7 Comments on “Wells Fargo Charging $7 Checking Fee”

  1. One Op Says:


  2. Honeydog Says:

    Glad to be NOT one of their Customers, and I’d be on the first Pony Express out of there if I was.


  3. One Op Says:

    Hello Honeydog, good to see you too! I’m in WF, and I don’t like this one bit but where will it get any better. I got some thinking to do, that’s for sure.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Consumer Reports indicate that changing to a Credit Union is the way to go. While your Money is just as Secure and Protected, they are independent from the “big Bank” Chains who tend to follow-suit with extra Charges and Fees, very Customer-oriented, and, for low Interest Rates on Loans and such, no other Bank can beat them. Maybe an Option to consider while you’re Thinking.

  5. zelda Says:

    Hi girls,
    Wells Fargo has always had hidden charges and clever ways to add fees to it’s customers.They are corrupt in my view………
    Sure glad they don’t have my $ 5.46 savings……..hee hee……….

  6. One Op Says:

    Hi Zelda too, Thanks for the Credit Union suggestion, I will be interested to know more about it, for sure. Can I write checks?

  7. Honeydog Says:

    THERE you are Zelda! OneOp re-appeared and now we’re all together again 🙂

    OneOp: Credit Unions offer the same Banking Features as the big Bank Chains (Checking and Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposits (CD’s), all types of Loans, Monthly Statements, etc etc, but normally with better Rates, Promotions, and personalized Deals. Also, unlike many other Financial Institutions that have risen and folded through the years, Credit Unions were among the earliest Banks in America, and are still going strong with a sound and highly-regarded Reputation for their intimate Service and Financial Benefits. Besides what I told you about Consumer Reports, I speak from personal experience. Although I have a couple Accounts in the local Bank where I live (with which I started-out and have stayed-with since I was Young and which, fortunately so far, is not following-suit with what is beginning to spread among the big Bank Chains), I’m also with a Credit Union, having a couple Accounts there, simply because of the extra Advantages I mentioned and have used. And if it should happen that my local Bank does decide to follow-suit at any time in the future, I know I will move everything to the Credit Union solely. Again, you can check into this Option along with whatever else you might be considering and decide for yourself. But I do believe Zelda is right about Wells Fargo… It has it’s Hands and Interest in too many things and it’s Customers have and are paying the Price for it. Nonetheless, I hope this information is Helpful.

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