Miami Man Allegedly Murders Wife…Then Posts Photo on Facebook

Derek Medina, a 31-year-old South Florida man who authorities say fatally shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, (and apparently posted a photo of her dead body on his Facebook page) has turned himself into Miami-Dade police.

From Mashable:

A Miami man allegedly confessed on Facebook to murdering his wife, and a photo posted on his profile appears to have shown the woman’s dead body. The photo remained on Facebook for more than five hours and was shared more than 150 times before Facebook removed it around 5 p.m. ET Thursday.

From the Miami Herald:

According to Miami-Dade police, Medina shot and killed Alfonso, then drove to the South Miami police station to surrender.

Officers rushed to the townhouse, where they also found Alfonso’s 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The girl was not injured and emerged wrapped in a blanket.

Medina is being questioned by detectives. So far, no charges have been announced.

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124 Comments on “Miami Man Allegedly Murders Wife…Then Posts Photo on Facebook”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    When I hear about things like this, I can’t help but first be reminded of what I’ve always thought about the Invention of the Internet— As wonderful as it is, I’m not sure it wasn’t also the Worst. “Everything Goes”… Even in Death. Poor Woman… Bad enough to be Murdered… What a place to “end-up”.

  2. zelda Says:

    Yes.the internet has been used for many grisly things.this case certainly supports that. Terrible………I wonder if images like these radically desensitize the young and easily led people??? I would think so.Damn it………..seems like every time we humans invent something like this the crap starts seeping in..

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    What a piece of crap this guy is!!!!Saw him on T.V. Makes me sick!!!
    What makes it okay for people to think putting pictures of dead people on the net is good???
    Although this is what got him caught!!!!! Isn’t it??????

  4. zelda Says:

    The internet is a tool for a fool or a harp for the sharp.Gawd people can be sick.Is it me or are there more sickos than ever? Who knows.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Great Analogy, Zelda!… You make that one UP??? It should really be one of those “Quotes” you find on the Pages of those little “Daily Planners”— The “Thought for the Day”. OR… Better yet, the first Words that pop-up on the Computer Screen for everyone’s Eyes to read after they’ve been “Connected”. I don’t know whether to think that there’s always been “Sickos” around out there for years and years and these kinds of Stories are simply getting “more-than-ever Attention” these days, or if there really are more Sickos than ever. I think alot of “already-Sickos” have been “Hiding” in their Shells, waiting for “Times” like these to come out, and the Internet has certainly contributed to THAT. And no doubt too, simply the way the World “is” anymore has “Created” new ones. But Yeah, it sure does seem like we “Hear” more than ever…..

  6. zelda Says:

    Don’t know the numbers on all of that but I think the sickos that may not have acted out are snapping like twigs these days due to all the social ills afoot.
    I am not sure if I want my news saturated with these stories EVERY FREAKIN DAY or not.It sure doesn’t make for a healthy mind set for the general public that is just trying to get through life harmlessly.On the other hand I need to know what the reality is so I am not the goat tied to the fence.

  7. zelda Says:

    yes Honeydog..I coined that phrase…….

  8. One Op Says:

    Murder is fast becoming just like nudity, it starts to roll somewhere and keeps gathering speed until it takes over and people become accustomed to it, therefore it becomes a way of life. I feel with so many trials are wasting time and money when it suits certain “them” to know the outcome before a trial starts. Individuals “set it up” and get the sicko’ off Lawyers write the laws and know how to find the loopholes which allows for horrifying danger to roam freely.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, I think your first Sentence can be applied to just about EVERYthing that’s “not Right” with this World anymore. It’s such a Head-shaking, Disturbing Realization that such things HAVE “taken over” and we’re expected to Accept and “Live with it”, all because “That’s the way it is”. Yet so much SHOULDN’T be. Speaking of our wonderful “Justice System”, the Story I watched tonight was surely a Case-in-Point…. Some IDIOT Judge awarded a Registered Sex Offender, fresh out of Prison, Custody of his 6-Year-Old Daughter! He went to Jail for pleading Guilty to Molesting his 6-Year-Old STEP-Daughter 3 years ago!! Yes, talk about “Horrifying Danger allowing to Roam Freely”. Totally Unbelievable and Appalling. And the Sad part… Anymore, we’re not Surprised.

  10. zelda Says:

    OMg……..where was it they just let a whopping number of sex offenders out of prison last week? Anyone remember?? What the hell????I just don’ get it… are the rats taking over?If so how do we get rid of them???Right now I am sorry to say we have NO leadership in this country……….laws,,,,WHAT laws>>>????This is just crazy!

  11. Honeydog Says:

    WHAAAAT!!! Don’t know how I missed hearing about THAT one! Man, that’s just GREAT, ain’t it. I’m TELLIN ya, SOMEthing’s gotta GIVE. The Assholes behind all this Shit just aren’t gonna be Happy until there’s literally nothing left in this Nation but Crime and Death. Can’t keep up with all of it SO as it is… Let’s just provide MORE. Ludicris.

  12. zelda Says:

    Boy I know what you mean Honey dog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. Honeydog Says:

    ….. and they just keep coming! (The latest: ANOTHER “Preditor”, recently RELEASED from Jail, Arrested, AGAIN, and under Suspicion in the Disappearance of a 17-Year-Old Girl in Virginia, missing since August 3rd. Authorities “now” think he may be linked to another Case of a missing Girl in the same Area who was never found (NOW they think???? Well, DUH!!!) WHY was this known-Perpitrator let out of Prison!!! Our unbelievably-STUPID Justice System just continues to Drop the Ball EVERY time. And YES— Where IS our “Leadership”??… Where’s our PROTECTION??? Innocent ANIMALS spend more time behind Bars in ZOOS than the REAL “Animals” in this Country spend in JAIL. I’m following this Story on HLN (“Jane Velez-Mitchell”), this guy’s NOT Talking, and I just know this poor Girl is going to become yet another Tragic “Statistic” at the Hands of MORRON Attorneys and Judges in Courts of Law accross this Nation.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Hear about the “Molly Young Case”? (This one resembles that of Drew Peterson and that other Guy recently in the News who was also a Cop and just Convicted of Murder for killing his Wife and setting their House on-Fire, but claimed SHE did it after Shooting herself). Molly was 22-Years-Old, “supposedly” committed Suicide a couple years ago, but Family and Friends know she was Murdered, and by Who, and are seeking Justice for what they believe was a “Cover-Up” surrounding her Death. You should hear all the crooked stuff that went down and the Family is bringing to light in the Media. Her Ex-Boyfriend is a Police Dispatcher with the local Police Department AND the Son of the Deputy Sherriff (Need I say more) and has “It was Me” written all over him. He has “Lawyered-Up” Big-Time, and, as I’m following this Story too, I’m wondering just how “Just” the “Wheels of Justice” are going to turn for yet another “person of Status”, hiding behind the Law, believing they can get away with Murder.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    Jodi Arias…. The Defense filed a Motion for the up-coming “Re-Trial”, wanting to “Vacate” one of the main “Mitigating Factors” previously presented by The Prosecution in the first Trial (and for which the Verdict was “Guilty”) of Travis’s Murder being “Especially Cruel” from being heard by the new Jury, thus making her “Not Eligible” for the Death Penalty….

    Hail to the Judge— Motion Denied.

  16. One Op Says:

    Yes, Honeydog, Hail to the judge! You are right too, on how much justice is served on this Molly Young Case. For sure they do coverups!!! In the past there used to be authority, like one chief and if he was a good man he would give his own life before submitting to this kind of stuff but now it all rolls through “channels” until no “real law” stands. Undoubtedly money, keeping my job, the benefits, make a lot of even good people bend and suck it in in order to keep their own neck provided for and safe. I really believe there are “gangs” within district departments that would beat one of their own to death or somehow there is a threat if one breaks the “keep silent code” Well, of course I don’t know, but I sure watched Bernie De La Ronda shrink back on the prosecution of George Zimmerman, it was so obvious something got to him in some way. It was like he couldn’t really do the job, tried to perform but a very poor actor in that case and he was well known to be a strong prosecutor. I don’t think I even want to know all of it anymore, so sickening that trust has become so scare. I’m off to a bad attitude start today. I’ll have some coffee now and get busy.
    Thanks for listening!

