Casey Anthony Appealing Conviction

Lawyers for Casey Anthony are back in court in Florida today to appeal her four convictions for lying to the authorities. It seems that Anthony’s lawyers will argue that each of the lies should have been considered one offense.

More details at the link below.

From Reuters:

Anthony, 26, was convicted of lying to lead detective Yuri Melich when she said she left Caylee on or about June 9, 2008, with a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez at the Sawgrass Apartments in Orlando.

She was also convicted of lying when she claimed she was employed at Universal Studios, had told Universal co-workers that Caylee was missing, and later received a phone call from Caylee.

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129 Comments on “Casey Anthony Appealing Conviction”

  1. sandy1961 Says:

    What’s her problem??? Hasn’t had her MUG on the front page or in the HEADLINES lately??? Afraid this Arias trial is gonna one up her????

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Ya know, you would think, after all the public criticism, condeming, backlash and hatred she already got slammed-with once, that starting another fire would be the last thing she’d want. But no… not her. And, in my opinion, her Lawyers aren’t too bright to want to put her out there again in the spotlight for even more of the same, after they were so concerned and involved with “protecting” her for so long and wanting everybody to leave her alone so she could get her life back together. What the hell is the big deal with whether the Lies were one or four Offenses… They oughtta be damn glad that’s ALL she was convicted of, and leave it the hell alone. But no… not them. Doesn’t matter anyway what they do to try to wipe her slate a little cleaner— She did what she did, she is what she is, and changing the “record” doesn’t make her any more innocent than she’s not……

  3. Hi Kreuzer! So the Casey saga is still ongoing,eh? Those computer searches had to wrong. Haven’t read all the latest, but I figured something was up when I noticed a coffin fly chaser in my area driving by. They must be minions for NG or something. It’s very terrifying to have to live with it constantly.

    Hope Casey and her family are reunited and aren’t expected to be media puppets for the sole purpose of doing charity work or solving crimes.

    Some day they’ll understand why George ended up in the hospital and how they found him so fast.

  4. sandy1961 Says:

    Well said Honeydog–

  5. zelda Says:

    Really nothing surprises me about the casey case.It’s like a bad B movie winning the Oscar.
    It’s just nuts.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Meant to tell you, I like your little photo, Sandy… Cute Dog!

  7. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Honeydog-Not mine I found him (or her) just in some photos online… Zelda your right-The only difference between a bad B movie & Casey is that some of the B movies are pretty alright to sit thru no matter how bad,as for Casey I would have to get up & walk out….Cause I’d end up smackin her……..

  8. zelda Says:

    I hear you Sandy……….I got that same rush(wanting to smack) when this Arias gal showed up in the news. My gawd.Yet another twisted sister.holy crap.HER face makes me want to push my knuckles through her nose.Another incredible liar.

  9. sandy1961 Says:

    Gotta say Zelda–You are spot on…This broad makes me WAY WAY WAY sick!!!!!! I really think she thinks she’s gonna walk away. Who knows anymore with the justice system as it is these days… Mostly men on the jury…All these photos coming out-These guys are probably drooling in the jury box…Can’t stand watching for more than 5 minutes anymore,Between Jane & Nancy it’s nonstop porn on my T.V. from 7 to 9 p.m. anymore… I have taken to watching ANYTHING but anymore…..

  10. Honeydog Says:

    I can’t believe the similarities between the two— both Narcistic Sociopaths— and I feel like I’m watching the C.A. Trial all over again, complete with the lying Defense Attorney. I don’t follow-up with Nancy’s show anymore (can’t stand all the arguing and talking over each other) but do tune-in to Jane’s every night (recorded, as I’m at work when she’s on), and, what I thought interesting tonight was the questions permitted and asked by some of the Jurors (Was the Gun found in her possession… Were there any Knives missing from the Kitchen… Did Travis’s roommates have Alibis… etc)— In my mind, these Jurors are already beginning to have Doubt, despite Arias’s confession, and I’m already wanting to bust through the TV and shake some Common Sense into them. Of COURSE she was the very one who took the Gun from her Grandparent’s house (same Caliber), AND for God’s sake, No, of COURSE they never found it, because she had plenty of remote places to dispose of it (along with her bloody clothes, etc) during her 2,000-mile trip before she returned the Rental Car… I mean, C’MON. If this Jury starts thinking that it COULD have been someone else, I swear, I give up. This Prosecutor had better be damn good and clever and start driving it all home… Pronto. And that BACK-bend she did over the Chair in the Interrogation Room— No doubt she knows there’s a Camera in those rooms, and that the “guys” will see it… She’s a “Seductress” all the way. Personally, I kind-of have my doubts she’ll end-up getting the Death Penalty, but don’t feel she’ll get off scott-free either. As for the majority of the Jurors being Males, I understand some of them will be eliminated and replaced at Deliberations (confused about that one, but that’s what was reported). All in all, this Case is sure another one for the books……

  11. sandy1961 Says:

    Not only the talking over each other on Nancy-But her attitude drives me crazy lately..If she doesn’t agree she cuts the mike on them… Since she had her kids she sure has changed…No offense to the kids GOD love them…BUT she just seems so arrogant the last few years,It’s her thoughts are the only ones that are right in her mind…Love watching Jane also,BUT she’s getting wacky also…Maybe it’s just them being back to back with the same stories and same pictures and same thoughts that’s driving me CRAZY!!!!!
    Why would they replace people DURING the deliberations???? Makes no sense…But Hell what do I know

  12. zelda Says:

    The Nancy etc. etc. novelty has worn off for me.Your statements have convinced me I was right to 86 my tv. I get all the news etc. through my old beater computer. Tv drains the brain with all the wannabes duking it out for ratings and big bucks. It can suck you in and confuse rather than inform in my opinion.
    As for this latest dingbat Arias,,,,,,,yegods what a psycho Just plain chillingly nuts in my view.I hope they learned from the casey case that we can’t let these killers and goofy lawyers make a mockery of our legal logic and our common senses.
    I am weary of the drama and egos that surround these heinous crimes.This gal should fry…………and all others like her….
    It’s tough to maintain your sanity when we live in a world of insanity.

  13. zelda Says:

    OMG…….the Arias defense is pushing that SHE was the victim and calling for a mistrial……….helllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp.If the obvious pathological arch types can manipulate the justice system we are all f—-d..

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ I know what you mean about watching the two shows back-to-back as I used to do. I much prefer Jane’s show, like her alot, her Guests, her Panel, and the fact that she’s as passionate about and involved with Animal Rights & Welfare as I am, and, because of exactly what you said about Nancy, I just watch Jane and end it there. It’s enough to keep me up-to-date and easier on the Nerves. As for the curent 11 Men and 7 Female Jury, some are “Alternates”, and after both sides have presented their Case and Closing Arguments, the total number of current Jurors will be narrowed-down to the final 12, and those are the ones who will go to Deliberations and decide Arias’s fate. At this point, and until then, these 11 Men and 7 Women do not know who of them will be chosen. Right now, it’s obviously heavy on the “Male side”, but this could possibly change in the end. Personally, I don’t care as much about how many are Men or Women as I do about whoever they are simply possessing enough Common Sense and analytical Intelligence to see through the Bull Shit, put all the puzzle pieces together, see this girl for what she absolutely is, what she definitely did in a calculating way, spare her no sympathy, and hand down the Sentence she deserves.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ Wait! Here’s the SMELLING SALZ! (Everything’s Okay… The Judge denied the Mistrial request). But now, for some unknown/unreported reason, the Jury was instructed not to come back for a series of days. That should be interesting, since they’re not sequestered. Wonder who will be “peeking” in forbidden places……

  16. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydog………..egad.

  17. sandy1961 Says:

    Crazy-Just plain crazy

  18. zelda Says:

    well..she got two charges dropped…………..

