Verdict Reached in Jodi Arias Trial

Jurors reached a verdict today in the trial of Jodi Arias, who is accused of murdering her one-time boyfriend in Arizona, Travis Alexander, in his Phoenix home.

Alexander suffered nearly 30 knife wounds, was shot in the head and had his throat slit before Arias dragged his body into the shower. He was found five days later by friends.

So…what is the verdict gonna be???

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47 Comments on “Verdict Reached in Jodi Arias Trial”

  1. zelda Says:

    Eastern standard time at 4:30………justice for Travis Alexander MUST prevail.
    No idea what that jury will do………………

  2. zelda Says:

    Step one………….she was found guilty of first degree murder…….NOW the penalty phase.Time for the prosecution to bring out all the gory photos and all their expertise to finish this bitch off.She is clearly a sociopath.Justice for Travis is on the way…………..every bit of energy I have is going toward the obviously well deserved death penalty as the only rational outcome.
    Hooray for that jury………..they are doing a great job……..they seem to “get it” in spades.Let’s hope if it goes to the judge for the final punishment that SHE is fearless and sees the huge import of this sentencing finale.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I couldn’t believe my fearful Eyes and Ears when I watched the Verdict read— As I said before, I honestly expected to be disappointed, and was really surprised…. BUT WHO’S COMPLAINING!!! After the shocking and shattering Let-down of CA’s Verdict, this is, at least, a Faith-restorer in how good and right the System CAN be, a definite Tribute to the Excellence and Professionalism of The Prosecution, as well as to Jurors who can be Intelligent, use Common Sense, took their Job very seriously, and accurately Delivered. I… am… ELATED.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    (Well Well, Jodi just has to have the Last Word, seen arguing with her Lawyers and demanding an Interview with the Media just minutes after the Verdict— “I’d rather Die than spend the rest of my natural life in one place” (Truth or Con Job???)… “Death would be my Freedom” (Always only thinking about herself)… “Travis’s family can remember him the way they want to” (As if to say, “I’m still right about him”)… and, “I hope Travis’s family find Peace” (No Apologies, of course). What a piece of work she is…. Still as Slippery, Self-centered/serving, and not-on-this-Planet, as ever….)

    On to the next Phase…. Bring it Home, Juan.

  5. zelda Says:

    I think she is giving the idea to everyone that keeping her in prison would be worse than dying because she wants the absolute opposite and is trying one last ploy.
    Not a thought about Travis……………….but then Nothing she did today surprised me.Typical of sociopaths.
    I just want her gone and with no tweeting or any other shit available to her…..AND ALL THOSE T-SHIRTS NEED TO BE IN THE TRASH ASAP!!!
    I had to lie down for awhile after the sentence was read,,,I felt like you Honeydog…what a super jury.

  6. One Op Says:

    HI everybody, good to see unified happiness. lol
    You all sound strong and at peace.

    Jodi asks for death? Let her have it, don’t people who kill an innocent go to hell when they are dead. She mentions she does not want to stay forever in one place. Well, no matter, one place or another she will still be in one place. I think her attorneys will use “insane” as reason for consideration in sentence. Isn’t it the judge that determines the sentencing not the of jurors? I don’t really know what I am talking about, haven’t followed trial that closely. Just decided to say Hi!

  7. sandy1961 Says:

    Can we ALL have a group hug??????
    Hey One OP- I think your right!!!! Insanity plea on the way here
    I think the jurors do that also-BUT the judge can change it if she
    feels warranted to do so..BUT from my understanding it is VERY RARE that they do

  8. zelda Says:

    heeeeeeeey OneOp……….good to hear from you!!!

    Gee whiz……….

  9. Honeydog Says:

    First things First— GREAT to see you there OneOp!!!! And you make a good point about “one place or the other”. How True, and what a yellow-bellied little Coward she is, either way.

    So, Court for the “Aggrivation Phase” was abruptly and mysteriously cancelled until next Wednesday. Reports are that it most-likely had to do with that 45-Minute Interview with Fox News, which is confirmed to have been “pre-arranged” by her and probably without The Defense’s knowledge, and they’re guessing the possibility of the following Scenerios as the reason/s for the delay in proceeding— *Since Jodi stated in that Interview that she wanted to Die (and is now in a Psychiatric Ward under constant Watch in a different Facility) they need to do a Psychiatric Evaluation… Or, *She fired one or both of her Lawyers… Or, *Her Lawyers quit the Case because she went behind their Backs in doing the Interview and completely screwed-up their entire Defense (They’ve been fighting to keep her OFF Death Row, and she goes and tells the world she WANTS it)… Or, *Jodi is conceding to the Death Penalty and does not want to proceed any further (She is allowed to do this at any time, ending the Case).

