George Zimmerman Helps Rescue Florida Family in Car Accident

According to local police, George Zimmerman, who has been relegated to hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged from seclusion last week to help rescue a Florida family that had been trapped in an overturned vehicle.

From NBC News:

The incident occurred on July 17 in Sanford, Fla., near the intersection of Interstate 4 and State Road 46, officials confirmed to NBC News. The rescue was first reported by ABC News.

Zimmerman and another man were assisting a family of four when officers with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene of the accident. A blue Ford Explorer had traveled off the road and rolled over and caught fire, according to officials. 

Zimmerman and the other man were helping the two children and their parents get out of the overturned vehicle, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said. The former neighborhood watch volunteer left the scene after making contact with police and did not witness the crash.

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74 Comments on “George Zimmerman Helps Rescue Florida Family in Car Accident”

  1. zelda Says:

    I am happy the family was saved.

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    So am I.
    Guess it was a good thing he was where he was when he was

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, in a situation like that, it doesn’t matter who it is who’s Helping… Just that someone is. I’m sure they were very Grateful, but I understand they don’t want any Media attention over it… Guess they’re Fearful of what it might cause them, considering what’s been going-on since his Aquittal.

    How about that Andrea Sneiderman chick??? Between her Looney “Boss” who killed her Husband, and how she talks and acts like a Narcistic Whack-Job herself, I’m not sure WHAT to make of THAT Case.

    So…… Has anyone done anything Fun or Exciting this Summer for Vacation or otherwise???

  4. sandy1961 Says:

    Just heard the latest on the news on the way to work..The family DOES want to thank him publicly BUT family & friends made them think of the backlash the public MAY give them… HOW STUPID IS THIS????? You cannot thank a man for saving your life & your families life because people may hurt you???? What the HELL is going on in todays society???? Is this the way life is going to be from here on out????? Afraid to thank someone for helping you out of a BAD situation……..
    Nothing fun with me..Still cleaning & my throat is FULL BLOWN screwed again…. Have to have a c/t scan tomorrow…, Love razorblades in my throat….SUCKS!!!!
    Have a great weekend ladies….

  5. One Op Says:

    I just don’t think any harm would come to that family if they said something. It is odd, and maybe it has been mentioned but I have not heard one word as to who the other man is. Good works is always commendable but seems there is something lacking when all the mention is to compliment George Zimmerman and not an inkling about anyone else. if someone of you have heard mention then I am wrong and apologize.

    I don’t want anyone to be in prison if they are innocent and I don’t want anyone to be dead if they are innocent. Unfortunately there are some cases that are never really solved, therefore no justified
    conviction or peace.

  6. sandy1961 Says:

    From my understanding One Op the other person was one of Zimmermans bodyguards..And they were saying earlier that these people have already gotten some threats.

  7. One Op Says:

    Something missing about the whoooooolllllleeeee scenario from beginning to end of this case. From bottom to top and back again.
    I can’t understand how Frank Taffee seemed to know ALL THE FACTS right down to how the jury was at a 5 to 1 just before they handed in their verdict. Something just not right going on, imo!
    Got to get to work, going to be late. Thank you Sandy

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Whether it’s Right or Wrong or Stupid or a Shame or whatever, unfortunately, it’s the World we live in anymore. Average people are having a hard enough time trying to live their Lives and be Happy, and tend to think twice when it comes to the possibility of bringing-about any kind of Drama, Misery, or “Disruption” to it. I do personally think this Family would be asking for Trouble— and would more-than-likely get it— if they came forward and made a Public Statement. The GZ “Haters” would be all over them— With Accussations of being “Put-up to it” by GZ, or “Paid” by his Lawyers to do it, to wanting “15-minutes of Fame”, and everything in-between. It’s good to try to do Good, but in this case, not worth that kind of serious Aggrivation. Besides… Not everyone who has ever been Rescued from Danger goes on National TV. There are many other ways to “Thank” someone, and I think, if George Zimmerman is the kind of “Humble” person he has been described-as by his Friends and Neighbors, he shouldn’t be the least bit interested in that level of Acknowledgment, but rather it would be just as special to both he and this Family for them to take him out to a nice Dinner, or any other form of “Compensation”, to show their Appreciation. I’m sure they both worked it out “Privately” to their Liking, and I think that’s the best way.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ DITTO on your last Paragraph on July 25 @ 10:30 am, and on your entire Comment at 11:10am.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    How’s your Throat, Sandy???… What did they find??? You poor Baby.

  11. zelda Says:

    This whole thing is just surreal!…..What a world……….omg.There has to be a huge civil implosion soon.I think it was the
    Koreans or the like that observed, “America is like a baked pumpkin”.looks ok from the outside but is mush on the inside.Kinda sums it up.So the question is what do we do about it?
    Our government is part of the “mush” so that option is pretty much out………if “we the people” take to the streets we will wind up killing each other in a barrage of racist crap no doubt.The Blacks are wearing bigger and bigger gold chains, the Whites are getting more and more plastic surgeries and the Hispanics are getting bolder and bolder and more heinous.Assimilation is a thing of the past so we have little”nations” and cultures chopping up the U.S. into war zones.Who is all this serving??? Let’s ask the Koch brothers shall we? The thing is it’s biting all of us in the butt regardless of our skin and views…..The brothers are building a fortress around them but that won’t keep them alive too long.
    If we study history we may have some idea of what we are in for……..Mankind just can’t figure it out. Not with greed and sex at the helm.The clash of church and state never pans out either.
    Oh dear…………well in summation push WILL come to shove and it could be an unseen saving grace on the horizon……

  12. One Op Says:

    Zelda, you just wrote thoughts I could never put into words. Especially “So we have “little nations and cultures chopping up the US into war zones!” So right on!! It is happening on our own ground while other nations are snickering and waiting until US is so weakened, they get their chance to sweep in. I am tired of the
    smug coverup that we are the strongest nation in the world. We are so like broken spaghetti in a bad sauce. If they can’t come here without breaking every law in our constitution that has served well for so long then they should not be allowed to stay. I look out my window and see flags of other countries flying in yards that receive tax funded freebies from the working people. They eat our children’s future, have every medical and other advantage, fly their flags. My American Flag looks so lonely in the area. My car gets dosed with sugary syrup, their pets shit on my yard. THEY COMPLAIN that they are not getting enough!!! They get lowered rates for utilities while I can’t pay my bills on what little SS I worked for and I am still working as much as I can get.