  19. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I heard… and, per the panel of Lawyers on Jane’s show tonight, they said don’t be surprised if EVERYthing is ultimately wiped-out. Evidently, The Prosecution messed-up… Left themselves wide-open for this. On the Up-Side, the Attorney for Zenaida Gonzales says that the dropping of these two Charges serves to open the door wide for their Case against C.A., and then all the way if the other two Charges are dropped as well, as she will no longer be able to exercise her 5th Amendment Rights, and can be forced to Court and forced to answer their questions. All I know is, as disgusted as we all are that her “Accountability” was— and is now still continuing to be— removed from her, I’m hoping that SOMEthing of SOME form of Payback like that will happen. This just has to have a better ending……

  20. zelda Says:

    You sure as hell would hope so…………gezus

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Well, adding more Insult to Injury— Just heard on the News that she has now filed for Bankruptcy! Claims she can’t pay the nearly $70,000 in Court/Attorney Fees she owes, due to only having $1,100 in Assets. If I could be anyone else right now, I’d sure like to be the Decision-maker in that Bankruptcy Court. Is this getting worse by the minute or what!……

  22. zelda Says:

    I read that too…..omg! It’s unbelievable………….that crazy bitch.

  23. Honeydog Says:

    After hearing the story again, I found-out I had one of those amounts wrong… She actually owes nearly $800,000— $500,000 of it to Baez alone (hmmmm… whatever happened to him working “Pro-Bono” ????… Looks like THAT was a Lie too). Bitch, yeah, but she ain’t so crazy— She filed for Bankruptcy the same day those Charges were dropped, more-than-likely because she knew damn-well that Ms. Gonzales’s Attorneys would be able to come after her now and she’d end-up being demanded to pay Damages for Deffamation of Character. I think she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. She also owes $68,000 to the IRS for non-payment of Taxes…. There’s ANOTHER place I’d like to work when she walks in the door— “Here’s your Payment Book… Figure it out, Bitch”……..

    Also just heard that Baez is going to be on the “Dr. Drew Show”, discussing his views on the Jodi Arias Trial….(I won’t be writing anything about THAT one… Doing Laundry sounds pretty good that night, if you know what I mean!)

  24. sandy1961 Says:

    I think I’m doing laundry,scrubbing walls-cleaning the carpet–Whatever it takes!!!!

  25. zelda Says:


  26. sandy1961 Says:

    I guess the good news about getting the charges dropped for Casey is that IF all 4 charges go away,that opens EVERYTHING up for the Zenida case..They say she MUST testify if she has NO charges against her…Lets WAIT AND SEE…This bitch has to get it for SOMETHING if it can’t be murder…..

  27. zelda Says:

    she wants to be a paralegal,,,,,,,,,,,she and her dad made up…………
    what the hell…………????
    helllllppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee honeydog

  28. sandy1961 Says:

    Zelda went to hit thumbs up and thumbs down came up for whatever it won’t change… I did NOT want a thumbs down to you!!!!! Sorry my computer has a mind of it’s own today!!!!!

  29. zelda Says:

    No problem Sandy1961………………this anthony thing just blows my mind.

  30. sandy1961 Says:

    Me 2.. I think that’s what she wants…To blow peoples minds…She’s such a !@#$%^&*())(*&^%$#

  31. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of Computer problems, I’ve been trying to type a Comment for two days now and it wouldn’t let me… Couldn’t even get the Box to come up to enter one. Have no clue what’s going on, whether it’s our Computers or something wrong with the Site… ????

    ANYway…. So Casey kissed-and-made-up with the very man who supposedly “sexually abused her” and “killed her Daughter”, huh?… Gee, why would anyone ever want to do that??? Well, because it was a big fat Lie in the first place (as if we didn’t know) and smells to me like “Maybe if I apologize to Daddy and do some heavy-duty Soft-soaping for what I did to him during the Trial, I can get some Money from him, cause I’m tired of being BROKE”….

    OMG, The Jodi Arias Trial… I’m not sure if I’m watching a Horror Story or an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-rated Movie…………

  32. only a psychopath and her sociopathic lawyers would do this. anyone in their right mind would say they were lucky to not be in prison.they think it’s a game.

  33. zelda Says:

    OMG,,,,,,,,,just watched arias on the stand.She is truly evil. NOW they are trying to blame the victim………….OMG.I hope the jury can see through all the twists this nut is leading everyone in and out of.She has it all planned out….has an answer for everything planned.She really is confident she will get off like casey did. It’s a nightmare…………..

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    Hahaha I knew you were gonna say that this morning Zelda…Crazy bitch she is…..Well you gotta remember she’s had almost 5 years to put her thoughts into perspective…I actually watched Jane & Nancy back to back last nite….Thought they were BOTH gonna spit fire…
    Honeydog–Rumor has it..Casey did NOT make nice with dad…If I was him I’d punch her lights out….And for Jose I’d kick him in the kneecaps

  35. zelda Says:

    yep Sandy…………..I make no secret of how I feel about these “black widow” gals.
    I sure wouldn’t think old casey’s dad would touch her with a ten foot pole,,,,,,,,,but then LOOK at who I am talking about,,,gaaaaaaaawd.
    Man o man I looked at the latest vid of the arias monster,,,,,,,,,,I just want to scream!!!!! Personally I think amanda knox is guilty as sin too,,,,,I see them as the three little pigs gone bad.We need a big bad wolf to even the score………..

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    Somethins gotta give at somepoint

  37. zelda Says:

    Hwy Honeydog,,,,,,whar are you? Still having PC problems?
    Geeze………….hope not.

  38. zelda Says:

    You would certainly think something would have to give Sandy…it is one of the universal laws.
    I am having trouble finding strengths in our country.

  39. zelda Says:

    Whaar are you Oneop ??? Hope all is well????

  40. sandy1961 Says:

    You would think,BUT I certainly won’t hold my breath

  41. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda & Sandy~
    “It’s ME! DOROTHY! (looking into the Crystal Ball)… I’m locked-up here in the Witch’s CASTLE, and I’m trying to get HOME to you Auntie Em!”……….

    LOL! That’s what I’ve felt like, out here knocking on the Screen— HERE I am you guys, but I can’t get IN!! (Yes, I’m still having problems with this damn Computer!!!)

    Talk about wanting to Scream— Jodi Airy-ass on the Stand. I agree with you, Sandy… She’s had lots of time to conjure-up her precisely-detailed and perfectly-worded story. The more she goes on, the more it sounds like she’s quoting it all from a hot Romance Novel she read. I mean, C’mon!… NObody explains things like that in such a scripted robotic way. Listen… I have no doubt that Travis Alexander wasn’t a Goody-Two-Shoes when it came to straying from his Religion, but as she goes from describing one thing to another of his actions, I DO have every doubt that he was the Battering, slap-you-accross-the-face-cause-I-don’t-like-your-answer, do-it-cause-I-said-so, you’re-wearing-this-whether-you-like-it-or-not, attack-you-cause-you-dropped-my-camera, etc etc, person that she claims he was. She goes over-the-top in making him out to be a sexual “Monster”, and I don’t believe for one minute that it all happened that way. And this latest— the picture he sent her of his “Erection”??… How does anyone know that she herSELF didn’t ASK him for it. And complaining about having Sex right after she was “Baptized” into the Morman Religion??— Hey… SHE studied the Book… SHE knew it was wrong as much as HE did… But she complied— didn’t she. And isn’t it bizzarre (not to mention Unbelievable) that some guy in her past threatened to “kill her whole Family” if she told them he mistreated her. That’s a Whopper if I ever heard one. Overall, as with so very many other things, there is NO evidence, NO Witnesses, nothing whatsoever to prove ANY of it as being true. It’s all one-sided, and, as we’ve seen during her Interrogation, easy for her to make it up and keep adding to it right on the spot. An interesting fact here is that Travis was the only Boyfriend who ever broke-up with HER— SHE was always the one who broke-up with her other Boyfriends, and, besides the fact that she was pissed-off that he wanted to take someone else other than herself on a trip, it’s obvious that she’s not the type who is going to be rejected and broken-up-with by ANY man. Into “Witchcraft”… Highly-creative and Imaginative (“attacked by Ninjas”)… A well-orchestrated Story-teller and Talker… Seductress (kill one guy, run to another’s Bed)… Cold-blooded Murderer— She’s got all the markings and makings of a Crafty, Lying, Woman-Scorned. I can’t wait for all this sheer Bull Shit we’re hearing out of her soft Psycho mouth to end, and I hope to God the Prosecutor shows, proves, and convinces the Jury likewise……..

