Reports: Ariel Castro Commits Suicide in Jail Cell

According to numerous reports, Ariel Castro, who was recently convicted on charges related to the capture, imprisonment and rape of three women in Cleveland, has been found hanged in his prison cell.

From KTLA:

JoEllen Smith of the Ohio Department of Corrections released the following statement.

Inmate Ariel Castro was found hanging in his cell this evening at 9:20 pm at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient. He was housed in protective custody which means he was in a cell by himself and rounds are required every 30 minutes at staggered intervals.  Upon finding inmate Castro, prison medical staff began performing life saving measures. Shortly after he was transported to OSUMC where he was pronounced dead at 10:52 pm. A thorough review of this incident is underway and more information can be provided as it becomes available pending the status of the investigation.


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39 Comments on “Reports: Ariel Castro Commits Suicide in Jail Cell”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    First, for him… Whatever, Who cares, No Loss.
    Second… How’d THAT happen?

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    I think he’s a friggin coward!!!!
    I think also this was his LAST way to stick it to those girls….
    He couldn’t even last a month!!!!! Shows you HOW STRONG the girls actually were….

  3. One Op Says:

    I’m glad he is gone, why have working people pay tax to keep him around to feed and care for health wise, when they can’t even have a good enough job to adequately do this for their own families. If there is a Hell as described then he has sent himself there. I know most want to know he is punished to the highest degree and you are right Sandy 1961 he was a coward!!

  4. zelda Says:

    What a lousy coward……….glad he is gone.He was a monster.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I agree with you all. Having been the “Master” and “in-Control” and the Narcisist he was, he made sure this was his Last Hurrah and it was all about HIM, just as he acted when he was allowed to Speak at his Trial. Too bad though, he couldn’t Rot-away in Jail for the rest of his Life— Much greater Suffering there. But Yeah, took the Easy Way Out, Robbing everyone of that Satisfaction. As for the Relief to Taxpayers, not so quick… There’s going to be a big Investigation into this Incident for several reasons— A Family Member is not Convinced that he didn’t “have Help” by Prison Officials, the Time-period and “Protective Watch” are in Question, and the possibility of Legal Ramifications against the Facility. Nonetheles, right… He was a Monster AND a Whimp.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Just heard that the Judge who sentenced that Teacher to only 30 Days for raping that 14-year-old girl, who later committed Suicide, has come out and called himself a “Blithering Idiot”, and decided to conduct a “Re-sentencing Hearing” after he received over 170,000 Signatures in an On-line Petition demanding that he change the Sentence and then Resign. He’s a “Blithering Idiot” alright— The District Attorney’s Office said the Judge obviously doesn’t even know that he himself can’t HAVE a “Do-over” in his Court, that it has to go through a “higher Court”, so the “Re-sentencing” the Judge scheduled for later today will likely be Cancelled. The DA’s Office also said that it believes the 30-Day Sentence was actually “Illegal”, that the 71-year-old Judge is obviously “not up to Code”, that if he doesn’t Step-down he’ll be Removed, and that this Teacher could face up to 20 years in the new Trial. Looks like this Judge can forget about being “re-Elected” when he’s up for it next year, and, although in my opinion this Pedofile should be Locked-up for Life, at least he’ll get more than a Slap on the Wrist.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Ha! George Zimmerman’s wife has filed for Divorce. She says, after she “stood by him through everything”, “even Lied for him when he told her to” (about the Money they had before the Trial began) that, ever since HIS Trial is over and SHE is now facing HER Charges for that, he’s leaving her “holding the Bag” (no Support). In the Interview, she also revealed that he “has a Temper” and was “Physically-abusive” during their Marriage. She said she feels “Let-down, all the way around”, and that he’s been making some “Bad Decisions” (don’t know if it also has anything to do with it, but he was just recently Arrested for a DUI, for the second time). I’ve seen his Wife in the Interviews she’s done by herself since he was Acquitted, and she comes-accross as an Intelligent but Humble, very Sincere and Compassionate person, who always expresses alot of Thoughts and Sympathy for Trayvon Martin and his Family (more than what anyone saw from HIM), and I believe the things she’s saying about him. She says she “never really knew him at all”. Well, I do…. After Smiling and Posing for that Photograph in the GUN FACTORY, only a few weeks after the Trial, that was all over the News, I still think he’s Full of Himself, a Liar, and a deliberate Murderer. I really wish his Wife well.

