Troy Davis Executed

Troy Davis, an African-American man sentenced to death for the murder of Mark MacPhail, a white police officer back in 1989, was executed by lethal injection in Georgia last night despite several last-minute appeals by his defense team.

I’ve seen a lot of people arguing today that it’s a travesty that Davis has been executed while others, like Casey Anthony, are free to walk the street. Any thoughts?

From CBS News:

“I am innocent,” Davis said moments before he was executed Wednesday night. “All I can ask … is that you look deeper into this case so that you really can finally see the truth. I ask my family and friends to continue to fight this fight.”

Prosecutors and MacPhail’s family said justice had finally been served.

“I’m kind of numb. I can’t believe that it’s really happened,” MacPhail’s mother, Anneliese MacPhail, said in a telephone interview from her home in Columbus, Ga. “All the feelings of relief and peace I’ve been waiting for all these years, they will come later. I certainly do want some peace.”

She dismissed Davis’ claims of innocence.

“He’s been telling himself that for 22 years. You know how it is, he can talk himself into anything.”

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10 Comments on “Troy Davis Executed”

  1. Hilde Says:

    The Way I understand it, there were some Doubts that Troy Davis actually was the Person who committed that Crime more than 20 Years ago.
    7 Witnesses came forward and recanted their Testimony.
    This obviously was not a clear cut Guilty Verdict and there was a need for looking into this Case one more time to make sure that a innocent Man was not put to Death.
    In Order to enforce the DP there should be no Doubt whatsoever as to the Guilt of in this Case Troy Davis.
    I believe Injustice in this Case has been done just like it has been in the Casey Anthony Case.
    One received the ultimate Sentence, Death in spite of established Doubts of his Guilt, the Other walked free in spite of her Guilt, there was enough Evidence to convict her.
    Where in the World is the Justice in these two Cases!
    Makes me wonder, how many times our Justice System has failed us.
    Maybe it is time to examine this great Justice System of ours and make Changes as needed so true Justice can be served for Every One, not just a few selected Ones.

  2. Sherry Says:

    I am in complete agreement with you, Hilde.

    Iam pro-DP in the strictest sense but if this is the kind of travesty that’s going to happen in Georgia then they need to ban the ultimate punishment. There were eyewitnesses who recanted-this execution should never have happened.

  3. zelda Says:

    who the hells knows…………..

  4. sandy1961 Says:

    Casey is innocent ALSO !!!!!!!
    People recanted cause they don’t agree with the D.P.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t know EVERYthing about it, but I do know that this Case has been “looked-into” time and time again over the years, and again just prior to the Execution.
    Apparently, these recurring Investigations proved-out the same each and every time, and it makes one Wonder why 7 Eyewitnesses suddenly want to claim that they really didn’t see what they previously Testified they WERE certain of seeing. I tend to think that those people who changed their Minds simply banded together as a Race, after the Fact, under the Influence of the initial Protests which someone started-up, and I wouldn’t rule-out the possibility of their suddenly not wanting to live-with having a Hand in putting one of their own to death, even if he WAS Guilty. They may have even been Threatened. I agree with Zelda though… Who the hell knows. If you’ve ever spent time in Georgia, it’s like Alabama— a bit strange there in the deep South, with their “Good ole’ Boys” and all. All I can say is, I sure hope he was Guilty. I’m pro-Death Penalty also, but the actual doing of it still always bothers me, and I don’t want to even think that a Mistake was made. I have to Trust there wasn’t.

  6. foxnoll Says:

    If I participated in putting someone to death when there was any possibility that the someone was not guilty then I should be put to death under the same condition. Maybe I am innocent, maybe not. The person who puts me to death is also a murderer “with a right” so the cycle continues. I am for the DP if proven beyond a doubt for certain kinds of murder, like the helpless and innocent children, torturous acts. In some way, there is murder all around us every day, Yep, who knows! No winners, that’s for sure. Today may be my last, so I am going to be a little careful.

  7. zelda Says:


  8. One Op Says:

    What’s going on, who stole my Halloween costume? Fess UP!
    There must be a little of the devil in everyone. Zelda, PLOP! LOL

  9. zelda Says:

    No disrespect to you personally……it;s tough but we have to stop the cycle. It’s Not a perfect world now is it but in no way do I feel I am on the same level as someone who has dismembered or ripped a baby apart or just plain put a bullet into someone if I sentence them to death.
    We are dealing with criminal minds,sick,twisted and CLEVER as hell. They play the sucker for a goon every time.
    The message to those that have put themselves in a situation of suspicion is that we might not get it right so ya better listen up. WE as a society make mistakes for sure,,,,,,,,,,but if we pull the plug in the bath water,,,,,,,,ALL the water runs out.

  10. zelda Says:

    ping ping bonk bonk zap……………………love ya oneop.

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