    (PS: If I don’t come back in a timely fashion, you guys know why (Computer), but I’ll keep “tapping my Red Shoes together” and hope it works again!) 🙂

  42. zelda Says:

    I don’t care if the guy was “straying” from his religion or not,,what the hell ,WHO DOESN’T??????Omg……………facts are she is a nut and murdered him in cold blood. End of story……….

  43. Honeydog Says:

    OMG… NOW she’s saying Travis was a PEDOFILE, RAPED her when she was asleep (what kind of Drugs was SHE on not to know someone was having SEX with her!), that he threw her on the floor and kicked her in the RIBS, and that her Finger was injured during his ATTACK on her (Yeah, I’m sure it WAS— He was PROBABLY tryin to get the KNIFE out of her damn HAND!). Man-O-Man… She’s just RUNNING with this thing, ISN’T she! She’s so damn crafty at the “Add-something-on-to-each-story” Kid’s Game, and Travis is now a CONSTANT physically-VIOLENT person and TWISTED Sexual-PREDITOR beyond all imagination and comprehension. Never in a million years would I believe someone else would come along and out-do Casey Anthony! I’m in such disbelief at how outrageous this shit is, it’s not funny. If this Jury doesn’t clearly realize that it’s her word against NOBODY’s, and that she was a WILLING PARTICIPANT in WHATEVER kind of relationship they had, I don’t know WHAT!!!!………

  44. sandy1961 Says:

    I really hope this jury isn’t THAT STUPID!!!!!

  45. zelda Says:

    Let’s really get together and send good vibes to that jury………..Please please let there be someone on that jury with half a clam
    in their heads.
    Yes,who would of thought there could be ANY body that could outdo old casey ? WOW!
    It males me sick when they put the victim on trial ………..
    I am hanging on by a thread………..
    Sandy and Honeydog stay with me,,,,,eeeeeeeek.

  46. zelda Says:

    you too Oneop etc. etc……………

  47. Honeydog Says:

    Today’s playing of the “Phone Sex Tapes” had me short of spewing and my Head spinning round and round like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”! Holy COW!! Okay… so Travis WAS enjoying kinky and fantasy Sex— but not only does the record show that she had quite a few “ideas” of her OWN, edging him on and WILLINGLY going-along with everything, but some clear discrepancies between her words in the Tapes and her statements on the Stand. I think she cooked her own Goose today. AND, there was STILL no Evidence of the “neccessity” to BUTCHER him in “Self-Defense”. She was simply PISSED-OFF that he was showing interest in someone else— SHE made the decision to drive to his house (didn’t have to) and had it all planned-out— including her request for a “non-outstanding-colored Rental Car” and borrowing and filling-up Gas Cans to high-tail-it out of there, non-stop, for her long trip to seduce another guy afterwards. My God, it’s as plain as the nose on your face. My fingers are crossed that this Prosecutor doesn’t screw it up on Cross-examination— NOTHING justifies this Murder……..

    (PS: With as long as this page keeps getting with our comments, ya think we’ll hit bottom???!!!! (LOL!)

  48. zelda Says:

    Insanity reigns,,,,,,,,,,,, This may seem off topic but have any of you seen the movie Zeitgeist?That is the real banana…….lets rock.

  49. sandy1961 Says:

    I definately understand about the head spinning-she HAS cooked her goose as far as I can tell–This is crazy,when do you think she may actually get to the day of the murder??? Her lawyer seems to be getting off on this… I don’t get to see it all day BUT from what I see her seems to be a bit NUTS…Just my conclusion BUT he seems to want to hear the same thing over & over & over….Driving me crazy-Then you have Jane that’s ALREADY got the needle in her arm & Nancy (oh my GOD) I think she plans on putting the needle in…and what about the sister that’s a cop.. I think her eyes are gonna roll out of her sockets….Don’t get me wrong Jodi has already CONFESSED & she’s gonna go to jail for a long,long time…Why are they DRAGGING this out the way they are????

  50. sandy1961 Says:

    P.S. Honeydog–I am already at the BOTTOM of the page…Zelda-I think this banana has ALREADY been peeled!! (poked,fondled,split) & getting ready to be disposed of!!!!

  51. Honeydog Says:

    Well, is this all we need or what?….

    PROSECUTOR: How do you propose to convince this Jury that you had the RIGHT to murder Travis Alexander?
    ARIAS: I didn’t have the “Right”, but because of all the degrading things he said and did to me, and I was tired of being treated like dirt and called a Whore, I just snapped and couldn’t take it anymore (or something like that).
    PROSECUTOR: Were you or were you NOT, ACTING in such that capacity, of your OWN FREE WILL, going back and going back for more of those degrading things! (Objection of course, but good point).
    ARIAS: As I said, sometimes he made me feel really good, and I liked that part about him.
    PROSECUTOR: Did you or did you NOT have a CHOICE to keep going back and going back, time after time— even contributing your OWN ideas and FURTHER egging him on!
    ARIAS: Well, I loved him, and…
    PROSECUTOR (cutting her off): I REPEAT— Yes or No… DID you or did you NOT have a CHOICE!
    ARIAS: I suppose I did, but…
    PROSECUTOR (cutting her off): So that’s a Yes.
    PROSECUTOR: And how do you propose to convince this Jury that everything you’ve told us is the TRUTH, when we know you’ve already LIED!
    ARIAS: Yes, I lied before, but I’m telling the Truth now… It’s obvious from the way he talked to me in the the recordings.
    PROSECUTOR: And on those recordings, you YOURSELF continued to PARTICIPATE, of your OWN FREE WILL, in all those things that you claim degraded you, DID you NOT!
    ARIAS: As I said, I loved him and wanted to please him and…
    PROSECUTOR (cutting her off): Answer the question— Yes or No… DID you or did you NOT, WILLINGLY keep it going!
    ARIAS: Yes.
    PROSECUTOR: And Travis Alexander didn’t put a GUN to your head to force dirty words out of YOUR mouth to him, or to FORCE you to keep going back and going back, and to keep it going on and on, DID he!
    ARIAS: No.
    PROSECUTOR TO JURY: As you clearly see, there is no Evidence— other than the one-sided Testimony of this woman— a proven Liar— who is claiming Self-DEFENSE against mere dirty words in some recordings— in which she was EQUALLY guilty of carrying-on its context— nor any proof of her claims that she was kicked in the Ribs, in fear of her life at any time, OR even ultimately ATTACKED by Travis Alexander in the end, which led her to fight-back and KILL him. Travis Alexander may have talked and acted like a Pig in his sexual desires and behavior, but that does NOT constitute— nor did he DESERVE— to be SLAUGHTERED like one!

    ….. Honeydog rests her case (LOL!!)

    No, Zelda, I myself haven’t seen that Movie, but I’ve heard the title before and, actually, I’m pretty sure I remember that it was you being the one who mentioned it once before a long while back when we were discussing somebody or something else. What is it about???

  52. sandy1961 Says:

    Honeydog–If you were the prosecuter I think is all they need is about 15min on the stand before she fries…..Love it!!!!

  53. zelda Says:

    About time we had a smart ….prosecuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!egaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Three cheers for Honey dogieeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Oh the movie has nothing to do with this airy ass thing etc. It’s about reality in the U S……..very mind expanding .It’s interesting to those of us who want to know the world we live in.
    BACK to arias………….I was happy to see that the judge didn’t toss the death penalty option !!!!! I can’t believe she will get away with this,comeon now.We will see…………..gezus.
    Thank gawd for you and Sandy.

  54. Honeydog Says:

    Oh you two, I was just havin some fun up there…. but REALLY— If you’re gonna TALK and ACT like a SLUT, you’re gonna get TREATED like one! SERIOUSLY— What the hell did she EXPECT???!!!… And now she’s Boo-hooing and blaming HIM for it. If she had been a “nice” girl with values and morals and conducted herself accordingly— like the other “Morman” girls he knew and dated— he more-than-likely would have respected Arias the same WAY. I don’t care WHAT excuse she gives, it’s still obvious she led him on, and put HERSELF in the position she was in. Like I’ve always said, it takes two to Tango. I have high hopes for this Prosecutor, who is being very quiet, letting her ramble on and on, taking his notes, and I’m sure will come out with guns ablaze. I so hope he thinks about this particular point I mentioned (“behaving” like a Whore and consistently fueling Travis’s actions toward her), because it explains ALOT. It came out of her own mouth that she was “Game for everything”… You WANT it, girl???.. You GOT it… Then it’s okay to MURDER him for it???… No. Sorry. That doesn’t fly. I mean, honestly… enough said.