  8. sandy1961 Says:

    So you didn’t think that was gonna happen did ya Pup??? My roomate & I were talking about that last nite… We kinda put a bet out (or was gonna) on how long it would take her!!!!

  9. Honeydog Says:

    OMG! Is anyone following that new Case in the News, the “new Jodi Arias”??? WORSE actually… 18-year-old girl in Custody for Stabbing her Mother SEVENTY-NINE times— 31 times in the Face, 48 in the Neck, and slit her Throat. They showed her being taken into Court for the Preliminary Hearing and, Double-OMG!, it was absolutely unbelievable how she was acting! Everytime she saw the Camera put on her, she looked straight into it and Smirked like a Brat, and pointed to her “Dry” Eyes and shook her Head in a “No” fashion, indicating that she wasn’t “Crying” over it! I’m telling you, I couldn’t get over it! You have to see it to believe it. Apparently she killed her Mother because she had “Boyfriends” her Mother didn’t approve of, and, right before she did it, while she was at her Father’s house (Parents aren’t together) she sent her Mother an E-Mail saying “You will pay”. Triple OMG!, that poor Woman. This one’s going to be something……

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Morning, Sandy. I was still typing the above when you wrote, but, as for GZ and Wife, I really didn’t know her, or about their past Relationship, until now. She was always so Supportive, and seemed Glad and Relieved when he was Acquitted, it was hard to tell how things would end-up between them.

    Gonna Yak with Ya later… (Yep, you guessed it… Gotta get upstairs and go to BED before my Daughter catches me up again!!) HeHeHe…

  11. One Op Says:

    I have an entirely different view re: Shellie Zimmerman.

    The “new Jodi Arias”?? copycat, in the bathroom, stabbing, throat cut! I haven’t heard why they were in the bathroom together. Why the husband, (step-father) did not not hear anything going on, to intervene, where this girl was just prior to her act, who she was with, etc. If she was drugged out and what that drug is because it seems more and more females are into an overkill, to do these horrors. I am not looking to excuse, just so beyond belief!!! that one so small in size could get such upper hand on anyone. The baseball bat, I guess if she knocked her mother out before the slashing there would not have been any noise to have alarmed him.
    Crap! We don’t have to go to Syria, we got enough on homeland going on that isn’t getting taken care of, drugs are rampant. The newest, called “Molly” similar to “Ecstasy” I have heard they don’t know what they are doing on it, that it is like being hypnotized, that if you are on it and someone else tells you to do something you are likely to do it. Although, it is said or known that being hypnotized you will not do anything you don’t want to do anyway. So go figure!! WHY “OVER-KILLINGS!! Indicates they are enjoying the act of killing itself, rather than having their reason to do it at all. WHY?
    Part of the terror in these killings is that who can feel safe to go to bed at night in their own home, not from outsiders, from our own. Geez, I’ve got to think about something else. ……………..

  12. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ The Mother was taking a Shower. The Daughter went into the Bathroom and closed the Door behind her. I’m assuming that the Father wasn’t nearby to begin with, and, with the Noise of the Shower Water running, he wouldn’t have heard anything. A very-close Relative of this girl was on TV and she claims there was neither any History of this girl being interested in Drugs, much less using them, nor any previous “Mental” problems. She also said she’s Intelligent, Funny, and a Talented Singer. “Why” is right. We’ll be finding-out more I’m sure.

    So, what’s your “View” on Shellie Zimmerman?? I’m really interested!

