Is Jodi Arias a Manipulative Liar?

Prosecutor Juan Martinez is working to portray defendant Jodi Arias as a manipulative liar who “liked to play the victim.”

Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette has been testifying for more than a week about her conclusion that Arias was a victim of both physical and emotional abuse by Travis Alexander. Arias says the killing was self-defense, and described during her 18 days of testimony how Alexander had grown more abusive in the months leading up to his death, once choking her into unconsciousness.

Arias faces a possible death sentence if convicted of first-degree murder.

From the Associated Press:

Prosecutor Juan Martinez is questioning a defense witness who says Arias suffered domestic abuse at the hands of her lover.

Psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette (la-VY’-oh-let) has been testifying for more than a week.

Martinez on Tuesday hammered LaViolette over how she could know Arias didn’t lie to her. The witness says she believed Arias, but she has no way of knowing whether she was truthful.

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118 Comments on “Is Jodi Arias a Manipulative Liar?”

  1. zelda Says:

    How absurd……….of COURSE she is manipulative……And a liar……..tell me something we don’t know for gawds sake.The only things we know that Travis did is told to us by HER,,,,OMG people.When the media gets a hold of a story like this it sensationalizes to make bucks,,,,what a shitty system.
    Bottom line,she Butchered Travis,end of story.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I think that Thanking John for checking-in and giving us a new page is in order here… (Especially for me— For some reason, this darn Computer takes forever to get through 100+ comments before I can post one, and then I still have trouble). So, THANK YOU, JOHN! 🙂

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks John!!!!
    See what I don’t get is SHE has already admitted to the killing..It’s NOT about that… It’s about getting the death penalty or not..So WHY is this being dealt with like she said she was innocent?????
    Can’t stand her

  4. zelda Says:

    Good on you John,,,,,,,,,

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Again today, Court was WILD. It’s been getting REAL hairy between this Domestic Violence Expert and Mr. Martinez. This woman is an exact duplicate of Jodi— Dancing around the subject, always “adding” a lengthy story to each and every Question to get One-Up on Mr. Martinez, refusing to give “Yes” or “No’s” or to concede— I don’t know how Mr. Martinez doesn’t strangle her and is actually keeping as cool as he is. Even with several reprimands from the Judge, she continues to be combative and downright out-of-line, to the extent of telling Mr. Martinez “If (he) was in her Group, she’d tell him to take a Time-Out”. I think the whole world went WHOA!!! and I honestly thought the Judge was going to dismiss her from the Witness Stand right then and there for talking to a Prosecutor like that. Good thing though she’s still there, because Mr. Martinez is breaking her down faster than a Pit Crew on a Car at the Indy-500, making her appear personally “protective” of Jodi, rather than a Murder Trial Witness, and showing her to be considerably “Biased” in her Evaluations, Opinions and Conclusions in favor of Arias, as well as lacking in overall critical throughness in investigating and interviewing “other” individuals for “their” input, and taking and believing only Jodi’s side of the story. It was a long drawn-out fight, but, at the end of the day, Mr. Martinez got what he wanted out of her, and I can’t help but believe that it had to have made a big difference in what the Jury thought of her, and of Jodi’s character. He even brought-up reports on how Jodi liked to portray herself as “the Victim” when she was younger, thinks she’s “Smarter than Einstein”, and how she signed her own Contract or something “In case she became Famous”. He’s really throwing it all out there now… And I’m sure we can expect double the Defense’s Objections tomorrow……

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ I know what you’re saying, and it does SEEM that way when we’re watching and listening-to all the different stuff that’s being covered in the Courtroom. Like you said, it’s not about her being innocent of the Murder, and Yes, it is about whether or not she should be given the Death Penalty, BUT— Since she’s claiming SELF-DEFENSE in justifying what she did, they have to go through all this stuff in order to either Prove or Disprove whether it really WAS “Self-Defense”, which will in-turn determine whether she SHOULD be given the Death Penalty, or instead a lesser Conviction, AND— Although even The Defense knows she’s Guilty of killing Travis and anticipates that she will likely be punnished SOMEhow by the Jury, they’re trying to save her Life at the very least. The Prosecution is the one going for the Death Penalty (based on Premediation and the Self-Defense claim being a Lie), but it doesn’t mean that’s the only choice the Jury has… It depends on what they believe or don’t believe about it being a Premeditated Killing or an act of Self-Defense, and she could be given either any one of several other available Sentences, or none at all. So, even though the Death Penalty is on the table, it’s also actually even possible that they could let her walk FREE— It all boils down to what they believe with regard to WHY she committed the Murder, despite the fact that there’s no question she did it and ultimately confessed to it……

    I can’t stand her either, and it makes me sick to watch her sit there and smile and keep whispering to her Attorney and that she thinks she’s “All That” and knows she’s lying her ass off to get away with this— and loving every minute of it. She’s putrid.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Well, Mr. Martinez has finished his Cross-examination, and, although he covered Jodi’s “Lying” and “Manipulating” and “Jealousy” and “Stalking” and that she was a “willing participant” in everything she’s now claiming “Abuse” from, as well as managed to point-out the Witness’s “Bias” and “inefficiency”, the Defense got back up for Re-direct and smoothed it all out again after everything Mr. Martinez tried to establish. God only knows what this Jury is thinking and believing at this point, with the going back-and-forth and each side One-upping then breaking-down the other, but I heard tonight that the Jury submitted more Questions during Mr. Martinez’s Cross, and, OMG, that The Defense has yet ANOTHER Witness coming— Both which we’ll be hearing within the next couple days. I’m always interested in knowing what the Jurors have on their minds, but I don’t know if I can put up with listening to another person being paid to make this Devil look like an Angel……

  8. sandy1961 Says:

    SEE I HAVE MISSED ALOT!!!!!! DAMNIT!!!!! I gotta luv ya Honeydog…. What I miss you let me in on,although I think I have missed about the last 2 weeks,although if you put it in REAL perspective about 2 days…..I do know they have to keep going & going & going about this & That BUT it’s driving me NUTS!!!!! Maybe it’s best I’m missing SO much….
    When this is over WHO shall the 3 of us go after next???>??
    Only time shall tell!!!!!

  9. zelda Says:

    Man o man………..thanks Honeydog and guys are on it. I have a lot going on but am keeping my ear to the ground on this ariass thing. What a deal.
    Yak soon…………great comments gals.

  10. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Thought you guys might need a new post to comment on 🙂

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Absolutely, John, and we really appreciate it! We wrote our “Thanks” to you up above…… 🙂

  12. Honeydog Says:

    First day of Juror’s Questions…. Real good ones overall— So far, the majority still reflecting Skepticism regarding Jodi’s story and truthfulness, and concern over this Domestic Violence Witness putting so much weight on what Jodi told her, and scarcely, or not at all, obtaining information from more individuals who knew Travis, indicating that it seemed unfair not to have done so. More than several times, Questions included references to “the Female being the Perpitrator”, “the Victim (Travis) possibly being the Abused”, and “Jodi telling things to help her Case”. Oh there were so many others along these lines, I can’t remember them all, but it does appear that at least some of the Jurors are not quite buying her story, and are seeing the Bias of the Witness as well. All in all, very interesting, and at least a little encouraging to hear where the Juror’s heads seem to be. Continuing the Questions tomorrow. Stay Tuned…..

