that need fixing, to avoid some expenses. My heart aches for you all and anyone who is subject to such pressures and stress with no immediate help. May a door be opened that all the matters of your situations be relieved very soon.

  76. zelda Says:

    Thank you dear OneOp….Getting older in our society can be very unsettling.I am happy your son can help you……just great!
    Again thank you for your sensitivity,,,,,,,,great big hugs from me.

  77. Honeydog Says:

    Wellll…. While we’re anxiously waiting for that “Door to be opened”, what else shall we talk about???……

  78. zelda Says:

    Let’s see…………..hmmmmmmmm…………man o man.Anything happy to yak about?
    Knox trial? Old casey update? old jodi stuff? Hernadez? etc. etc.???

  79. sandy1961 Says:

    I can’t think of anything HAPPY going on lately,,,BUT I did see the Amanda Knox interview the other night…Any of you see it???
    I do actually believe her that she wasn’t involved,seeing the REAL evidence & all…
    Watched the Jodi ASS movie also–Now that’s a different story
    WHAT A NUTCASE she is
    Hope thinga are looking up for ALL..
    OneOp I love your comments–

  80. Honeydog Says:

    Other than The State’s decision, sometime this month, on accepting Arias’s “Life without Parole vs. a Re-Trial Deal”, nothin goin on with anybody to speak-of at the moment.
    And, other than these big Stories in the News of course— The on-going Crap with The Government… That 9-year-old Boy who slipped through Airport Security, flew to Vegas with no Ticket, stole (and drove) a Car and crashed-into a Police Car, and turned “Violent” when turned-over to Child Custody Authorities… Those 3 High-Profile Murder Trials: The Newlywed Bride who pushed her Husband off a Cliff on their Honeymoon; The wealthy Doctor accused of pumping his Wife full of Pills, drowning her in the Bathtub, moving his Mistress into the House afterwards, sending their young adopted Daughter back to the Ukraine and having his Mistress assume the Daughter’s Name, and his 3 grown Daughters are pushing for his Conviction (They’re calling this another “Drew Peterson” Trial); and the other Husband who was having simultaneous multiple Affairs, accused of killing his Wife and dumping her Body in the Woods (they’re calling this one another “SCOTT Peterson” Trial)… (Anyway, they’re all Doozies)… And the Story of that Gang of Motorcyclists which Taunted that Family in their SUV on the Highway outside New York City, involving Crashes, Beatings, Life-threatening Injuries, and an off-Duty Police Officer who’s now also been Arrested for “joining-in”—— NOPE… Nothin “Anything Happy” to Yak-about I can think of!! (Oh, except for my Mom’s upcoming “Happy Birthday”… She’ll be 96 on the 24th. She has no idea of course (Dimentia), but we’re going to try to make it “Happy” anyway).
    So, Chirp-in on these or anything else you can think of or wanna Chat about, Girls. No new Posts from John lately… Looks like we’ve gotta make our own! (HAH! Knowing us, No Problem!)

  81. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Sandy. It must be Morning! (Uh-Huh, haven’t been to Bed yet and was still writing when you slid-in). Yeah, I saw both things too— On Knox, for me, I still just don’t know. In the beginning I wouldn’t have given a Penny for her Innocence. As time went on I felt a little differently, then later I still Questioned, then went back again, and, to this day it’s probably the only Case I can’t firmly believe and decide what’s True either way. I still have Suspicions, but that’s just me on this particular Case. What I just saw on Jodi Arias wasn’t actually a “Movie”— It was a detailed Documentary, featured the Police Officer who Interrogated her, and told-about and showed stuff we didn’t Hear/See before, right down to some explicit turn-your-Head-away Gruesomeness. Is this the one you mean? If you mean the made-for-TV-“Movie” which was shown once before a while back, I’ve not seen that one. Either way, she’s a Nutcase alright— and that’s putting it mildly.
    As for things Looking-up, the only thing “Looking-up” right now are my EYES, up the STAIRS, toward my BEDROOM! LOL! Off to Zzzzzzzz-ing… Catch ya later… Have a Nice Day!