  17. zelda Says:

    ,,,,,,,,,,Texas just released two convicted murderers with no parole.
    Why do we bother prosecuting these guys anymore if we just let them out in the end…..
    I guess we will HAVE to arm ourselves after all.

  18. sandy1961 Says:

    Same reason the MANSON clan are still alive….

  19. Honeydog Says:

    I’m sure you’re Right, OneOp… And, as we know, “Cover-Ups” are certainly not limited to Crimes and Attorneys and Police Departments— Throw-in Politicians, the Government, big Corporations, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, even The Church… and it’s near impossible to Trust anything anymore. They say “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You”… I guess it’s a good thing… Can you Imagine. It’s bad enough Finding-out.

  20. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of “Cover-Ups”, now they’re saying there’s “New Evidence” that Princess Diana’s death was no “Accident”. Of course, there’s ALWAYS been Suspicion about that. I don’t know what to Think, I’ve gone back-and-forth, but, if there WAS a Cover-Up, I would Bet there will just be another on top of it to keep it that way.

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Just heard that guy DiMaggio left $112,000 to Hannah Anderson’s Grandmother… I think it was Life Insurance Money. What was this, a “Consolation Prize” for what he knew he was planning-on doing??? Strange Case….

  22. sandy1961 Says:

    Strange things are happening with this case–
    I wanna know WHAT was written in the letters from Hannah
    & what was said in those 13 calls the day before

  23. zelda Says:

    Yes me too.! What a weird bunch. Maybe you were right about Hannah Sandy???? But I do think that DiMaggio groomed her for many years…..who knows how twisted the whole thing is.The insurance money is really goofy Honeydog.OH GAAAAAAAAAAAWD.
    I need a cupcake………

  24. zelda Says:

    I have always been suspect of Diana’s death.That old Camilla has something to do with it. Even if she pressured old Charles via the sack, she wanted to be in the royal family.Ever notice her huge hats and attention getting posture? She just loves rubbing elbows with the Queen.I think she thought she would be the next Queen by marrying old Charles,,,,,,,,I realize that titles more complex than that but it would be close enough for her….can’t stand her.Charles seems rather thick and has been led around by her vagina for years.The Monarchy is and has been notorius for killing off who ever gets in their way.Evidently Diana wrote about them wanting to off her so old Camilla could take over, Bastards,,,,,,,,,creepy.
    Dodi’s dad knows it was a murder…..cleverly done but clearly murder to those in the know.

  25. sandy1961 Says:

    Z- I’m hoping SO much Hannah has NOTHING to do with this.. Those phone calls may very well have been him saying SOMETHING like “” If you DON’T answer my calls””” something terrible will happen!!!!! As for Diana I have thought since day 1 that she was murdered…..
    You crack me up with your term:::::: Being led by her vagina::::;
    Feeling any better??????

  26. zelda Says:

    hahahaha,,,,,I can;t resist saying what I mean at times,,,,hahaha

    Oh I stay pretty much the same……dealing with “stuff” is a real drag…relentless. I out on 40 lbs this last year and a half. mainly because of my knee and other pain that slowed me down to a near halt.My ex of fifteen years is getting married and may show up here on his motorcycle for our annual “Oyster Run” in a couple of weeks.WE get about 10 to 15 thousand bikers here for the day……..Gawd I hope he doesn’t try to knock on my door….I would die if he saw me looking like this.Needless to say I will lock all my doors and not answer it for sure.I am depressed,,,,,,,,,,need another cupcake(joking).
    How is your throat??? I sure hope you are feeling more comfort……dang it .Life is not for the timid eh?
    Hugs to you Sandy…..thinking of you.
    I hope someone cracks the Dianna case soon.

  27. zelda Says:

    egad……….the above is full of typos!!! It’s midnight and I am sleepy……guess I just hit any old key hoping you will be able to figure it out,,,,,,,hahahahahazzzzzzzzzz,,,,hugs

  28. Honeydog Says:

    On DiMaggio and Hannah… Yeah, I’ve been Curious too about those Letters and Phone Calls. They continue to be brought-up in the News, but the Authorities are being “Tight-Lipped” about them. So far, only once did one of the Investigators come out and say that the “Letters had nothing to do with this Crime”. I find that Statement a little Suspicious in itself— I mean, wouldn’t it lead one to Wonder why then, for what reason, they had been writing back-and-forth to each other? Another thing I don’t understand is, Hannah’s Family and Friends have all reported that Hannah’s Mother was a “good Mother”, “always very involved” in her Children’s Lives, and that she and Hannah always “Talked” and were “very close”… But, if all that’s so, why didn’t Hannah ever once mention DiMaggio’s “Advances” toward her to her Mother. I don’t know, I don’t get it. It’s not all that Uncommon for some Teenaged Girls to either be “Infatuated” with an “older Guy” (for example, their Teacher, a Friend’s Father, etc) or, just due to a “close” Relationship and the “Attention” and “Flattering” they get from them, they Like it and don’t turn away from it. I also Wondered, on that long trip of theirs, WHY Hannah couldn’t and didn’t make a Break for it. She claims “he would have killed her” and, Yes, he DID have a Rifle, BUT— They had to have stopped for Gas and/or Food etc along the way, and I’m sure Hannah would have had to use the Bathroom on more than one occassion… I doubt that DiMaggio stood outside the Restroom Door holding his Rifle. Her Family and Friends said she was “Strong” and “Smart”… If so, I just find it Strange that there was not ONE opportunity for her to Yell-out or Signal-to or Run to someone they had to have been around at different points, because, like I said, I doubt he showed that Rifle out in Public. I’m not saying that I Doubt she was Scared in the end— I’m sure she WAS— and, naturally, I wasn’t there, so I can’t say whether she did or didn’t have any “Chances” to get away, or Why this or Why that on everything else. There’s just alot of “Mystery” about this one.

  29. Honeydog Says:

    Oh BROTHER, The Plot THICKENS! Just this minute heard on the News that, because of DiMaggio’s “Suspicious long-standing Ties” to the Anderson Family and the fact that he left them $112,000, HIS Family has requested “DNA Testing” to determine if he was Hannah’s FATHER!

    (It never Fails, does it!… Had a Feeling this Story wasn’t over!)

  30. One Op Says:

    1. Very odd that there would be letters from Hannah to DiMaggio.
    2. Very odd what the friend said about his saying if he was a younger man he would want to date her. That sentence is exactly like a father would say to a daughter. In other words maybe she wasn’t having a boyfriend or date and he was encouraging her, MAYBE!!
    3. No mention by the authorities why the mom brother and brother were in HIS house, it was his hours that burned.
    4. I feel the “dad” on the news was not showing any real sorrow
    about his wife and son being murdered and set fire. Just wants to move on. Hannah, (happy she is safe of course) but she seems to be the important one in the minds of DiMaggio and her dad.
    5. Just very odd, in my opinion. Yes, I think she could have escaped.
    6 For her abductor to leave money to Hannah’s grandmother is the strangest of all. What the heck??? So maybe he is Hannah’s father. What is this grandmother’s name, anyone know??

