Mistrial Declared in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase

The judge in the Jodi Arias murder trial has declared a mistrial in the penalty phase after the jury reported for a second time that it was deadlocked on whether to sentence Arias to life in prison or death for killing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, back in 2008.

From The Huffington Post:

The “non-unanimous agreement” verdict was reached in a Phoenix courtroom by the same jury of eight men and four women that convicted Arias earlier this month of first-degree murder. The jury deliberated for more than 13 hours after a three-day penalty phase.

Under Arizona law, a new jury will be selected — reportedly on July 18 — to decide Arias’ punishment. If the second panel can’t make a decision, the judge will have to decide whether to put her in prison for life or make her eligible for parole in 25 years.


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156 Comments on “Mistrial Declared in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase”

  1. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for the new post John. We’ve been looking for a new page to fill..
    Can you guys believe this????? Well I guess we don’t need to look for a new trial to rag on… Here we go again!!!! July will start the new proceedings

  2. Honeydog Says:

    So much for those “Vibes” working, huh……
    I was off from Work today and began watching the coverage early, while still in the “Verdict Watch” stage, through to the last Talk Show I tune-into for the night. Why I wasn’t Disgusted and Angry after hearing those final words in the Courtroom after putting so much Stock in that Jury, I’m sure I can’t explain, and the “Shock” only lasted a short while, to my surprise. Maybe it was that feeling of “Well, nothing you can do”, or the Glimmer of Hope which still remains in knowing there’s a “Second Chance” with the Eyes and Ears— and hopefully, Courage— of a new Jury in July. I know all I am sure of is that, I was, and still am, just left feeling very Disappointed, very Sorry for Mr. Martinez, and with having great Sympathy for The Alexander Family…. And I want to remain Positive, despite this “Setback”, that Justice will eventually prevail and they get some form of Satisfaction and Closure, whatever that “Justice” may ultimately end-up being.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Just now saw the exclusive first Interview with one of the Jurors— Actually, the Jury Foreman. He said they actually all “had difficulty” from the first time they got together back in the “Guilt Phase”, and that there was a “Significant Split” in this one. Among other Statements he made, one which will no doubt cause some “Flack” is that— although “The Prosecution was Convincing”, Jodi’s 18 days on the Stand “did her no good”, and they “felt terrible for the Victim’s Family”— they were “Emotionally Torn from the first moment this Young Girl walked into the Courtroom”. SO…. It came down to the “Young Girl” thing, huh???. Despite what I just wrote on that other Post, NOW, I’m Disgusted and Angry.

  4. sandy1961 Says:

    Justice WILL prevail Honeydog,it’s just gonna be a little longer…
    I think the ONLY good thing was watching N.G.’s face & hearing her be such an Asshole!!!!
    Boy I’ll tell ya I used to like her & she has become such a BITCH…
    You can even see a few of her regular guests look at her at times with disgust.

  5. zelda Says:

    Yes….pretty much if not exactly, the “pretty young girl thing”seems to prevail.Which is what arias said from day one…….creepy and very disappointing. It is an outrage really………Remember.there were eight men on that jury.I don’t care if it sounds sexist.It is, let’s face it.
    Let’s hope the prosecution picks more women for the next go -round.The Alexander family can decide what they want to do.meaning if they can hold up for another jury process. They MUST>..I feel so badly for them.Must be hell.
    I don’t want to see jurors on tv after the fact……seems everyone wants good ratings..

  6. zelda Says:

    Nancy says it like it is………I would be a basket case too if I had her job.Plus she being a lawyer sees the mockery and stupidity of the law as well as the freaky perp. No excuses for her…….just sayin. I don’t watch tv per say so I don’t watch her,,just clips on the news on my pc.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Nancy is the only one I “skip” of the Shows on HLN. Gave her up a long time ago. All the others are pretty good… Their Reporters and Panels and Guests are more likeable and professional and interesting, the Coverage is very thorough and informative, and the Discussions are great. I don’t understand how Nancy even gets a Panel to come on her Show, or why they would even want to— All she does is put them down, cut them off, and talk over them… Too Disrespectful, Chaotic and Annoying for me.

    Forgot to include this with the Info about the Jury Foreman’s statement— He also said that he himself “Believed she was Mentally and Emotionally Abused” (by Travis, and referenced the Phone Calls and Text Messages) but that he “DIDN’T believe it was Self-Defense”. Hmmmmmm…. Interesting.

    We also know now, that the “Significant Split” was 8 to 4 in Favor of Death (No reports on Gender). VERY Interesting. Close but No Cigar, and too damn bad, but it DOES say something.

    I don’t know if any of the other Jurors will end-up “talking”, and I don’t care one way or the other, but it’s interesting to know what they thought.

    I agree with you, Zelda… It’s not RIGHT to let “Age” and/or “Gender” and/or “Appearance” or “Beauty” to factor into ANY Jury’s decision, in ANY case, under ANY circumstances. It’s the CRIME which should dominate EVERYthing. Basically, these Jurors wasted everyone’s time— including their own— when they knew from the Get-Go that she was a 27-year-old White Female. What WERE they??… A bunch of “Old FARTS” with nothing better to DO??? I too am disgusted that Society places their “Hearts” above their “Heads” when it comes to “separating” a “Young, good-looking” Defendant from the Matter-at-hand. In this case, a Bloody, Heinous (sp?) Intentional Slaughter of another Human Being— and a Murderer is a Murderer. It’s the same with the “Rich” or “Famous” etc— Points that should be completely Disregarded, but never are. “Conscience” gets in the way and it’s that which prevails— Not the “Duty”, and ultimately not the deserved Result. This form of “Sympathy”-for and “Attachment”-to certain “Looks” and Groups really needs to change— Otherwise, is it really “True” and “Impartial” Justice in the end?……

  8. Honeydog Says:

    How’s your Throat, Sandy? Feeling better, I hope.

  9. zelda Says:

    Honeydog, on the Nancy Grace thing………don’t watch her but have seen her.She can be very aggravating for sure.I don’t watch any of them much, No TV ya know so I see bits on my PC as I keep saying,,,
    Hopefully this next jury will do better.
    I wonder if the Alexanders will be able to go through it again. Poor dang people.Geeze………
    We will see what the next step will be soon I hope.man o man.
    Yes hi Sandy,,,,,,how are you doing????? Sending you hugs.
    Hi OneOp….miss you.

  10. One Op Says:

    Oops! I left my comment on the previous post. Oh hoot! I am running low on concentration right now. lol

  11. Honeydog Says:

    (Just realized I made a mistake in the last line of that long Comment above…. I meant to say “FAIR” (not “True”) and Impartial, and it should have been “JUDGEMENT”, not “Justice”).
    Oh well, the Jurors didn’t abide by it anyway. Maybe they should just “omit” that Question to potential Jurors during Selection, huh?, since, apparently in this Case (and so often in others) when it comes to “Young and Pretty” or those of certain “Status”, complying with “Fair” and “Impartial” isn’t Do-able.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ From what we’re hearing in TV Interviews with close Friends of The Alexanders, the Family does want— at least in their current state of Mind— to go for it a second time. Naturally, as things “calm-down” a bit, they could end-up feeling differently, but ultimately it’s THEIR Decision— not The State’s, not the Court— whether or not it happens. Although the Experts don’t believe that Mr. Martinez would even CONSIDER this Action, he could, if the Family agrees, also just take the Death Penalty off the Table and offer a “Plea Deal”— Life without Parole, in exchange for Jodi giving-up all future Rights to Appeal— to avoid the Penalty Phase Do-over… But again, Travis’s Family has the final word with regard to any and all Options. There’s also talk about a “Change of Venue” and the possibility of one or both Defense Attorneys being replaced if the Do-over does take place. A “Status Hearing” is scheduled next month with all parties, and I assume we’ll all know then the direction things will go. Yeah, you have to deeply “Feel” for The Alexanders— As we casually sit here and Chat, and complain about our Aches and Pains or the Weather or our Jobs or how much we have to do, and even have our Fun in daily Life— It really makes you Think, and we can’t begin to identify with such long-term Emotional Anguish.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, not to worry… Trust us, we’ll find your Comments no matter WHERE you leave them! Keep ’em coming!

  14. sandy1961 Says:

    Hi guys
    Thanks 4 asking.Things have been back & forth with my throat lately..But right now it’s on the backburner.My roommates father passed away unexpectadly on Friday & that is our main concern right now. He treated me just like a daughter & I can’t thank him enough 4 that..
    As for the jury…What the HELL????
    Hope the next ones get it..

  15. zelda Says:

    We have to keep focused on the butchered body of Travis…….not on poor Jodi………the jury didn’t do that. If it was a male of another color or race or white for that matter, they would have hung him themselves I’ll bet.What a bunch of shit.I am sorely disappointed yet again.
    I was trying to put myself in the Alexander family’s prospective (how the hell can a guy come close there???),and I would frankly want her dead.AND I did not look at the bloody horrific photos of Travis.They did ya know. What hell they are going through……just terrible. Those photos will stay in their minds forever along with every other mind bender of this case……….damn.I tell you that bitch needs to die……….I am not a dyed in the wool advocate of the death penalty by the way………but in this case that crazy witch should not be able to ENJOY life in ANY form AT ALL.In essence she killed his whole family and many others that knew him. I don’t give a shit about her mother or family being hurt if she is put to death,,,,,,,are you KIDDING me? Uh no. For some reason I have little compassion for her family,,,,,,some on a rational level.but not much.I guess it’s because if I was the mother of a gal like this I would probably not even be at the trial………I won’t expound on this right now,maybe later.No one is more maternal and loving than I am yet sometimes that love for a child has to stay strong and not waver in another way.Know what I mean ???
    Well…….I just hope the next jury gets it right and ends some of the grief the Alexanders are going through…..if there is a place for mercy in this scenario it certainly should be for them wouldn’t you say?

  16. One Op Says:

    Zelda, I say!

  17. Honeydog Says:

    So sorry for your Roommate’s loss, Sandy, and that of your own. Remembering your Roommate’s Brother’s Surgery, then your Roommate’s, then yours, and now this, you guys have sure had a string of unfortunate things to deal and cope with. I don’t know what to say, other than, again, my sincere Sympathies to you both, and, well, just hang in there. HUGS….