  82. zelda Says:


  83. sandy1961 Says:

    I think Z said it best.
    As for that 9 year old, I saw his pops last night(blurred out) what a mess that family is..I hear the MOM works at the airport & he was seen the day BEFORE on video stealing someones luggage.. At the airport,pops said they thought he was at a friends house… DO WE NOT keep an eye on our kids???
    No pup it was the movie- I didn’t care for it al ALL.. Wish I would have seen what you saw though….You must be 2hrs behind my time if I slipped in… I like doing that,you never know what we may say & you gotta figure out (WHAT THE HELL)….
    As for that undercover cop… What a jerk,figured he wasn’t gonna get caught–Finally video that’s gonna help someone,AS for this dude & his family… I woulda hightailed it outta sight also….

  84. sandy1961 Says:

    As for Knox- I wouldn’t have given a penny either–BUT alot makes sense AFTER watching this… ALOT of stuff we heard & saw was BULLSHIT,they even have proof,So I’m gonna side with her
    I think it was a Diane Sawyer interview

  85. zelda Says:

    Gee,,,,,,,,,well I think knox is guilty as sin,No innocent angel there………The fact that the investigation was sloppy gives her team an open door to pound home their point of view.She looks like a real whack job to me……..I KNOW I KNOW, you should not make assumptions on a person’s looks,,but to me she is an exception.Another spoiled brat with parents in denial . I stick by my opinion.
    That nine year old could have medical issues but more likely his parents are nuts from what I have read.At least NOW there is a chance he can get help.Certainly the agencies that are supposed to protect kids is anything but effective.Stupid shits for the most part.Story after story.

    OMG,,,,,it’s a wonder this planet hasn’t imploded by now.

  86. Honeydog Says:

    Actually, No, we ARE in the same Time Zone, Sandy… It just takes me forever to think and write, my Comments are usually long, and I’m also normally getting up and down in-between, going back and forth to the Kitchen for Drinks and Snacks or stopping to watch something I hear in the background on the TV— So when your Posts show-up like that, I’m still working on the same one I started before you even got here! And I always know, when I notice the Time, that you’ve probably slipped-in when my Comment/Comments finally post, because you usually write around the same Time in the Morning. It’s Funny! (Maybe more like Pathetic,’cause I should’ve been in Bed already! LOL!)

  87. Honeydog Says:

    I agree with both of you about that 9-year-old. I’ve seen his Father a couple times now on TV too, and, although he seems to be Sincere in realizing his Kid has “Problems”, it’s a little too late to start blaming the Airport and everybody else for Actions and Behavior that have obviously been going-on for quite some time already. The Boy had already been Suspended from School when all this happened, he “went outside to empty the Garbage”, and (Right, Sandy) why wasn’t his Father paying attention when he took-off, and why even allow him to be at a “Friend’s house” when he should have been made to Stay-Put— Not to mention that his Father, who “assumed” he was there, didn’t even even check on him or go to the Friend’s house to drag his ass Home. This isn’t the first time he’s been involved in “Criminal Mischief”, and, whatever the reason, Parents have to take Responsibility from the Get-Go— Not wait until their Kid does something like this or ends-up in Prison to use the Excuse “nobody Helped”. I understand, because of his Age, why they’re not pressing Criminal Charges, but I’m not so sure I agree with that… He ain’t no sweet little “Kevin McCallister” who accidentally hops a Plane in “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”— He’s got a Criminal Mind, knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s way beyond his Years— and Yeah, he does need proper Help and Counseling, but I’ve always thought a Day in a Jail Cell for some Kids is also appropriate for learning a Lesson. If anything, SOMEbody should be held accountable, considering the Thievery and Damage he caused to a couple Vehicles— including a Squad Car— and I’ve ALSO always thought that maybe it’s Time the Authorities start slapping some “Fines” on some of these PARENTS to teach THEM a much-needed Lesson for their lack or absence-of Overseeing, Guiding, and Tending-to their Children. Maybe if Parents these days knew THEY were going to have to Pay for what their Kids do or cause, it would force them to BE proper and involved Parents, and there would be alot less Adolescent Criminal Activity. More and more Kids are running Rampid anymore, getting in Trouble at early Ages, because their Parents are too Lazy or too Busy or just don’t Care. You can’t Blame some of these Kids— It all starts at Home.

