Jodi Arias: Deal to Avoid Death?

It appears that Jodi Arias may take a plea deal to avoid the death penalty rather than appeal her murder conviction.

Arias was convicted last month of murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, back in 2007 with a mixture of stab wounds, a slashed throat and gunshot to the head.

From ABC News:

Hours before the movie “Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret” played on the Lifetime channel, Arias tweeted on Saturday, “Just don’t know yet if I will plea or appeal.”

It was one of two tweets sent out on her behalf by friends who maintain a twitter account for the convicted murderer.

“Let’s clear up any confusion. Anyone asking 4 donation$ right now on my behalf 4 my appeals is not legit,” she wrote in one tweet.

It was quickly followed by another stating, “I’m not currently accepting donations 4 appeals. Just don’t know yet if I will plea or appeal.”

Arias, 32, is apparently referring to a possible deal in which she would accept a life prison term instead of the death penalty in exchange for promising not to appeal her conviction.

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41 Comments on “Jodi Arias: Deal to Avoid Death?”

  1. sandy1961 Says:

    Yay-a new post-Thanks John…
    I thought I had heard something about this BUT i wasn’t really getting the FULL story…OR maybe I didn’t want the drama the QUEEN is shedding right now…

  2. zelda Says:

    Great!!!! A new post,thank you John!Thank you Honeydog if you contacted him,. hip hip hooooray.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, JOHN… The new Posts are much appreciated 🙂

  4. Honeydog Says:

    You’re Welcome, Zelda. I did E-Mail John, as I said I would, and, although he wrote back and said the problem was “something on your end”, and then even wrote a Comment on the “Mistrial” Page that your Comments weren’t “Blacked-out” to him, I just didn’t get back to tell you fast enough before whatever it was that was wrong obviously fixed itself. Anyway, Glad you’re back in Business!

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t know how much Stock I’d put into this Rumour about a “Plea Deal”… I watch HLN every night, it’s only ever been mentioned once, no confirmed reports that it’s true, and it’s coming from people who could say ANYthing and no one would ever know whether it actually came from her. The last I heard was that the State Attorney’s Office was not taking the Death Penalty off the table, and that the Alexander Family wants to go through with a new Jury for the Penalty Phase. According to a close Family Friend, “They want her Dead” (don’t we all). BUT— Who the heck knows what’s quietly going on “in the Camp” while we sit and wait until July 18th when the Judge is supposed to Rule on The Defense’s Motion to delay it until the beginning of next year. I can’t see Mr. Martinez “backing-down”, and the ONLY way The Alexanders will be satisfied is if there’s no possible way she’ll ever be “heard from” to keep “haunting” them the rest of their Lives— And not even Life without the possibility of Parole guarantees that. They know, as well as we do, that Jodi Arias will NEVER keep Quiet as long as she’s Alive. I know if I were them, I’d definitely push for that one last shot with a new Jury, and if the Outcome they’re Hoping-for fails, they’ll at least have the satisfaction of knowing they did everything there was to do… Otherwise, they’ll never know how it “might have” turned-out. Guess we’ll see what happens next month… Never say “Never” on thinking we can’t be “Surprised”— Especially in THIS Case.

  6. zelda Says:

    I agree that is what I would do also……..Maybe the new jury will agree on the death penalty. It was such an obviously brutal murder,,,,,,,,and she has no remorse at all……she is a real nut.
    I keep thinking of The Alexander family…..damn……….

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t trust her one bit… Once she would take that Life Term in exchange for the Death Penalty, you can Bet your Life she’d start working on finding ways to break that “Promise” not to Appeal, to get it Overturned somehow. If this “Plea Deal” thing IS true, I think that’s exactly how she’s thinking. Her Wheels are constantly spinning… No way she would just quietly and contently lay back and accept staying in Prison for the rest of her Life. What’s worse, she’d probably find one or more Lawyers willing to take-on the Process, and, even if nothing ever came of it, she’d still be out there in the News, continuing to emotionally-Terrorize Travis’s Family and drive the Stake even deeper through what’s left of their shattered Hearts. The only “Deal” SHE should get is being able to pick that “Last Meal”.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Anyone following the George Zimmerman Trial?