    Zelda, I’m so afraid to “expand” my Mind any more than it’s already state of way-too-interested-and-analytical-for-my-own-good, that knowing any more of anything about the way this world of ours is (and frustrates me to the core) would probably end me up in a Straight Jacket! My problem is, I AM interested in the world we live in, but question is, if I saw that Movie, would I like the world even less??? (Thank gaaaaaawd for you too!)


  55. Honeydog Says:

    (ooops, little typing mistake there at the bottom)

  56. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy~ It’s because this is a Death Penalty Case that the Court allows every little detail in, and the abundance of questioning and testimony, resulting in long, dragged-out Direct and Cross-examination. It’s just the way it’s done when the Death Penalty is on the table. For the Defense especially, it’s their opportunity to “Humanize” the Defendant to the Jury— Taking lots of time throwing their “Pity Party”. Anyway, I’m with YOU— BORED. I mean, I think we’ve got the POINT already. BUT, they’re allowed to keep going (and you’re right— bringing-up the same things over and over to keep it in the Jurors minds) for as long as it takes them… So, unfortunately, nothing we can do but wait. Personally, I’m almost afraid to get to the events surrounding the day of the Murder— God only knows what Tall-Tales will come out of her mouth THEN. Oh well… I’m gonna look at all of it as actually just the Calm, before the STORM.

  57. sandy1961 Says:

    Oh-I know how they have to keep it fresh in your mind…Plus I think her lawyer is trying to make the prosecuter NOT to have to have MUCH to say…BUT I think he’s screwing up by so much sex talk….They say the jury is getting really BORED (same as us) He’s gonna have them napping at the pivotal point that they should be at the edge of the seat….Just sayin…..
    P.S. Love talkin the crap with the 2 of you!!!!

  58. zelda Says:

    the whole idea of this trial is an exercise in the absurd. I realize how our system works,but that’s not to say it isn’t flawed.The old blame the victim defense is old hat .been around since the first goon thought it up ages ago.Evidently it’s worked enough times to keep trying it. Let’s hope this jury is as sick of it and it’s thin veil of possibility and doubt as we are out here.The precedent is set that juries can be glaringly wrong and insipid… virtue of the slimy .anthony fiasco…
    I can’t bear watching the trial,,,,,I just want to rip airy ass ‘s head off.So I peek into the latest update off and on so I don’t spend any of my low amount of energy on that smiling nutty bitch.She is eerily like old casey………..which I believe airy is sure she will sail through just like casey being coy and sexy and flirty and all of the rest of it.Well…………we will see. By gawd our laws better hold up this time or I will have to lead the charge to take on the entire system……..bastards.
    I want her on death row………….
    remembering Caylee

  59. Honeydog Says:

    After all this current “Foreplay” ends, let’s hope the only “Climax” will be a well-executed, wise, clever, thorough, ripping-apart, influential and convincing Cross-examination by Mr. Martinez. One good factor making a big difference between this and C.A.’s Trial, is that the Jury is made aware by the Court that Airy-ass— by taking the Stand— has an “investment” in the outcome (meaning that they must realize, understand and take-into consideration that her Testimony is “Self-serving”, and that her Stories may be fabricated because she is trying to save her own Life). As “consistant” as her “Demeanor” has been described— in general— there are also alot of moments filled with “Um’s” and stopping and stalling and appearing to be “figuring-out”, which SHOULD (and hopefully WILL) help to lend to the Jury’s distrust in her— overall. Anyway, yeah, we will see……

  60. zelda Says:

    Thanks Honeydog……………great report…………
    I am throwing my energy behind the jury.

  61. Honeydog Says:

    Well, that makes 3 of us at least.
    (I see by the “Tweets” that John is in Disneyland as we continue to hold-down the Fort. Guess he figures we’re okay playing by ourselves (LOL).
    Now WHERE on Earth is OneOp??????????
    Sending-out the RADAR LOVE!! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP….

  62. zelda Says:

    Come out come out OneOp………..I have a stack of “pebbles” waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuu heh heh

  63. sandy1961 Says:

    Hello Hello Hello OneOp—Where arte thou OneOp??????

  64. Honeydog Says:

    I understand from the Reporters who have been in the Courtroom that the Jurors woke-up from their Naps today (LOL, not in those words of course, but apparently they were beginning to fade from the past 6 days of Sex-drenched Testimony). What a day… So many inconsistancies and discrepancies from Airy-ass that even the panels of Defense Attorneys on TV “caved” and agreed that The Defense is between a rock and a hard place. One thing I found convenient is that she has such a “Photographic Memory” when it comes to remembering every single little fragment of precise detail when it comes to every word and every move TRAVIS made, but doesn’t remember her own so well (alot of “I think”, “I’m not sure”, “I don’t know”). Welp, we’re allllllmost there… Tomorrow we’ll hear the Chapter titled “The Killing of Travis Alexander: ACCORDING to Jodi Arias”.

  65. zelda Says:

    She is a stone faced pathological liar……it’s the way her brain and others like her work..The brain is an interesting thing and can be deadly as in this case.Yegawds……I hope this jury can think and see the obvious. I am hanging my hope on that jury big time..
    Thanks Honeydog…keep us posted. I wasn’t kidding when I said I can’t watch it…….my energy is low and I can’t afford to stress. The anthony thing sapped me,,,,HOWEVER,,,,,,,,,I am following it with Honeydogs help. I want the verdict now…/She needs to fry.

  66. sandy1961 Says:

    Well (supposedly) she can’t (RECALL) these things that happened because of the tragedy (SHE) endured during this time… Her lil (BRAIN) has wiped out this particular time.. SO she doesn’t go into a tramatic——– Whatever……..Funny how she doesn’t want to make eye contact with the jury at this point!!!!

  67. zelda Says:

    remembers every tiny thing up until the actual murder,,,,,,,,imagine that, She nearly cut his head off and stabbed him 27 times and shot him twice…….OMG!
    Wait til the prosecution gets a hold of her…hope they take her down in flames.
    Keep me posted Sandy and Honeydoggieeeee

  68. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, how BOUT that— Spent every day for a week and a half telling her WHOLE life story up to the day she killed him, with TOTAL RECALL, using explicit details and descriptions you would only find in a BOOK, but conveniently has a “Gap” DURING the stabbing and slashing and shooting part, and then picks RIGHT back UP again AFTERWARDS with a clear and precise Memory. I swear……..

    Among that, and others, the biggest things we hope the Jury caught today, was that she “remembered where his Gun was” (“in the closet”) but had testified earlier-on that he didn’t have one (Note: One of his best friends also confirmed this, and some believe that she herself secretly put the Gun in the closet when she took it to his house that day— after taking it, of course, from her Grandparent’s house); that even GOING for “his Gun in the closet” suggests “Premeditation”; that she stated she “never meant to shoot him”, “couldn’t believe what happened”/”what I had done”…. Uh, why would she say these things if she was in fear of her life and it was done in “SELF-DEFENSE”???!!! (get it?… You don’t “justify” killing someone in “Self-Defense” with “I didn’t mean to do it”— BIG BooBoo); that she claimed Travis was “chasing her around the house” (this was AFTER she had shot him point-blank in the Face— Doubt THAT part was even POSSIBLE, let alone true); and that, although she “confessed” (5 months later) she never once told the Police that it WAS in Self-Defense.

    If the Jurors are smart, and have an ounce of Common Sense (wouldn’t be a bad thing if they thought like Lawyers either— Prosecutors of course), they’ll pick right up on these things. Travis HIMSELF (in the Text Messages she read in the Courtroom from him) called her a SOCIOPATH. If that doesn’t say something to the Jury about how she WAS during their relationship, besides all this other stuff, well, your guess is as good as mine about their mentality in connecting the dots.

