Boston and More…

Not much else can be said that hasn’t been said about the Boston Marathon bombings last week. Actually, David “Big Papi” Ortiz probably said it best prior to Saturday’s Red Sox game.

The last week has been very emotionally intense, especially for those of us with friends in family in Boston. To think it has only been a week since the bombings took place. All that has happened since, from the release of the photos of the suspects, to the 24 hour manhunt and eventual capture of suspect #2. It has been a crazy few days!

Makayla and I did what we could to show our support for the people of Boston this weekend. Go Red Sox!


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3 Comments on “Boston and More…”

  1. sandy1961 Says:

    My heart goes out to those in Boston & around the world that have family feeling so DEVASTATED

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    P.S. Great picture

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Another unforgettable Day in another of our great Cities, for all the wrong reasons. For countless Police, FBI, and other Authorities, the work is done, and done well… But for countless Victims, Families, Friends, and Residents of Boston, the work continues in their efforts to Heal, emotionally and physically, and return to normal and happy times. So it is important now— with the ones responsible for affecting so many lives, taken care of— that we focus on extending our uplifting support to help them get there. Thoughts… Prayers… Words… Pictures like this— Giving a reminder to all those whose Smiles were interrupted, that there is plenty of “Good” left to Smile about. Great Picture, John. (All she’s missing is a Baseball Hat… But that’ll come later, I’m sure— With a Ponytail through the back!). Thanks for sharing!

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