  88. Honeydog Says:

    Man!… What about that poor Woman who was a Patient in that Hospital in San Francisco, went Missing from her Room, and was found Dead— 17 DAYS LATER… STILL in the BUILDING… in one of the STAIRWELLS! I mean, GEEZZUS… We all know Hospitals make MISTAKES, and Police sometimes OVERLOOK things— But NO… THAT’S just INSANE! I’d be Suing that Hospital AND the Police who “Searched” for her, for enough to shut them down!! NO Excuse……

  89. zelda Says:

    I’d sue the ass off that sorry excuse for a hospital………gaaaaaaaaaawd,

  90. zelda Says:

    Naw… fines for bad parenting.Too big a trap for those who are struggling with everything else.And who decides who is a bad parent?Gets too “Orwellian”. In my view we need more education on parenting, starting in Kindergarten.Plus we need to “show” people how to navigate this world in a positive way not pack on more negatives with which promises to be a biased borg like heavy hand of the “law”.
    If indeed some parents are bone fide criminals that is another matter.

  91. Honeydog Says:

    That’s why I love our Discussions… Differences of Opinions and Ideas. I still like mine (heehee) but I do agree that Education is Key for everything having to do with the responsibilities of Parenting (and pretty-much everything else in Life). I only feel the way I do because of the staggering amount of people who both continuously Impregnate/bring Children into this World without a Care or Second Thought about actually having to RAISE them. Once they’re out of the Womb they’re on their own, and their job is finished. I see it all the time, out in Public, in News Stories, and you know it to be True. And they don’t have to be Criminals themselves to be “Bad” Parents— There are countless Parents who just don’t want to be Bothered, plain and simple. There are those who don’t Discipline, as in the Case of this Boy, yet how many times did he get in Trouble and his Parents let him go. Let’s not forget how “Busy” Life is for others, and it being the “Excuse” for not knowing what their Kids are up to, and the fact that more and more Uncaring and Uninvolved Parents these days are enjoying— and expecting— the Convenience of pushing-off their job onto the Shoulders of their Children’s School Teachers. These are the people I’m talking about, and what they need to be “shown” is, when their Kids commit a Crime/repeated Crimes, and they’re a “Minor” too Young to be Charged, and they’ve especially caused Monitary Damage or someone’s Injuries etc, the Parents should be made to assume all Responsibility and the Monitary Consequences. At my Work, not a Day goes by that we don’t observe the deliberate Negligence of Parents who bring their Kids into the Store, let them run Wild, pulling things down off the Shelves, breaking things, stuffing things into their Pockets… Not a Word of Thought or Care or Parental Control out of them. We have a Sign, as many other places of Businesses do— “Parents Please Control Your Children. They Break It You Bought It”. Why not a “Fine” where their Kids Break the Law is concerned. Same Principle. And I honestly neither think it’s all that Difficult to Decide “Who” the “Bad” Parents are (the Authorities certainly have an Idea), nor feel that it’s a Negative way of Reminding Parents of their Responsibilities. They NEED to be Reminded, and, sometimes, as with other things in Life, it has to be at a Strict or Unfortunate Cost. Consider, for example, the Public Hangings in Medieval Times… Everyone knew what kind of Consequences they would face for their Crime/s, the Crowd got the Point, and there was alot less Crime than there is now. It surely worked as a good means of Deterrance. Again, same Principle. And “Struggling with everything else” or not, it’s how the World is and how we’re Living anyway— But we still have Laws, and nobody should be left-out, even if it is their Adolescent Off-Spring who breaks them. “Educating, starting in Kindergarten”, is definitely Worthwhile, and I have no Doubt that it would “Stay” with many who will become Parents later in Life. The thing is, Life in this World isn’t getting any easier… It’s getting worse all the time— The Economy, the Poverty, the Violence and Crime, Bad Influences all around… And with it’s Continuation will come even more and greater Stresses and Struggles and Temptation toward Crime, and, with today’s Parents the way they already are now, imagine how much worse they’re going to be, where Raising and Over-seeing their Children and keeping them out of Trouble is concerned— Even with all that Education they had. I don’t know… I still tend to lean toward a Crackdown where a Crackdown is neccessary on Parents of Juvenile Delinquents they pay no Mind to. “Fine” them first… Then require Counseling. “Tough Love”. If they’re not doing it, somebody else will.

