Jodi Arias Answers Juror Questions

Jodi Arias has spent two weeks on the witness stand answering detailed questions from attorneys. Now…it’s the jury’s turn!!!

Arias was hammered with questions directly from the jury in her murder trial today. The questions focused on her actions on the day she killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

I guess Arizona is one of three states that allow the jury to ask questions of witnesses on the stand. I wasn’t aware of that!

From ABC News:

Questions posed by jurors to accused murderer Jodi Arias today showed skepticism toward many of Arias’ claims about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and the alleged confrontation that resulted in his death.

Members of the jury submitted more than 100 questions to Judge Sherry Stephens after Arias finished testifying in direct and cross examination. Arias, 32, is charged with murder in Alexander’s death and could face the death penalty if convicted.

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111 Comments on “Jodi Arias Answers Juror Questions”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    John~ First to you… Thanks for the two new Posts! Always love seeing your Family Pictures, and the fresh new Page to continue our discussion on the Arias Trial (whether you chose that on your own or it was facilitated by my request on 3/3/13 @ 4:21 AM “Casey Anthony Appealing…”) is much appreciated.

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    Yay-A new page Honeydog…How long before we hit bottom????? Thanks John

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Okay girls, picking-up where we left-off…. What’d ya think of Day 1 of Jury Questions?

    I myself have to start with the fact that Arias had time to review the list of Questions, and, being quick on her feet, had most of her Answers/Stories finely-tuned, tweaked, and rehearsed. Overall, I shook my Head in disgust and said plenty of “Uh-huh’s, Sure, and Yeah Right’s”. First, I am sick to death of her constant references to “the Church”— “In the Church”, “The Church says”, etc etc— purposely “using” it to her advantage as a “tool” to imply that she’s always been “Religious” and a good God-fearing girl, to gain sympathy. BULL SHIT. Like most OTHER “Jailbirds”, it’s MY belief that she only “got-into” Religion and the Bible and her talks with visiting members of the Clergy while BEHIND BARS, and has had 4 years to learn and “practice” her notorious “Quotes” to incorporate them into her Stories. I doubt she ever knew a LICK of ANYthing Religious— much less uphold and practice it— before being Incarcerated. Even her references to the “Morman” Beliefs— I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that she requested a BOOK on the subject in anticipation of this Trial, so she could “study-up” in her efforts to make the Jurors believe she was truly “converted” and respected it back then. Oh, but wait a minute… She went against it’s Laws ANYway. What the hell does that tell you. No… The ONLY thing she was truly “into” before that fateful day, was Travis and wanting to “possess” him. It turns my stomach how she’s now trying to portray herself as “Mother Teresa”.

    Her continued explanation of the “Camera” incident— which allegedly instigated the Crime— really gets me. First of all, tell me… How does a CAMERA (especially the one depicted in the Crime Scene Photos)”BOUNCE” and “ROLL”???!!! (Unless you throw it down a HILL). It’s neither round nor rubber, like a Ball… It’s geometrical shape and protrusions (opened Zoom-Lens) and Metal substance would NOT make it “Bounce” and “Roll”— If anything, it would just DROP and SLIDE accross the “Tiles”. Secondly, Why… If Travis was “so nice”— per her Testimony— about the time she really messed-up his VEHICLE when she couldn’t get it in the right Gear, would he throw a FIT and slam her around over a CAMERA. And we certainly didn’t hear of him getting “Angry” or “Violent” with her when she hacked-into his Computer/Phone/Text Messages… Oh, but he would get “Angry” when he read HERS. No… It’s all a big fat Lie. I have no doubt in my Mind that she turned this whole thing around. She simply had to make-up SOMEthing (this Camera story) to cover-up the more-likely-true scenerio that she fought with him over the CanCun Trip he did not want to take her on, and took her Rage to Revenge.

    Another thing… She makes this guy out to be “Angry” all the TIME— That it was BECAUSE of this that she “agreed” to his Sexual desires and Fantasies and put herself into uncompomising situations— To “relieve his Anger and Stress”. I’d like to know what this otherwise happy, joking, caring, intelligent, great Motivational Speaker, good Friend, and all-around nice guy was ALWAYS so ANGRY about… Apparently, it was only with HER. In MY estimation, it was BECAUSE of her. I think she was so obsessed with him, clingy, wouldn’t leave him alone, and demanded his undivided attention, that he probably DID get annoyed with her. Odd, isn’t it… What other reason would he HAVE to be “Angry”, and especially as much as she claims he was (basically, their entire RELATIONSHIP) And, rather than it being HIM who’s fault all the Sex was, SHE “used” this TOO as a “tool” to keep him close. C’mon people… Read between the lines.

    There were today— and all along— so many other things that stand-out as “too perfect” to be believable, too “convenient”, too “selective”, too “enthusiastic”, too “detailed”, too “self-serving”— not to mention her previous Lies and Deception and Testimony discrepancies— And, from the types of Questions these Jurors are asking, it appears as though these are the very ingredients they are skeptical about as perhaps being Poison in the food she’s so suspiciously-determined to make them eat.

    Amazing… More Questions were ADDED to the Box WHILE she was giving TODAY’s answers! Personally, I don’t care HOW many they have— Keep asking-away… Let the Box over-flow— I’d rather them show Common Sense and enough Intelligence not to miss calling her out on a single damn tiny thing. On with the Show……

    (PS): VERY interesting and REVEALING Video shown on Dr. Drew tonight, taken by a Friend of Travis during a gathering of people at a Party— CLEARLY showing that Travis was NOT “unaffectionate” toward her in public (as she claimed), and JODI indeed “irritated” at not being the “center of his attention” while Travis was talking to others. (FYI: “HLNTV.COM” to see the Video). I think I’m beginning to agree with this Friend— and some others— that it wasn’t TRAVIS who wanted to keep HER and their relationship a “secret”, but instead, JODI who wanted to drag HIM away from his Friends and have him all to herself. Yes… I truly believe she turned EVERYTHING around in this Trial to make it seem that it was ALL TRAVIS.

    OH-kay, I’m pooped. Later……

  4. Honeydog Says:

    HaHaHa, Sandy! Not LONG— at the rate I’M goin! I have GOT to calm DOWN! LOL!

  5. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I tried to get a new post up as requested. I’ll admit, I haven’t paid attention to the trial though. SO many things going on in my life right now that take precedent 🙂

  6. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I saw the request and thought “what the heck” let’s get a new post up so you guys can discuss 🙂

  7. zelda Says:

    The jury asked about 200 questions to arias………she manages to have an answer to everything and rarely screws up………….amazing. Must have a mind like a steel trap………..a sick one and a real case study for up and coming doctors.Egad……….
    I wonder if the jury asking questions is a good idea…….it seems to me to be fodder for the defense and can show how the jury is thinking and then shore up their defense,Only three states have that option,,,,Right now I think it’s a minus for the prosecution.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Apparently those 200 Questions weren’t enough… It was reported tonight that Jurors added even MORE to the Box during Mr. MARTINEZ’s Re-cross, which was after The Defense’s Re-direct following the first round of Jurors Questions— DURING which time they were STILL putting Questions in the Box (Oh anyway, this will now equal the 3RD TIME they’ve submitted Questions). Indeed she does have an Answer for everything (except when she selectively-decides that the Question is “Off Limits”) but it’s obvious she HAS screwed-up by the nature of some of the Jurors Questions, and now by the things Mr. Martinez disproved— and is only getting started-with— when he took-over today. I’m banking on him having plenty more where they came from. Good point about Questions from the Jury, and, as we saw today when The Defense followed them, her Attorney did just that— “Used” their Thinking/Questions to assist his Strategy. But MAN, when Mr. Martinez dove-in, it barely mattered. I’ve never seen a Trial with Jury Questions, but I actually like it, and I tend to think allowing them can work both ways.