    We are “sick” and we are “tired” trying to keep faith while “they” ARE ALLOWED by our governing AFFAIR’ers (like Weiner) lying mouths that want to stay on our expense accounts so they can buy apartments for young women so they can try and get another rise out of their hanging egos. (Sorry friends) Something must have hit me on the head with a rock. (Zelda, lol)

  13. zelda Says:

    YOU are so right on OneOP……..we HAVE to start speaking out like this! Until we face the facts and stop sugar coating every damn “violation” by those that would tear us down we are in deep shit.
    We just can’t “play nice” any longer……….A good start would be to pelt the Presidents office with our realities even though there is little hope it will be the finger in the dike so badly needed,,,,but hell let’s do it anyway!
    We need to storm the gates.We have a right to salvage our way of life damn it!
    Good going OneOp!!

  14. zelda Says:

    Dang it Sandy…………..hope you feel better asap…………such a drag for you.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    GREAT Writing, BOTH of you! I can add nothing to it that wasn’t said, or which all of us haven’t already thought and wrote and agreed-on at different times during past Discussions on this Subject. Only perhaps that, although I’m already thoroughly Disgusted and Pissed-off every day with how F’d-up this Country is, I’m Riled-up all over again at reading this and being reminded. I think I mentioned that besides being involved with Animal Rights & Welfare, I frequently Correspond with my State Governor, Senator and local Representatives on these very same and other various Issues. One of my recent Letters was on the Topic of the excess of “Freebies” given to “Foreigners” flooding this Country, in response to a Government Statement specifically concerning “Food Stamps”, saying that it needs to ensure that our Children and Senior Citizens don’t go Hungry…. Well let me tell you, I let it be known that, as a Grocery Checker/Cashier at a large SuperMarket, it is neither the Parents of Children OR Senior Citizens who have the Food Stamp Cards loaded with hundreds of Dollars— It’s the FOREIGNERS… More and More and More and More every day, coming to this Country, taking advantage, draining the System, and notifying all their Friends and Relatives in their Homelands to “Come and Get It”. The Government says they want to come here and be “Honest Citizens” and “make something of themselves in America” etc etc etc… I let it be known, BULL SHIT— Just from what I see and hear in the Check-out Line alone, the majority come here for ONE REASON— Because they know they can come here and Live and Eat for Free. They buy certain Groceries only “On-Sale” and in “Bulk” with their Free Food Stamps, and then put them on the Shelves in all the “Mini-Marts” and Gas Stations they’ve been GIVEN to own and operate, and charge TRIPLE for them to mostly American Customers. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they’ve got a real RACKET going. What’s worse, I often hear many of them Brag about it. And the ones who don’t speak a lick of English, I don’t have to hear… After a while of their “Repetition”, you know what they’re up to. In my letter, I called it downright “STEALING” from America, and pointed-out that, while I and the majority of Senior Citizens I check-out Groceries for, work hard and/or are struggling, and paying for our Food with the little Cash or Credit Card we have, and going Home and eating Hot Dogs and Beans, these people the Government thinks are so “Honest” in their reasons for coming and being here are RIPPING US OFF and living High-on-the-Hog, while they send their “Profits” back to their own Countries so that MORE of their Family can come here and do the same, and they are all becomming Stronger and Richer, while DRAINING these Programs meant for the ones who truly need and deserve them. In the end, I am just another Voice speaking-out, and what good it is doing, I’m sure I don’t know, but I stay committed to it at least being heard. I’m Fed-up with ALL of it, just as you two are, and I have to admit, I’m honestly HOPING for a “Crash and Burn” in this Country, because I tend to believe that even though it’s already in the Toilet, it’s going to take it getting “Flushed” and “We The People” Drowned, before our Government opens it’s F-ing Eyes and sees what it’s done.

  16. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow Ladies lots of thoughts over the last few days..Agree with them ALL…
    Thanks for asking how I’m doing..Went for a C/T scan on Friday,waiting on results.. Taking some HUGE horsepills(antibiotics)AGAIN!!! & Prednisone….. JUST WHAT I NEED… Balloon up like a Friggin helium balloon,,,Being able to swallow a BIT better today…. Probably just screwed myself by saying that…..we shall see… Will let ya know when I hear something… Have a good day Gals…

  17. zelda Says:

    Damn Sandy……..I sure hope you get this thing licked soon………I have a weird thing too……similar to Lyme disease I guess……pain in the butt……..but we keep on truckin!

  18. zelda Says:

