Casey Anthony Trial Leads to Potential “Caylee’s Law” in Michigan

The Casey Anthony trial has prompted a proposed bill in Michigan that would make it a crime to lie or give misleading information to police officials during a criminal investigation.

From MLive:

Michigan prosecutors asked lawmakers to craft the law, said the bills’ sponsor, Rep. John Walsh, R-Livonia. More people have been willing to lie to police, and the law would give law enforcement one more tool to help fight crime, he said.

“It’s a level of disrespect for our police officers and our criminal justice system,” said Walsh. “This will send a very strong message that if you are going to speak to a police officer about a crime you’ve witnessed, you better tell the truth.”

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One Comment on “Casey Anthony Trial Leads to Potential “Caylee’s Law” in Michigan”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I have two Thoughts about this….
    The first is that it’s probably the right thing to do— where Lying to Law Enforcement SHOULD indeed be considered a Crime, with a Law to back it up, and subsequent Penalties imposed— and yes, for all Investigative purposes, I think other States should follow-suit. On the other Hand, I’m not sure of it being Failsafe. There are hundreds of different Scenerios where a Law such as this may pose new problems for Police and Investigators— Not only can people later use the Defense (and a Lawyer to support it) that they told Authorities what they knew and believed to BE the Truth at the TIME (and suppose this WAS in-fact True “at the Time”… are they to be Penalized?), but it also makes me wonder if this will cause other certain people to be more unwilling to cooperate with Police, for fear of their own Safety in certain situations where someone may come after them if they DO tell the Truth, or being Afraid of simply saying something wrong or not exact, or their Words being misconstrued, etc, and then later be wrongly Charged. We all have either heard or witnessed the kinds of crazy things that can occur during Investigations and later in a Courtroom. Even some Police themselves have been known to Lie and/or make Mistakes in their Reports. I guess what I’m trying to point-out is that, while I believe this Law definitely has significant beneficial Advantages for the obvious reasons, I don’t know that it can completely Solve the Issue or work perfectly. It is however, a good start in Trying.

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