Casey Anthony: Wears Necklace With Caylee’s Ashes Inside

Apparently, Casey Anthony wears an ash-holder necklace with some of Caylee’s remains inside. Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, supposedly sent the ashes to the her daughter (and acquitted murderer).


Explaining that after months of silence Casey finally spoke with her mother Cindy on Skype before she left her California hideout to return to Florida, the authors claim the necklace Casey is seen wearing in a leaked online video diary is actually an ash holder.

“Cindy used the opportunity to ask Casey if she wanted to wear something that had been set aside for her three years ago,” the book claims.

“With Casey’s acceptance, Cindy would send this sacred offering through FedEx. Casey would leave California with a new accessory: An ash-holder necklace with a portion of Caylee’s remains inside.”

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Wears Necklace With Caylee’s Ashes Inside”

  1. zelda Says:

    well now…………isn’t that sweet………OH MY ACHING ASS. I am astounded at the lack of reality in this latest move,,,,,,,,,,,oh my gawd……’s insane!!! whoa!

  2. biff sanchez Says:

    shes not in touch w reality but karma will get her

  3. sandy1961 Says:

    Love your comment Zelda-These people make me sick!!!! Maybe when she’s sleeping that necklace will tighten around her neck and STRANGLE her!!!!! Get her Caylee—As Biff says Karma!!!!

  4. Hilde Says:

    That Woman makes me sick .
    The whole family needs to just slither like the lying Snakes they are under a Rock or wherever they came from and never be heard of again!

  5. Honeydog Says:

    The only thing I can say about this is that I’m afraid the Vomit that’s rising to my Throat is about to spew….

  6. sandy1961 Says:

    EEEWWWWW-Honeydog careful,I beat you to the bathroom-don’t spew on my back,I’ve been vomiting since I read this!!!!!
    What a discusting little bitch.If she cared that much for her child & family NONE of this would have happened and NO-ONE would even know the Anthony name-

  7. Hilde Says:

    I wish we would have never heard of that despicable Anthony family, period, We all would be better of.
    They are All a Disgrace to Humanity, there is no Excuse for any of them!
    Their Actions in this sad Case made them one of the most despised People, they earned that Reputation. Knowing what we know about them, they might even be proud of that Reputation.
    We all know they crave Attention,any way they can get it, doesn’t matter if it is negative, especially the Felon Anthony
    She must have Withdrawals by now, she hasn’t been getting the Attention she desperately seeks from the Media. Other Cases, more important are covered now and she is old News. Must be really hard on her. 😆

  8. DAR N MS Says:

    All am going to say is they will get theirs in due time,Cindy especially you HOW????,can you lay your head down at night,you can run but you cant hide,the good man upstairs will deal with all you lying bunch of trash,guys it isnt over yet,Casey will never go away,Caylee still has Justice to come to her,sit back and watch it all self destruct for them,

  9. DAR N MS Says:

    Was looking today at phiots after she was aquitted and OMG look at Cindy,it was sickening she had that sneery smile on her face like,ha ha,told you the Anthonys always win,well in all reality,not really,you got it coming!!!!!!

  10. DAR N MS Says:

    And i meant photos of Cindy,OMG,have mercy on her soul.

  11. One Op Says:

    The particular bit of remains just might be the part that has Casey’s fingerprints, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Casey murdered Caylee. Should bring her ” neck” in and re-examine those remains.

  12. JanCorey Says:

    So many people are still mad at Casey, and for what? lying a few times to cops and stealing some trivial amounts of money? Who hasn’t done that in their lifetime? ANSWER: No one. Sounds more like those still mad are actually mad at their own lives instead for being complete failures.

  13. VIP Tattler Says:

    The individual who wrote that book and divulged that information is a known liar and someone who has injected herself into the Casey trial/drama for nothing more than e-fame. Her name is Holly Briley but she goes by Amelia Sobel as well. View our blog for more information on these scum bags.

  14. annie Says:

    hi everyone casey killed caylee and her parents were in on it and knew what had happened to the kid .saddley she is no longer here but casey will answer for that one day,she can keep running around but she will fall on her fucken face one day and she will need to face the music to what happened to the inocent baby.her parents are worst than she is because she was taught all these lies from her old parents right???????????????monkey see monkey do but who is going to pay the price georgie marie and cindy sisi who?maybe she was taught how to get rid of a body by geoge marie did you all think about that?they all know the anthony marie family knows everything and knew from the begining to what happened to poor caylee.there was no drowning baez marie can go to hell with all that .his defense was only to get the killer off thats what he did bu tl do think he knows that casey KILLED HER DAUGHTER.GOD WILL GET HER SOON.SHE CAN KEEP MOVING AROUND LIKE A BITCH THAT SHE IS BUT SHE WILL GO THROUGH HELL NO FRIENDS AND NO BOYFRIEND EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANTS TO FUCK HER AND LEAVE HER RIGHT?????????????????????????????FUCK HER.

  15. annie Says:


  16. lloyd irvin Says:

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