  31. sandy1961 Says:

    Z-My throat is in limbo (for now) I had it get to this point before & them BLAM–Full blown pain again…I’m HOPING it’s just gonna GO AWAY at some point, BUT the feeling peeks itself at times & makes me think “SHIT here we go again” Thanks for asking… As for your EX-popping in If he can’t deal with reality then the kiss off for him…..(just sayin)… Your a great woman & DON’T let trivial crap get you down… Life’s hard enough as it is without worrying about the WHAT IF’S……
    Hugs right back atcha

  32. sandy1961 Says:

    And yes I was able to figure out what was being said

  33. Honeydog Says:

    On Princess Diana… I must admit, although, like I mentioned before I’ve gone back-and-forth about it, I’ve never felt Convinced that she and Dodi were Victims of Unfortunate Circumstance. I remember watching the intense Interview of Dodi’s Father, and everything he knew and said pointed to a Conspiracy— Not that we really needed HIM for us to be able to put Two and Two together. It was perfectly Fine with the Royal Family that everyone figured-out that Charles had already been “Sneaking-around” with and “Banging” Camilla before, during, and after his Marriage to Diana, but No, they would not be “Embarrassed” by Tabloid Pictures of Diana on Dodi’s Yacht and such. It was Okay for HIM to Cheat, but not Her. He never Loved Diana to begin with, ALWAYS wanted Camilla, and, because I’m sure The Family knew that, and Diana was “Different” and “Outspoken” and “Non-conforming”— Not to mention beginning to cause “Problems”— they all found the way to “Resolve the Matter”. Knowing their Status and Power and Money, and Diana’s now-grown Sons who would indeed be monumentally Affected and who may or may not wish this Investigation to reveal the Truth, I’m not Banking-on ultimately hearing it. For Diana’s (AND Dodi’s) sake though, I’m Hoping for it.

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    One Op..
    You snuck in in the middle of my messages here… Your up awfully early aren’t ya???/
    As for the mom & brother in the house I’m NOT sure BUT it seems as if we have a very strange story emerging… Just reading that this dude BASHED her head in… Not sure why they were at his house, maybe he took them at gunpoint????? As for pops I was thinking he was in COMPLETE shock over everything happening… Not sure though…They say that those 2 were on the road for 20 hrs BEFORE the house burned so he had that set up for sure… As for not getting away, anything’s possible,, How many stories do we hear about with people getting rescued & them NOT trying to escape due to this or that?????? Jaycee Duggard,,Anne Slute,
    The 3 gals in Cleveland, Shawn Hornbeck!!!!

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Get to that CLINIC, Sandy!… PLEASE???? I Feel so badly for you, and want you to stop Suffering… A-SAP. C’Mon Girl, or I’m gonna show-up at your Door! HUGZZZZ….

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m actually NOT doing bad right now,& finishing up the pills this chucklehead has given me….As for showing up at my door

  37. One Op Says:

    Sorry Sandy1961 for stepping into the middle.. You know I am not sure about the dad, I only saw him a couple of times on news, and no matter if he was being strong for Hanna, his wife and son(i guess) were just murdered by his “friend” but I’m not good at reading these things because don’t watch regularly and continuously. By the way, I never know what’s ailing but from the conversation you been pretty bad. Honeydog is right. you need to take all the care you can get to get back strong.

  38. sandy1961 Says:

    One Op
    NO NEED for apologies.. Just surprised to see a post this early from you guys… I thought everyone was 3 hrs. behind my time..
    Thanks for the words of encouragement on my throat issues…
    I’m working on it… I’m in the inbetween stage at this point, I’m feeling better for the most part (right now) hoping it doesn’t get to the point again that I get NO relief…

  39. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ In reading your Comment up there about “staying pretty much the same”, I’m wondering if your new Pills aren’t working for your Pain??? I wrote and asked you (on the Post, “George Zimmerman Helps Rescue….” etc) if you were noticing any Difference, since I think it’s been a Week now since you started taking them, but I guess you haven’t gone to that Page. Anything to report???

    And Sandy’s right about trying to Disregard what you’re feeling your EX may think of you. This man Loved you once, and it’s obvious he’s still a “Friend” and thinks and cares enough about you to stop and say Hello— For “Who” you are, not how you Look. I WILL say, I do Understand though, the “Pride” you have, and it’s easy for others to tell you you shouldn’t worry about it. As Strong and Tough and Wonderful as you are, it’s difficult facing certain things when we don’t feel Good or Right about ourselves. Just go with your Gut— If you want to lock the Doors and draw the Curtains, it’s Okay… And if you really want to see him and that’s what matters, then you will, and it’ll be Fine. Do whatever it is that won’t make you feel Uncomfortable. We usually end-up Regretting either Choice we make (Sorry we went with it, or Sorry we didn’t) but for some reason, knowing it was how we “Wanted” to do it for our own selves, it makes it easier to feel better about it being the “Right” Choice. Besides all that, unless he’s a “Hot Hunk” and hasn’t changed a Bit himself, I’m sure you SHOULDN’T worry about it! LOL. Hugs….

  40. zelda Says:

    Dear friends……..the ex and I had many problems. For one I was a lot older than him and other stuff. He left me and that pulled the perverbial rug out from under me.I became deflated and unhappy as hell.I know it’s all from my prospective and how I feel about myself. makes me mad that I still have lingering feelings about him.Damn that chemistry eh?I am a strong woman for pretty much all my challenges but this one is my Achilles heel.Silly really.I am just not feeling good about myself right now and am worn down by external impossible problems that I have no way to solve and spend my time eking out a survival of spirit.Most days are good , the others I deal with the best I can.
    As for the pills Honeydog………they help . Kinda take the edge off.No panacea.
    The community I live in is well above the national percentage for retired and elderly people. We are at thirteen percent and the n.a. is about eleven percent so I see a lot of older people walking with a gimp of some kind as well as all the other “stuff” that goes on with getting older.Funny story……my daughters both work at the hospital here. One day I was giving one of them a ride home ans was waiting in the parking lot noticing all the old people coming and going and taking forever to get into and out of their cars. Poor things I thought.I decided to go into the hospital to let my daughter know I was here and I very shockingly noticed I had a tough time getting out of my car too…………hahahahaha. Thank goodness her car got fixed.In other words……….some things are inevitable.
    Thank you for all of your concern,,,,,,,,,it goes both ways ya know. I think that is the common denominator between all of us……it’s real and it’s a cherished thing. Thank you gals.

  41. Honeydog Says:

    Hmmmm, I was just looking-over what I last wrote, and, on that last Sentence, I was trying to say that I’m sure HE’s probably “not the same” as HE used to be EITHER. Geezzz, you know what I mean, right? Be back with some Thoughts on your new Comment……….

  42. zelda Says:

    hahahaha.ooooooo….MY comment is full of bad grammar and typos……As a matter of fact he looks great!! One of those people that gets better with age…..and is still young to boot.
    No matter…it is what it is.
    I understand Honeydog…….

  43. Honeydog Says:

    Oh. A “Hot Hunk” after all, huh. Okay then, well, Yeah, I can understand why that changes things… Why your Self-Conciousness is even more Bothersome to you. And somewhat still “Carrying the Torch”, Uh-Huh, I know what you mean… Can’t “Shake” ’em… Never will… The “Special one” amidst all others— No matter how it ended— and the one we’d never want to look like anything other than a “Knock-out” for. I think most Women have one like that in their Past. Got one of those myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this, but, a few years ago I was walking briskly in my Flip-Flops, one of them “curled under” and I Tripped, went flying, and landed Face-first on the Sidewalk, breaking-off a nice-size Chip smack in the center where my two front Teeth meet. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve been so consumed with Work and taking care of everybody and everything else, that I STILL haven’t had them Fixed. It’s not that I don’t really hate how I know I look when I open my Mouth to Talk or Smile or Laugh, but despite the “Pride” I’ve always had in myself and my “Appearance”, I don’t feel half as Bad with my Family and Friends and other people I Talk to, as I know I would with “certain others”— Case in point, I would DIE if I ever ran into “Him” like this. Guarantee you, I’d Run and Hide. “He” would make me want to kick myself in my Ass even MOREso about not having it taken care of long before now, and, the not at all “Silly”, but rather perfectly-understandable reason for how it affects our own “Prospective”. So… I can truly “Relate” to how you Feel. Yeah, “It is what it is”, but depending-upon what kind of Person we are and knowing how certain things will Affect us, we either have to be Equipped to Accept it and just Live and Go-with-the-Flow, or realize that we have to handle it the way it Suits our own selves best. It’s our own Feelings that we sometimes have to Spare for the sake of those “Achilles Heels”, and our Pride. Either way, I guess we endure some form of Consequences.

