‘Lone Wolf’ Caught in New York Terror Plot

Jose Pimentel finds himself in jail today facing bomb-related charges in what police described as a plot to attack police, military personnel and postal facilities.

From CNN:

Police arrested Jose Pimentel, 27, on Sunday at the apartment of a confidential informant in the case when a video camera showed him drilling holes in the pipes that would become the casings for bombs, according to the criminal complaint in the case.

Pimentel allegedly told police he was an hour away from completing his first bomb when he was arrested, according to the complaint.

“Pimentel’s behavior morphed from simply talking about such acts to actions — namely, bomb making,” New York police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

He was arraigned late Sunday night in a New York court on state charges of possession of a bomb for terrorism, conspiracy as a crime of terrorism, soliciting support for a terrorist act, being a felon in possession of a weapon and conspiracy to commit criminal mischief and arson, according to the criminal complaint.

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9 Comments on “‘Lone Wolf’ Caught in New York Terror Plot”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I know nothing of this Story, but I’m glad he was Caught in time.

  2. zelda Says:

    I seem to remember reading that he learned how to make a bomb from some website…..>>>??? Isn’t that nice.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Don’t you just love that shit… Bad enough any Tom, Dick and Harry can get such Information off the wonderful world of Computers, but I can order special High-Tech Equipment to “Spy” on people— “Just like the FBI uses” (per the Advertisement) out of a Household CATALOG! Is it any wonder we’ve got the Criminal Activity we do…. Stupid frickin Country.

  4. zelda Says:

    Dear Honeydog,,,,,,,ya got that right,we “tell” everything in an amazing brainlessness.I am taking a hard look at democracy…….it’s spun out of the context of sanity and good judgement in my view.
    Oh shit………….just plain stupidity and we(the people) are paying the ultimate price as usual.
    My kingdom for a truckload of common sense.Gaaaaaaaaawd.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda. I hope you’re doing well and that you had a good Thanksgiving.
    Not to change the Subject (well, why not.. no new Posts lately) but it looks like that guy, Gary Giordano, is off the hook for involvement in the Disappearance of that girl in Aruba— Thanks to Jose Baez. And I hear that Mark NeJame (once Attorney for The Anthonys) is defending the Ex of that girl (and mother of Twins) who suddenly disappeared two hours after they both appeared on “People’s Court”, and that the Ex refuses to take a Polygraph. Speaking of “Common Sense”… In both these and other Missing Person Cases which make the News and we follow (i.e, little Hyron Korman & Baby Lisa) it is SO obvious— you just KNOW— that there was Foul Play, and that the person who was last with them is responsible, especially when you hear the details surrounding the Disappearance, the suspicious Actions or Behavior of that person, and that they either refuse to cooperate and/or immediately “Lawyer-up”. I couldn’t help but begin thinking about the biggest “advantage” afforded to such individuals, whom most-always are viewed by Law Enforcement/Investigators as Suspicious and/or Persons of Interest, in that they are “Innocent until proven Guilty”. I mean, when most or all roads lead to the Obvious… the involvement of no other person/persons in such Disappearances.. I can’t help but question the Common Sense of that “Right”. Gary Giordano was known to seduce girls On-Line and Video-tape them in his Home, that girl did not like to get in the Water (much less go Snorkeling) and he took-out an Insurance Policy on her before they went to Aruba— He’s lying his ass off about the “Tide” carrying her out in the waters of “Baby Beach”, where it is literally the calmest and safest of all Swimming areas on the Island. But he’s coming home to the U.S., no further questions asked. And this guy who just retained Mark NeJame— He’s now the “Prime Suspect”, but I bet my bottom Dollar he’ll get off too in the end, and that girl’s Family and her little Twins will never know what happened to her. Same with that wicked Stepmother of little Kyron.. and the Parents of Baby Lisa who refuse to allow Investigators to talk to their other children who most-likely hold some key information about that night. It all makes me sick… Missing Victims who will never be found, thanks to their Kidnappers or Killers or whatEVER they are and did to/with them, being able to hide behind the Law. I just wonder— based on such certain obvious Suspicions and Circumstances— what these people would do, how fast they would want to start Talking, and how many Missing Persons Cases would be gotten to the bottom of, solved a hell of a lot quicker, and these poor Victims found, if such people were considered GUILTY— until proven INNOCENT.
    My Kingdom for a Truckload of some Tough Changes in the way we “do business”……

  6. One Op Says:

    A lot well covered Honeydog. I haven’t heard anything about the baby left in the car while mama and 4yr old went to get gas. Any news on that one? Anyone?

