Casey Anthony: Attorney Subject of Bar Complaints

The Florida Bar plans to pursue two complaints filed against Jose Baez. The details of what led to these complaints have not been disclosed publicly, but it’s been speculated that they stem from Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

It is not exactly clear what the two complaints involve, but they do cover Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony, according to Francine Walker with the Bar.

On Tuesday, Baez issued a statement saying there is nothing new regarding his two complaints because they are still pending.

“I look forward to the Florida Bar investigating these matters because they, like the many others that came before them, have no merit,” Baez said in a statement emailed to the Sentinel.

“When an attorney takes on an unpopular cause, especially one in the spotlight, he or she will face criticism,” Baez added. “It is a small price to pay for our individual rights under our criminal justice system.”

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11 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Attorney Subject of Bar Complaints”

  1. Sherry Says:

    We shall see if this goes anywhere. Baez is unethical in his practice of defense law.

  2. One Op Says:

    Sherry, Specifically, in what way is Baez unethical in his practice of defense law? I have read this criticism before without explanation as to what is being referred to. Thanks

  3. Sherry Says:

    One Op, did you not listen to his opening statement? Hell, did you not watch the whole trial? 😕

    Oh, maybe you think its perfectly ethical to falsely accuse someone of a heinous crime like child molestation and then not have any proof ot it.

  4. One Op Says:

    Excuse me Sherry, it was not my intent to bring your anger out. Are you the same Sherry that has a biblical blog, or had one. My intent was to inquire if there was something in his background prior to the anthony trial, and yes I most certainly did listen to his opening statement and there was, as far as attorneys I have spoken to, there was nothing in the least unethical about it. If you are as close to George as you indicate and know it impossible he might have committed molestation, believe me I am on my knees in apology to you and to him. I wasn’t there, I did not witness as some have. so I beg you pardon me for speaking out of turn. But I will say this, it is just as unethical to send someone to the death chamber when there was nothing anymore solid proof without a doubt as the prosecution offered in that case.

  5. One Op Says:

    I know Karma will bring about truthful enlightenment if I am patient enough.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dear One Op……….
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the law worked perfectly.? If all those concerned were honest and trustworthy? Including judges lawyers ?
    Our reason is challenged when those we put in power of decisions over us are tainted. Baez pushed the envelope that angered us who believe in ethics.
    I don’t think waiting for karma or other just deserts should be the penalty earned by murders and liars and those who cause harm to others.We need to do better…………we CAN do better in our legal system. Cleaning house would be a good start.Less of “trying to understand the killers” and more attention to the victim with virtually NO reward for the guilty seems logical don’t you think?
    Logic is a good start,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. Honeydog Says:

    OneOp, you owe NO one an Apology, much less on your Knees. Excuse YOU for politely asking a simple Question and saying Thanks, and getting Barked-at for it. And— while I surely agree with our “Anonymous” Friend (Zelda?)— for what it’s worth, there’s nothing wrong with counting-on a little “Karma” too (and by your humble response (5:24pm), I’d say you are more than pretty “Patient” already)….

  8. zelda Says:

    egad,,,,,,,,,,I went anonymous again,dang. Yep it’s me,,lol!
    It’s very hard sometimes to “read” what someone is saying in print without the bonus of voice inflection etc. etc.
    I don’t believe anyone in the conversation above meant any harm,,,,,,,it is just confusion.
    And no,,,,,,,,,,,,,there is nothing wrong with the karma statement for pete’s sake.In reality some of us out here want to see retribution more clearly and see that a house cleaning in our legal system is sorely needed.

  9. One Op Says:

    Thanks good people, I could have been more clear in my question, wasn’t even thinking of the CA trial at the moment. I do agree much housecleaning is needed in our legal system and I feel it has to be directed at the beginning. Like putting a sealer under the finishing coat of paint. If we don’t fill the cracks truth disappears.
    I don’t know about Karma for real, don’t base my life on it one way or another. I do read it is used quite a lot in peoples statements.
    I do believe whatever isn’t solved appropriately in the attempts by man to bring justice, somewhere, somehow justice will still come so
    whether that is what “Karma” is or not, don’t know.

  10. Sandy Says:

    See what that little b—- has done she isn’t even around and she’s got ya’ll biting each others heads off… She (as in Casey) needs to just GO AWAY.

  11. zelda Says:

    I guess she plans to “go away” when she gets through this last episode.Where can she go?Interesting,,,,,sort of.
    Sick of her and all the hype………….
    Poor Caylee………….sacrificed

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