    Honeydog……….VERY interesting about the food stamps…..I can’t believe they don’t get those damned abusers.What a deal!!!
    I get a small amount of food stamps because I am dirt poor on my tiny SSI,,,,,,,( I will spare you my back story),I went without for years feeling I would be taking food from poor hungry kids out there. The truth is there ARE poor people that need help to stay alive! finally HAD to do it or croak.
    I am very frugal………no t-bones or the like..I try to eat healthy as much as possible.I don’t do it very well. I have a tiny fridge and so I have to shop every three days or so.No freezer etc. etc.
    This food stamp thing which seems to be a burr under many people’s saddle is not a one level thing. As you stated it’s way too un-manned and can be bastardized easily it seems.I can’t imagine the resellers not getting busted.Whaaaaaaat???? If we step back and LOOK at this whole thing maybe the fog begins to clear somewhat.Remember………the one percenters want to kill us old guys as soon as they can….along with the sick and the poor. How better than to use our own “rules” to do just that. By saying the system is being taken advantage of and pointing out what you did above, it falls in line as another “WAY’ to actually have starving and eventually DEAD people on the rise .THINK about it. It sounds like an even more evil version of “Soilent Green” Remember that movie???Chilling.However I am afraid my dears that that is exactly the plan. Gawd we are stupid.Legalize drugs???? SURE.another way to keep the population down and not seeing the reality around them.Nothing we talk about on here is unrelated.It’s one big consortium…….man oh man.
    Everything we have set up to help people is taken advantage of by someone or something. We need better immigration laws…..toss em out pell mell,,,,don’t let them in!!!! We need to revamp things here for the legit citizens FIRST! Then how about this……….make anyone that wants to come here come here legally!!!! What a concept!No rule changing AFTER they are here to fit their needs…just Nuts!!! My gawd a fifth grader given the problem of how to correct these social ills could pop out a rational fix in no time.That is what scares the one percenters. So keep us dumb….hungry and angry.GEZUS!!!
    Food stamps are the direct failure of our country at the highest levels. They are doing a horrible job at running this America and then when the people are hungry they blame the people!!!Shall we talk outsourcing?? Shall we talk greed at the top, shall we talk about politics for the rich who are getting richer by our goes on and on.
    Let them eat cake”???????????Not on your tin type baby………we need to wipe the bastards out.I refuse to be enslaved and I refuse as a fifty year plus taxed citizen to starve in this so called land of plenty because of bandits that would take advantage of all and everything they can. That is our government ‘s lack of leadership.Kick em out,,,,take away their free passes!
    Where is our leadership????? I am not an Obama hater….but he is not strong enough as it turns out to even begin to right the ship. Maybe no one could the way our system is set up now???I wouldn’t take that job if it came fur lined but hey..something has go to give asap before we line up with the other third world countries.There is a full on attack on this country going on as we speak and has been for a long time,now we are in the “crumble” stages……we have to fight back.NOW.
    My face is breaking out………

  19. sandy1961 Says:

    Z- I hope you get better soon. YES we are gonna keep on truckin…
    As for the stamps– TAKE what you deserve!!!! Eat a NICE juicy steak & ENJOY it.. FUCK these ASSHOLES that take take take… I have a friend that NEEDS them & uses them.. NOT like hpup is talking about BUT GENUINELY NEEDS THEM…
    HUGS right back atcha momma!!!!

  20. zelda Says:

    thanks Sandy………..means a lot

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Yes Zelda & Sandy, you and your Friend are among those I referred-to as truly needing and deserving, for whom such Government-assisted Programs were designed and intended, and there should be no personal Shame or Guilt attached whatsoever. It is, like I said, the ever-growing and endless stream of “Outsiders” whose Minds are on, after stepping one Foot in this Country, “how much of everything” they can get, and geared to their deliberate “working of The System”. Try doing ANY of it in THEIR Countries. If you go to China, you cannot purchase a House or Land— They will only “Rent” it to you. In other Countries, there are NO Entitlements to Citizens not Born there, and still in others, you would suffer serious Punnishment for even THINKING about attempting to get over on them. It’s true— We can’t “Blame” the Foreigners for all the Free Ammenities and Tax-Breaks and “using” this Country, when it’s all so generously “handed” to the them on a Silver Platter, and “Monitoring” and “Control” is seemingly Absent. “Boast” all we want, we are the Stupidest Country in the World, and they know it. We’re a Joke, being Laughed-at, and WE know it. No, can’t Blame THEM. Oh I agree in every way regarding Immigration and Unemployment and Outsourcing and strict Rules and Laws and Greedy Politicians and taking care of “our own” first and, Yes, on and on and on. Scary that our “Dollar” is not even worth it’s Value, and is quickly declining… Concerning to think of the kind of Life our Children will be subjected-to 20 years from now… And isn’t it odd that with the cost of College Tuition recently raised through the Roof, Foreigners are having no problem filling the Classrooms. Yes, most definitely, SOMEthing’s gotta GIVE. Nearly everyone you talk-to anymore feels the same way, and Attitudes are running high against “the Machine”. If not for SOMEbody coming along who will stand-up, start the process, and Lead us, or the “Crash and Burn” of this Country that I do believe will have to, and probably will, occur one day, we COULD put our Foot down now— But it would take something REAL Big, and everyone’s “too-precious” Time… Something like everybody taking one day off from Work, for a massive, History-making “Storming”-on-Washington, to lessen the Wait and Intolerance of these Issues, and all that is Unfair and Unjust to us. And let’s face it, what are the Chances of that. What are the Chances that all of us perhaps begin “not Listening” to Political Campaigns, or refuse to Vote. What are the Chances that we’re going to refuse to pay outrageous Gas Prices when they know we need to Drive. Truth is, I’m afraid we ARE “Enslaved”— More than ever and getting worse… But “Whether to Lick’em or Join’em” can never be a Thought we resort to entertaining. How to destroy their Plan, and Revolt, Demand, and Succeed is the Question……

  22. Honeydog Says:

    Hang in there, Sandy! (You too, Zelda, with whatever it is “similar to Lyme Disease”)… Whole-heartedly wish both of you Strength to endure, and more Good Days than Bad.

  23. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Hpup
    EVERYthing you said is SO TRUE

  24. zelda Says:

    great post Honeydog………right on……
    tired…..yak more later…………night gals.

  25. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ Speakin of “Pup”, how are the Doggies doin?

  26. sandy1961 Says:

    Hpup- They are doing AMAZINGLY well together.. BUT J has decided to become a lil butthead, I don’t know if it’s the border collie in him.. Seems as if he has decided he wants to keep Timmy herded with him.. He gets RIGHT up to Timmy’s Face (beak) and starts SCREAMING at him…Kinda funny to watch,Timmy towers over J & J just sticks his face up & starts bitching… Keep telling him I’m NOT gonna blame Timmy when he BITES your face off….J just barks & wags so it isn’t like he’s trying to pick a fight but it makes ya wonder what’s going on in that little peehead of his…
    We think they are bonding rather well,still a little standoffish at times BUT all in all things are really well with them.. MUCH better than anticipated.