  13. sandy1961 Says:

    Friday & court.. I guess things ARE all screwy…First time since the trial began (isn’t it?)….How many questions do you think they have this time??? I actually DID catch some of it yesterday…BUT then they went into chambers for HOW LONG????? Crazy shit…..
    Hope you ALL have a great weekend!!!

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, from what I understand, the next several Fridays are scheduled. The general consensus is that there’s so much left to cover, the Judge is concerned for the Jurors and wants to move this along, rather than skip time.

    As for the total amount of Questions, I have no idea, but as long as I keep hearing more of the same, I’ll be glad.

    Try to enjoy a little of YOUR Weekend too, Sandy!

  15. Honeydog Says:

    There you are, Zelda~ It’s obvious you’ve been busy into SOMEthing. Hope at least it’s good, and everything’s OK.

    Whenever you get a chance to catch-up, make sure you go back and check-out the most recent Comments on the other Post “Jodi Arias Answers Jurors Questions”— I think you’ll find a little something “special” from me to you…. (hehehe)…………. Right, Sandy???!!!

  16. sandy1961 Says:

    O yeah YOU gotta check it out Zelda—- It’s about time they started working on Fridays…. Hope these jurors are getting paid to be off!!!! BUT I understand alot of them may be older & not have jobs,either way trhis is crazy the amount of time this is taking

  17. zelda Says:

    OH geeee Honeydog…….I can’t find it!!! Something special for me??? Poop……….I am lost…
    Hey Sandy……… your doggie…..
    what a couple of swell gals you are,,,,and you too Oneop if ou are reading this………….

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Go to John’s Post, “Jodi Arias Answers Jurors Questions” (posted March 6, two pages before this one) and read your Comment on April 9 @ 8:28 AM, then read what I wrote afterwards. It’s not really “special” per say… Just something you obviously missed, and I know you’d like it!. (There are, of course, a few additional Comments following that from Sandy and me to catch-up on while you’re there)……

  19. Honeydog Says:

    “The Three Amigos”……
    And OneOp, if you come back, we can be “The Four Horsemen”!
    Love Ya All!

  20. Honeydog Says:

    As of the end of Court on Friday, Juror’s questions were finished-up, and, this time, although many still showed Suspicion about Jodi and her truthfulness, more directly involved the Witness and her obvious too-perfect belief in her and support of her one-sided story. Mr. Martinez followed-up with a surprisingly-brief but crippling Re-Cross, revealing a couple BIG “Misrepresentations” by the Witness to the Jury…. POW! We also permanently lost another Juror— Juror #11, a Male, due to “Illness”. Good thing they picked 18— Still enough left to do the job. Something BIG is anticipated on TUESDAY, involving this Domestic Violence Witness… As of Friday, her Testimony was concluded, and, despite telling (then arguing with) the Judge that she can’t and now has other commmittments, the Judge FIRMLY ORDERED her to be in the Courtroom on Tuesday. No one knows the reason— including herself— but it was obvious that she was shocked and pissed-off. ooooooooh.. Wonder what it could be…… Maybe that she was seen talking to Jodi’s Family in public and by some of the Jurors??? (I heard that come-up by Reporters at one point). Who knows, but something is going on. Don’t know what’s in-store for Monday, but that’s the latest……

  21. sandy1961 Says:

    Missed that!!!!! Will actually be able to see some of this…
    Am taking Tues.- Fri. OFF to help my roommate out after her surgery……So I’m sure we will see some of it……
    As I said we are across the fence on SOME points of this trial…. So we shall see what happens next…Enjoy your day ladies….
    P.S. thanks for the pup compliments…. He’s a good Lil guy

  22. zelda Says:

    Hi gals……….I have been out of the loop for a bit….not by choice. Missed you!
    Honeydog I can’t seem to find the “special” thing you wrote me…………Been over it a zillion times…….egad.// I hope I am not just plain brain dead,,,,,,,,,,,poop. I am pretty much starting over on this post……
    love your pup Sandy. Rescue. is the only way to go.My daughter has a real goofy one……..he is a mutt and hates men and loves me….hahaha.His name is Sam so natch I call him Sam what am…… He drives us crazy and has accidents now and then even with a doggie door……we think we are mad at him and then he “LOOKS” at us……and we are slush.
    It’s nice having grand dogs and cats,,,,I visit and then leave,,,,hahahahaha.
    Sandy did you say you saw my work????? Birds ???? I can’t find that post again????
    Oh me oh my…………..time for a cup of Red Rose…….7:30 a.m. here

  23. sandy1961 Says:

    HI Zelda–NO I said I would love to see it…

  24. zelda Says:

    Just caught a few moments of the news online where the jury is asking questions again,,,then it went to the tv guys for discussion. OMG……………have we all lost our freakin minds??? They were talking about it perhaps going to justifiable murder.or 2nd degree which is the same thing………..OH for gawds sake. THEN to look at her goofy long expressionless “snooty” face just gagged me. .
    I can’t stand it……I want to kick her ass till she doesn’t have one.What an arrogant pig she is and she relishes all this drama and attention thinking she will get off scott free and be at Walmart shopping for bras and thongs.OMG OMG>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE let this jury sentence her to death………we KNOW she is guilty of butchering Travis. Enough already.
    Ok Sandy……..I am lost trying to find the right comments since we got the new page.

  25. zelda Says:

    what the hell is with the Marathon bombing? My gawd………..bastards
    some parts of this world are just hell bent on killing,that’s all they know all they want to know.What a horrible waste of humanity..It’s terrorism as fr as I can see………….animals. They want all of us dead………sons a bitches…..

  26. zelda Says:

    My first gut reaction is that this was a real jahad type attack……..It could be a home grown nut that did this,,,,,,,,,,I am not sure what being an American means now days.Born here……???? Moved here?
    Immigrated here? I guess we take all comers…that was the idea.We all fit one of those descriptions.But my thought is that precedent can bite us in the butt.What do ya think………?????
    You could fill a stadium with what I am NOT saying.

  27. zelda Says:

    where are you gals?

  28. Honeydog Says:

    I’m here now, Zelda. Didn’t get on the Computer the past couple nights— Too tired after doing Yard Work all day for two days, then going to my Job at night, then catching-up on watching all my recordings of the Trial and the after-discussions and the local News. Just couldn’t muster-up the strength to stay awake and think and type.

    Terrible terrible thing in Boston. Such a lovely day, a wonderful and treasured event, happy people…. and, once again— in an instant— Darkness, Destruction, Lives lost and injured, and Devastation. It’s just unbelievable anymore, and the reasons for these happenings are both frightening and outraging. I’m not exactly sure what to think as for the “type” of Attack and Perpitrator/s, but, only because the Explosive devices were contained in Kitchen Pressure-cookers, and inside Backpacks, it just seems more like the Criminal Mind and highly-mischeveous actions of some warped but technically-knowledgble Teenager/young person, as we’ve seen before. I don’t know, but I would just think that, if it were of a true “Terrorist” nature, it would have been on a much larger scale of Attack, and by a much more complex means. All I can say is, as I see the coverage of all the people who were injured, and the three Families crying over the loss of their loved-ones— one, a Child— I’m once again filled with Sadness and Disgust, and reminded just how unsafe, anywhere, at any time, is, in this unpredictable and sick world. I’m hoping with all my might that the Investigation leads to Handcuffs and Lethal Injection.