  18. Honeydog Says:

    ZELda… On a ROLL there… and agreeing with you on all of it!
    No doubt the Jurors are now tuning-in to the on-going Media/Internet coverage, learning alot they didn’t know before, and “getting to know” the REAL Jodi…. And I hope the 4 who “wouldn’t Budge” realize now that the other 8 knew what they were talking about, and that they kick themselves in the ass. Hell, she even Lied to all of them in her final Statement (to spare her Life) with all that stuff about her intending to “start a Recycling Program because the Prison doesn’t have one and there’s so much waste”… Sheer CRAP— The Sheriff himself told HLN Reporters that the Prison indeed DOES have a Recycling Program. Then there was “I’m going to also start a “Book Club” because so many Inmates are Illiterate”… and the one about “I have people coming-up to me all the time, asking me to teach them Spanish and Sign Language”… WRONG— Not peritted to do anything NEAR “starting a Book Club” in Prison, NOR has she even HAD much contact with other Inmates, per the Sheriff. YEAH, I just WONDER what those 4 Jurors think of how “valuable” her Life is NOW, after hearing THIS come out. You’re damn RIGHT she needs to die— for EVERYTHING. I don’t care about her Family EITHER. Let’s face it, neither did SHE when she decided to CAUSE all this… And those— or any FUTURE Jurors— are Fools to allow themselves to fall for that Con-Job. And Yes, I most-definitely know “what you mean”. We are much Alike in many respects. Right— Mercy where Mercy is DUE…. And “The Evil must Perish”.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    (I’m sure you figured that Typo out, but, it’s “permitted”— not “peritted”)

  20. Honeydog Says:

    (PS:) I’ll say ONE good thing about Jodi Arias…. It’s been GREAT not seeing her and listening to her Lies and Manipulative Bull Shit— In AND out of the Courtroom— since “Part 1” ended. Enjoy it while we can….

  21. zelda Says:

    Right on Honeydog.Our jury system is” the best in the world”, we have been taught.If it is then we have a lot to re- think. Some things are just too antiquated perhaps.? Some states have tweeked the system a bit here and there.The biggest one is the death penalty ?.However I am not sure how it works on the “allowable evidence” for a jury to consider. There seems to be some silly rules there. I am not a legal pro but it seems to me worth a BIG look at that part of the process as well as a ton of others. What do you guys think???

  22. Honeydog Says:

    Whew, that’s a loaded Question. First, for me, I haven’t been “taught” ANYthing about our Justice System that I actually “trust” or believe is “true”— It being the best in the World is only what they “SAY”… What I always “HEAR”… and, of course, it most-always comes from the mouths of LAWYERS. From what I’ve seen, if they’re trying to “teach” me it’s the Best, they’re falling short in convincing me. Wonder just how many people who have ever been involved in a Court Case of any kind would say they weren’t “screwed” in some way or another, or that they really ended-up “completely satisfied”— and I’m just talking about the “average person” here…. I wouldn’t be afraid to Bet that the number for the first one is unbelievably High, compared to those whose experience resulted in Hand Shakes and Hugs of Joy. The “Money” thing…. The “Status” thing… Having “Connections”… All the “Red Tape”… The “Loopholes”… The Absence of “certain Evidence”… The “Two-Tiered System” (One for the “Rich and Famous”, and the other for “Everyone Else”)… The “Politics” of it— I could go on and on naming the things that are wrong and “broken” in this so-called “great” System of ours. As for the Death Penalty, more and more States are in-favor of getting rid of it…. Big mistake, I think, for alot of reasons— The biggest being the “Deterant” factor. And really, in all honesty, some Criminals just absolutely do not deserve to continue to Wake-up and be given 3 Meals a Day. An “Eye-for-an-Eye”— That is what’s Fair. But then, as we continue to point-out the “Faults” in The System, it grants never-ending “Appeals”, and these people end-up sitting on Death Row FOREVER until “The System” gets their ACT together to even carry the Sentence THROUGH. Might as well have just given them “Life” to BEGIN with. As for “Juries”, I don’t know what to think. Same with “Judges”— There’s good ones and bad ones, and what is expected of both usually leaves us Wondering or in Jaw-dropping Disbelief. How is it then that we so-often hear “Justice has been done” and “The System has worked here”, yet so many people Disagree. We’ve got those who are permitted to Plead “Not Guilty”, when a ton of people— including Law Enforcement— physically witnessed them committing the Crime, while countless undeserving Citizens foot the Bill for their Lawyers and lengthy Trials… And when you’ve got “Thieves” and “Drug Dealers” doing more time in Prison than Convicted Murderers and Sex-Offenders, you know there’s something wrong. Ultimately, what I think…. Is that there are MANY Flaws, and The System is in critical need of Re-vamping.

  23. sandy1961 Says:

    Fully agree Honey girl.Hope you had a great holiday weekend..
    And you also Z-

  24. Honeydog Says:

    Arias is “Tweeting” to the Public from her Jail Cell again (Are we the least bit surprised that she can’t stand to SHUT UP)….
    Also, the local Arizona Newspaper put-out a Headline Story about the additional “Expense” it’s Community will suffer if the Trial is “continued”, attempting to influence the Citizens by making strong recommendations that The State should drop the Death Penalty, give her “Life”, and be done with it….
    Wonder who’s behind THAT one.

  25. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Sandy. Actually, I mowed the Lawn and I had to Work on the Holiday…. Lots of Fun (LOL).

  26. zelda Says:

    Hi Sandy……….how are you doing? Hope things are calming down,,,,,,,here’s a hug

  27. zelda Says:

    Hi Honeydoggieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    I must be older than you are by ninety years or so(hahaha
    As it turns out it(legal system) is as flawed as every thing else). I was actually taught in school that we here in the U.S. had the best legal system in the world plus most every thing else.Time flies!Of course there are many flaws but the argument is it’s worse elsewhere.I think our country based on a democratic system tries…..and tries and tries but it just eats itself in the long run.Too much wiggle room for bad decisions ,sensationalism and greed.Maybe if we refined it to the point where evidential logic reins and where one and one is indeed two it may provide a starting point.When the guy you lock up has a better poker hand than you do it’s time to take away the cards.
    To me the best foothold we have in this process is the jury. It can and does swing both ways however.Boy oh boy.
    I have a friend who spent fifteen years doing legal reformation…..he said it made him crazy to discover all the “technical ” things that are on the books. He finally bought a boat and sailed around the world just to even out his thinking.I felt better knowing there are people out there working on making things better for us……..how often they can succeed is another paper volume.
    What holiday????(clue)

  28. One Op Says:

    Best thoughts Sandy!! Do Better Soon!!

    Whaaaaaaat! The justice system is FLAWED?????? πŸ™‚

  29. zelda Says:

    That’s what they tell me OneOp…….so hey.:)

  30. Honeydog Says:

    Right Right Right, Zelda… I can’t put it as well as you (but then, with your Age over me being “PrehisTORIC”!?!?! LOL!!), but, Right— In simple terms, the Faults and Flaws in The Legal/Justice System (and we could include The Government while we’re at it) do all stem from “Logic” being “buried” under the excess and weight of “Technicalities”, and I definitely agree that we can at least look-to having the Benefit of our Juries to dig it back up and hopefully use it. As much as we Talk (and like we have all the Answers) I can’t fathom the work involved— much less even the thought of attempting— “Legal Reformation”… Not in this Day and Age. What an Undertaking. It’s awful that things have become so Tangled and Complex that even dire Committment either leads to Giving-Up or going Crazy. We do need more people in our Country to take-on this critical Mission of changing the way things are, and I Applaud your Friend with both Hands high in the Air for such Dedication and Perseverance. We can never hope to achieve this Goal without individuals like him. Wow… A Boat Trip around the World… Yes, I can well-imagine he DID need it. Was he able to make any Breakthroughs??

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Several more Arias Jurors were on TV tonight (ones who voted for Death). Their Insight was pretty neat to hear. Bottom Line, they saw right through her. I hope there are some people out there (Hint Hint, potential new Jurors) who heard them too……

  32. zelda Says:

    I am not sure what my friend ended up accomplishing…..hopefully something made a difference.I do know it nearly did him in.He said it was like a cat and mouse game.Man o man.
    Yes………..I am thrilled the jury saw through old jodie face. Gawd what a chilling face she has,eeek.Did they explain why the death penalty didn’t work then????
    very tired today………gearing up for the big art walk this next week and have a student coming tomorrow,,,so will yak more tonight.
    Later girlies…

  33. Honeydog Says:

    Altogether so far, I believe I’ve seen 5 of the 8 Jurors who voted for Death. They came accross as having been very Serious about their Job, Intelligent and well-Spoken, but Down-to-Earth and with Common Sense (obviously) and surprisingly good senses of Humor. From appearance, I would guess their Ages to range from late-20 to mid-40/early-50, and, from what they said, the 4 who were against Death were “Older” and not so “accepting” of Travis’s “Verbal Treatment” of Jodi. They basically concluded that it was due to “Age” (having “Old-fashioned Principles”) as the reason those 4 felt a little Sympathetic toward her and less-compelled to go with the severest Punnishment.

    “Breaking News” on HLN tonight— The Arizona Attorney General’s Office says they will NOT take the Death Penalty off the Table. I guess that means “Round 2” is definitely on….

    “Git’r Done”, but Don’t work TOO hard! πŸ™‚

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    wwwwwweeeeeeee hhhhhhaaaaa-

  35. zelda Says:

    hahahaha you two gals crack me up. Just love ya…..hahahaha
    WELL…………round two eh????I have to say I am glad they are keeping the death penalty going………it must be excruciating for the Alexanders but they probably feel they can’t let Travis down at this point.There is no doubt NO minute of the day or night those photos of Travis leaves their minds.Gawd that bitch!!!! Smug little shit.We have to root for a jury again………oh man.Justice just has to prevail.She can take those pink sheets and shove em where the sun don’t shine……
    Here it is noon -thirty and I am bagged. Student at four thirty,,,,ooooooooooo.Thanks for all the info on the jury Honeydog…….very interesting.

