Casey Anthony: Rob Lowe to Star in Lifetime Movie

It appears that Rob Lowe is returning to Lifetime to play Florida prosecutor Jeff Ashton in the new flick “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

From Entertainment Weekly:

Rob Lowe is quickly becoming Lifetime’s go-to guy for sordid crime trial docudramas. After his turn this past January as Drew Peterson in Drew Peterson: Untouchable, Lowe will next star in the network’s upcoming movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony as Jeff Ashton, the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial.

The film is based on a book by Ashton and according to the network “will examine what the prosecution got right, what they got wrong and why Ashton remains convinced of Casey Anthony’s guilt.”


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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Rob Lowe to Star in Lifetime Movie”

  1. One Op Says:

    This one I can not understand. ROB LOWE?????? He will have to be a better actor than I for one could ever imagine. Oh well! Maybe Casey is expecting to play herself in the movie. Maybe Courtney Cox. Please don’t tell me it will be “Mrs. Pitt”! Oh, I know, “OCTIMOM” could do it!

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I didn’t see the Drew Peterson movie, but I heard that Rob Lowe actually did the part extremely well, and Jeff Ashton has just made a statement that he’s “flattered” with the choice. Names are being tossed-around for Casey— Jennifer Love-Hewitt (close resemblance), Winnona Ryder (oh yeah, good one!), Christina Ricci (eh, nah)… I can’t remember the rest. Haven’t heard anything about George and Cindy’s parts, but someone jokingly suggested Jon Lovitz for Jose Baez (referring to Jon’s famous Skit on “Saturday Night Live”— “Yeah… Yeah… THAT’S how it happened… Yeah… THAT’S the Ticket…” etc). Cracked me up!, but the funny thing is, it would be perfect! Anyway, I’ll look forward to tuning-in, since it’s based on Ashton’s book (which I read) and doesn’t benefit Casey. It’ll be interesting to see Casey portrayed in Mr. Ashton’s light.

  3. zelda Says:

    oh gag me with a spoon.,,,,,,,,I don’t care what kind of spin you put on it I can’t stand to rehash this piece of craziness pro or con.
    It’s yet another feather in the Anthony’s cap in their minds. Remember they are nuttier than a load of acorns………..Old cindy gave casey that necklace remember.
    Tooooooooooooo twisted for me. It’s a kind of back door profiteering making all these movies…………gezus.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Well Zelda, better grab a second Spoon for yourself while you’re at it— Just heard that Jose Baez is currently writing HIS Book. (That calls for a FORK for ME)….

  5. zelda Says:

    well for craps sake……………gag gag….gaaaaaaaaag

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