    Cross-Examination Day…. Let’s get it on!

  69. sandy1961 Says:

    Crazy-Just crazy—Plus she’s talking about how she wishes she would die—SO why have this crap go on…….Just admit GUILT and get the needle—-Aileen did it and got her way—-

  70. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy, did you WATCH??? Woweeeeee! I’m definitely not BORED anymore!! Zelda, you should really tune-in… Watching Mr. Martinez is EXHILLARATING (it would give your low Energy-level a healthy boost!) Anyway, quite a chocked-full, interesting, entertaining and revealing first day. Airy-ass is still hell-bent on holding her own, but Mr. Martinez appears to know her Mind as well as he knows his own. He means business, is very detail-oriented and, from what I hear, has the Jury enthralled. I myself can’t think of one thing that transpired which let me down, made me say Uh-Oh, or left me feeling the least bit unsure about his intelligence, efficiency, skills and capabilities in his handling of this side of the Case. He’s a well-oiled machine, and his methodic and cleverly-executed strategy works like a fine Swiss Clock. I give Day #1 an A+, and am anxious for the continuation of what looks to be lots more where that came from.

  71. zelda Says:

    she admitted she butchered him………so there ya go.she is really wicked and twisted. and ya know what……..I don’t give a hoot why or what her story is.She needs to be gone………..

  72. sandy1961 Says:

    But of course I saw what I could..Live wise–If I’m luck I MIGHT get 45 min. before it’s done for the day—CRAZY sh** going on….To bad they won’t be back till Monday

  73. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, some real “Cliff-hangers” till then! (like those Magazines the Prosecutor introduced that she wrote coded messages in and smuggled-out of Jail to apparently get a friend to lie to the Police for her!) He’s wasting no time dropping some major Bombs to destroy her Credibility in the Jurors minds… I mean, if I were them and hadn’t heard a thing outside of that Courtroom, that ALONE would do it for me. What a Jaw-dropper on the first day, and I can only imagine what he’s got for Monday and what he’ll keep bringing.

  74. zelda Says:

    at last………..hooray.She has met her match it seems……..thanks Sandy and Honeydog……….

  75. sandy1961 Says:

    Well wonder what sillyness shall we hear today????????????????

  76. zelda Says:

    Omg…………she is a real study in how the mind can compartmentalize. Martinez has her number and just keeps hammering away…………..let’s hope the jury is with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This gal is a sexual deviant and a cold blooded murderer. I think she got turned down when she wanted sex so she got insanely enraged and killled him in the heat of that sexual arousal.She made a beeline to another guy too satisfy that sexual need. She needs to fry………..

  77. sandy1961 Says:

    I do think he’s hammering away at some silly stuff & needs to get to the point-then go on….I have been hearing alot of people are starting to feel sorry for her because of the way he is screaming at her…. Get your point across and go on to the next…Don’t get the jury to feel sorry for her… 1 juror thats all she needs…so he better get it together as far as not getting empathy for her…Otherwise she’s gonna get life & NOT death

  78. Honeydog Says:

    I’m so on the edge of my seat watching Mr. Martinez in frenzied merciless action, that I’m getting a permanent horizontal indent across my tush! DAMN he’s good. His Brain’s like a machine gun— steadily firing questions and information and facts and details and references and proof— and if his bullets richochet off her, he boomerang’s them right back. Yes, let’s HOPE this Jury is with it, and sees this as it IS, and HIM as the credible one, regardless of how brutal. You never know how and what they think… That’s the scary part.

  79. zelda Says:

    I say show no mercy to a merciless murderer………..he can never be as brutal as this witch was to her victim. My gaaaaaaaawd. His head was nearly cut off………stabbed 27 0r 29 times and then shot in the head,,,,,can you imagine doing this to another human being???? Cutting someones throat,watching the skin separate and the head flop back with blood gushing and seeing raw flesh and veins etc etc.????? Yessssssssss……’s horrid… be cavalier about any of that in any measure is unthinkable and should be a passport to a death sentence. If a jury feels sorry for her they need to realize who and what they are dealing with,,,,,,,,Martinez needs to get the jury MAD…to get past feeling sorry for a monster. He needs to reveal this monster in toto……….and I think he is doing it in spades.
    The only person we should ever feel sorry for in cases like these is the VICTIM who suffered a unimaginable death.
    Go get her Martinez………iron out the abnormal creases in her sick brain with any means you can muster!

  80. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow-Tear it up Zelda….
    That happened to my brother in law
    But first they cut the carotid artery to paralyze him then slit his throat from ear to ear then stabbed him a bunch of times….So you can see why I hope she doesn’t pull one over on anybody

  81. zelda Says:

    WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT ?????? Omg Sandy.How terrible……I am so sorry………Did they get the bastards who did it?
    We have to send all of our good energy to that jury ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they HAVE to see these monsters for what they are.

  82. zelda Says:

    she is chillingly insane.

  83. Honeydog Says:

    I am also very sorry for your personal tragedy, Sandy. For you here especially, this Trial hits home in ways I can’t imagine, but I surely can imagine having your own personal vendetta…. and we’re all right there with you.

    Today I observed what I really hope the Jury saw and thought of Jodi Airy-ass— The “additional” sides of a skilled Pathological Liar. Toward Mr. Martinez, she was aggressive, sarcastic, manipulative and controlling— proving with every cleverly-selected self-serving response, that she is more-than-capable of not allowing herself to be rejected in any situation which doesn’t please or suit her— to the point of “Punnishment”. A mixed-bag of Crazy… turning-on the “Baby Voice” when it’s convenient for her, playing all her “Roles” like a true Psychopath, and arrogantly and mechanically committed to the “One-up” on her chosen prey. I don’t care HOW long it takes, or what some people may think of Mr. Martinez’s “insignificant” points of discussion— You get ONE SHOT at Jodi Arias. He knows-well the nature of the beast, and what he must do to slay it. Whether he “circles” or “side-tracks”, he knows it will all prove to be important to the big picture. That Jury needs to hear and see EVERYTHING he knows and has— no stone left un-turned in this such a Case and such a crafty Defendant. Let him go… HE’LL come back, no doubt in my mind, and, in the meantime, the further-away he takes this Jury from The Defense’s “Direct”, and the more he unravels and reveals “the real Jodi Arias”, the better. This is what he needs to do, is exactly what he’s doing, and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s working.

  84. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks Guys- I did mis speak I think though.. It was the carotid artery BUT they Slashed the main nerve in his upper neck to render him paralyzed.. He was a REALLY big man almost 7 ft….Yes Zelda they got the Bastards & Bitch that did this…..I think the jury will see what’s up.. I hear ya Honeydog on all the Martinez hubbaloo he spills..(not in a bad way was hubaloo used)…I do think he needs to stop going in circles though… See I only get to see maybe an hour when I get home from work… BUT I have a roommate that fills me in besides Jane & Nancy… I do have to say I AM SICK of hearing MISS KNOW IT ALL NANCY…… I would rather listen to the mandatory weekly T.V. alert…. AND you KNOW how annoying that is…….Well we shall see what today brings!!!

  85. zelda Says:

    I don’t have TV……I see all I need to see on my computer.It’s just a personal choice. Sooo I don’t see Jane or Nancy unless on the news on my PC. I couldn’t stand seeing them everyday….lol!!!!
    I did watch ariy ass on a news clip today…wow is SHE a poster child for a sociopath or what. She loves the “game” she is playing with Martinez,,,you can see it in her eyes.She tries setting the pace and controls all the answers she can. Martinez( no doubt) has read up on sociopaths and is trying to “peel” back her many facades so that the jury can see how her mind circling his questioning he is showing every tiny inconsistent point he can. What a piece of work she is,,,,,,just nuts. She needs to get the death penalty,,,,,,,I rarely say that…only in extreme cases like this that leave no doubt to the logical mind.What is creepy is that these types are not that rare and I know one woman personally that I had to protect myself from,,,,,It’s difficult to know how to deal with them.
    I am glad they got the bastards Sandy……How terrible,damn.
    “Power on Martinez,”,,,,,,,I am with you Honeydog…….
    This is one clear case in my view………again the jury is the key.