  36. zelda Says:

    oooooooooooooookkkkkkkkaaay…………..joran van der sloot is getting married.He’s another monster who is in jail in Peru.Did a couple of murders and I am reviled that he is still sucking air. Now………he’s getting married.Well aint that nice.Oh my sweet gawd.Nuts.Speaking of that he needs his in his next meal.A real monster.

  37. Honeydog Says:

    I somehow missed THAT News. Yeah, ain’t that just SO SWEET— The Scumbag gets to Breathe AND have someone adding Joy and Happiness and Fulfillment to his undeserved Existence. I hope “Till Death Do Us Part” JINKSES him… And sooner than later, and in the worst form.

  38. zelda Says:

    Can you imagine wanting to marry a confessed killer of ONE Peruvian woman and the known killer of Natalie Holloway(he slicked out of that one) and is on the list for other murders as well.He and arias would be a great couple don’t cha think?
    I thought sure someone would do him in In Peru.Especially due to the fact that the girl he murdered was the daughter of some big wig.The truth is money coming from his trust fund and his mom keep him going in that goofy prison.M
    akes me sick to think he gets to have a wife,sex and all that shit,Yikes.

  39. One Op Says:

    Excuse the subject here. I see in the news lines that Van der Sloot
    is going to get married in prison. Wow! Some women!

  40. zelda Says:

    dear One Op……..read up………..we have been talking about it,,,,,,,,,,,yes he is a real slime ball,,,,,,,,
    (ping ping,,,,pebbles hahahah)

  41. Honeydog Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised that, if he ever gets out, someone eventually does do him in…. Not meaning The Holloways, but, besides The Flores Family, I would bet there are a number of individuals he “did Business with” and “crossed” while jumping from Country to Country. He was involved in alot of “shady” stuff when he left Aruba, and probably still “owes” some additional “now-Enemies”.

    Heard recently that one of the Jurors who voted for Death in the Arias Trial had no doubt in her Mind that Jodi deliberately recorded those “Phone Sex” Calls without Travis’s knowledge and threatened to Blackmail him by giving them to the Girl he wanted to take to Cancun. Jodi testified that it was “Travis’s idea” to record them, but she doesn’t believe he would have asked her to do that because he could have easily done it himself (Good point). She says that this would also explain the one angry Text Message from Travis, where he said “You have betrayed me”, “You are Evil”, called her names, and that she was the “worst thing that ever happened to him” (The Defense tried to use this Text Message against him as evidence of Jodi’s “Emotional Abuse”)— And, even according to Travis’s close Friends, “something bad happened”, “they had a big Fight about something” just prior to Jodi murdering him, and this is what caused Travis to say those things “that one and only time”. Like this Juror who figured it out, I’ve always believed that it was about “Cancun”— She was not going to have him go with anybody else, and she was going to use that “Tape” to assure it. I’m in agreement that it had nothing to do with “dropping a Camera”, but rather, when Travis wouldn’t change his Mind that day she went to his House and used “Sex” to try to do so, she had it all planned-out beforehand, just in case. It all stands to reason, and, it’s like they’re all saying— She has no Remorse because, in HER Mind, “He had it coming”. I really hope and pray that this ENTIRE next group of new Jurors are as Smart as this one and the 7 others, and have the Brains and Common Sense to “Interpret” and recognize the Obvious, and especially the Committment not to look any further.

  42. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydog,,,great info.Good to know there is logic alive and well 0ut there..man o man.Yep we have to send that new jury a lot of energy smarts………That shit needs to pay.

  43. One Op Says:

    I am red faced Zelda, I just had read a line in the news and popped in without reading back thinking this was all Jodi Arias Post.
    I do now see comments. Man, this stuff with killers getting cream with their cake just baffles me. This killer has lost nothing by being in prison. Someone must be receiving money from somewhere. With sex floating around the world like air you breathe, why a woman would go into a relationship with an admitted KILLER???? It just takes me out! I wonder if they are going to be watched while together doing their thing because all he has to do is put his hands on her throat and strangle her if not watched. Can you even imagine? With this little desire fulfilled he isn’t going to want to get out. Safer staying in. You are right, someone might take him out and he knows that. ……. Have I made amends now Zelda? LOL

  44. zelda Says:

    LOL….. yes.you are off the hook…..hahahah.Great having you aboard again!We have to have fun somehow these days don’t we? Geeeze.
    As for old van der sloot……….what a fiasco.He just creeps me out.can’t imagine ANYONE wanting to be closer than ten feet of that goon. UGH. The female must be a real winner.EEEEEK.
    Good post One Op!

  45. Honeydog Says:

    What kind of WOMAN???? Why, the new “Mrs. VanDerSlut” of course….

  46. Honeydog Says:

    Okay… We’ve got ONE OP back (Yay!)… Now what happened to SANDY??!!

  47. sandy1961 Says:

    Here I is Honey–The black cloud is getting wider over my house & hanen’t really been on the computer laterly..Only get to catch up with you guys when I’m at work lately(sssssshhhhhhhhh)..
    I saw this shit on T.V. the other day…Talk about makin ya wanna puke!!!!!! I bet this broads parents are SO EXCITED about the NEW SOON TO BE son in law…..Jesus Christ could you imagine telling your folks that they will have a convicted killer..Suspected killer,,,, So on & so forth….& maybe you will get a grandchild with all this awesome KILLER BLOOD in them…..
    Just sayin
    Z-how did your art show go last week????

  48. zelda Says:

    hey Sandy………..I got rave reviews………the regular art walk is this Friday. Hope like heck to sell something. I have a ton of “stuff to do” in preparation.I am already tired and not feeling too hot.Dang.
    Gee………pulling for you on the black cloud deal………thank goodness nothing lasts forever.Hug.

  49. zelda Says:

    Nice to see everyone !!!!

  50. sandy1961 Says:

    thanks Z-
    Very happy about the reviews for you….I sure hope you sell alot!!!!
    Hope this cloud gets a silver lining SOON…..
    Hugs right back atcha….

  51. One Op Says:

    Mrs. Van der slut!!! LOL! Yeah, whatever any of you is up to, I’m wishing you all your wishes.

  52. zelda Says:

    People are donating money*(set up an account) to the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.His mother has received at least $8,000.00 for him so far. His father and mother say their sons were set up,they didn’t do it. There are web sites proclaiming the brother bombers as heroes .
    The father also said he will see them in heaven,,,,,,,,,,

  53. zelda Says:

    arias………oj………manson………..casey a…….. to name a few , all get money sent to them by”people” .
    no words……..

  54. sandy1961 Says:

    Sick isn’t it???????

  55. zelda Says:


  56. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Girls (Yes, it’s great to see “everyone”!! I think we’re now officially “The Four Horsemen” (or, was that “The Electric Horseman”????)… Oh well, we ARE all ELECTRIFYING! LOL!)

    Geeeezz, you guys have been busy here! I’ve been “absent” for a few days (Lots of physical work and just too tired to get on) so, let’s see now, to catch-up….

    Sandy, I hope that “Dark Cloud” blows away real soon for ya. I have a “Button” that says “I don’t have “one of those Days”, I have “one of those LIVES”— So if that tells you anything, you’re not alone. I’ve gotten so used to Bad Luck and things always going wrong, that I feel like I have a flashing Neon ARROW above my Head, pointing down like “Yeah, Get ME!” Hang tough, Girl… It’s all we can do. Ditto on the “Hug”!

    I cannot BELIEVE some people!… Sending Money-to and supporting the likes of KILLERS. I’m telling you, this is seriously InSANE. Eight Thousand DOLLARS???… I think WE must all be in the wrong BUSINESS! What I REALLY think is that our GOVERNMENT should LOCATE every single one of those individuals who are sticking-by these TERRORISTS on Web Sites and calling them “HEROES”, and toss them out of our COUNTRY! No WAY should any of us put up with THAT.

    I hope you have a great (and PROFITABLE) Artwalk, Zelda! (If not, know anybody you can “Bump OFF” to make some MONEY??!!!!) OMG… LOL!

  57. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Hon–
    I hope the neon bulbs BREAK soon for you also… AS long as your head isn’t right under them!!!!
    These people make more $$$$$ than I do it seems… OR at least they don’t have to do SHIT to get it…..
    But I think I would rather work my ass off for what I make than sit in a jail cell f’n off…..
    As for being a terrorist… I think Z bumping someone off might put her close…HaHaha::::
    So Z THINK before you act…..
    I hope June is a good month for ALL of us…
    Have a good day ALL

  58. zelda Says:

    hahahaha,oooooooooo you guys slay me…….oops bad choice of words.Unless of course the pay is good. GEZUS!
    Man o man…it’s a goofy world.
    One good thing,,,,,,,,,,that manson family gal that was up for the 21 st time for parole DIDN”T GET IT!!! yahooooooo. I saw an interview with her and another of the”girls” and they matter of factly told in detail what they did.They BOTH creeped me out.manson is just pure evil……..goofy little old bastard.
    Did you see the story of the old gal that won 390 some million on the lottery???I think she is in her 80’s,. Cool,,,,hahahaha. THERE is hope for us yet ! If I win it I will set you free……….I bought a ticket for a recent powerball thing,,,,,,I’ll do it again when I get a buck.I wonder if inmates can buy tickets????? They probably have a basket full they pass around that have been donated by “people”. ooooooooooooooooo.
    Yak more later,,,,,,,,,,,,Hang on gals.

  59. sandy1961 Says:

    Yeah how about that woman-being nice to this woman & allowing her to get in front of her..Screwed herself out of millions…. BUT I would have let her in front of me also…..
    SO my black cloud has gotten blacker & wider…. Sitting in traffic last night waiting to go & the next thing ya know ( WHAM) right into the back end of my car… pushed me thru the street to the other side….. BASTARD young kids.. Still had a temp tag on his car… Crushed the front end like an accordian….Not much damage to my car (I HOPE) some holes in my bumper,a gash by the muffler,trunk opens kinda funky… So who knows maybe a bent frame??????
    GOD I hope NOT…..

  60. Honeydog Says:

    I wish the World WAS only just “Goofy”… It would at least be alot more Fun. I’ll take it being “Goofy” over how F’d-UP it is anyday.