    On your other Story, Boy, I hear you. Same but Different— When I used to hear people talk about themselves “getting Old”, I swore I was never going to say similar things or admit it out-loud or to myself, and yet ever since my last Birthday, that’s all I’ve been doing! Also, I used to shake my Head when I would notice how some people looked out in Public, Dirty or Frumpy and not caring about themselves or what others thought or might be saying about them, and saying to myself that I could never be like that… Well, you don’t know how many times I jump in the Car, pressed for Time, don’t Comb my Hair, smell like Lawnmower Gasoline, mis-matched Clothes, and walk into a Store looking like a “Homeless Person”! Funny, you look around and suddenly realize you’ve become “not so Different”. Yep… Some things ARE Inevitable.

  44. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow- I guess I DON’T need to reply Z–
    Hpup just took ALL my thoughts outta MY head & put it on HER post…
    I guess WE are ALL so much alike in our thoughts…
    The ONLY other comment I may have is………
    Z-You seem to be such a wonderful lady & THAT’S what matters..
    I do understand about ALL you are feeling & think if he cared enough for you he ISN’t gonna think anything BUT …..
    I think we ALL end up jumping in the car to take care of an errand & think ” Boy I shoulda jumped in the shower” BEFORE I took off…
    Then you think (f–it) I’ll be right back…Hope I don’t run into someone I know

  45. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ To answer your Question, I myself have never heard Hannah’s Grandmother’s “Name” mentioned. I really don’t think it’s ever been given out. As for all the Points you made, I think you’re “Reading things” fine with what you know. We “Observe” people’s Behavior and Emotions— or Lack of— in Cases like this, and what they Say or don’t Say, and we can’t help but Wonder or Question or Speculate about certain things we feel should or shouldn’t be coming out of them at those times we believe Call or don’t Call for it. As the Media is constantly “Updating” this Story, we’re finding-out more and more Information about some of the things we’ve ALL been Confused about and pointed-out here— Most recently, as for the “DNA Test” DiMaggio’s Family wants, it appears to be out of Resentment that they were cut out of his Will and all his Money was left to the Anderson Family… Also, a “DNA Test Kit” was found among the Rubble of DiMaggio’s Home, and reports are indicating that he simply “Fantasized” about Hannah being his Daughter because his Obsession with her was so strong, and he was that Crazy that he was probably going to try to “Swab” her and tell her it was True… And the latest Information is from Hannah herself, who just appeared in an Interview on “NBC”, and, among other things, explained the “Letters” and “Phone Calls”, stating that nothing was ever going-on “Bad” between she and him. She said the Letters were from a year ago “when she and her Mother weren’t getting along and DiMaggio was helping her through it”, and the “Phone Calls were not Phone Calls”, they were “Text Messages” regarding “Times” and “Location” and “Directions” having to do with “When and Where she was instructing DiMaggio to pick her up from Cheerleading Camp that day”. Although there are still some things that “Don’t Add-up”, and as each new piece of Information seems to lead to more and different Scenerios and Theories and Questions, I suspect, like most other Cases, it’ll all eventually come to Light.

  46. Honeydog Says:

    Good Morning, Sandy!…… Good NIGHT, Sandy!! (Yep, been up all Night again, Goin to Bed!) See you snuck-in while I was Typing… I’ll catch Ya later!

  47. sandy1961 Says:

    Well H-pup I’ll just say
    GOOD DAY to you!!!!
    I LIKE to SNEEK around,Keep you gals on your toes…..
    I missed the interview with Hannah yesterday– I DO want to see it though
    SO much hype with this.. I sure hope her & her dad get some closure..
    The media is dragging them thru the mud bigtime– Saw a few minutes of Dr. Drew (Don’t like his show) but some woman on the panel is REALLY tearing THEM up

  48. sandy1961 Says:

    P.S. pup
    GO TO SLEEP!!!!!

  49. sandy1961 Says:

    One Op
    Finally ran into granny’s name..
    It’s Bernice Anderson..
    First time I have run across it

  50. One Op Says:

    Thank you Honeypup, you have a most calm and reasoning mind, and from my position consistent with truth, most often right on.
    Totally liked your response.

    Sandy, Thank you too, for finding the name. I wondered just “which” grandmother it could have been, if it tied in at all with Dimaggio being Hannah’s father.

  51. sandy1961 Says:

    One Op
    I had been wondering that myself. I even heard her Grandpa on 1 of the shows last nite.. But it was from mom’s side.. I have been looking ALL over for it & finally saw it right before Hpup posted to you

  52. zelda Says:

    A look back for a moment,,,,,,,,,,,,has anyone heard anything about airias>???

  53. zelda Says:

    Thank you Honeydog and Sandy,,,,,,what great gals you are,thanks for the support.
    It’ the wee hours and I am kinda of rummy so I will write more later,I just wanted to let you know how neat it is to find you out there in keyboard land……we sure think alike don’t we?
    hugs to you too OneOp……I really enjoy your posts.
    Nighty nite all

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah Sandy, I think people will be “picking-apart” this DiMaggio/Anderson Case for a while. I’ve been watching the Shows too, and, even with some of the “Suspicions” and “Negative” things being brought-up and discussed, some of those Points-of-View do make you Think— Like, Right… Why was it HIM who was picking her up from Cheer Camp… Why did it take THIRTEEN Text Messages just to give him “Directions”… Did Hannah “know” they were going to take a “Trip” afterwards and agree to it… Why would she want the Help of a Man she considered “Creepy” to write Letters-to and Confide-in about her problems with her Mother; Why not her Dad or her Girlfriends, and Why, especially in all her “Uncomfortableness”, continue to “Hang-out” and go places with him… Why, like most pretty Girls her Age, didn’t she have a Boyfriend…. Where is her Father? Why is he allowing her to do all these TV Shows when he keeps asking the Public for “Privacy”; In my Opinion, I think it’s actually making her seem more “Guilty” of things, and contributing to more Talk and Speculation by the Media and the Public…….. There’s lots of little things like this which, no matter her Grandfather taking Offense-to and us saying is “Dragging her through the Mud”, ARE Valid Points and Questionable. One of the things that bothers me is how Hannah keeps being referred-to as a “Child” and an “Innocent Teenage Girl”, but in the all the Photographs they put-up of her on TV, she’s Dressed and Posed “Provacatively”— even in those where she’s with DiMaggio. Does her Grandfather and such really know her as well as they’re saying they do. Overall, with EVERYthing, I Dunno. Personally, although I can say I’m definitely not “thinking” that she and DiMaggio had anything “going” together, I do think there’s more to this Story than meets the Eye.

  55. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I was actually going to let you all know about what’s happening with Arias……
    The Court Hearing is scheduled for this-coming Monday, during which we’ll find-out the Date that the Judge sets for the “Re-Trial” (and, of course, during which more “Bull Shit” from The Defense is expected).

    And, for the “Support”… It’s my Pleasure.

    “We… are… Fammmillly…… I’ve got all my Sisters with me…. “

  56. sandy1961 Says:

    Ha- I love it-One Op has given in to the Pup name…
    Z- As miss pup has said– You ARE welcome– My folks taught me FAMILY FIRST– Without a doubt anytime I can help with words of encouragement OR ANYTHING I’m just a keyboard away… I have offered my E-mail for ANYTHING I can help with otherwise & that is meant for YOU, the PUP & One-Op… I feel a bond with you gals & WILL do whatever I can to help any of you!!!!
    I did see AirAss the other day but pup filled you in already…
    Have a great day my friends

  57. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah… “Honeypup”… LOL… That WAS Cute!
    Awwww, Thank You SO Much, Sandy. You had better know by now that the Feeling is absolutely Mutual! Yes, without a Doubt the four of us have a “Bond”, and, like Zelda said, it’s just so Neat to know we’re never more than a Click away… We can always Count-on each other being there, for any and all Purposes, and the Good Feeling that comes from Starting or Ending and Sharing our Day with such Special and Treasured Friends. I know Zelda would do the same for any of us, and I think we EACH know it goes “Full Circle”.