  86. zelda Says:

    Martinez is being” criticized by experts” for being too combative.Hmmm.

  87. Honeydog Says:

    As I’ve mentioned, I too can’t handle Nancy… I only tune-into HLN (Headline News) and catch two hours of their live coverage of the Trial, then Jane Velez-Mitchell’s show. Occassionally I’ll check-out Dr. Drew’s show later-on in the night, only because it’s not more of the same, but rather information and photos and discussions which have not been shown to us by way of the Trial or other reporting. I like watching the live Trial because I’m seeing and hearing everything for the first time, the same way the Jury is, and can draw my own conclusions without the influence of the Media beforehand. And I’ll tell ya, if those Jurors don’t have a crystal clear analysis of Jodi Arias the way I’M seeing and hearing it, we’re in trouble. And let’s remember this… As far as the various Attorneys on TV who are now-daily harping on the length of time Mr. Martinez is taking, and how he should just make his points— Boom Boom Boom— wrap it up and sit down, that’s the way THEY would do it— THEIR preference… THEIR Strategy— and it doesn’t mean HIS way is wrong, nor “boring” or “losing” the Jury. Quite the contrary, I heard tonight from Journalists in the Courtroom… The Jurors are appearing VERY interested, and far from bored. The Defense took its sweet-ass-time until THEY were satisfied, but, much more importantly, Mr. Martinez is going for the DEATH Penalty here— HIS Cross-examination HAS to be thorough in every way, shape and form. If he wants to win this Case, he cannot afford to risk leaving anything out or unsaid. And, the only reason he “side-tracks” is because SHE is the one SIDE-tracking him, with her constant and continuous insistance upon beating-around-the-bush or adding-on to her answers. If you and I and Zelda and most of the people watching this Trial want to see Jodi Arias pay the ultimate price for what she did, we can’t have another Casey Anthony “Aftermath”— As long as that Trial dragged-on, and with as much as was covered, people were saying “Why didn’t the Prosecutor bring-up THIS” and “Why didn’t the Prosecutor say THAT”… Well, Mr. Martinez is not going to let THAT happen— and to his credit, we should be glad and thankful for it in this Case. For those who would rather have him “rush it” or condemn him for providing “Totality”, those would be the same people— including the “Legal Experts”— who would end-up telling us all the things he could have or should have said or asked or went into, and perhaps it “would have made a difference” AFTER it’s too late and all of us were angry and disgusted with the Verdict. In my book— especially in this Case— there’s no such thing as “too much” this Prosecutor can go into, or “off” on, to put Jodi Arias where she belongs… Too little only gives The Defense more room to expand. You hit on EVERYthing— no matter how “stupid” or insignificant it seems at the time— there’s ultimately nothing left for them… It’s all been covered. I might add here that, despite ANY criticism of Mr. Martinez, his “Dog-eat-Dog” style, and sometimes “over-attention” to “irrelevant” discussion (which, by the way, the Judge herself doesn’t think it is… The Defense has been “Over-ruled” more times than not during these “side-tracks”), of the three Women currently on Death Row in Arizona, Mr. Martinez put one of them there. He did not prosecute the other two Cases. Patience here is the key… Let him do his job… no matter how “rammy” some people are or question his path of travel. He’s a proven Winner, and if “going off the Rails” every now and then is his biggest fault, I’d still rather be riding on his Train.

  88. sandy1961 Says:

    Well I think you guys covered it today—My only point is I do believe he is hitting on some (not many) points he should just get to the point and go on…I Don’t watch Drew anymore either I think he’s a fool anymore..I don’t know maybe it’s my age getting to me…

  89. Honeydog Says:

    No TV, Zelda?… No WONDER you Paint all the time! (LOL, just teasing… You know I think that’s great).
    We’d all probably be better-off without it sometimes.

    Yes, today was really something. Her “smirking” and half-giggling during some of her answers, and sheer cockyness and smart-ass “digs” at Mr. Martinez were nothing short of ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Unbelievable. Sure a “different Jodi” for the Jury’s eyes and ears than how she softly sobbed her way through her first round with The Defense. Overall, one of the best days for the State, with so many Lies and Discrepancies and Cover-ups and tell-tale signs of how she is and what she’s capable of and proof of this and proof of that, using her own words against her…. Mr. Martinez’s mind a better Steel-trap than hers, Left-hook Right-hook, duking it out— This was WAR. I honestly feel the same way you do about the Death Penalty being awarded in this Case, and, according to reports, Mr. Martinez will be covering the actual killing beginning tomorrow (Thursday) which, no doubt will probably erase any hesitation in my mind of it being deserved. With what we can expect from him (not to mention, HER) it should be… well… I can only imagine……..

  90. sandy1961 Says:

    My question to you Honeydog is What do you do for a living BESIDES part-time prosecutor????? Baliff to death row????????
    Just kidding……..Just love your style!!!!!!
    Zelda I would GO BATTY without a T.V. More power to ya!!!

  91. zelda Says:

    hahahahaha…well Sandy I DO get everything on my computer……And I check things all the time so it’s not much different.As Honeydog says..I am busy as heck……..etc.etc. and so I have to narrow down my “tv” time. I love Netflix.

    You go Honeydoggieeeeeeeeeee.! Let’s see what shakes out..I can’t imagine the jury being dim bulbs on this one..but ya never know.

  92. zelda Says:

    LOL Sandy……I am one hundred and six,,,,,,,,we are doing ok. I see it as a plus…….lol!!!!

  93. zelda Says:

    Just watched arias on the stand……….she was crying when she was asked about the way she killed him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,her hair was covering her face,,,,,,,,,,,,IF there were tears they were for herself.She took every move he made trying to defend himself and turned it around as if SHE was the victim. He lunged at her,well IF he did it was no doubt because she had stabbed him already…………….IF you follow the pattern of all of her previous lies it is crystal clear.Gezus gawd she is nuttier than a pecan tree.Oh PLEASE let this jury see through all of this,,,oh gawwwwwwwwwd. Never,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NEVER let their be another anthony fiasco, And PLEASE let the death penalty prevail.Come on Judge, hold firm on that decree.

    This gal is unbelievable and is working every trick in the book,,,,,,,certainly she is being coached on how to act to get the least amount of punishment.Defense lawyers can suck..The process is bastardized much of the time.
    I can’t stand it……………..they took a break because she was stressed,well her victim didn’t get the”break” now did he,Shit! I’d keep her on the stand til the cows came home.Poor thing my ass.

    I have an artwalk tomorrow so I am up here in the wee hours cleaning my studio and I thought I would take a break and catch the news. ABC has all the daily videos so I watched arias on the stand. I want to drag her behind a truck. Guess I had better hit the sack,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol!! Night gang

  94. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy, not liking Dr. Drew has nothing to do with your Age— Personally, I don’t care so much for the man either. With respect to his Medical profession, I think he’s knowledgable in his area of expertise, but, other than that, I find his publicly-televised “exploitation” of vulnerable Patients struggling-with and dying-from Drug & Alcohol Addictions and filmed to the point of their worst and humiliating levels, terrible and highly UN-professional. No wonder some of those people ended-up committing Suicide. Celebrities or not, this is a “private” matter, and any truly-caring and self-respecting Doctor with a genuine interest in “helping” his Patients would never think of subjecting them to the gawking eyes of TV Viewers and putting them on display as though they were Saturday Night “Entertainment”. For that reason alone, I regarded Dr. Drew as a Media Whore, using the weak-and-broken once-famous-and-admired, for his own Celebrity-seeking benefit. With his Talk Show however, which I mentioned only tuning-into once in a while during this Arias Trial, I’m mostly just interested in the discussions of certain Guests and specific things not shown by others covering the Case. If this wasn’t going on, I don’t ordinarily watch him either.

    I don’t know if you were really serious about wanting to know what I do, but I don’t mind saying…. I’m actually a Grocery Checker/Cashier at a large Supermarket. I’m flattered that you like my “style”, but it’s funny, I’m one of those people who write better than I verbally speak. If I were talking to you in-person, I’m not so stylish. It just flows-out on paper. Weird!