    I SWEAR TO GOD THERE’S A “GHOST” OR SOMETHING MESSING-AROUND WITH THESE COMPUTERS WHEN WE WRITE CERTAIN STUFF, ’cause I just wrote a LONG Comment about Susan Atkinson (denied Parole) and the “Manson Murders” right after the above Paragraph, and it all just went POOF and dissappeared, but the above Paragraph is still THERE!! It’s also skipping WORDS and putting-in SYMBOLS I didn’t TYPE and moving the CURSOR wherever it WANTS to!!! I’M SERIOUS!… IT’S LIKE A “OUGIA BOARD THING” GOIN ON!!!!

    I’m outta here. Too tired now to attempt to start all over, much less adding the latest about Arias. Let whatever it is “Play” and have its Fun. Be back tomorrow (Hopefully “it” won’t be). I’m goin to Bed and pullin the Sheet over my Head! woooooooooo… woooooooooo… WOOOOOOOOOO……….

  61. sandy1961 Says:

    I hear ya
    I think I’m gonna do the SAME when I get home

  62. zelda Says:

    good grief gals………..I am so sorry to hear about your car Sandy…..just what you needed, Oh crap.Keep us posted………gawd.
    SPIES Honeydog……SPIIIIIIES!!!!! eeeek. Oh man that is frustrating……..hmmmmmm. Weird.
    I am so tired I can barely see the keyboard,art walk in five hours,,,,,,,,all I want to do is shut my door and sleep.
    zzzzzzzz,,,,,,,,yak soon.

  63. zelda Says:

    sold two for sure,,,,maybe on two others……zzzzzzzzzzsleepyasheckzzzz

  64. One Op Says:

    Shhhhhh, everybodys sleeping!!
    Off Topic……..Anyone know if there is an exact date the Zimmerman trial is to start, was it that the jury is to be picked on June 10th and trial start June 13, or will they go as long as it takes to get a jury picked?
    Now get back under the cover and close your eyes, I wasn’t really here. Shhhhhh!

  65. sandy1961 Says:

    Z-awful glad you sold a few this weekend..
    Hope you got yourself some MUCH needed rest…
    One Op… I believe jury selection gets underway today & they will go as long as it takes….
    Hon- Hoping you were able to sneek the sheets off you this weekend & have a much needed NICE weekend…..
    Have a good day Ladies…

  66. One Op Says:

    Zelda, Nice to read of your sales, just don’t spend your profit on buying pebbles and rocks!! Seriously congratulations! Do you have a website where I can view your works.

  67. Honeydog Says:

    HaHaHa OneOp! (Don’t give her any IDEAS!!)

  68. Honeydog Says:

    Really happy for you on your Sales, Zelda… So glad it went that well! You GO Girl!!! (Not too FAR or for too LONG though, with that new Cash in your Pocket— We’d MISS you too much!) LOL!

  69. Honeydog Says:

    Oh NO Sandy!… So sorry about your Accident! (I’m a little behind here— Been really Pooped-out the past several days, haven’t been on, and just now read about it). So much for “hoping June is a good Month” huh? Geezz, what a Bummer. I feel like I wanna come and RESCUE you, with one unfortunate thing after another that’s been happening to you! (We could share my “Button”! LOL)… So, are you OKAY??? (Whiplash or anything from being hit from behind?) And how’s your Car?? It at least sounds like you’ve got a real good Insurance Case, and I hope it works-out that you can get decently “compensated”.

    (Wonder if we should all try Jodi Arias’s “Law of Attraction” thing???!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!)

  70. sandy1961 Says:

    Hahaha Hdog–
    I think I like that nickname best so far…
    Yeah I’m okay & my roomates okay also…
    Thanks for asking…. SEE I shoulda kept them covers over my head..
    Oh wait I think the covers were being pulled after the fact…
    About June being better: As for me NOT SO MUCH….
    Now our phones are ringing OFF THE HOOK with ambulance chasers… Barb called me at work this morning 8am was her first
    chaser call…. What crap is this???????
    As for pain….Not much…..Never wear my seatbelt BUT for some reason I had it on… Oh yeah the BING BING BING noise letting you know…YOUR BELTS NOT ON…..Like you didn’t know…..
    As for my car–The rear bumpers all screwed up… my trunk doesn’t open properly or the rear door,heat shield is messed up,& who knows if the frame is bent… BUT his car looks like an accordian in the front…… JACKASS………..
    I just want this cloud to (disappate)?
    Come on ladies say it with me
    !!! NO MORE SHIT!!!

  71. zelda Says:

    my house sale fell through..face broke out……..need to lose weight…….my ex love is getting married……….and so on and so on……sick since sat…………old……..
    My brain is numb.
    hope all gets better for you gals.

  72. Honeydog Says:

    GLADLY my Friend— NO MORE SHIT for SANDY!! NO… MORE… SHIT!!!!
    You’ve been laughing and joking and managing to mask your Frustration through it all behind our Conversations about this and that, but I can definitely tell you’re at your Wit’s end. Why some people have the Life of Riley and others seem to be plucked-out for all the Bad Luck to fall on, I just don’t understand. I have Friends and Relatives like that— Not that I wish it on them— I don’t— but nothing bad has EVER happened to them, and MY Life has been FILLED with Tragedy and Turmoil. It really makes you wonder, just… Why? But you just keep going, and you tell yourself that things could always be alot worse, and you hold-on to your Sense of Humor, and you try to remember and be Thankful for all the “Good” things. I always change that Saying from “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait” to, “BETTER Things Come To Those Who Have Waited Long ENOUGH”… LOL! Ya just gotta believe it will. Anyway, Hang in There (as if you’re not) and I’m sure this Cloud will move on. And don’t forget that Song— “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”…. No doubt you’ve got a few good ones, and we’re here for each other too! πŸ™‚

  73. Honeydog Says:

    I must’ve still been writing to Sandy when your last Comment posted, Zelda, but, OH MAN… Not you TOO! What the HELL is GOING ON???!!! I’m SO Sorry for all that, my Friend (and you’re so Kind to hope all gets better for US???). I know you have some Health problems already, and besides just saying “Ditto” for you on everything I just said to Sandy, PLEASE take care of yourself, and I’m keeping you in my Thoughts and Prayers that you’ll feel better real soon. That’s the most important thing. And, you’re NOT “OLD”!!— Just Beaten-down for the time being. You have every right to be Depressed, and I won’t try to talk you out of it…. Just know how much I care, am so hoping for Good things to end-up coming and working-out for you after all, and I’m sending a BUNCH of Hugs……

  74. sandy1961 Says:

    geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz is right Z..I’m SO sorry your having ALL this turmoil in your life… Your not old as Hdog pointed out, beat down for the moment works SO much better….
    It’s gonna be SO NICE when we can ALL write on here WE HAD A GOOD WEEK!!!!
    I know what your saying Hdog–for those that glide thru life without any troubles I would LOVE to know how they manage it–OR does it just come later??????
    Maybe this is all a test for us NOW & later on in life THINGS WILL GET BETTER…. OR is this just it????? SHITTY things forever????
    I want you guys to know how much I appreciate the new bonding friendship we have acquired over the last (however long) we have been chatting… I look forward to firing up the computer & reading what’s going on in your lifes….. & what your thinking of this OR that…
    Thanks for ALL the kind words you both have given me & the ability to vent when needed….
    Have a great day Gals & yak at ya soon

  75. zelda Says:

    Man o man I am one lucky dog to have friends like you gals.Wow.
    Life is interesting eh?Honeydog,Sandy and OneOp,,,,,you are all dear to my weary heart.Thank you……….
    I am trying to dig my way out of my own head and get to Safeway where the juicy grapefruit await me.It’s an almost herculean effort to go out that door.People know me and want to say hello etc and I just want to run and hide.I look like hell and feel just a bit better than that,,,,,hahaha,I WILL change my shirt and make an effort.
    I am sending happy energy to all of you and hope you have good things abound.
    OneOp.yes I have a website for my art but I don’t want to put the address on here . Hmmmmmmmmm…drat. I will think of something as soon as my spongy head feels better……
    Hugs to you all……

  76. One Op Says:

    Well why not! NO MORE SHIT!!! for any of you girls!! NO MORE!

  77. One Op Says:

    THANK YOU!! Zelda, I wrote this sit down if you don’t want to leave it up. Hey! I like “Little Brit” Your work is like, I think it is Picasso!! Colorful, I like Colorful! appreciate seeing it Zelda.

  78. zelda Says:

    I wish it was like Picasso,,,,,,,,,,! Glad you like the little bird. It won a contest,,,,,beat out 750 other paintings,,,,,,,,,hahaha.It sold right away.
    I think John has to delete it???? How do I do it????
    John if you see the post of my email will you please delete it????
    June 13th,,,,,,,,,,jodi arias mistrial

  79. zelda Says:

    arias and crew want to postpone the new trial(jury selection) til next year??? Hopefully the judge has a backbone and remembers those photos…

  80. One Op Says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the whole justice system are not in cahoots with the media. Media hounds just keep everything delaying, more tv, news play……..Until something more news exciting comes along.
    Then it is likely the strong feelings soften and some so and so gets away with murder and more.

  81. zelda Says:


  82. zelda Says:

    hey Honeydog……how do I delete a post(mine)???? No reply from John on here,I don’t know how to contact him.
    Wish you were here to perk me up with a cup o joe and a pat on the back,,,,,feeling weary.

  83. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ I fell asleep on the Sofa last night after Work and didn’t check-in here, and, as I was just now catching-up on the Comments I missed, and read that you were going to try to think of a way to inform OneOp of your Website, I knew of a way, was ready to suggest it, and then, Darn It, as I continued reading, I saw that you posted it. Okay, so now, let’s go from here to fix it….

    First of all, I have no idea how, or even if it’s possible, to Delete our Comments ourselves, and, second, I’m not sure that John keeps Tabs as often as he used-to, so he may not even see your Message till ???… So, I’ll do this— I have his E-Mail Address, I’ll write to him now and refer him to that particular Post of yours, along with the subsequent one asking him to remove it. I’m sure he’ll take care of it right away.

    Talk to Ya (and everyone) later!