    Hope your Weekend’s a Nice one!

  58. zelda Says:

    I am with you on the above …..

  59. zelda Says:

    Boy the “Hannah” story is weird.I have no idea what to believe..The press is giving her a rough go for sure.This kind of story brings in the bucks………damn.
    The DNA tests should clear up some of it. but that sure doesn’t keep my head from swirling with the heinousness of the murders. My gawd.People are toppling like rotten trees….what an off the charts time to be living in.

  60. zelda Says:

    OH honeydoggie………….would you be so kind as to give Sandy my email address? I guess I figure you have hers? If you don’t I will figure it out. Thank you ~~~!Yak later .sleepy tonight.’hugareenos

  61. Honeydog Says:

    I’m in the same place as you in not knowing what to believe about that Story, but I know I’m getting kind-of tired of it every time I turn-on the TV. I understand the Public Interest, and, Right, the Media has a “Hot one” in their Hands, but it’s loaded with “Mind Boggles” and a whole lot of Reporters and “Discussion Panels” throwing even more into the Mix. I’m at the point where I’d like them to just get to the Truth, get to the End, and then let me know. I agree with you too about the once-again-forgotten “Victims” in this Case— A Wife and Mother whose Name is barely mentioned, and a Son and Brother… a young Boy… whose Life is over and done way too soon. Yes, Hannah is, as she says, a “Survivor”, and for sure I’m Glad for her… I just wonder, How and Why… And, like you, my Thoughts have taken a Turn away from her as the Center of Attention, to the horrible Deaths of two Innocent and Undeserving people.

    Have to mention this other Case I’m following. This one is absolutely Heartbreaking and APPALLING……
    Erica Parsons, a lttle girl in North Carolina, Mentally-impaired, living with her “Adoptive Parents”, not seen by ANYbody in two years— Not even THEM. After all this time, her now-older Step-Brother just RECENTLY contacted the Police and told them that his Parents killed little Erica TWO YEARS AGO and Buried her somewhere on the Property… THEY claim they dropped her off at a “McDonalds” two years ago to go stay with “Nan” (supposedly her “Grandmother”), that little Erica called them afterwards and said she liked it there and wasn’t coming Home, and they haven’t seen or spoke to her, OR the “Grandmother”, since— In two years, they never even reported her “Missing” (Story sounding Familiar so far??). Well… Not ONLY have the Authorities found that ALL “Grandparents” have been Dead for 5 Years and over, that little Erica’s Adoptive Parents “couldn’t stand her” (from Statements by Family Members of Erica’s Biological Mother), that they had been Investigated at one point for Violence and Abuse within the Home, that Erica was supposedly being “Home-Schooled” but there are no Reports of any School or Teacher checking on her, and discovered “Teeth” and Blood Stains on a Closet Door, BUT (Get ready)— These two Lying “Parents” of a precious little Girl who was Mentally-challenged, and NOwhere to be Found, have been COLLECTING HER $634.00 DISABILITY CHECK EVERY MONTH FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS!!!!… AND, although they claim they don’t have an Address or Telephone Number for “Nan” (Sounding REAL Familiar, huh?), they’re STILL insisting that Erica is WITH “Nan” and that she’s “FINE”!! My God, I just can’t get over this. An “Anthony” Mirror Story. “Zanny the Nanny” and “Nan the Gran”. Poor little Erica… Where IS she????

  62. Honeydog Says:

    Actually, Zelda, I don’t have Sandy’s E-Mail Address— Only yours and OneOp’s. What I’ll do is send a Note to John… I believe he’s in possession of the E-Mail Adressess of all Bloggers who use his Site. He’ll be the one to forward yours to Sandy, as he did that time with each of us three (You, OneOp and me). Okay then? No problem…

    PS TO SANDY: In case you might be quick to just Post your E-Mail Address on here, it’s not a good idea… We never know who may be “Visiting” this Site and reading our Comments, even though they don’t write anything themselves (“Blog Site Surfers”) and you don’t want your Personal Information to become Public. We’ll do it the above way, Okay?

    Hugzzz to you both.

  63. One Op Says:

    Haleigh Cummings and the poor precious boy, God forgive me, see, I can’t even remember his name, it just disappeared from the press. You know who I mean, His stepmother, was supposed to have picked him up, His family made appearances, but nothing followed. Cold cases? Children can be murdered and hurt and just get away with it. I suppose we need another world war, you know it has been said, wars are to thin out the inhabitants of the world. Well, I say if you can’t love and care for a child, sew it together, both parties. I think a woman could stand the stitch but to put a needle in the penis of a man? Could he tolerate? I hope you ladies know I could never attempt to do it. I couldn’t stand to hear the anguish. The woman would take dozens of stitches, the man only two or three, still! I’m ok, just bear with me.

  64. Honeydog Says:

    I think his Name was “Kyron”… Can’t recall his Last Name though (Goes to show you just how many of these Cases we’ve seen and followed over time that, not only do they Fade from the News, but also from our Minds in remembering their Names). These kinds of Stories involving Abuse, Disappearance, and Murdering of Children are all too frequent— Not to mention the amount committed by their own “Family Members”. True— Some Parents should not be “Parents”— Whether Natural, Adoptive, Foster, or otherwise… And these people who “take-in” Children with Disabilities are the worst— Spending their Monthly Checks while Beating and Starving them. Like the Story I wrote about above, it’s become “Big Business”. I blame “The System” for that— Infrequent/Lack-of proper “Follow-up” on these Children and Monitoring how their Funds are used. Here’s a Case, not unlike others we’ve heard-of, where there was already a History of Abuse in the Home— Yet, besides that, in two years no one even checked on the “Home Schooling” these people reported they were doing. Innocent and Defenseless Children are being “Failed” by their so-called “Caregivers”, as well as by the “Agencies” who place them in their Hands. Overall, it’s Bad and Sad enough the number of Stories like this and Haleigh and Kyron (and, remember a couple years ago, that other little Girl who had a Prosthetic Leg, her Father reported her “Missing”, then Authorities discovered that the “Step-Mother” killed her, cut-off her Limbs, and the Father put them in the “Wood Chipper”?) which DO show-up on the News… I can’t imagine the number no one even knows about.

  65. sandy1961 Says:

    Kyron Hormon- I believe is the name your looking for..NO I will NOT post my E-Mail on here BUT John ABSOLUTELY can give it to you ladies..
    VERY busy this morning will write later…

  66. One Op Says:

    You covered the topic well indeed, Honeydog, I didn’t even mention the horror of these children taken into some homes (not homes) better to say torture chambers.. There is parenting, good parenting by those who can not have children by their own nature, and do excellent in their love and care with adoptive and fostering, and of course I do not mean to stop birthing, but it just seems that everything is so loose in the intimate world that no regard it given to the result of using the genitalia for sensational pleasure without consideration of conceiving, therefore unwanted children. The children of such horrors, as you mention are another ticket for government checks of which never used to better the child, only finding the child a hinderance, therefore punished with starvation, abuse and all. The ones who have pre-intent to do these horrific acts on these babies are not human beings. It is just impossible to describe. Unless it is enough to EXCITE the news media these children are not considered newsworthy and neither is any clean up of these situations overall.

    How can we expect any order of good when our political officiating personnel are “involved” with acts of personal pleasures instead of working on the “promises” made. For “example” (hope not a friend of anyone here) Weiner! The gall and arrogance, to put himself before the public under the circumstances he admits, to be pitied and expects to be voted to office, how can a man of such mind ever have it on the real business a political office is designated for.
    I sometimes feel myself guilty in checking the vote for someone I really know nothing about. Education and health are always a top subject in political campaigns, well I tell you, the CARE of a child or one to be born starts before the abc’s, and it bothers me terribly to realize that in human interest, babies conceived from “pleasures” alone was never wanted, therefore “GIVEN” to the chambers of horror for the “pleasures” of sick minds inhabiting them.