  9. zelda Says:

    My gut gets twisted in a weird way when I read about the zimmerman case. My reserve is low and this one just makes me sick……..AGAIN> I feel he just wanted to kill someone,,,,,,,,,,he is another who should fry in my opinion.
    If he gets life or the death penalty , I can’t help but go back to the anthony fiasco and then to this arias thing.I see glaring inconsistencies in the law,,,,,,,,,,pretty white young girls?Shit I don’t know it’s all nuts.

  10. One Op Says:

    A White/Hispanic can go after a young black teen to kill, calling him an “asshole and fu–ing coon” (they changed it to punk) and according to defense that is an ok thing to do! Yet, if a young black teen refers to a White or Hispanic as “A White Cracker” that is just a terrible thing to do, according to the defense of Robert Zimmerman.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    I’ve only caught a little bit here and there each day of the “live” Trial since it started, but watch the “Re-Caps” at Night on HLN. I’ve always believed that Zimmerman thought he was some kind of “Wyatt Earp”, and certainly Predjudice. He had it in for Trayvon Martin the minute he layed Eyes on him… But, oh yeah, they’re “turning everything around” alright, as usual— Making the “Victim” out to be the “Bad Guy”. I have no doubt that Trayvon Martin was beating the shit out of him before Zimmerman shot him, and I ALSO have no doubt that George Zimmerman deliberately LEFT OUT the reason WHY in his “Story” to the Police AND how it’s being presented in Court. He was “Packin a Gun” and he was Itchin to use it. Zimmerman did everything WRONG from the GET-GO— “Judging” Martin (“He’s on Drugs or somethin” (and) “He’s up to no good”)… “Disobeying” when he was told not to follow Trayvon… Chasing him down… Not “Identifying” himself to Trayvon as she should have… and PROBably giving Trayvon no choice but to “Fight”— And then of course, he gets the perfect chance to use the “Authority” he “thinks” he has, to kill him. When the Police called his Wife, he told them to say, “Just tell her I Shot somebody”, as though he was “Bragging” about it. Yeah, Right— It’s Okay for HIM to do all that— beSIDES referring to Trayvon as an “Asshole” and a “Coon”— but how DARE Trayvon do anything-to or call HIM a Name. If Zimmerman hadn’t been so “Gun-Ho”, over-stepped Boundaries, and crossed the line in his little “Neighborhood Watch”, that Boy wouldn’t be dead. To me, it’s as simple at that. I really hope this Jury isn’t Stupid.

  12. zelda Says:

    That is the bottom line…………the jury.
    zimmerman,hernandez,arias,marathon bomber,anthony,that shit head in Peru……just dump em in a hole and cover it up.
    snowden is such a flake as well. Are people really that unaware that EVERY country spies on everyone else????There are no good guys or bad guys,there are just GUYS.he has put many lives in peril.Man o man………..

  13. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, Zelda… It IS unbelievable how Stupid and “Unaware” some people are… about ALOT of things that go on.

    “Dump ’em in a Hole and Cover ’em up”… Sounds like the Practical Solution to Me.

  14. zelda Says:

    I am at the “cut to the chase” stage of life.No time (literally) for all the stories and bullet dodging crap.If all the bullshit retoric made things better i’d say go for it……….but you know that isn”t happening.I think that the jury is the total key to all of this legal beagle drama that gets the likes of anthony and/or arias off in goofy side bar crap. Who is a “jury”? THE People! So people have to step up to the plate and secure justice into our ambiguous watered down laws in my view.Logic might be a start?

