Casey Anthony: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Judge Lisa Munyon has denied a request to dismiss a lawsuit against Casey Anthony. The lawsuit alleged that Anthony made numerous misrepresentations to Texas EquuSearch and its founder, Tim Miller.

From WESH:

Search group Texas EquuSearch, which aided in the search for Caylee Anthony in 2008, filed a lawsuit against Casey Anthony in July.

As a result, volunteers engaged in “extensive, costly and time-consuming searches for Caylee,” the lawsuit claims. “The time and effort dedicated to this search diverted resources from TES’ ability to provide its search and rescue operations to other families.”

Anthony’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss, saying the suit lacked any merit. Judge Lisa Munyon denied the motion Wednesday.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Motion to Dismiss Denied”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I hope they stick it 2 her. All that time & $$$$ WASTED when they could of been using that VALUABLE TIME & MONEY for those that REALLY needed help.Dumb BI— I can’t stand her more & more as time goes by…

  2. Honeydog Says:

    “Lacked MERIT”???.. I think her Attorney lacks a BRAIN. Agreeing-to and engaging the help of a large Rescue operation to search for a person you are Lying-about being Alive and Missing during a Criminal Investigation equals FRAUD, in MY mind. Along with “Caylee’s Law”, I think the institution of ANOTHER new “Law” is in order here. I’m sure this kind of deliberate “Railroading” of Search and Rescue Teams occurs all the time, and I think that all Perpitrators who are found to have done so after all is said and done should be held accountable DIRECTLY to that organization which wasted valuable Time, Money and Manpower under false pretenses, and be required to pay that organization back the sum of an appropriately-deemed Monetary Compensation. It is not fair that wonderful and otherwise much-needed Rescue operations such as Texas Equusearch should be Deceived and taken advantage-of, then have to walk-away and simply “eat it”.

  3. zelda Says:

    Oh come on now girls…….poor casey has suffered enough. she is in therapy to “heal” all the trauma she has been through. You know with all those nasty things being said about her..poor thing.
    My gosh…… she told a few little lies.what was she to do?????she had to throw everyone and anyone under the bus to save her lousy hide,,,,,I mean that’s ok isn’t it?
    Dead child………..pathological liar ………does not equal book deals and profit.
    I say stick it to her for the rest of her miserable life.

  4. Sandy Says:

    Thats awesome

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