    Something is off, when the law will not step foot into a place suspected of abuse, can’t invade privacy, a child can be beaten for years before the bruises are noticed for attention, often by a teacher, stranger, friend, doctor, still no proof, no action. It’s the law not to invade the home. I understand that, but at the same time we are flooded with every act of violence, torture and murder on TV. and computer to our availability, promoting the teetering minds to do the worst. I’m thinking if I don’t see someone licking an ice cream cone, I probably don’t want one, but if I do see it, I am tempted and there is a chance I will if not immediately, later go out and get one. Our minds are like cameras, we look, we see, and we CAN do, if the flavor enhances the vision.

    Well I am rambling, but I just know you understand what I am saying here. I sometimes get wavy in trying to explain in writing what I want to say and do not pull the fitted sheet well down on the corners, so wrinkles stay and others can’t figure out why. Too much in a hurry, sometimes…….. got work to do, the best remedy for my anxiety, work! work! lol

  67. Honeydog Says:

    If that’s “Rambling”, OneOp, I’d love to see what you’d write when you’re Thinking “Straight”!!! Thoroughly enjoyed that Interesting, Insightful, Well-thought-out and very True Deduction!

    The thing that comes to my Mind is the Lack of critical Attention to and adequate Staffing of State “Agencies” (Social Services/Child Welfare) which, if properly Funded and ran, would probably
    be more Efficient in the Job they’re “supposed to do” in Monitoring and Investigating such Families and Homes, and ultimately Protecting these Children. It always seems, with EVERYthing in this Country, that Stupid, less-Important Focus is considered “Priority”, than where some of the “most-Needs” truly are.

  68. Honeydog Says:

    Well, Jodi Arias’s Defense is up to their old Tricks again. Oh they all showed-up in Court as scheduled alright, but there was no “Hearing”… Seems The Defense waited until the end of last Week to file two new “Motions” (one to Ban TV Cameras from the Courtroom when the “Re-Trial” occurs, and the other having to do with potential Juror’s “Twitter Accounts”) knowing well that the Judge would need “Time” to Review and Consider them, and would have to Postpone today’s Hearing and setting the Date for the “Re-Trial”— Deliberately done, of course, to “Delay” it. So now the next “Hearing” is scheduled for September 16th. Wanna Bet they’ve got a STRING of “Motions” up their Sleeve to keep putting-off this “Re-Trial” until next YEAR??… Just like they want to.

  69. zelda Says:

    How was that Honeydog? Well thought out.interesting ,insightful? Did I pass muster in my paragraph formation? I hope I garnered an A.
    Crap. (well thought out paragraph two)

  70. sandy1961 Says:

    GOTTA love ya Z

  71. One Op Says:

    Zelda? Did I write something offensive? My apology, I should just stick to thinking and not putting into words on paper.
    Really sorry.

  72. sandy1961 Says:

    I think you mistook Z…Maybe I’m wrong BUT I think she was just screwing around because of her 1 word post,verses you & the pup’s answers….
    Don’t stop writing & ONLY thinking!!!!!

  73. zelda Says:

    OneOp,,,,,,,do I need to get out the stored pallet of rocks again???
    NOOOOOO….you didn’t say anything wrong. DUCK,,,incoming pebbles PING..PING”PING.,,,,goonie/
    You are right Sandy……

  74. sandy1961 Says:

    Z- you should NEVER warn someone your gonna pelt them:::;

  75. Honeydog Says:

    That’s right, OneOp, what Sandy said. I’m positive Zelda meant nothing toward you whatsoever… Serious about her Thoughts (on Jodi Arias) but Playing-around at the same time. Whenever you write something, it’s normally not “Long”, and you often seem to be so Self-Conscious and say that you feel it’s Stupid or Inadequate and Apologize for what you think are your “Shortcomings” (none of it True or Neccessary, by the way) and I just wanted to let you know that I thought your Post and all the Time and Thought you put into it was Great and I Enjoyed and Appreciated it. Like Sandy told you, don’t you Dare Stop!! Zelda’s just Jealous I don’t use those “Big Adjectives” on her! LOL!!

  76. Honeydog Says:

    (oooops, didn’t know you two were already there when I was just writing. Oh well, Good for all of us to make OneOp feel better).

  77. zelda Says:


  78. zelda Says:

    I am really deep in thought about Syria.It’s a no win situation…….there is always so much crap behind what and why countries kill each other.There is no simple answer or action for theis latest chemical murdering of innocent people.HOWEVER……..I think all hell will breakout if we lob missiles at them. Russia backs Syria along with China and others.OHHHH man…….The Arabs have done NOTHING but slaughter each other for centuries and nothing will change that mentality.I say let em go for it and keep pour noses out.
    However,there is a precedent set from world war two to do with the mustard gas events.
    Morally killing is wrong no matter how you do it don’t ya think? But that is the simple thought.there is a ton of other crap underneath all these ideas and decisions.With our Ponzi scheme economy about to crash a war would plug the hole in the dam for a bit.
    I always remember the idiom,” oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive “. Poor Obama is screwed on this one.
    Everything else pales when this problem is on the boil.


  79. zelda Says:

    oh I am really sleepy………lots of goofy typos in the above, Sorry..

  80. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, this situation is surely beyond Tense. As with our Habit of sticking our Noses in any and all Wars between other Countries, I have ALWAYS thought “Let ’em Go”… If they want to kill each other it’s THEIR Business. Who are we to hold them “Accountable” for Actions in their own Lands. But right… How to hear and watch it happen, and forget about the “Innocent and Defenseless” is another Thought altogether. But then which is Worse all AROUND?— Butting-in or Butting-out? Bloodshed, Retalliation and cause for Revenge are still Inevitable. For sure it’s not only the Arabs whose Mentality is never going to change, there’s never going to be Peace within and among all Nations, and even when Chaotic/Threatening situations are and can be “Stalled” in and between other Countries, as well as between them and us, about all that’s Guaranteed is us looking over our own Shoulders and them looking over theirs, in every Direction, at all times, Constant forever. “OHHHH Man” is right… All hell WILL Breakout with Obama’s goal to “Punnish the Regime” which has already Hacked and taken-down “The New York Times”, and definite Threats are coming-in toward Financial Institutions. This is a “Heads-up/Watch-out” in every way.

  81. zelda Says:

    What a world.I try to stay positive but being a realist is a tough dance to do.One two three SCREAM one two three SCREAM.

  82. sandy1961 Says:


  83. zelda Says:

    couldn’t have dais it better myself Sandy old bean!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  84. zelda Says:

    gezus,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MORE typos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I may finally be going mad.Should read “said”.

  85. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, the “Realist Dance” IS tough…… I know. So how do we stop the MUSIC when we’re “Tired” of being on the Dance Floor? I would rather be SINGING… Kay Sa Rah Sa Rah… than playing the same depressing Record over and over. But No, just can’t stop listening to, can’t get rid of, that Record, even though it brings me Down. Does it mean we’re “Smart” to be “Realists”, or are we “Missing-out”, always Seeking out of Life what there is instead to Worry about. Eager to know all we can know, but Wishing we didn’t Care so damn much for our own Good. How many times I have shaken my Head and said “Life is too Short”… Put your Blinders on… Stop paying attention-to and concentrating-on all the stuff that’s Wrong and pisses you off about People and this World… Look away… Brush it off… Don’t let it get to you… Pay attention to your own little World… Enjoy… “Be Happy”. It can’t be that Hard. YEAH, IT IS. Why, when it’s really not worth the Stress, would we not have it any other way. Feeling Stupid about it in one respect, and yet Assured of the sense of Pride which comes from the “Awareness” and “Involvement” that we believe OTHERS are actually “Missing-out” on. “To Scream or NOT to Scream”… That is not “the Question” for us “Realists”— But Damn, I’m Blowing my THROAT out……..

