Joran Van der Sloot Murder Trial Postponed ‎

Joran van der Sloot has asked for more time to decide how to plead in his trial for the 2010 murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores. The case has been postponed until January 11.

From the Associated Press:

When asked how he would plead, Van der Sloot answered in rudimentary Spanish, “I want to give a sincere confession, but I don’t agree with all the charges that has placed on me by the prosecutor. Can I have more time to think about this?”

Judge Victoria Montoya agreed to the postponement.

Van der Sloot entered the courtroom Friday morning in a blue blazer and faded blue jeans with a bulletproof vest beneath the jacket. He sported a crew cut and wore a long-sleeved gray shirt.

Defense attorney Jose Luis Jimenez told The Associated Press Friday that there was a 70 percent chance Van der Sloot will plead guilty, which could help him get a reduced sentence.

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3 Comments on “Joran Van der Sloot Murder Trial Postponed ‎”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    van der sloot…….casey anthony……..amanda knox……plus a ton of others not quite so news worthy for the gutter press etc. etc., make my blood boil.I am astonished at the laws protect these monsters.
    Let’s hear the victims name every time the murderers name hits newsprint. It should be a rule.
    joran makes my skin crawl…what an arrogant bastard,,,,,,true to his insane pampered personality..he is a true modern day monster…….the evilness just hops off the above mentioned.All demented freaks.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I watched the Footage of his Court appearance— Slouched in his Chair, Yawning, big Smirk on his Face… Unbelievable. He is one waste of Space on this Earth, let alone anyone’s Time in a Trial he shouldn’t even be entitled to getting. Oh well.. He can have all the extra time he wants to “Think”— With all the Evidence they have, he will still be found Guilty. I so Hope and Pray that the Flores Family and Beth Holloway (not to mention US) ultimately sees him stay right where he is… for Life.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    ****** HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE ******

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