  29. zelda Says:

    Hope you are rested Honeydog…….take care of yourself please.Sometimes my hands feel filled with lead after hearing the breaking news…..just weary of all the crap going on out there.
    Yes,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder what or who is behind this horrid affair.People are just plain nuts EVERYWHERE. Not sure what to think at this point.
    I guess ricin is being sent to Obama and a senator via mail people are NOT happy about the status quo perhaps…..or SHIT…they are just nuts.
    take care and rest now……………

  30. zelda Says:

    If old nutbar arias gets a slap on the wrist I will just give up………a lot of people feel that way.So let’s keep rooting for that jury!!!!!!!!

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Thank You, Zelda. I feel Okay now, though I worked in the Yard again today and went into Work afterward. Lots of Spring clean-up (Leaves, Twigs, Pine Cones, etc) from the Winter months, the Grass is growing fast and will need to be mowed soon, a Fence to fix, and, with nearly an Acre of property, I’ll be at it for several more days. After the lack of physical activity over the Winter, it’s just tough at first, but at least my sore Muscles are working themselves out and my Stamina is getting better with each day’s work.

    Don’t know if you’ve been watching the Trial and know what’s going on, but I had written ALOT here last night (Wednesday) covering Monday and Tuesday’s events in the Courtroom, and, I can only assume that I accidently touched a wrong key, but, in the blink of an eye, it all disappeared. A day later, I’m still pissed after all the time I spent, and I feel like I fell down on the “JOB” (Keeping you guys informed– LOL!) “GAAAAWWWWD” I hate when that happens!! Anyway, as much as I want to write about it right now and bring us all up-to-date on everything, I can’t, due to it already being pretty late and I have an early appointment for my Daughter, so I really need to hit the hay.

    How about Obama’s proposed “Gun Bill” (required Background Checks for all Buyers) being shot down by Congress??!!…. The voices of the American People and Victims of Gun Violence AND Common Sense DISREGARDED AS USUAL. Greedy paid-off Assholes.

    So much to talk about. For now, Nightie-Night, see ya tomorrow….

  32. zelda Says:

    I am with you on the Gun thing…………is the term
    common sense” just an archaic piece if diatribe now? Boy do we need to “throw the bums out” in Washington………….Just because they wear a suit and plaster their hair back with goose grease and parade around in that red tie doesn’t mean they are any less the crook………..gezus.

  33. zelda Says:

    After seeing the pics of the two guys that they are pretty sure blew the hell out of the marathon I would say my gut feelings are valid. Real terrorists…………not some homegrown loner nut.They could be citizens but not born here, Or maybe second generation guys.
    I realize I am making judgements but I will bet I am not far off..we will see..
    In ANY case I hope they fry the bastards. My thought is that they split out of the country immediately……..What do you think?…

  34. Honeydog Says:

    Well, regardless of what I might have thought a minute ago, doesn’t look like they left the Country— Just now saw on the News that there was a Hold-up at a 7-11 Store in Boston, later involving a Car-jacking, chaotic Police Chase, Shoot-out and “Explosives”, that one of the two Perpitrators is dead, and a massive wide-spread Manhunt is in-progress for the second. BOTH Suspects have been confirmed as being the two responsible for the Marathon Bombings. They’re reporting that both men are Immigrants from overseas, had Military training, are of College-age, and are likely Brothers. The entire city of Boston is on Lockdown. As I’m typing, I can’t keep-up with the information pouring-in (and steadily changing) but, yes, you were right— definitely “Terrorists”— and the Investigation is in full International swing as to their possible Links, Accomplices, and other intent for Attack here. Apparently, they had no Escape plan, but rather the usual “prepared-Suicide”. With all the Pictures and Media information circulating, as well as Nationwide alerts, my guess is that the one At-large will be found, and I say, after this, if our Country can’t keep proper and neccessary track of who is coming in and out of it, maybe we just need to STOP ALLOWING FOREIGNERS IN HERE ALTOGETHER. I don’t GIVE a SHIT… SOMEONE’S not doing their JOB. Terrorists are all around us— Thanks to “ALL ARE WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES”, and a SYSTEM OF PROTECTING IT— ON LAND, SEA, AND AIR— APPARENTLY NOT WORKING. TOO EASY WE ARE, and NOT SO SMART as we like to Boast. SCREW people from other Lands… DISCRIMINATE them ALL… TOO BAD. This is BULL SHIT!!!!…………

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Quickly, regarding the Trial (it’s late again… will have to come back) The Defense rested on Monday, Mr. Martinez went into— and is currently still in— his Rebuttal Case, his Expert Witness (a young crackerjack of a Psychologist) has been on the Stand for the past 3 days refuting the Testimonies of The Defense’s Experts, was Cross-examined by The Defense (who tried like hell, but didn’t get ANYwhere up against this girl), and, as of today, Mr. Martinez was back up on Re-direct. This Psychologist is nailing Jodi Arias to Cross!… Calling a Spade a Spade and telling it like it is!… NO “PTSD” and absolutely NOT a Victim of “Domestic Violence”. She’s sharp as a Tack, on her Toes, confident yet not coming accross as “Biased”, direct, clear and understandable in her explanations to the Jury, not at all rattled by The Defense’s intimidations, and the BEST Testimony about the REAL Jodi Arias— based on the time she spent with her and all the Interviews, Testing, Evidence and Reports she did and evaluated— we’ve heard yet. Jodi can’t (and doesn’t) even LOOK at her while she’s talking and giving Answers— It’s like someone finally took her, pressed her up against the wall, got up in her Face, looked her in the Eyes and said “I know who and what you are, and you’re not fooling ANYbody”. If you’re missing it, it’s a shame. Mr. Martinez knew what he was doing (as if he didn’t always) in choosing this very tactful Witness with a strong commitment to following “Protocol” and being “Accurate” in her work, and whom I’m hoping and praying is convincing this Jury of the Truth.

    I’m glued to the Screen…. More later.

  36. Honeydog Says:

    YooHoo SANDY… Where ARE ya???

  37. zelda Says:

    Good on you girls……….spiffy commentary.
    You are right,they didn’t leave the country,,,one dead one on the run.The “sleeper cell” fact is what I was eluding to………..scary.Ya never know these guys are even a problem till they blow your ass off.

  38. zelda Says:

    No tv but I try to stay informed on my pc. Thanks Honeydog…..!
    Yeah,,,,,,,,,someone is finally ripping jodi’s skin off……..what a smug bitch.

  39. zelda Says:

    Headline on CNN news:……….IS JODIE ARIAS A DANGER TO SOCIETY?…………
    UH………what?Oh my gawd

  40. Honeydog Says:

    … Just to MEN she wants, but who don’t want HER.
    I doubt Society will need to worry about her being out in it anyway….

  41. sandy1961 Says:

    Hello ladies-Been awhile-Haven’t been on here for a few… My roommate had her surgery last Tuesday.. Had a plate by her ankle & 7 screws removed… She isn’t supposed to walk on it for 6/8 weeks… Needed to help her out the first few days… What the HELL is happening in this world…. How about that bombing??? OR better yet that the ASSHOLE that’s still alive ran his brother over & that’s what killed him!!!!! OR the fact that the cops were at an Aunts house in R.I. & themom was at the house BUT didn’t talk to the cops (cause she didn’t) know they wanted to talk to her!!!!1 HOW STUPID IS SHE???????????? And this AIRYASS bitch has got to go!!!!!