    As for using an “Insanity” Plea… No— They cannot go there now. Not only was she declared Competent to stand Trial and to assist her Lawyers, but, legally, this would have to have been done during the “Case In-Chief”. They can, however, certainly say she has since had a “Breakdown” and didn’t know what she was saying in the Interview (that’s ANOTHER problem the Court is dealing with— If any of the Jurors got Wind of it) and, of course, if things stay on-track, try to convince the Jury that she can somehow make a “positive Contribution” while in Prison, and that her Life is worth saving. That’s the best they can do, and that’s IF the Case proceeds as it’s supposed to next week.

    As for the Jurors versus the Judge determining the Sentence… After Mr. Martinez’s Presentation, Witnesses and Rebuttal during the “Aggrivation Phase” (and he gets the last Word), the Jury must be “Unanimous” in believing that he has “proven” that the way in which Travis was killed was “Cruel” and caused “Suffering” (No doubt he WILL prove this). This one “Aggrivating Factor” warrants the Death Penalty. HOWEVER— Although the Jury was “Unanimous” in convicting her of “1st Degree Murder”, they may not be “Unanimous” in wanting to put her to DEATH. If this happens, only THEN will it be the JUDGE who decides the Sentence– either Death or Life without Parole.

    In any case, although we don’t know what happened to bring the start of the “Aggrivation Phase” to a screeching Halt, it definitely must have created a big serious Mess, and you can bet that Jodi was driving the Bus.

    For me, I sure wish we knew, for absolute certain, what the Bitch really DOES want, and, if I were that Jury, I’d give her the complete opposite. I think, for the first time in her entire Life, she’s found herself being forced to be held accountable for something she’s done… But just the “Conviction” isn’t enough— I say, whichever would make her Suffer the most, go with that one for the ultimate Knock-down.

    ZELDA~ You’ll be happy to know that her “Twitter” Account has been shut-down, as well as all further “Money-making” activites from Jail, prohibited. (You might want to grab the “Smelling Salz” for THIS one though— “Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story” is currently in Production for a TV Movie…… ~!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*~!!!!

    SANDY~ If only we COULD all have a “GROUP HUG”. (God knows we’re having a “Group VOMIT” after hearing that last news)……

    Oh what to expect next. Till whatever, Goodnight (and Hugs) to all.

  10. zelda Says:

    Yes Honeydog…..I read where the tv movie was happening,,,,oh my aching ass.Another perk for the up and coming weirdo squad.Makes me sick to see how hell bent our society is on money making(no matter WHAT)and the need for sensationalism that fuels that money shit.
    There is no way old jodi wants the death penalty.she wants to be a star in prison toooooooo, winning all those singing contests and so forth while doing the Madonna impressions.What a crock of shit.
    I just want her to go away…… news no thought about her at all.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    I have to admit, although I know she’s a Liar and had ulterior motives in that Interview, I haven’t been 100% sure about her really wanting Death over Life… But the more I’m thinking about it now, Jodi Arias ain’t that BRAVE to take it on. I had to find my own reason, and I think that’s what clenches it for me. I still want her to Suffer— That’s why I began to feel that Life without Parole would be better— But No, the Death Penalty would actually be the best of both worlds— She’ll have to sit on Death Row for at least the average of 12 Years, so that’s a good amount of Time to take care of the Suffering part, and then she’d get the ultimate Punnishment as well. I ALWAYS felt she deserved to die, and I was for the Death Penalty from the Get-go, but that little Stunt she pulled kind-of threw me off as to whether now it would be the right one to go with. I agree with you, and I’m back to wanting her to have exactly what she “said” she wants. Now let’s hope it DOESn’t Backfire.


  12. Honeydog Says:

    SANDY~ I don’t know if you have Kids, but I at least know you’re a Mom to your Doggie, so, Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

  13. Honeydog Says:

    If you’re there, ONE OP, and it applies, the same to you!