  9. zelda Says:

    We will see……I am of course pulling for a smart jury………..I hope they nail her freaky little ass…….First time I have seen a jury ask questions on a capital case……… can go either way.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    You wouldn’t believe (nevermind, yes you would) some of the information Travis’s circle of Friends are disclosing in TV interviews regarding the extent of her Obsession with and Possessiveness of Travis. According to them, she would NOT leave him alone following their Break-up. One of his Co-workers— who went to his house one day to pick him up for a Meeting and who said that Travis was a “stickler” about being on-time for everything— told that when he got there, Travis was outside, yelling and pushing Jodi into her Car because he had come home and caught her hiding in his Closet. This person said they were fighting right in front of him as Travis was trying to wrestle his House Key off her, which she had lied to him about losing when he had asked for it back at some earlier point in time. He said Jodi then “threw” the Key accross the Yard, and, as Travis was running to go get it, he took his Cell Phone out of his Pocket, yelling back to his Co-worker about them now being “late”, when Jodi got back out of her Car and took after him, grabbed his Cell Phone, and threw it down on the ground. (There’s more, but this man said that, on their way to the Meeting, Travis confided that he was “really frustrated with her and didn’t know what to do”). Others are giving similar Eye-witness accounts of some of the “problems” Travis had with her “bugging him”, and most ALL believe that the ultimate reason for his death was due to her not accepting him sticking to his guns about not including her in the trip to CanCun. It’s a crying Shame that the Jury doesn’t know “everything”, but I understand that “Character Witnesses” are not allowed to Testify— UNLESS, The Prosecution reaches some certain specific something-or-another (can’t remember what it is) which, in that case (whatever it is) would then be permitted. (Whatever that may be, it would be damn great to see it happen…. See how her and her “One-Man-Show” goes then……

  11. zelda Says:

    gezus,,that is what I am sayyyyyyyying…………..we pamper her legally but don’t allow the people who witnessed this shit to testify………..I can see why the original idea was put into law but it can back fire…………oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t get the feeling that this Jury is stupid. I think they have their Doubts. But, let’s face it, throughout the majority of this Trial they’ve sat there listening-to ONE PERSON, and, other than the forthcoming Testimony of Experts on “Victims of Domestic Violence” for The DEFENSE, a “change of Scenery”— some OTHER Input like that of above— would sure help round-out both sides of the Story for these Jurors. I mean, if a MURDERER’s Story is heard, taken-into consideration and analyzed by a Jury, why not the Testimony of people who observed the Behavior of the Murderer. Sure, either ONE could be Lying, but what harm could it do. Let the JURORS decide. Why is it that it’s obviously acceptable to Defame the Character of the Victim, but not of the Killer, and, Law or no Law, it’s somehow not right to me that it’s left solely to The Prosecutor to speak for a deceased Victim— one he did not know— when there are people who DID— People who have Videos and such… real EVIDENCE to show and speak-of. Why is it that ALL Evidence is not presented at Trials. Why is it more of a “Game” to see which one can pull the Wool over a Jury’s eyes and which one won’t. I’m tellin you, I don’t get it… the “rules” and “Laws” governing the “System”……..

  13. sandy1961 Says:

    This is STUPID–Let the true facts in….Put people on the stand that know what’s going on & have seen firsthand what this chucklehead has done…How can they allow Travis to be smeered in this way & AiryASS to sit in that seat trying to be the primadonna

  14. zelda Says:

    man…….they need at least ONE of us on that jury.

  15. sandy1961 Says:

    I think it should be you Zelda then you can do artwork while you listen

  16. zelda Says:

    hahaha……….OFF the subject…..BUT,,,,,,,,how about the Rodman Kim deal? OMG.that is pretty surreal. Right up there with Jane Fonda stuff.OOOOOOOOOOooo.Yikes.
    Maybe the world IS flat…….hahahaha

  17. Honeydog Says:

    Huh? I’m normally up-to-speed on the News, Celebrity Buzz, etc, but I either completely missed hearing about this Rodman Kim thing or only heard a glimpse and don’t remember it. So what’s goin on???

  18. sandy1961 Says:

    That is some crazy stuff..Rodman even got kicked out of his hotel cause he was driving EVERYONE crazy with his signed book by this idiot…He thinks Kim is better than sliced bread…They have become buddies…..Honeydog — Rodman went to a game with this jerk in N.Korea & was buddying up with him…He even insulted that Psy guy…about his country…I guess Psy was pretty pissed off…..STATING I AM FROM SOUTH KOREA… Not sure of ALL that happened but Rodman is an idiot!!!!!And to boot I hear he was EXTREMELY drunk…

  19. Honeydog Says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Sandy. I definitely didn’t hear this Story at all, but sounds par-for-the-course for these types of “Mr. Big Shots”, especially when shit-faced.

  20. zelda Says:

    Rodman is certainly a jerk and an idiot…………he wants to meet the Pope too.oooooooooooooooo.
    He is just unbelievably out of the loop………….

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Well… From what I hear, Jodi Airy-ass has had her last Hurrah. Supposedly, today was her last day on the Stand. The Jury threw-out more questions, Mr. Martinez was on-fire throughout (Objection after Objection by The Defense were Over-ruled), caught her in more Lies, Discrepancies and adding things-on she never brought-up before, and ultimately ended in ripping her a new you-know-what. The “Closet” scenerio was brilliant (Standing-up on the edge of the “Resting Shelves” to get the Gun would not only not hold her Weight, but would cause them to flip over (absolutely true of these kinds of Shelves) and Photo Evidence showing not a thing “disturbed” in the Closet)…. The “Gun” issue another brilliant point— If she believed it wasn’t loaded, and Travis KNEW it wasn’t loaded, why run specifically to the Closet, and for an “un-loaded” Gun— IF there WAS one there at ALL…. Then the “Knife”— He hooked her so good on that one that she couldn’t wiggle her way out of admitting to running to “go find it”…. The “Morman” thing was also great, in that Mr. Martinez brought-up everything she blamed Travis for, but willingly participated-in herself— even as far as “Lying”, which is against their Teachings— while all along trying to make the Jury believe she tried to uphold them…. Then there was the “No 9-1-1 Call”, ever, at any time, througout all her alleged “Abuse”— No mention of it anywhere or to anyone, no self-taken Pictures of her alleged “injuries/bruises”, nor especially after she killed him…. The highlight of the day was Mr. Martinez’s breaking-down the critical “Timeline” over which the entire Crime happened— From the Shower and the dropping of the Camera, to the very end where she dragged him all the way back to the Bathroom (Dead-weight, to boot) and put his body inside the Shower: Impossible in 62 Seconds. Overall, WHAT a last Day for the ending of her Shennanigans. The look on her face when he got done with her and Court was over and she knew she will say no more, was like she was unfairly “Disarmed” of her Weapons, and clearly broken of her bold erect Confidence. I think tomorrow The Defense brings-on one or both of their “Experts” (prepare to Doze-off during the “Snail’s” questioning). Should be interesting though— especially when Mr. Martinez gets his shot. It’s gonna get Down-n-Dirty, Folks……

  22. Honeydog Says:

    Are you KIDDING ME!!!… Rodman meeting the POPE???!!! All I can say is HOLY HELL……….

  23. sandy1961 Says:

    I think she’s done herself in!!!
    Could you REALLY see Rodman meeting the Pope????
    So hey dude—-You got some wine we can drink????

  24. zelda Says:

    Man o man………let’s get behind that jury ……..hooray for Martinez.!

    She is such a twisted bitch…….
    As for Rodman………he is pathetic.

    yak later gals.

  25. Honeydog Says:

    LOL Sandy! Terrible thing is, I wouldn’t put it past Rodman to actually say something like that. Geeeezzzz….

  26. Honeydog Says:

    So, did either of you see The Defense’s witness, “Dr. Samuels”, on the Stand today? This “Episode” should’ve been called “Jodi Arias and her BRAIN”— or otherwise known as “Who’s paying this guy OFF”. I’m too tired tonight to get into all of it… I’ll just mention a few things— At least the female Defense Attorney did the questioning, so that was a Blessing… Mr. Martinez was very quiet again, concentrating on every Word and making his Notes, and Miss Airy-ass was a far-cry from the way she looked yesterday, appearing to delight in the Doctor’s defense of her. While, during his Testimony to the “unknowing Lay-Person”, Dr. Samuels presented himself well, provided alot of Information, and gave a good “presentation” with interesting “Power-Points” and such, it was later discussed by varied Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neurologists and other Medical Professionals following this Case, that he was “not completely on the up-and-up” with the Jury about certain things he said, “completely medically-inaccurate” about others, and found to “contradict himself” on several issues… BUT— here’s the JUICY part… In the state of New Jersey in 2002, this Dr. Samuels was Charged-with and Fined-for “Bartering”. He was involved in a Child Custody Case in which he backed the Father (a Dentist) without ever conducting a Psychological Examination of the Mother (who ultimately lost Custody) in exchange for Dental Services… (Oh it gets better)… He was overheard saying, while entering the Courtroom today, “This is such a great Case.. It’s going to be good for my Book”. I sure hope Mr. Martinez has “got-his-game-on”.