  84. Honeydog Says:

    (PS): On that last Sentence of yours above, wish I could… Geezz, wouldn’t that be nice….

  85. zelda Says:

    Thank you so much Honeydog…………hug hug……….sleepy today, going to flake out.
    to be continued……….

  86. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of Flaking-out, wanna hear kind of a comical Story?… I had the same kind of Day— Stayed in Bed and slept until nearly 4 PM… So dragged-out lately, running on Fumes, everything just caught-up with me. Then I was so mad at myself, ’cause it was a gorgeous Sunny Day outside, first Day it wasn’t pouring-down-Rain in about a week and also the start of having 3 Days off in a row from my Job, and, with so many things I had planned to get done, I felt like I wasted it. I just moped around, still Tired, feeling Depressed, wanted to accomplish something but no Energy or Motivation, it got later and later… and then, my ex-Boyfriend (we remain close Friends) asked to take me and my Daughter out to Dinner. Since the Day was shot anyway, and thinking it would probably make me feel better, I accepted the Invitation. So the three of us are now halfway-through a great Seafood Dinner at one of my favorite Restaurants, I’m still not mentally and physically “rested”, still not quite “myself”, and I’m hearing all these “old Songs” in the background through the Music System in the Restaurant, and I start thinking about my Brother who died this past February, whom I miss so much and am having a hard time accepting it, and I bust-out Crying. My Daughter knew instantly what was going-on with me, and, because he was her favorite Uncle and she was very close to him, SHE busts-out Crying! (Here’s the kind-of funny part)… My ex-Boyfriend is a “Biker”— Somewhat of a Big Lug with a rough-and-tough exterior— but can break-down at the drop of a Hat over anything emotional. Of course he wanted to know why we’re upset and crying and, because we were together for alot of years and he was ALSO close to my Brother, HE starts Crying!! So now, picture us sitting at the Table, people all around us Talking and Laughing and enjoying their Meals, and the THREE of us are wimpering like little PUPPIES— INCLUDING the one with the long Hair, Beard, Chains and Leather VEST! No one knew what to make of us, much less the confused Waitress who kept coming over and asking if we wanted “Boxes”… LOL! Anyway, once I “got it all out of me”, I took one look at HIM, still wiping his Eyes with his Napkin, and my Daughter and I looked at each other and couldn’t help cracking-up Laughing! Then, before you knew it, we were all back to passing the Rolls and Butter and ordering Dessert. Later, when my Daughter and I got dropped-off at Home, I layed-down to “Flake-out” AGAIN. Like yours, just one of those kinds of Days where lots of things have built-up and Drained you, and you just can’t get out of your own way. I needed to Sleep, and I needed to “Breakdown”, to get “right” again (Too bad it was out in PUBLIC!… at a RESTAURANT!… but, it WAS kind-of Funny!). I feel better now… I hope you do too, after you got some Rest, and I hope this gave you a Chuckle…… πŸ™‚

  87. Honeydog Says:

    (PS): About your Post— You are very Welcome, No problem, Glad to try to help. I wrote to John the minute after I finished telling you I would, and the E-Mail did go through. As I see it hasn’t been removed yet, and you might be wondering, I want to tell you that I think I know why….

    If you go to the “Kreuzer’s Korner” Home Page, among the List on the right side (“Top Posts”, “Recent Posts”, “Recent Comments”) it includes “Twitter”, and shows his current “Tweets” to people (his personal Friends, etc)— Where he’s at, what he’s doing, and so on… Various “current Activity”. From the excerpts I read the past couple days, it looks as though he and his Family are away from Home, like on Vacation or something. Things such as “Off to Orange County”, “Driving”, where they stopped to Eat, “LAX” (Los Angeles Airport) and an “Event” they attended, all indicate this to me. I have no idea whether he takes a Laptop Computer with him when Traveling, or has any other device to access his E-Mail sent to his Home Computer, but I tend to think, since your Post is still up there, he either doesn’t, or hasn’t checked on anything yet, because I know for a fact that, if he has access-to and has seen the E-Mail I sent, the Post would be gone. I’m sorry… Bad Timing, and I guess the only thing you can do is wait. When he does get it, whether it’s at some point while he’s away, or when he gets Home, again, I know he’ll take care of it for you.

  88. zelda Says:

    Egad Honeydog, thank you for all your help with John. I figured he was traveling or something.I am sure he has his laptop but he may not get to “us” in his busy day too often . I hope he sees it soon.Again I really so it’s appreciate it. I was too quick to post it for Sandy so it’s on me……..not too bright at times.Gaaaaaaawd,
    I love your “dinner”story,,,,,,,,,just priceless.Imagine being human in public……….you no doubt made some folks day showing your vulnerability in that public way.It gives people pause to reflect on their own humanity. Great stuff. Plus seeing the black leather chain guy wrapped in the moment could not be better.We all look pretty much the same naked.I am so sorry about your brother…….it is a deep pain that lives in your tear ducts forever.I lost my older brother many years ago as well……..rough stuff to deal with.HUG.
    Here it is Father’s Day and I am tucked into my tiny studio alone. No phones ringing no emails..nada.At my time of life a guy just has to live in the moment .can’t look back and no idea of tomorrow.I work at getting out of my head everyday……sometimes it works other times not so much.Right now I am eying a canvas and might feel the creative urge today.not sure.
    Thanks for your delightful post and know I appreciate you very much! Yak soon………….

  89. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I think I got it…

  90. zelda Says:

    wow.thank you John…………I won’t do that again.

  91. Honeydog Says:

    Had a feeling that Post might be gone when I got here just now… Checked my E-Mails beforehand and John had wrote me back saying he would try to get to it today (Sunday). Goodie! All is well with that now.

    Thank You for your Condolences about my Brother… It’s only been 4 Months, so, Yes, “rough stuff”. Same as yours, he was my Big Brother, and, because he was my only Sibling and we were so close, and he was all the Family I had left after our Dad died as the one I looked-up-to and could turn-to and count-on for Help and Advice and Understanding and the kind of Fun and Laughter that measured on the Rictor Scale… well, you know… I feel so Lost without him.

    Yeah, the “Tear Ducts” were welled-up again for a bit on this Father’s Day… Spent time at two Gravesites— My Dad’s, and took my Daughter to leave something
    at her Dad’s (my Husband who died when she was 14-Months-old). Then we went to the Grocery Store and bought Ice Cream and Popsicles! Crazy Life… Up-n-Down, Up-n-Down….

    You’re Lucky to have your Art as not only a means of Enjoyment, but an “Outlet” to use for getting “out of your Head”. I suppose this place is mine, ’cause all I do is Work and take care of my Mom and my Daughter and the House and the Bills and such. But— With Friends like you and Sandy and OneOp to look forward to getting out of MY Head with at the end of the Day, it’s an Outlet I’m grateful for. Hope you were able to get your Creative Juices flowing, and glad you seem to be “on the Mend”!

  92. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ Re: that last Paragraph in your Comment on June 13 @ 5:13 am… Want YOU to know that the feeling is Mutual! It IS so great and special for each of us to have us ALL!!

  93. Honeydog Says:

    Okay now, PEP Talk…. So, several days ago, Zelda was sending “Happy Energy” to all of us. I’m feelin it. We’ve been down a bit Low here lately…. What say we pick ourselves up off the Floor, shake-off the Dust, spread that Happy Energy around, and do what we do Best— Get Fired-up and GOSSIP! LOL!

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  94. sandy1961 Says:

    Loved catching up this morning.. Loved ALL the positive thoughts & especially your dinner story Hdog!!!!
    Really hope your feeling better Z..
    Thanks for giving me the NMS(no more shit) OneOp..
    I’m gonna shoot for July to be better for me..
    The cloud is gonna go aqway NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
    Just not sure when…
    Had to put 1 of my roommates dad’s dog down this weekend….Poor guy was 12,not doing good BEFORE all this started & his legs finally gave out on him & was losing control of his body functions..
    Feeling terrible BUT know he was in pain… His spine has been deteriorating & the vet had said a long time ago more than likely surgery would do no good..
    Maybe I should stop writing on here for awhile,,seems I can have no positive lately & just BAD things… DON”t want such negativity here for you guys!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!! I’m hoping to myself AT SOME POINT!!!!

  95. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Sandy, that’s a shame about the Dog. I know well what that’s like… Have had to do it with 3 of my own over the years. It’s really hard and very Heartbreaking. The last one was my favorite… very special and irreplacable to me… and also my Daughter’s first and only Pet. Having been an Only-Child, and then spending so much of her Life in Hospitals and Therapies since she was 5 because of the Brain Injury she sustained in our Car Accident, he was her Best Friend and Playmate and, well, just everything to her especially. Had him 16 years before we had to put him down two years ago. My Daughter stayed in the room with him to the very end for the final injection… I wasn’t that Brave… Couldn’t bear it… I went outside and looked up to the Sky and literally Screamed. It hurts because you feel so sorry for them, being unaware of what’s about to occur to them, and you feel sick and guilty for doing it, even though you know it’s the right thing to do. And then there’s the Loss… I think we Cried for several Months straight. He’s buried in our Backyard in a cozy corner near a flowering Tree, facing the Home and people he loved, and, after two years, we still miss him alot. One of these days, when our chaotic Lives settle-down (waiting and hoping, like you!) we want to get another. In the end, I don’t know which is worse— Being without the joy of having a Dog, or having one, knowing you’re going to go through the hurt of having to part with it one day.

    As for that “Pep Talk” of mine… It was honestly an innocent “Impulse” of where my Head happened to be at the moment. You, Zelda, and me, (don’t know about OneOp) we’re ALL having Troubles, and I just thought it might help “perk us up” (Eh, they never work for me EITHER!). Never in a million years did I mean that any “Negativity” was unwanted. As FRIENDS and “Blog Buddies”, we talk about anything and everything— Whether it’s bashing Jodi Arias or bearing our Souls to each other— Nothing is “off Limits”. I LIKE hearing what’s going on in your Life (the others too), no matter the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and I always feel comfortable sharing the same with you all. That’s what’s even BETTER than the Media “Gossip”. I’m SO sorry that I obviously made you feel bad, thinking that your “Dark Cloud” was bringing anybody down. NO! NOT AT ALL!! And don’t you even dare to THINK about not writing!!! I feel just awful. It’s not how I meant it to be taken. Please understand, and… DON’T CHANGE, Okay???? BIG HUG!

