Body of Jessica Ridgeway Found

Westminster, Colorado, police chief Lee Birk has confirmed that Jessica Ridgeway’s body was located in Arvada, Colorado.  The family has been notified.

From the Denver Post:

State and local law enforcement officials told an afternoon media briefing that the body found in Arvada has been positively identified as Jessica Ridgeway, the 10-year-old girl missing from Westminster.

The body was identified using DNA tests. On Thursday Westminster police spokesman Trevor Materasso said the body found Wednesday was not intact, and that was making it difficult to identify it.

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17 Comments on “Body of Jessica Ridgeway Found”

  1. You got a hacker!

  2. zelda Says:

    the bastard,,,,,,the sob,,,,,,,,,,,my gaaaaaaad

  3. One Op Says:

    There is no protection left for our children! What kind of animal is mankind turning into. Worse than animal! I repeat you Zelda!

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Oh OneOp, ya know I love ya, but please don’t put murdering-Humans in the same category with Animals. As a long-standing Animal Rights & Welfare Advocate/Activist, I know that not even the whole of the Animal Kingdom is guilty-of or deserves to be compared with committing such horrific criminal acts. This poor girl was indeed “prey”, but of yet another sick psycho “Monster” out there whom, yes, I agree, IS worse than any Animal, and I pray to God he is caught and caught soon. As she is surely taken to Heaven, Hell surely awaits someone. This is so sad, and my heart goes-out to her family.

  5. zelda Says:

    Let’s take the words heaven and hell out of all of this.Monstrous acts by humans are just that.The references to those places can be comforting to many which I understand , and that is nice. I think OneOp was saying we expect MORE from a human than other animals.Sadly we human animals are the worst we see out there.
    Before you write a long persuasive rebuttal Honeydog let me give you a leg up by saying I am agnostic ,
    I am stunned by all the horror perpetrated upon our children in this society and world.What does the word humanity mean anyway?

  6. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Who’s hacking me?

  7. Thinker Belle Says:

    No idea. It’s just that your blog showed up in my reader when I hadn’t subscribed to it. I had, however, been looking at the subject of the post in regular media prior to this happening. I’ve always had a hacker on my blog here. Even when trying to start a different one, they hacked the theme and inserted words not typically there.

  8. One Op Says:

    Oh Honeydog, I am so sorry, please understand I used worse than “animal” not meaning our loved pets are bad. It is unfortunate that I did that. I think it comes from old ways of speach from us old
    folks. Can I change it to monsterous behavior against our innocent. I love you and your heart felt expressions. Animals have a natural instinct for survival. Humans never have cause to harm a child and these hideous ways of our own species is devestating and it seems nothing can be done to stop such horror.

  9. sandy1961 Says:

    I agree with all of you.Mankind animals are the MOST DISCUSTING..I would never put our loving pets in that category..Although that is just an expression used..I think WE ALL DO IT!!! Love you ALL for your heartfelt thoughts and expressions and allowing me to give mine…I hope this S.O.B is caught and this family can move on>>And I say move on because wu know this act of EVIL will never go away from this family…Thoughts and prayers to ALL!!!

  10. Honeydog Says:

    No, No, my friend, don’t feel bad, and no apology neccessary!… I know what you meant. I’ve used the same term myself sometimes, until realizing that Animals are above such things and not wanting to unjustly shame them. Don’t mind me… It was just my strong and passionate Animal Advocacy coming out— An unhelped natural instinct, and probably in the wrong place. Yes, Humans are the “real” deadly killers, without cause or conscience, and the species to be feared. I don’t know either, why these awful things are increasingly and steadily happening to Children… Why there are more and more new Pedofiles surfacing and walking-around in the world than we can imagine… What is causing it… How to ever know who and where they are at any given time and place… How to keep them from coming… How to forever end it all. The damn COURTS don’t and won’t keep all the “known Offenders” locked-UP (as the whole LOT of them SHOULD be), the SYSTEM doesn’t keep proper TABS, Child PornOGRAPHY still runs rampid as further enticement, and then of course, there’s the Internet— a most diseased, dark and secretive breeding-ground, and a real challenge for Officials to control. Yes… What can be done is the question. I fear there will never be ANY way to completely stop it… To completely rid the world of such people… To prevent new ones from coming… and there will surely AlWAYS be “opportunities” for them to strike. It’s a terrible, terrible, Plague-like situation constantly hovering over our Children, to the point where it’s unsafe to even BE a Child anymore, and to live and experience and enjoy the Childhood freedoms you and I used to. Such a Shame… So Scary… and ultimately downright Anger-provoking for the lack of a solution. I love you too….

  11. Honeydog Says:

    PS: The above was in response to OneOp. By the time I finished typing and posting it, Sandy’s comment was already in-between (That’s okay, Sandy! Just wanted to make sure there was no confusion.) Love you TOO! And no doubt whatsoever that a Family’s emotional pain and suffering over something like this never leaves… I can only imagine… and they all deserve the little bit of relief and satisfaction which comes from seeing the one responsible caught and punnished.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda~ I would never have any Rebuttal to that… Your beliefs are respected here (although I do think I remember you wanting Casey and Joran to rot in Hell 🙂 I would like to think and hope that little Jessica rests in Peace, and that this S.O.B Frys, now or later, wherever and in whatever form his Hell may be. I will say that now I at least know the reason for the infamous “My gaaaaaaawd”…. 🙂

  13. sandy1961 Says:

    The nice thing about THIS site is the fact that it seems we all pretty much know what the other meant when something is posted..We allow each others thoughts and feelings to be said WITHOUT the direct implication(??) of getting reamed by someone that doesn’t agree with you!!! I enjoy being able to read others thoughts and how they arrived at them WITHOUT someone telling someone else they are a piece of crap just because they don’t have the same thinking that you do… P.S. Honeydog sorry I got my thought between yours…

  14. zelda Says:

    I love all of you guys.great site and good thinking.

  15. Honeydog Says:

    HEY JOHN!… Just noticed in a Twitter listed on your Home Page here, the mention of “Mom, Dad and BABY”— I’m gathering that the new little Kreuzer has arrived???!!!!

  16. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Just posted some pictures. Feel free to let the gang know 🙂

  17. “Body of Jessica Ridgeway Found Kreuzer’s Korner” ended up being a good read and also I really was indeed really satisfied to discover the blog post. Thanks a lot-Una

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