    And on THAT note, Tomorrow is another Day… (Like 30 or something, right?!!)

  27. zelda Says:

    thanks Honeydog………..I appreciate your updates……….man o man.
    More later,not feeling too hot.

  28. Honeydog Says:

    You’re welcome, my Friend. Don’t you worry about anything… You take care of yourself, and feel better soon.

  29. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydoggie ……….I am trying to take it slow.Been painting like mad,,,the monthly art walk is coming up.
    This arias thing is really something,,,,,,she is a cold potato. Yikes..Martinez is just great…….he has her number. I think the jury will too …all my fingers are crossed and few of my toes I think,,,,,haha………….

  30. Honeydog Says:

    Taking it slow but painting like mad… All with your Fingers and Toes crossed— You ARE amazing!
    And hey, this Trial is enough to make ANYone sick……

  31. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for the update Honeydog-Haven’t had time to check things out the last few days…Been really busy-Hope your feeling better Zelda!!!!Crazy Dr. on the stand….. WHAT WILL THEY COME UP WITH NEXT?????????????????

  32. zelda Says:

    Thanks Sandy……..and Honeydog.
    That doctor is really something. Is everyone nuts these days???
    Cept us of course,,,,,,,

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes I do believe everyone is nuts!!!!!!

  34. zelda Says:

    Did you see the video of arias doing the headstand etc? First thing that came to my mind was that she Knew there was a camera watching her so she decided to “act” like she was nuts in case she needed to use the insanity plea.I read that she thinks she is the smartest person in this case and is “playing” with everyone and gets off on controlling the questions.I agree with that.
    Well……….it’s up to that jury to see it too,,,,,,,
    What a chilling nutbar she is…………very very dangerous.
    LOL Sandy,,,,,,,,,,it sure seems that way sometimes,,,,,,,,,gezus.

  35. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m glad I’m not a juror–I’m getting tired of the same questions time & time again…Getting pretty bored with this!!! Same shit different wording….

  36. Honeydog Says:

    I must admit, at first I was a tad worried with that Doctor on the Stand…. The Defense was cleverly-steering their Ship right off course, creating their big Diversion and trying to consume the Jury’s minds with all that impressive and influential Talk and Testimony about Brains and Memory and “Fog” and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and how the Psychological Tests which were administered to Airy-ass could not be manipulated by her, etc etc… Seeming to cover it all, with nothing left for The Prosecutor to challenge… Even to the extent of revealing the Doctor’s “Bartering” incident to the Courtroom, in anticipation of Mr. Martinez surely having that one stashed in his pocket— It had me wondering, how is Mr. Martinez going to turn this Ship back around. Then BY GOD he came out and SKEWERED this guy— Crushed his CREDIBILITY, disproved the VALIDITY of the TESTS, and… I just can’t even REMEMBER everything he pulled out of his Hat, which would put the world’s greatest Magician to shame. And the greatest part IS… It’s not an Illusion on HIS part— Mr. Martinez showed that Jury the REAL Cards, afterwhich it had to have left them with the realization that all this “Expert Testimony” was the actual Smoke and Mirrors. Today he certainly took-back control over the Ship’s “Mutiny”, and I hope there’ll be more rats thrown overboard tomorrow.

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    Here-Here Honeydog–Your right—-Smashed the shit out of him!!!!

  38. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ My thoughts exactly on that Headstand, AND sifting through the Wastebasket, AND talking to herself. As I mentioned before when we first saw and commented-on her doing the “Backbend” over the Chair, she knew those rooms have Cameras, and no doubt in my mind all of it was calculated Behavior. Everything she’s done, everything she’s said, everything she is… thoroughly disgusts me.

  39. sandy1961 Says:

    She’s hd 5 years behind bars to think about her Defense tactics

  40. zelda Says:

    Yes she thinks she has got it all “down”…………but her twisted demeanor comes through in spades no matter how she tries to cover her tracks.She is a monster……she butchered Travis………and delighted in it with no “feelings” of remorse what so ever.
    I really would like to be alone with her for a few minutes,,,,,,,,she brings something out in me that makes me want to mop the floor with her, All those murdering bastards make me literally sick.
    I will be glad when we don’t have to see her face again.At least she won’t be out walking around like old casey. Seeing HER face in the news makes me instantly irate………

  41. Honeydog Says:

    You got that right, Sandy. And something tells me she was a calculating Master Manipulator even long before THAT. Probably her whole life. With her Mouse-like appearing meekness and Shark-like strikes, she’s Silent but Deadly. The more I watch her and how she acts in Court— especially now when she can’t, and is dying to, open her Mouth and run the Show— the more she makes my Skin crack and turns my Stomach. I have to say I wouldn’t be as kind as Zelda to only mop the Floor with her if EYE (“I”) got her alone. I don’t know which was more interesting (or should I say unbelievable) to watch today in Court— Mr. Martinez still making Mince-meat out of Dr. Samuels, or Airy-ass constantly trying to take Executive-Charge from behind The Defense Table… Writing furiously and passing Notes and tugging at her Attorney whenever she didn’t like what Mr. Martinez was saying (pretty-much every Question/Point brought-up) and acting like, as Zelda said, she’s got it all down, and NObody is going to interfere-with and mess-up her Plan. If you watched, did you catch her slowly sliding the Attorney’s File Folder accross the Desk and sneaking it underneath her Butt while her Attorney had gotten up and was re-questioning the Doctor??? OMG, they played it over and over in slow-motion on the Talk Shows tonight, and the expression on her Face while she was trying to be inconspicuous was nothing short of Devious. I swear, in that moment, if one was not clear about what’s inside of that girl and how she operates, you knew it then. Did you know that, before this Trial began, she actually “fired” her Attorneys, insisting-upon representing HERSELF, actually believing that she could do a better job! Too BAD they got through her thick conceited Head and convinced her that she was in-too-deep, and didn’t LET her… Mr. Martinez would have had her Ass on the way to the Fryer WEEKS ago. It’s also too bad that she DIDN’T kill herself like she “claimed” she wanted-to— She would’ve done us all a huge Favor and saved the un-deserving TAXpayers a helluva lot of Money ($800,000 so far). Well, anyway, we’re stuck with her Shit, and I am SO hoping that it all flies back in her Face and she swallows and chokes on it. In the meantime, The Defense is now trying to re-establish the Doctor’s Credibility, and Mr. Martinez is again sitting quietly, taking his Notes and preparing for his follow-up Bar-B-Que, and then he’ll bring-on HIS “Expert” (can’t wait for that!). I understand that the Jurors have put more Questions into the Box— the majority during The DEFENSE’s Direct and Re-Direct of Dr. Samuels, NOT during Mr. Martinez’s time. Still “SKEPTICAL” are they???… I’m taking it as a Yes. So, still lots more to come. Like the “Energizer Bunny”, it just keeps going……

  42. sandy1961 Says:

    Let me finish that for you— AND GOING AND GOING AND GOING…
    What was that shit stealing a file folder OFF the desk?????
    Make the point get your answer and be done— They say it could be another 3 weeks to a month…Although the idea of court in
    AZ …Is FRIGGIN crazy–

  43. zelda Says:

    This trial is surreal …….today they are talking about how she is dressed like her lawyer ,moves like her lawyer etc. etc. I guess they want the jury to see her as credible etc. vs. the orange jumpsuit persona. Oh shit………………it’s nuts.She and that deadpan in control “reality show” demeanor just gags me.
    I don’t know what she took that folder for,,,,,,,,,,,it’s the WAY she took it that creeps me out.She feels totally in control……….
    She needs to fry,,,,,,,,,,,,big time,Crazy as a loon and chillingly dangerous.

  44. sandy1961 Says:

    Turns out she DIDN’T take the folder…But I CAN’T WAIT for ths shit to DONE!!!!

  45. Honeydog Says:

    Right Sandy, No, I didn’t say she “stole” it… It was the Attorney’s Court-marked Evidence Folder that she slowly slid accross the Desk to her possession, lifted her Butt as though she tucked it under, and was then observed trying to inconspicuously peek through it. Like Zelda said, just creepy sneaky.