    (Okay Zelda… Fire Away!) LOL!

  92. One Op Says:

    Education is lacking in all respects and it is because people are no longer interested. We have no guidelines anymore. Everybody wants their “thing” in a selfishness that has overcome any widespread benefit. There is an old saying, “If you can’t handle it later, keep your legs crossed” It used to be “keep your fingers crossed hope and pray” the turn will be to the good. Unfortunately, once people get a taste of the “easy” we do not go back to being dedicated to basics. No basics, no interest in following through.
    Everyday, I can watch the “needs” of “these children!” Always the spokesperson is some celebrity. I just don’t get it!! Do these “celebrities” get paid? The most appalling is that there in NEVER any mention of education being a part of “holding back on bringing children into the world, when there is no way to give them life after birth.” At the same time, last night there was hours and hours on a pretty regular TV station on the results of study done most recently from the famed “Kinsey Report!” It became disgusting because the accentuation was on all the different ways to “enjoy sex!” Don’t get me wrong, sex is a part of life, BUT! As it included so many unnatural use of the genitalia in ways to get the most thrill and “organism” Hell, to this day, I don’t know if I ever had one or not. What difference did it make, for me none, what was important is that I gave birth and felt love and responsibility for the use of what genitalia is all about, but today’s world it trying to reach the ultimate pleasure through sexual activities, and what I see is more and more leaning toward the horror of the thrill in the how some deviates and some psychopaths get their “organisms from killing their partner in the act, for sure the program I watched under “education” was telling us, every step has been taken to “experience the pleasure of sex” NEVER A MENTION OF LIFE, OF CHILDREN, OF RESPONSIBILITY, OF CARING, OF LOVING!
    Just plain old “PLEASURE” and the hell with the beauty in what we were built for and what the end results can be if not in proper perspective. EVERYTHING IS A MONEY MAKING MACHINE, JUST AS TODAY THE BODY IS USED AS A SLOT MACHINE, PULL THE HANDLE, HIT THE JACKPOT…….. Geez! Have I got my head in the sand or what is happening to me???

    Ladies, your comments are excellent, and I really don’t know how I got on to this rant, I can just you all saying, “where is her mind today!” LOL

  93. zelda Says:

    Honeydog….I wrote an answer to your last post but it went “poof” and was gone. I guess I hit the wrong key..dang it.
    I will try again tonight.
    Love your post OneOp…….good going.

  94. Honeydog Says:

    Poop. I hate when that happens. (Must’ve been those “Rocks” I felt coming, whirring through the Air!! HaHa)
    Well, I like both your Comments on the subject of Parenting, Zelda & OneOp.
    And OneOp, you make a good Point about people being no longer “Interested”. But you’re right— It’s like, “Once the Novelty wears off”…etc. And to the point I was trying to make, it’s why I feel there should be some kind of “Penalty” imposed, to jolt Parents of Adolescents like this when they go out and commit Crimes and cause Damage and Destruction and Expense to others. They took-on the Job as Parents, they’re as Guilty, if not more, as their Children, of these Offenses, and using their many Excuses for themselves and/or their Kids shouldn’t constitute letting them off the Hook. We’re letting these Parents go, the same as they’re letting their Children go, and neither one learns their Lesson. As Drivers of Vehicles, we don’t get off the Hook when we tell the Police Officer who pulled us over for Speeding through a Red Light or Stop Sign that we were running Late for Work. We get a Ticket. Next time, we’re more Careful. We don’t want another Ticket. We make sure we Stop. If this is the same way Parents need to learn that it’s not alright, whatever the Reason, for them not being Responsible for what their Kids are doing or have done, then it needs to be. I mean, we can Educate all we want— and we SHOULD— and people are supposed to “Listen” and take it in and “Use” it. Back in the day, it used to make a Difference. But Yes, as you say, their “Interest” and following the Rules and Guildelines have rapidly diminished, and with the way people and things are and the World continuing to move at Warp Speed, I don’t think Educating, by itself, is enough, or going to be, to make these “current” uncaring and uninvolved Parents— as well as the little ones who will take-on this Job later, being Taught as we speak— step up to the Plate. I think the situation still calls for added Measures. Gotta do something more, right now, to make sure, next time, they Stop at those Stop Signs, or, they get a Ticket.