  13. One Op Says:

    George Zimmerman has his issues and I sincerely believe that Shellie is the kind of woman that played him, I believe she only stood by him for her benefit, she will now try to reap with her tell all story. The one thing that set me off was in the very beginning, there were complaints about young black males hanging around, AND Shellie is one that complained to George that they were hanging around their house, Sooooooo I believe George went bonkers as she Shellie played it to the hilt. Playing scared, teasing implying they were there for her. Anyone remember? She was just TOOOO MUCH with all her sweet honey stuff to George. Her demeanor at the verdict did not indicate that she was by his side, and I truly believe she was disappointed that he was acquitted.
    So, this all left her in a tizzy, I believe she sought to rid herself of him if he could be convicted, what a haul she would make, the good wife who stood by her man, I say BS. BS! The phone calls between them??? She wanted them to be heard, with her coddling and wooing, made me SICK!! I truly believe George was prompted to go after a young black male because of her, not because of thievery. Hell he was probably the THIEF himself.
    It was after Shellie whined that they were near her that he went out and followed and killed one of “them”! Can you imagine George thinking that a young black male would touch his cunning little wifey? Yep! that’s what I think.

    Different speculation: Now everyone is sticking up for her. and she is putting herself out there to make a haul, as much as she can. Who knows, also maybe they are conniving together.
    He’s free, she can make up whatever she wants to and get away with it, get paid!!!! Naw, she will not go back with him, but she better be careful, he is out, running around with a gun, and I got a hunch if he kills again, he could be watching her, and just maybe, it will be Shellie. Wasn’t he medicated?? who’s medicating him now, if not on his medications, might be a loose cannon. Free with humiliation, alone, no money, no wife, it all went down the drain, unfortunately a young teen died because of the Zimmerman personalities and unfortunately, the jury was tainted with some lawyers WIFE, for crying out loud! Don’t know who’s but that’s the word here and there. For some reason, it is all just too quiet, too
    swept under the rug, so to speak. I wonder if O’Mara and West
    are hanging close with George or if they cut him loose.

    Don’t worry Honeydog, I am just up late spouting off my mouth.
    I really don’t care what happens to either one of them except that he does still carry a gun and the possibility that some innocent will again be shot? That bother’s me. Already stopped twice for speeding, looks like he wants some kind of showdown.

    I don’t like George, hate what he got away with, I don’t like her either, already she is stating he was abusive, she was afraid of him. Nope, she wasn’t afraid, she was the player, he was/is sick and deadly and she used that to wrangle him to being her HERO!!
    That’s what he thought he was doing, going to be Shellie’s HERO!

    Another wait and see Honeydog, another wait and see!! She may prove me nuts. Actually I hope so, would be nice that something good came of the whole fiasco. Will never give a life taken back to his family, no matter what, Been so much lately! Boy this NEW Jodie Arias, no drugs, no personality disorder. What’s left but just plain evil! GEEZ< GEEZ SOME CREEPY GENES HAVE BEEN SPREAD AROUND.

    I must go to bed, will probably have nightmares now!!!

  14. Honeydog Says:

    hmmmmm… Very Interesting, OneOp. I never saw things playing-out that way, or Shellie having Alterior Motivies before it all went down, but that’s why I asked. Usually I would be the one with the Negative Thoughts or Suspicions about EVERYone in these Cases (like not being on the same Fence as everyone believing and supporting Hannah Anderson), and I can’t tell you why I didn’t pick-up on Shellie Zimmerman in the same light, but I can see where you’re coming from and how it could be True. My Belief about George was always none other than him wanting to play-out his Fantasy of being a “Cop”, and to satisfy no one but himself and his own Ego… Thinking that Shellie was the Driving Force behind him doing what he eventually did never even entered my Mind. It’s good to hear your Opinion… Definitely Food for Thought… Especially about her Hoping that he would be Convicted so she could get out of the Relationship, now that I know it was an Abusive one. I do agree it would be no surprise if she puts-out a Book at some point— Whether it be she’s found to be truly Innocent in all this and wants the World to know the “real George Zimmerman”, or needs the Money to help with her own problems. If she doesn’t, it will serve to be to her Credit. I also agree that George is a “Loose Cannon”, and no matter what her reasons are— on the Level or not— for Divorcing him now, I’d want to be as far away from him as possible too if I were her. Yes, you’re right, it’s all a “Wait-and-See”… and we usually do end-up “Seeing”, don’t we.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh Geezzz, “Alterior Motivies”???… Now there’s a Whopper! LOL… Well, you know what I mean!)