    Yeah Zelda, on the “Dress-alike” thing, they were showing pictures/videos in sequence of her daily same-color Oufits and how her actions and mannerisms “mirror” her Lawyer. Talk about CREEPY… I don’t know if it’s so much for the Jury or for herSELF, in that she thinks she IS one.

    Well, we’ve seen the “Backbend”, the “Headstand”, the “Trash-picking” and talking to herself about not having her Make-up on… Did y’all see the LATEST???— This one is on the day she was Arrested, showing her in behind-the-back Handcuffs, alone in the Interrogation Room, first sitting in the Chair, then getting up, pushing the Chair away with her Feet, flopping on the Floor and “flipping” her Hair, and sitting up-against the Wall. In the same one, when the Officer is in the room, she’s asking (among other bizarre and inappropriate questions) if it will be “on the News tonight”, to “see the Crime Scene Photos” because she’s “Curious”, and to “clean herself up before she gets her Mug Shot”. Frickin’ UN..BE..LIEV..ABLE!!!

    Today was a real Bummer, huh. Someone THREW-UP in the Courtroom (one of the “Public”) and they stopped the proceedings, had to clean it up, and subsequently dismissed Court for the day. What’d I say… This Trial really DOES make people sick!

    They’re saying that all this monotnous crap with the Doctor and the Tests and the Scores and the PTSD etc etc is appearing to bore the Jurors. (Ya THINK!) I know what The Defense is doing, but none of this matters to a Hill of Beans!…. HER Credibility is shot, HIS Credibility is shot, and I think all the Jury cares about at this stage of the game is getting THEIR new questions answered, getting out of all this Mumbo-Jumbo, and moving ON. Again, I can’t wait for Mr. Martinez’s “Rebuttal” with HIS “Expert” on the Stand to blow all this Garbage into Oblivion. And yeah, we’ve probably got at least a couple weeks or so to go. We should be hearing the Juror’s questions tomorrow…. At least for now that’ll be a refreshing Break. I’m hoping it will be revealing in a good way.

  46. sandy1961 Says:

    No I never thought you said she stole it…BUT it was all over that she did.. Turns out she didn’t. They replayed it again & again & again…I guess she was gonna fire her attorneys & be her own lawyer.. Wouldn’t that have been a kick????I watched for a few hours when I got home last night…BUT I couldn’t take much more & went to watching a “DIFFERENT” kind of alien– ALF– GEEEEEZZZZZ–they need to make some shows that actually interest people…..It was either the same humdrum bullshit OR the crazy T.J. Lane disrespectful asshole… (If you all know who he is)
    Crazy nutcase that kiled the kids in Chardon Ohio…As you may wonder I am in Ohio….Actually very close to Chardon…..Maybe the 3 of us should get a show & and we could call it the ZelHonSa show..I’m sure we could have a rebuttal show & have more people stay tuned than what’s on these days….
    Have a GREAT weekend Ladies!!!! Do they have court today???? It’s Friday & I didn’t listen long enough… Came home with a migraine/sinus headache & just couldn’t take the crap…Plus I fell on the damn ice 2x’s yesterday and trashed my back….. Can’t wait for some descent weather…

  47. Honeydog Says:

    Welp, Court over till Monday, but the majority of the Questions from the Jurors today showed that they’re still definitely paying attention, continue to be skeptical of both Jodi and Dr. Samuels, that they just want the Truth, and that they’ve not yet gotten the clear direct Answers they’re seeking from either of them. The way it ended, Mr. Martinez only got in a couple questions and points, and I’m assuming he’ll pick it back up next week. Several things that bother me are that NOone— including Mr. Martinez— has ever asked WHY Travis was always so “Angry”, which became the reason (according to HER claim) for her having to submit to all the Sex just to calm him down. I would have certainly picked-up on this and USED it if I were Mr. Martinez— either in my questioning of HER, AND/OR Dr. Samuels— because, especially and after The Defense read some of Travis’s Text Messages to her today, in which he told her… “Stop Calling”, “Don’t send anymore Text Messages”, “You’ve ruined another Day for me”, something to the effect of “the Crazy things you’ve (Jodi) done”, “You’re going to make me not like you”, and “If (somebody’s name) really knew you, they’d spit in your Face”… he could easily and strongly turn it around and play-off her Obsession with him and not leaving him alone, to show that it was HER making him “Angry”, and that it was instead HER using the SEX to try to hold on to him when he didn’t really want her around. Additionally, Mr. Martinez could PROVE that she was Jealous— especially and after Dr. Samuels said today that she told him she wasn’t— just by using the RECORDING of the PHONE MESSAGE she left after she killed Travis, when she said “We’re going to have Fun in CANCUN”. He could drive it home that she WAS in-fact Jealous, couldn’t STAND being Jilted and Rejected, and could remind the Jury that, along with everything ELSE she’s indicated about herself (ie, the self-serving Lies) it was ALWAYS about HER from the beginning. Another thing that isn’t being brought-up by anyone TO anyone (Jodi/Dr. Samuels) is WHY— when she was “supposedly” in such “FEAR” over a Human Being who had “supposedly” just “threatened to kill her” and “chased her” and “body-slammed her”— would she even want to TOUCH that Preditor’s body, much less DRAG it all the way down a Hallway. Mr. Martinez could point-out that anybody ELSE would’ve dropped EVERYTHING and gotten the hell out of there after they killed him, wanting to be as far away as possible from that PREDITOR— even though dead—— if they were REALLY in THAT MUCH TRAUMA and FEAR. The “FEAR” doesn’t just STOP and END, UNTIL you’re AWAY from it. But she STUCK AROUND… She CLEANED-UP… METHODICALLY— Just as PLANNED. Another issue I have is The Defense and the Doctor always pointing-out that Jodi never wrote anything “Negative” about Travis in her Journal (making herself out to be so sweet and thoughtful about his “Reputation” and all)…. WHY isn’t Mr. Martinez and/or the Jurors bringing-up the PAGES that were TORN-OUT of her Journal— SHE claims TRAVIS tore them out (I don’t believe it for a second), and THIS could certainly be easily turned-around too by pointing-out that it’s more-likely SHE tore them out in planning for her Story… After all, he could remind the Jury, we’re taking the word of a LIAR that Travis was the one who tore them out. And this “Law of Attraction” thing which she and The Defense and Dr. Samuels keep pushing…. That she’s so “Peace-loving” and was committed to “Positivity” in her life and warding-off all the “Negativity”— WHY isn’t anyone calling her out on this by saying “If that were really TRUE, WHY would you even want to be and STAY with ANYone, much less TRAVIS, who you claim was ALWAYS so “ANGRY” and with whom you claim you took ABUSE from”… “Doesn’t sound like you were into this “Law of Attraction” as much as you CLAIM to have been”. The last thing for me is, each and every time this Doctor brings-up what “Jodi told him”— ESPECIALLY that she was “in Fear for her Life”, and “Couldn’t Flee” (deciding-on “Fight” instead of “Flight”) I would come-back with, if I were Mr. Martinez, “Well, you know she’s Lied about other things, that’s what she TOLD you… But YOU weren’t THERE, WERE YOU”. I personally think all this stuff I mentioned here makes Sense, and, even moreso, I feel is really important to be brought-up and used for The Prosecution’s benefit. All this “technical” stuff (PTSD and the like) is off the beaten Path, and this Jury needs to hear and focus on the Nitty Gritty. I do realize that Mr. Martinez is the type who doesn’t want to miss a thing, and he DOES need to Discredit this Doctor’s inconsistancies and oversights as he’s so effectively doing, but I’m not so sure he’s going to end-up actually “convincing” the Jury that she does not have PTSD, and if we get too stuck on that, everything else could lose its Punch and Impact. I guess I’m beginning to feel like everyone else, in that we know with every ounce of our Being that all of her Story is one giant Lie, and we can’t stomach the fact that she’s the manipulative calculating cold empty braisen evil wicked self-centered self-serving narcistic psychopath low-life snake-in-the-grass BITCH that she is, who could end-up not getting what she truly deserves if some of the right things get lost in this shuffle. We need to get back on-Track, and I am SO hoping this current crap blows over and that Mr. Martinez DOESN’T miss a thing.

    Okay, I’m done, but I’ll leave you with this……
    Some new things were shown tonight in the latest Video of the day she was arrested. Before they took her out of the room in Handcuffs to get her Mug Shot, she “cried” and said “I’m just thinking about all I’ll miss out on.”