  14. zelda Says:


  15. Honeydog Says:

    Get ready… “Aggravation Phase” tomorrow, 1:00 PM ET.

    I’ve since heard ALOT more of that Interview she did after the Verdict… Just UnbeLIEVABLE how she kept throwing-out her Digs against Travis, kept Victimizing herself, and blaming everybody else for the situation she’s in. She just won’t STOP, and NEVER Sorry for ANYthing. Well, I understand the Judge has taken care of making sure she keeps her Mouth shut from now on— NO Interviews whatsoever until if and when she gives the Order.

    Oh, but her “Twitter” account is up and running again… The latest is “Fundraising” for her and her Family— The “Innocent Jodi Arias Fund”!! OH MY GOD HOLD ME BACK!!!! The F-ing Arrogance. What a F-ing Joke she is.

    POSITIVE VIBES to the Jury for the DP!……

  16. Honeydog Says:

    Just now heard on the News that she’s taking the Stand (Are we surpised??!!). Well, that sure BLOWS my DAY!!! Don’t know if I can take it… God help us all.

  17. Honeydog Says:

    (Let me change that end to, time for the Fingers in both Ears and humming Lah-de-dah-de-dah right after “Do you solemly swear….”)

  18. Honeydog Says:

    (One more thing, in case either of you are interested…. Juror #8 (the last one to be booted off) is giving an exclusive Interview on Dr. Drew tonight. Should be interesting!)

  19. Honeydog Says:

    2 Down, 1 to Go— “Case-in-Chief”, Guilty… “Aggravation Phase”, Guilty… Today the big one. To-Cook or not-to-Cook the Goose… 3-Times-a-Charm in the “Penalty Phase”??? Hope so.

    (Just heard that the “Sealed Meeting” held this past Tuesday was due to both Defense Attorneys filing a Motion (unsuccessful) to “Withdraw from the Case”. Arias, Wilmont, Nurmi… The 3 Blind Mice).

    Strength and Blessings to Travis’s Family in what will surely be a very difficult time giving their Statements to the Jury today, and Piss on whatever comes out of Jodi’s uncaring Mouth.

  20. zelda Says:

    This last “phase” will be riveting .I see it as a Salvador Dali painting.
    Surreal yet containing all the elements of a thought or happening.
    I for one am exhausted with watching this unbelievable lump of human flesh go through the motions of trying to pull off that humanity.Slowly we out here are uncovering these monsters and are not putting them under the human umbrella as readily as we were.
    There will soon be no where for the likes of an arias or a casey to hide in our society

  21. zelda Says:

    when do we know the verdict??? Tomorrow???? I missed that part……..

  22. Honeydog Says:

    (God I love your flamboyant explanations! I wish I had that kind of Talent!)

    In answer to your question, there we were, smack in the middle of the “Penalty Phase” Hearing, both The Defense and Mr. Martinez had given their Opening Statements, Travis’s Brother and Sister had given their “Impact Statements” to the Jury, the Jury took a Break, came back, then the Judge CANCELLED the proceedings for the rest of the day, simply saying, “We are unable to continue today… Be back here on MONDAY at 9:30″…… No Reports as to what happened. I really feel for this Jury… How many times now has this been— Go in, get sent home, get started, can’t finish— on top of the Day-in and Day-out for nearly 5 Months. They are surely to be commended for their Patience. Travis’s Brother and Sister were very effective with their emotional and powerful Statements, while Jodi “looked” like she felt bad at times, but was otherwise “Stone-faced” throughout. The Defense came-up with 8 “Mitigating Factors”— all absolutely ridiculous, and which Mr. Martinez quickly and clearly shot-down as being “Irrelevant” and/or “Having “Nothing to do with this”. We were ready for a couple “Character Witnesses” in Jodi’s defense, Direct and Cross-Examination, Jodi to give her Statement to the Jury, and “Closing Arguments”— when it all abruptly ended. Don’t know what to expect on Monday… Maybe some of these, maybe all— Who the hell knows with the on-going “Wrenches-in-the-Fan” being caused by Jodi Arias. I’d bet my bottom Dollar that her Attorneys can’t wait for this Case to be over, and to be finally rid of her……

    Until next week, hope you have a Nice Weekend!