  42. zelda Says:

    My best to your roommate Sandy! Hope all goes well. You are a gem to be helping her……….
    Yes the bombing is a real wake up call for realizing the different mind sets we have going on in our troubled world.Man o man.People are butchering eac other all over the world at a breakneck pace. History shows nothing has changed but technology.Terrible.
    As for ariass……….she is below my smallest care.What a waste of time she is.She is a butcher…….she needs to never be seen or heard of again. . We have to FIFGHT for our humanity with laws that don’t allow this kind of thing to happen.We are being”watered down” by our own democracy ……….interesting.

  43. zelda Says:

    excuse typos…barely awake….

  44. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Zelda…Your right about all of it

  45. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Sandy! Glad you’re back. I can partially relate to your Roommate’s situation— I have my own “Screws” (and a “Rod”) in my Ankle/Leg from a bad Break I sustained 7 years ago, which also later required a second Surgery… It got badly infected, had to be re-opened and re-done. It’s no fun, that’s for sure, especially when they basically cut and go into and/or around the same areas which were already cut before, and the Ankle being so thin-skinned and so extremely-tender from the first procedure. It makes me cringe being reminded of it, and I have alot of sympathy for your Friend, knowing what it’s like. Good that the worst is over now, and that she has such a good Friend in you to help her out. I wish her the best in her Healing process, and hope things will soon settle down and get easier… for the both of you.

    Yeah, the “Bombing”…. It thoroughly disgusts me that we’re even going to waste our time and money on a TRIAL for this guy! They say they’re going for the Death Penalty… Why wait. The only good thing about it is that he won’t get the self-satisfaction of, and “pride” in, taking his own Life, like he would rather do. Still, we’ll be feeding him and taking care of him while he sits in Prison for how many YEARS before it even happens. Just makes you shake your Head……

  46. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Honeydog-Things just keep getting (BETTER).Now I get to go under the knife..OR laser OR however they do it…Have something in my throat that feels as if I’m swallowing razorblades constantly…Sorry you had such a bad time with yours… Did you ever check out the site called “”??? She has gotten alot of GOOD info. from them & met alot of people with similar problems & how they got thru it????

  47. Honeydog Says:

    Well girls, speaking of thoroughly disgusting…. It appears that Jodi is now getting the same “Queen-like” treatment as Casey Anthony. No Court today (Monday) because The Defense filed new Motions— First, they want the Judge to permit them to have a “Surrebuttal” (their OWN Rebuttal Case AGAINST Mr. MARTINEZ’s Rebuttal), in which they’ll have ANOTHER Expert Witness to refute the Testimony of Mr. Martinez’s current Witness, so that THEY can have the last word instead of HIM before Closing Arguments…. and Second, they want the Judge to add/include the “lesser” Charges of “Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion”— “provoked by Travis Alexander”— to the “Jury Instructions” as new “Choices” during their Deliberations. We shall see what the Judge has decided when Court resumes on Tuesday, but this freakin’ shit is for the freakin’ BIRDS!!! Not only will The Defense’s “Surrebuttal” Case EXTEND the Trial, but, like the murdering Bitch who went before her (Casey Anthony), Jodi Airyass DOESN’T deserve ANY of these ADVANTAGES! This all makes my Blood boil, and I’m half-afraid to watch tomorrow. Stand-by for the “CAPS LOCK” Key throughout my next Comment if The Defense gets their way……..

  48. sandy1961 Says:


  49. zelda Says:

    Why are casey and jodi any better than the bomber kid? They should all hang.
    Murder and butchery have no name or face. This country HAS to be victim minded.We have lost our way.
    Maybe we should start a “Victim Movement” beginning with a media blitz and grass roots blitz and NEVER stop pushing,,,EVER. It is essential to the mental and emotional health of we the people.
    There should never be another casey or jodi trial like this. It makes a mockery of everything this country was meant to be.

  50. sandy1961 Says:

    Get em Zelda!!!!!

  51. zelda Says:

    well.someone has to step up to the plate…………why not a little grandmother “Painter” person eh? I think I have as much or more brains than most of the assholes who are running this country like a Walmart .Ka-ching!!!
    We should close our borders and deal with what we have here and boot out any and all suspected (proven) militants that want to blow us up.Time to clean house.and YESSSSSSSSSS some people will be mishandled and the people wearing their hearts on their sleeves will get mad,,,,,,,but they are mad anyway and always will be. How about common sense being applied here and there? OOO what a concept.
    I would like to think my grandchildren will have a safe place to thrive in and not a profiteering mad house of a country that takes us back to the caveman.

  52. sandy1961 Says:

    I FULLY agree with you..Things are SO out of hand here…So tired of hearing how WE have to tiptoe around these son of a bitches that come here and want to do such harm to our people..Just like the mother of those 2.. DID YOU HEAR HER INTERVIEW?????
    (They killed my eldest son!!!) NO BITCH your youngest KILLED your boy!!!Then she goes on to say how she doesn’t care if they kill the other one…. Your right Z–CLEAN HOUSE!!! BLOW em up..GET RID OF THEM>> Common sense??????? Do you REALLY think our Gov’t as it is NOW has any?????? I don’t….Is all they have been doing is running circles around things AND talking out of the wrong end….. I also hope that the next generation or so WILL have a SAFE place to live & be able to thrive…. IF WE KEEP GOING LIKE WE ARE NOW>>>>> I don’t see it…. SUCKS doesn’t it????

  53. zelda Says: sucks.

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ Like I said before (and obviously you know anyway) “When it Rains it Pours”…. YOUR turn now, huh? I can only imagine what your Throat feels like, but can sure imagine that it’s a pretty uncomfortable thing to endure, especially given how often we “swallow” in a day’s time. Do they have any idea of why it’s like that? Have you ever had a “Tube” put down your Throat for any type of Procedure or Surgery in the past?… Just wondering, ’cause I’ve heard, from people who have, as well as from some Doctors, that similar feelings in the Throat are attributed-to and are common effects after having a Tube there. In any case, I’m sorry for what must be sheer misery to deal with constantly, and really hope you’ll get relief after whatever they’re going to do. Keep us posted, okay.

    As for the Site you mentioned, No, I’ve not been on it nor heard of it. I actually severely broke my Ankle, not my Leg, but, because of the twisted way I landed when I fell, the impact threw the lower portion of my Leg out (curving it) and a Rod had to be included and extended upward from the Ankle to keep everything in-line and help to stabilize the Foot. Unfortunately, I never went to Therapy after the Cast was removed, because my Father was very ill at the time, in and out of the Hospital, and I was helping my Mother (also elderly) take care of him and tend to all his Medical stuff. There was just no time to tend to my own needs. Although my Surgeon said that the “Healing” part of it was good in itself, the absence of Therapy and its benefits is something I feel every day. Mostly my Ankle is extremely “tight” and aches all the time, and, of course, the strength is not there as it would be if there had been Therapy, and my Job certainly doesn’t help with having to stand throughout my Shift, but, I’ve just learned to deal with it— And it definitely helps having a wonderful Daughter with great “Massuese-like” Hands to make it feel better when I really need it. Thanks for the Info… I might just check it out for curiousity.

  55. sandy1961 Says:

    As for now-No clue as to what it is…I can actually see it with a flashlight..As 4 the site it isn’t ONLY 4 broken legs,BUT ankles and everything (from my understanding)Thank God for the daughter with the MAGIC fingers….That sucks about NOT getting therapy…My roommate never did either…. He wanted her to BUT she didn’t… Due to $$$$$$ reasons… BUT I guess she found the things she needed to do on her own… Her Dr. is extremely impressed at her progress that she has made on her own..