  27. One Op Says:

    Hi Ladies, I just want to back up and say that I believe the programs our government has to assist people are good. I just want to see them used properly for those who are sincerely in need and not abused by those who know how to work the system and come here because of knowing they will be taken care of- plus- which takes away from citizens in need of help and should come first. I didn’t mean to poke jabs at the honest situations that do exist. Thanks. Some great comments I see!

  28. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ That’s great! Ya know, I think you might be right about the “Herding” thing being a natural Instinct in J. The Stray I told you about that we brought Home was a Border Collie/Huskie Mix, and she would often do the same thing with our other Dog. She would kind-of “Trot” real close to him when he walked anywhere, but always a step ahead, and, whichever way he was going, she would turn and put herself slightly in front of him, stopping him in his tracks and making him side-step and go in a different direction. They could both be laying on the Floor, and the minute our other Dog would get up, she would spring into Action. Poor “Sundance”, who was alot smaller, couldn’t usually make it from one room to the other without her “Heading him off at the Pass”! Same thing too, “Wagging” Tail, like it was a “Playful” thing, yet she was “serious” about it. Funny, I never gave it a second thought about it possibly being the “Border Collie” in her, until you mentioned it. I used to think she was just doing it because she knew she was “bigger”, or that she was taunting him because she knew he didn’t like her— But, Hmmmmmm… looking-back now, Yeah, it does make Sense! “Sundance” only ever Growled or “Snapped” at her every now and then, but I can remember thinking the same thing… That one of those times he was gonna lay into her if he got fed-up. Them “little guys” are funny, aren’t they though?… Don’t piss ’em off… They can knock them “Big Bad Wolfs” down a few Pegs when they want to! Anyway, glad things are going well!

  29. sandy1961 Says:

    Hope you ALL had a good weekend.. I do think it’s gonna be ALRIGHT between them.. They were actually playing tug-o-war with a baby ALL weekend.. SO THANK GOD I THINK WERE GOOD!!!!
    Timmy is actually looking like he’s filling out a bit,been giving him a 1/2 cup puppy food with his meals.. His infection has cleared up & just a BIT of scratching.. Finding carpenter ants & I think they are nibbling on him.. Went out & got some spray & will douse the inside & outside of the house tonight…. Hopefully will kill them off… Tired as hell BUT things are coming together.. Well they have been BUT you can finally SEE things getting better…
    One-Op I don’t think anyone thought you were downing OR jabbing at those THAT REALLY NEED assistance… More power to those that do to use them AND NOT FEEL BAD..
    Z- I do hope your feeling better!!!!!!

  30. sandy1961 Says:

    Hpup- I do think these Border Collies are awesome the way they just allow the instincts to kick in & do what they do..
    It definately sounds like what your pup was doing… I think they secretly really liked each other & maybe just got annoyed at times not being able to do WHAT they want WHEN they want..

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Right you are, OneOp… Government/State-assisted Programs— Good. Proper Allocation, Frequent Checking, and Abuse— Bad. Besides the Food Stamps issue, I also think there is considerable need for stricter Laws, better Monitoring and Control over Welfare, Disability, and Unemployment Benefits Recipients. While not referring to those who are Honest and Needy and Deserving of these Funds, I know of people who are getting away with Murder, as they say, while collecting their Checks. With Welfare, the Requirement is that you own nothing and have no Income, but it’s unbelievable some of the ways people know how to get around that and still Collect. Also, while the majority of people who either apply for a Job or are already Employed are required to submit to Pre-Employment or random “Drug Testing”, Welfare Recipients escape this Requirement, yet many are in-fact spending their Welfare Checks on Drugs. If the rest of us have to take a Drug Test to get and/or keep a Job, I think everyone on Welfare should be required to do the same to get and continue to get a Check. With Disability Payments, you’ve got those who are definitely more-than-able to Work— Doing SOMEthing, considering the millions of different things to do to earn a Paycheck— but are out there “Pretending” to be Incapacitated while they secretly perform the very Tasks they claim they can’t, and lots of others besides, always on the sly look-out not to get caught. With Unemployment, many Recipients don’t even care about trying to find a Job, and Lie on their Weekly Job-Search Forms just so they can continue getting Money without doing a thing— And no one checks or follows-up on the Forms they turn-in “claiming” to have physically gone here and there and were “unsuccessful” in obtaining Employment. There’s nothing Right about any of these situations, and there’s far too much of it going on— If anything, between the continuous flow of Foreigners coming and grabbing Handfulls of everything Free they can get and the Rackets they’ve got going, and the rest of the Abusers working and draining the System, it’s a downright Crime. Indeed, the Programs themselves ARE Good things… Of great Help and Relief to many who’s Lives and Survival would otherwise be in significant Distress— But the “Free Rides” are running Wild and need to be addressed, and these Programs are in crucial need of efficiently-guarded Protection and Control.

  32. Honeydog Says:

    Good Morning, Sandy! Just finished typing the above and, when it posted, I see you have 2 new Comments that weren’t there when I started. I’m sorry, but I have to come back later… I’m really Tired… Haven’t been to Bed yet! (Don’t ask… LOL!) Talk to Ya soon Okay? Hugs.

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    SOME things are better left UNSAID
    HUGS back atcha Hpup

  34. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Sandy. I’m SO PISSED-OFF right now I wanna THROW THIS DAMN COMPUTER ACCROSS THE ROOM!!!! I had a LONG Comment back to you and was still Typing, and the WHOLE THING F-ING WENT POOF AND DISAPPEARED… AGAIN!!!! DAMN It!!!! I can’t start all over right now. I’ll be back later. Gotta calm down….. Sorry.

  35. sandy1961 Says:

    DON’T JUMP Hpup
    Mine does that sometimes also…..
    Pisses me the HELL OFF..