    Despicable, isn’t it. What about what Travis is missing out on. No thought, no care. Only for herself. Just like in this Trial. Just one more reason to be so frustrated with her, damning of her, and wishing so badly that this Jury could see and hear what we do, of, and about, her……

  48. zelda Says:

    the other headline is talking about Amanda Knox’s BOOK that is coming out,,,,,,,the sum of 4 $ million dollars” was in there somewhere.
    Guilty or not we have to STOP glamorizing these female killers.!!!!!!!!! If they are one bit young and attractive the media goes nuts,,,bastards,it’s all about the freakin money.My gawd people…..
    I am so sick of this crap……………

  49. zelda Says:

    Honeydog I am so happy to see you mention Travis’s name,we need to remember the victims…………always/

  50. zelda Says:

    Sandy….well the three of us would tell it like it is for sure…….yehaw.
    I feel like the world is spinning out of control every time I read about these cases. My gawd. The nut in your town is a rather common story anymore..what’s up with that? Some kids shot a baby in a stroller………another was shot five times by a gang they think,whaaaaaaaaat?????? WHAT makes these killers so different from us????? Too many rats in a box theory maybe? A total disconnect from the swirling universe?…..Seems like the “humanity” part of us is being engineered out by who knows what. I am hoping the sociologists are working around the clock on this one.Otherwise the human race is toast………Looking at Mexico……..the middle east…Russia and North Korea to mention a FEW, it tends to knock us off our feet regularly.Gezus!!!!!!!
    Our country has lost it’s way. I think mainly due to the money mongers in the Fed and crooked government.Money …it’s all about that pushing the envelope as fast and furious as it can and we are falling in step.
    So socially we are floundering in a sea of blood and gore.It’s got to stop………..
    Damn bastards………….crime has to stop paying.

  51. Honeydog Says:

    ooops… Sandy, I know it looks like I skipped-over and didn’t acknowledge your Comment on 3/22 when I wrote that last long one on the same day, but actually yours wasn’t there when I started mine (in other words, we were apparently typing at the same time, but, because I took longer, it wasn’t until I had finished and my Comment posted that I saw you had posted one). Just want to let you know I wasn’t ignoring you!! 🙂

    Haven’t seen it for years, but I remember “Alf”. Yes we sure do need more just-plain silly zany TV Shows like that to De-Stress sometimes. I always watch “Cheers” here for that… “Isn’t it nice to get away….”

    Be careful on that Ice, ya hear! We don’t need you ending-up in Traction! (Impossible to type like that! LOL!)

  52. zelda Says:

    I watch Cheers on Netflix………….and when I get really wound up after the news I watch (I confess) Andy Griffith or the “Cleavers”…….hahahahahah. Also there is a super funny British show called “Reggie Perrin”,,,really funny…..
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwhere everybody knoooows your naaaaaaaaame…………..

  53. zelda Says:

    Sandy…hope your back is better..dang!

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, I hear you on everything. Books… Lifetime Movies… Magazine Covers… Fame and Money— I guess it’s bad enough they know we’re even talking about them. It would be different, and maybe even more acceptable, if these Killers were shed in the light they deserve— humiliated and degraded and trashed and shown as pieces of shit— instead of raising them to the level of fascinating Hollywood Celebrites. It makes me angry enough that they sit in a Courtroom and have the pleasure of listening to their Attorneys lie and cover-up for them to get them off the Hook, and then afterwards they get to gloat over and profit from all the attention and offers from TV, Movie Producers, and Publishing Companies, to boot. Their Victims are forgotten-about… Their Life and Story unimportant and never told. It’s downright Wrong… The “Teachings” and “Lessons” backwards. That’s the sad part— Unfair and unbalnced “Recognition”. It’s instead Who and What “sells”, and, unfortunately and tragically, it will only be unless and until nobody “buys”, that Honoring and Memorializing the proper and deserving ones can take its rightful place. The chances of that happening— We are up-against a monster which thrives on no Ethics… Gone is “What’s Right is Right and What’s Wrong is Wrong” for the mere sake of giving a Thrill to Curiousity-seekers, gaining Sales and boosting Ratings. Crime DOES pay, while Victims like Travis Alexander and their Families fade-away without Tribute. It is, SO Wrong….

  55. Honeydog Says:

    I LOVE those old TV Shows like that… They’re the best! Speaking of British TV, ever see “Absolutely Fabulous”? It’s a RIOT.

  56. zelda Says:

    Love “Absolutely Fabulous”,,,,,,I have six or so vids I play all the time. What a hoot!!! Love the British stuff..Thank goodness for Netflix.
    I painted til after three a.m. and have it on to keep me company.
    I also watch “Midsomer Murders”……..ever see that?
    I am sleepy today………..check you gals later………..toodles

  57. zelda Says:

    When does the arias thing go to trial…????

  58. Honeydog Says:

    Patsy ‘n “Eddy”!! Pee-your-pants-funny and one of my favorite Shows. I’ve not seen “Midsomer Murders” or “Reggie Perrin” yet (weren’t in the BBC Line-up here on my old TV, but I just bought my first “Flat Screen” (been kinda behind-the-times) and it’s a “Smart TV” with Netflix, so I’ll be able to check them out. I’m looking forward to getting it all set-up this week.

    Um, you MUST be Sleepy… (Or I’m stupid and missing something in your question). Did you mean when does the Trial RESUME???? If so, that would be tomorrow (Monday). Sorry… I’m just confused with what you asked, ’cause I know you know the Trial is already going on.

    Nighty Night……

  59. zelda Says:

    hahahaha,thanks Honeydog,,,,,,,,I get sleepy and type the goofiest things sometimes…………..I just meant what’s new,,,,,,,,,,,geeze I wasn’t even close.
    You will love Netflix…………I traded a painting for a big flat screen thing but it”s
    not hooked up to my pc. I use it for videos and dvd’s.MOSTLY I watch movies on my little Pc screen……….No money for a better set up ….Artists seem to struggle.But then so do a lot of us eh?\

    How about that little fat ass from N.Korea?????What a goon! Notice he is the ONLY fat North Korean?????PIG. His people are starving to death regularly.China needs to slap him down.Hard.

  60. sandy1961 Says:

    Morning ladies- Missed being on the computer with you…..Thanks for asking about my back…. Getting better…..Guess I ended up getting you both on a new subject for a few…. I love the OLD shows,definately lets your brain turn to “mush”…WE all need that sometimes…I like watching the Golden Girls—Seen them a million times and still laugh…. Love that Sophia…. She’s a kick….
    Zelda your right I think he is the only FAT N. Korean I’ve seen
    Honeydog…. I NEVER thought you were ignoring me…

  61. Honeydog Says:

    Hey Sandy. Okay that’s good, cause you know, sometimes it looks that way when someone comments on something and the next person is writing like they didn’t even read it. Just wanted to make sure, cause we always play-off each others’ and I didn’t want you to think I didn’t care 🙂

    Yep, absolutely need to go to “Mush” sometimes! At least us “regular” people get the CHANCE every now and then… Wonder if Juan MARTINEZ ever does. Wonder if he even SLEEPS. Man, that guy blows MY Mind… I can just imagine what HIS is like. Wonder if his Brain EVER turns off, and he’s like a Human MICROSCOPE, the way he sees and delves-into and picks-apart all the teeny-tiniest details. Did you watch today??… If he keeps going the way he does (in this and his other Trials) I’m afraid he’ll have a Heart Attack!

    “The Golden Girls”… We put that on quite often for my Mother, and my Daughter likes them too.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  62. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of “Attacks”, Dr. Samuels sure took all there is to be had by one person by Mr. Martinez. I guess he’s glad and relieved to finally be outta there. It was a fight to the death, but, gotta admit, The Prosecution made many clear and highly-significant points, and he got what he wanted. New Defense Witness on the Stand now— A “Domestic Violence” Expert. Wonder how long THIS Testimony will last. Eh, at least all that “Test” stuff is over, and it’s something different to listen-to. I understand, from reports, that everyone is wondering what Mr. Martinez will do with this Woman, because Domestic Violence Experts normally work and testify for the State’s benefit (in other words, it’s like Mr. Martinez going up against his own Witness). I continue to find it all fascinating…. Never seen a Trial like this in my life. Again, on with the Show……..

  63. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, it should be “Th Th Th Th Thaaaaaat’s ALL Folks!” from China to “Porky the Pig”……….