  96. sandy1961 Says:

    I think we are at a MISunderstandsing somewhere!!!!!! I NEVER took your pep talks as a negative thing!!!!! I actually love them…. I was just saying that it seems that EVERYTHING is SO F***ed up with me lately that maybe I should shut my trap cause you & Z must be getting REAL tired of how much my life sucks right now…I was feeling as if I may be pulling my cloud around you guys & I sure don’t want that…I was actually REALLY happy about your UP talk before my DOWN talk……
    So sorry about the pupituation.. I know what your feeling & how you wanna just SCREAM cause you know whats up & they don’t… OR at least you think they don’t…. I have been thru this before & stayed to the VERY END…… It’s hard VERY hard… I give your kid cudos for being able to do it….. It’s that loving bond they had together… I also understand why you had to go outside…. Neither scenario is right OR wrong…..You did what you needed to do & your daughter did what she needed to do….
    I have my babies cremated & they are with me forever…. my roomates

  97. sandy1961 Says:

    Damnit wasn’t done
    my roommates dad has a few of his buried also in the backyard… In their favorite spots.. Then he also started having them cremated… We decided that Hunter was ALSO gonna be cremated & put next to his brother…He was a really good boy & had a great life… Doesn’t make it any easier as you said…BUT how can you look at them & see the pain in the eyes & NOT do anything????????
    AS I said before……. NOTHING you said was making me write what I did…..I was feeling that I am bringing you ladies DOWN!!!!
    Hope ALL is well with you all…

    Z-you doin any better??????
    Oneop-thanks for the NMS!!!!
    Hdog-Just thanks for EVERYTHING

  98. sandy1961 Says:

    I am a jerk… Reading thru the posts from the last few days I just now let my brain see about your brother Hdog…..
    I AM SO SORRY…. I read it like 6 times BEFORE it sank in what you had written…..
    MY BAD!!!!!!! I’m VERY SORRY that I let my own brain bypass that major part of the story you were sharing….I think I woulda came over & given you ALL hugs had I have seen you ALL weeping in your lobster…
    OR maybe I woulda waited till you were blowing your noses & stole the lobster from under your noses,OR the crab legs…HAHAHA— Just kidding,, I woulda needed the butter also

  99. zelda Says:

    Hey there everyone……what else to say stumps me at the moment. Been staring at the keyboard with no real direction. I don’t want to bum you out……and I can’t seem to muster in depth splays of thought.
    I am painting ,but only abstracts and even THAT process seems bland.Hmmmmm……….
    yak at you soon………

  100. One Op Says:

    Don’t feel bad Sandy, I am the worst. Sometimes i just don’t pick up on a comment as important as I should and I apologize. I want you all to know though that my heart feels compassion at any time of any one of you has illness, sorrow or any concerns that are stressful and upsetting. I admire your hang -to-a-tiv-a-ness, in other words your strength and the way the friendship has formed here. I know you forgive me and that means everything to me.
    Love you all and your straightforward shoot em like you feel em
    ways about issues you care about. I don’t read as much about some of the current issues as I used to here again I am likely to say something you all may find a little mentally foggy. Just put up with me ok! πŸ™‚

  101. Under Arizona law, a new jury will be selected — reportedly on July 18 — to decide whether Arias should be put to death or serve life in prison. If the second panel can’t reach a unanimous verdict, the judge will have to decide whether to put her in prison for life or make her eligible for parole in 25 years.

  102. sandy1961 Says:

    So we ALL have our quirks!!!!!! Glad your back with us more One Op… I love your wording….
    Gotta THANK YOU all for allowing me to DE-STRESS thru writing and NOT choking someone..(cause they may not) deserve it,BUT they may just say the wrong thing at the wrong time!!!1
    Have a GREAT DAY ALL!!!!

  103. Honeydog Says:


    ****** VERY IMPORTANT ******

    If you recently received an E-Mail from what appeared to be from me, consisting of the Question “HOW ARE YOU?”, it was NOT sent by me.

    My E-Mail Account has been compromised (“Hacked”) and that E-Mail was sent to everyone in my “Contacts” List for whom I have an E-Mail Address.

    I’m presently working on Recovery, and, because it was recommended that Notification of that “SPAM” be sent to those Recipients by a different method than by using their E-Mail Address, I’m informing you three, here.

    (*Note*) This occurrance did NOT/does NOT affect my “activity” (Posting Comments between us) here on “The Korner”— It ONLY has to do with private E-Mails.

    If you have not already done so, send that E-Mail to your “SPAM” Folder and Delete it. If you have already “Opened” it, it would be wise to run a “Scan” on your Computer, using your Virus Protection, just to be on the safe side.

    Although surely not my fault, I’m very Sorry about this. You can be sure that it’s being taken care-of on my end, and, if you receive any personal E-Mails from me, it will not be before I have informed you HERE that everything is Fine.


  104. zelda Says:

    Before I saw your post I had received two emails that said”hello how are you”? I suspected something and reported spam and then deleted them and ran a complete virus check that came out ok. Nothing malicious .There were two different names.
    Thanks for the heads up Honeydog.I appreciate it.

  105. Honeydog Says:

    Absolutely Welcome. I caught it fairly soon and got right on things that had to be done and changed, but my first Obligation was notifying all my E-Mail Contacts. Thank Goodness I don’t have HUNDREDS of E-Mail Adresses stored in my Account like many people do… Still took me quite a bit of time, but only 34 to deal with (“Old-Fashioned”… Still mostly use the TELEPHONE (remember that??!!) to Communicate). Have pretty much covered everything neccessary at this point… Still sweating-it-out over the others, but at least Glad for your positive Report. Hopefully they’re as Smart as you in handling it. What a pain-in-the-ass though, and I know a Scare and Inconvenience for all concerned.

    (PS): Are you OKAY??? You didn’t sound too good in your previous Comment up there before the last one (saying, “I don’t want to bum you out”). Hugareenos back….

  106. zelda Says:

    Honeydog………wish I could say I was ok…..still not feeling worth a hoot.The line is blurry between depression and actual physical stuff both of which have me down.One feeds the other……..
    Couldn’t go out to get food or anything today,Going to make some tea to stave off my little hunger pangs.Putting in a old favorite movie soon.
    Not doing too well I fear….having a difficult time snapping back from relentless setbacks. It’s F—— amazing.
    Oh well hell……….
    thanks for asking Honeydog………..it’s nice to have someone care for real.No self pity intended there, just the way it is.

  107. Honeydog Says:

    SANDY~ Okay, I’m relieved. Glad we’re “Cool” over what EYE thought YOU thought, and what YOU thought EYE thought (HaHa)…. It just seemed to me too Coincidental that, right after I wrote all that “Happy Energy” stuff, you followed-up with saying “Maybe I shouldn’t write”. I just got the sense that it made you feel Guilty or Embarrassed or Uncomfortable (EYE don’t know) about all you’d been writing that’s been happening. I mean, I never wrote anything like that before, and you never came-out with anything like that before… I was just putting 2-and-2 together. Anyway, so alright… You promise NOT to “Shut your Trap”, me and “Z” are NOT “getting real Tired of how much your Life sucks” (as I said before, Join the CROWD!), you’re NOT pulling your “Dark Cloud” around us (We have our OWN, Thank You Very Much!) and, if anything, you and whatEVER it may be that you write about is a wonderful and integral part of our little Group and Conversations, with “Bringing us Down” nowhere NEAR even entering our Minds or ever occurring. We’re ALL going to keep on “Venting” and “De-Stressing” as much and whenever and as long as we feel like it… POOP on Jodi ARIAS!… We’ve got our OWN PROBLEMS!… And trust me, when I get started, you’ll all probably leave the WEBSITE!! LOL! (Now THAT’S.. a PEP Talk!) LOL!!

    (PS): Really liked (and was touched by) your own “Dog” Story. Nice to share similar experiences, regardless of their sometimes being painful Memories…. Also, “sneaking” the Seafood off the Table! Obviously you ARE keeping that “Sense of Humor”, and I myself really NEEDED that Laugh! Oh, and don’t worry about missing the part about my Brother… I don’t think any of our Heads are right, right now. Luv Ya.

  108. Honeydog Says:

    ONEOP~ Yes, so glad you’ve returned and are writing more often! I know I speak for all of us that the feeling is Mutual regarding your sincere caring Thoughts. Your Input is never overlooked, always nice to read, and always appreciated. We’ve been together here a long time, and, You’re not anyone to “Put UP with”… You’re a Doll… and I think you just might be the one person who is keeping the rest of us here from HANGING ourselves right now! (Okay guys, I couldn’t RESIST!) (Anybody do a LOL??!!) Anyway, Keep us SANE, OneOp!

  109. Honeydog Says:


  110. Honeydog Says:

    I knew it, Zelda… I could tell. And I’m glad you told me, rather than blow it off or cover it up. And you are right… I do care, for real. I can honestly say I know “Depression” (and often very Deep)… Been in it myself for years, and haven’t “Snapped-back” YET. I don’t have alot of, or serious, “Physical” issues, but I can truly imagine the kind and extent of your Despair, resulting from the combination. I can’t put into Words how much I “feel” for you. I’ve known you a long time… You’ve been “Down” before… But even EYE (I) know, not like this. I know it’s Bad this time. And no FOOD???… That breaks my Heart. Isn’t there anybody to help you?? I just don’t know— but so wish I did— what to say or do to Cheer you up and make things better…. Only that I’ve seen you “Bounce-back”, I know you’re a “Survivor”, and I don’t want you to Give Up. We have to go THROUGH what we have to go THROUGH, and sometimes it takes us all the way down… But remember… That unless it’s completely “Hopeless” (and No, I’m sure it’s not), there’s an “Up”. The best Advice someone once gave me when I was at one of the lowest points in my Life was, Take your Time… Go with it… Let it take its Course… And, gradually, a Spark will ignite the Fire to push you out and up to Climb. I’m keeping my Chin up for you, sending warm Hugs, and all the Hopes and Wishes that exist, for the Good things you deserve to help ease your Hardships, and ignite that Spark within you. Love~

  111. Honeydog Says:

    (PS): (Man, I’m doin alot of PEE ESSES!) LOL!