  36. zelda Says:

    Another topic…………Mexican drug cartels.What do you think is a solution if any?They got the blood thirsty inhuman leader of the Zetas,,but his brother is taking over.Torture is more than horrible,,,,,,,unimaginable is a fairly descriptive word in that scenario.
    How do they stack up against the terrorist groups.? Any difference or are they both killing machines just rolling over any and all that get in their way??Hmmmm?

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    I say we line em up & shoot em…

  38. zelda Says:

    well you have to admit it comes under the heading of infestation.

  39. Honeydog Says:

    OH-kay… Let me try this again…

    Back to you, Sandy~

    (RE 8/5 @ 12:23pm):
    No No, nothin like what you might’ve been thinkin, Ha Ha!… Just that I didn’t get out of Work till nearly 1 AM (supposed to be done at Midnight), then had to pick-up my Daughter at her Friend’s house and, by the time I got Home, got changed, sat down and “unwinded” for a while, made some Food, ate, looked-over my Mail, caught-up on the News and Weather, watched the Shows I record while I’m at Work, then got on the Computer and did my thing, well, the Hours had passed and it was Daylight again. I have alot of Nights like that. I’m a “Night Owl” anyway, but it really gets ridiculous sometimes— End-up crawlin into Bed when the Cars out on the road are all goin to Work. I think I just said “Don’t ask” mainly because I was half Delerious by then and, right at that moment my Daughter (who hates when I stay up all night) came downstairs, all rested and up for the Day, and she looked at me like, “there she goes again!”, and I was like the Cat caught with Feathers in my Mouth! So, No, that’s all it was… No “Partying” on Work days, LOL!

    (RE 8/5 @ 5:49am):
    Do be careful with that Ant Spray… God forbid the Doggies sniff and inhale it or step in it and lick their Paws. Damn Ants are a pain. Had a problem with ’em myself some years ago. I would Spray where I saw them, but it would wear off or wash away or they’d find another spot to come in, so I just watched their “Trail” (on the inside of the House) and followed it back to the spot they were coming and going out of (on the inside of the House) then just sprayed those little Crevices or Holes or whatever and covered them with a tiny piece of Tape or a dab of Caulk (on the inside of the House) and that did it. It’s hard to get rid of them on the Outside without Professional Exterminating, but it worked good enough to at least keep them out of the House. Sure wish you Luck with it. Give the Doggies a Smooch for me… I feel like I know ’em!

    Didn’t tell you yet, but we might get a Puppy. MAYBE. Remember I mentioned that it’s been a few years since we lost our two Dogs and planned-on getting another when things settled-down. Well, things are definitely not settled-down, but a Friend of a Friend has a real nice Dog that just had a Litter, and asked if I’d be interested. First of all, besides, like I said, it not being Good Timing, these Puppies would be for Sale, and you know I’ve always had “Rescues” and how I feel about getting a Dog from anywhere other than a Shelter… It would go against everything I believe-in and am committed to, so that’s an Issue for me. So, here’s what I’m thinking— We’ve had “Dogs”, but my Daughter has never had, and has always yearned-for, a “Puppy”. She didn’t have much of a Childhood because of her Brain Injury when she was 5, and, growing-up, we were too involved with her Rehabilitation and unable to properly care for one. The only “little” Pet she ever had was a Guinnea Pig which we ended-up having to give-away because it always Bit her when she wanted to hold it. Since this opportunity came up, I’m thinking, if we were planning on getting another Dog anyway— and Shelters very rarely have Puppies— maybe we’ll just get two again… Get this Puppy for her, and I’ll go get my “Rescue” from the Shelter. I haven’t seen the Litter yet, my Daughter doesn’t know about any of this, and I’m not going to say anything to get her Hopes up unless and until I figure it out. I don’t know… I’ll keep you Posted. But, what’aya think?

  40. Honeydog Says:

    Oh GOOD, PHEW, glad you’re there, Zelda! You were missing for 6 Days (Yes, I noticed and kept track!). I know you get busy with your Art and all, but I started to wonder and thought it was a little longer than usual, and was actually going to “YooHoo” you right after I finished catching-up on typing replies to Sandy last night, then, as you probably read, I lost everything I wrote, got Mad and left. So, you/everything Okay???

    SOME Topic you brought-up there… Mexican Drug Cartels. LOADED Subject for sure, on which I’ll come back and have a Go with you after I get some Shut-Eye! “Yak at Ya later”….

  41. sandy1961 Says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea!!!My felings are a baby NEEDS a home-I’m NOT into BUYING pets at a pet store… I am into GIVING a baby a HOME… I think it’s a great idea for you to get 2 IF it’s in the cards.. I got my babe at 8 weeks old from the shelter.. Most places have pictures on the website to see what they have.. I think your daughter would be extatic if you gave her a pup to love & be responsible for…… We had a guinea pig growing up & they ALL like to take a piece of you with them(biting fingers) hurt like hell…
    Glad you got rested up (was just kidding) about the other day…
    SO glad Z showed up also was getting worried myself about her….
    As for the spray you can bet your bottom dollar we will be careful.. It is in an area we can keep them blocked from… BUT boy do they SUCK!!!!
    My lil guy is going in to have his teeth cleaned in the morning & is going under anesthesia….HOPE all goes well,they did bloodwork to make sure his body can handle it & they were EXTREMELY happy with EVERYTHING…
    Keep your fingers crossed ALL goes well..
    YAK soon

  42. Honeydog Says:

    Check Animal Shelter Websites for PUPPIES— Can’t believe I didn’t remember that myself!… Man, I AM slipping these days!! (TOLD you I have too much going on in my Life already!— UGH, my Brain!). Well, Okay then, Thanks for your Input on everything… We’ll see.

    I guess Lil Guy won’t let you clean his Teeth, huh? No matter, you’re a Good Mommy to get it done. YES, hoping all goes well and he’ll come Home with sparkling Fangs that light up the room!

  43. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, I just had TWO LONG PARAGRAPHS written here to you! Need I SAY it… GONE!!!! What the HELL is GOING ON! I’ve seriously HAD it. Slamming this thing shut. Back Later…………………!