  15. Honeydog Says:

    It just so happened that I saw a fair amount of the GZ Trial today, and, for a while, felt a little better over what I heard. The Lead Detective who conducted Zimmerman’s Interrogation was on the Stand, and they played and showed it in its entirety for the Jury. I can’t tell you how many different things and how many times they referred-to them during that Interrogation, that they (the Lead Detective and another Officer) deemed as wrong or uncalled-for with regard to GZ’s actions and handling of the situation, as he answered their Questions. At one point in the Videotape, when Zimmerman was trying to tell them that he wasn’t “following” Trayvon, they bluntly told him that his actions indicate he WAS, and, the best part of all of it— “If you had stayed in your Car and listened to the 911 Operator, we probably wouldn’t be here right now”. It was all so Telling of his “Wanna-be Cop” Personna— Even going as far as repeatedly calling Trayvon “The Suspect”. Naturally, The Defense fired their Bullets at the Lead Detective after the playing of the Interrogation was over, and, even with the Tape being as good as it was for The Prosecution (and I would think, convincing to the Jury) they managed to wound him some, just like they did the rest of The Prosecution’s Witnesses so far. From what I’ve seen of the Trial, the Attorneys for BOTH sides are real good— but, as they go back-and-forth on Direct and Cross-Examination, GZ’s Lawyers are consistently making The State’s “Star Witnesses” shine for them. “Feeling a little better” was nice while it lasted……

  16. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh, and, Right On, Zelda…)

  17. sandy1961 Says:

    From what I have heard so far is this is gonna be a fight from BOTH sides…
    Seems like that woman that was talking to Trayvon while this was going on is kind of a LOON!!!

  18. Honeydog Says:

    It’s still The Prosecution’s Case going-on right now, and I believe they’ve called over 20-some Witnesses so far. The girl you’re talking about was the first one on the Stand, and I actually saw her Testify. She was only 17 at the time of the Incident (2 years ago), comes from a Poor and not well-educated Cultural Environment, was extremely Nervous and Reluctant to be placed in the position she was in, and The Defense took every Advantage of it. It wasn’t so much that she was actually “Looney” (although she “came accross” that way), but rather just not “Smart”, and lacking in Thought-processing and Verbal Communication Skills. I felt Sorry for her, as did all the Lawyers and Guests on the HLN Shows I regularly watch— I mean, this young Girl was on the Phone with her “Friend” minutes before he was killed, was the last person to talk to him, it “did something to her”, and, for the past 2 years, has been through an Experience, with all kinds of people “at her”, which was the likes of nothing she had ever seen or heard. Anyway, like I said, The Defense “creamed” her. For the most part, The Defense has been creaming ALL The State’s Witnesses— Although The State did pick-up a little Steam over the past couple days. There’s a “Theory” going around about why, especially, the Lead Detective and other Law Enforcement Witnesses for The Prosecution are ending-up “holding the Hands” of “both sides”…. After Trayvon Martin was killed, we all remember the huge “Protest” in that Florida-based Community, resulting from the Public Announcement made by one of its governing Politicians that, after Law Enforcement had conducted and completed their Investigation, they found “No Evidence” that George Zimmerman had not told the Truth, and, because of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law, he had “committed no Crime”. We also remember that the Chief of Police “Resigned” not long after that Announcement to the Public. The “Theory”, is that the Police Department who handled this Case and “backed-up” that Public Announcement based on their Investigation, did not believe there were any grounds for a Trial, but, because of the on-going Public “Pressure” and the Resignation of their Chief who did feel the need to “satisfy” the Citizens, these Law Enforcement Witnesses for The State figured, Okay, if you want a Trial, we’ll go, and we’ll just simply tell you what we did and what we found and what we think, when The State “pushed” for it. Hence, on the Stand, that’s all they’re doing— Therefore making it easy for The Defense to score equal points from them. Like I mentioned, The Prosecution has managed to pull-up from behind with a few recent Testimonies, have sited various “Inconsistencies” in GZ’s Story, and is currently pushing for the Judge to allow his “turned-down” Applications to become a Police Officer or a “Ride-Along”, into Evidence, to further support their Case of his “Wanna-be Cop” actions. Yeah— It is a “Fight from both sides”. They’re all good Lawyers— Both sides, themselves, actually making Sense and credible Doubt/No Doubt…. It’s the Witnesses so far, for The State, who have just not lent them the “POW” they need. They say the up-coming “Autopsy Report” and Testimony should be interesting in proving many significant things for one or the other side. This Trial will, no doubt, continue to be a “Roller Coaster ride”, like we’ve seen so many times before.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    (Zelda~ I’m wondering if you read my last Comment on the “Father’s Day Fun” Post, specifically any interest in the “WordPress” thing)

  20. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for the info…. I have NOT been following lately,SO much has been going on & haven’t seen much…
    I did catch the sarcasm in that womans voice EVERYTIME she said (SIR) OR telling the lawyer THAT”S RETARDED SIR

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Okay Sandy, give it up… What’s the SO much that’s been goin on lately???!!! Good things? Bad Things? I don’t care… I could use the Distraction! LOL!

