George Zimmerman: Not Guilty on All Charges

A Florida jury has acquitted George Zimmerman on all charges in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. The jury, which had been sequestered since June 24, deliberated for more than 16 hours over two days before coming to the decision.

From NBC News:

The verdict was returned by a jury of six women who worked into the night on their second day of deliberations. They also had the option of convicting Zimmerman of second-degree murder or of the lesser crime of manslaughter.

Zimmerman was expressionless as the verdict was read, then turned to shake the hand of one of his lawyers. In the courtroom, his family held hands across a row and cried.

“I think the prosecution of George Zimmerman was disgraceful,” defense attorney Don West said. “As happy as I am for George Zimmerman, I’m thrilled that this jury kept this tragedy from becoming a travesty. For that, we are eternally grateful.”

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34 Comments on “George Zimmerman: Not Guilty on All Charges”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I was flipping through the TV Channels early this Morning and was completely SHOCKED when I came accross this News! I had watched the Closing Arguments on Thursday and Friday and, although The Defense put on a “bigger and better SHOW”, The Prosecution gave a very Compelling, Emotional and Moving Argument and Rebuttal, AND made “the SENSE” of EVERYthing. I actually didn’t expect the Jury (all Females, and all Mothers) to go for the top Charge, BUT, Not Guilty for ANYTHING???!!! I can’t believe this— with all the wrong things he deliberately did. WELL… George Zimmerman got his wish of fulfilling his Dream of “being a Cop” after all. Seems though, it never MATTERED to him to even “act” like a GOOD one. I hear his Lawyers advised him to remain “in Hiding”… Hope he enjoys that “Freedom”. So it is, again— “And Justice for SOME”….

  2. zelda Says:

    I am not sure how I feel about the verdict.As I look at the laws it fits but that doesn’t diminish the tragedy of it all.Then reading what facts turned up in court it made for a “what would you have done” finale.All we have is Zimmerman’s story and who knows if that is true.
    Race is always in there somewhere.Fact is Trayvon was not a little kid and was pretty much a hood.If he did go after Zimm he made a horrible choice. Too bad he didn’t just run away.Zimm is a wanna be cop just looking for a run -in. The two ran into each other at the wrong time.
    I am in no way defending anyone,,,,,,I do think being informed of the best presented facts is the best way to go.That is what the jury did.Not a popular decision for sure.People are going to go crazy on this dividing the Blacks from the Whites once again which is a perp verses victim over and over and over and over.Seems we just can’t move forward.It makes my ass ache. I abhor inflamed stupidity that feeds on it’s self pity over and over and over and over.EVERY race creed and color has “killed” their way through history………but the black and white experience just goes on and on and on,,,,,,,,,,,,gezus.

  3. One Op Says:

    George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin, he NEVER stated to this young teen that he was associated with security of the complex
    while driving and again as he came face to face on foot. GZ LIED throughout the whole course of his story. To not have any charge
    or any disciplinary action given is in my opinion, deplorable. The state could not prove Murder 2 but to walk him away with not a day even in some kind of service doesn’t even make sense. Is it now money making time for some? I hope not.

  4. zelda Says:

    How do you know what Zimm said or what Trayvon said? That is my point>?
    Zimmerman will never be a free man,,,,,,,,,the story will build and build and people already want to kill him.
    There will be civil suits I imagine plus a whole arsenal of other things tried.
    His life is toast,

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Glad to see you both up there… Especially you, Zelda, ’cause you’re consistently here and you were “Missing” for a little bit and I was worried!