    And now… On to “Genitalia”, “Orgasims”, and “Slot Machines”… I love your Post too, OneOp! And, really, it’s not Funny— You tied-in everything that’s True with the Purpose and Needs of Children, the Adults who Disregard, and people, in general, with Mixed-up Priorities. Ditto… Good Going.

  95. One Op Says:

    Thanks ladies, you all put complete thought in broad perspective on subjects, Honeydog I can’t believe how thorough you think it all out and give us those thoughts so complete and orderly. Have you ever desired to be a writer of books? Sandy, Zelda and I could toss a bit in here and there, when you feel a little too tired to muster. lol

  96. zelda Says:

    We are responsible (monetarily) for any and all damages our kids do until they are eighteen.
    Unless we want a police state……….deciding who is a bad parent etc. we need to realize that education is the key. THAT approach is too Orwellian.It can Not happen over night but needs to be in the mix in a pivotal way. By piling on MORE financial strain to the majority of already ignorant and stressed people with kids, I believe it would cause MORE child abuse and MORE frustration and backfire in a major way.The weak and innocent would pay.
    If indeed parents who are criminal in their situations are found out that is another matter. That is just it….it’s too broad a brush.There are already “too many rats in a box” scenarios out there.People are in a major disconnect mode already and at the mercy of the one percenters. More people are uneducated goons that are concerned with what ever is between their legs and cave to all the weird and violent avenues out there they are subjected to by movies.internet, and the media etc.
    Children are considered a liability by a major portion of our society .
    There is a block of ghoulish crap out there and they can’t be controlled by “fining” them,,,,,,,,,,,just adds fuel to the fire.
    We have gone beyond all of that……….showing positives in a no nonsense way has to be foremost.Not in a “can’t we all get along” way…..but a structured social shift if we are to survive a third world result.
    There may be a total crash of the way we live in this country and the need to start from ground zero the only option.
    I am tossing a shit load of rocks at most everything going on at this juncture.
    We can do better.

  97. One Op Says:

    Zelda, you just wrote a whole excellent chapter, deep and well done. We can do better in this world, this is where the battle is. Compared to those who care overall and want things structured in all fairness and benefit as well, there are so many greedy and don’t care beyond, that it has become a pushover for those of evil intent. When I look at videos of how earth’s planet just sits in air and this is where we are, I realize that one loose thread and we are dust. Well there are actually a lot of loose threads so whatever holds us up here, must be pretty disgusted with mankind and how we betray each other. I’m on your side of the rock pile more often than not. Love you!

  98. zelda Says:

    HUGS OneOp…!!!

