Happy Holidays Everyone

It’s finally that time of year when we take a step back and reflect on all that has transpired over the past 365 or so days.

For me, it has been a roller-coaster year of both highs and lows, culminating with Christmas this weekend and New Years the following. I for one am looking forward to the holidays and I know my kids are as well. They are going to be spoiled for sure this year!

You may have been aware of my notable absence this year. I know that I mentioned that things were going on in my personal life which kept me away from blogging for days and weeks at a time. Personally, I’ve gone through a lot this year. Most of which I have not expressed outwardly until today. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I think it’s time for some closure.

Until this summer, my wife and I were expecting our 3rd child between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We had been trying for more than two years and we were very excited. Unfortunately, on a trip to the doctor entering the 2nd trimester, the baby’s heartbeat became faint and we were told that the baby was not going to survive. Sadly, ten days later, my wife lost the baby. I was on a business trip at the time, and learned of this news when I returned home. Needless to say, we were devastated.

This, combined with the loss of a number of close relatives and other circumstances, sent me into what can only be described as a deep depression. Only recently have I found myself starting to move on to happier times. As part of our annual tradition of purchasing holiday ornaments, we bought one for our little “walnut” so that he’ll always be with us at the holidays.

I’ve tried to maintain “The Korner” as often as I can, but just haven’t had the desire that I used to. This will hopefully change as we move into 2012. There’s so much great news to share (as well as the crazy and quirky stories) and as you know, I love to post and love reading all of your comments.

For now, I’m preparing for some time with the family over the holidays to “live again” and make sure that I’m spoiling everyone as much as I should! They deserve it and I love to do it!

Treasure all the time you have with those you love. You don’t know how much time you have so make the best of every minute!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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8 Comments on “Happy Holidays Everyone”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I am so sorry for your families loss. I certainly hope that EVERYTHING looks up for you in this coming year..
    Best to you and yours through the holidays and the new year…

  2. One Op Says:

    Dear John, I can relate to your year, know exactly how loss can affect one’s emotions and capability to carry on with a high up front when inside you are devestated. You have served us well, allowed us to aggravate and be aggravated on many subjects. This serves as a type of therapy because many would never express our feelings about everyday issues that round out our being sane.
    (or not) Thank you for spending the time, for sharing with us and for the wonderful people who have indulged my hap hazzard remarks and beliefs. Take your time, love to your wife and children and to you who has a great need to re-assess and evaluate your time and effort. We care about, and appreciate you.

  3. Hilde Says:

    John, I am truly sorry to hear about the Loss of Your precious Baby (Walnut), I am sure the little one will be with You this Christmas, looking down on Your family from Heaven.
    Thank You for sharing with us Your inner most Thoughts and Feelings.
    I do know it is hard to go on with everyday Life when You experience Loss of Loved Ones. Myself when I would really feel down and depressed because of things going on in my Life, I would do my Best to get better and look at the positive Things I still have in my Life, especially around Christmas, it’s important to give Your All to make Christmas special for Your Kids, at least thats how I always felt.
    I know You will be fine but it will take time and with the Help of People who understand You and care about You, things will get better.
    I wish You and Yours a Merry Christmas and many Blessings for the New Year!

  4. Mona Lisa Says:

    My heart goes out to you and your family during the holidays – and always.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Dear John~

    I’m trying to figure-out what I can add that hasn’t already been said by OneOp and Hilde, as they both expressed the “Personal-side of things” I was thinking myself… so, besides the following, please first consider their words to be from me also.

    I have no doubt that we were all wondering why your Posts were fewer and farrer-between, noticing all the while that “the Korner” was losing the majority of it’s usual Participants, and perhaps being slightly Worried or even thinking a little selfishly of ourselves, having nothing new to flock together to talk about (or rip apart..LOL) without Explanation. But… you saw that no one Bitched or Questioned— This is a Testimony to our Thoughts about and genuine Respect for you, and whether we are swarmed with Topics or the Pages are blank for Weeks, we know you have a Life outside of this, and, although you have always been Kind and Considerate to us in conveying Reasons for certain things and extending Personal Information that you didn’t have to Share, we’re not entitled to it, and no Apologies are ever needed. It’s important therefore, that you not only understand how much all of us have appreciated these Courtesies which make being here on your Site that much more Comfortable and Pleasurable for us, but that you remember that you always have our Support through the Good and Bad Times of your “Personal” Life. With our knowledge of this Intimate and Emotional news, this time is no different— with the exception perhaps of our Sadness and Sympathy for you and your Family being greater than with any Misfortune we have learned-of before.

    I am so very Sorry. I can only imagine what you and your Wife have already endured and will naturally continue to reflect-upon from time to time, and I have few Words of Consolation which would either change or take-away your Heartbreak. I have experienced sudden and devastating Loss of my own and the darkness of resulting Depression— Only “Time” Heals… and when one Door closes, miraculously another one eventually does open, leading to that place where, although the Memory hurts and is never forgotten, Strength and Focus and Happiness is restored. Let everything take its course… Move at your own Pace… Don’t force Feelings that you know you are Forcing… Do what you can and not what you can’t… Stay true to your Emotions… Spare no Tears or Regrets… Have Faith in the promise of truly-felt Happy times in the Future, for you will be there, realizing as you look back that you are Alright— Believe-in and Trust that these things are necessary for a good and healthy Emotional Recovery.

    I’m glad to hear that it seems as though you are at the beginning Stages of being on-the-Mend, and I sincerely wish you all the Best in Forging-on. May you and your Loved-ones have a Christmas filled with every Specialness possible, and a New Year of Peace, Hope, wonderful Surprises, and renewed Joy.

  6. zelda Says:

    My heartfelt best wishes to you and your family in the coming year John.
    There must be a word that means all of what the above people said,,,,,,,,,,,,yes there is,it’s love. If we keep it in our hearts will can move forward……..Thank you for being there ,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. Kreuzer33 Says:

    I just felt that this now was the time to finally say something. I’m sure I had mentioned a few times of the need to step away. Spend time with the kids etc…The whole thing has been a tremendous strain on not only us as people, but it affects the family and also affects a marriage. I needed to spend the time needed to make sure that things are OK….and I feel that we’re finally in that place where we need to be again.

    Work has also been very busy which has led to far less time to post. I know how much everyone enjoys reading and having the debates…and I hope that I can begin to post more again in the weeks and months to come.

    I felt bad leaving everyone in the dark for so long…but I had to do this for me and my family without expressing all of the details this time around. It has been a rough few months…but time heals all in the end. Like I said…expect some more posts in the future but also know that there may be days or even weeks with only a post or two.


    Happy Holidays Y’all!

  8. xBADD1x Says:

    yes Kreuzer33…happy holidays from my family to yours .!!
    i am just your neighbor on word press…
    i think you play your music to loud ..you know we have paperwalls here ..lol…

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