Joran Van der Sloot Sues Chile

Joran Van der Sloot is suing the government of Chile for more than $13 million, alleging his human rights were violated when Chile extradited him last year to Peru to face charges in the death of Stephany Flores.

From CNN:

“The lawsuit is against the Chilean government, for having violated Joran van der Sloot’s basic human rights,” his Peruvian lawyer Aldo Cotrina told In Session. The suit was filed September 4 with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington.

“Maybe they won’t accept my analysis in Peru, because they feel this is the way things have always been done,” said Cotrina, who is based in New York. “But I believe there are universal human rights and we have to respect those rights. We can’t say that because someone is accused of killing a person, you can violate all their rights.”

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18 Comments on “Joran Van der Sloot Sues Chile”

  1. zelda Says:

    Tell all that “human rights prattle” to the dead women,,,and those he will kill as soon as he gets free.What horse shit.
    I say when someone confesses or we all KNOW a person is guilty then he has to forfeit his”RIGHTS” as a human because he is NOT human other than being a homo sapian. There is a limit for gawds sake. What a travesty to let a conscienceless son of a bitch like that make a mockery out of what was originally supposed to protect people. Twists and turns on every good thing in place for greed! That lawyer will get a huge cut of that 13 million. Bastards. And I hate it when they play the sympathy card for a crazy killer like van der sloot. He is over the top evil.
    I hope I live long enough to see him, and old casey get theirs.AND all the others like them. The absurdities just keep coming.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t hear his Lawyer explaining HOW his Human Rights were violated. And Thirteen MILLION??? They’re freakin out of their Minds. And excuse me but, the Scumbag incriminated HIMSELF. And whether they’re successful in this Lawsuit or not, the cold hard proven Fact remains that he indeed is the Murderer of that girl, and I seriously doubt that being awarded ANY amount of Money would alter or dismiss or otherwise affect his Punnishment under Peruvian Law for that Crime. THIS should be Interesting (or maybe I should say Sickening….)

  3. zelda Says:

    Don’t quote Me but I read somewhere that his lawyer is thrilled that they think he will get a 30 year sentence because he could be out in half that or less.I was hoping the Peruvian laws were stricter but they aren’t.
    The two issues are separate I guess…….van der sloot prides himself on slithering out of legal consequence and evidently was taught well by his Lawyer/Judge father.
    Anyway you look at it he is a slimy predator with no conscience.A-typical of a nut case supreme.Meaning he is smart but socially abhorrent.

  4. One Op Says:

    Joran Van der Sloot, took two lives, maybe more as far as anyone knows, yet there isn’t nearly as much discomfort expressed over his acts as of Casey Anthony’s. Are these women thought to be somewhat responsible for what happened to them and because Caylee, an innocent child, could never be responsible for what happened to her. To me these women are still a child, someone’s child! We do things daily that could possible put us in danger. Just say hello to the wrong person, or flash a smile (make someone happy) and we can easily get hurt or killed for doing so. I have observed a tendency to address JVdS as defect but not responsible for his defect, where Casey is defect and totally responsible. “Defect”, as referring to the inborn capability of harming another person.

  5. zelda Says:

    I cannot blame a victim for being murdered,,,,,I can blame them for being stupid, Murder means someone else killed someone and that act is on the killer.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    15 Years or less huh? Kind of like Conrad Murray— Sentenced to 4, out in maybe 1-1/2. Why the hell bother. I hate that Convicted Criminals are entitled to “CREDIT” for Time they spent “waiting” for their Judgement. Obviously there was enough frickin Evidence to Arrest them and put them in Jail in the first place, and I think it should just be part of the damn deal they have to accept. When we’re forced to have to sit in the Waiting Room for an Hour before we’re finally called in to see the Doctor, we don’t get it taken off our Bill for our Incovenience (maybe not a good example, but you get the idea). Change the Stipulations on the amount of Time of Incarceration for the Crime and Conviction and make the total Time LONGER or SOMEthing, so these people spend the amount of Time behind Bars that they really SHOULD. For God’s sake, by the time the System goes through all the LOOPHOLES in the Sentencing Laws, the Criminal spent more Time in a nice County Jail than they did and should have in the appropriate and deserved confines of the hard Prison environment. I hate the “Benefits” awarded to Convicted Criminals… Like “Time off for Good Behavior”— Screw that shit. You commit a Crime, you’re found Guilty, you go to Prison, and you serve ALL of the Time you’re told you have to, whether you like it or not and choose to be Good or Bad— That’s the Deal, that’s the Punnishment for what you did, that’s the Price you pay… period. Why can’t the Law just stick to what is right. I am so Disgusted that the likes of JVS and Dr. Murray— Murderers.. with no Remorse whatsoever— are not going to Suffer near enough Time for their Acts. Drug-dealers get more Time than that. What a Crock.