  99. Honeydog Says:

    Okay, besides Education— which, Yes, must definitely Continue, but absolutely has to get a whole lot Better, be a Pin-point approach to this problem, and needing to start-over with not only a fresh clean Slate, but a whole new Planet of people after this one dies-out, so all those Avenues of Subjection are not as Familiar and Life-dominating— what should be done “now”? What to do about the current several Generations of uninterested, irresponsible and negligent Parents whose Adolescent Children are found to be Stealing, Defacing/Destructing Property, Bullying/Beating-up another Child, have a Firearm in their Elementary School Backpack (Big Deal, they get Suspended… Nice little “Vacation” for the Kid, and the Parents still go to Work everyday), or be 9-years-old and be swiping Luggage at an Airport and Hijack a Vehicle and slam it into a Police Car— No Charges, No Nothing, for these “Minors” or their Parents in many Cases. And this one’s Father cries “BooHoo, I don’t know what to do” with his Face all covered-up on TV, like they ARE “Weak” and “Innocent” and “Ignorant” Parents— But they can’t be THAT Stupid if the Mother is capable enough to hold a Job in an AIRport. They knew all along what their Boy had been doing for a long time— And did nothing. And Nada— No Charges, No Accountability. Taxpayers will cover the Damages. Who is “responsible” for the Money owed to the Bank when there’s a “Co-Signer” on the Mortgage Loan and the “Title-holder” fails to Pay?… The Co-Signer is. Likewise, responsiblity for a “Minor’s” Criminal Activity belongs to the next in line— The Adult/Parent. If “Fines” won’t work, then SOMEthing. Perhaps these Kids AND their Parents being required to do “Community Service”— Kill a few Birds with one Stone… A Parent “Leading by Example” wouldn’t be a bad thing for the Kid, the Parents (Rich or Poor or Smart or Stupid) would “Learn” something too, and there is certainly plenty of Work and much-needed Help out there. Sound like a better Idea?……

  100. Honeydog Says:

    Dear OneOp, No, I’ve never desired to, nor have any interest in “Writing”. I’m not THAT good! I could never write a Book. Those are very different people… Out of my League… Can’t imagine the Time and Energy and Brain-work it takes. I’m exhausted after one Comment! But Thank You for noticing and liking and appreciating how I am and how I put it.

    I have to say, I admire everybody’s Brains and Writing Skills here. Whether it’s a simple Remark or an in-depth Point of View, the Thoughts and Ideas that go into the numerous things we talk about are Fabulous, the amount of “Sense”, Incredible, and everything shared with real “Heart” and genuine Respect— Even on our Bad Days. I think we have the Greatest and most Intelligent group of people I’ve personally encountered in a long time, and, for sure, the Best on any Blog Site. Just the Wisdom, Strength and Ability here among our little selves makes me think of perhaps a good Solution to all the shit with our Government— “Clean House”… Get rid of the “Men”… Fill the Entity with Qualified Wise and Practical WOMEN— Females have the right “Heads”… We know what to do, and the right Women could do the Job better than any of those Egotistical Money-driven Idiots— Even on our worst Days. Anyway, Love Ya All!

  101. zelda Says:

    The level of culture in a country depends upon the education of it’s people.

  102. Honeydog Says:

    The lack and quality of it certainly shows with ours. We’re so far behind other Countries in that department it’s a Crime. Kids in the “Head Start Program” are even now Deprived due to the Shutdown. Speaking of, I can imagine how we look and what other Countries think of of us right now… And we claim to be the “Leaders” of the World… Cripes… It’s all Pathetic.

  103. Honeydog Says:

    (‘Scuse the “Stuttering” (“think of of..”)

  104. sandy1961 Says:

    Sure wish my computer at home could get some net service..
    You guys ROCKED it on here this weekend..
    Pup you could be a writer….
    All of you could…

  105. zelda Says:

    We have to focus on rational solutions and not get mired in “the way it is” thinking.WE ALL know how it is………..Bandaid thinking just piles on more unattainable fixes and hides the real shit. Which is of course what the one percerters want. “Keep em ignorant and we will be the fox in the henhouse” Bastards!
    Girls in Iran etc. etc. fight and are regularly killed for trying to go to school as in other places in the world. What does that tell you???
    Back in the very early eighties while trying to raise four kiddies on a small paycheck and with NO child support, I wrote a little non published book called” Which Way to the Rubber Room?” It was about a single mother’s struggle with some wild humor replacing the frustrations.It was kind of Irma Bombeckish in style but BEFORE she showed up on the scene.It actually got lost in one of my many moves in those days and I can’t re write all of that………makes me sad.I have written several short stories which my friends always harped at me to publish.And of course it went the way of “mice and men.”
    I decided to paint instead………My weakness is my inability to self promote.That in itself is a long story.