  64. sandy1961 Says:

    It’s ALL good Honeydog- Sorry my brain isn’t quite here right now & I missed most of yesterdays antics except actually watched a little bit of that idiot Nancy Grace…I tell ya I just can’t stand her anymore…..Gotta run EXTREMELY crazy busy.. Will let ya in on this later.. Have a good day!!!

  65. Honeydog Says:

    I’m worried about you, Sandy… I think you’re becoming a “Victim” of “NANCY GRACE ABUSE”! You keep saying you can’t stand her but keep going back for more! Classic sign of a “Battered TV VIEWER”! Shut that shit OFF! Don’t let her DO that to you! Walk AWAY! You don’t have to TAKE it! Get out while you CAN! It’s not too late to SAVE yourself!…… LOL!!!

    (Seriously, tune-into JANE instead, or even Dr. Drew On-Call… They’re both covering the Trial, they’re SO much better than Nancy, (and they WON’T HURT YOU!) 🙂

  66. sandy1961 Says:

    You f–n crack me up Honeydog—I do watch Jane BUT I didn’t get home in time to see her & needed my AIRASS update… I’m NOT likin Drew anymore either SO BUTTFACE Grace had to do—I AM A CLASSIC ABUSE VICTIM!!!!! Wonder if I can talk with someone about this????? Hahaha—….

  67. zelda Says:

    Cant stand Dr. Drew………..Nancy is a real case too……..having no real tv is a good thing for me.Too easy to get sucked in,,,,,,,,,,,I just let Honeydog do all the work,,,,hee hee.
    I see they are doing a re-trial for Knox,,,,,,if they can extradite…..I will have to read up on that.
    And the little “fat” Korean is still shaking his sword at us and South Korea. He can do a lot of damage for sure,,,,,,,getting that nuclear shit in the wind paths and killing head on as well. China HAS to smack him down,,,,but maybe they can’t control him ??? Gezus!
    Martinez is amazing………can’t wait to see what the jury says.
    She just makes me literally sick just looking at her and knowing what she did to Travis,,,,,,,,,,OMG….EEEEEEk………bet she is good at dancing the “monster mash”,

  68. zelda Says:

    I guess knox doesn’t need to be there for the re-trial.I have to red more.

  69. sandy1961 Says:

    No she doesn’t have to be present to be re-tried..They will have to ask the U.S. to send her back if she doesn’t go willingly-AND who would go???? Not me that’s for sure…The U.S. doesn’t have to send her either…As for N. Korea let’s just blame this new shit he’s pulling on Rodman…Seems this new wave of wanting to attack has happened since he has been over in that country yapping his lips…I guess the AiryASS trial was cancelled yesterday….Supposedly Miss Loud mouth Grace was whinning about how much ALL these high profile cases cost & ALL of a sudden everyone wants to know the hourly rate of these witnesses… Get this trial DONE right the first time OR she will be re-tried….Do we REALLY want to go thru this ALL OVER AGAIN????
    I find her to be a BOTCHAGALOOP—-Also known as a FOOL,IDIOT,JACKASS…..And a few other names I shall NOT write….

  70. zelda Says:

    Thanks Sandy………….I am with you.

  71. Honeydog Says:

    Court was cancelled the other day because SUPPOSEDLY Airy-ass had a “Migraine”. Awwwwww, poor baby. Imagine how poor TRAVIS’S head felt with a BULLET in it. Phooey!… Probably another one of her Con Jobs. I’m already tired of the Domestic Violence Expert… I mean, she’s likeable and it’s interesting and all, but AGAIN, we’re out in left field here— Nothing to do with the “Premeditation” and brutal senseless killing of Travis Alexander, no evidence— other than Airy-ass’s “story” to this woman— of Travis being violent toward her, and it’s making a mockery of those individuals who are TRULY Victims of Domestic Violence. Hopefully, Mr. Martinez will be up sometime soon. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with this one. Gotta get it back on track. How about all that Hoopla over Mr. Martinez allowing Pictures and signing a few Autographs for his “Fans” outside the Courthouse… Big debate between The Defense and the Judge as to whether he was out of line, and concern over the possibility of the non-sequestered Jurors seeing it on TV. But no, he was found to have done nothing wrong or inappropriate, and it’s obvious to all that he takes his Profession and job in the Courtroom extremely seriously. He handled the attention and admiration from the public very humbly and tactfully (not “flaunting” himself or his involvement with this Case, like Baez and those others so obviously wanted-to and did) and it was neat to see him actually crack a Smile and show friendly-acknowledgement and appreciation for the respect and support of his work and efforts. Nothing wrong with that. I heard that we’ll probably not see the end of this Trial until May— What with still having this Domestic Violence Witness on the Stand on Direct by The Defense (and she’s only just BEGUN to tie JODI into all of it), and then Cross-examination by Mr. Martinez, and then RE-Direct, and then The Prosecution’s Rebuttal Case, and then Closing Arguments… still to come. Whatever. Don’t need to rush and get sloppy now, and cause reasons for a Mistrial or problems on Appeal. At least once this Defense Witness is off the Stand, it should be all down-hill from there.

    (And now, Zelda, I expect my Checks to be rolling-in from you for my “doing all the work”!! LOL! LOL! LOL!)


  72. zelda Says:

    Honeydog….”the check is in the mail”………..heh heh.
    Great job…………..
    So shithead had a headache eh? OMG!..well………let’s hope she doesn’t get a hangnail……….Our system is so odd.
    Happy Easter to you all………….

  73. sandy1961 Says:

    Hope you both had a great Easter..Things have been crazy here…My roommates brother got an infection in his Liver and had to have surgery. He got an absest and it burst They almost lost him in the operating room and had to stop..So he had to have another one a few days later.So needless to say things have been quite stressful and I NEED A BREAK!!!! Haven’t seen the trial in awhile due to this and guess I did hear about the migraine thing… If she really does have a migraine I DO understand the pain… I am EXTREMELY prone to them….. THEY SUCK!!!!
    Have a GREAT day ladies

  74. zelda Says:

    Yes migraines are awful and I sure wish you didn’t get them my friend..but I could care less if that skank”s head blows off.
    Wow,sounds like you have had some real stress………man o man. Hope he is doing ok and that things calm down soon………My stress list is so goofy and relentless I can only laugh at the domino effect it has had on me. I have no money to “fix it”.
    None of it is funny,,,,,,,,,,geeeze.
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,,,,,,,,,,there ya go.
    I will be glad when this trial is over,,,,,but if the jury is stupid like the casey fiasco I think I will move to outer Mongolia. I will get three tickets in case you and Honeydog go off the deep end too,,,,,,hahahah…………yikes.
    Please take care Sandy………..vent on here , we understand.
    (I need to lose 40 lbs now,,,,,,,making me nuts..Poor diet and arthritis)

  75. sandy1961 Says:

    Thank you Zelda!!!I hear ya on the NO MONEY to fix it part…I also need to hit the diet scene…Always have though,Don’t eat much BUT still gotta loose… I guess they say if ya don’t eat ya don’t loose…I’m not sure about Mongolia BUT what the Hell…. We can start our own little tribe I guess.

  76. sandy1961 Says:

    P.S. Not a good idea to vent on here..BUT thanks for the offer

  77. zelda Says:

    I hear you……………..

  78. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ On the subject of Migraines, I have a good Friend who got them often and terrible, resorting at one point to seeking help from a Headache Clinic…. After spending many Dollars on several Prescription Medicines, it wasn’t until she read a Study reported in the Journal “Neurology” and decided to give it a try that she ended-up getting amazing relief— A very Low-Fat Diet, Vitamin B-12 (400 mg daily), and “Petadolex” (a product made with the Herb, Butterbur). These three “all Natural” techniques/remedies have since cut the number of her Migraines in half, as well as considerably lessening the duration and severity of those she does get. I don’t know your particular situation, but you know what they say— “Natural” cures often work wonders. Just thought I’d share this, for what it’s worth. Hope everything calms-down soon for you, and that your Friend has a good and speedy recovery.