  22. zelda Says:

    Honeydog.. I don’t know why the posts go black on that one page……….your avatars are there but that is it. Yes you might mention it to John so he can contact word press??? Frustrating. I believe it’s the 24th and your comment that is the last one I am able to read.. Thank you!

  23. zelda Says:

    My studio is smack dab in the middle of town in an old building that has ten studios(about) up on the second floor so I have quite a perch to see the various goings on when there is a holiday etc. Today of course being the 4th, there is a parade!!! I used to go down to the street and join in but now I am content to look out the arthritis and other joyful conditions keep me crippling about these days I am afraid.AND I really don’t give hoot about parades and all of that any more.It hit me that this is “Independence Day” and I actually laughed out loud….. this country is in the toilet.Know anything about the Koch brothers(pronounced coke)? Who needs terrorists with these guys around. I don’t know where any of you stand in the political party realm so I don’t want to step on any toes,,,,,,BUT these guys have literally bought the country state by state and are tearing down any and every governing ideas and replacing them with what call the “let them eat cake” rules.The end results are flooding their bank accounts with literally trillions of dollars.They are real assholes and could care less if we poor people all drop dead,,,,,,,,,,,,in fact that is what they are orchestrating.They have been at it for years and years.Check these guys out………….there is a documentary called “PARK AVENUE” that is a sobering must see.Infuckingcredible.
    WEll…..the parade is almost over out there and I need a cup of tea….By the way .any ideas on how to lose weight quickly for a slow metabolism person like myself???? hahahaooooooooo.
    Hope you all had fun today………..

  24. Honeydog Says:

    I wrote to John again last night and provided the additional Info you gave (Avatars are there/”WordPress” problem). He replied that he has no Clue why the Comments are Blacked-out, doesn’t know about Web Design, didn’t mention anything about contacting WordPress, and just suggests we don’t use that Page. (I don’t know but, unless you want to go to “” and see what you can find-out, out of curiousity, that’s probably the best idea).

  25. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydog,,,,,I opt to not go to that page, Easier,,,,,,,,,thank you so much for contacting John.
    I am beat,,,,,,,,,art walk……..ooooooo.The last people just left and it’s just One a.m.Yikes, No sales here,,,,,maybe something will sell at the other two places.
    Yak more later,tomorrow (today now) I have to pick up all my art,,,,,,,,

  26. Honeydog Says:

    About your Studio, it’s funny how we “envision” certain things before we know or actually see them. I had this whole other picture in my Mind— Your “Studio” was the entire open floor of a large Attic within a quaint large Cottage-type House which was secluded high up on a Hill and surrounded by climbing Vines and Flowers and little Paths— You know, the whole charming and rustic thing with little Windows and Shutters you could open to look out over the Landscape down below, and Dream and be Inspired. I tend to forget the “times” we’re in with Buildings and Offices for such things, that you’re not a “Recluse” with a big-brimmed Straw Hat painting in the overgrown Garden for yourself, and that your Work is a “Business” and well-known. Isn’t that funny though??!! Shows you what a “Dreamer” I am sometimes myself. But hey, nothing wrong with the “Perch” you have… Sounds like quite a View and an interesting one at that, especially, like you said, at Holidays and when other events go on.

    I think I’ve heard the name “Koch Brothers”, but don’t remember in what context. I’m very interested in checking-out that Documentary, given that I’m on the same “Page” as you with regard to what we think of the things going on in this Country. I’m pretty sure I mentioned at some point that I correspond with my State Governor, Senator and Representatives on various Issues (we’re talking the current Immigration Bill right now) and, if this “Park Avenue” thing is anything like I’m thinking, you can Bet I’ll have some more Choice Words in a future E-Mail. Besides being an Animal Rights & Welfare Advocate/Activist, I do my best to voice my Opinion as a United States Citizen with Concerns and Rights and Disagreements. Even if nothing comes of it when it’s taken to Washington, they’re gonna at least Hear me.