    What OneOp said IS actually Fact— GZ himself admitted, during his Interrogations, that he didn’t identfy himself at any time. Also, Trayvon Martin WAS trying to get away when he noticed he was being “followed”, as was indicated in GZ’s own account of how Martin was weaving through the Neighborhood and periodically “looking back” as GZ kept on his Tail. It seems to me that Trayvon wouldn’t have “kept going” if he wasn’t trying to get away from his “Stalker”. Now, True— What “Words” were exchanged at the point where they came Face-to-Face (?) remains only GZ’s “version”. What baffles me is that the Jury discounted the Obvious on so many levels— Especially that being agressively “Pursued” was cause for Fear and subsequent Reaction in Trayvon MARTIN and he had the Right to “Stand his OWN Ground”, and that they put no weight on The State’s verbal AND visual Evidence that Zimmerman couldn’t have pulled his Gun out of his Pocket with Martin on top of him, and his long Legs straddling up as far as GZ’s Armpits. Trayvon had to have been getting up off Zimmerman and backing away from him when GZ was even able to get to it, and then decided to pull it out and shoot him anyway. I have to agree with OneOp that, based on a Man who deliberately ignored Instructions, threw all Cautions to the Wind to satisfy his own Ego, who CAUSED what happened, and then claims HE was the Victim in all of it and should be Forgiven, not to have any Disciplinary Action brought against him IS Deplorable. It should have at least said something to the Jury when he stated he had “No Regrets” (Period. Not even a shred that another Human Being lost their Life at his Hand) during the TV Interview he did before the Trial, which was showed to them in Court. In the words of The Prosecutors who were on TV this Morning and asked why they thought GZ didn’t take the Stand, “No, he DIDN’T, DID he… The Proof is in the Pudding… He’s a Coward”. Exactly Right. And I doubt it would have ended-up this way if he had. Yeah, his Life is Toast— But it should be BURNT Toast.

    On the “Black and White” thing? Oh for sure, Zelda, definitely, it’s NEVER going to end. They can preach “Love and Harmony in America” all they want, but I don’t see the two of us ever getting along the way it should be, and, honestly, in my opinion, it is not the “Whites” anymore who are the more “Racist” and preventing it. I could tell you some Stories, just from experiences I encounter every day at my Job, that would make your Head spin, not to mention things I see out in Public. And you’re right… All it takes is something like this (this Verdict)— One more thing… ANY little thing anymore— Where they have another Excuse to claim they’re being “Singled-out” and are justified in Uproaring and Retaliating. It’s the same with people who are Gay or Lesbian against the “Straights”… and Cultures against Cultures— It’s a MESS anymore. Unfortunately, it’s all moving BACKWARDS, with the Vision of “Moving Forward” becoming further and further away in the distance.

  6. sandy1961 Says:

    From my understanding also- Trayvon had left & came back 4 minutes later… Why would he return if he wasn’t looking for trouble???

  7. sandy1961 Says:

    Glad 2 see your back Z!!!!!! Feeling better?????
    As 4 moving forward Did ya really think that was gonna happen H????

  8. zelda Says:

    My bottom line in these kind of conversations about race, crime, government, etc. etc. , is that” there are no good guys OR bad guys..just guys”.We are like rats all going for the same piece of cheese.
    The one percenters are digging this for sure………gezus.

  9. zelda Says:

    Hi Sandy and Honeydog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am about the same. Thanks for asking! The beat goes on,

  10. zelda Says:

    I am white. I dated a very interesting black man.He took me to meet some of his friends in an all black community and they literally hated me, especially the women.I found the white community was being friendly toward my friend, overly so at times which to me smacked of too much political rightness,,,but none the less no one made us feel uncomfortable.Quite the opposite in the black community. I felt fear at times and that is what ultimately broke up our friendship.We actually never talked about it we just “knew”.
    I have felt racial strain from other cultures where I live also. Yet the white person is almost always vilified first……….
    I had a best friend that happened to be a gay man.We really loved each other .One night we went to a gay bar and there was a definite cold shoulder there for me.As it turned out the fellow that owned the bar was an old classmate of mine and so the heat was off me. Curious I thought.
    I owned a women’s clothing store in an upscale tourist visited town for many years.The women who married “white” guys through the service especially, were horridly rude to me and I had a hard time not throwing them out of my store.Incredible bitches.
    I have many many stories through the years on this race subject.If you weren’t predjudice in the first place you learn to notice where you stand fairly quickly.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    No, Sandy, I myself have never EVER “thought” that “moving forward” was “really going to happen”. Zelda had mentioned that it seems we just can’t, to which I definitely agreed, and my saying that it’s all moving “Backwards” is just meaning that it’s getting worse….