  23. zelda Says:

    Are you kidding Honeydog???If you had any more comprehensive writing ability you would be glowing in the dark.’
    Let’s hope this” arias thing” is over soon,,,,,,,,,,,egad.I never want to see her weird face again.They say she gets more mail than any other fellow inmates ,,,,,,,,,,,gezus people are a real trip .Sending money and goofy letters etc. etc.It boggles the rational mind.
    Thanks for the update!

  24. Honeydog Says:

    There you go again!… Now I’m “Glowing in the Dark”!! Eh, I suppose I write well with regard to being “orderly” and “thorough”, and I’m a stickler about Punctuation and all that kind of “proper” boring stuff, but it’s the Creativity and Humor in your Descriptions, and knowledge and use of Vocabulary and Metaphors and such that I’m referring-to and find so impressive. Your “Artistic Talents” are definitely not only apparent “on Canvas”. (Thank You, I appreciate the Compliment… Now zip-up and take yours! LOL!!)

    You know, whether Airy-ass gets Life or Death, they say she’s the type who “isn’t going to go away” when this is over. Her extreme “Defiance”, “Determination”, need to “Control”, “be Heard”, and always have the “Last Word” is built into her like a constantly-running Motor with a Switch you can’t shut off. In comparison to C.A., who, in looking back, became “Meek” in the end, has since been obviously “afraid” of the Public, and is content to quietly exist, she’s going to make it her business to remain in the Spotlight, be the “Star” in her own Show, and continue to create “Attraction” and Controversy— Until, if and when, being strapped to the Gurney shuts her up for good. She’s like nobody no one has come accross. Getting Mail and Money is one thing, but the “Freedom” given to people like that— Allowed to extend their Tennicles (sp?) from behind Bars and grab the Attention and whatever else they want from the outside world is certainly not “Punnishment” or “Suffering” to me. Yes, ALL of it surely boggles the Mind……

  25. zelda Says:

    Personally I don’t understand why the judge stopped the last go-round either.Maybe arias had cramps or felt light headed??? I am sure it was her that threw in the wrench don’t you suppose???If there is a whit of technicality stating her “right” to stop or get something I am sure she has ferreted it out and will use any and all means to control with that whopping I Q she thinks she has. Too bad it all went to evil and conniving genius eh?Feeling you are smarter than everyone else on the planet and utterly untouchable is eerie as hell,,,,,,,I don’t buy the tears and sad thing,,,,,,,not for normal reasons.I believe they are for her fleeting sliver of realization that HER goose is cooked.Someone with her kind of emotionless mind can’t begin to fathom compassion or reality or the world they live in.casey had this mind too, Each of these clever sickos has a unique approach to life.Lies seem to be the corner stone of their existence ……….Interesting to see this play out for us in the cheap seats.What really scares me is that there has to be an army of these maggots out there looking pretty much like all the rest of us.Yikes……..It’s just a math equation.Gezus damn.

  26. One Op Says:

    Zelda, “What really scares me is that there has to be an army of these maggots out there looking pretty” That thought scares the hell out of me too. So glad I am not a dateable young man!!

  27. zelda Says:

    lol…………me too OneOp..

  28. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, everything seemed to go Haywire ever since she walked straight out of the Courtroom after hearing the Guilty Verdict for 1st Degree Murder, to giving that Interview— Both her Lawyers wanted to Quit at that point, then she was found Guilty in the “Aggravation Phase” (which I’m sure didn’t make them feel any better about continuing to fight for her), and then Mr. Martinez shot-down all of their 8 “Mitigating Factors” which, along with them figuring that Travis’s Brother and Sister made a positive impact on the Jury, maybe it was her Attorneys who realized their efforts in this “Penalty Phase” weren’t working either, and requested to stop and “Re-group”…. Maybe there was a problem having to do with one of their Witnesses…. And yes, it could have surely just been something up with Jodi herself. This Judge has been quite lenient in granting these frequent “Unable to Continue’s” without explanation, and it always seems to point to The Defense as having the problem (Hah! Yeah right! JODI is their PROBlem). Hopefully there’ll be no Snags tomorrow, and, with any Luck, it’ll all be over real soon.