  106. One Op Says:

    Oh Zelda, you touch my heart, please find your work and at least allow us to read it. So many people like yourself and Honeydog, not excluding Sandy have tremendous talent, I mean down to earth realistic thinking patterns which is very rarely spoken today while vitally needed. The mind and hand have so much to offer and too often are in situations where first need is first, letting go of so much inner ability never to be expressed. Fortunately we do
    get some of those talents here, by you all writing on John’s blog.

  107. Honeydog Says:

    I agree, Zelda… The people must not settle-for and stop their Thinking at “The way it is” if any Headway is to be made. It does at least appear that our Country’s current Crisis has sparked the long-overdue “Awakening” and set Fire to that proper “Focus” within its people. With all the physical Protests, the Media coverage, the Controversial Discussions going-on on Talk Shows, Radio and Internet, and the workable Ideas and Solutions going-around from Common Citizens to those-in-the-know Professionals, I only wonder if our Government is Listening… And I wonder if it’ll all make a damn bit of Difference when it comes back. It seems like they’re waiting for the effects of the Explosion to die-down, and I can’t help but think they’re just going to then slip back in and carry-on with “Business-as-usual”. And if not, I’m half-afraid to think about what “new” shit they could hand us next, to make things worse than they were. Meantime, our Boat is just Bobbing on the open Sea without an Anchor, and we Hope we drift to a Safe place, rather than slam into Rocks.

    (PS: Get that “Self-Promotion” going! Remember… “The only thing we Regret in Life are the Chances we never took”…)

  108. zelda Says:

    The fact is Honeydog is that I have lost steam these last four years or so.I was a real go getter most of my life and had different businesses and was quite a whizbang.Alas,things change…….Now I find myself rocked in the arms of old age and worrying about that damned rent.Some days I just don’t see a face in the mirror.

  109. Honeydog Says:

    Awwww, Yes, I know. I was trying to give you that old (what’s the Saying?… “Team Try” or “Team Spirit”? or something) but I do truly know what you mean. Try as I myself always do too, not to lose Grip of myself and the “way I was” and how I prided myself on going-after and achieving most of my Goals and Dreams— but still having more and some unfulfilled— I realize more every day that it’s not, and can’t be, the same, having to give-in and let go for those “Changes” in Life… and myself. The worst part is that you look back, and it makes you want it and yourself back even more, and doubles the Hurt of Reality. Not that I have to tell you… Just saying, I know. The only Temporary Pacification I get about all of it these days is in remembering and telling myself, “Well, at least I’m glad I did it once”… “It was great, and I was Lucky”. Yet No, it still doesn’t satisfy the Frustration and “Wanting” which is always tugging beneath the surface. People like us find it extremely Hard and most-Depressing to be up-against Forces more Powerful than even the Strength of our own Determination, and be forced to Lie-Down and be taken-over. It IS a Shame. I’ve said this before, but I still don’t want you to completely give-up, and I still wish for you Better Days ahead. You never know…… Hugs.

  110. Honeydog Says:

    Sorry about your “Net Service”. I know you must hate that. Miss you more often, but glad you get in here when you can! Hugs too.

  111. zelda Says:

    Honeydog…….I am not the kind to give up I am just in another stage of life with lessons learned and more lessons coming .
    Thanks goober(hugs)

  112. Honeydog Says:

    Good, because Struggles and Worry and even Old Age can surely make us to want to, as you say “some Days”, and there’s a very Strong and exceptionally-Talented “Face in that Mirror” who has, is, and will still make great Strides.

  113. Honeydog Says:

    hmmmm… Wonder what’s up with “No recent Comments available to display”, under “Recent Comments” on the Korner’s Home Page??? Never saw that before….

  114. zelda Says:

    uh……….whats up with the no comments thing??? I guess we will have to start talking on the “wedding” post.

  115. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Probably just a WordPress glitch. Happens from time to time.

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