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, your personal examples speak to what I wrote. I’m nodding my Head… Uh Huh… as I’m reminded of my own Experiences, past and present, and of just the World as it is. We don’t have to read about it, or hear about it on the News, or see it in a Murder Trial— It’s “Felt”. It’s hanging in the Air we breathe every day— The “Divides”… The “Attitude”. That last line of yours— So Dead On.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    The Judge says No to Jodi Arias “Penalty Phase” being postponed until next year…. Gotta get their shit together for “late September”. Eh Heh.

  14. zelda Says:

    Yeah….let;s get her locked down and put away……..sick of her face.
    we need to slap that arrogant look off her canine mug and impose the death penalty.Our laws need to have punch that carry through in cases like these.The message is ” you just can’t butcher another person and expect to write a book and have pink sheets and run the system . Bitch.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    Man… If only “the Law” said just that. Hopefully Mr. Martinez will be successful in driving that very Message to the new Jurors, and it will end as it should this time!

  16. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Sandy, almost forgot… What you wrote about Trayvon Martin leaving and then coming back. Yeah, there’s alot of Controversy going-on about that right now, ever since one of the Jurors appeared (well, Anonymous and sitting in the Dark so no one could see her) on Anderson Cooper’s show and said that she believes Trayvon “played a huge role in his own death”… That he “could have just went Home”. There IS a Point there. Like Zelda mentioned though, no one knows— except Zimmerman (who was shown to have Lied and his Story was inconsistent)— what really went down, where and why. Personally, I still stick to my Belief that he should be held accountable for wrongfully assuming a position of “Authority”, and “Instigating” everything from the Get-Go, that resulted. Last time I heard, being a Gun-slinging “Vigilante” was Illegal. His “Injuries” were exactly what he deserved— given how he went-about things— and I hope it scared the living shit out of him and he’ll think twice about trying to “play Cop” again. And this “Stand Your Ground Law”… Just another Excuse to do it. It’s gotta go.

  17. sandy1961 Says:

    Crazy just crazy— ALL of it!!!!! I’m sorry you got shunned in SO MANY different ways Z….
    My motto is— If it isn’t me personally involed it personally isn’t my place to say ANYTHING… UNLESS someone is DEGRADING someone else THEN I step in & tell them they need to SHUT UP or GET FU**ED UP….

  18. zelda Says:

    I’m with you sister

  19. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow-Who taught me how to spell today????

  20. Honeydog Says:

    I should have you with me behind the Register at my Job at the Grocery Store, Sandy!… I could use you to Shut-Up or F-Up a few people for me so I’m not the one getting in trouble for it! We’re not supposed to open our Mouths to Defend ourselves when Customers with “Attitudes” (gotta say, it’s mostly from Black Females) are downright Ignorant and Degrading and give us shit for no reason at all. They think you “owe” them, and they deliberately try to piss you off so you’ll say something back and they can make the Scene they’re itching to. Since I’m not one to stand there and take it, I’ve had a “Talking-to” quite a few times. Luckily, I’ve been there a long time, and Management and my Supervisors really like me, so it’s the usual “Reminder” not to Argue, and, of course, that “The Customer Is Always Right” (to which I always say “Bull Shit”. On the Subject we’ve been discussing, and like Zelda said (“If you weren’t Predjudice in the first place, you learn to notice where you stand fairly quickly”) it ain’t easy these days to “maintain your Cool” with some people who “Shun” and “Degrade” and end-up making you so.

