I’m Still Alive…

Between vacation (Disneyland) and work, it’s been a really busy couple weeks.

I promise I’ll get some more posts up soon. For now, here’s some pictures to hold you over! Enjoy!

My Princess...


The Boy...


Passed Out (Part I)


Passed Out (Part II)


Mario Lopez (AKA AC Slater)

Laid Back...

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4 Comments on “I’m Still Alive…”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Thanks for the pictures.Hope all is well and you and your family had a GREAT well deserved vacation,and rest.

  2. One Op Says:

    little girls love to be princesses, little boys love to tease.
    Daddy’s toes have helped me to count to 10, or is it 12? šŸ™‚

  3. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha ha! We had a blast. I’ve been everywhere the past couple weeks. I flew cross country to New York for a 2 hour meeting and straight home. Crazy!

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Your “Little Ones” are getting so BIG! Nothin like being allowed to stick-out your Tongue for the Camera and go to Bed with your “Crown” on! Love it. And I can almost feel that soft warm Sand on my own Feet. Good to hear from you and so nice to see these Pictures. Thanks John!

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