  86. Honeydog Says:

    In OTHER News (Ha!)….
    New and promising “Leads” in the Madeline McCann Case (Remember her? The little Girl who mysteriously Disappeared several years ago while she and her Family were on Vacation in Europe— May very well be Alive and Well.
    Remember little Isabel Celis? (More recent in Phoenix, Arizona… Gone from her Bedroom when her Father went in to Wake her… Window was open, etc)— Father was just on the News, now claiming that a “Relative” “knows ALOT” but won’t come forward and has “Lawyered-up”. Reports suggest that the Abduction had to do with “Big Money owed” (I always suspected that). The Authorities believe she’s Alive and out there too.
    George Zimmerman wants $300,000 extra from the State of Florida to pay his Expenses because he was “Acquitted”.
    DiMaggio’s Sister was just on “Piers Morgan”, saying that Hannah Anderson was “Trouble” and “not the Girl everyone thinks she is”.
    How about that Judge who just Sentenced that Teacher to only 30 DAYS in Jail for Raping a 14-year-old Girl who later committed Suicide. Outrage all over the place.

    And finally… When you’ve just remembered you left the Windows down in your Truck, and the Sneakers you need to wear sitting on the back Porch, and it POURED DOWN RAIN all Night, it’s going to be one of those Days!

  87. One Op Says:

    There you go, 30 days for rape of a 14 year old!!!??????
    This guy is going to hurt somebody else. This girl ‘killed herself”
    for crying out loud, as a teacher he took advantage of any trouble
    she might have had. This man is one sickie and the next time the girl will probably not kill HERSELF! I can’t believe this one.

    I think these older men cause these young girls to believe they are “loved” while they do their thing. Well, I won’t get all long on this one, etc. Bad start for today’s afternoon work but you all sure keep an eye up and cover all these happenings well. Our justice system is in a very unhealthy state of affairs. Why would it be any better with us going off to fight every one else’s troubles.

  88. zelda Says:


  89. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ The Teacher was supposed to get 15 Years, but the Judge believed that the Girl was “Older than her Chronological Age” and in as much “Control of the Situation” as HE was, because it went-on for a Month. EXCUSE me, 14 Years Old is 14 Years Old, and, under the Law, “Incapable of Consent”. Regardless of the Twisted Thinking of this pathetic Excuse for a “Judge”, this 44-Year-Old Man is a PEDOFILE, and Yes, he’s putting him right back out there to Strike again. It’s caused a wide-spread Protest against this Judge, and the Citizens of Montana (where it happened) are currently demanding he be Tossed from the Bench.

  90. zelda Says:

    That judge is a gone goose. He has shown his hand in spades.
    I wonder what HE reads at night? Certainly not the law books. Jerk.

  91. Honeydog Says:

    Just finished watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” on TV… for the umpteenth time. I really like that Movie. And the quaint Itallian Villa and the beautiful Scenery… What I wouldn’t give right about now. What I wouldn’t give to be able to pack-up and take-off to ANYwhere right about now. Really need a Break. Doesn’t help knowing Summer is near its end and I haven’t done a thing but Work, and, after 6 years of taking care of my Mother, it’s taking its Toll. Missing my Brother terribly too. Need to sit on the Sand and look-out over the Ocean and clear my Head. I really like that Movie… but probably shouldn’t have watched it….

  92. One Op Says:

    I sincerely wish for you and hope you get the break you desire Honeydog. You not only work, take care of your mother, lost your brother, you also take care of us here, yes, you need and deserve to have your rest. I have never seen the movie, but will make it a plan to do so.

  93. zelda Says:

    I need a break too……….if I had money and better health.

  94. Honeydog Says:

    Alot of good having the Money and Physical state to do it is when there’s no way you can anyway, and having the Time and Freedom to do it but not the other two being just as Bad. A Bummer for both of us.

    Well, tonight it was Chinese Take-Out and “When Harry Met Sally” and “Cold Mountain”— Two totally opposite Movies, but better on the state of Mind. Feel a little better, just in time for the Rain predicted for the rest of the Weekend…. Lovely.

  95. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, Dear, Thank You… I really appreciate that. We all take care of “each other” here. That always helps.

  96. One Op Says:

    Zelda, you and Sandy as well, I wish and hope you can have your desired rest and relaxation too. I don’t care how many rocks you throw I love you anyway. I am not one to go far, just want the peace and rest right here at home, with all my chores done for me and nice music playing. Impossible!

  97. Honeydog Says:

    We can always count on you OneOp, for your Caring and Kind Words toward everyone’s Feelings and Personal Strifes, and you Deserve it just as much. I remember, a couple years after I bought this House— the first one I actually “owned”— telling someone how much work I had already accomplished on it, that there was only this-and-that left to do, and saying “I can’t wait to be finished”, to which they replied “You’re never “Done”, there will always be something to do”… I thought to myself, that can’t be True, that’s not going to happen, you just get it done and you’re done! 16 Years later, it still looks like we just Moved-in. My Stereo System is still packed in the Moving Box, so I can’t even PLAY the “Nice Music”! Isn’t that Pathetic?! LOL… Never in a million years did I think. I see people sitting on their Porches all the time (and I happen to know THEIR House and Chores ARE done) and I think, Yeah, look at them, that must be nice, and wonder if I’ll ever get to that point. Is it “Impossible”?… Like you say, it sure seems that way, doesn’t it! I’ve never been a “Quitter” and, By-Golly, I’m going to get Done one of these days if it kills me (Hoping I won’t be too Old to Enjoy it, LOL!). Anyway, I wish the same for you OneOp, ’cause you Deserve it too… All your Chores eventually Done and Nice Music Playing— and sooner than later. Hugs!

  98. zelda Says:

    I have been in limbo for six years………
    Thanks for the good words OneOp and gals.

  99. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, see that?… Whether it’s Chores or a House or Personal or Medical problems, trying to get Caught-up, get Done, get Through it, get Out of it, get Over it, and whether it has to do with One or a Dozen or a Hundred things— We all just want to “GET there”, and Move ON. I guess it’s just “Life”. Although I didn’t want to hear those Words (“You’re never Done”), to that person’s Credit and my great Disappointment I’ve come to the Conclusion that the “Joy” of owning a Home is highly Over-rated (at least in my Case) and, even though I said I’m no “Quitter”, with everything else on top of me demanding Time and Attention as well, regular everyday things getting even farther Behind and the List always growing Longer, it sure makes it hard not to “Cave” and give-in to admitting that I’m probably “Licked” and need to lower my Expectations. I think it probably crosses ALL our Minds— That maybe Reaching that Point or Place you want and keep trying to “Get-to” may just not ever happen… But then equally so, having that “Visualization” in your Head of it happening and how Good it will be and feel keeps you Plowing-through and Enduring— Because that “Peace and Rest at Home”, that Desire to “Feel Better”, that Goal to get the House done, and that Need for a “Break”, COULD, AND just might. Who’s to Say or Know. Have to at least have Hope and keep giving it our Best Shots, huh?

  100. zelda Says:

    Well……….are we going to bomb Syria? What do you think?

  101. One Op Says:

    Knowing that Syria had previously used chemical weapons on their own people previously, knowing that the policy was to hit them for doing so, now that they have killed so many what is the reason to have to sit around discussing whether or not to do something???
    For crying out loud, so far our President has told every nation that exists exactly what they intend to do, he does not have to get permission from Congress (although a good ides) BUT if it all turns our wrong it will save his ass. HE did not make a mistake, they did.
    Well, again, they should have already been prepared with what they WOULD DO should these circumstances come about and now they are asking each other what SHALL we do!!! Wait long enough and it will all be tucked away, til NEXT TIME! I am not so sure President Obama wants to act against Syrian authority. This is what I am thinking Zelda, set me straight. If we don’t the people are already saying the “Syrian children will grow up hating us for not helping” and if we do we may be the cause of them getting killed by their own governing authority. Doesn’t matter what we do we will always be hated by someone. Just like everyday life for the individual. Well, nobody hates me, but that is unusual. 🙂 rocks!!

