BlackBerry Says All Service Restored

According to Research in Motion (RIM) executives, all BlackBerry service has been restored following the largest network outage in that smartphone’s history.

The outage started earlier this week in Europe and spread to North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America over the course through yesterday.

It appears that a failure at one of the company’s messaging servers in Europe was what set off a domino effect that reportedly caused problems for millions of BlackBerry owners.

From CNN:

“We’ve now restored full services,” RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis told reporters.

Some BlackBerry users may still see e-mails coming in slowly as the system recovers, he said.

The major outage frustrated customers on nearly every continent who were unable to send and receive e-mails and text messages this week. It also comes at a bad time for RIM, which is facing increased competition from Android and Apple smartphones.

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One Comment on “BlackBerry Says All Service Restored”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t know how to explain this with fancy Technical words, but this occurrance brings to Mind how the use of and dependency on these Devices and Computers for everything in our Lives is not a good idea. While “On-line living” and Hand-held this-and-that’s is “what the World is coming to”, and the pressure to “Convert” our old Tried-and-True guaranteed dependable ways into storing and doing literally everything on a Mobile Phone, Pad, PC, etc grows greater every day, and the Fading-away of those methods becomes more and more obvious, I find it to be extremely Frightening, not to mention extremely Risky. With having the capability of holding one’s entire Life— from Music and Entertainment to Correspondence and Financial Transactions— such Devices are indeed Convenient… but, in the blink of an Eye, something can go wrong and our whole Life can Vanish from them. Worse, with the possibility of not being Restored. Network “Outages”… Computer “Crashes”— not guaranteed not to happen. All the physical Record Albums and Books and Movies we get rid of and Downloaded to listen to and read and watch… Precious Pictures transferred from Photo Albums… the Address and Phone Number Books we throw away when we entered it all… all our Banking Information… Important Dates and Times and Notes we opted to keep there instead of a physical Calendar— just to name a few of our Valuable and Irreplaceable things placed-in and trusted to the safe-keeping of such Devices. While I do believe that Computers and the many other Devices on which the World conducts its Personal and Business Life are among the greatest Inventions of all time, I also tend to believe that “Failure” incidents such as this will become more frequent as our World continues to race into the “Space Age” and everything becomes more High-technically Complex and demanding. I for one do not put my Trust in any of it, and I at least feel Secure in knowing that my Life and Lifelines are physically self-kept and Hands-on accessable, Safe where it all is, and can’t be affected by any Interruption, Malfunction, Virus, Shut-down, Crash, or forever Lost. I can imagine the Frustration of those millions of individuals… Not that we didn’t already know it, but just goes to show the enormity of relying on such Devices to be able to function at all in Life these days. Pretty scary.

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