  44. sandy1961 Says:

    Actually he doesn’t mind getting his teeth brushed.. He likes to bite & hold the brush though.. His teeth were GREAT about a year ago then all of a sudden his back teeth started getting a MAJOR build-up.. I’m thinking it’s either his breed OR maybe his frosty paws that have done it.. Either way it has to be taken care of. They say the plaque can get into his bloodstream & possibly lodge in his heart SO needless to say……….

  45. zelda Says:

    Dang it Honeydog~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! Man o man,

  46. Honeydog Says:

    Alright… Here goes… I’m taking another crack at it. “Proceed with Caution”… “Type at your own Risk”……….

    It’s a Coincidence that you brought-up the Subject of Mexican Drug Cartels. Don’t know if you get, or ever watch, the “Crime & Investigation Channel” on TV, but I was watching “Vanished, with Beth Holloway” (Natalee’s Mother)— a Series she heads-up on that Channel in which many of the “Missing Persons” Cases we know and remember are Featured and Updated— and one of the Commercials showed Highlights of a special Program coming up soon this Month, titled “Cops vs. Cartels”. This promises to be a high-quality, dramatic and in-depth Documentary on this very Subject, and one which I myself plan-on watching. I’m not positive of the exact Date, and, of course, our Program Showings are probably not the same, but, you could either start keeping an Eye out for it yourself, or I’ll let you know when it’s on where I’m at, since it appears you have some Interest also. My own Knowledge isn’t all that full, and we’d probably have a better Discussion afterwards, but, from what I do know, this is what I think….

    I honestly don’t think there IS a Solution, nor do I believe they will ever be “Wiped Out”. Just in that respect, I compare the Cartels to the Itallian Maffia— No matter who is, or has been Caught, or how many of its “Regimes” Law Enforcement and the FBI have brought-down over the years since the “Old Days” of Al Capone etc, it still Exists and Operates, with a never-ending Chain of Successors ready to take over and keep it going at any given time, and more “Up-and-Coming” being secretly “Primed” to follow in their Ancestors Footsteps and carry-on the Business and Legacy of that Organization. According to a Documentary I watched not that long ago on the “current” Itallian Maffia, the kind of Undergound Strength and Power it enjoyed in Days-of-Old has had the opportunity to once-again Rise and Flourish while our Nation’s Eyes have long turned-toward and been more-focused on “Foreign” Matters and Terrorism, and, although we rarely hear of them due to these other “Top Stories” in the News, people “linked to the Maffia” still turn-up Dead. What I’m saying is that, like the Maffia, the Mexican Cartels is “Big”— Too many to Control, get to the Bottom-of, or ever completely get rid of… and ever-Growing.

    As for any Difference between the Cartels and Terrorist Groups, I do think there is. Yes, you could say they are both “Killing Machines, rolling over any and all that get in their way”, but the Cartels are not “Choosey” in Who, When and Where, and they’re “Predictable”— They don’t waste Time “Planning”, No “Repeat Warnings”, and constant “Action” at all Times, Levels and Costs… Compared to “Intermittant Threats”, Political “Bargaining”, and “Sneak Attacks” by our Foreign Enemies. Unlike them, the Cartels are solid “Warriors” who REALLY MEAN Business, they don’t “Tease” or “play Games” back and forth, or use stupid measures like “Imploding” themselves to make their Point and consider it an Honor, and there is absolutely no “Reckoning” with their “Leaders” or “Invading” their Territory, “Protecting” their Citizens, or attempting to “Change” their Beliefs, Ideas and way of Life. Their Message is Direct and Clear like a Lightning-fast Arrow through the Air without the slightest Hesitation to Draw and Release. While Enemy Lands are being somewhat kept “at Bay”, I just tend to doubt the same is possible with the Infestation of Cartels.

    For all these reasons— Including, as you mentioned, their “Torture” methods, which are not “Politically”, “Culturally” or “Religiously”-based and inflicted, but rather whatever Horrific, “Unimaginable” Act they randomly choose— I personally think the “Fear Factor” is greater, and, being one of the fastest-growing, most-Organized, Tightest, Strongest-built “Brick Walls” to attempt to Crash-through and bring-down, I don’t know if there’s a “Wrecking Ball” that can do it.

  47. zelda Says:

    holy cow Honeydog………nice write up. Being super tired at the moment, I will get back with some thoughts asap.Having another “flare up” to deal with………I am ok.not to worry.
    Yak soon…………..

  48. One Op Says:

    You know something ladies, when I read the long thought out comments which are so right on that you all put so much time and energy into, how knowledgeable and wise your detailed opinions and statements are, that leave me so enlightened and feeling like a useless soul, when I try to type out my thoughts I can only skim by contributing any kind of input. WOW! WOW! WOW! You all really get to the gut of the issues, and I enjoy reading everything you all write. Leaves me speechless. Ok Zelda, lets hear it now.
    Honeydog you are well worth waiting for when you write.

    PS. I read the personal health you all have from time to time and hope all improve to 99%. I’ll hold out 1% just cause I know we never seem to get to perfect. Anyway, love and hugs that you are all given the best repair possible for all that gets you down. xoxo ()

  49. zelda Says:

    Hey there OneOp,,,,,,,,,,You are a very wanted and important part of our little discussions.We are all in this human soup together ya know.
    Your kindness and sweet points if view makes all of us smile, and you know how much we need to smile these day!!!
    Honeydog is great to get the facts and details and is sensitive to each of us and is a good writer.Sandy is right there with lots of logic and warmth as well.WE all have found this place to meet and share and prop each other up……….keep it coming OneOp !!
    Thanks to John for the great blog and his generosity for letting us run with some “hairy” stories and vent and roar in glee.
    Here’s to all of us ladies with “smokin” keyboards!!!

