Stepmom Admits Killing Zahra Baker

Elisa Baker will spend up to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to murdering her 10-year-old stepdaughter, Zahra Baker, nearly one year after her disappearance and death shocked the world.

From the Associated Press:

Elisa Baker, 43, entered the courtroom wearing a hot-pink jail jumpsuit and handcuffs. She sat between two defense attorneys and teared up before pleading guilty to second-degree murder, with aggravating factors that included desecrating the body of Zahra Baker, who used a prosthetic leg and hearing aids after a struggle with bone cancer.

Elisa Baker also pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in the case, and to charges unrelated to Zahra’s death, including obtaining property by false pretenses, financial identity fraud and bigamy.

Adam Baker, Zahra’s father and Elisa’s husband, was present in the courtroom in Newton, about 60 miles northwest of Charlotte. Adam Baker, who came to the U.S. with his daughter after meeting Elisa online, faces multiple criminal charges of his own, although none are related to his daughter’s death.

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10 Comments on “Stepmom Admits Killing Zahra Baker”

  1. Sherry Says:

    Not a just sentence-not enough time. 😡

  2. Kim Says:

    Wow – I never thought she would ‘fess up. Thanks jon!!

  3. One Op Says:

    Dear God, what this child suffered in her short years amongst your human race. Each horrible act against an innocent child gets worse than the last one. Will anyone go on to remember Zahara,
    will her precious picture be everywhere we look, will the news media or ones such as Dr. Phil even know she existed. Yes the murderer confessed, will that make all the Zaharas extinct and some remembered just because the murderer is not punished. Exactly what is “justice”? Thought I knew, but I don’t and I don’t know you today.

  4. zelda Says:

    This is a most grizzly murder,,,,,,,,,,it gives me nightmares.It’s one that makes you question everything around you.I feel that every time a child is murdered,,,,,,,,,,,,What are we made of we humans? I feel ashamed to be lumped into a group called homo sapians (forgive miss spell) at times like this and extremely proud when someone does a glorious selfless act.
    A new mom(in her twenties) just smothered her newborn male twins……they were perfect……….she stuffed them in a laundry hamper in her bathroom and her father discovered them.She said it took the first child about two minutes or so to die and the second one went quicker,,,she then went to work as usual at a dentist office.
    I am still reeling from this…and wonder HOW a human can torture and murder small innocent beings that is all too common place in our goofy society???What is it that separates us………….???
    I am just aghast at all of this………… mind is grasping for straws at this moment.

  5. Hilde Says:

    Personally I believe 15 to 18 Years for torturing and murdering a Child is just ridiculous. Elisa Baker got away with a slap on her Wrist!
    It seems to me when it comes to abused, tortured and killed innocent Children, there is a different Set of Rules of Punishment.
    The Laws need to become stricter or changed period when it comes to harming our Children. It is a Disgrace what is being done to Children on a almost daily Basis and the Perpetrators either walk free or get improper Punishment! JMO

  6. One Op Says:

    These people need to be put on a small island with only their kind there and left to fend for themselves. they would soon destroy each other instead of the innocent lives of children. If they are guilty why pay for years of keep, put them in their own pen and leave them there alone to prey on their each other to their end.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I suppose the Confession of this horrid repulsive Woman and the imposed Punnishment should bring-about Satisfaction and make me feel better, but, like everyone’s Comments above, it doesn’t. As with many Cases like this, I don’t believe the option of a Plea Bargain should even enter the Picture. Elisa Baker killed— on Purpose, and without Conscience… She dismembered another Human Being— a defenseless Child— and scattered her Body Parts to the four Winds… She admitted it… She is Guilty of Murder, which is against the Law. But simply because she agreed to come-out and say so, she gets “rewarded”, in a sense, for doing so. How NICE that our “Justice System” is so Forgiving and Flexible and Accommodating. This turns my Stomach. If any Murder Case should be a cut-and-dried Death Sentence— ESPECIALLY because the Perpitrator admits to it— and considering the ghastly circumstances of little Zahra’s Life and Death— it should be this one. Elisa Baker should be hung by the Neck in the Town Square like the Witch that she is, and left for the Buzzards to pick her apart. But no— Our System allows for “Breaks”…. to be “Spared” of the undeniably-deserved and Just Punnishment for the worst of Crimes, as though this Woman’s Life is somehow more-worth Saving than upholding the Law and sending a concrete Message to those who deliberately take-away the Life of another— not to mention it being a Shameful Disgrace to the Victim, as though THEIR Life was not comparibly important. The “System” concedes that 18 Years is “Justice”… This is “Fair”… This is what this horrific Act calls-for. I say it’s a “System” alright— A Sewer System. God Rest little Zahra…. and God damn Elisa Baker’s soul to hell when her own undeserving Life comes to it’s end.

  8. Sherry Says:

    She confessed to the grisly murder and so she gets a light sentence. I saw a news video where Adam, Zahra’s dad, begged Elisa Baker to reveal where the rest of Zahra’s body parts were so he could take her home to Australia. I don’t think she confessed to enough to get only 18 years max… 😕 😡

  9. One Op Says:

    I suppose they give a light sentence to thank her for not “costing the system money” to go through a trial. It is very hard for me to imagine that this lovely precious child’s life and her death was anything but horrible. Confession? I agree with Honeydog, if the death sentence ever applies, it should for Eliza Baker.

  10. zelda Says:

    Absolutely………….she is a monster.

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