  7. zelda Says:

    Yes hit the nail on the head. We certainly have needed to look at and change some of our “laws”. For heaven’s sake it’s just NOT socially acceptable to reward the perps and forget the victims.WHY are we not demanding change????
    I am a painter by profession and it’s been difficult to find subject inspiration this last year in particular………However , after realizing what all this current mishmosh we are living in means I finally got a large painting together in time for this months art walk. The short of it is,,,,there was was lone sheep in a landscape looking out directly at you from the corner,,,,very large. As you can guess it is a metaphor .
    It was a hit and the talk of the show………….I made no attempt to explain it as I never do on any of my art.It’s subjective anyway.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    I get it my Friend. Brilliant. Congratulations. I am by no means an Authority on the subject, but someday, you may find it un-Brideling (and perhaps Beneficial to both yourself and to Observers) to consider revealing some of those “Explanations” so close to your Heart and personal Convictions, so that they DO know the Message you are sending… A pretty powerful way to Speak the goings-on in our World for current and future Minds to reflect-upon and clearly understand. Oh I’m just talking you know…
    Maybe someday I may come accross your Work and say, Oh Yes.. I remember when…

  9. zelda Says:

    lol! Thanks Honeydog……..I will email you my online gallery site……..I hope I can find it.dang. Your email I mean,,,,,,

  10. Honeydog Says:

    I got your Note and will be writing back soon!

  11. One Op Says:

    I went looking for your art Zelda, but not sure I got you as you.

  12. zelda Says:


  13. One Op Says:

    There is not an appropriate place to express my disappointment in the media and TV such as Anderson Cooper 360. I am listening to the horror of a 7 year old girl being grabbed, raped, murdered and thrown into a dumpster, then immediately afterward am seeing and listening to the exploitation of a toddler singing and shaking her bootie, and they relate to it as being the “cutest thing” they could watch it forever. What the hell is going on and how can we not realize the weirdos who snatch little children for molestation are tempted and riled into their sick attacks on children. Sorry, but I can not see there is any need to exploit “babies”. Teen years and adult is plenty of time and in some cases they shouldn’t be promoted sexually either. I know it is not the childs fault, but I do not find good or know the purpose in doing it. A child is cute as a button just sitting on a stump or playing naturally. And I really don’t care if you all think I am too prudish, it just is not the best for these babies.

  14. zelda Says:

    Too bad just about anyone can have a child by virtue of having a sexual encounter.
    There is raging ignorance and brutality out there,,,,,,,,,bastards.Makes me physically ill……..

  15. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, I can’t imagine anyone— with the exception of Sexual Preditors, brainless Mothers, greedy Professionals, and sick Voyers— who would think you “Prudish” for disagreeing with the Exploitation of Children. The Character of these types of individuals speaks they have no Values and don’t care, and they are clumped in a Low-Life class of their own… so, consider the Source.
    I’ve been following that Story too, about that little girl in Georgia. At one point I heard that a Sex Offender was living in the same Building, although there’s been no further mention of that. It was just reported that Investigators have found a bloody Mattress in one of the vacant Apartments on the ground floor of another, and that one of the Neighbors provided a Tip to Police about one of the Maintenance Men who recently made a rather odd Statement to her regarding the easiness for someone to harm Children in that vacant Apartment. Since it’s a Gaited Community, and the Trash Compactor in which she was found requires a Key to operate, I definitely think it was someone who lives or works there. So Heartbreaking.. so Unfair.. so Disgust and Anger-provoking. And then, Yes– You think about all the Child “Pageants” and supposedly “Cute” little Internet Clips like the one you mentioned, and you have to Wonder.. and shake your Head.. and Sigh in Disbelief.. of how it’s so freely put out there to further-Fuel the sick Desires and provide the violent Opportunities. And you say.. What the hell is wrong with people.

  16. zelda Says:

    They got the sick bastard that killed the little girl in Georgia.He worked at the complex………..he is twenty years old.
    The story on him is just beginning to unfold……..
    This time they got the killer in just four days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Now if we only had a legal system that would get rid of him in four days eh?
    I feel numb………..

  17. Sandy Says:

    You got that right Zelda
    Maybe when he gets to his NEW HOME-
    Listening to the G.B.I. made me sick!
    Not even wanting to let us know exactly what he did because it was so gruesome..You could tell he was about to break down just talking about it.
    Major credit to the woman that realized she heard something of importance and help capture this creep(can’t use the words I really want)

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Yes, I heard. I had a feeling that this Case would be solved fairly quickly. Good News… but yet, our thoughts still turn back to the innocent little Victim who remains gone forever, and that part of the Story brings no Relief. If all these Child Sex- Preditors/Murderers are not condemned to Death, and/or have to be let back out on the Streets because of Jail-overcrowding, then the System is failing every innocent Child who exists, and it’s time to consider BUILDING MORE PRISONS. SOMEthing has to be done… a new Law needs to be made or something, whereby we have a “Round-up” of all known listed Sex Offenders who were let go and living freely within our Society, and pluck them out and clean-up the Streets and put them away for the sake of Prevention. And it should be IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT Incarceration for all new Offenders who strike one single time. These individuals are not like “ordinary” Offenders/Killers… They’re Sick and mentally DERRANGED, and it’s a known Fact that they DON’T change their Interest in what they do and their Desire to strike again at some point. Little children are being picked off the Streets and Molested and Murdered more and more and more, and while we may not have any Control over all the things which either “create” or further fuel such Perpitrators, I believe, if the System would just DO it, Controlling and Preventing these Crimes is NOT impossible.

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