  56. Honeydog Says:

    No Ruling from the Judge, as of Tuesday, on The Defense’s Motions, but Mr. Martinez had a Lightning Round of Witnesses— Five total— who either put Travis Alexander back in his deserved good graces or confirmed previous issues in The Prosecution’s Case…. His Witnesses included one of Travis’s close Friends who took the Video of Travis and Jodi at a Party, and who talked about the “Affection” Travis “always displayed” toward Jodi when they were together (CONTRARY to her Testimony)… A “Walmart” Employee who proved that Jodi never returned and got a Refund for one of the Gas Cans she purchased there (CONTRARY to her Testimony)…. An Oil Company Employee who verified the total Gallons of Gas and Credit Card usage at the Gas Station Jodi stopped at on the day before she killed Travis (CONTRARY to the specifics in her Testimony)…. One of Travis’s Ex-Girlfriends before Jodi, with whom he dated, had Sex with multiple times, and remained close-with over a period of 7 years, who Testified to “No Abuse”, “No Violence”, “No Disrespect”, “No Pornography”, nor “pushing her for Sex”— EVER, and who portrayed him in the complete opposite light from Jodi’s “Angry”, “Hostile” and “Controlling” description of him (CONTRARY to her Story)…. and finally, the Police Investigator who conducted the search and breakdown of Travis’s Computer Data, Files, and Sites he visited, whose Testimony concluded that there was “No evidence of Pornographic Activity” whatsoever found. He was also asked by Mr. Martinez whether any Photographs or other Pornographic materials were found in Travis’s home, and the answer was (of COURSE) “No”. With these 5 Witnesses, Mr. Martinez indeed gave the Jury an Earful— not only “rehabilitating” Travis and his Character, but further exposed Jodi as the Liar she is— and HAS been to them and other people— as well as being the Perpitrator— not the “Victim”— of all that happened. In all, a great day for The State… but Word is, The Defense will more-than-likely be granted their “Surrebuttal”, so, it ain’t over YET, and, well, tomorrow is another day……

  57. zelda Says:

    thanks Honeydog…………

  58. Honeydog Says:


    Per the Judge today:

    Court proceedings will be brief tomorrow…

    No Court this Friday, next Monday or Tuesday…

    Court will resume next Wednesday, May 1st, and will go as long as it takes that day to finish-up…

    Closing Arguments will be on Thursday and Friday, May 2nd & 3rd…

    Jury Instructions will be given on Friday, May 3rd…

    Deliberations begin the following Monday, May 6th.

    Closing Arguments

  59. Honeydog Says:

    (Damn I hate when that happens… Disregard that last line)

  60. sandy1961 Says:

    I do believe you summed that up nicely–Surprised it’s coming to a close (so early) ha.. joking ladies this has been one hell of a LONG trial!!!! SURE as long as it takes that day,kinda hard to believe… They haven’t done an ALL dayer yet…SO who shall we start on next??????

  61. Honeydog Says:

    A brief review of today….
    It was short and sweet, with two more Witnesses for The Prosecution providing further incriminating Evidence for the Jury’s Eyes and Ears— One, a Computer Forensics Expert who retrieved Jodi’s “Helio Phone” (not sure of Spelling, but pronounced “Heel-ee-o”) and showed Pictures that Jodi had taken of herself the day before the Murder, having changed her Hair Color from Blonde to Brown before renting the Car and going to “Walmart (lending to The State’s Case regarding “Premeditation”, in that she would be less/or not recognizable on the Road-trip)…. and the other, Detective Flores, who conducted the 3-Day Search in Travis’s Home after the Murder, and who testified that nothing whatsoever— associated with Travis having a Gun— was found in the Home (No Holster, No Ammunition, No Manual, No Cleaning Kit, No Gun Registration in his Name). He also showed Pictures of and talked about the “Closet” and the “Shelves” which Jodi claimed she “jumped-up on” to reach the Gun, providing the back-up to Mr. Martinez’s Evidence that, not only do the Shelves “tip-over/collapse” under “Weight”— and nothing was found to be “disturbed/out-of-place”— but that, according to Jodi’s Height versus the Height of the top Shelf, she could not have even stretched and reached into the corner where she claimed the Gun was kept……

    These two Testimonies were followed by Questions from the Jury, and, once again, all had to do with Jodi, not Travis. They were great Questions, and, with no doubt, indicated considerable Skepticism.

    Jodi’s Face and Demeanor throughout these past two days of 7 strong Witnesses for The Prosecution, and all the things that put her Stories into the Shredder, has really changed— especially at the moment the Judge announced the above Schedule, realizing the little time left of her Trial… Not so Confident-looking anymore, but instead “Slumping”, Concerned and Scared-looking. (I would bet that her Lawyers will now instruct her to put on the Sad, Humble, Innocent “Baby Face” for the remainder of the Trial, for Jury Sympathy. Whatever. We all know how well she can “Act”. Let’s hope the Jurors know it too).

    4 Days to go……

  62. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ Yeah, in the Judge’s words, “We’re all staying next Wednesday until it’s finished”, and the Court and TV Reporters are saying it could go as long as 8 PM ET. Strength to those Jurors!

    As for who and what “new-and-exciting” we’ll talk about when this is over, your guess is as good as mine. Unless John starts giving us new Posts, we’ll be discussing your THROAT or my ANKLE! LOL!…. Nah, you can bet there will still be lots of stuff coming out and going on for a while even after the Verdict. As we know from Casey Anthony’s Trial, it all doesn’t end right away. And then something else always comes up, another Story in the News, and one thing leads to another. Eh… If worse comes to worse and we’re REALLY Bored, the three of us can just take turns picking our OWN Topics! Bet we’d come up with some Doozies!!

  63. sandy1961 Says:

    Apreciate the updates bee so busy I haven’t watched… Could watch N.G. BUT you know how I’m feeling about that chucklehead..Gotta go get my pre-testing done for the surgery SO will yack at ya later….
    Have a great day ladies!!!

  64. zelda Says:

    whew………….yes Honeydog and Sandy we will all be glad when this trial is over for sure……….man o man. I have my old cheerleader pom poms at the ready to root for the jury.
    Can’t stand looking at her mug ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ugh.
    Thanks for the updates Honrydoodle,great………toodles Sandy
    yak at you gals soon……….

  65. zelda Says:

    whoaaa..what did I miss?? Sandy you are having surgery???? GGe eeeeee whiz! Sending you my best energy kiddo…………
    more soon………..

  66. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Z-(hope ya don’t mind the shortcut)–Beginning to feel like you guys are family……Yes I will be having it on Wed… BUT these fat lil fingers will be able to type come the verdict on Friday….I know the jury will get the case coe Friday-BUT I’m thinkin it’s only gonna be a few hrs. before they come back with the verdict….Any guesses? I say no more than 3 1/2 hrs…. And I think that will just be cause they don’t want it to look like a slm dunk!!!!