    I’m sorry if I caused you Nightmares… Jeepers-Creepers, Think Good Thoughts! Think Good Thoughts! Think Good Thoughts! Happy Happy Happy…….. (Yeah, I know… Easier Said than Done these days). Here’s a Smiley 🙂 Hugs & Sleep Tight!

  16. sandy1961 Says:

    HHHHHMMMMMM- I like BOTH of your thoughts.. Although I’m kinda interested to know how long supposedly George was abusing her??? Why did she stay with him? Did all this go down for years before?? OR is this the sympathy game she is playing???? I don’t care one way or the other. Just hope ole Georgie boy DOESN’T shoot someone else

  17. sandy1961 Says:

    BUT he is BUSTED AGAIN!!!!

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Well he didn’t get “Busted” (Neither Shellie or her Father pressed Charges) but what a FIASCO this is!— “He Said/She Said”… “Gun”/”No Gun”… Police never checked his Car… He’s got “Another Woman” (supposedly his “Ex-Fiance” and the the same one who filed a Restraining Order against him in 2005!)… Shellie doesn’t want any more “Drama” but does a televised “Press Conference” with her Lawyer… George thinks he’s “MC HAMMER” (“Can’t Touch This!”) and gets “specialized Treatment” (any other 911 Domestic Violence Call involving an Angry Gun-toting I-Pad-smashing person would’ve at least resulted in them being taken-in)— I mean, all of it, CRAZY! These two need to just stay AWAY from each other, and, the rate George is going, he’ll be another O.J. Simpson— Getting Off-the-Hook for one Crime, but eventually ending-up in Prison anyway, for another. Wait and See….

  19. Honeydog Says:

    Jodi Arias— Back in Court on Monday….

  20. sandy1961 Says:

    No he sure didn’t get busted again,I think they were in cahoots together!!!!…
    To bad Jodi won’t be televised either…If they don’t give her the death penalty this time I hear it will be life!!!

  21. zelda Says:

    Life with no parole I hope. MY first choice is the death penalty of course…………

  22. sandy1961 Says:

    It’ll still take what???? 25/30 years before it happens anyways
    UNLESS you are like Ariel Castro— String em up baby!!!

  23. Honeydog Says:

    As for Televising/not Televising the Re-Trial, I’m pretty sure that’s one of the Defense Motions the Judge will Rule-on on Monday, along-with, hopefully, setting the Date. But I’ll still bet The Defense has and/or brings-up MORE Motions during this Hearing to STALL it AGAIN. If so, I really hope the Judge just says “Enough!”. And yeah, if a Verdict can’t be reached a second time, then the Judge ultimately decides Life, either with or without Parole. I’m with you, Zelda, on that First Choice. Even if it does take Years, knowing she has to sit there and wait for it, that it’s going to come and she can’t do a damn thing about it, would still be satisfying. Too bad the three of us can’t jump on a Plane and go fill-out a few of them “Applications”! (Ya think they’d notice the DAGGERS in our Eyes??!!!!) HaHa….

  24. sandy1961 Says:

    We shall SEE what happens today!!!!

  25. Honeydog Says:

    I haven’t seen or heard anything about the Court Hearing yesterday… Have you???

  26. sandy1961 Says:

    No I think the shootings overrode everything else. I did hear Casey Anthony had to go to court today also..