  79. Honeydog Says:

    PS: On losing Weight… Simply cutting-out Sugar will make a major difference. I lost 20 Pounds, and a Friend of mine, 25— No Exercise needed. Stay-away from the “Diet” stuff though (Diet Soda, Diet Iced Tea… Diet anything)— The majority of Diet-marked Drinks/Food contain “Aspartaime”, which raises Blood Sugar and is considered the equivalent of “Saccharrin”, (years ago found to cause Cancer and taken off the Market)— Just use a little “Splenda” (suitable for people with Diabetes) for sweetening. There are some honestly delicious “Sugar-Free” Cakes, Pies, Cookies and Candy out there too, for your Sweet Tooth. Remember that Alcohol, and even Bananas, are high in Sugar, and basically, just watch the Sugar content (grams) in what you buy (If you want a “real” Candy Bar every now and then, pick the lowest… Some of them have as much as 32 grams of Sugar!). I still eat regular Ice Cream occasionaly though— Trust me, “Sugar Free Ice Cream” is horrible. Bottom line, everything in moderation. It all takes a little getting used-to, but decreasing/cutting-out Sugar really does do the Trick, at least for starters, and you should see the pounds drop off fairly fast. Again, for what it’s worth……

  80. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for al the tips Honeydog-Finally found a Dr. that has found the right kind of Migraine med. for me…As for the diet my problem is I DON’T EAT… And when I do (watch out fridge) I do use splenda Don’t drink anymore BUT do drink Diet MT. DEW.. I know it’sa bad for me but got off the regular drinks….
    Thanks again!!!

  81. Honeydog Says:

    Oh you’re Welcome… Good Luck with everything.

    How about that Woman Juror being booted-off the Jury for Mis-conduct (outwardly commented about the Trial or Jodi or something). At least the Defense’s request for a Mistrial was Denied (although no one seemed to believe it was going to happen anyway— Too much time and money already invested). They were all saying on the Talk Shows tonight that, although it had to be done, it’s a shame she was the one who screwed-up and had to go, because she was the most-involved of all the Jurors, took the most Notes, could have easily been the Jury Foreman, AND appeared and was believed to support the PROSECUTION’s Theory. Guess it explains why Jodi and her Defense Attorneys were reported to be “Smiling” when leaving the Judge’s Chambers after her decision to “excuse” this Juror. I can imagine how badly she felt (from reports, she was “very Embarrassed” and “Sobbing”) after spending three months with this Trial, then not being able to continue, and ultimately deliberate. She must have been deeply-engaged, very passionate and opinionated to open her mouth and slip-up like that— Probably just couldn’t contain her strong feelings. Oh well… A little more Drama amongst the Drama. Wonder how long it’ll be before we see and hear from her on one of the Talk Shows— With no “Gag Order”, ya KNOW it’s gonna happen sooner or later. Right now I just can’t wait for Mr. Martinez to do his thing with this Domestic Violence Witness, whose Testimony is again dragging on and on and of no “Make-it-or-break-it” significance. I’m like, OVER it now……

    Did you happen to see the newest Videos of the Police Interrogations with Jodi’s Mother and Father?… Even THEY told the Officer that Jodi had “mental problems”, that she would go into “Rages” and “Scream and Yell”, and that they would often get Phone Calls from her Friends, saying that she needed help “controlling herself”. Her Father even mentioned, on his own, the “Gun” being stolen from the Grandparent’s house, as if to indicate that he wouldn’t be surprised it was Jodi who took it. As I said before, TOO DAMN BAD the JURY can’t see this stuff. Makes you wanna spit Nails!

  82. sandy1961 Says:

    Boy o boy am I missing alot of SH** or what…Things have been so crazy here the last 10 das…Can’t wait for it to get back to normal….Today my roommates brother is having ANOTHER surgery to put a 3rd draiage tube in his liver to help get rid of this infection… As of yesterday they were gonna RELEASE him BUT hold him ransom for 10 thousand dollars…Cleaning his house…. Not hoarder dirty,,,JUST MAN dirty….trying to keep up with my place,my pup & WORK…. Finally just fell asleep WAY early last nite and feel SO drug out….Maybe if things are SLOW tonight I can get online and catch up…. Thanks Honeydog & Zelda

  83. Honeydog Says:

    Sounds alot like my Life. I can sure relate to being overwhelmed, stressed and drained-out— except mine’s been going-on this way for over 20 years… Been taking care of my special-needs Daughter since she was 5, both Parents in their later years (one still living and with Dementia), working full-time, always running, can’t keep-up with anything— It’s not even Crazy, it’s Insane. I hope I’ll be so lucky to return to “normal” someday. I can understand why you “don’t eat”… Same with me most days— No time, or just too tired to do it. Nothin new really goin-on with the Trial, except Court was cancelled (UH-gan) for the afternoon today due to the Domestic Violence Witness being “sick”. I know I’m sick of HER, and all this Garbage of Jodi being “mentally and physically abused” by Travis. She’s been on the Stand nearly a week now, and all we’ve heard (UH-gan) is based-on what Jodi TOLD her, and “interpreting” her Journals. Some even-newer Interrogation Videos of her Mother and Father talking about Jodi were shown tonight… Man, (I know I can’t stop saying this, but) if only some of these Tapes were allowed into Evidence. Counting-on Mr. Martinez (HOPEFULLY SOON) to clear-away all this heap of Horse Manure that’s piled-up from these last two Defense Witnesses. Meanwhile, we’re still shoveling……

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds crazy lady-Hope things look up for you also–as for the trial..NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!
    P.S. Where’s ZELDA????

  85. zelda Says:

    Here I am………….getting ready for an art show tomorrow,,,just beat.My arthritis is gnawing at me,,,,,hard to stand.Plus a lot of other crap,,,,,,,,,My stress level is over the top,,,,,
    I have a dollar ninety eight.
    Hugs gals ….hope you both are feeling better asap.
    I can’t STAND this trial,,,,,,,,,,,,,it seems moot to me. She admits “BUTCHERING” Travis,,,,,that’s enough for me,,,,off with her stupid arrogant head already….

  86. zelda Says:

    I guess they figure they have enough to convict her without the tapes of her mother and father’s interview. etc. It adds to more crap to argue with (defense) and could eventuate into an appeal and they don’t want that,they want to wrap it up.
    Man she is one sick puppy,,,,,,,,,,,,be terrible to have a kid like that. Gezus.
    I keep sending conviction vibes to the jury,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,come on jury. !!! They need to bring in the death penalty.If ever there was a reason to do it this is the time.

  87. Honeydog Says:

    Who was “Anonymous”????

  88. Honeydog Says:

    Was that YOU up there, Sandy?? It’s funny, that little green guy with wings used to be mine a long time ago when I first got on this Site, and Zelda was always the one showing-up “Anonymous”. She’d get frustrated and say, “I don’t know what happened there, It’s ME, Zelda! Funny….

    Between the THREE of us and our aches and pains and problems and stress, that trip to MONGOLIA is starting to sound like a nice VACATION!! LOL!

  89. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, I’m sure you’re right about not using any of the many Tapes, at least not for the current proceedings. They’re saying some of them COULD be brought-in though, during the Penalty Phase. Guess we’ll see. I whole-heartedly agree with what that cunning self-serving lying killer deserves. It’s so obvious that she turned everything around that she herself instigated and was guilty of and put Travis’s name to it, and it’s maddening that she totally believes she is completely justified in taking his life. Travis himself called her a “Psycho” and a “Liar”, and I have no doubt that, with his level of intelligence, he didn’t need the Dictionary descriptions to come to those befitting conclusions.

    Speaking of “Vibes” to the Jury, the Juror who was booted-off was in the Courtroom Gallery today. It showed her sitting there watching intently, and you had to feel sorry for her, knowing how much she must have wished she was still with the others and could have her Say. She got a big smile on her face when it was time for Mr. Martinez’s Cross-examination (Yep, he’s finally up!), so we know she would have been a driving force for the Prosecution during Deliberations. She also released a Public Statement, saying that she will not be talking to the Media, nor doing any Interviews, while the Trial is in process, as she wants to protect its Integrity. A little disappointing, but very Honorable I think. What a start to Mr. Martinez’s Cross-examination though, and, when he ended for the Week-end, we were talking about “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”!! I was cracking-UP, and, at one point, the Judge had to tell the Courtroom to stop laughing! I have NO clue where he’s going with this, but who cares— The Matador is in the Ring, and I can’t WAIT for Monday!……

  90. Anonymous Says:

    YES it is I!!!! Don’t have a clue why I came up anonymous–

  91. zelda Says:

    scroll down Sandy and fill in your info again? Sometimes when I “clean out” my computer it takes away all the passwords etc. etc.
    OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am super tired.running all day art walk at six. Still have to hang my other show at one……..
    Between airy ass and North Korea I have to keep something good going so I am going to have a scoop of ice cream later,,,,,,,yehaw,
    I never eat sweets but today is an exception even if I have to squeeze it in, Good Gawd,,,,,,,,,my hot curling iron just fell into a bowl of water I had in the sink,,,,,,,,,,,,,crap.