  50. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda & OneOp~
    After reading your last two Comments, I’m Crying in my “Soup”. Is it because I’m Physically and Mentally Exhausted, haven’t felt good all day, and they killed me at Work tonight…… No. It’s because of the True and Heartfelt Words, and the Extra-special Friendship and Bond between the four of us which can bring one to “Tears-with-a-Smile” at being reminded of just how Wonderful a Group we are, how Great it is to be here on these Pages and share Time with each other, and how Treasured and Appreciated all of it is. To US…. CHEERS!!!

  51. sandy1961 Says:

    Morning Ladies..
    Seems as if weekends just aren’t in the cards for me lately on getting on the computer.. Reading ALL this on Monday mornings is a great way to start my week…ENJOY all your comments made over the weekend…. Enjoy the fact that I feel as if the 3 of us have become GOOD friends without EVER meeting….
    Hpup I hope your feeling better today, I see you have been under the weather the last few days..
    Z- I see your battling with your pains also- SURE hope today is better for you..
    And you One Op- DON’T EVER feel like a useless soul, We are ALL in this together,if we can’t BANG our thoughts & feelings off each other than it’s silly to even post our thoughts… NEVER EVER feel like that,,,that my friend is what makes the world go round…
    anyways my deepest gratitude to ALL of you for welcoming me into this GREAT frienship we seem to have struck up…
    On to another subject– How bout that chucklehead in San Diego???? Can’t say I’m sorry they killed the Bastard— I so hope this lil girl had NOTHING to do with it… From what I’m hearing she didn’t—BUT the guy on horseback said they seemed like they didn’t belong BUT said NOTHING aout maybe Hannah looking OR acting distraught!!! Her friends say the dude CREEPED her out & wanted NOTHING to do with him…. GOD I hope this is true……

  52. zelda Says:

    I am not upset that they killed him……we are all so tired of these maniacs killing and raping. I just read a story about the killers dad who did almost the exact same thing years ago,,,THAT is creepy.He wound up killing himself so that took care of him. But here we are lots of years later and his son did the same damn thing!! Interesting as hell.
    And Sandy,,no the girl was scared stiff and was a total victim…..These guys are whacked from the get -go or screwed up from the get -go by nutty parents etc. Gezus ……..makes me gag,,,,,,,,,,I am now at the point in my life where I have zero feeling for a perp……….don’t care what their story is as to how or when they got to be monsters,,,,,just don’t give a shit.I care about the innocents that are preyed upon like they were hot dogs at a carnival.
    I am not a gun advocate but I can argue that we turned the corner socially in violence and the need for the innocent to protect themselves is now in neon for all to readily see.If my family or yours were were being attacked for me to see I would blow the perps balls off in a hot minute.I think most ALL of us feel that way these days.

  53. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Z-
    I saw the story last nite… I didn’t think she had anything to do with it BUT you never know anymore….I have no tolerance OR patience myself for these jackoffs…I hadn’t heard about his father being a freak also BUT go figure……I think more & more people DO need guns to protect themselves… I didn’t before BUT as things progress I’m kinda thinking so…
    Love to see you’d shoot at the BALLs & NOT the heart…..
    He ain’t got NO heart SO f’m he ain’t got no BALLS either…..
    Thanks for the morning chuckle Z…
    Have a good day

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks, Sandy… Just a couple days of a combination of a little something “going around” I think, with already having been “Drained-out”, but Yeah, I’m fine now. How about YOU??? Whatever happened with the latest Test on your Throat?

  55. Honeydog Says:

    Hmmmm… “Balls”… “Jackoffs”… Well!! Need some Sleep right now, but GOTTA come back and Chirp-in on THIS one!!! LOL. Later……..

  56. sandy1961 Says:

    Glad your better–hpup….
    went for my follow-up yesterday– He says the c/scan shows swelling BUT he’s thinking acid reflux-gave me prescriptions that AREN’T covered by my insurance & I’m NOT paying $180 for something… That was a few weeks ago,when I went yesterday he said he had changed the presc… BUT he didn’t,went to Walgreens & they said STILL NOT COVERED… He gave me a bunch of samples & I still had to buy some over the counter stuff.. Reading it the crap says DON’T use if you have trouble swallowing food,your throat hurts OR swollen…. WTF?????/
    I am trying them BUT who knows what’s gonna happen… The pain has subsided a bit BUT I can tell it’s starting to get worse again……
    I guess only time will tell…
    Thanks for asking…….. Get yourself some rest

  57. zelda Says:

    Egad ..I hope we all feel better soon,,,,,,,,,,good to hear you are over your “bug” Honeydog.Sandy can you get a shot or liquids instead of those horse pills? That doesn’t make sense…….dang it.
    my friend wants me to start taking Pine Bark pills for my pain,,,,,,,,,but he is a millionaire and thinks nothing of buying a bottle for $40.00 or so.Yep..he is a one percenter in the biggest sense.He doesn’t dare bring politics into our conversations,,,,,,,,,,I guess my face gets purple and I have a look in my eye that shuts him down pretty quickly,,,,,,hahahahahaooooooooo.
    yak about di maggio later,

  58. Honeydog Says:

    Geezzz you two, I really feel for you both… “RazorBlades” and “Pain”… One trying to find-out what’s “Causing” it and trying to get rid of it, and the other trying to find something Affordable to Help.

    Yeah Sandy, that’s Ridiculous! (Pills for a person who is already struggling with Swallowing). Please don’t take this wrong, but you’ve been going-on with this for quite a while… And it seems from what you mentioned up there that the Doctor made some Mistakes… Do you think you should maybe get “another Opinion”?? I mean, I’m just Sayin. Of course, you know more than I do and whether you’re Comfortable with how your Throat Problem is being handled, so, well, Forgive me… It’s just hard for me to understand why it still Persists and, apparently, they haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. I’d just like to see you make better Progress here (Not that YOU don’t, even MOREso). I’ll keep Hoping for you.

