Jodi Arias Murder Trial Goes to the Jury

Jury deliberations have begun in the trial of Jodi Arias. Arias is charged in the stabbing and shooting death of her one-time boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in his Phoenix, Arizona home.

Any expectations for the verdict?

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14 Comments on “Jodi Arias Murder Trial Goes to the Jury”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Even if I had been a Juror and knew nothing other than what was presented in that Courtroom for 4 months, I believe I would be able to quickly distinguish and eliminate the considerable amount of irrelevant “Junk” from the simple and fairly small amount of very clear and simple relevant content. It really isn’t that difficult: With the Case beginning with Jodi’s Lies to the Police, Medical Professionals and others, right out of the Gate— and then throughout her Testimony—…. The fact that The Defense’s Case went from “Self Defense” to “Domestic Violence” to “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” to then concluding in the end that she “Snapped”, indicating to me that her Attorneys kept “changing-up” their Defense as they went along because what they were previously presenting wasn’t working (which would surely raise a Red Flag and leave me more Suspicious of them and the Truth)…. The fact that The State’s Theory, Facts, Evidence, Witnesses and position on “Premeditation” truly all made the most logical Sense as to the “How, What, Where, When and Why” regarding Jodi Arias herself and the entire Story— Before, During and After the Incident—…… I myself would honestly have little trouble giving a whole lot of Time and Thought to my Gut-feelings and Beliefs after being handed the Paperwork. As for my “Expectations” of what the JURY will decide, they’re as high as they can be— for the ultimate Punnishment— But my “Feeling” is that I will be disappointed. Since I’m not, and can’t be, absolutely sure of which Option they will all agree on, I’d rather not even attempt to Guess, preferring to at least stay Positive……

  2. zelda Says:

    I agree Honeydog…… seems cut and dried to me……….but then so did the anthony case. As you say.we will see…..

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    So how long ya think??????
    I’m thinking MAYBE at least a day or so….

  4. zelda Says:

    No idea………..let’s hope justice is swift.
    How are you feeling Sandy?

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I certainly don’t know, but we might just have a Verdict by the next time we meet here…. The Jurors are supposed to continue Deliberating at 9 AM tomorrow (Tuesday) but, according to HLN Reporters, they gave word that they’re not going to be at the Courthouse until 10, indicating to some that they may have already reached their Decision— Of course, their late arrival could also be due to someone having a personal appointment or something. All I care about is that they’re neither too slow or too fast (Cause for Worry the one way, and possible cause for Ridicule the other, if the Public doesn’t like the Verdict and thinks they didn’t take enough time, as in the CA Case), and that they just get it RIGHT. Fingers crossed……

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Just heard on the News that Jodi is “speaking-out” on her Twitter account while the Jury deliberates….

    She says: “Hypocrisy bugs. Wish we could shine a spotlight on all of Juan’s lies”.

    (That’s NOTHING compared to the T-SHIRTS she’s selling for $15, which say S U R V I V O R accross the front, and “are going to benefit Victims of Domestic Violence”!!!!!!!!!!)

    THAT @#$%^&*+*&^%$#@ NEEDS TO FRYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I was just thinking… of how those Jurors are going to end-up feeling about themselves— and especially Jodi— if they don’t go with the deserved and rightful 1st Degree, when they later find-out EVERYthing… and you know they’re going to.

  8. zelda Says:

    That T-shirt crap makes me gag. How and why should “criminals” locked up for ANY crime be allowed to PROFIT in any way??????? TELLLLLLLLLLL me thaaaaaaaaaat. OMG!
    It’s pandering to other sickos out there that get twisted ideas that murder is ok because you get rewarded and attention and can get cash too??????????????OMG.we are slipping right off the edge in this country……what the hell is going on?
    Remember when it was chain gangs and bread and water???? Aww.but THAT was too cruel say the softies out there,,,,,,,,,,let’s give em what ever food they want………..OPTIONS to their routine, replete with tv’s cell phones to text with etc,.I pads..time to write books and time to be on the internet sex sites etc. etc. etc. OMG>
    And it’s all on MY tab………..they have no bills to stress over but I sure do……..gezus…what a mess. OVERHAUL time……..the bleeders will just have to shut the hell up.By the way I am NO way a goofy rightie……..but no way a goofy leftie either……..I am somewhere in the “sanity” group straddling the whole shiteree.
    Bottom line is………..jodi asias is a cold blooded liar nutcase that stalked, planned and butchered Travis Alexander viciously and without conscience. She is a monster…….and she need to be on death row asap.If that jury can’t see that then we are all doomed to the collapse of this society in toto.And soon………….if not already done.
    For shits sake………..

  9. Honeydog Says:

    If I could “Thumbs-Up” your Comment Rate Box a million times, I would… You said it all, and, dadblastit, I feel the same.

    Those Jurors just CAN’T let that evil “thing” get away with this. They just CAN’T. This just HAS to be the time for Victory, Retribution, and Justice the way it SHOULD be. Keep sendin’ our Vibes!….

  10. sandy1961 Says:

    Well well well
    Is it me or my computer??????
    Many many many posts and never alerted to check them out…
    Havent been on much lately BUT have missed the last 3 days of posts.. HHHMMMMMM
    I guess maybe I should turn the ole computer on a little more often..
    She says she wants the DEATH penalty..BUT I think she’s trying the ole reverse BULLSHIT on us…

  11. sandy1961 Says:

    What’s up here???
    I can’t like any posts either
    Not giving me the option

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy, I have no clue what’s going on, but I’ve had that happen to me before too, along with other little “Quirks” that suddenly work differently, or not at all, and either change-back or stay that way— For instance, I never used to have any trouble getting into the Box to type a Comment, but, for a while now, it won’t let me unless I “Refresh” the Page, and then sometimes the “Post Comment” Box isn’t even there and I have to play hell to get it to come-up. I thought it all must have to do with John changing the “Format” or something, but I’m like you— I don’t know if it’s that or it’s my Computer. I myself have never checked the Box to “Notify me of follow-up Comments”, so I don’t know about that… I just go to the Site, it brings-up the most-recent Post, I look under “Recent Comments”, and that’s how I know who posted and under which Topic, and then I just go to those Pages to read them. Don’t worry though— Those “Rate This” Boxes do always seem to return, and, even if you’re not getting “Alerts” for whatever reason, you can just go to the same Pages we’ve been talking-on whenever you check-in, and you’ll see our Comments anyway. The things we have to do, just to GOSSIP, huh! LOL.

  13. sandy1961 Says:

    Arias trial goes to jury only has 12 comments:::: Shall we start using this post????? We can fill the shit out of this page

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. The Post following this one (“Ominous Text Message Sent Before Murder”) only has 3 Comments, but then, this page would be more relevant right now….

    You guys pick!

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