  67. sandy1961 Says:

    also known as A SLAM DUNK…
    Don’t ya hate submitting— Then seeing you can’t spell
    boy that last comment is full of missing letters

  68. Honeydog Says:

    As of today, The Prosecution Rests. Mr. Martinez ended with the Testimony of the Medical Examiner who performed the Autopsy, which, among many other explanations having to do with the Wounds and Hemmoraging specifics, included his deduction that Travis was shot AFTER being stabbed and his Throat slit— not the other way around, as Jodi claimed. (Interesting to me here, was that Jodi was seen shaking her Head, as if to say “No, that’s not right”… Yet, according to HER, she was in a “Fog” and “doesn’t REMEMBER” any of that part— Uh Huh). A handful of Juror’s Questions followed, which were answered with clear, direct, and confident details. Throughout the entire Court Session, the grissley Autopsy Pictures were up on the big Screen for all to see, and, when the Jury was dismissed, these were the images they were left to carry with them— cleverly executed by Mr. Martinez.

    From what I gather, The Defense IS getting their “Surrebuttal”, which will happen next Wednesday (with, I think, two new Witnesses— a Psychologist, who is being called to refute the Testimony of Mr. Martinez’s Psychologist (the young “Crackerjack”), AND (oh Brother) a different “Domestic Violence Expert”) in The Defense’s obviously-desperate last-ditch effort to tag Jodi as Emotionally-Abused and all that other crap. Again, whatever… I have Faith and Confidence that Mr. Martinez will Steamroll over all of it on his Cross-examination, and flatten these Witnesses to the point of no return. Of course, as always, we shall see……

  69. Honeydog Says:

    Will your Surgery be Out-patient, Sandy… or do you have to stay?

  70. sandy1961 Says:

    The final countdown Ladies…I think we shall have a verdict come Friday nite……I also understand they are getting rid of another juror this week…Boy could you imagine hanging on this long just to be booted at the last week?????

  71. sandy1961 Says:

    Honey- Or shall I call you Doggy??????
    I will be having same day surgery…
    They are going in to take out whatever it is in the back of my throat that you can see….Then they are going to explore (as they put it) around and see what else is going on…..
    It is gonna be great to not feel like a taser is gong off in my throat when eat,drink,sneeze,cough,breathe…So basically live!!!!

  72. zelda Says:

    Sandy…… glad you will be feeling better soon………!!!! Keep us posted!!! Thinking of you…….
    hugs Zelda

  73. sandy1961 Says:

    Thank you Z– I will….Surgery is Wed..Not sure what time yet….
    If I’m up to it I will let ya know how I’m doing Thurs…
    Have a great day… Or shall I say week!!!

  74. Honeydog Says:

    I’m here much later than usual, so, Sandy, you’ll probably not read this until after your Surgery, but I’m thinking of you too, and hope all goes (went) well. (Oh, and you can call me whatever “variation” you like… As long as you don’t call me “Dog Poop”! LOL!)

  75. Honeydog Says:

    (PS:) DON’T watch Nancy Grace when you come Home and are trying to Heal your Throat— No SCREAMING! (LOL)

  76. Honeydog Says:

    The 3rd Juror to leave was Juror #8, a Male, dismissed because he was pulled-over and arrested for Driving under the Influence, and spilled the beans to the Cop that he was a Juror on the Jodi Arias Trial! (Big No-No… Can’t mention it to/discuss it with anyone). The Cop reported it back to the Court, and that was that. Yeah, if he was hitting the Bottle THEN, imagine how much he’s drinking NOW, getting kicked-off after spending 4 Months of his time and just days away from it ending! (HAH! I guess if there was ever a Trial to be involved in that would drive you to Drink, it’d be THIS one!) Still, bet he’s pissed… What a Dummy.

  77. zelda Says:


  78. sandy1961 Says:

    Hey Gals-Things went well.Thanks for the thoughts…They took a few things out and we shall see what’s up when I see him on the 13th.. How bout that juror!!! What an idiot..Just saw the closing arguements and hate to say it BUT Nermi had a few just points…We shall see..

  79. sandy1961 Says:


  80. zelda Says:

    Hey Sandy!!! Happy to hear you did well and I am sure you will feel a ton better……yippie.Hug hug………
    I am on pins and needles about the “jury”………..this HAS to go right or I will just give up.Can’t watch Nancy or any of those people…..
    Take care Sandy……(another hug)
    yak soon….I am beat……art walk tonight and another Sunday show plus two more gigs.Very Very tired and my arthritis has hit me full force tonight…………I sold three little paintings,,,,,,,,no big money but I feel good about ANY sale…………
    yak soon Honeydog

  81. Honeydog Says:

    Hello Chickies….
    Sandy, I’m glad it went good and I hope you’re feeling great relief!
    Congrats, Zelda, on your Sales! As you say, something is better than nothing, and three is sure better than one or two!
    Both of you, take care, and continued Good Luck with your Throat and Art Shows!!

    Been very busy myself… So much so, that I’ve not had an extra minute to type a word about The Defense’s “Surrebuttal”, Mr. Martinez’s subsequent Cross-examination, Closing Arguments, Mr. Martinez’s final Rebuttal, and the Case being given to the Jury— all come and gone now (can you believe it’s over) although I did watch EVERYthing. Not much point now in going back to Wednesday when it all started and discussing it all through to the end— Only, overall, that The Defense still disgusted me with their continuous trashing of Travis and Pity Party for Jodi and piss-poor Excuses and Lies, and that Mr. Martinez— although fantastic throughout these past three final days, in effectively covering what we know to be the Truth— left me a bit disappointed in that, within his final statements (last words the Jury heard before they got the Case) he, #1, didn’t bring-up “Cancun” again as being the real reason Jodi got her Revenge, or #2, remind the Jury that none of Travis’s former Girlfriends experienced anything but Kindness and Respect from him (but oh, Jodi was “Kicked” and “Slapped” and “Choked” etc), or #3, ask them if they can really believe that Travis would become so violently uncontrollably outraged over a CAMERA dropping that he would take off after her and INTEND to KILL her and go to Prison for it, or #4, remind them that it’s NOT “Self-Defense” to repeatedly stab him in the BACK while his Back is TURNED and he himself is Defenseless. Although I was really glad that Mr. Martinez DID say that Jodi “Slaughtered” Travis, I wish he wouldn’t have missed these four points among all the others he reminded the Jury of, as well as ended with “No amount of Dirty Words or Consentual Dirty Sex justifies THIS”… (and pop-up the Pictures one last time). For me personally, I would then feel more content, and be satisfied with everything else. Anyway, the Jury has what it has, and their work certainly cut-out for them. For us, and knowing so much more than them, it’s “Gulp” time……

  82. Honeydog Says:

    I see we have two new Posts from John… (THANKS, JOHN) 🙂

    Looks like we’re close to wrapping things up on this page soon anyway… Probably meet you girls on one or the other, or both, at some point then. Hope you both have a nice Weekend! Catch you here or there later!

  83. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Gals-
    Back 2 work 2day….I’m not quite sure how things are gonna end up with this trial
    Glad 2 see they put more on the table this time..They say they DON’T want her walkin like Anthony did…
    Should be interesting!!!!