    Wanted to ask… What “Favorite Movie” did you watch?

  112. Honeydog Says:

    I think I’m finally caught-up with everyone, and everyTHING. Jodi Arias “Status Hearing” later Today… I think 11:30 AM ET. It’ll be Televised, but they said “not Live” (whatever that means.. ??). Among other things, the Judge is expected to Rule on The Defense’s Motion for a “Continuance” (until next year) and Jodi, and both Families, will be in Court. Will see what goes down….

  113. sandy1961 Says:

    Dang Hdog-
    you got alot out of your head here…
    Glad we are all able to feel comfortable talking with each other about what’s up in our lifes..
    Z-I’m sorry your going thru this right now– BUT you gotta eat sweetie… My roommate goes thru these boughts of depression SO I completely understand how your doing….. As Hdog said it’s something that MUST run it’s course!!!!
    I surely wish I could help in some way— BUT I understand your pain… I am ALWAYS here to lend an ear if needed….
    LOVE 2 ALL

  114. One Op Says:

    Honeydog, I have made myself aware re your hack. Haven’t noticed anything out of ordinary, but I go through everyday and clear out any incoming that is not familiar without opening. I got my toes nipped a couple years ago when we were into other (past) discussions on a case. Couldn’t believe the extent some went to to find out what kind of panties the other person wears, so I have become pretty watchful but doesn’t mean some would not slip by.
    Thank you for explaining what happened. Hope all is ok on your personal emails.

  115. Honeydog Says:

    Sure, OneOp, you’re Welcome. Don’t want to cause my Friends any problems. Boy-Oh-Boy, never had anyone try to find-out what kind of PANTIES I wear (well, not from anyone I didn’t MIND being asked by, HA HA HA! Kidding!!), but Yeah, there are some real “Wacko-Hackos” out there inside the “Wonderful World of Computers”… One wrong “Click-on”… Definitely gotta keep a Smart Eye.

  116. sandy1961 Says:

    So are we into bikini-briefs- OR thongs?????

  117. Honeydog Says:

    Well, a real “Dud” in the Courtroom in the Arias Case… It Figures— They now made July 18th the day the Judge will Rule on whether to Postpone the “Penalty Phase” portion of the Trial, instead of that day being the Date it was scheduled to begin. The only thing good about the Hearing was seeing Arias in “Prison Stripes”, Handcuffs and Leg Shackles (but Naturally, in spite of her “Attire” and in “true Jodi form”, she was Smiling and Laughing). So, wait another Month. This is starting to look like that OTHER Case we know….

  118. Honeydog Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Sandy!! I meant by a GUY, you PERVERT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    (Actually, I can’t stay on-top of doing my LAUNDRY, if THAT tells you anything, LOL!!)

  119. zelda Says:

    I would like to wipe that egomaniac wide smile right off nut bar asias’s smug demonistic mug.If she gets life with possibility of parole our system is toast. This and the anthony fiasco make me want to stand in the street and scream. I would but my knees are bad and it’s tough walking up and
    down my stairs …….lol.I say throw her to the lions already…….gezus……….is everyone just insane these days?

  120. sandy1961 Says:

    Z- I think insane IS the norm. any more…
    I woulda loved seeing her in her stripes & pink shit!!!
    Hope your feeling a bit better today!!!
    Hdog–MADE ya laugh!!!!!
    So are you saying you are like Blanche on the G.G.’s????
    She’s ALWAYS talking about how she (has no underwear on)

  121. zelda Says:

    I really don’t know if I feel better or not……….when someone asks me how I am I just go blank.

  122. zelda Says:

    p.s………I don’t wear underwear……….or short skirts. heh heh

  123. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Geezz, look at what we STARTED here!… If ONEOP gets a load of this after what she said about people asking about PANTIES, we’re never gonna SEE her again!! LOL! (I can only IMAGINE JOHN’S reaction if HE happens to Pop-IN!) HaHaHa…! “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”……

  124. zelda Says:

    haha.yes……….let’s get back to business.oooooooooo

  125. Honeydog Says:

    I couldn’t BeLEIVE the way Arias was acting in the Courtroom! I don’t EVER remember her being THAT JOLLY! If you didn’t know better, you would’ve thought you were watching her at a PARTY. She DEFINITELY has no CONSCIENCE whatsoEVER… It was like she was giving the Courtroom the “Middle Finger” and letting everybody know that none of this Phases her one BIT and NObody’s “getting to her”. I wanted to throw her up against a Concrete WALL and Punch her LIGHTS out. Couldn’t even believe her Lawyers let her get away with such Behavior. Pure EVIL she is….

    Did you read what I wrote to you on June 20 @ 1:23 am, ZELDA?… I hope so.

  126. Honeydog Says:

    (We could use a new Post… I’m hitting the FLOOR! and the Page keeps “jumping” as I’m trying to Scroll all the way down. John’s still away… Pooh.)

  127. zelda Says:

    Yes I did OneOp……..(re: June 20),thank you my friend,hugs to you.

  128. zelda Says:

    The “jumping” of the page is really irritating alright………shoot.

    Is anyone watching the jodi arias tv movie tonight? I am not for a couple of reasons.I am fed up to my neck in sensationalizing her positively or negatively.Just sick of our system as I see it has done nothing to stem the crazies out there of murdering away at a hellish pace.She herself said no jury would convict her because she is too pretty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shit.She pereens around the courtroom as if she is a diva of some kind smiling and giving orders.OMG!!!! I am sure they will have fresh pink sheets on her bed and a tv set up replete with popcorn for her so she can study what has worked in her defense drama of lies that has saved her skin up to now.I wonder how much money is in her jail account?? I am sure it will keep her in toothpaste and soap and tampons for eons.People are just nuts.
    Secondly, I have no tv,,,,,,,,but it will be online I am sure.I just can’t stand that fu….g mug of hers……….she is really creepy as Travis found out and that’s why he was trying to get away from her…….poor guy.Gezus.Can’t you just “imagine” the look on her face as she was slashing away at him>.yegawds.

  129. Honeydog Says:

    They showed a couple “Clips” from the Movie during Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Show the other night, and just seeing a few MINUTES of it was enough to both disgust me and piss me off… I wouldn’t have Tuned-in to watch the whole Movie if I was Bored out of my Skull and pacing the Floor desperate for something to do. Nope, no Interest whatsoever, nor was I going to support the Producers and Actors in Sensationalizing that Arrogant Evil Bitch, or contribute to the Channel’s Ratings. In seeing those Clips (one was a “Reinactment” of Jodi holding a Camera, taking Pictures of Travis in the Shower, and then she kills him) the first thing I thought of was Travis’s Family— How THEY must feel, surely being aware that this Movie was being made, and then sitting somewhere Saturday Night knowing it was on TV (I’m Positive they didn’t watch it, but STILL…). The extent to which the Greedy Media goes for “Entertainment” and “Ratings” without Thought or Respect for the Victim and the Hurt it inflicts upon his already-Devastated, Suffering and Broken Family, turned my Stomach. How much do these poor people have to ENDURE. How much is Jodi Arias WORTH to do them such Pain and Injustice. I hope the Tee-VEE Station got Death THREATS. EFF ’em ALL……

  130. Honeydog Says:

    I’m sure you were just Tired, Zelda, and it’s Okay, but it was me, not OneOp, who wrote you the June 20 “Get Well” Message. Anyway, I’m glad you read it… Not been sure of how much you’ve been following or even interested-in the Comments lately, with not having been feeling so well. I hope you’re “getting there”, even if ever so slowly. HUGS BACK.

  131. zelda Says:

    egad,,sorry Honeydog and OneOp for the mix-up,,,,,,,You are right Honeydog, I am tired when I read the comments,,,,,,have eye problems etc etc and this “jumping ” page gets me woozy to begin with. lol!
    I am with you all the way on your last post,screw em.

  132. zelda Says:

    This arias thing is just another zoo.She is having a great time controlling and working the system, She “may make a plea bargain” ,SHE’S not sure yet,(omg),,,,,,,,,that would be taking life rather than another trial????? I thought she WAS going to get life. NOW the judge gets to choose>? There was an inference that she may one day get out of prison as well which is what she is shooting for I am sure.SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE HER DOWN.
    Can the judge still give her the death penalty and or life WITHOUT PAROLE?
    My gawd less brutal murders got the perps life with no chance of parole.OMG!.The poor Alexanders.
    She is allowed to tweet and all of that? WHY?

  133. One Op Says:

    Jody Arias trial never did interest me, not that I have no empathy for the victim, I think it was just too much her, like CA. Just too much HER!! More and more Murderers are getting away with their crimes, Lawyers make the laws and they know how to intertwine and twist them and put jurors under such stress and indicision they no longer are able to use common sense. I mean Zelda and Honeydog and Sandy and I can all be in a room together and I pull out a gun and shoot them, (never kill πŸ™‚ but an attorney can find a reason that it wasn’t my fault because the rest of you shouldn’t have been in the room with me because you all KNOW, premeditated KNOW I am nuts and capable of shooting you. So it becomes your fault and I get acquitted. LOL Sorry!!! I could never hurt anyone. Well not on purpose!

  134. Honeydog Says:

    You are so right, OneOp. I’ve heard Defense Attorneys on TV talking about a specific Case and giving examples of what The Defense on that Case could or should instead “Say” or instead “Use” to help and/or win their Case… And I’m sitting there listening and thinking to myself, YEAH— what you’re basically SAYING is LIE, CONCOCT A DIFFERENT STORY, and COVER-UP for your Clients!— Anything to manipulate the Truth and get-around what they don’t want the Jury to know and what they want the Jury to instead THINK and BELIEVE. It all boils-down to them being in the Business of getting their Clients “OFF THE HOOK”, in any way they can come-up with— even if they know they’re Guilty. “Create Reasonable Doubt”— That’s the name of their Game— and the word “Create” says it all. When you think about it THIS way, overall, most Prosecutors tell the Truth— They don’t HAVE to make anything UP… They HAVE the “Evidence” and the actual Facts to support their Case, and the Defendant’s Guilt is usually clear as a Bell. If only Jurors could understand that the REAL purpose of The Defense is to Twist and Tangle that all around and make them CONFUSED, there would be alot less, well, CONFUSION. As you said, “Common Sense” is knocked-out by underhanded methods, and it’s a damn Shame that some Juries don’t recognize it and allow themselves to be “sucked-in”. I shake my Head every time….