  92. OneOp Says:

    Hi you good people!!!! I don’t have to say a word, except I can tell you it gives me great pleasure to read all you have to say. LOL

  93. Honeydog Says:

    Hope you were able to get around better with your Arthritis, and that the Art Walk and Show went well, Zelda. I still check your Site every now and then, and would love to buy one of your Paintings one day. You are soooooooo talented. What a gift to be able to create the beautiful and really cool visions you do… It’s just amazing to me. You deserve that scoop of Ice Cream— and much reward for your incredible work…. (Hair curled or not).

  94. Honeydog Says:

    HELLO ONE OP!! You have to stop TEASING us like that!— with just a little drop-in, and then not hearing from you for so long again! We’d love you to come back and be with us more often! So good to see you, and hope all is well with you. HUGS!

  95. zelda Says:

    ONNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEOp…………good to hear from you! My pile of rocks is on hand just in case,hehheh. Take care and say hello when you can.hugs

  96. zelda Says:

    Geeeeee thanks Honeydog for the very special compliments! WOW! Boy do I appreciate it!
    No sales last night……… chin is on the floor………no one sold anything.Poop.
    I DID get great reviews,,,but that doesn’t pay the literal rent,,,,,egad..
    I am off in a bit to check on my pieces that were in another show last night,,,hopefully one of the two sold…….I priced them for a third and I hear they are getting great reviews too……..Typically there are no sales at that venue either,,,,,,,,no one has money and those who do are burying it in the back yard.If Obama cuts back SSI I am doomed,,,,,,,,Mine is way under 500,00 an month anyway,,,,,,,,,egad.
    Yak later,,,,,,,,,,,.
    The arias thing is so weird…………hopefully all the smoke and mirrors can beseen through by the jury,,,,,,,,,,ooooooooooooo.

  97. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, we could certainly start a whole new (and lengthy) discussion on Obama, new plans and laws, money problems, and the fear of just about everything, when it comes to financial survival these days. I keep hearing on the News how this and that is getting better, the Economy is growing, certain “cuts” are going to help straighten things out, etc etc… Yet people are struggling even more now to make ends meet than in years past, and it looks to ME that it’s getting WORSE. Just since last year, everyone I talk to has noticed the difference in trying to stretch their Paychecks from one to the next, and finding themselves having to dip into their Savings to make-up the shortage to pay their bills— myself included. How things are “getting better”— not to mention those things in-the-works to be worried about affecting our financial security even more later on— I’m sure I’m lost, and it appears that MANY of us are doomed. With working my tail off, the money going POOF! more than ever, and the “Golden Years” looking more like they’re going to be “Rusty” ones, I might be writing you from some HIPPIE COMMUNE! No worries… Peace and Love, Man!

  98. zelda Says:

    amen to the above Honeydog. Nothing “golden” going on for me I can tell you. Things are worse if anything,ridiculous and I am damn mad.
    Vey wearing after awhile……

  99. sandy1961 Says:

    Hello ladies—-Nice of you to drop in OneOp…. Zelda hope your paintings sold…. &&& hope your ice cream was GOOD!!!!! Honeydog you ain’t kidding about the” RUSTY” years ahead!!!!! Things are definately NOT looking good….Zelda I would love to tell you HOW GREAT your work is BUT I haven’t seen it…. ALTHOUGH I can imagine it’s GREAT>>>>>>

  100. zelda Says:

    Thanks Sandy…………..!

  101. sandy1961 Says:

    I guess I wasn’t signed in the other day!!

  102. zelda Says:

    YES………….I have done it a few times…………Honeydog knew it was me,,,,,,hahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,
    painting all night..tired now and it’s time to get up…….poop.Painted a Heron………24×48″
    Have a great day gals………….

  103. Honeydog Says:

    You painted a HERON??!!… Only ONE???… I know you once said you were pulling them OUT,(during the CA Trial) but are you down to NONE??!!… Shouldn’t you paint the REST of your Head to MATCH it??!! (Get it?… painted a HAIR ON!) HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!

    Don’t mind ME… I’m a LOONEY BIRD tonight! LOL!!

    Oh geezz, get me out of here………………….!!!!

  104. Honeydog Says:

    Ahem. Okay. Sorry. Lost it for a few minutes. I’m fine now.
    (a tiny lol)…

    I’m sure it’s STUNNING, Zelda (If you add it to your Site, I’ll definitely check it out). I actually saw one up very close one time at a family member’s Beach House. They are exquisite birds— and you are an exquisite Artist.

    Get some rest!

  105. sandy1961 Says:

    First laugh of the day Honeydog;;;;; THANKS
    Site What site???? I would love to see you work Zelda—
    P.S. I see we have a new page we can fill up…

  106. Honeydog Says:

    I was in rare form last night, Sandy (LOL). With watching a full day of Mr. Martinez and that Defense Witness go at it, and then the Talk Shows I watch afterwards, I was delerious by the time I got on here!

    Yeppperr, new Page. Who needs a dozen other people here… The three of us can fill ’em up all by ourselves!

  107. sandy1961 Says:

    Rare form???? I’d say,you had me crackin up..Been missing SO much lately with ALL that’s going on lately… & NO sign of if slowing down in the near future…My roommate is having another surgery next week to take a plate & 8 screws out of her leg..Her brother was just put in a rehab place for 6-8 weeks & I would really really really like to just relax for a day and just snuggle with my lil pup….He’s getting thrown ALL outta whack also….. I was FORCED to watch that BITCH last night to do a lil catch up…. I HATE HER—–She’s got to stick her stupid mug in the corner of the T.V. & YAP YAP YAP while they are talking and if your lucky you get about 10 min..outta the scummy lil thing….Then I tried Drew and he isn’t ANY better…… Oh my!!!!!

  108. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Sandy, you poor thing. I know well how it goes… When it Rains it Pours, doesn’t it. Everything at once. I’ve had so many things pile on me at one time that I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, exhausted and running on Fumes. Nothing we can do but hang in there. I know it might not help at this moment, but remember that it WILL get better and it WILL be over. What kind of “Lil Pup” do you have? Yeah, they definitely do sense it and feel lost and confused when things go haywire in the household. It’s a shame when they can’t understand what’s going on. Hugs and Kisses and some comforting words, whenever you can, and he (or she) will be alright… and YOU, take care of yourself, ya hear!

  109. sandy1961 Says:

    Damn had a shitload written & lost it somehow… My Lil guy is a Border Collie/Shephard/Beagle mix…So they say…He is a rescue from the shelter… I will try to post a picture.. NO promises though..

  110. Honeydog Says:

    Ugh, I hate when that happens! I’ve sat and spent all kinds of time writing a Comment a mile long, and all of sudden the page I’m typing-on does a “flip” and the Comment Box is blank again!— everything I just wrote, gone. Guess I must accidently hit a wrong Key or something, but it really pisses ya off.

    THUMBS-UP to you for adopting a Shelter Dog!!! I’m a long-standing avid Animal Rights & Welfare Advocate/Activist, totally against “Designer Breeders”, and very involved in the campaigns to end “Puppy Mills” and promoting the rescuing of Shelter Animals. I love ya even more than before for saving a Life, and giving him a second chance to be loved and appreciated! They all so deserve it, and it’s funny how they seem to know they’ve been saved, because they end-up making the most wonderful, special, appreciative Pets of all. All my Dogs have been “Rescues”, and it’s just the most rewarding feeling to do it. Yes, would love to see a picture if you can…. He sounds pretty, and sweet! Hugs to both of you!

  111. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks–I appreciate that..ALL my dogs have been rescues—Even the one that was found by a neighbor roaming a freeway onramp on July 4th… Many moons ago,She came to Ohio with me….I love rescues and even follow a few on facebook… Especially Panda Paws out of Washington….
    I hate these breeders & puppy mills…
    & I luv ya even more for finding out you also do your part if not more to help end this stupidity of abuse..
    So busy this weekend will try to put a picture up tonight…Although it’s my friends B-day today & her surgery Tues. SO maybe not so soon…….
    Have a great day

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