    Is it money that gets Giordano off? I sure don’t understand. What is it about Aruba that murderers just walk. Be safe, anyone says they want to take you to Aruba, don’t accept the offer may be best.

  7. zelda Says:

    I agree Honeydog…….I think exactly like you do…..so I guess we are blessed with common sense eh? You too OneOp. and Sandy etc. etc.
    It’s like a bad sci-fi movie. The bad guys get away with it via twisted attys. and weak laws that are only a front for little green monsters that eventually turn us into food.EEEK!!!

    I am soooooooooooooo sick of all this crap,,,,,,,,we send murderers a “you’ll never get caught message” and wave the green flags don’t we? My gawd.

    Oh the Aruba guy story is another slap in the face . What the hell……….Old Van der Sloot is working a deal too.It’s all about money,,,,,,,,,,,I am surprised that they didn’t kill that sick rat.Then we have this new murder in Aruba,,,,,,so I guess Aruba can be bought for a relative song if you want to kill someone there,especially a woman.I say boycott all travel to Aruba etc. etc. Put sanctions on countries that allow payoffs for murder.

    Little Kyron was certainly murdered by the step mom………for gawds sake. Duh ! And baby Lisa’s parents know what happened ,it goes on and on and on.

    What the hell can you say about the sleazy lawyers?? My gawd.I say toss their asses out of the “law” business and send em all to Aruba with a one way ticket.We have some wonderful people here that need the space these twisted greedy attention hunting assholes are taking up………….

    People have to get off these blogs and storm the offices of the lawmakers,,,,,,I am all for a civil revolt.It’s just gotten to that point in my opinion.

  8. zelda Says:

    Case in point,,,,,,,,Van der Sloot is suing Chile for thirteen million dollars for violating his human rights……………..I just threw up in my throat a little.
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!

  9. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving also.
    I myself haven’t heard a thing about the “Car Baby”.
    So many of these Cases pop into the News and then pop out just as fast. We can just imagine the volume of Investigations that are going on out there as we speak, but the Media is selective in the Stories it provides the Public and, sometimes, there just aren’t any new developments to report. I often wonder myself about
    certain ones, but of course, with so many, I guess we can’t expect Updates on them all.
    You make an excellent point with your Advice regarding going to Aruba— or anywhere for that matter— with a man you met On-line and don’t really know. Personally, although she didn’t deserve whatever Fate she met, I think the girl was Stupid in the first place to accept such an Offer… Way too much Danger in placing yourself in that vulnerable position these days.

    Zelda, I couldn’t agree with you more, that things just aren’t right. Money and “Politics” and our broken Justice System are devouring the very chances for the appropriate and due Outcomes we are supposed to Trust will, and SHOULD, happen. I do think though, that people are beginning to realize it, and that more and more are getting involved and speaking-out. More and more Facts on literally everything are being divulged through various means to increase Awareness… Cover-ups are being uncovered… We’re hearing more Debate and seeing more physical Protesting than has been in a long time… Petitions from reputable and well-founded sources of Knowledge— from issues concerning Human Welfare to the Government— are swarming the Internet for Action-taking… and even the Comments and Opinions on Blog Sites are reaching the Ears of everyone from Farmers to Lawyers to the Government to the Church regarding how we feel about/disagree-with what’s going on in this Country. At least we’re hearing and seeing alot more Negativity toward those in-charge of the Issues that concern us than ever before, although it is unfortunate that the majority of us are not able to sacrifice the Time, our Jobs, and our many other responsibilities to physically band together and inititate a mass-Storming of the thousands of Offices that need to be Stormed, just for that extra Push. I do think the point in Time that you speak-of actually HAS begun… We all just need to stay committed in whatever way we each can to continue to make our Voices heard.

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