Casey Anthony: Jurors Names Could be Unsealed

It appears that the names of the Pinellas County jurors who found Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, could be unsealed tomorrow.

From WKMG:

Judge Belvin Perry could release the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial as early as Tuesday.

Three jurors who acquitted Anthony, 25, in July have already discussed the case. One of them, Jennifer Ford, said there was a lack of hard evidence.

Ford said if she and her fellow jurors could have convicted Anthony solely based on feelings and emotions, they would have.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jurors Names Could be Unsealed”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Lack of evidence???? I must have been watching a different trial!!!!Silly me!!! To think I had it wrong ALL ALONG>>I think this injustice is going to be JUST HOW THIS POOR LITTLE LISA case is going to happen…

  2. zelda Says:

    What a bunch of bullshit.Does anyone remember the concept of “right and wrong”………….nothing fancy ,,,,,,,,just knee jerk right and wrong.?????

  3. Hilde Says:

    I wonder did they follow the same Trial we did?
    Unbelievable thats All I have to say and No I do not respect their Verdict for the same Reason they didn’t respect our Legal System and followed the Courts Rules before deliberating in this serious Case.
    A Murderer was let loose because of their Disregard to do their Job as they were supposed to do.
    The Evidence was there, they just chose to ignore it!

  4. One Op Says:

    I watched the movie “Attack on Danfur” last night and was for the first time very affected by what goes on in the world beyond my own back yard. Assuming and even hoping the movie was dramatized to some extent, this still has been reported in news as
    just as horrible. It informs me that no matter where we are or how hard the try, there is and will be mad people who inflict pain and
    destruction, as an individual in the cases involving infants and children and as widespread as governments, which also murders children and spits on a people who are not under their controls.
    USA is expected to solve all the problems. Impossible, and as depicted may even bring more harm to a people than help. I think we are meant to be an example of good in the world but there is a great degree of failure. Failures that become positive just about the time an election is raising its head with another round of promises which will lie in wait until another politician is ready to tell
    “US”, the people, “We can do it”! “YOU are important” (for the moment,) Fund raising tactics are flying thru the mail, while the people have little income, no work, have medical needs. instead of the fat cats telling us how much they pull out of their own pockets, They dig holes in ours. I do not agree that just because one is a politician in office that they need all the luxuries. They have the best of everything. Except of course they will get old and die just like the rest of us, the difference being, they will have the best of comfortable surroundings. Are we the people, responsible??????

  5. offthecuff Says:

    If Jennifer didn’t think there was any hard evidence, what about all the mountains of soft evidence? What did that all add up to?

    What she is saying is that LE and the forensic scientists were all part of a conspiracy, gong after Casey with NOTHING but emotions.

    It may be better to keep the names sealed. Obviously, these jurors are shy of their decision and have already proved themselves to be shy of standing up for the truth

  6. Honeydog Says:

    “Circumstantial” it WAS— but CLEARLY Strong. These Jurors didn’t even make ONE Request to See or Touch and further Discuss and Analyze any of the Physcial Evidence laid-out during the Trial… Obviously FORGOT that The Defense never went back-to and explained the “Accidental Drowning” it claimed in its Opening Statement… Based a large portion of their Decision on their personal “Dislike” of GEORGE… Disregarded the Testimonies of at least SEVEN Witnesses (including the Defendant’s own Parents) regarding the Odor of Decomposition in the Car… Didn’t CARE that Cindy blatently was found to have Lied on the Stand, covering-up for Casey regarding the Computer Searches for Chloroform… Completely IGNORED Key Scientific Evidence— We could go on and on. And while they all knew damn-well that Casey’s Lies ALONE pointed all ten Fingers directly to her, and in their Minds and Gut they believed she was Guilty, they were Tired… Sequestered for too long… In a hurry to get it over with and go Home… Had “plans” for the July 4th Holiday… AND THREW ALL COMMON SENSE TO THE FREAKIN WIND. They all KNEW they were Wrong when they couldn’t wait to Bolt out of the Deliberation Room and get outta Dodge on their Buses without a Word to the Public. Their Names should come out listed on a Document entitled THE BIGGEST 12 IDIOTS IN HISTORY.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Love it–

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