    And Zelda, wouldn’t this Friend be so kind as to “turn you on” to a few of them Pills to try?? Maybe if they make a considerable difference in helping to relieve your Pain, you could part with one of your Paintings or something in-exchange for a few Bottles. I don’t know… As with Sandy, you know your own Situation better than I. I just know you “Hurt” alot and Hurt often, and, although you “deal with it”, you deserve to be able to deal with it “Better”. (On a “Lighter Note”, if worse-comes-to-worse, I’ve got quite a few PINE TREES on my Property… You just say the Word, and I’ll get out there and Chip-off all the BARK you need! Ah, seriously though, I want YOU to feel Better too… Maybe think about that other Suggestion??

    HUGS Girls.

  59. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes I have been thinking of a different Dr. Have looked around & most of the E.N.T.s are all affiliated with this guy… Because of my insurance I have just been trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt…..Probably am gonna maybe go to the Cleveland clinic if we get NOwhere with this…
    Z-I agree with Hpup..Get this guy to give you a trial on these pills

  60. zelda Says:

    Good news,,,,,,,,,,the rich guy gave me a bunch of those pills today! Not a bottle but a bunch none the less.I took two this afternoon and I will take another tonight then just one a day with dinner.
    I really appreciate it………If it works for me I can get him to order me a bottle for 20.00 for 300 pills……… one a day that is almost a year so that is good.Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hope you are getting some relief Sandy.Honeydog is right,,,,please try to get a second opinion if you can,

  61. One Op Says:

    If you folks are talking about pills for pain I sure would like to know what kind of pain they help with.

  62. sandy1961 Says:

    Yay Z that’s GREAT news for sure… I can’t wait to hear you tell us they work!!!!! I would be MORE than happy to GIVE you the $$$$$ to get a FEW bottles of these pills if they help…. I know your struggling & would LOVE to help out……Please allow me to do this if they help you…. I will give you my E-mail if you

  63. Honeydog Says:

    Okay Sandy, I’m glad you’re at least considering Alternatives. And, in case you don’t know or have any Reservations about resorting to the Clinic, let me tell you, “Clinics” are GOOD. They have some of the best Doctors, are “up-to-the-Latest” on everything, and are geared to SOLVE, with no Fooling-around. You have nothing to lose, and I think an excellent Chance to resolve this thing once and for all. I’m sure whatever other way you choose to go than suffering through this “Waiting Game” would be well worth it. HUGS!

  64. sandy1961 Says:

    The Cleveland clinic is pretty much known worldwide as being a VERY VERY good place to get help….
    Any NEW thoughts on getting your daughter a puppy?????
    By the way you must be pretty rested up after ALL these posts this morning……
    HUGS right back atcha..

  65. Honeydog Says:

    AllllllRIGHT ZELDA!!!! THUMBS-UP!! Got my Fingers, Toes, Legs, AND Eyes Crossed for the VERY BEST! (You didn’t haffta “Un-cross” YOUR Legs to get them Pills DID YA???!!!!) OH God, I couldn’t HELP it! Now I’m sitting here CRACKING-UP, and wondering whether I should BACKSPACE!! Oh what the hell… You always say we need to LAUGH (HOPEFULLY you did!) and you KNOW I’m KIDDING!! Can anyone tell I’ve been UP too long and I’m Slap-Happy??!!!………. Seriously my Friend, you know how much I care, and I’m truly Thrilled that you have something new and exciting to lift your Spirits and look forward to hopefully providing you with the Change in things you so want and need. I’m sending Positive Vibes, and wishing with all my Might that they do the Trick. BIG SQUEEZE!!

  66. zelda Says:

    Wow,thank you Sandy,,,,,,,,I am overwhelmed at your generosity and caring fer little ol me.I DID get some pills so I am ok….they will last a year so I am set.Thank you thank you Sandy…..I am very touched at your offer….hugs
    And thank you Honeydog……geee.I do so appreciate your kindnesses.I really do……..
    Boy am I lucky to have met you gals………..big hugs to you,,,,,,,,

  67. sandy1961 Says:

    You my friend are SO WELCOME!!!!! The offer is LONG STANDING….. IF I can help in anyway NEVER hesitate to ask!!!!
    As for you Hpup— I’M laughing my ASS off!!!!
    HUGS to you BOTH!!!!

  68. Honeydog Says:

    Decided not to go the “Puppy way” at all, Sandy. I was on the Humane Society’s Website one night, just “Browsing”, and, just for the heck of it I called my Daughter to the Computer to look at the Listing of Dogs available for Adoption. I actually saw a Dog that I was very interested in for myself, and, as we were talking about it, I said “Oh look, there’s some Puppies too”, just to see if I could get a Reaction from her. To my surprise, she was more interested in looking at the Pictures of the older Dogs, and indicated that she really didn’t think she would want a “little Puppy”, saying that she’d like a Dog that was already “Trained” and that she could “take out” and “do things with” (meaning able to be more of a “Companion”). I still never told her about the Puppies my Friend’s Friend has, which started this whole thing, and, because of how she was Liking the other Dogs she saw and what she said, I see no reason to. So… I think it’s pretty clear now that a “Puppy” is out of the Picture, and that we’re eventually going to Rescue two “Dogs” from a Shelter. As long as she can pick-out the one she wants for herself, I know she’ll be Happy.

  69. sandy1961 Says:

    That’s great- Older dogs have such a HARD time finding owners…..I’m sure this would make her VERY happy…..
    It also makes a whole bunch of sense to me… This is probably
    a VERY good thing for you also

  70. Honeydog Says:

    Yep, a Puppy wasn’t “In the Cards”, as you said. Apparently, neither was getting that Australian Shepherd I was so interested in… By the time I had finished filling-out the On-line Adoption Application, someone else already got him. I was very Disappointed. But, I know the right one will come at the right time. We DO have alot going-on in our Lives here anyway— Taking care of my Mom and in the middle of trying to finish-up Projects on this old House… The Dogs will happen when it’s meant to be.

  71. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Zelda~ I see it’s been a Week now since you started your new Pills…. How are they working for you?? Noticing any Difference???

  72. sandy1961 Says:

    That’s exactly right–
    Timing is EVERYTHING..

  73. sandy1961 Says:

    Yeah Z-
    Notice a difference yet???

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