  21. sandy1961 Says:

    I would LOVE to hang out with you at your job!!!!!! I also used to work at an Albertsons in CA. Used to get in trouble for things like that myself…. Finally decided to start throwing stock at night just to AVOID the JACKASSES you deal with day in & day out….the $$$$ was great & was gonna work at a grocery store here in OH, BUT things are SO different here,they start you at minimum wage & want you to buy your own stuff & pay your union dues and yada yada yada,be able to lift 50lbs, or more, NO biggie BUT minimum wage was a joke….. Where you located????? Don’t mean exactly BUT just an area, I will come F some people up for you!!!!!!

  22. zelda Says:

    Honeydog /Sandy OMG…… guys will start a rumble in the check out line.LOL…..I would be there watching your backs,lol.I am a little gal so I would have to do a tuck and roll and knock them off their feet so you guys could finish em off………………oooooooooo.
    You know after so long hearing or seeing that same old crap you just want to go ballistic.It’s like if you see ONE MORE plumbers butt on some saggy jeaned kid you just HAVE to yank em down. Nothing is worse than a yappy ,sassy,pushy bitch in a check out line with the mantra that they want it for free.BEEN therrrrrr.OMG>
    I took No crap in my store.I was firm and smiling when I had to talk to people,they got the message .
    Been in a lot of pain today.come and goes…..mainly comes these days but hey.getting old sucks.
    Can’t wait to get the arias thing over with,,,,she thinks she is a movie star and loves the attention,,,,OMG>I’ll bet she has a rough tough bunch of inmates cheering her on……..yikes.I am pulling for the DP and the very least life with no parole.Imagine HER going through your checkout line????? We would cash her out then take her out……..yehaw!!!!

  23. sandy1961 Says:

    Sorry your in pain Z…
    Tuck & roll baby!!!!!
    We would do some major ASS kickin…
    Mess with our Hpup will they?????
    NOT FOR LONG!!!!
    As for the plumbers crack- I went home for Dad’s funeral in 2003 & my mom & I went into a drugstore & some kids ASS was showing while he was working… I asked him if I could park my bike in his crack…. My mom shit herself,the manager was standing nearby & heard me…. Sent him home for the day!!!!!
    Just sayin- Mom laughing to this day…..

  24. zelda Says:

    hahahaha Sandy.well I tell you. after awhile you just have to say something.I went into a hamburger place years ago and there was a sign on the door saying”we will be colsed saterday. I just went up to the counter and asked who wrote the sign.A young girl said” I did”. I took her aside and said, ” I need you to take down that sign and look at the words very carefully and make sure you spelled them correctly because I would not want people to think you are that stupid.Gave her a hug and left with my burger,

  25. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, so you get it, Sandy… You’ve done it, so you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most of the Shoppers are Friendly and Pleasant, but the ones like I mentioned make you want to say “F YOU!” (and more) so bad, and are enough to make you want to just drop everything, walk out and never go back. I’ve worked at MANY places throughout my Life— some of which did include dealing with the Public— But the Grocery Business is definitely the worst. If it wasn’t for the Pay, good Benefits, Pension, and the Hours and Shift I work suiting me well (not to mention that I’m older now and would have to go out and start all over, with no Benefits, work my way up, etc) I wouldn’t think twice about leaving. Between putting-up with the Customers and usually busting my ass, it’s not the easy Job it looks to be. I’m a good Checker/Cashier, fast “Scanner”, and I take pains to treat people’s Food with care and proper Bagging, but Oh I DO make sure I get my “Revenge” every now and then on the ignorant smart-asses, as well as on the arrogant “lazy” ones who just STAND there and Stare into SPACE and hold-up the entire Line and won’t lift a FINGER while their ton of Groceries are piling-up and rolling-off the end of the Belt (I mean these Jerks will actually bend-down and pick-up something that dropped and put it BACK on the PILE, rather than at least start putting some things in a Bag… No Courtesy to the others waiting whatsoever)— Let’s just say I know they’re Cussing me out when they get Home and see how THEIR stuff is Bagged… if you know what I mean! (My Bad… LOL!).

    (I’m here on the East Coast… “Tri-State” area (PA/DE/MD) Come On Down!! 🙂

  26. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ Want to write on your Comments too, but the BIRDS are up and Singing! Gotta get some Sleep! Be back soon!…..