  102. One Op Says:

    By the way Honeydog, speaking of everyday life, you covered truth well in your comment @4:06 a.m.

  103. zelda Says:

    My dearest OneOp………this, in my opinion, is a no win situation for all concerned.If we all keep killing then we are all part of the problem not the answer.
    It’s three a.m.,,,,,,,,,will yak more tomorrow.

  104. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda & OneOp~
    Having touched-on this subject before, I first have to reference what was already said— By you, Zelda *(8/28 @1:06am)* and then what I wrote *(8/28 @4:52am)* which, for me, both still stand. As for your Comment, OneOp, I think you make Valid Points also, with regard to the President and his “Bragging” and then “Stalling” on the Action. What I agree with most about what you wrote is, I’m not so sure either that he actually wants to do this. I think he Spoke first and thought about it later. I think he IS Afraid… I think he SHOULD be— We ALL should be if this goes-off. Naturally, everything that’s going-on right now behind Closed Doors among and between all parties involved is nothing we know, but I think we can assume that the initial situation has since turned into one now being handled with Kid Gloves Overall, I agree with what you last said, Zelda, and, although it’s a horrible thing that happened to innocent and undeserving Syrian Citizens, I’m inclined to stick-by what I have always Thought about our Track Record of “Butting-in”, and with what I said in my previous Comment on 8/28— It’s none of our Business… and we’re all asking for more Trouble. There’s alot at Stake here… Alot of Effects to be expected and had. None of us can really “Know” what Should or Shouldn’t be done, but, as far as I’m concerned right now, I’m in no Rush to find-out what “May” or “May not be” Right or Wrong or a “Mistake” or not. And if the “Dust” settles, Oh Well. It’s Quiet on the Homefront, and, right now, that’s Fine with me.

  105. Honeydog Says:

    You’re right, OneOp, NObody hates you 🙂 and Hey, maybe you could ask Zelda to trade them “Rocks” for a WATER GUN!!! Squirt Squirt Squirt Squirt……….!!!!!!

  106. zelda Says:


  107. One Op Says:

    Dang Zelda, you got me, I can’t handle the squirts, too much like taking a bath……

  108. One Op Says:

    I don’t want to see us in another brawl either, there is never going to be the kind of peace we keep fighting for, one mad man goes under another is preparing. The ultimate accomplishment for any one of them would be to bring USA down, and gradually it is happening. Who will be in charge when it folds, probably isn’t born yet. I just don’t like the wishy washy going on. For instance Senator McCain said ACTION a couple days ago, then yesterday decided, not so sure, after talking to President Obama. Personally I would not want to be the man. All the status of presidency is not worth having to make such decisions.

    I understand from news that Iraq IS pulling forward in a more democratic fashion, whatever that involves, yet our people gave their lives to save theirs. I suppose the whole issue boils down to if we do not keep working elsewhere, it will all be HERE but while working elsewhere, it is seething into our own country. Slowly but surely.

    This is a situation where the American people just have to sit still and wait, we can say nothing effective. At least they seem quite certain that one of the most deadly chemical weaponry was used on their own. How very horribly maniacal. We were discussing bringing children into the world and not caring for them couple weeks ago. This is an example of bringing children into the world, for what? Suffer and kill in such atrocities???? Thanks for listening, cause I realize the unimportance any word of mine will ever be in the vast universe. At least we hear each other here and that helps to release.

    I wonder what John and his sweet family are up to these days???
    Kind of him to leave a board up so we can communicate openly like this. Thanks John

  109. zelda Says:

    Your words matter very much OneOp……….to us, and the entire universe.Every caring and thoughtful feeling and word has energy that can change the world.We all matter…..’hugs

  110. Kreuzer33 Says:

    No problem. Just busy!

  111. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, what you said about not wanting to be the President and it not being worth it, just reminded me of what I heard someone say on TV tonight— “Congratulations to The President on having the worst F****** job in America”. It was said in a half-Comical way, but there was no Doubting that it rang True.
    Everything you wrote makes alot of Sense, and your 2nd Paragraph especially grabbed me… “Yet our people gave their Lives to save theirs” (Iraq), and the part about our “working elsewhere”. As Confusing as everything may be, it’s so Clear what’s happening. Yes, it seems that while the USA is Bound-determined to run the World’s Business, the World is actually running US. We’ve got so many Issues and Problems going and to take care-of that we can’t keep up… And we brought them all on ourselves. And to boot, our OWN people are Suffering. It’s all a Major Mess, that’s for Certain.
    And you can include me with what Zelda told you. I wish you wouldn’t put yourself down so much like you do… Really!… You’re Smart and Compassionate, you Write well, and, like Zelda said, your Thoughts and Opinions are Important and Influential. Your Words carry as much Weight as everyone else’s. No need to Thank us for “Listening”… We look FORWARD to it!

  112. sandy1961 Says:

    One Op::::
    Yeah what the girls said!!!!!
    I love ALL of you guys & your thoughts…I would rather read what you ladies have to say MUCH MORE than what the news gives us!!!
    We all make sense(at least I think so) compared to what these knuckleheads have to say….
    What the HELL– The waY these Senators conduct the meetings they have….
    What’s more important????
    Talking about putting our military in harms way OR a game of poker?????
    YOU DECIDE!!!!

  113. Honeydog Says:

    YEAH, what SHE said!
    Regular or Strip??? (Poker)…. LOL!

  114. sandy1961 Says:

    Did you see McCain with his phone in the middle of that meeting???
    They showed him with a poker hand being played,as for the strip part,,, I DON”T wanna see him naked!!!! BUT if your into it you may proceed… HAHAHA
    Damn my grammar sucks..
    Bet you all would never guess I graduated high school….

  115. Honeydog Says:

    OH! THAT’S what you were talking about when you mentioned Poker! No, I didn’t see it… I was just Kidding-around without even knowing what you meant!
    An eye dunt sea annytheng rong wif yer Gramerr! (HaHa! SERIOUSLY though, I DON’T!)

  116. sandy1961 Says:

    Yup I think he’s gonna bomb Syria whether anyone wants it to happen or not

  117. One Op Says:

    I think he is too Sandy! It is fearful to think he will put us into this and then his term is up and we are left hanging. Either that or he plans making a hero of himself with it.

  118. sandy1961 Says:

    Your right,BUT I DON’T think ANYONE is gonna think he’s a hero… I think he just wants to start something BEFORE he”s gone!!!!
    And me myself I can’t wait for him to get out of office… Why is he worrying about Syria & NOT what happened to oor people in Bengazi???? A year tomorrow….

  119. One Op Says:

    How about this……. Our current president gets the USA involved in the Middle East (again), his term is up, we are in a deep hole, he has learned about every possible security, takes it and goes to Syria and becomes their leader??? lol I think I am becoming demented. Am I nuts or what?

  120. sandy1961 Says:

    No not nuts!!!! BUT Zimmerman is— Under arrest again!!!!! Waving a gun & threatening his wife!!!!!!!

  121. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, Right, BENGAZI! Whatever happened to The President’s “Explanation” we were promised!…. Swept under the Rug!! SOMEbody needs to remind him that we’re STILL WAITING!

  122. sandy1961 Says:

    What ever happened to ANYthing he has said OR promised????

  123. Honeydog Says:

    Right. Let’s see… In nearly 6 Years, other than Vowing to get BinLaden and bring our Troops home (which he did), he hasn’t even TOUCHED the “Jobs” situation, “Education”, or “Immigration”… and his “ObamaCare” and his Law requiring Employers to provide “Benefits” to Part-time Workers are both Backfiring. I’d say he’s Batting a Thousand on those “Promises”! He must’ve EATEN that “Honey-do” List!

  124. sandy1961 Says:

    He ate SOMETHING that’s for sure!!!

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