Casey Anthony: Most-Searched News Story in 2011

Well…it appears that Casey Anthony was the most searched news story of 2011.

I guess I’m not surprised. Quite a few people stopped by hear to keep up with the trial.

From Time Magazine:

According to figures released by Bing, the most searched news story of the year in 2011 was the “Casey Anthony Trial,” outpacing “Osama Bin Laden Death.”  When it comes to the Internet, sensation is king.

And while celebrity deaths were (unfortunate) hot searches—“Michael Jackson Trial/Conrad Murray” was seventh on the list and “Any Winehouse Death” was fifth—natural disasters actually ruled the web. The popularity of “Hurricane Irene” (third), “Japan Earthquake/Tsunami” (fourth) and “Joplin Tornado” (sixth) illustrates our desire to know just how bad other people’s lives have turned.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Most-Searched News Story in 2011”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah it certainly kept us Occupied to say the very least. I’m sure she’s Ecstatic… She’ll take this as two “Honors” in one year (although she’s much more deserving of the first one— “Most Hated”).

  2. zelda Says:

    I hope that the reason her story garnered so much attention is that we out here were astonished that this creature was such an accomplished liar and that it brought out all the goofiest lawyer types etc. etc. we have ever seen and gave us a peek into our own legal system. And we DO feel connected to each murdered innocent child more than we ever imagined. I think we got dragged into an unbelievable case that was scripted in neon and HAD to be watched.
    casey struck a note in us like few have done in recent history,,,,,,,,We got to see it played out to the end with that very ignorant stupid jury.Our “system” of justice was bastardized and a hair above criminal action itself right before our eyes………..
    unbelievable and left an indelible mark on what we need to do to protect the innocent.
    Where is she now? Anyone know? Who is footing her bills?

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Yes.. What YOU said. Sums it up good.
    Haven’t heard a thing about her. Pretty amazing that nothing’s been leaked-out through the Grapevine of her “Guardians”… not even any Pictures or Videotape from stalking Papparazzi of her comings and goings. So far, we got what we hoped for— She vanished into Obscurity. I don’t doubt though, that one day, after it’s all been blown-over for a good long while, and it’s “Safe”, someone will get that Interview.

  4. One Op Says:

    No one knows where Casey is, maybe she is loose and grabbed the little baby Lisa that can’t be found. Should look around Suburban Drive. Not nice One Op!

  5. Honeydog Says:

    You’re entitled to “Misbehave” once in a while… LOL.
    Wonder if ol’ George-n-Cindy are lending their “services” to Baby Lisa’s Parents.

    (The “falling Snow” is back on the Korner Screen!
    I love it!)

  6. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Because “it’s the most wonderful time………..of the year!”

  7. Honeydog Says:


    (Now if you could just figure-out how to pump the Audio of that Tune through to us, we’d have the whole package!! LOL)

  8. Kreuzer33 Says:

    Just hum it in you’re mind. That always seems to do the trick!

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