Jodi Arias: Ominous Text Message Sent Before Murder

Yesterday, prosecutor Juan Martinez showed a jury a very interesting text message sent by Travis Alexander, the man Jodi Arias killed. Very interesting indeed.

From the Associated Press:

At some point, Martinez said, Arias decided it was time to carry out her murderous plan.

Martinez displayed text messages that Alexander and Arias exchanged about a week before the killing.

“I want you to understand how evil I think you are,” Alexander wrote to her.

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3 Comments on “Jodi Arias: Ominous Text Message Sent Before Murder”

  1. sandy1961 Says:


  2. Honeydog Says:

    I was SO glad that Mr. Martinez “disected” that WHOLE Message from Travis (the above is only part of it). The Defense tried to use it as another instance of Travis’s “abuse” of Jodi, but Juan turned it around and explained the REAL meaning behind these and the rest of his words in that Text, stating that it was all because of the things Jodi was doing (Slashing his Tires, hiding in/stealing stuff from his House, Stalking him, etc) and that she would not leave him alone. This was the same Message in which Travis called her a “Psychopath”, and Mr. Martinez logically and cleverly pointed-out that Travis wasn’t a Psychologist but well-educated and knowledgable enough to determine it of her and her behavior. When he went through the Text, line by line, it all made clear and perfect sense, and he was sure to also point-out to the Jury that none of it contained any “Threats” by Travis— Just that he was sick of her Lies and Actions. If the Jury “got it”, it was all very revealing against Jodi. God I’m hoping……

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    Your wish has been granted Missy

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