  84. Honeydog Says:

    I actually don’t like it at all that they put more on the table— Gives the Jurors too many choices and gives Jodi too many advantages for lesser Offenses and insufficient Punnishment. There’s no way she would’ve “Walked” anyway, since she did commit Murder and confessed to it. I think they should have stuck with the inital and appropriate two Charges— 1st Degree or 2nd Degree. She may not have gotten the Death Penalty, but at least a much longer time in Prison… Perhaps even Life without Parole. With the addition of “Manslaughter” and it’s several “multiple choice” inclusions (“Heat of Passion”, “Provoked Argument”, etc etc) she’ll be lucky if she ends-up serving less than HALF the time she deserves to, after they subtract the years she’s already put in. The current Check-list is like taking Jodi to an Ice Cream Parlor, when she should only be handed Jello or a Cookie— At least one might be a little better than the other, but neither is as good as Ice Cream… and that’s the point. She should have to take it or leave it. The Crime she committed shouldn’t be rewarded with a “Dessert Menu”.

    So you’re back to work… How’s it going? Are you feeling pretty good now?

  85. Honeydog Says:

    (As you read, I was getting pretty nervous last night, waiting and thinking and worried about what might be going-on with the Jurors because of that Wrench being thrown in the Fan— NOT… ANY… MORE!!!)

  86. sandy1961 Says:

    Hi Gals-
    Well just desserts have been given yesterday…
    Now it’s time to watch & wait again.
    I had a pretty good feeling of this outcome.
    Wierd the last 3 posts just showed up this morning.
    I can’t believe she gave that interview right after the verdict last nite
    I think she’s FULL OF SHIT
    Death my ass. She wants to live..
    I heard she’s pretty much rolling in $$$$$$$ from people putting cash on her books…
    Z-Hope your arthritis is getting better…
    Congrats on your sales also..
    H-Hope things are well with you also.
    How bout these girls in Cleveland???? Our news coverage
    has been pretty much round the clock..
    Friggin amazing they were pretty much around the corner from the abduction site for that long…

  87. Honeydog Says:

    Who knows what the hell was up her sleeve in doing that Interview— other than a Snow Job. She still thinks she can run the whole Show with her conniving manipulative Trickery. Anymore, it doesn’t even phase us… Can’t even get outraged over it— She’s such a pathetic Morron, it just makes you Laugh.

    Yeah, what a Story about those three Girls. I remember back when it was on the News that they were missing. Sure makes you wonder how 10 years went by, and, with them being so close to Home all this time, that the Authorities wouldn’t/didn’t thoroughly go through and check every room in every House in the area. Reminds me of Elizabeth Smart— She was always within “Hearing Distance” of her own Home, yet they apparently searched “everywhere” and still missed her. Something wasn’t right there, and something wasn’t right in this case either. I’ve already heard reports that one or two people had tried to provide Tips back then, but they were ignored by the Police. I guess we’ll learn more as time goes on and the Investigation unfolds. I’m really glad for the long-overdue Happy Ending for these Girls and their long-suffering Families, but I also feel so sorry for the one’s Mother who died a few years back— Friends say of a Broken Heart— who never got to see this day. Thank God for the Man who didn’t turn his Back on the Screams for Help, and who deserves much more Recognition (and I think the offer of a Monetary Reward) than what he’s getting. I hope the Girls and their Families never forget the Hero who saved their Lives, and I wish them all the very best after what they’ve endured.

  88. sandy1961 Says:

    Boy this dude is a friggin monster… BUT what a baby he is in court….MEEK lil F***…….. I myself feel SO bad for HIS family….

  89. zelda Says:

    Yes .this guy is a real asshole,,,,,,what a freak.The stories of his inhuman abuse to these girls is coming out slowly,,,,,,,just terrible.Something fishy about the police not finding them………good gawd.Just the weird actions of this dude would be a major tip off don’t ya think?I mean it was off the charts and he was literally three miles away………Hmmmmmmmmm……..he needs to get a room with arias.

  90. sandy1961 Says:

    Just confirmed the PRICK IS the father…
    Like we couldn’t figure that one out..
    Michelle has just been re-released from the hospital…NOT wanting to have ANY visitors ……She needs Facial RECONSTRUTION…..
    Imagine what that PRICK must have done to her for her to have to have her face fixed…
    Z-That would be awesome for those 2 to room together…

  91. Honeydog Says:

    Ugh… I can’t imagine it all, the things that went on in that House of Horrors— Being locked in the Basement, never going outside, being Raped, Starved and Beaten, and being repeatedly PUNCHED in their Abdomens to cause them Miscarriages when Pregnant. Besides the Authorities missing him, what I don’t get is that his Neighbors always thought it was odd that he would bring all these Bags of “McDonald’s” home when he was “the only one living there”, Visitors “weren’t allowed past the Living Room”, and his own Daughters thought it strange that “they were never allowed Upstairs” and the “Basement Door was always locked”— Yet nobody spoke-up or thought to call anyone or even tried to do some investigating on their own. I know if I were in my Parent’s House and was told I couldn’t go upstairs for ANY amount of Time— let alone TEN YEARS— and wondered why the Basement Door was locked all the time, I’d sure be Suspicious enough to find a sneaky way to check it out. Oh but NOW “it all makes Sense”… What was it that DIDN’T make Sense to everybody a long TIME ago? I feel sorry for his Family too, but I also think they were pretty Stupid. Those poor Girls. And Yeah, he’s sure hanging his Head NOW, isn’t he. They oughta hang him by his B**** and use him as a Piniata, and, as far as I’m concerned, there’s alot of people to blame for this.

  92. zelda Says:

    absolutely right on Honeydog.What the hell????
    It’s so revealing to see a neighborhood like this……….poor ,seemingly uneducated and probably lots of crime. Does that make sense ??? In other words it could be no one really wanted to rock the boat for fear of having their own stuff looked into? I imagine there are many reasons no one really did anything……..including the police.Gezus.
    Boy the weirdos just keep crawling out of the woodwork don’t they?

  93. Honeydog Says:

    Good point about the type of Neighborhood it is and the kinds of things people would be worried about being discovered “in their own Backyard”. I didn’t even think of that. But speaking of “Woodwork”, they all sure have no problem crawling-out of it to get their Faces in front of the TV Cameras and act like they’re being so helpful and concerned AFTER something bad happens and it’s too late… You know, how they all crowd around and want to get in on the action and talk THEN. It just gets me how that so-often seems to be the case.

  94. sandy1961 Says:

    All I can say about the neighborhood is– It is a VERY scary area…My roomate & I have been around by & when we get anywhere near by she gets real jittery & wants to get FAR away…
    I hate to say it BUT we are the WRONG color to be anywhere nearby…When you start getting in certain areas EVEN the police stop you & want to know what your doing….

  95. zelda Says:

    I hear you Honeydog…and Sandy.

  96. Honeydog Says:

    I had actually forgotten that you live in that State, Sandy, and apparently where this happened is not far away. I can understand more now, from what you say, about the “situation” in that area… Scary just reading it… and it makes me question even moreso now why the Police didn’t infiltrate that Neighborhood alot better/more often/from time to time when those Girls went and remained Missing. Just curious— Are the Police themselves leary of going in there too?

  97. Honeydog Says:

    (Wasn’t finished the above)….

    I mean, I would think, with them knowing how it is, that they would automatically be highly-suspicious of the likelihood of the Girls being somewhere within it.