  29. zelda Says:

    I noticed the judge was leaning toward the defense. I always expect a judge to be impartial within the parameters of a hair on a gnats ass…….ah,,,there is that word “expect”.
    Well we will see what happens,,,,.
    Did you see that she has PINK sheets on her cell cot?Hmmmmmmm…….I wonder if a fan sent them to her or if we give the perps options to decorate>?Someone should send her pajamas with a “Daffy Duck” print if so.
    yak at ya later,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  30. zelda Says:

    hmmmmmmm……..well the defense attys. want to bow out again.They say they can’t go further because their witnesses can’t or won’t be called etc. so basically they have nothing to work with .
    Honeydog you can fill us in on the details?
    In any case let’s pump up that jury again,,,,,,,,,we want a verdict so that that judge does not get the final word for one thing.,because she will give her life I am pretty sure.Life in prison can be manipulated as we all know and if anyone can do it creepy jodi can.She still wants to sell her art work and so there is a literal “cottage” industry available there. Being an artist myself I am deeply offended that her twilight crap is consider anything but “therapy” related. Makes me sick. I don’t know if it will be allowed from prison but she has sad lonely wanna be friends on the outside that will do it .THESE people are a test pattern for a cult-ish fringe set if ever there was one.They make my skin crawl…….yikes.
    Oh man ………lets just get it over and done with,,,,,,can’t stand that face of hers, it’s a weird little freaky mask.
    Go jury go,,hip hip

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Regarding today, Yep, another episode of DIARRHEA in the Courtroom, and, what a MESS. So much for “hoping there’ll be no SNAGS”….
    The Jury reported on-time, then sat and waited in the Holding Room for several Hours, only to be finally called-in and— UH GAN— told to go Home. During their Wait (but otherwise in Open Court), The Defense argued for a Mistrial, based on: *The Judge’s constant Denial of their past Motions… *Allowing The State’s “Intimidation” of their previous Witnesses… *The “Threats” being received by one of their “Character Witnesses” (set to Testify today in Jodi’s defense, but then backed-out— blaming it on Mr. Martinez’s “Intimidation” of her during an Interview he conducted with her beforehand)… *The fact that “Jodi is not, and has not, since the beginning, received a Fair Trial” because “The Media was allowed in the Courtroom” and “The Jury was not Sequestered”… And, *The Defense’s “Ineffectiveness” to represent their Client in this Penalty Phase, because “The Court allowed all these things to happen”. Mr. Martinez then had his Say (basically pointing-out The Defense’s BS), and, to make a long story short, the Judge basically told The Defense that they had their chances to to do things differently but always opted not-to, that they failed to provide The Court with the Lawful reasons for a Mistrial— and it was Denied. NEXT…. The Defense jumped-up and practically DEMANDED to be withdrawn from the Case (2nd time now they’ve wanted out)— and, without a blink of her Eye, the Judge gave a flat-out “Denied”. THEN…. Like defiant “Children”, they jumped-up again and stated “In that case, the Defense will call NO Witnesses”! Not only would you not believe the GASPS heard in the Courtroom, but the look on the Judge’s face— It was OBVIOUS that she was DISGUSTED. She turned-away from them, said a disgusted “Okay”, then called to proceed anyway with Jodi’s “Allocation” (her own Statement to the Jury), to which The Defense requested that it instead be done TOMORROW—— And that is how and where it all ended……

    One Theory from some Legal Experts is that, since all of today’s events WERE what they WERE, and were executed by The Defense in “Open Court”, it was quite-possibly a deliberate “Strategic Move” for their favorable use in being grounds for later “Appeal”. Others think that The Defense simply realizes they’re “Licked” and just want to “Throw-in-the Towel”. All I know is that they were clearly ANGRY today, showed Disrespect toward the Judge, acted as though they did NOT want to BE there, and everyone was really expecting them to grab their Briefcases and walk out. Of course, JODI was calm as a Cucumber throughout— No doubt “spinning her Yarns” for her big “Performance” in front of the Jury tomorrow. One thing everyone DOES seem to agree-on— She WILL “Enjoy it”.

    With that, we’re on to, I’m sure, I don’t know WHAT— but you can Bet your Life on what to at least expect when she gets to open her Mouth one last time at 12:30 PM ET……

  32. Honeydog Says:

    (Pink SHEETS huh?… I’d like to send her Blood RED ones with pictures of Travis’s gaping NECK all over them. She doesn’t even deserve a COT to PUT Sheets on)……

  33. zelda Says:

    I wrote a long piece about jodi’s bid for life and it disappeared!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOcrap

  34. zelda Says:

    John.can you find my post and get it TO post????I tried and it disappeared, Thanks

  35. Honeydog Says:

    (Zelda, I’ve had that happen to me too, but, in my case, I know afterwards that it’s always been due to my accidentally hitting some Key— still don’t know which one— that just takes everything away I just typed. Do you think you may have done that?? Or did what you typed actually show-up after you clicked-on “Post Comment” and THEN disappear, because that would definitely be weird. I sure know it’s maddening either way, and I hope John can get it all back for you (if he’s paying attention to the activity here). I always have to start all over again.)