  95. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes I was interested in your line of work because you are quite good with what you say,BUT I do hear you on the point of face to face( verbige) ?? I also agree about the Dr. Drew stuff… I did like to watch that celebrity rehab BEFORE people started dying off BUT it’s hard to say if they would have either way…Alot of these guys go on just to get the $$$$$ BUT some do actually get clean and that makes me happy….I was kidding about the age thing( I think) Hell I just hit 51 a few months ago…BUT I feel like I’m 91 sometimes…. As I’m sure we all do!!!!Zelda I’m glad you have art & such to keep you going without having to be watching a (BOOB TUBE) Often I like to come home and just stare at the stupid thing like it mesmerizes my mind into a big air bubble….My roommate kinda feels sorry for this Airy–ass…….We kinda threw out our feelings about this trial & all of a sudden a BIG FAT LIGHT came on in her head when I reminded her of my bro in law and she kinda went white when I threw out my TRUE feelings on how I felt……She had a foggy memory on the details & when I told her about how the bitch that knocked on the door to get him to open it….cause he would NEVER let a female walk away if he could help….Well we ALL know she ADMITTED to the killing so does she do just jail time OR does she sit on DEATH ROW???????

  96. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ A dozen DITTOS. What another day. Boo-hoo Boo-hoo Boo-hoo… as she peeks-out through her fingers to look at the pictures she says she doesn’t want to see. “And the Oscar goes TO….”

    Mr. Martinez is driving it home— and beautifully I must say. Chipped her away piece by piece and got everything out of her he needed. Looks like he might wrap it up fairly soon. THEN we’ve got the “Psychological Experts” on Direct by The Defense (I imagine we’ll be going back to the “emotionally-abused and Fogged-up Jodi”, and no doubt we’ll be seeing this Chammelion change into her “victimized-side” once again). Watch out… Mr. Martinez will be lurking in the bushes……….

  97. Honeydog Says:

    (PS): Hope your Artwalk is everything you want it to be!

  98. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy, your last question… If this Jury can see the simplicity of it all (Yes, she admits to killing him, but, bottom line, it was NOT “Self-Defense”) AND they are ALL in-agreement and follow their explicit instructions as to rendering the Verdict which applies, it WOULD be Death Row for her. During the Jury Selection process, they were informed that this IS a Death Penalty Case, and I would assume they indicated they would have no problem with that. But, of course, as always— with any Jury— the end-result here depends on if they have any Doubt whatsoever and whether or not they CAN actually live with themselves in sending her there. I’m not real clear on this part, but I think the “degree” of the Offense (1st Degree, 2nd Degree, Murder, Manslaughter, etc) decides the Death vs. Life with/without Parole vs. so many # of years, etc etc) so, yeah, who knows at this point. Get ready for Monday…. Just heard The Defense will be returning, I suppose with their “Experts” and such. Here we go again……..

  99. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Lots of good discussions going on. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Lots of work and things 🙂

  100. Honeydog Says:

    Wow, John, perfect timing!… I was actually just about to see if I could round you up to ask you something, and there you WERE! Yeah, we’re holding-down the Fort and playing nicely by ourselves, but we could sure use a fresh new Page! (We’re so far down, I think we’re close to hitting China! LOL) Anyway, since it’s kind-of a pain having to scroll through so much and trying to keep track of where we are (for me especially, my Computer isn’t working right and I can’t always get the Comment Box to come-up after lengthy scrolling) I was wondering if you could make a new Post. As you see, right now we’re discussing the Arias Trial, but if we could just start at the top of a page, whatever you want to put, that would be good. Is that do-able for you? 🙂

  101. sandy1961 Says:

    No Doubt Honeydog–I don’t think the jury is gonna side with HER this time!!! After watching her sillyness on Friday I think she’s gonna get what she deserves….He finally ended with her and now comes ALL the people who will finish digging her grave & begin to throw the dirt back on her for the finale!!!!

  102. zelda Says:

    I have my fingers crossed.

  103. sandy1961 Says:

    I think we all do Zelda..How did your Artwalk go?? Hopefully VERY well.

  104. zelda Says:

    The art walk was great.sales not so great…..poop.
    I read where the jurors get to ask airias questions……….hmmmmmm What gets me is that she is a proven habitual liar,,,,,,,,,,,so I wouldn’t believe her if she said she was a female.I hope the jurors are savvy…………

  105. Honeydog Says:

    Welp, after a fantastic, up-lifting and persuasive Cross-examinaton by Mr. Martinez, we’re back to shitting all over Travis Alexander again— in major dumps— if either of you, or both, watched the Defense’s first day of Re-cross today. With the stuff they did and brought-up and showed the Jury, they portrayed him in the lowest, filthiest, degrading way so far, to the point where it was as though ANY girl would claim “Battered” and be justified in their “state of Mind” and subsequent actions…. Back to all the Sex and the Fantasies and her “disfigured” Finger and her rambling-on with her giant Encyclopedia-words about the “Law of Attraction” and her “suicidal” Journal entries, and implying that Travis tore certain pages out containing his “abuse” of her. My God, it was just disgusting… Her smirking, her contriving, her deceipt, her unbelievability… and that the REAL VICTIM here is being flushed down the Toilet. Worse yet, I understand from reports, that we can expect all this same shit to drag-on by The Defense— UH-gan— for a while, to set the stage for their “Psychological Experts”, and that there is no Re-cross of her by Mr. Martinez (Although I’m not sure whether he gets to question the Defense’s “Experts”, SHE gets the last word). The GOOD reports are that the Jurors are appearing tired of being in the “same Soup” the Defense already dished-up the first time around (especially the Male Jurors) and seemingly acting “done with it all”. Who can BLAME them. I sure hope they ALL can see by NOW that this is ALL The Defense HAS, and that, no matter WHAT, this Trial is NOT about SEX CRIMES, but a NO-EXCUSE horrific brutal TAKING-OF-A-LIFE by an OBSESSED, JEALOUS, JILTED, LYING, NO-PROOF-OF-ANYTHING-STORY-TELLER, whose ONLY “Fear” was “the one she couldn’t live without” being with someone ELSE. I’m totally dreading these next days (or Weeks) until The Prosecution’s Closing Argument……….

    (PS): Something funny to share…. I hear there’s a “Jodi Arias Voodoo Doll” selling on E-Bay. Says it all, doesn’t it???!!!!

  106. zelda Says:

    yegods……….you know this defense ploy of attacking the victim should have penalties for the perp and the defense attys.that eventuates in huge fines and or jail time if thet step over the line. The victim’s family should have rights to sue for defamation etc. as well…….SOMETHING .Otherwise the attys go mad in trying to “win” a case.And all the while the sleazy eveil perp just sits and smiles. Makes my skin crawl,
    COME ON JURY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!! Martinez should drive home the point to them that they might be in the same posistion as this victim one day,,,,,,,,,,and to think with the “victim’s angle.I would be banging away at the jury mentality.
    It’s the very wee hours and my typing is hit and miss,sorry,,,,,,,,,,
    When does this go to the jury????

  107. sandy1961 Says:

    I think you both put it in a nutshell today-This is crazy.As for the jury getting to ask questions…I believe they submit them to the judge and then she askes what they need to know…I can’t believe we have to listen to Arias’s lawyer again…Well I do believe it BUT do you notice how SLOW and QUIET he is when he speaks to her????I think he’s trying to show if your quiet and meek she can deal with it BUT if your loud and( voiceterous) she gets ALL freaky..I hope this doesn’t DRAG out for another 2 months……Here’s taxpayers money HARD at WORK……..P.S. Did you guys see the way Chaney had Anthony in that headlock????? Or the look on her face when the reporters were trying to get her to talk………Had me cracking up—What a scowl on her face!!!1

  108. sandy1961 Says:

    Oh yeah..Glad your artwalk was good…Sorry the $$$$$$$$$ wasn’t that great

  109. zelda Says:

    Thanks Sandy……….!
    I am trying to see the “justice” in our system…..there may be a little but it’s deeply flawed. The presumption of innocence gets us in trouble.The original idea was good but it opens a door to a circus of the absurd.We are asked to go along with mind bending conclusions as in the anthony case. Her goofy face is in the news again,,,,,our system provides a venue for her to get away with yet another thing,,,,money problems.Gezus.
    THIS arias nutbar is having a field day in private A.diabolical mind.. And we need to “make nice” to her…..yeah right……OMG!
    She admits to butchering this guy…….I don’t care if he was jack the ripper it doesn’t lessen her crime.
    One and one is two……….NOT two and a tenth.

