Is Robert Wagner Responsible for Natalie Wood’s Death?

Actor Robert Wagner waited several hours to call the Coast Guard after his wife, actress Natalie Wood, went missing from a yacht back in 1981. This according to the vessel’s captain, Dennis Davern.

According to Davern, Wagner also told those on board the boat what to say to authorities about the incident.

Speculation is running rampant that Wagner is responsible for Wood’s death, but it appears that at this time, he is not a suspect.

Interesting…One thing that I didn’t know was that actor Christopher Walken was also on the boat at the time of her death. I had no idea!


The investigation into Natalie Wood’s 1981 death has been reopened, but police say her husband Robert Wagner is not a suspect in the actress’ drowning.

Lt. John Corina told a news conference Friday that new information is substantial enough to take another look at the case. He said the information came from multiple sources.

This morning on TODAY, the former captain of the boat from which Wood drowned alleged that Wagner was responsible for the actress’ death. Dennis Davern, who captained the couple’s yacht, Splendour, said he was urging homicide investigators to look into the case.

“I made some terrible decisions and mistakes,” Davern told NBC News’ David Gregory. “I did lie on a report several years ago.”

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7 Comments on “Is Robert Wagner Responsible for Natalie Wood’s Death?”

  1. zelda Says:

    Going back I can remember thinking at the time that Wagner was guilty somehow in her death. I always thought he “got away with it” because of his Hollywood status. He was after all a golden boy and a favorite with the big gun producers etc. etc. at the time.
    I also wondered why Christopher Walken was not interviewed really and why all these years he has said nothing. They were all on that boat,,,,,,,,they all HAD to know what happened.Sound on water magnifies everything.No way NOT to hear what went on.
    I think Wagner is directly responsible,,,,,,,,,and should be held accountable.It’s all been just TOOOOOOOOOO polite and hushed up.

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I remember when the News Story broke of Natalie’s death— She and Christopher Walken were working together on a Motion Picture… They went to a Restaurant that night and were later joined by Wagner… The three of them were Drinking heavily throughout Dinner (Restaurant Staff also confirmed) and continued to do so after later boarding the Boat… Now, all three very Drunk, a heated Argument ensued between them on-Board over Walken’s admiration toward Natalie, to which Wagner took jealous Offense. According to the Reports, Natalie had had enough (both Booze and Arguing) and said she was going to Bed… Wagner and Walken remained up and Drinking… Wagner eventually went to their StateRoom and found that Natalie was not there. I don’t remember “who” was involved in the Search for Natalie on the Boat, but I do recall that the Ropes on the Dingy were found partially untied. Being Drunk, and the things that people do in that state, it stood to reason that Natalie was probably hyped-up over the Fighting, made an impulsive attempt at some point to get into the Dingy and take off, and, likely Staggering and with clouded Judgement, was falling down alot, ultimately lost her Balance, and fell into the Water and Drowned. No way did I believe otherwise, nor think that this Tragedy was anything other than a sad, unfortunate Accident. Now, 30 years later, and while following this new Investigation, I have to say that I have mixed feelings— but only about “how” it happened and the “4-hour Delay” in reporting it, not “who did it”. Because they were ALL Drunk and Arguing, I could instead see the following Scenerio: The Fighting escalated into some Pushing and Shoving, and Natalie accidentally went Overboard in the thick of it… Because Wagner and Walken were too Drunk to Think and Function, they not only may have either been incapable of Diving into the Water to help Natalie after she fell in and/or made a sloppy attempt in their Stuper, but people who are that Drunk don’t fly to the Phone to make a Call… Who knows, they may have even Passed-out for that 4-hour Time Span. Even if Wagner was Angry at Natalie and did intentionally Push her, I don’t believe that he would deliberately stand there and let her sink to the bottom if he had his Faculties about him. While he may have had something to do with what happened, I still can’t say that it was “Intentional”, and it makes no sense to me for him to Cover-up an Accident— other than due to his personal Shame in it all happening. For all we know, Natalie’s children may know the real Truth and Robert simply decided to keep it from the World. As for Dennis Davern, if anyone has been watching his Interviews on TV, there are Inconsistencies in his Stories— from the initial Investigation, to what he says in the Book he wrote 2 years ago, and to what he is presently claiming. All I can say at this particular point is, I agree with most of the Experts currently commenting on this newest Hollywood Bombshell— It’s a Case of “He Said/He Said”, and, although my Curiosity is certainly stirring among my mixed feelings, I’m not sure we’ll get the Clarification we would like to see this Story bring.

  3. One Op Says:

    Honeydog, you sound pretty calm here today. lol Calm and reasonable! I was more suspicious like Zelda at first, figure celebs
    can just about skirt around anything that would be bad for their image. Although now a days bad image seems to get the applause. Unfortunately!

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone here at KKK’s, oops, I mean KK’s

    From the devil himself LOL

  4. zelda Says:

    I think going to prison for “manslaughter” was a good reason for Wagner covering it up Honeydog.dontcha think? Curious how people just don’t want to put the blame on Wagner,,,,,,,really interesting.
    If what the captain said was true the Wagner didn’t want the search light put on and was in no hurry to go look then I think that is pretty odd don’t you?I find the captains report very telling.

  5. zelda Says:

    gobble gobble everyone!

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Hello my Friends. Zelda, as I said, this new Story does have me Thinking, and I agree that, if Wagner had done anything which caused Natalie to ultimately lose her Life, he more than likely would not want to Tell. What I came-up with above was not to say that I absolutely believe he’s Innocent of any Wrong-doing… rather just my Mind wandering through possibilities, based on the “Condition” they were all in. The part of the Delay in reporting the Incident to Authorities is definitely the thing that makes me Wonder, and, again, there could be a slew of different reasons— Suppose Natalie went Overboard and Wagner and Walken were too far gone to even realize it at the time, but figured it out later when they became Sober (hence too late, no hurry, forget the Searchlights)… or suppose the Shock of them both coming to that realization later that she DID go Overboard and had Drowned just completely shut them down and they just sat there in a Daze while time passed, like many people do… or Yes, suppose Wagner and Natalie struggled, and he pushed her off the Boat— but he might have went in and couldn’t find her (we don’t know at what exact point in time he said there was no Hurry). I certainly don’t know, I’m just Thinking. As for Davern… During one Interview he stated that he had the Radio turned-up loud to drown-out the Arguing and couldn’t hear anything, but in another he stated he knew when it got quiet… He also claims that he’s been trying for years to get the Authorities to listen to his Story, which, everyone knows, if true, Hollywood would have been all over it long before now… and at one point he stated that it was the L.A. Sheriff’s Department who initiated the re-opening of this Case, but then changed it later to it being that of Natalie’s Sister, Alana. I found it most interesting that he stated he didn’t make much money off his Book, and that he hasn’t been doing much for a while. I honestly don’t know what to think between the two of them (Wagner and Davern). I guess Time will Tell as things continue to unfold.

    (P.S: OneOp, you must be referring to my agitated “Outburst” on Casey Anthony. Yes, I got it all out of my System! LOL)

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Oh Yes, Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!

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