Plane That Flew Casey Anthony Crashes; Kills Six

A plane that once flew Casey Anthony out of Orlando after she was released from jail (following her trial) crashed today, killing six, including four children.

From WFTV:

Ronald Bramlage, 45, was piloting the plane. His wife, Rebecca, 43, and their four children were also onboard.

The plane is the exact same one that Casey Anthony was in the night she took off from Orlando. It was owned by Anthony’s former attorney, Todd Macoluso. WFTV learned he might have sold it earlier this year.

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14 Comments on “Plane That Flew Casey Anthony Crashes; Kills Six”

  1. It committed suicide. It felt that guilty for not killing the b**** when it had the chance.
    To bad Casey was not in it this time.
    RIP and (even though my other comments were cold) my respect to the families of the deceased.

  2. zelda Says:

    What a tragedy,,,,,,,,,,,,terrible to lose a family like that.The connection to casey is bizarre .Things are getting closer to her paying the piper.I’s sad all the way around………..My memories will be for the family only.I won’t taint them with the anthony name.

  3. Sandy Says:

    That’s a nice way of putting it Zelda…My respect for those that lost the loved ones that were on that plane…Maybe those children will meet Caylee and understand it was a message to mommy what’s to come,UNFORTUNATELY they were in this plane…My heartfelt sorrow to all::::

  4. One Op Says:

    Just really confusing, if everything is directed by God as often heard, why this family deceased when He had a believed killer right in His hands and landed her safely. I mean this stuff really baffles me. So how much is meant to be, I don’t know, how much is mechanical and the hand of man could have possibly avoided this crash, I don’t know. Any thoughts about this beyond the devastating fact that a family lost their lives in this particular crash.

  5. zelda Says:

    well OneOp……….it depends on your belief system to get an answer that will be ok for you.
    My beliefs don’t include a confusion on matters like these,,,,,,,,,,,,so my answer for you would not please you. We all have different ideas.Humans are an interesting lot.
    The beat goes on.

  6. One Op Says:

    Zelda, I am not looking to be pleased, just wonder if anyone had a thought because it is interesting that this same plane carried a killer to their place of protection and it carried a family who were killed in it.

  7. zelda Says:

    OneOp………perhaps I used the wrong words to express my answer to your thoughts………I was giving you my thoughts.

  8. One Op Says:

    OK, I get it, Confusion is of the devil, I am the one that used the wrong word. Let’s just say I was wondering why. You gave a good answer it is all of the devil. Thank you Zelda I have to be off to work for a few hours.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Dear OneOp~
    There is surely no Rhyme or Reason to such things… Only what we can derive from our own personal way of thinking. While something like this questions our Trust in God to protect the Good and Innocent, and our Human Nature wants to believe that the Evil and Guilty are Punnished, it often turns-out the opposite and leaves us with the feeling that it must not be.. it can’t be.. in ANYbody’s hands. This poor Family certainly did not deserve their Fate… And Casey Anthony deserved more than what she got… Yes— it’s all Backwards, it’s not Fair, it’s confusing and Faith-testing. But since none of us will ever know “Why”, drawing our own Conclusions routinely serve as the only thing there is to be had and to accept. For me, I sometimes think that, when things happen to people— good or bad— it’s simply Destiny, and other times I look at it as how it’s meant to be, with an “intended Message” (a reason for everything)— usually in the Spiritual form, either to Comfort or to Remind or to Instruct or to Warn. In this case, I can’t help but think that there’s more to this than just Coincidence. The same Plane… it’s too eerie. But for whatever reason it happened now and not before, and these people lost their lives and Casey still has hers, I myself would prefer to believe it is the on-going process during our existence here, by which something is Taught and Learned, to keep the balance in-Check— and even so, it may not be you or I or anyone other than those it was intended-for to figure-out or gain anything from. But most-always, you can bet that it makes a “difference”, or creates “change” that is needed in someone’s Life. It’s only natural that we wonder and try to find some explanation to make Sense of these things, but sometimes I resolve to believing this is exactly, and the only, purpose for “Why”.

  10. One Op Says:

    Honeydog, Thank you! You are so deep in your analysis and expression covering all anyone could wonder about such things happening. I am one who usually wants an answer to the “why”
    and in most events we can reasonably figure it out by going backwards, examining legally and or chance like being in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc. (still “why” one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) This one really got to me but you are right about lessons being learned. There are many things of our existence we have not been exposed to and never will be even though we have extensive reasonings there are many things that tug at the heart which, I’m happy to say, confirms that we have compassion.

    Between you and Zelda it has been thoroughly covered for me.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    Believe me, OneOp, I’m the same way in wanting Answers to the “Whys”… so much so that I can drive myself crazy over it. Unfortunately, although my own thoughts about Why this happened to these undeserving individuals, as opposed to Casey, leans toward the “Meant-to-be with a Message”, I still find it difficult and confusing that innocent people need to die for that purpose— even though I personally do believe it to be true— and I still wonder just Who or What here was being targeted as in need of Learning something that would provoke a needed Difference or Change in their Lives, as decided by a “Higher Power”… So… There’s really no Answer after all. Only “Maybe’s”. Maybe it was to stop something in particular that wasn’t right within their circle… Maybe it was to remind Casey Anthony on the heels of her upcoming Probation-end that she was not only Spared once before (her Acquital) but also that it could have been Her on that Plane, how Lucky she is in both instances, and that she had better not forget it and do right with her Life this second Chance around… Maybe it was directed to Todd Macaluso for some reason… Maybe that Plane was Cursed (Why did it only crash after Casey had been in it)… and Maybe I AM crazy. I just feel that it was Intended for a specific Purpose, as opposed to Destiny or Bad Luck. But that’s where MY Head’s at… still doesn’t say much.

  12. zelda Says:

    You manage to relate your thoughts pretty well Honeydog.You leave no stone unturned……….poops me out!(smile)
    We can analyze .and brainalyze until the cows come home and in the end it’s almost always supposition…….
    I don’t believe there is some great design out there and we are helpless unto it .Things happen without reason. Our human minds rush to make sense of it,,,,,,,,,just the way we are hooked up.That plane crash and loss of life had nothing to do with casey anthony……….If that idea were true what a cruel senseless thing to happen to remind a child killer and us that she did wrong would be..Oh gawd.we are all nuts.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    …. and you, my Friend, remind me that I Think too much (you think it poops YOU out?? LOL!!) Oh my poor Brain… It’s overloaded enough as it is, I can’t fit a HAIR into it, and it’s ready to Crack thinking about THIS stuff! LOL! You are right… Things do happen without Reason. Many things. And it’s Okay, to each their own on everything else. KAY SAH RAH SAH RAH… Whatever Will Be Will Be… (HEY that felt good! I should try that more often!! 🙂

  14. zelda Says:

    lol……………… have a very organized mind Honeydog………….nothing wrong with that!!!! And I like the idea that you think and have an open mind,,,hip hip hooray for you!!!!!!!!

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