    Wish I had “THE” Answer for you on losing Weight. Everyone is so different. For me, it was simply cutting WAY down on Sugar, eating more Fruit and Salads and Whole Grains. Lost 20 Pounds. But then, I also move at “Warp Speed” every minute of every Day and have a high Stress-level, which I’m sure enchanced it. Whatever you do, PLEASE don’t resort to Diet Pills… Bad Bad BAD stuff. “Metabolism” does have alot to do with it, and your best bet is probably to get a Diet Plan, designed specifically for your particular situation, from a Doctor— Just When and What to Eat. Of course, not that you would have to, but adding any form of little Exercise you are able to do, even when just sitting in a Chair, helps to burn Fat (Stretching, swinging your Feet, etc). Another thing you could do is go on “” and type-in your Question (For example: “What can I do to lose Weight quickly but safely and naturally when I have a slow Metabolism?”)… It will give you LOTS of good and trustworthy Information and Suggestions. Other than dangerous Diet Pills and very expensive/Time-consuming Weight-loss resources (“Weight Watchers”, Gyms, etc), these are the only two suggestions I myself can think of for you, based on what I know about you. I hope it Helped.

  27. Honeydog Says:

    SANDY and ONEOP… From now on (or until we get a new Post) let’s put our Comments only on this Page and the “Father’s Day Fun” Page, since some of our Comments are mysteriously “Blacked-out” on the Page “Mistrial Declared In Jodi Arias Case” and Zelda can’t see them… Okee-Dokee?? (Lucky for us she’ll never see the stuff we wrote about her!) AAHHHHHH HAAHHH HAAAAHH!!!!!! (You KNOW I’m KIDDING
    Zelda!! LOL!)

  28. zelda Says:


  29. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I’d just avoid leaving comments on the other post if they are blacked out. Not sure why they appear that way.

  30. sandy1961 Says:

    Just meant got alot of cleaning & dogs getting to know each other
    That’s all…
    Had you on my mind ALL weekend Hdog……
    Hoping you & your family fended off the day the best you could..

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Oh, OH-kay. A new “Pup” in the House???

    I don’t think you read it, but, on July 4th, on the “Mistrial” Post, I wrote how I was feeling, in reply to your last Comment on that Page. I Thanked You then… and I Thank You again now. In short, that Day was like those people who have Loved-ones who died on Christmas… or buried on their Birthday— That Holiday or Birthday is just never going to feel quite so “Merry” or “Happy” again… You know, when it’s a special Day or Occassion, it makes the Memory all that much harder to get away from being reminded-of. I’m Fine now, and you’re a Sweetheart to have kept me in your Thoughts. I hope YOU had some Fun!

  32. sandy1961 Says:

    No not a new pup..Barbs (roommate) dads… We have inherited him & they need to get to know each other so they can live together
    I know what you mean about things NEVER being the same.. My father passed 2 days before my birthday & we buried him the day after my birthday & 5 days beforew his B-day…

  33. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, I remember. Being reminded of my Brother’s Birthday on such a big Holiday is bad enough, but I think it pales in comparison to your situation, where your Loss was at your own Birthday. That’s a hard one. In both ways, we can each relate to the “Damper” we’ll always feel on those Days.

    Good Luck with the Dogs! Been there/Done that… Not an easy job for them AND you. Ya have to feel Sorry for them when they don’t understand what’s going on. Hopefully they’ll settle-down and settle-in good.

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    I find NO comparison to a family members death… NO matter what it SUCKS!!!! For me the month of Dec. is not a happy time anymore I lost my dad in 2003 & to this day it seems just so recent…
    As for the dogs things aren’t bad… Caught them giving each other kisses last nite,although they would beg to differ… Stayed over at the other house last nite & when I got up to leave I came outta the backroom & found my couch had been taken over 1 dog on each end looking at me like “WHAT”…. so this is a really good sign… The 1st couple of days we gave Timmy (adopted pup) doggy downers with everything going on wasn’t sure how he would react… (given by vet) plus the fireworks… BUT things are going not bad so far….
    I really DO feel sorry for him.. His world has been turned upside down & you can see it in his eyes…. He was clingy to his dad before BUT now he is always under your feet