  135. Honeydog Says:

    (Zelda~ Catch ya later with some Answers to your Questions… Too Tired right now….)

  136. sandy1961 Says:

    Hope the weekend went well with you ALL… Have been SSSSSOOOOO busy the last few days…Didn’t even go to bed this morning till 3:30,back up at 6:00… Crazy,can’t wait to get a day to just go uuggghhhhh-Nothing to do today. Oh well it is what it is… NO MAJOR DRAMA this weekend YAY!!!! I havent even looked at my home e-mails since the end of last month…..Man o man,but my brother sent me an updated picture of my mom & it’s hard to believe the difference in how she looks since the last time I saw her…. With ALL that has taken place in the last few months I DO believe it’s time to take a trip home for a few days… Can’t stay for more than a few BUT I need to go give mom & family a HUG!!!!
    Thinking of her B-day but it’s on the 4th of July & the $$$$$ of tickets are out of this world, if I wait a few more weeks after I can save about 3 to 4 hundred bucks….
    Sorry off track– Ididn’t watch the movie either,I did see a few commercials for it BUT I neither will give the ratings a boost for that bitch…How much of that movie do you even think is true?????
    Glad to see you on here a bit Z—Hope your eating!!!!!!
    Very happy to see you back One Op…
    Hdog just glad your here with your wisdom…
    Hugs to ALL & if your weather is anything like ours the last few days STAY COOL!!!

  137. zelda Says:

    whoa…………the last two comments are blacked out? What’s up with that????

  138. sandy1961 Says:

    Mine are not blacked out Z-

  139. zelda Says:

    maybe it’s me?,,,,,,,,,,,comments blacked out

  140. zelda Says:

    It goes black after honey dogs 23rd post.,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe you can email John Honeydog????? EEEEEEEEEEk!

  141. zelda Says:

    nope.still blacked out .crap

  142. zelda Says:

    CAN you guys see my posts?…………it goes black om me after honeydog answered OneOp,,,,,,,,,,,,crap Maybe john can fix it??
    Try to let me know,,,,,,,,,,Honeydog you have my email,,,,,,,,,,,,

  143. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ (RE yours, June 23 @ 2:12 pm):
    I myself haven’t heard anything about the possibility of Arias taking a Plea Deal (Don’t think I would’ve missed this News, as I keep-up with the latest on HLN on a nightly basis). As far as I know, The State announced that it is keeping the Death Penalty on the table, which means that the Sentencing Phase of the Trial is still on. Right now, we’re waiting for July 18th, when the Judge is supposed to Rule on The Defense’s Motion to “delay” that portion of the Trial until January 2014. In any event, No, the Judge cannot hand-down the Death Penalty… If the new Jury can’t make a Decision on Death (like the last one) THEN it’s the Judge’s Call to either Sentence her to Life without the possibility of Parole OR Life with Parole after 25 years. Either way, although she was “Convicted” of First Degree Murder, she has yet to be “Sentenced”… She’s presently just “hanging in the balance”— In Jail, not going anywhere, until the Penalty Trial happens and one of those three Sentences is ultimately given.

  144. Honeydog Says:

    (HI SANDY! I’ll be back to talk with you… Gotta E-Mail John about Zelda’s “Black-Out” here, and E-Mail HER to let her know we CAN see her Posts, like she asked. See ya soon!………………..

  145. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Not blacked out to me…

  146. Honeydog Says:

    I see we’ve got a couple new Posts (YIPPEEEE!) but, since I wanted to write something to you, SANDY, on a Comment you left, I might as well do it on the same Page and then we’ll be finished-up here….
    Other than being so busy (Oh I can relate!) good to hear that “other” things seem to be settling-down for you! I know what you mean about the lack of Time to stay on top of things and how fast they pile up— Besides a ton of other stuff, most of the time when I finally get-around to getting the Mail from my Mailbox outside, it’s so stuffed that not even an ANT has space to fit in it! (I’m sure my Mailman hates me! LOL!)
    How about that… My Brother’s Birthday was July 4th too! (my Brother that I lost 4 months ago). All my Life, July 4th was always a long fun-filled Day with a Cook-Out and Family and Kids and Games and a big Red,White&Blue Birthday Cake and Red,White&Blue wrapped Presents and a Bonfire and Fireworks for his Birthday… This will be the first year that won’t be happening. All the way around, it’ll be strange, for sure.
    If you don’t mind my asking, how long has it been since you’ve seen your Mom?… and, where is “Home”?? It would probably do you good to “get out of Dodge” for a few days, and no doubt your Family would be thrilled to see you. I hope you do get to go!
    OH, the WEATHER??… Yeah, after nothing but Storms and Niagara Falls-type Downpours here for the last few months, it’s starting to “Heat-up”. (And then, of course, with the high Heat and Humidity, it triggers more Storms. Can’t win!…)
    You stay Cool too… “Cool” Baby, “Cool”!

  147. sandy1961 Says:

    Hdog- I know this is gonna be a really hard B-day this year.. I always thought when I was a kid that the WHOLE world loved my mom SO much that they ALL celebrated for her…Funny how kids think,yes the presents,cookouts fireworks & all the fun shit..We would go out on my brothers boat & sit in the ocean & get the most awesome view (weather permitting)
    Maybe if it is feasable you could all get together as usual & STILL celebrate as a tribute to him…Just because he passed doesn’t mean his memories are gone also…Sometimes it helps the healing process… (Just a thought)
    Okay-here’s the rundown… I moved from a place called Thousand Oaks CA (my folks house) back in 1996..Came here to Ohio to check out where I was born.Was renting a place in Lake County about a 1/4 mile from Lake Erie(actually a street away) & was offered the chance to buy…Try buying something in CA…Tried many times to get home to see my family BUT always something came up $$$$ wise when I managed to save enough for a plane ticket…My dad got real sick & I tried like HELL to get home & see him,finally got plans set in stone & would be home for his b-day..My brother calls says change your plans & get home So I did BUT my plane was to leave 2 days after he passed…Talk about the shits…I hadn’t seen my folks in 8 years at that point…my dad passed on 12/3.. my b-day is 12/5

  148. sandy1961 Says:

    sorry had to post & start again couldn’t get my page to drop where I was writing..
    anyways as I was saying
    & my dads b-day is 12/11 I also have a nephew with the b-date of 12/1… so we had his funeral on the 6th of Dec.. My 2 brothers & my sister all pitched in & got me a plane ticket to surprise my mom for her 70th b-day about 6 years ago… Talk about the BEST day we had… She had NO idea I was coming until I was standing in front of her…We had everyone at her place except my sister she was to come for the weekend,so we had mom talking to her via skype as I came in…My bro. picked me up at LAX & I hung out till everyone got to mom’s & I got to (deliver) pizza to her… It was funny cause she was SO involved with talking to my sister she tried to get someone else to give me the $$$$ for the pizza.. I had to act like I was getting irratated & when she turned & looked at me she went white as a ghost…I think we put her in shock for 3 days… It was awesome,,anyways that’s what my life has been like….
    So I went from living 15 minutes to the beach/20 minutes to the snow living in Southern Ca. to living in a place called Mentor on the Lake in Ohio…
    That’s my story & I’m stickin to it
    So anytime any of you wanna give me a lil background… I’m ready to listen(read)
    Yes the Humidity & heat are WAY screwed up…Haven’t had such a hard time breathing in a long time…Oh yeah last year at this time…We have already broken records of 90 plus the last 2 days….
    well better go this page is jumping like crazy!!!!
    Have a great day gals!!!

  149. Honeydog Says:

    WOW, Sandy!… That’s alot of “History” I’m tryin to process here! (I DID ask, DIDN’T I!). Great Story, then Sad Story, then Great again— All the Elements of “Where do I even begin to Comment on it??!!!”, LOL! Love it. I’ve definitely gotta come back with some serious Typing! (and more Time). Catch ya Soon….

  150. sandy1961 Says:

    Funny I was just reading our new posts. I shoulda put it on the page Z could see… Oh well I don’t know how to flip it for her… Anyways I just started giving answers & kept on going… NOW you know pretty much what it is about me….
    You need not comment OR process if you don’t wanna..Just giving the rundown…
    Have a great day & weekend—-LOTS to do

  151. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Sandy! Nope, I DO want to write some stuff, and I will. With knowing my Brother’s Birthday was coming-up (tomorrow already) my Head just hasn’t been into talking about all the Family stuff that I know I’d like to share, but I know we’ll have a great Conversation off each other once I do. Also thought maybe I’d wait and see whether I could do something to help Zelda be able to read what you wrote before then. So, just stay tuned πŸ™‚

  152. sandy1961 Says:

    Was gonna send you a note this afternoon but seeing you sent this I will respond now….
    I know that tomorrow is gonna Suck for you & your family.. I wish I could wavew my magic wand & make the hurt go away, BUT you know I can’t…. I just want ya to know I will be thinking of you & yours throughout the day & hoping your pain is minimal……….
    Love 2 you & yours

  153. zelda Says:

    wordpress,,,,why does this page go black where the comments are???

  154. One Op Says:

    Hugs to you Honeypup! Separation is tough! Hope the day passes easy for you.

  155. Honeydog Says:

    Awwwwww, Thank you so much, Sandy. I have that deep gnawing empty “Pit” inside me and, because it’s also such a big day and I know lots of things are going on everywhere out there, the “Anxiety” mixed with the Depression is the worst combination of Feelings. Thanks for the Thoughts and Love… It means alot.

  156. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, I so appreciate your Thoughts and Hugs. I keep thinking of all the years of getting ready to go, grabbing my Birthday Presents for my Brother, and being on my way to the Fun we had on this day. Every little bit of Understanding and Well-Wishes do help… Thank You.

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