  27. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I figured that (about the Shooting Story). Strange though, they took time to do an Update on the Baby Elaina Story last night on one of the Shows I watch on HLN, but never mentioned Arias, and they’re always all over anything having to do with her. Oh well, guess we’ll hear something sooner or later. I did hear that Casey was supposed to go to Court… Has to do with Zenaida Gonzales’s Lawyers still trying to bring their Defamation Case against her— which, because of Casey’s “Bankruptcy”, I understand they can’t really touch her, unless she “agrees” to answer their Questions (and you know THAT ain’t gonna happen EITHER). They’re saying Ms. Gonzales will probably never get her Day in Court that she deserves. All I can say is Anthony is one F-ing Lucky Dog……

  28. sandy1961 Says:

    I agree-BUT I wouldn’t classify her in the dog area… She is a BITCH,but dogs DON’T deserve her to be categorized with her…. HaHaHa– Just kidding
    Hope ALL is well with you….

  29. sandy1961 Says:

    Where’s my Z?????
    Where’s OneOp?????
    LADIES how are you?????

  30. Honeydog Says:

    You’re right, Sandy, I should know better… “Dogs” don’t and would never do the things she’s done! (Guess my AGE rears its Head sometimes (HaHa)… Back in the days when people didn’t associate this with that, and calling Names were in simpler terms. I tend to Forget!)

    Lately we’ve been on the other Posts (“Ariel Castro” & “Russian President”)……

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Oh my God, speaking of my AGE!! Where do I think I AM!!… This IS the “Ariel Castro” Post… I mean the other one! Sorry!

  32. zelda Says:

    I am here Sandy ! A lot going on,,,,,,,,,,,,,hugareenos

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes I know pup,I am still following ALL the posts,my computer at home isn’t liking the area I presume & it’s MORE frustrating trying to get on a site than NOT going on at all..
    Z-Hope your feeling good!!!! Hugs right back atcha…
    Lots on my plate lately also,Already starting to try & get crap ready for the season change,have my house & my roommates place we are trying to get straightened around..
    Hugs to all..
    P.S. PUP I think your age has nothing to do with anything I think it’s EVERYthing on your plate the last few years(or longer)…

  34. Honeydog Says:

    Well Sandy, I appreciate that, and too much on my Plate would be a good Excuse, But Naah, TRUST me, when ya start comin out with Terms like “Lucky Dog”— ESPECIALLY to describe someone like CASEY ANTHONY— your Years are catchin-up and your Mind is definitely slippin backwards in Time!! HELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!! LOL!

    Getting “ready” for Fall here too, although it’s been feelin like WINTER at Night!… Had to put the Blankets on the Bed already! I hope we’re not in for a Bad one.


  35. sandy1961 Says:

    I hear ya my friend…Been using blankets here also,well one day it’s freezing gotta wear sweats then the next it’s a/c time…
    Kinda NOT looking forward to the white stuff flying this year..
    Hugzzzzzz right back atcha

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    What the F- my message DROPPED….
    Oh well-imagine that
    As I said before (that you can’t read)
    I think it’s a combination of things pup!!!!
    OR at least we shall go with that.
    Blankets have been back & forth here also.One day the A/C is running like crazy-The next your looking for sweats..
    NOT looking forward to this winter either,,, kinda thinking it’s gonna be a bad one myself..

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    HHHHHHMMMMM message appeared outta my behind I guess…
    So I guess message 1 reads different than messaghe 2…
    Guess my brain is leaking also…
    Have a great weekend

  38. Honeydog Says:

    Yep, all your Comments are there, but between you, me and Zelda, our Computers have been doin some weird stuff on here!

    I don’t mind the Snow so much, it’s the lack of Sunshine, the LONG Nights with it getting Dark at 5 o’clock, the damn freezing whipping Wind, and being “Cooped-up” for so long that I hate. And I’m like a BEAR in the Winter… All I feel like doing is SLEEPING! Guess I wouldn’t feel so bad about it coming if the Summer had been better, but, between it RAINING most of it and not getting to go anywhere, it sucked too. Oh well, I’ll be “trying” to get some much-needed stuff done inside the House before next Spring, and at least there’s “Kreuzer’s Korner” to help pass the Time!

  39. sandy1961 Says:

    Very true-AS LONG as our computers DON’T go wacko

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