  98. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m NOT exactly sure what was goin on… You see them CONSTANTLY around.. I do know that they were DEFINATELY conducting an ongoing investigation for Amanda & Gina, they took Michelle OFF the missing list MANY years ago.. I think they said 2003… Talk about HEARTWRENCHING!!!!!!
    I am about 15 min. from Cleveland & about another 10 t0 15 from that area…
    I DO BELIEVE the brothers had NOTHING to do with these abductions & think the people should STOP threatening them & destroying the property of his family… They ALL seem to have disowned him at this point…
    WHAT A SHITTY SITUATION he has put them in….
    They thought these girls pretty much fell of the face of this earth…
    THANK GOD Amanda was able to get herself & her little girl & the others OUT….
    Now my understanding is this Ramsey character is FULL OF SHIT!!!!
    Sounded like a really great guy..( Funny also) BUT evidentally a lying piece of garbage!!!!
    15 min of FAME— NOW a lifetime of guilt ( I HOPE)
    IF he really had NOTHING to do with her escape…

  99. Honeydog Says:

    “On-going Investigation” huh?— Apparently not too efficient. And gave-UP on one of them??— WOW, unbelievable. Just incredible how they were there all along and slipped through the cracks. Terrible… and RIGHT, Heartwrenching.

    I agree— The Brothers are innocent of everything, and it’s awful for people to use them as a Target for their Anger and Revenge. The horrible Crime of one Family Member always hurts and destroys the lives of their loved-ones, but Criminals never think about that! Yeah, I saw the Interview where the Brothers couldn’t care less what happens to him. Serves the bastard right… I hope NObody in his Family comes to his rescue, and that he’s totally alone for the rest of whatever life he has left.

    HUH? I must have missed this new information about Ramsey! What happened??? Are they saying he LIED???

  100. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes- Rumor has it.. The 1st person to help was a Spanish speaking dude (no English).OR very little..Heard Amanda screaming for help….Went & kicked the bottom of the door in… From my understanding,everything Ramsey said DID happen BUT it was not him that did it…. HE is just sucking up the glory….
    From what I hear NO ONE in his family is going to his rescue…. Even saw an interview with the daughter that knew BOTH Amanda & Gina….. Boy is she pissed….She is ALSO in jail for at least 25 yrs. FOR TRYING TO MURDER her 1 yr. old child
    BUT she feels extremely used by her father….. She went to school with the girls & that’s how the father knew the girls…..

  101. Honeydog Says:

    Man, if that’s true, what a creep Ramsey is to take the credit. Guess he figured, since the Hispanic guy doesn’t understand/speak English, he wouldn’t know any better, so he saw a “Golden Opportunity” to be the Hero. I sure hope the REAL one gets the Praise he’s due.

    Wow, the Daughter tried to murder her child? Crazy…

    I heard that the three Girls are not going to give any Interviews until after their Kidnapper’s Trial. I suppose they’ll have to be there, and maybe also Testify, huh? Such a shame they’ll have to go through that Nightmare all over again when they’ve been through so much already and are trying to overcome it and heal.

    Thanks for the Info. Hope all is well with you and you’re feeling much better these days.

  102. sandy1961 Says:

    Thank you- I went for my follow up on Wed. Everything came back Negative…Load off my mind.. Still bugs at me some BUT he hopes it’s just from healing.. Said if it still hurts in about 2 wks. he will do a c-scan to see if he missed something he couldn’t see…
    Yup NO interviews till the trial–HOPEFULLY he will NOT subject them to that!!! They were saying Gina & Michelle are worse off than Amanda,,Maybe cause of the baby(who knows)
    Hope all is well with you & yours
    Z-How the Hell are you????? Arthritis any better????

  103. zelda Says:

    Hey Sandy,,,,soooooooo glad you came through your ordeal so well!!! Wow.really happy for you.YES!
    I am taking naproxin… lets me walk with a lot less pain etc. etc.I seem to stay the same……….dang,Lots going on.I just keep truckin.
    Man o man……….arias looks like she has hit the dirt,,,,,,death sentence very likely.Can’t come close to Travis’s death.I can’t imagine the pain he went through,I don’t give a shit about her,,,,,,nada.
    The rescued girls story, though a wonderful ending(so far), is creepy My gawd people are an endless movie of depravity.Yikes.
    You girls
    (Honeydog and Sandy and OneOp) keep me sane……..thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  104. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Z-
    I’ve taken naproxin for my back before seems to help a bit anyways-Glad it helps you out.
    Arias is a FREAK— Judge said NO MORE INTERVIEWS also….
    Can’t believe the dude is pleading NOT GUILTY…
    Talk about a DICK…Gonna put these girls thru this & they want a change of venue…

  105. Honeydog Says:

    YIPPEEEE Sandy on the good report! I remembered that you had a Follow-up, but, when you didn’t mention anything about it, I was kind-of afraid to ask how it went (you know, just in case) and that’s why I just said “Hope all is well with you” (was concerned but didn’t want to “pry”). I’m relieved! (Yes, no DOUBT you are). I can imagine that your Throat would still bother you after having an intrusive procedure, and it probably WILL just take some time to Heal before it feels normal again… Like a “Scar” that keeps “itching” even after the Wound is gone— Annoying for awhile. I’m sure everything will eventually be lots better. You done GOOD, Girl! Hang in there!

    Pleading “Not GUILTY”???… Jesus H. Ch****, that shouldn’t even be legally ALLOWED!!! What the hell is there to argue and defend??!! Another waste of Taxpayer’s Money, more Emotional Trauma for the Victims, and completely undeserved for this Sleezeball! UGH!! Unbelievable.

  106. Honeydog Says:

    “Keep ON Truckin'” ZELDA! Between you, Sandy, and me (You struggling with your Arthritis, Sandy dealing with her Roommate’s and her own Medical Issues, and me single-handedly caring for my elderly Mother and Special-needs Daughter) I think we are all “TROOPERS”!!!

    “We… are… Faaaaamah…LEE…… I… got… all my… Sisters… with me…” (Remember that Song??) 🙂

  107. Honeydog Says:

    (Oh, and of course, on everything ELSE we talk about, “I am Woman, Hear me ROAR” !!! (LOL!) 🙂

  108. sandy1961 Says:

    Hahaha Honeydog-
    Nice to chuckle first thing in the morning-
    WE are troopers arent we!!!!!!! Just glad we all have each other we can vent to when needed…
    I do appreciate that……..
    Funny how things come together like that isn’t it?????

  109. zelda Says:

    Amen Sisters……….

  110. zelda Says:

    can’t get my stuff to post,trying here

  111. zelda Says:


  112. sandy1961 Says:

    Well I do believe today is the FINAL day… I would be really surprised if they went beyond a few hours to finish deliberations…
    Having trouble by chance Z??????
    What a crock Jodi put on yesterday….. The shirt shit I just couldn’t believe…
    Much less the judge allowing her to give interviews again…
    Boy I hear she went on a media blitz….
    Well ladies Who shall be OUR next fight??????/

  113. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy, on your comment of 5/20 @ 5:43am above, I feel the same way, and always look forward to my time on here “with my Girls”!

    (To you both, I have to continue on a different Post— I’M having trouble on THIS one)

  114. sandy1961 Says:

    Lets start a new post then…
    Can’t NOT get my Honey-dose
    Missin Z also

  115. zelda Says:

    yes let’s do

  116. Honeydog Says:

    John would have to put-up a new one, giving us a fresh page. Otherwise, we could just agree right now to stop commenting here and either stay on the most-recent Post (“Verdict reached in Arias Trial”) or pick a Post which has the least amount of Comments so we have more room (like maybe, “Ominous Text Message…”) ???

    What do we want to do?

  117. zelda Says:

    let’s not comment on this one

  118. sandy1961 Says:

    How about
    Arias trial goes to jury???

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