  36. Honeydog Says:

    For me— On Jodi Arias’s “Presentation”, Closing Arguments, her 6 Hours of Media Interviews tonight in full Make-Up, the enormous volume of everything currently being said on HLN and by Reporters still outside the Courthouse (AND her “TWEETING” as we speak) while we’re waiting for the Jury’s decision— there is absolutely TOO much to say and cover, it’s VERY late, and I’d be here forever. For now, I have to condense it like this……

    If we all witnessed everything in Court, and are still keeping-up with the aftermath, I’m sure we’re all on the same page with regard to what we think, how we feel, and the Sentence we’re hoping these Jurors come back with. Bottom line, if she gets “Life”— even though it’s in Prison— she still gets the opportunity to “enjoy it”, doing all those things she mentioned she could “look forward to”. For her, THAT’s not so bad a “Punnishment”… She’ll “get-off” on it. Actually, it would be as though she’s being “rewarded”, in a sense, despite what she did and the absence of Remorse she still doesn’t show over it. She does not DESERVE this opportunity.

    PLEASE… Let the RIGHT thing be done.

  37. zelda Says:

    I agree …I wrote a glowing piece about the ridiculous chance she has been given,just plain stupid.OMG! If ANYONE can not see what this sicko is doing it’s on their heads. My gawd. Sociopath all the way.It was yet another opportunity to be “center stage” and make it up as she goes. She thought out every tiny angle to gain sympathy and maneuver the odds in her direction. Just ONE juror can flip the game and she knows it. Her attempt to humanize herself made me sick.Even threw the juors a guilt curve say ing if you give me death they will suffer and they have suffered MORE tha Travis’s family. I wanted to box her ears til she dropped on that one.
    So let’s see..if they give her lie(she says) she can run her own biz ,sell her hair, overhaul the recycle stuff in prison,sell her T-shirts that she actually pimped on the spot,teach other inmates to read and so forth. Those poor Other inmates would be at her mercy and under her control. She practically salivated right on camera on that prospect.Oh gee,well………….never mind the brutal heinous murder she committed……….poor thing…………lets be nice and give her life. Never mind she that TOOK a life, Tsk tsk,,,,,oh shit.
    Please please please jury…………..remember those pictures of Travis’s decaying body in that shower.
    more later..

  38. zelda Says:

    The jury is deadlocked……….oooooooh shit. Did anyone see the interview with ABC after her “speech” in court?? She needs her head hacked off.What an arrogant smug bitch. She just loves the attention ,,,,,,Smiling……..OMG……….come on jury…………

  39. zelda Says:

    is it just me or does her face just freakin make you want to smack it right off her neck.Old casey gave me the same feeling of repulsion.This is why Travis tried to get rid of her…he saw that freaky flat sociopath face,,he KNEW she was crazy. Gezus.The mental stress he went through for a long time must have been terrible.
    I am making all kinds of typos…….excuse please.I type in the dark a lot……can’t sleep too well.Naproxin takes the edge off pretty well.

  40. Honeydog Says:

    I just can’t get over ANY of it— Between her cold “Business Meeting”-like “Presentation” to the Jury and the BRAISEN GALL to show that “Survivor” T-Shirt (I honestly don’t know how The Alexanders contain themselves)… The controlling calculated TV Interviews (one Interviewer reported that she “acted like a “Diva”, “giving all the orders”, when the Camera was off) and some of her Smart-Ass answers… Her spinning around in her Chair and Chatting and Laughing with the Baliff in the Courtroom while waiting for the Jury yesterday, as if all of this is a big PARTY… and ESPECIALLY this JURY coming-back after only TWO HOURS of Deliberating, COPPING-OUT on what they SIGNED-UP for. I keep hearing, over and over, how “hard” it is for these Jurors to consider actually putting her to Death, because it’s “so much different when the time comes to decide than when they SAID they could do it at the time they were picked”…. Well, then they shouldn’t have SAID they could. The WORST part— ALL of this while The Alexander Family SUFFERS. SHE’s enoying HAPPY-GO-LUCKY TV INTERVIEWS, while THEY go back to their Hotel in Emotional PAIN and TRAUMA and ANXIETY and DISTRESS. EFF her, and damn her to hell.