  110. sandy1961 Says:

    Oh you are so right Zelda!!! How bout those 100 questions from the jurors???? I hate to say it BUT I’m getting just as sick of Jane as I already am of Nancy….She’s (Nancy) is REALLY loosing her viewers…they say she has plummeted in the ratings…GEE wonder why???? You got the right idea about NO T.V.

  111. Honeydog Says:

    Well, what a nice surprise (and great relief)— It appears as though The Defense is actually finished their Re-direct! That guy was putting me to SLEEP… I was getting ANXIETY attacks just waiting for him to finish a SENTENCE. Seems I wasn’t the only one— One of the Reporters (in the Courtroom daily) said tonight that one of the Jurors in the front row actually yawned out-loud, and didn’t even cover their mouth, while listening to Airy-ass talk. She made me SICK, and SO pissed-off I could barely stand it. NOW the Gun was suddenly in a HOLSTER (no mention of that BEFORE), and going and talking to her “Bishop” when she “wanted to die” (oh PLEASE), and not wanting to make Travis out to be a bad person, and “not having a CHOICE” but to kill him… Yeah RIGHT— Anybody ELSE would’ve run out the damn front DOOR if they REALLY wanted to get away… Instead, she goes straight into the CLOSET where the GUN is (which I myself believe SHE put there). If that’s not “Premeditation” (heading for the Gun instead of FLEEING from the HOUSE, I don’t know what IS. Her Eyes are so dark brown because she’s SO FULL OF SHIT. You wanna know what EYE (no other way to emphasize “I”) think really HAPPENED????…… EYE don’t believe she “accidentally dropped” that Camera at ALL, which she claims initiated his attack on her. In her Obsession with him, EYE think she went to his House that day, knowing that he was leaving for CanCun the next day with the other girl, in an attempt to change his Mind, hoping and thinking that the Sex might do it, probably cried and begged him to take her with him (after the Sex), he said No, she “acted” okay with it (but then the Rage silently kicked-in), he went for his Shower, she grabbed the Camera and said to HIM that SHE wanted to take some pictures of him (not the other way around) to strengthen his “interest” and “attraction” to her by making HERSELF “pretend” to be interested in taking them, and while he was in the Shower she THREW the Camera down— ON PURPOSE— and said F-U.. YOU CAN F ME and won’t take me to CanCun.. Well you’re not taking your brand new CAMERA with you EITHER…… I think THAT’s what happened. It was said that she’s an “aspiring Photographer”— How many Photographers “accidentally DROP” their CAMERA! NO… I think she WANTED to piss him off because SHE was pissed-off AND jealous AND rejected, and it’s TOO coincidental that she led him straight to that Closet. Funny that she “can’t remember” where the KNIFE was, but she knew THEN, and DECIDED to go STRAIGHT FOR IT. That’s not PREMEDITATION EITHER??!! “Premeditation” can happen “in the blink of an Eye”, remember? She knew EXACTLY what her “Goal” was that day, and because it didn’t work-OUT the way she wanted it to, he wasn’t going to CanCun EITHER. Did you catch the part in her Phone Call to him (after she had killed him) where she said “We’re going to have fun in CANCUN”…. DISCREPANCY RIGHT THERE— She stated during her Testimony that she KNEW a week or two beforehand that he was taking someone else. ODD that she specifically mentioned CANCUN in that Phone Call, isn’t it. Oh, and this sheer crap about finding him on the bed (pleasuring himself) to a “Picture” of a young Boy… a PICTURE???? I was under the impression that men who do this (into Child/Adult Pornography) are watching VIDEOS or looking at MAGAZINES or on the COMPUTER. A single PHOTOGRAPH?? Yeah Right. And they never found one SHRED of Evidence ANYwhere in his House. She’s a lying canniving bitch, and I don’t believe ANYthing that’s come out of her Webster’s Dictionary mouth since she took the Stand.

    Tommorrow… Approximately ONE-HUNDRED questions from the Jurors (which, by the way, she and her Attorneys get to REVIEW the list before they’re asked— How convenient).

    Yes, saw ole’Casey being bombarded by the Media on her way to Court. She looked “freaked-out”… Not USED to THAT anymore. Hopefully it scared her enough to go back into Hiding for the next hundred years so we don’t have to see her ever again.

  112. sandy1961 Says:

    Gotta say–Love ya & your brain Honeydog!!!!!! I think your spot on.. I missed the reference of Cancun in her call….Although I missed hearing her call Maybe I fell asleep waiting for her attorney to finish his sentence

  113. Honeydog Says:

    Awwww… Love Ya TOO Sandy. So glad you’re here! Have no clue why *OneOp* isn’t and sure miss her, but (and indeed no offense to her) I think you, Zelda and I have become the “new” “3 Musketteers”.

    YAY!! I see John put-up a couple new Posts— one specifically regarding Jodi Arias… A fresh new Page for us to fill-up! SEE YA THERE!

  114. sandy1961 Says:

    I’m glad a stumbled upon this site also.It’s nice to have some input by people that aren’t idiots and allow you to give your opinion and why you feel the way you do WITHOUT being critisized or talked down to just for voicing your thoughts and feelings

  115. Honeydog Says:

    AMEN to that. Believe it or not, despite that it’s been only the three of us for a while now, there used to be quite a lot of “Regulars” and steady participants here. Don’t know where they all went… Perhaps all the “quarrelling” and “name-calling” and “criticism” and “nasty language” and “competitiveness” was more “appealing” to them on other Blog Sites. From what I’ve seen, they can have it. Much more Pleasant, Enjoyable, Fun and Fulfilling right here, and all the “Action” I personally care to indulge in. 🙂

  116. sandy1961 Says:

    I also say Amen to your thoughts….I enjoy reading you & Zelda’s comments every day..I like both of your thought processes

  117. Honeydog Says:

    The Thoughts, Opinions, and Styles of ALL of us are interesting to each other and contribute to the enjoyment! I do somewhat miss the large variety of Comments and Discussion when more of us were here, but, actually, it’s alot less complicated (and crazy) with fewer, and playing-off the Comments of a small intimate group is well, just more intimate, and Friendly. 🙂

  118. zelda Says:

    I miss the input of a larger group also but “we three kings of orient are” are keeping the flame.I really enjoy Honeydog and Sandy,,,,,we all have the same sense of justice it seems.Our logic processing is in the same family. I DO MISS OneOp………hope she is ok.
    Hip hip girls!!!

  119. sandy1961 Says:

    Yay it’s the weekend girls…Enjoy-No court til Wed. HUH….

  120. zelda Says:

    No court til WED eh????……ok.well………….we will see ya then!

  121. Honeydog Says:

    *OneOp* last appeared on January 11th on the “Happy New Year” Post. She only commented that she had no New Year’s Resolutions and wished everyone a Happy one. Not like her to up and leave without her usual explanations of what’s going on. I hope she’s Okay too. She knows we’re here….

  122. Honeydog Says:

    **NEWS FLASH**… The “Ellusive Butterfly” was just spotted on the “Wee Lepprachaun” Post! Somebody CATCH her!

  123. zelda Says:

    Right on Honeydog….I am grabbing the net and am on my way!!!!!!!!!!!Yahoooooooooooooooooooo

  124. sandy1961 Says:

    Did ya catch her?????

  125. Honeydog Says:

    LOL Zelda! You’re great at making “Visuals”! I’m beginnng to think someone is playing Tricks on us. “Will the real OneOp please stand up!” This is CRAZY!……

  126. sandy1961 Says:

    I guess she got thru the net… You got a hole in that net Zelda????

  127. Honeydog Says:

    It probably got torn, carrying-around her “Rocks” in it! (a little thing between her ‘n OneOp)

  128. zelda Says:

    hahahahaha………..yep she got away……….She KNOWS I have a big pile of pebbles waiting,,,,,,,,hahaha,,,,ooooooo.

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