  27. zelda Says:

    So I am on the West coast and you are on the East coast,,where are you Sandy??? Kind of interesting that we all share the same points of view pretty much. Small world and getting smaller for sure.
    It’s also interesting how we in the States are being scripted to meet the one percenters agenda.That is to divide us and keep us in the dark about what is really going on.Not paranoia just facts.
    Their mantra: Kill the poor, sick and elderly as fast as they can. Pit race against race and yoke the rest into slavery and fill their coffers.Deregulate everything to they can push their agendas..Break down the presidency and all sanctions and get the senate and congress to fall into step like nazi storm troopers.
    There ya go……..
    thanks ..I needed that. I have to shake it off and try to move on.Gotta go to my grandson’s thirteenth b”day party later today Painted him a dragon….hahahaha,
    Yak later…………

  28. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ Being the Owner of your own Store makes the difference— You could be “firm”, and yours was the last Word… Nobody else for your Customers to go “over your Head” and Complain-to and Lie-to about you or the problem and end-up getting their way with. I’m a “little Gal” also (5’2″/110 Lbs) and although I don’t have any trouble standing my ground against any Crap I’m given from anybody, at Work or otherwise, it’s of little help when people like that know they CAN go over your Head to get what they want. Then they waltz-away High-and-Mighty, Gloating in their Spitefulness, and sure that the Boss is going to ream your ass out. UGH! I can’t STAND people like that.

    Love your “Hamburger” Story! Something I would do too, in the same way. Knowing how to recognize the different types of people and situations that either call for Kindness and Subtleness, or flat-out Blunt Remarks (like Sandy’s Drug Store Story) to make a Point, or point one out, is a Quality many people are lacking-in or Confuse these days. Speaking for us, while we’re not the type of Individuals who can overlook ANYthing “Wrong” without having something to Say, we at least possess that Capability and can be just as Effective. I’m sure the “Hamburger Girl” appreciated your Sensitivity, while also getting a little Lesson in “correct Spelling” which, with you to Thank, she most-likely was Careful to be more Conscious about from that point on. You “left your Mark”, and in a Positive way.

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the things you said just above. I could spend SO much Time picking it all apart with you, and never get done adding to it. The more we see and hear and know, what’s going on and where things are headed ain’t hard to figure out. It all leaves me with a sense of being held in Captivity… Kept at Bay, in a huge Hole, down below… At the Mercy of our Captors who are steadily throwing-down Poisoned Food, while they look down, feasting on the good stuff, and, every-so-often, telling us we’re going to get out.

    I do hope you’re feeling better, and that you had a wonderful time at your Grandson’s Party. What a great Gift you presented him to treasure forever, and what a neat Grandmother he has in you!

  29. Honeydog Says:

    “Can I park my Bike in your Crack”…. OMG, that’s a RIOT, Sandy!!

    Speaking of that subject, don’t know if you’ve heard of Wildwood, New Jersey, but it’s a very famous and popular Beach Resort here on the East Coast, and, just recently they passed a Law there prohibiting the wearing of Pants/Shorts that way on the Boardwalk, with Offenders getting Fined up to $200. It’s about time this Issue is cracked (no Pun intended!) down on, and I really hope it’s the beginning of a Law that starts to spread everywhere else in Public. Why bother putting the Pants on at all! Makes me Sick!!!

  30. One Op Says:

    HI! Can I park my bike in your cracks?? lol just long enough to say Hi to everyone? I promise I will not burn rubber when I did out!
    (Shame on me!)

  31. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m in Ohio a little place called Mentor on the Lake- My lil house was built I believe to be a summer cottage…I am about a 1/4 of a mile from Lake Erie.. (if that)
    You are an awesome lady Z for taking that girl aside & NOT belittling her in front of others….

  32. zelda Says:

    baaaaaaad girl OneOp………… ping ping,,lol

  33. zelda Says:

    Hopefully Sandy, the fad will die out before we do.heh heh

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    No kidding Z

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