    VIBES VIBES VIBES to this Jury. She just CANNOT end-up getting what she wants.

  41. zelda Says:

    it’s just amazing,,,,,you are right on Honeydog,what a zoo.You are spot on with the jury thing….I was pulling for them,.,what the HELL????Maybe someone will be able to shake up the weaker ones inside that jury blob……………..after all that IS why they got onOMG! that jury……..oh my aching ass.
    And yesssssssssssssss so is playing this scene like a harp.What a freak.
    Come on jury………….root root root……….OMG!
    They can get a new jury if this one can’t cut the mustard in due time as I understand it.I can’t believe the general public on these juries can be so stupid,

  42. Honeydog Says:

    I DO give these Jurors alot of Credit for taking their job seriously thus far, asking intelligent Questions, never complaining while being so frequently “Yo-Yo’d around”, returning those last two Verdicts, and, even now, listening to the Judge’s recommendations and obviously staying focused and trying hard to thoroughly hash this through…. But, as you say, that IS the job. I just give them Credit for not “caving” like The Anthony idiots, and at least staying in that room apparently WANTING to get it right. Yes, me too, what I DON’T understand, is what they’re not “getting”— She slaughtered Travis like a Pig, and I don’t believe that THEY believe she HAD to… She Lied her ass off before AND during the Trial… She got up before them and was cold as Ice, disconnected, no Apology to the Victim’s Family, not a Sincere-look in her Eye for someone who is “Begging for their Life”, insulted their Intelligence with that T-Shirt, made sly Remarks, and “Digs” toward Travis… AND, most of all, Mr. Martinez PROVED, in Closing Arguments, that there are NO “Mitigating Factors” to consider for saving her Life. Additionally, they were told by him when they asked that Question yesterday, that there is “no guarantee” she won’t be Paroled at some point if they give her “Life”, and it’s obvious, from what the Experts are saying, that this Jury doesn’t want her to get out— ever— So… very simply based on just these few things, what’s the PROBLEM. Death is the way to GO. And if they’re hung-up because The Defense layed that “Guilt Trip” on them (Wilmott putting her Hands on Jodi’s Shoulders, saying “Can you KILL her???”) or JODI trying to make THEM feel Guilty about it for herself and her “Family”… Well, then, Yeah— They’re Stupid.

    Yes, C’Mon Jury. You can do it. And you WILL sleep at night.

  43. zelda Says:

    They caved……….the jury that said they had no problem with the death penalty caved………new jury will come in the 18th of June.
    That poor Alexander family…….I feel so bad for them,,,,,,,I would want to hop over a bench and try to strangle her…….OMG.
    I am beyond disgusted.

  44. Honeydog Says:

    Yes….they….did. I’m eating my words (and moving to the new Post, “Mistrial”, to continue)……..

  45. One Op Says:

    If I had been a juror on this trial, true I would have had to answer if I could do the death penalty if I was convinced the degree of the crime called for it. I suppose those who could not agree must have felt that there was enough to favor her under the circumstances, not knowing for sure if Travis was sexually deviant. However, the fact that Jodi had requested, I said requested…. the death penalty alone would have helped me go for death had I had any hesitancy to comply with the rest of the jurors.

    If this makes any sense at all, I’ve done a good job tonight, don’t you think? LOL

  46. zelda Says:

    Great job OneOp………! Good to have you here……..I am super sleepy, talk soon,

  47. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp~ Yes, Jodi’s “request” would have probably made it easier for those 4 Jurors to agree with the other 8 in Favor of Death, but I don’t think they even knew about it. When she said she’d rather Die, it was during one of her televised Media Interviews, and the Jurors weren’t supposed to watch or read anything having to do with the Trial. Even if they DID “cheat” and heard what she said, they may have ALSO heard her change her Mind about it in a later Interview. It’s too bad about ALL of it, isn’t it though. And, by the way, you ALWAYS do a Good Job! Love having you back and great to hear your thoughts!

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