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, that IS a good sign. Some years ago I brought home and kept a “Stray” we had found wandering in a Shopping Center Parking Lot after unsuccessfully trying to find her Owner, and our other Dog never did end-up “taking to her”, and it was obvious that his once happy Disposition remained affected by her presence. He was never “mean” to her… He just “tolerated” their Co-existence and remained to the end simply keeping his distance. The Stray wasn’t bothered by ANYthing—Didn’t even care that he rejected her… She was perfectly content just to have Food and a loving Home. It was funny when she was curious about where he was or what he was doing… He would just non-challantly “mosey-away” when she got near. I have only a couple Pictures of both of them laying together on the Sofa— and I was the one who PUT them there and told them to “Stay” while I took the Pictures! “Mystery” (the Stray) was all “upright” and unphased with it, while the look on my “Sundance” was as though he was being Punnished! I often felt badly for him— He was used to being the only Dog for a number of years— I knew he didn’t like the situation, and sometimes thought it was unfair to him to keep the Stray… But, being an Animal Rights & Welfare Advocate/Activist, and knowing the Confusion, Depression and Trauma they go through when their Lives are mixed-up and they’re shifted from Home to Home, I didn’t want to put the Stray through any more than she had probably already endured. I never changed the amount of Attention and Affection I had always given to “Sundance” before “Mystery” came along, and I knew that this was at least more than enough to help him deal with it. Funny thing… After we later had to put “Mystery” down, I would often go where “Sundance” was laying and say, “Where’s Mystery???”… and he would immediately perk-up, Eyes wide, Ears up, and get up and run through the House looking for her. Animals are truly funny….

    Yes, it’s the Confusion and the feeling of “Abandonment” that makes them not want to be alone and keeps them “under your Feet”. It’ll just take Time….

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    See I knew I liked you without ever seeing OR meeting you….
    That is exactly what is going on here… BUT things are looking up..Day by day,minute by minute they are getting better BUT as you say our attention to J has not & will not change he is used to being the only MAN around BUT Timmy is used to having another pup around so it is 2 different worlds for them…Plus J has been put in a whole new environment & has SO MANY new things to explore
    & a much BIGGER house to get lost in… I think he secretly loves it

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    Anybody hear the judge & attorney for Zimmerman exchange words yesterday???? Had me crackin-up

  38. Honeydog Says:

    Unlike my two, sounds like your Doggies could end-up being good Friends. I always wondered though, how mine acted when they were at Home alone— Like whether my “Sundance” secretly “palled-around” with “Mystery” when no one was looking, and just “put-on an act” of not liking her when we were, because he wanted me to THINK he didn’t. When I would come in the Door, they’d both be happily waiting there, but “Sundance” with a look on his Face like he was “hiding” something, and I would say, “Have you two been Partying??!! Honestly, he was “clever” like that… an extremely smart Dog… If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have put it past him to try to fool me. Like I mentioned, he certainly acted like he “missed” her when she was gone. They have such “Human-like” qualities.

    Oh yeah, I saw Judge Nelson and Don West (The Defense) go at it!… and, actually, that wasn’t the FIRST time during this Trial. That guy doesn’t know when to shut-up… I almost thought the Judge was going to kick him out of the Courtroom. I haven’t been watching this Trial “second-to-second”, like I did with Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, but fairly-thoroughly. As I wrote on the other Post, it’s been another one for the Books… Can’t get over the “shit” that goes on.

  39. sandy1961 Says:

    I know what you mean by them doing things in SECRET…. I don’t think they KNEW we were watching when they kissed… J gets his GROWL on & Timmy backs up,BUT J’s tail is wagging & I think he WANTS to be friends BUT not sure how to go about it…
    As for the trial I’m only seeing the highlights on the news…
    Have a great weekend ALL

  40. Honeydog Says:

    Yep, seen that very same Behavior go on. They’re funny to watch sometimes as they’re attempting to figure each other out and establish whatever Relationship they’re going to have. Well, you’ve got your Household “Entertainment” built right in, that’s for sure! I miss having Dogs… Can’t wait to be able to get another. Good Luck, and Enjoy!

  41. sandy1961 Says:

    Definately built in ent..
    Dogs definately can give you a calming effect (SOMETIMES)

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